January 19

Opening My Bag of Raw Food Hate Mail!

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Opening my Bag of Hatemail!

Today, I’m opening my bag of “hatemail!” Yes, sometimes I receive negative comments, and I feel I have to address some of them today. Watch the video below to watch me answer my bag of hatemail!

Did you like this video? Let me know in the comment section! Below I’m answering some more “legitimate” questions…

Fermented Soy

Can fermented soy powder be part of a raw food diet since the soy is “predigested”? Same question regarding soy yogurt since beneficial bacteria “predigest” it.


Soy is not really a health food at all. It is now widely grown as a GMO and you find it in many refined packaged foods for extra added protein, just like wheat and dairy seem to lace everything Americans ingest these days.  It was actually used by the rural Chinese to add nitrogen to the soil for other crops and not eaten as a food unless they were experiencing famine.

Soy is being fed to grazing animals as well and getting far more praise than it deserves.  Just because a food is high in protein is no conclusive reason to eat it.

Soy is mostly marketed to vegans and vegetarians as a complete protein because of it’s amino acid profile, but we know that humans do not need to eat foods with all the amino acids present in one single meal, as we have a store and recycle them as needed.

Yogurt bacteria is not similar to bacteria in our gut so there is no reason to consume it for beneficial bacteria as likely all of the bacteria gets destroyed when it hits out stomach acid.

You are asking if this should be part of a raw food diet. You should be asking is this a healthful food? and then based on your answer decide if you’d like to include it in your diet for health reasons or for personal reasons.

I don’t see any benefits from eating soy that you couldn’t get in a safer form from fruits and vegetables.  I personally try to stay away from GMO’s and mass produced filler foods.


Hi Frederic! I really enjoyed reading your “Raw Secrets” book. What do you think of eating olives? Do olives have a high nutritional value? Some of the gourmet olives taste great although they use too much salt so I usually soak the olives in water and rinse them before eating to reduce the salt. I like olives, but I am just concerned about the excess salt. Since olives are also high in fat, how many do you recommend eating for one serving? Thanks.


Olives, like avocado, are much higher in fat than other fruits, and will increase your overall fat percentage exponentially.

They cannot really be eaten raw, they must be salted or put in vinegar which isn’t a healthful reason to eat them either.

I have on occasion eaten them to enjoy the taste, but my opinion is to enjoy them sparingly or go for the canned ones.  Most raw-foodists will tell you to eat large amounts of raw olives without care, but these olives are very high in fat and salt. Canned black olives are dramatically lower in fat and have much less salt and vinegar than any jarred or homemade ones. I’m not saying I recommend canned black olives, but they would be a better choice than even raw, heavily salted and oiled olives.

You can check out the nutritional content and fat content of any food on www.fitday.com . It is free to join as well to track your daily calories.

Digestion and Supplements

The idea that one can get all of one’s nutrients from fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds is good. I heartily agree. However, I am 63 and found out that I have celiac disease about 5 years ago. My problem is malnutrition, brain fog on occasion, etc. I need additional help. Also, my digestion doesn’t seem to be working as well as when I was younger. Consequently, I do take some supplements. Anything your research turns up to help us older folks digest our food better is welcome. (I do take enzymes to help digest food).


On a raw or even high raw diet based on fruits and vegetables you should have no problem finding enough foods to get calories while avoiding the harmful wheat gluten that is in almost every packaged food and spice.

I have found that my digestion is optimal when consuming blended or pureed raw fruits and greens.  You can do fruit smoothies, green smoothies or blended salads, aka veggie stews.  Essentially you are breaking down all of the cellulose and making more of the vitamins and minerals bio available as they are almost pre digested by your blender.  This especially helps growing bodies and those who want to gain weight or maintain proper nutrition with compromised digestion.

Try it out, before you go for supplements start your morning with a fruit or green smoothie.  Add a little water and bananas and some frozen berries or some juicy fruits like mangos or papayas and bananas,

Try just eating another smoothie or two or some fresh fruit.  Make sure you eat enough that you are not still hungry, fruit is lower in calories than refined foods and starches.

