March 12

How to Win a Copy of “Raw Freedom”

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Now, let me explain why I’ve been hiding in a cave for the past two months.

The cover for my new book Raw Freedom is now done! The writing process has taken a toll on me, but now the book is 98% finished and should be released later this month. And guess what? You can win a copy!

I will give away THREE copies of the books to my reader, to thank you for being part of this online community.

How can you participate?

Just write in the comments below why you think I should select you to receive a free copy my book, and what you’re hoping to get out of this book. Three lucky people will win a copy! (shipped to your free anywhere in the world of course!). You’ll also get the book before everyone else, should you be lucky enough to win…

Winners will be announced in a few days. Post soon!

278 Responses to “How to Win a Copy of “Raw Freedom””

  1. Dawn Bielawski says:

    Excited for your book coming out! Congratulations 🙂 I am vegan and eat a lot of raw food but am interested in learning more good recipes for raw food.

  2. Isabelle says:

    I have been vegan for over a year, and I am now trying to include more raw foods in my diet. I do not plan, however, to eliminate all cooked food from my diet. I find it very interesting that your book combines the two, as most resources I find insist that you must follow an all-raw diet to succeed. I would love to read your book!

  3. Jody says:

    I’m SO excited about this new book. There are so many raw food books out now, and we really have to be discerning in what we choose to believe and follow. From what Frederic has told us so far, I think this new book promises to be far and away the best one yet.

  4. Congratulations on your new book coming out! Your message is so important for people who are struggling with the raw diet. Balance is essential!

  5. Nancy Paquette says:

    Hi there !

    Am brand new to this and heard of you when I went on my second fast in Rawdon a few weeks ago from one of the nutritionist (naturopath) there. So I looked up your name and read about you and here I am. Have bought a few kitchen necessities and have looked up schools for courses and inspiration. Hope I am one of the lucky ones. Thank You !

  6. Alma says:

    Living Raw Foods saved my life and annihilated my diabetes. I live the taste, idea and feeling of it, yet I struggle all the time and am so happy when people dedicate their lives to sharing this information to others. Thank you so much for the constant encouraging words and help. I would love your book to help me keep on the path I know to be best for me. Health to you!!!

  7. Angela Bedson says:

    I’ve been raw vegan since 1999 but like to keep really up to date with all the latest research and views on this lifestyle. I have respected your views for many years and am very keen to read your latest thoughts on the subject.

  8. Laura says:

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom. I myself have struggled to maintain a 100% raw diet and I got to a point where I stopped listening to myself and my body in a quest for “perfection” that made me sick and unhappy. What you are doing is AWESOME. Thanks again for sharing your love with others!

  9. Abakash says:

    I would be grateful if you gave me a copy of your book.

  10. David Laczi says:

    I’m learning all I can to adapt to a cleaner diet. I have issues with my health & want to improve my overall approach to life. My wife’s a great cook & baker, but she adds all the goodies to make things taste great, but are not always the best for you.

    I appreciate all the help & resources I can get my hands on. Your newsletter has been very helpful. Anything more would be simply mahvelous!

  11. Tracy says:

    You book “Raw Food Controversies” is the first raw lifestyle book I read, and I loved it! It helped me zero in on the right path without wasting time on dead ends.

  12. Heather Gent says:

    I am commenting to try and win a free copy of your book because I am quite literally living day to day right now and buying your book, or any book for that matter just isn’t an option. I have been eating raw and vegan since January 21 of this year in response to Genesis 1:29, which lays out God’s pre-sin menu for his children (even the animals at this time were vegetarian), but coming off of the SAD has been no easy feat, and I’m simply looking to educate myself as much as possible because joining me on this journey is my husband and child, so it’s not just about trial and error in my own health, but theirs as well. Thank you for the opportunity to comment and enter for a chance to win!

  13. Paolo Augello says:

    I’ve been a vegan for over 6 years now, but only in the last 2 years have I really started on a path of eating a whole foods plant based diet. Currently, I am on a 70 to 80/30 to 20 ratio of Raw vs. cooked. I make my own dressings and sauces (no oil), and I am intrigued as to how I can achieve maximum health on a 100% Raw Vegan diet, but not only for myself, but also for my family (dog included), especially for my son who is special needs. I truly believe that an optimum diet not only heals the body, but also can reverse the effects of some ailments that we are faced with today. Thank you!

  14. Sue says:

    In your post “How My Battle With Cook Foods Ended” you said “the 100% raw food diet (or close to it) had significant disadvantages when it came to my dental health.” That is the key reason I turned to the “traditional” diet with dairy, meat, cod liver oil etc. While on non-dairy/meat ways of eating my dental health suffers.

    Have you found a way to stop this from happening with a raw/cooked way of eating? Is it in your new book?

    Plus it’s always an advantage to learn new ways of preparing foods so it doesn’t get boring!

  15. Melinda says:

    My reason is simple. The struggle. When I first found the raw foods lifestyle, I lost weight easily, didn’t crave bad food, and did great. I ate too much fat to begin with, but still lost weight easily. Juice fasted for a month and never had more energy in my life! Since then it’s been a seesaw back and forth between cooked and raw never finding the balance I need. The weight came back, unless I’m 100% raw my body does not want to release the weight. I also feel unwell when I eat any cooked food and am interested to see how you solved that issue for yourself. I’d love to have a chance to see how your book balances the two and would be honoured and grateful to receive it!

