December 22

Answering Questions About Raw Vegan Diet

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Today, I’m answering some questions received by my readers (that’s you!) in video format. If you’d like me to answer more questions, please send them over to:

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9 Responses to “Answering Questions About Raw Vegan Diet”

  1. Joan says:

    Thanks for your comments/answers! I am NOT in my 30s so am concerned about aging…have been moving to mostly raw vegan and do feel better when eating this way – I don’t have any aches and pains as do my family and friends still on the SAD diet and taking medications…I don’t need or take any, thank goodness – plan to keep it that way! I still want to “cheat” however and eat things that I shouldn’t…one day at a time. Thanks for your good work!

  2. Wangamaud says:

    Great Fred. Very clear and reasonable answers to these basic questions. After all you are honestly sharing your experience with us, and I would like to believe that if you ever found that something didn’t work, you would tell us.
    The issue that puzzles me is this one. I was told that if one ever has to be hospitalized (car accident/emergency)after years of eating such pure diet, that the body will be unable too clean to survive things like anesthesia, Ivy, blood transfusion, pain killers, etc.
    What do you think?

  3. Michele says:

    Fred — Can you also post this question/answer session in a text format without needing to go through the video? This would be extremely helpful. Thanks so much.

  4. Wonda says:

    Thanks for the vid. Good info.

  5. Laurence Goldman says:

    Hi Fred,

    I’ve been controlling asthma since 1995 with fasting and primarily raw foods. I spent 4 months with Loren Lockman in Panama and was doing very well. However, I feel I often get tight in my chest after a salad, and NEVER feel satisified on simple raw fruit and veggies- I always feel I want something else to eat.

    I am now 100% raw. I am trying little experiments with eating small amounts of animal protein: raw grass=fed organic meat, raw fish, and raw goats cheese. I can say that these foods are calming to me. So far, I would say that they may prove beneficial in small occasional doses.

    I do not at present tolerate avo very well.

    This said, I may be better sticking to Doug Graham/Loren system absolutely strictly for longer period of time-with zero or minimal concentrated fat sources.

    What do you think-and how long have you been able to practice strict low fat raw vegan with ZERO deviation?


  6. Tressey says:

    After being all raw for over 6 months, why is it that whenever I eat something cooked (steamed veggies, sweet or baked potato, veggie soup) I awaken with nasal congestion or sore throat or body ache? Once raw, should one never do cooked foods again? Is the cross over causing more harm to the body?

  7. Amber says:

    I learned about this when I went to see Victoras Kulvinkas speak – that when a person eats cooked food, the immune response in the body goes to town, white blood cells increase as much as 300% for a period of time. This will only happen when the body feels it is being invaded by something pathogenic. When measuring this effect in people eating a low-fat raw food meal, this response was minimal to non existent (I think it probably corresponds to the degree of overload in the system).

    I find that amounts matter as well. I also eat cooked food and can experience some pretty uncomfortable symptoms arise as a result, so I tend to take it easy when I do. symptoms you described are all immune responses, which means your body is seeking to find resolution from something. If it happens after eating cooked food, this is likely what it is seeking resolution from.

  8. Tressey says:

    Thank you Lauren for the information. It has brought a sense of calm to me. Guess I really need to decide “is this cooked meal worth the latter outcome” ?

  9. Lois Anderson says:

    Hi I would like to know how to gain weight on a raw food diet?

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