For dinner have some more cut up fruit and try a blended salad!  It is so much easier to get your daily dose of greens and in larger quantities than you might want if you had to chew them.  Blend a tomato or two, cucumber, celery stalks, some dates or mango (for sweetness to offset the blandness), some fresh herbs of choice and 2 heads of mild lettuce or romaine and any other seasoning you like. Blend it on low to medium so that it is not a puree like your smoothie. I like to chop some additional veggies and put it on top.   Try out some different variations and see what you like and I’m sure you will get all the nutrition you need. A great program I love for easily digestable raw foods is the Savory Veggie Stew program by Roger Haeske.

Problems with Frozen Fruits

Aloha Frederic! You mentioned in one of your Q&A’s that frozen fruit created problems. What kind of problems? I really like my smoothies cold, but I want to get the most out of them. Smiles, Lynda


It would be too many frozen foods that could negatively affect the digestive flora, and associated production of vitamin B-12. Dr. Graham claimed that his vitamin B12 deficiency he experienced many years ago was caused by a regular period of consuming ice-cold smoothies.

Also, now with it being winter, you don’t want to consume foods that are too cold because it will truly make you shiver. Make sure to keep warm if drinking cold drinks during the winter.

I enjoy some smoothies cool, but anything that is too thick and too cold I wait until it melts a bit before consuming it. In my opinion, cool is okay, but “cold” should be avoided, most of the time.

The Truth About Chiropractic and Massage

Thank you for all your work fred! Question, what is the truth about 1) Chiropractic and 2) massage?


Chiropractic services can be great for people with specific issues that need immediate attention, but some chiropractors do make false claims about what it can do for the overall body’s health.  In many typical American more or less sick individuals it is a temporary fix to a poor lifestyle and requires regular treatments for them to see any relief.

I personally don’t get it done regularly but I have in the past if I had an urgent problem.

Massages are great for relaxation and improved circulation. I certainly enjoy them on occasion.  They can be quite expensive as a temporary fix though.  Also every massage therapist has a different level of training and their techniques differ so I can’t really say much as each person’s experience isn’t the same. You will never fix a problem that is nutritionally-based with a quick-fix like massage.

I find that proper hydration and exercise are two of the best ways to maintain a healthy back and circulatory system. Treatments can offer a temporary fix for a few days, but if your problems keep coming back turn to your lifestyle for the answer to that.

Enzyme Controversy

Hi, “Enzymes Perhaps you should drink wheatgrass juice for enzymes? As I explained before, enzymes are molecules produced by organisms (plants or animals) to use on their own for certain chemical reactions. The plant produces its own enzymes to digest the nutrients that it needs! You produce your own enzymes for your own needs. Taking it plant enzymes will not benefit you in any way, as these enzymes are not compatible and are destroyed anyway in the stomach. ” Now, that statement really confused me. Because of enzymes (at least it is one reason) we eat RAW food!!!! Do you really mean that all that Dr Ann Wigmore had written, studied and so on has been rubbish???? I use wheatgrass juice, and it doesn’t taste so bad. And why do you think that cows are eating it all the time. In wintertime it is not available at all, at least fresh… BR, Raija


Eating raw foods for enzymes is a widely accepted reason, but just has no basis in fact at all. We eat raw food because it is healthier, contains all of it’s natural vitamins and minerals and is higher in water than cooked food which is dehydrated and adulterated by cooking.

The body produces its own enzymes according to what is required in the stomach.  If it didn’t and you simply RAN OUT of enzymes and were eating let’s say a steak, your body would have a hard time indeed trying to get the food out of your stomach before it’s next meal.

I think you are taking this a little too personally.  I am not discrediting the work Ann Wigmore did to promote sprouts and raw foods, but there are easier ways to go about a healthy raw food diet. If we did not take what we learned in the past and tried to improve it for the future we’d still be stuck in the stone age and probably NOT be eating a healthy vegan raw food diet.

Also I am not sure what your reaction to the taste of wheatgrass has to do with why cows eat grass.  They are designed to eat grass! Humans are not. If you gave wheatgrass juice to a baby or a child, I’m sure you get an interesting reaction indeed.  Carnivores have sensors on their tongue that pick up amino acids, they do not taste meat the same way we do, if they did you can bet they wouldn’t be eating dead flesh.  Not all pastures of grazing cattle experience winter either, but those that do I’m sure the rancher takes care of them and has dried grass or hay to feed during that time.