  16. ken and Lena McEvoy says:

    My wife and I are an older retired couple and are big fans of your books and video. We need a jumpstart and am sure your new book will be wellresearched, informative, easy to comprehend and with the patented Frederic touch. Thanks for considering us Ken and Lena

  17. melissa says:

    Hi!! Congratulations on the new book! I have been vegan for over a year and veg most of my life. I was super strict and thought I must adhere to all these “rules” in order to call myself a true vegan. I have recently discovered this is a journey and I will discover what works for me! There are no rules or regulations; I just have to listen to my body. I do cheat sometimes when it comes to sweets and am learning to forgive myself and move on– tomorrow is a new day. What I like about your info is that there is a combo of raw, cooked and lots of different suggestions for whichever way you choose to eat!
    Keep up the good work and keep the blogs coming!! 🙂

  18. Ángela says:

    You’re my inspiration everyday! I’m vegan, and I want to start to be raw vegan. Since I was a child, I’ve been loving animals, having vegan feelings.
    Don’t stop to be awesome!

  19. marina says:

    Hi Frederic,

    I’ve been on a raw food and healthy life journey for almost two years and your books “The Raw Secrets” and especially “Raw Food Controversies” have helped me a lot to escape beginner problems. At this point I try to live as sustainably as I can and listen to my body (which is very fond of 80-10-10 and during the winter clashes with my sustainability efforts, unfortunately). I’m not a dogmatic person nor “raw food fanatic” and that’s why I like your approach the best and try to avoid most of the “raw gurus” out there.

    Besides, all we need is a common logic and clear mind working in tune with our body, and we’ll know what’s best for us, right?

    But it’s still nice to hear what others have to say, and judging by the cover of the “Raw Freedom”, you have a lot more “controversies” in your sleeve.

    All of that said, I would also like to help my mom who had breast cancer couple of yrs ago and is still on medications, to improve her diet, find a balance between raw and cooked (when I visit her I usually prepare raw dishes for her, and she loves it) and make her life happier and more enjoyable.

    So, fingers crossed for my copy, and keep rocking!

  20. trev says:

    Went raw and binge ate for 5 years after 30 days successful.

    Thank you.

  21. William says:

    Congratulations on the new release! A lot of ‘work’ I’m sure! We’re all looking forward to reading more of your insights.

  22. Daniel says:

    I’m 80% raw vegan, and I’m so happy!
    For me, you are a really awesome inspiration, and I believe in you.
    I think this book will help me to do it better, and to be more happy with my life.
    I’ve plans to live, when I be older, in the nature, eating raw vegan, and enjoying the nature.
    I hope you believe in me!

  23. Pamela says:

    This book looks great! I have been high raw for years now, and I know it’s a journey, but I am always reading . . .and learning . . . and growing! It’s all about the journey. My passion is to expose people to the benefits of raw food and I do my best to lead by example. Can’t wait for your book to come out. I’ve followed you for years now and appreciate all that you do!

  24. kate says:

    Hi Frederic, I am very interested in the book as I have been 811 vegan but not fully raw, for 3 years now.
    I should like to go fully raw conceptually, but live in a cold climate (UK), where most fruit is picked unripe and causes digestive problems for me, also my lips split and bleed from the acids when eating most fresh fruit, except bananas and dates. I detest bananas (at least those available in UK; I read they can be very different in some countries), and do not wish to live on entirely dates as my main carb source. So I tend to end up eating a very high % veg, both steamed and raw, usually with dates, or grapes in summer, which seem ok.
    So I’d love to find out what is possible and optimal to achieve maximum nutrition with the resources available, at reasonable cost.

  25. hi, well what can i say. my name is lucky lotos;) from the mud to the light.
    i’ve been on a healing journey for some time now and started with a book from dr. robert morse and then your “raw secrets” in 2010… now raw controversies found it’s way to me and i just really enjoy what and how openly you write. i beat my self up way to much not fitting in the 801010 raw vegan super human lifestyle. i am just human and i came a long way health wise in the last 3 years and i’ll keep learning and experimenting. i’ve already learnt a lot from you and as there is always more to learn, so it would be amazing to win a copy of your new book;)

  26. Brooke says:

    Congratulations on the upcoming release of your new book! I would love to win a copy, as it’s always nice to learn more about nutrition and the raw food lifestyle. I currently eat high raw, but struggle because my little ones aren’t completely there- so sometimes we eat what I cook for them so that I’m not always making 2 meals. They are great smoothie drinkers, and love to eat fruit- but we’re working on greens and other veggies. Congrats, again!

  27. Francesca says:

    Yum yum!

  28. Christy says:

    Wow, so exciting, thanks for the chance to win. I’d like to win because I’m currently learning how to eat a high raw vegan diet, but am rather confused as to what I should eat raw, and what’s better cooked. I also have a hard time finding recipes that I like which are low in fat, yet not high sodium processed garbage.

