December 6

More Unique Gift Ideas

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Last week I wrote a little article on unique Christmas gift ideas. Since I got some positive comments on it, I decided to follow it up with another list of gift ideas!

1.    Glass straws

I love drinking coconuts and smoothie with a straw, but I don’t like to use plastic. I tried bamboo straws, but they ended up tasting weird and molding after a few uses. My favorite types of straws are glass straws. Good ones are hard to break, and they are reusable and toxin-free. They make a great gift as well. Look for “pyrex drinking straw”. The only place I found them is, they also have an ebay store.

2.    Pineapple Slicer

There are lots of ways to open a pineapple, but none that are as easy as using a pineapple slicer. The best thing about the pineapple slicer is that it removes both the core and the skin of the pineapple, but also empties the pineapple and leaves you with an empty pineapple that you can use as a bowl for enhanced presentation! Because pineapples come in different sizes, I recommend getting all three sizes: small, medium and large (sold in a pack). I prefer the ones made by VacuVin.

Get them online

3.    Veggie Chopper

This tool is my favorite kitchen tool by far. It’s called different names, such as the “tomato chopper” or “salsa maker” or “Chop Wizard” but the idea is the same: cutting perfectly square pieces of vegetables in no time. I use it all the time to make salsa, gazpacho, vegetable soup and salads. If you’ve seen the infomercials for it, then my advice is: believe the hype. It’s a great and cheap tool. The best one is the “International Fruit and Vegetable Chopper.

Get it online.

4.    Keen Hybrid Shoes

Everybody is now raving about the Vibram Five-Finger shoes. I haven’t had the chance to try them yet. However, I’m in no hurry because at the moment I’m perfectly satisfied with my Keen hybrid shoes. They’re a cross between a sandal and a shoe, and they’re perfect for hiking, going to the beach, and doing water sports such as river walking, rafting and more. At the moment they’re the only pair of shoes that I wear. I even use them for running. I personally recommend the sandal type. For men:

and women:

5.    Low Fat Raw Vegan Cuisine DVDs

Another shameless plug! But over 1000 customers who enjoyed my latest raw DVD series “The Low-Fat Raw Vegan Cuisine” can’t be wrong. I created these DVDs because I saw something missing in the raw food movements. All raw food recipe DVDs only showed you how to make extremely high-fat recipes based on the “gourmet” raw diet popular these days. This series is different, and shows you a much healthier and tastier way to eat. It’s also a great way to introduce someone to raw foods, because unlike a book where they may raise many objections based on the arguments, these DVDs go straight into food preparation, which answers the number one question people ask “What can I eat on this diet?”

Check it out here:

NOTE: You have to order now if you want to make sure to receive them before Christmas.

6.    Oral-B Triumph Electric Toothbrush

I looked for a long time for the ultimate toothbrush. For the past 2 years I’ve been using the Triumph and my teeth have never been so good. I tried the SonicCare but couldn’t stand the vibrations. The Triumph is a much better toothbrush and also makes a great gift!

Get it online

7.    A shirt or other clothing by Icebreaker

Clothes as gifts are nice, but only if it’s something unique that people will appreciate and use. Here’s one secret: cotton sucks! When it’s cold, cotton doesn’t keep you warm well. When it’s hot, it doesn’t wick sweat away. It’s slow drying also. But it’s cheap and feels nice, and that’s why everybody wears it. A much better fabric is merino wool. No, it won’t feel at all like the wool you’re used to. One company makes amazing shirts, underwear and other clothes from his material. Check it out at

8.    Tribest Personal Blender

Love your blender but don’t want to be bothered with the extra weight on vacation? The solution is a travel blender. I’ve tried many of them and they all sucked, except the Tribest Personal Blender. It’s not nearly as strong as a Vita-Mix, but works fairly well. Make raw dressings on the road! Anyone who blends will appreciate this gift.

Get it online

9.    Needak Rebounder

Ok, this one might definitely be more a gift for yourself than for someone you know! But if you’ve been looking for a good, low-impact exercise you can do in your apartment during any kind of weather, the rebounder is the way to go! In my opinion, it’s not worth it to spend on a really expensive one. A cheap one will also frustrate you. So go for something in-between. The Needak rebounder is made in the USA and works amazingly well. If space is a problem, get the folding version.