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38 Responses to “Opening My Bag of Raw Food Hate Mail!”

  1. Michele says:

    Fred — What about Organic Raw Peruvian Sundried Olives? A number of raw food merchants sell them. They are absolutely delicious (in my opinion). There is a subtle bitter flavor, but not objectionable. They are very satisfying. In fact, I will consume a small number of them whenever I get cravings for something I’d rather not eat … and they really help to satisfy me. The companies that sell them claim they are an excellent source of minerals including calcium, and also an excellent dissolver of mucus.

  2. Hey Fred, thanks for making me laugh with the coconut/mother’s milk comment, and putting that exclamation point in there. *grin* tee hee It made me smile. 🙂
    Thank you for your emails and blogs full of inspiration, please keep going!

  3. Jon Rumens says:

    Excellent video and what a kind donation offer.. I salute you Frederic! 🙂

  4. lola says:

    I love canned black olives. I am so happy to find out it’s not so bad.

  5. Frederic says:

    Again… I’m not recommending canned olives. There are some other reasons to avoid them, but to put things in perspective, they will be less fatty and salty than most other types. I occasionally have them at a salad bar when there’s nothing else to put on the salad!

    Peruvian Sundried olives: if you like them, sure. They’re hard to find. Salt-free they’re excellent, but a bit bitter for me to have on a regular basis. The way you’re describing to use them is perfectly healthy!

  6. Taj says:

    Oh come on Fred you know your the head of “Big Pharm”! It’s so obvious.

  7. Sharon says:

    The video was hysterical! Thanks for sharing. The closest food in nature to mother’s milk is actually pear juice. It’s only one molecule away.

  8. Love it, love it, love it! As an Internet marketer, I too get lots of great comments and feedback. Every so often there are those who need to take their “happy pill”. LOL

    It’s amazing how harsh and accusatory some folks can be. It must be in the air, because just today I responded to one of my “bad person” blog postings.

    I figure it’s part of the territory. You are excellent at what you do. I have bought many of your products and have learned a lot. Yours was my intro into raw!

    Keep up the great work


  9. JANE says:

    it seems your hate mail is pretty tolerable frederic! i enjoyed your clip.
    i have heard it said that olives are a fruit for fuelling fire not for human consumption.
    olives are a major food in the mediterranean diet, which is reported to be very healthy
    i grow and sun dry my olives in southern spain, i also bury them in salt and leave them in the sun for several weeks. this is a form of food processing but they are delicious indeed close to addictive because when i do eat them it is not just a couple that are consumed!
    like you say the occasional high intake of fat does little if any harm

  10. Carol Kyser says:

    Hi Frederick,

    Just watched your hate mail video. Saw all the fruit in the background.


    SAY IT AIN’T SO!!!!!

  11. Frederic says:

    YES it’s a microwave oven. So what? We rent this place. It comes with everything… we unplugged it but we’re not going to throw it out the window and then get charged later… 🙂

  12. I’ve read literally 35 books this past year on raw food and fasting, and believe it or not. I rate yours as one of the better ones. However, I am a Chiropractor for going on 25 years, and I’d suggest that make comments on your own area of expertise — raw food.

  13. Helen says:

    Hi Frederic, enjoyed your video I’m sure the good mail will always out weigh the bad as you inspire a lot of people to strive for a better and healthier life
    We all have choices and these negative people always look for something to complain about rather than aspiring to do some research and finding answers about their own health, constructive critisism is always good as long as people are not rude in the attempt

  14. Erika Shaw says:

    Hi Frederic, I appreciated all of your responses, right on. However, I am confused about your written answer on Enzymes> Are you saying that it is not the enzymes in raw food that makes raw food easier to digest than cooked? And, are you saying that all people produce enough enzymes to digest whatever food they eat regardless of their age? What about each person being born with an enzyme pool, which is gradually depleted over life time?

  15. Frederic says:

    About enzymes, yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Enzymes in raw foods are not meant to aid in digestion. They are enzymes created by the plant for its own specific purposes, such as converting starch into sugar. Raw foods such as fruits are easier to digest because the starch has naturally been converted into simple sugar by the plant, before you even put it in your mouth.