  29. Scott says:

    I’m a big fan Frederic! Glad to see you are still pumping out great material and that you are consistently open to sharing the facts, even if it makes waves in the raw community.

    I have been striving for balance within my diet for years. I would love to check out your new book to see if it provides the answers I have been looking for.

  30. Viviane says:

    I always want to learn more on how to achieve the best health. I believe that raw food is the best diet because many people recovered from cancer or other diseases with a raw diet. But it is not easy to sustaine for me because I have difficulty eating the quantity of raw food required, I get bored with eating often the same fruits like banana, I miss the crunch of a cracker or the comfort of bread (good ones like buckwheat) and I keep on loosing weight when I want to gain weight. I am intrigued to see the balance that you have found. You often come out with a different angle. My true passion is natural health and I want to learn everything I can on it. I have been a long time reader of your emails and blog and would love to get your new book. All the best to you with it!

  31. Jennifer says:

    I would really like a copy of your new book! Living in Northern Canada has made it challenging trying to eat raw foods. For the past year I’ve been making a change, eating more raw foods and steering away from breads, dairy, meat, etc. When I do that I feel better both physically and mentally! Thanks for the encouragement and support you provide!

  32. Danica says:

    Hi I’ve been a vegan for 23 years and been 100% vegan will I was pregnant with triplets, my triplets is now 3 years old and my young’s one is 1 years and they all are vegans just like mom and the happiest, healths kids ever.

    I would love a copy of your book

    Danica Slatter

  33. Patty says:

    Hi Frederic, I would really like to read your new book…I have been on a health quest for years and I am always reading whatever I can to help me along. I have been battling what I think is intestinal candida overgrowth for many years. I have been a vegetarian since 1992 and for the past few years have been eating mostly vegan. I recently gave up refined sugar and gluten and it seems to be helping. I would hope to find more ideas and a lot of inspiration in your new book. Thank you.

  34. Marji says:

    I have been mostly vegan for almost 20 years now after a major switch from the SAD after learning the true way God designed us to eat – I was so excited and filled with the love of the truth that it was the easiest transition I had ever made in improving my diet, but due to life events and working too many hours I have slide back into eating too many processed foods, while still trying to remain vegan and now constantly struggle to eat to build up instead of tear down the body which was made to glorify God. I have been reading much of your information over the past year and your book, Raw Food Controversies was one of the first books I purchased for my Kindle when I got it. I truly enjoyed reading about your experiences in the raw food diet and would love to be able to read about how you are now incorporating a raw/cooked food diet which I believe is the true direction that we are suppose to be following according to our Maker. Thank you for being so generous in sharing this information with us and for the e-mail at the end of January on the 7 healthy cooked foods I should be eating, because it’s guiding me in a better direction of eating. May you enjoy much success with this new book.

  35. Debbie says:

    Love the cover design!

  36. Dalius says:

    We are preparing “Raw Food Recipes” website in Lithuanian. We have purchased several of your books: “Savory Raw Dinner Recipes”, “The Ultimate Diet”, “Healthy Salad Dressings” and others. We are learning many things from them. It would be very interesting and useful to know more about your offering alternative to the rigid raw food diet. Thank you.

  37. Paul Mizzi says:

    thank you for this new book I’m impressed that raw food guy finally admit that some things need to be cooked veggies not meet you have to cook some veggies asparagus lightly cooked and so on brussel sprouts thank you

  38. Bella says:

    Trying to go 100% raw has not been as difficult for me as it was for my husband…however, throughout our health journey I have been reluctant to ascribe to the “100% raw is best” belief. Not because I couldn’t pull it off or struggled with cravings, etc…but just because the more I researched and studied food, the more it seemed like a balance between raw and the healthiest cooked foods was the key to health & longevity. We would love to win a copy of this book to affirm what we have realized and learn about this topic from someone as experienced as you!
    thank you so much, we wish you all the best 🙂

  39. Pete and Amy says:

    Fred, we purchased your course 2 years ago and never used it. We’re not even sure where we put the links to the information you provided. Kind of Funny as we were swapping from Vegetarian to Raw Vegan and we were really looking for some help. Well we made it, and have stuck with it, and can not see any reason to turn back. As we age we feel the energy from our change
    and feel sad for those who just don’t get it. We just lost some one this past Friday that surely could have been helped by a diet change, but then again it’s a change of Life Style and a Good Change, A Happy Change, an Energetic Change, that some people just chose not to take. WHY ? The so many new tastes that we have discovered are so sensational to the palate. You can lead horse to drink,but you can’t make it water 🙂

  40. Christine Carey says:

    I found Raw Food Controversies while prowling around Amazon, and have since purchased several of your products. I really love your honesty Frederic, and am looking very forward to reading your new book. Congrats, and thanks for a job well done! You have helped a lot of us out here looking for the real scoop on the Raw Food lifestyle.