Get it online

10.    The Perfect Health Program

Want to convince someone who really needs it of the benefits of the raw food lifestyle? A book is often not the way to go. How about the best series of CDs in the world teaching the different aspects of health, in a friendly, non-confrontational way? That’s what the Perfect Health Program is about! Order with the coupon code GIFTIDEAS and get an amazing 50% off the CD version! Go to:

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8 Responses to “More Unique Gift Ideas”

  1. Edith Tormey says:

    Frederic, I began studying your books, articles, raw eating methods and business ideas shortly before you did the last on line fast, which I joined. I have learned so much and am still learning. I am most impressed with your ability to sift out of the world’s lies, the truth. You are definitely what I like to call a life long learner and teacher. As a retired Spanish/French/ESL teacher, I’m intrigued with your lifestyle change to living in Costa Rica. My tendency is to learn a little, then practice and pause to absorb. I still have much to learn. Today I was perusing you second 10 item gift list. It’s as though you never stop producing ideas. Keep up the motivating information. Joyeux Noel!

    COMMENTS: Thanks for the kind words! Joyeux Noël à vous aussi 🙂

  2. Carl says:

    Hi there Frederic, I really enjoyed your earlier post and today you have some great gift ideas – apart from number seven "A shirt or other clothing by Icebreaker". Marino Wool is one of the most unethical, cruelly sourced material around and i am (personally) shocked that you would include such an item at all, let alone in a recommended gift list. There is plenty of information on the web (and reported in published literature) about how cruel the production of marino wool is so I won’t patronise you with links etc. A large number of your subscribers will, without doubt, be vegan so as a respected ethical natural health movement promoter your comments will be most welcome. Kind regards, Carl (UK).

    COMMENTS: Thank you for your comments. I believe my readers are smart enough to do their own research and decide for themselves. I personally don’t classify myself as an "ethical vegan" and I appreciate if others respect my choices as well. Icebreaker seems to be committed on sustainable practices:

  3. Carl says:

    Hi Frederic I do, and always will, respect individual choices and agree with you that your readers should do their own research and make their own decisions. I also agree that that ‘Icebreaker’ appear to be committed to sustainable practice. However, I always understood that you promoted a raw ‘vegan’ diet (just search for the word vegan within your own website). I guess I misunderstood that you were referring only to diet and not other vegan principles such as wool. I think this is an important distinction for your subscribers. Without prejudice, Carl (UK)

    COMMENTS: Yes I do understand. I have explained on a few occasions that the "raw vegan" word is the best to use to refer to the diet because it specifies that no animal products are consumed, as opposed to a "raw food diet" which may include raw meat, raw milk, etc. However, I never endorsed the idea that one had to be 100% vegan (with absolutely no animal product on any product used, even if not eaten). I personally do not buy leather but would not throw away a perfectly good pair of jeans if there was some leather on it. As for wool my goal is to find the best fabric to travel with. I find even organic cotton or hemp unsatisfactory. So the merino wool by icebreaker is the best choice as far as I’m concerned, and I do think that the total impact of owning three wool shirt versus 12 or 20 cotton shirt would definitely go in favor of the wool.

  4. Carl says:

    Thank you for the honest response and the clarification! A gentleman as always frederic – that’s why we subscribe!

  5. Vicky says:

    Hi Frederic, I’ve finally decided to go ahead with your program and am very excited about my decision. I am trying to order "The Perfect Health Program" which you feature here in this email and offer a 50% discount when using the coupon code "GIFTIDEAS". The website is not accepting that code and show the following error: Please check the following errors: Sorry, the coupon code you have entered is invalid. Please check the code and try again. Please would you advise what I should do as the 50% saving is just too good to miss out on! Many thanks Vicky

    COMMENTS: I’m so sorry about the broken coupon! I didn’t have time to test it but now just fixed the problem. It will work and will apply 50% to your order for the CD version of perfect health program at:

    Thanks for pointing it out! Make sure you enter it in the "coupon code" field.

  6. lola says:

    first, wool isn’t vegan. Second, wool is itchy to me, even the best cashmere is itchy to me. I know some people say it doesn’t feel itchy, so maybe I am super sensitive. Plus wool has a funny smell when wet…like wet sheep! EEK! Anyway, those glass straws are uber cool.

    COMMENT: Actually, merino wool by Icebreaker is completely different. It doesn’t itch, doesn’t smell.

  7. Cheryl Newcomb says:
    Glass Dharma guarantees their glass straws against breakage, lifetime from the manufacturer! They are able to do so because of their own specially developed method of annealing the glass to a “vintage pyrex” like quality.
    David, the Designer & Lampworker has developed specially sized straws for every type of beverage, hot or cold.
    Check out the Glass Dharma line. Your purchase is risk free.

  8. Jorgen says:

    Hi! Coupon code "GIFTIDEAS" still doesn’t work… 🙁

    COMMENT: It should work on the Perfect Health Program. We’ve received some orders with it. It will only work on the physical version of perfect health program.

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