    In fact, it’s not true that raw foods are always easier to digest than cooked foods. Raw potatoes are much harder to digest than cooked potatoes, even though the cooked potatoes no longer have enzymes.

    In general, raw foods that we’re biologically adapted to eat are easier to digest, but not because of the enzymes.

    Perhaps age and disease affects the ability for people to produce enzymes but the idea that people are born with a “pool” of enzymes that is depleted overtime has not been proven. Enzymes are a function of the body, like hormones. We are not born with a finite amount of hormones, we create them as we need them.

  16. Watzzupsport says:

    Hi mate, always like what you have to say. I see many issues discussed in forums and the like and I always appreciate you have the lest dogmatic “here is what I think but you make up your own mind ” attitude to getting people to take on raw foods as a lifestyle not just a diet.

    As for coconut oil as a skin cream I endorse it greatly, as somebody who works outdoors under a hot Australian sun I find putting in on before and after work sure helps any sun effects. Is coconut to be consumed in the same quantities as any other nut or can you consume more given the nature of its fat content.

  17. Caitlin Crandall says:

    The commentary on chiropractic work and massage was a little shocking. Eating raw food and exercising a lot does not stop my muscles from gathering tension. In periods of anxiety and mental stress (i.e. the passing of a loved one) we store those negative emotions in our muscles. I believe that food is not the answer to everything, and often your commentary suggests that you do. It’s astounding that in a couple of flippant comments you disregard the entire chiropractic and massage communities. What they do is not in conflict with what you do so your negative analysis is surprising. Raw food is beautiful and spiritual and grounds me with the earth in a way that continually amazes me, but I would never give up trips to my chiropractor and anytime I can afford a massage I won’t pass it up. I would think twice before you challenge fields you obviously don’t fully understand.

  18. Caitlin Crandall says:

    By the way, I think it’s funny that I logged on to laugh at your negative comments and then actually made one. It’s my first, but note that both areas are close to my heart as I have worked on physical problems since childhood that raw food cannot solve, but that the chiropractic and massage communities do. I was a little harsh, but know that I do respect your views and your beautiful book.

  19. Maria says:

    Hi Frederic,

    Thanks for your videos, they are very educational, love that you are open to question and answer sessions!

    With regards to coconut, I’ve heard that young Thai coconuts are sweetened artificially in Thailand (injected with glucose apparently!) before being shipped overseas and that this is why they are so much sweeter than other varieties. I’m currently living in Indonesia and I must say most fresh coconuts I’ve found here, the local varieties, don’t come close to the sweetness of imported young Thai coconuts.

    I’ve done a search on the internet but found nothing on the subject. Grateful for any info you may have on this.

    All the best,

    Maria 🙂

  20. Frederic says:

    @Caitlin: I did not dismiss chiropractic or massage. When they are truly needed, then they are absolutely necessary! But often chiropractors make false claims and use their methods for problems that are absolutely unrelated and cannot be cured using their methods.

  21. Frederic says:

    @Maria: being in the tropics, I’ve noticed that different coconuts have different tastes. Some are MUCH sweeter than others. There are many reasons to avoid Thai coconut. I cannot say for sure that they are injected with glucose. On my next trip to Thailand, I will try to find out.

  22. susan says:

    hello fred,
    i saw your comment about massage.
    iam a massage therapist myself. I see my clients finding relief. but then they go right back to the computer and some don’t eat right. So. I go back to see to them the next week. I thnk over all people are finding relief with massage but in life we can be stressed out over and worked so we need a fix.

  23. ANewU says:

    I would prefer to think of ‘hate mail’ as ‘difference of opinion mail’. Of course some may give their opinions rather strongly.

  24. Beth Wilke says:

    Enjoyed the clip and the comments – I find it reassuring that we are not all alike. 🙂
    Frederick, you are an inspiration and I enjoy your work. We are all doing the best we can to BE THE BEST we can. You provide information that provoke people to ‘think’ and that is good. When it comes to each of our own bodies, we do best to ‘listen’ to our bodies. If you try something and it doesn’t feel right or you have a reaction to it, then it is NOT for you (whether people tell you it is supposed to be good for you or not).