  41. Linda Grable says:

    I think you should select me for a copy of your new book because I just got a copy of your “How To Eat Well for Under $100 a month” and would love to see what recipes and suggestions you have in “Raw Freedom”. I want to say I’m new to raw, but I’ve been eating fruit all my life so….. I’m just getting into your other book, but like the simplicity….you break everything down – pictures, explanations…..easy to follow. I loved the “Winter Fruits” video because I am trying to find “new” foods, but am afraid to spend the money on something I’m not sure what to do with it, let alone, what it is, or if I’ll like it! 🙂 I’m hoping to have the priviledge of receiving this new book to future my journey. Thanks

  42. Marina says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book! I have been researching raw food and vegan diets for quite some time and still trying to find the optimal combination for myself. I feel drawn to your ideas as you live in canada (as do I) and know that living in a colder climate makes following a 100% raw food diet a bit more challenging. This is what has nudged me into including some cooked foods. However, I would love to know what your thoughts on this are! I am on a mission to inspire others as I want to begin teaching classes on raw/vegan food preparations and would love to have your book as a wonderful resource! 🙂

  43. Patricia says:

    I always look forward to reading your books and ebooks. I have one of your first books on greens and green smoothies and recently got the package of how to save money on a plant-based diet and on a raw food diet. Thanks for the chance to get your new ebook!

  44. Sadie says:

    I can’t wait to read it!

  45. Ana says:

    i’m interested in human being nutrition because i believe that food strongly interferes with our health.
    Thanks for this opportunity

    Greeting from Portugal

  46. Ronn says:

    I would love to receive a copy of Raw Freedom. I know everyone else would too, so good luck to us all!

  47. Stacy says:

    Hi Frederic,
    I think that I am a good candidate for your new, super dooper book because of 2 reasons.
    1. My family is not into raw food as heavily as I am, although kudos for them for trying almost everything I make!
    2. I have been having an issue with digestion, and was told that having more cooked, whole foods would help to eliminate the problem with fermentation of fibers.
    I value your opinion highly, and what I believe that I can gain from being selected for 1 of your 3 books is the knowledge and also peace of mind knowing that having some cooked intermixed with raw is “not a bad thing,” contrary to what many others have claimed. I would like to know, and feel confident, that the choices I make are best for myself and my family, and to be educated on how to present this way of thinking to those that are more rigid in their raw food beliefs.
    Thank you so much for considering my entry! 🙂
    Stacy in Lancaster

  48. Ronald says:

    Dear Frederic, Thank you for striving to keep accurate and truthful resources available for us. In the last year my wife has lost 100 pounds. We are working on going more vegen and more raw. Your information has helped us make good choices. We are 65 and 62 and look forward to many more years on this journey.

  49. Nicole says:

    Congrats on your new book! I love all of your previous work and philosophies and I’m very interested in your new content. I eat high raw and am trying to move my husband and three young kids to higher and higher raw. Your work is insiring and appreciated! Thanks.

  50. Alice Harper says:

    Hi, Fred.
    Thanks for being there. Boy, I sure could use your book! I am always looking to learn and expand my knowledge so I can grow. I am 70 and want to see what my grandchildren become.
    I love raw food but need more main stream raw recipes as I have to cook for my 20 year old grandson and my hubby.

    I am hoping that your book would give me incite on how to get more raw on the dinner table that they will eat.

    Fingers crossed that I win you book. That would make my day! YES!!!!!

  51. Alan Fogle says:

    Hi Frederic:
    I, like you have been eating a lot of raw foods in the past and all raw at times. I first made changes from the SAD to a vegertarian diet about 20 years ago. After that i would go from vegetarian to vegan and back and forth and always with few raw foods. I started adding more raw about 7 years ago after running into your website. I got a lot of good info from your site and also the material that i have ordered from you over the years. I usually did real good on all raw for a few weeks and then after that my health would start to go down hill, and i would always go back on cooked food along with some raw, but usually more cooked that raw. After getting back on your email list a few weeks ago i have been eating more raw along with some cooked food and i believe that with the help of someone like you that has been there and done that, that i could get some valuable information that i could fine tune my diet for optimal health. And optimal health is one of my goals in life and i do believe that with optimal health it will help me to acheive my other goals in life.
    So a guide to optimal health that would help me to live a vibrant life and to achieve my goals is what i would hope to get out of your new book and that is why i believe that you should give me one of the free books that you are giving away.

    Alan Fogle

  52. Catie says:

    I love the concept of this book because there’s an awful lot of all-or-nothing extremism out there in the raw-food (and health generally) world. I’m vegan and I’m in no doubt at all that raw foods have magical good in them, and if I don’t eat enough of them for a bit then I do crave them. But I’m sure there’s a balance to be struck, and the message that not being 100% raw doesn’t mean you are in some way failing needs to be spread! I’d be so excited to get some inspiration on how to combine raw and cooked in a way that’s healthful (for the body, mind and spirit) and delicious. And then to prepare some of it for omnivorous friends to subtly bring them round to the green side. 😉 Thank you for what you’re doing. All the best.

  53. Suzy says:

    I would like to see what you have figured out with this whole raw food diet. I went raw for about a year, mostly high fat raw, felt great at first and declined swiftly. Lost so much weight and ended up feeling terrible. Went back to cooked food and felt worse (for awhile) now I am at a stable weight but I don’t feel as good as when I first went raw. I would like to have that feeling always. My eyes were bluer and more vibrant and now I am back and forth. It would be nice to know your take on this. I look forward to learning.

  54. Kristen says:

    Hope to win a copy, thanks so much for the generous opportunity. Since I am out of work and recovering from being hit by an suv, all health and recovery information is great and food is the great healer. Raw foods have helped my fibromyalgia immensely!

  55. andrea says:

    Thanks Fred, for the opportunity.
    I am in the middle of a water fast and have been listening to Natural Hygiene tapes when I am not fully resting. I am reminded that Shelton allowed legumes, beans and some grains in the diet. I have been trying to follow 80-10-10 for awhile now and keep failing. I like a more moderate approach. I would like to eat primarily raw but incorporate some lightly steamed veggies, some grains and some beans in my diet. I think that sometimes the movement is too fanatical. I want to find harmony and balance. In my life, and in my food. I think that if one is too fanatical they will fail in the end. Or lose all their friends. 🙂
    Interesting that I am just making these decisions and they you have this offer at the same time. I think I should be gifted with this book. Plus I have all of your other wonderful recipes, your coconut pudding and sushi goes over so well with guest. I better stop talking about food now, I have 10 more days to fast. Thanks again!!!

  56. Judith says:

    I just recently started the Raw food diet, so I am very interested in seeing what you have in store to maintain this diet! I am glad I came across this information, especially being into Parkour.

  57. Wendy says:

    Hi Frederic,

    Why do raw vegans seem to look so gaunt around the eyes and not really very healthy? I know fresh fruits and vegetables are good for the body, but it seems advocates of a strict lifestyle seem to be missing something. Is it just me?

  58. Naali says:

    What a great idea combining the best raw food recipes with healthy cooked ones, for those who are choosing to combine the two! Thank you.

  59. Judy says:

    Thank goodness to hear something realistic…..freedom at last……I hope so much that I will be able to take your guidence in this book and live a healthy simple happy ‘free’ from confusion about ultimate healthy eating………..I gained weight through being sick,lost weight by being raw as possible,gained weight again it just not being realistic…grrrrr !!! sound familiar anyone ???……Freedom..bring it on !!

  60. Robin says:

    Yep, I want the free book. Why should I get it? First of all because I read, bought, watched and learned most of your stuff during the last years….so would be cooool to get some new stuff for free this time. Secondly because I´m at the same point after many years of raw…..going to reintroduce some cooked/steamed veggies into my diet….guilt-free and enjoying it. Thirdly I´m also tired of all this …isms around healthy food and the rawfood-superfood-armies out there. Healthy food should be fun and stress/dogma-free without any newest hype every month. Thanx for always keeping your critical authentic inconvenient mind up and speaking out your truths.

  61. Mauro says:

    Hi Frederic,

    In the books I read I’m searching useful information to help my wife in recovering from an autoimmune disease named dermatomyositis; I believe that your recommendations could be helpful for people suffering autoimmune disorders.
    I wish you success and above all good health for you and your family.

  62. Chuck says:

    I would love to win a copy, Frederic. Frankly, I’m desperate to change my diet around after decades of abuse heaped upon my body. After enduring years of a deep depression, I’m on the road to recovery, but I find myself at my highest weight ever — we’re talking roughly double what I should weight, and I’m a 6’2″ guy, so it’s serious. I’ve been wanting to go vegan for a long time, but I don’t feel 100% raw is for me (or even healthy long-term), so I’d love the guidance your book offers. Fingers crossed.

  63. Anastasia says:

    I am a raw vegan for almost a year and i eat between 80% and 100% raw lifestyle. When i eat all raw low fat, i feel incredible and i want to be like that for ever, but it’s difficult to follow that all times. I would like to read your book (i have read all your books) and maybe find some answers regarding that 80%-100% raw food pattern. i have lost a great amount of weight but only when i followed the 100%, cant lose a kilo in 80%.

  64. Kayla Marie says:

    Hi Frederic! Thanks so much for this opportunity and congratulations on your new book, which features a very important subject! I would love a copy of this book because the raw food “ideal” has me enslaved and I would love to read about a logical way out of it. I want to make peace with healthy cooked foods again. This book could literally end up being the savior of my sanity (surrounding food, at least!!) I have always had a perfectionist nature, and this lead me to starve myself when I was younger. Now I feel that I have some form of orthorexia, as I have developed many food phobias while exploring the raw food world, especially 80/10/10. I am not saying that this diet has not done amazing things for people, but personally I really want to find “freedom” with my diet again and not constantly restrict myself, telling myself what I can and cannot eat. Anyway, I am hoping that your book will have some insights that will help me achieve balance and happiness with a clean diet again. Thank you 🙂

  65. Nancy says:

    i would love a copy of this book as my husband is not at all interested in eating raw foods, but I need healthy meals we both can eat without making 2 separate meals. This book sounds like it would give me lots of ideas for healthy meals we both can enjoy.

  66. Ian Dixon says:

    Good luck with the book launch though I am sure it is progressing well.
    I’d like a copy as a mixed diet person who would like to learn about potentially healthier options for my dailt food

  67. cynthia says:

    I first discovered low fat raw through a podcast interview with you. I’ve since decided that 100% raw is not for me, at least not 100% of the time, but I’m trying to find the right balance. I’m interested in what this new book has to say!