    There are always GOOD OPTIONS, but only you know those that you respond to in a positive way. I love avocados, and they’re a good OPTION for processed oils in salads……….neither work very well in my system and I consume little of it, but when I do have a salad that requires some fat my choice is always the avocado because it is a complete food.

    It all comes down to finding what works best for the individual you are. I’m an all-around gal who loves raw food, fitness, massage, and chiropractic services when I need it. I encourage everyone to find what brings them happiness and better health. Wish we could put it all in a pill, but though many people are still looking for that solution……………it comes down to each of us taking responsibility to learn about our bodies and showing it more respect.

    Thank you for continuing to bring in new information to help us on our health journey.

  25. cindy says:

    I would just like to comment on body work. Sadly, we were not handed a guidebook after birth providing appropriate activities and care for our bodies. I believe that the standard american lifestyle could use some much needed rest and relaxation, because we have thrust ourselves hurling into life without proper balance. No life manual, means aches and pains and upset stomachs. There is a laundry list of ailments taking over our bodies and the sources are all in how we treat ourselves. Let us see the light and take much needed time to relax, stretch, exercise, meditate(or reflect), invest time to learn what we are putting into our bodies, and time to detoxify from the toxins we’re exposed to every day. What is interesting to me, is that one of the most important things in life, our bodies, are left to fend for themselves without adequate attention from our scholarly systems. Why isn’t nutrition and physiology taught to us starting in kindergarten? This is the information that would prevent so many ailments/diseases in the first place. Instead, we choose quick fixes, drugs we know nothing about and fad diets to get us out of the very situation that could have been avoided, had we been educated early in life. Sad, really. I can’t tell you how many topics I have researched in effort to put my health back in the saddle again.

    My poor body is completely out of alignment from years of physical activity that required me to lift, and twist, and bend, and repeat the same motions over and over. I had no idea what repercussions i would suffer or knew any preventative measures to take. Now, I am struggling to find the answers to FIX the problems that could have been avoided had I been armed with the right info. As it stands, I am 33 and I have a bad right knee that audibly grinds when I bend it, an inflamed disc in my lower back, a torn rotator cuff that prevents proper blood flow to my arm when I sleep on it, a displaced vertebrae in my neck, uneven hips that have made one leg longer than the other, bad wrists, and joints in general, am 40 lbs overweight, have vericose veins, cracked teeth, tight knotted muscles and various other problems. I know that these issues are still treatable, but now, I have to do all the research to get the proper care. I.E. the RIGHT exercises, stretches, acupuncture, acupressure, sauna, massage, chiropractics, proper diet, yoga, pilates, walking, weight lifting, etc., etc.
    This life is too unorganized in the beginning and then too fast paced in the middle, and then it’s “what the heck happened!?…. and you have to try to UNDO what has been DONE! It’s crazy in my opinion! How I’d love to educate the youth so that they can avoid these issues and take the proper care of themselves because the know how! WHew! I guess I didn’t know I had all that pent up. Sorry for the wordy rant.

    I am curious about your lifestyle, Fred. I just can’t spend the money on most of your info. I will, however, buy Raw Secrets, since you are sending it to Haiti. Thanks, that’s wonderful!

  26. Chris says:

    Dear Frederic: Awesome, intelligent, refreshing. I loved it. I wish every raw-to-br person could see this video. You hit so many important notes that many view as “controversies” but once again you show that there exist ZERO controversies when it cones to nutrition. As the Journal of American Medicine says. “There are no controversies in nutrition. The problem is the way that it is interpreted FOR the public.” I do not want to mention names, but there is an organization that promotes people as “health educators” and the “certified health eduactors” that I have spoken to (many have come looking for a job!!!!!!) have stated emphatically that “people with cancer should not eat fruit.” That “program” that certifies them is supposedly run by “doctors” and PHd’s. (It’s in Palm Beach, Florida… do you know why they forbid fruit?) Thank you for underlining evidence-based biology and nutrition. You are refreshing and I hope to some day meet you. It is great to know that there are truly experienced, sane and intelligent raw foodists out there!