  68. Hi Frederic,

    I have enjoyed all of the books and products that I purchased from you over the past couple of years and I would love to win a copy of “Raw Freedom”. Thank you for the opportunity to get a free copy from you.

    To your Health and ellbeing,


  69. Lucas says:

    I have been following your blog and appreciating the information.
    I get constrained sometimes as I think I should be 100% raw, and then feel bad when I sometimes eat cooked food. I am seeking clarity of how and when to eat raw vs. cooked or all cooked and feel like this book can help guide me into balance and clarity around all of this. I have a lot of friends and following on fb in similar positions and can spread the wealth and information wide and far.

    Thank you

  70. Mark says:

    Your book will go European should you choose my reply. Good luck with the last stage, Mark

  71. Margaret says:

    I am looking forward to seeing your new book. It is always interesting to see what you are up to, and always useful to gain insight into other viewpoints.

  72. Gaia says:

    Hi Fred! I feel like I’ve been holding my breath for this book to come out!! Please please please pick me as the lucky recipient of the book giveaway … I’ve just ended a two-year run on the 80/10/10 diet, and your articles have helped me so much to not feel bad about “failing”. I so relate with your arguments – they are definitely true for me. I know that your book will further help me make sense of why I feel so much better eating some select cooked foods, rather than stubbornly continuing on a raw regimen that sounds good in theory but leaves me wanting and unsatisfied in practice. Thanks again for all you do!! XO Gaia

  73. Jennifer says:

    It’s been exciting to have more opportunities lately to share a health nugget with the local youth group or a healthy cooking class with the community. I’ve been experimenting with more raw foods myself, but I have also scratched my head as I see some foods that are obviously good for me, but don’t seem like they would be foods you could eat raw – like the potato or eggplant. It also makes sense to me that God is sending me a message about fats, as He packaged the nuts in harder-to-open “containers”. So, hearing about a mostly raw, low-fat diet and recipe book sounds like a perfect balance! Looking forward to the new book!

  74. Tamara says:

    Congratulations on your new book, love the cover!! I have been on and off raw for about 4 years now but have found that it doesn’t work for me being 100% and I haven’t yet found that raw energy that everyone talks about and fight with fatigue constantly. I would love to find a happy balance of raw and cooked food and hoping your book will provide that knowledge for me 🙂

    Thanks for this oppurtunity
    Warmest regards,
    Tamara (Toronto, ON, Canada)

  75. Sumara Marie says:

    Well Frederic, I am a huge fan of yours. Such a big fan I am doing your courses.
    I truly want to learn more regarding raw food. It has been so healthy for me at the age of 72.
    I am feeling amazingly good and will continue to be raw.

  76. Sigourney says:

    Hi my name is Sigourney
    I am currently about 90% raw and loving it! I have been for a little over a year now! I would love to be able to gain knowledge and new recipes from this new book. I am currently living on my own where it is easy to be raw but soon will be moving back in with my parents (who are not raw or vegan) to save money during PT school. I would like a recipe book that will help me incorporate cooked low fat vegan recipes into their daily habits so eating as a family won’t be so hard. Currently when I go over to my parents for dinner I end up making a huge salad for myself or eating some random fruit bowl while they chow down on fish salad and veggies. This book I feel would be a great addition to our kitchen cook book collection and get my parents back into eating vegan.
    Thank you,
    Looking forward to the new book. Loving and learning from the current books!

  77. Jose says:

    Interested in increasing my raw food intake but also eating healthy cooked food. Thank you very much for your work.

  78. Marie says:

    An american living in Paris, I enjoy sharing with my french crudivore & curious-about-raw friends in the rapidly expanding raw food community in France, the latest news from the english speaking world. If I win your book, I will be sharing the information with many. Thank you.

  79. Judy says:

    Thanks for all that you do.

  80. Jim H says:

    I am looking forward to your book coming out. My whole family is “trying to go 100% raw, but it has been difficult due to ongoing health issues. I am at home on permanent disability for a rare metabolic disease and have been lacking energy (just one of the symptoms) and so when those really “low” days happen, I’ve just been grabbing unhealthy “quick” and effortless crap food. I’m hoping that your book can help us finally go “full raw,” and help me with my mitochondria and their issues.

  81. Samantha says:

    I am a lapsed raw foodist because l found the raw food lifestyle hard to maintain in the cold, damp English winters. However I would like to start eating a high raw diet again while incorporating some cooked food. I think your book would help kickstart me back into action, especially after knowing you have followed (mostly) raw for many years in Canada!

  82. Chris says:

    Je suis très intéressée de lire ce livre. Je viens juste de lire « Raw food controversies » par lequel j’ai beaucoup appris. J’apprécie vos écrits parce qu’ils témoingnent d’une remise en question permanente, d’une honnêteté peu commune et d’une très bonne pédagogie.
    Je vous remercie pour ces précieux conseils et vous souhaite une bonne continuation.

  83. Lucinda says:

    If I am fortunate enough to win a copy of your book, I promise, after thoroughly digesting the contents myself (no pun intended), to donate the book to my local library. This way, your cutting-edge diet information can be shared with people in all walks of life, many of whom may never before have considered trying a well-thought-out raw and cooked plant-based diet…and don’t know yet how incredible it can make a person feel!

  84. Jill says:

    Can’t wait to read the new book. I have many of your other books and really appreciate your fresh approach to raw food and just food in general. Thank you.

  85. Rachel says:

    I have tried to find the right balance of raw and cooked ever since last summer, when I tried to eat all raw. I lasted less than a week at the time. But since then I have tried to combine the two. I never feel good going too extreme with any one diet for any length of time. I find that I lose my sense of self and my inner guidance when I am too extreme. I love the guidelines you have provided with many of your books and online articles. I have used them to understand why 100% raw isn’t right for me and I think it would be wonderful to have more of a guideline of how to combine raw and cooked foods into one diet. I am a mother of three young children and my husband nor them are interested in trying to eat 100% raw. So I have worked on including lots of salads, fruits and smoothies into everyone’s diets.

  86. Crystal says:

    I would love to receive a copy of your new book Frederic! I am currently going to school to become a health coach and realized this journey is not only about making changes in other people’s lives but about my own. I now realize that my body works and feels better eating a low-fat raw diet as much as possible. I would love to learn more about this lifestyle and how to incorporate it into my life more easily and my clients as well. Thank you so much for all your useful suggestions.

  87. Juna says:

    I’ve been following your newsletter for years, since 2004 (?) or before, and think your information is the cutting edge above all others; you always back your findings and opinions with fact ~ I like the way you admitted to not always being 100% raw which was a major sigh of relief! The Raw Secret guy is human, like the rest of us ~~ that’s why I want a copy of your book, I’m hoping it will appeal to all levels of eating raw, not just the gourmands, the fanatics or purists, but still people who put their health above all else. I think I’m older than most of your audience so am trying to age gracefully! Keep up your writing and research, it’s truly very accurate!

  88. Stephen Holloway says:

    Hi Frederic

    What I particularly like about your diet/ nutrition ideals is that they are relaxed and sensible. One one hand your promoting all the benefits of a raw food diet but on the other hand your saying we can combine some cooked foods. I eat fruit for breakfast and salad whilst at work. For the evening meal I still eat salad but add cooked sweet potatoes, or some rice, or some cooked beans, or some steamed tomatoes, or some cooked mushrooms. It was your ideas about the latter that have made the transition to a predominantly raw foods diet so much easier. Thanks so much for that advice.

  89. Marlene says:

    Congratulations on the new book coming out. I would love to have a copy of your book. My husband has carcinoid cancer and I am trying to serve healthy raw foods. I need all the help I can get. Thanks.

  90. Patti says:

    My husband and I tried to go 100% raw from a standard vegan diet about 3 years ago, but unfortunately followed the wrong diet, i.e the high fat one. We struggled for a few months and just lost too much weight and had no energy. So we went back to cooked food, feeling like we had failed when in fact the wrong diet had failed us. Now we are more informed about raw foods and with two little boys we want to find a healthy balance between raw and cooked vegan foods to really give us and them the best of both worlds without any need to be puritanical about either one. We just want to enjoy what we eat, enjoy preparing it, and give our boys a positive relationship with food. This is especially important for our oldest boy who is oral defensive, so eating is in itself a complex issue for him. We hope to get a lot of info about finding the balance between raw and cooked vegan foods in this book. Really excited! Oh, and today is my birthday too! 🙂

  91. Gretchen says:

    Hi Fred, I think you should pick me because I’ve been a long time follower of your site (5+ years), a customer of many of your products, and a member of your “Do What You Love” network. I guess I just can’t get enough of your awesomeness and I need another one of your books 🙂 But I really want this book because I haven’t been able to stay 100% raw and have decided that “high raw” is good enough for me.

  92. maria says:

    I have been doing raw and cooked together for a few years now, but would really like to see how a ‘professional’ does it to be sure I’m doing it right!

  93. Eva says:

    I’m hoping to get breakthrough in my view of raw and cooked food!

    I see no reason why should I get that book and not someone else though..There are people who really need that more than me, but oh gosh, that would be soooo exciting!

  94. Lucy says:

    Always great to hear about another good resource for raw foodies – you are helping make the raw food movement ever more creative and tasty – so important as people need to enjoy their food if they are going to go raw. I have been doing largely raw for a few months and I feel so much better.Living food somehow puts you in touch with yourself. A friend of mine has gone all raw after being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. The doctors told her there was no cure. Within 3 weeks, she was off insulin. Amazing.

  95. Nancy Elliott says:

    I keep struggling every day to stay on a healthy diet. Each day I fail. One of the reasons I fail is because the diets are too strict. Perhaps a nice healthy balance between raw and cook will be just the thing!
    warmly, Nancy

  96. David says:

    Hi Frederic,
    Really looking forward to the newest book. I’ve enjoyed reading most of your books and the recipes. You are a trendsetter. I’ll be hosting foodie events and look forward to sharing meals with others. I would love to see more of your followeres get together and share meals.

  97. Christy says:

    Hi Frederic

    I am grateful you are out there doing a good job of getting all the truth out about the raw food diet. I very often have the opportunity to tell people about the raw food lifestyle, often to turn around serious health related conditions. Our food choices are everything when we want to get well!!!