  27. Chris says:

    Ps: I agree wholeheartedly with Frederic about chiropractic (and acupuncture too I will add)- it can be helpful to relieve tension to treat a physical trauma if you do it immediately. But they do not try to treat the source of anatomical problems in joints, ligaments, bones and muscles. That requires proper posture, exercise, etc.

    I used pressure point therapy (called accupressure or myotherapy also) to great benefit as well in my Raw Personal Training Facility for the last 20 years. This modality relieves pressure on “muscle spindles” which are your body’s defense mechanism- and may be left after muscles tighten hard involuntarily in the bodies (usually highly successful attempt) to protect joints from major injury.

  28. Maria says:

    Thanks for your quick reply Frederic.

    I’ve traveled a lot in the different tropical areas of the world and have also noticed different coconuts have different tastes and found that Thai ones are amongst the sweetest. I thought that was due to them being a different variety of coconut. May I just ask why you mention there are many reasons to avoid Thai coconut? What I’ve heard recently (about them being artificially sweetened) was the first time I heard anything negative about them. What are the other reasons why they should be avoided?

    By the way, I’ve heard the same about Thai durians being the sweetest also cause of artificial manipulation and that apparently this is quite common in Thailand…

    Thanks again!


  29. Frederic says:

    @Chris: Thanks for the comments! I love your website by the way. Would be great to meet you one day.

  30. John says:


    I will admit from the start that I do not follow a Raw Food diet – however, on the whole, I believe that the advice you are distributing is sound. We could all benefit from eating more raw food, whilst at the same time cutting down on grains, refined sugar and all the man-made nasties which turn up in our foods.

    However, I must disagree with you on fat.

    Have you ever read Udo Eramus’ “Fats that heal, fats that kill”?

    Dr. Eramus has dedicated his life to the study of essential fats, concluding that good fats should comprise between 15% to 50% of daily calories. In his own words: “in many ways, undamaged fats are better fuel than carbs”.

    Therefore, I am not stating that you are wrong per se in your opinion that individuals should stick to below 10% fat, I am simply asking you to look closer at the evidence.

    Here’s a link to his website: http://udoerasmus.com/firstscreen.htm

    In conclusion, I thoroughly believe that most people would benefit from increasing their intake of quality fats, either from food, or from a omega-balanced oil supplement such as the one Dr. Erasmus has developed.

  31. Frederic says:

    @ John. I have been looking at the evidence for over 10 years! Science supports a high carb, low-fat diet despite the media craze for low-carb diets. Humans are designed for a high-carb diet. 15% fat would be fairly healthy, but 50%, you’re getting into extremely dangerous territory. I have posted hundreds of pages of information on the subject, please see previous replies.

  32. Chris says:

    Frederic, Thank you for visiting my website and for your kind comment. It cannot compare to what you have accomplished but I have to share what I know from experience to be true. I must say that you are the most “to the point/ no BS” raw food expert I have ever seen. I love the way you answer questions with gentle but firm facts!

  33. John says:


    I’m not trying to rub you up the wrong way – however, you’re getting touchy about evidence which is contrary to your own.

    Eramus is not saying anything about low-carb diets – he actually states that our ‘foundation’ eating should be made up of leafy green vegetables and moderate levels of fruit.

    He is then saying that people can compliment this with unrefined carbs, although in his opinion – back by Phd level research – undamaged fats are better fuel than carbs. Therefore, a person could consume upto 50% of calories from undamaged fats with no danger to their health.

    Are you saying that this is false information?

    The problem is that if you follow a high-fruit (high-sugar) diet, then you need to keep your fat intake low to avoid health problems. It is also highly likely that you will not be achieving optimum EFA levels.

    However, if you eat moderate levels of fruit, you can then significantly increase fat intake, with benefits, not problems.

    If the former works for you, then fine – but do not discard the latter just because it goes against your own opinion.

  34. Frederic says:


    Whenever someone promotes a high-fat diet, they are promoting a low-carb diet, or vice-versa. The two terms are interchangeable. Low carb is inevitably high fat, and high fat is inevitably low-carb. Protein rarely bring more than 20% of total calorie in the most extreme cases, so the balance is always between fat and carbs. Reduce one and you raise the percentage of the other. It’s simple maths.

    Yes, I’m saying that claiming that consuming 50% fat will bring no danger to health is false information.

    Rather than pointing you at individual research papers, let me point you to other PH. D. researchers who each have compiled over hundreds of scientific papers, from their own research published in medical journals or analyzing existing data, that have found that a high-fat diet (even when fats come from natural sources) pose dangers to health:

    – Dr. John McDougall
    – Dr. Dean Ornish
    – Dr. Joel Furhman
    – Dr. T. Colin Campbell
    – Dr. Neal Barnard
    – Dr. Alan Goldhammer
    – Dr. Doug Graham
    – Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr

    There are many others and the bulk of the scientific literature points towards a plant-based, low-fat diet as the ideal diet. The raw version of this diet is just the natural next step.

    Optimal EFA levels can be achieved by consuming fruits and vegetables only with very small amounts of fat. The problems come when we add excessive amounts of Omega 6 fats which can throw the ratio off balance (such as when consuming plant oil).

    I have read the main books that Udo Erasmus has published and I have also read all of the other main researchers on the low-fat diet. I understand the different concept and my analysis is that a low-fat, plant based diet is what science supports.

    It also turns out that this diet makes me feel the best! It matches my own personal experience but also the experience of almost every single person I know who has tried it.

    If something else works for you, go for it, but don’t imagine that I promote this lifestyle out of sheer “opinion” or personal preference.

  35. Chris says:

    Frederic: Thank you for sharing your response about the high fat undamaged fats vs a low fat (raw) diet. “don’t imagine that I promote this lifestyle out of sheer “opinion” or personal preference.” is what I like to hear since you have based your teachings on what I have as well- metadata not just a single piece of data. I have found,as John will find as he researches and experiences more, that anyone can publish a study, but the ones that matter are connected with experience that thousands of other tests at any given time in any place can duplicate with the same results. THAT is metadata.

  36. Brad says:

    in doing a lit search I came upon a closed article where you debunked the notion that fasting put toxins in breast milk citing this as “complete non-sense”. You referenced cessation of smoking, drinking as evidence that fasting from these would not be considered harmful therefore fasting in general is safe. I ask you; have you considered that fasting leads to fat breakdown that would in turn release fat soluble toxins (PCB’s, DDT, et al) into the blood stream & potentially deposit them in breast milk before the liver and kidneys could do their job to metabolize and excrete them? I support fasting as a healthy lifestyle, and in general enjoyed more of your posts as I read them. However, I found this one potentally misleading and worse, potentially harmful.

  37. Frederic Patenaude says:

    I do not think that pregnant women or breast-feeding women should fast, but I also don’t think that if they did, it would pose health hazards to the baby. My comment was more on cleansing in general. A person was wondering if they should not improve their diet because too much detox might be a “problem” for the baby. My response is: you and your baby will be healthier if you clean up your diet, no matter what. Any weight loss at all will result in the breakdown of (according to you) fat-soluble toxins. That’s what everybody says: don’t lose weight at all when you’re breastfeeding, or fast at all, because it will release too many toxins in the bloodstream. But there is absolutely no evidence to support this. From BabyCenter: One study looked at women who had average exposure to environmental contaminants and an average loss of 4.1kg between 4 and 20 weeks after the birth of their baby. The research found no link between change in the women’s body weight and contaminant concentration in their breastmilk.

    What’s to be avoided is calorie-restricted diets or prolonged fasting. But moderate weight loss is healthy.

    In fact, it’s much better to CLEAN your diet and avoid toxins coming from the outside than to worry about stored toxins in your body that might be released if you lose body fat as you eat healthier or fast.

  38. Chris says:

    Frederic: I love that you re-educate people with the most important and practical wisdom and common sense. Confusion of not knowing “what to do” seems to haunt our “civilized” society. The right raw diet, done for a long enough time will erase all brain-washings and restore people back to their original factory-fresh sensibility! Without supplements or drugs or special treatments.I must blame the so-called “wellness industry” for not offering the best solution to the health crisis, which is a raw vegan diet (done properly). Instead they seem to confuse people further until people lose all awareness and trust of their own bodies! Luckily health can be restored, but so few are willing to change their habits. They have no idea what they are missing!

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