    Best of everything in your pursuit to bring to health to the world through food choices!!

  98. Anthea says:

    Always love your resources, Fred. You get to the heart of the issue every time. Can’t wait to read this new addition to your selection. I’m sure it will be packed with great tips. I’ve been HCRV for about a year now (with the odd bit of cooked here and there) and I’m loving the extra energy. It’s completely changed my whole direction in life.

  99. Didi A Jayatii says:

    Hello Frederic,

    I’m a yogic nun and I come in contact with a lot of people whom I encourage to work on transforming themselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

    Inspired by your blog, I started eating raw a month ago, and already see the wisdom in having a balanced approach. I will now start including some healthy cooked foods in my diet.

    Having a free copy of your book that I could show to others could well result in a bulk order of ‘Raw Freedom’ in the near future. I work mainly in Lebanon and Cyprus, but will be visiting Croatia, Malta and the UK as well this year.

    I really appreciate your level-headed approach based on long-term personal experimentation.

    Keep up the good work!

    Didi A Jayatii

  100. Debra says:

    I have been on this journey for 43 years…starting with vegetarianism, then to a cooked vegan diet…then to a raw diet. I have felt the best on the raw diet but can only stay there for a year or two without eating something cooked, albeit in the healthy realm, just cooked. What I am hoping to receive from your new book is exactly what the title says…”FREEDOM!”
    For years I thought you should either be all one way or the other…I would like to live my life in a healthy manner and enjoy my life without it always focusing on…to raw or not to raw! A healthy balance would be much appreciated!

  101. Eve Bienenfeld says:

    Eve Bienenfeld
    I review health books, especially raw and beyond for the industry.

  102. Jo says:

    I’ve been working on trying to stay raw while feeding my high raw family some cooked vegan foods. This book will help me so much in finding the right balance and the right cooked foods to feed my children. If they don’t wish to be 100% raw when they are grown, I want to be sure I have educated them how to choose the healthiest cooked foods while out on their own. As homeschoolers, this info is really important to me to help them learn while they are young and discovering how to best take care of their young and growing bodies. This book will also help my husband and I so much. I would love a copy!

  103. Zach says:

    I’ve been vegan and promoting the vegan lifestyle for 40 years. On this basis alone, not even counting my good looks, intelligence, sensitivity, sense of humor and dedication, I deserve a free copy of your fabulous new book.

  104. Dee says:

    Hello Frederic,
    We are really looking forward to your new book. We are a 75 and 80 yr. old couple, vegetarians for more than 60 yrs., long before it was popular or easy. We are in good health and want to stay that way to 100 or more. We have a large garden and want to be able to cultivate and grow organic for many more years. We are about 95% organic and high % raw but do want to cook some foods in winter, ie. squash, sweet potatoes, beans, rice, quinoa, millet, etc. One of our food issues is the availability of really good tomatoes in the winter. Tomatoes appear in many of your raw dishes, but even organic tomatoes are not that great in the winter. They need open sunlight to gain the best flavor and nutrition. We congratulate you for all your research and courage in searching for the best diet for excellent health and longevity. We would really appreciate learning of your suggestions on integrating raw with cooked. God Bless You. ……Dee

  105. Jean-Sébastien Bressy says:

    I eat usually raw food and (mildly) cooked food. I’m interested in your book and to share good ideas about diet to people here in France. Let me know when you visit Paris!

  106. Elisa says:

    I am trying vegan diet and there is a lot to learn.
    I could use the information you share in your new book.
    I like cooked and raw food and I am interested to learn more.
    Hope I win 🙂

  107. Lexie says:

    Excited about this book – congrats on writing and publishing it – can’t wait to read it!

  108. Ken says:

    I have been following you for years and your influence is one of the main reason’s why I now eat a Vegan high raw diet. I am looking forward to reading about this “next step” in the Raw Vegan journey from your unique and experienced perspective. Every movement has its prophets, those who no only proclaim the way, but walk in it as well. Both are necessary for we need both instruction, and examples. You were among the first to combine the best of cooked and raw, and perhaps the very first to be totally honest about it. I commend you for your courage. This gives your voice a ring of authenticity. God bless you as you have been a blessing to me, and others like me.

  109. Amy says:

    I have gone for long periods being 100% raw and love the way it makes me feel! Healthy, light and full of energy! However, I often feel very restricted when choosing this way of eating as far as social activities. Because of this I tend to go back to the SAD diet after a period of time. I love your low fat high raw advice as so many raw foodists tend to promote high fat raw diets. I am always searching for the best possible diet for optimal health and so I look forward to this book and would be honored if you were to choose me for one of the first copies.

  110. Kasandra says:

    . I am a single mom an elite athlete , with two children at home, one is a teen and one is 5. Making a kitchen work for everyone’s needs is a balancing act that is constantly in the works for me!!!
    I have really enjoyed your past books, and perspective and experience with Raw /Whole food vegitarian diet you offer.
    I have been raw, vegetarian, Paelio, since my mid teens always looking to gain more knowledge in the area of one of my big Passions~nutrition~! My main focus is raising healthy kids with healthy habits and putting my own mental and physical body to the extreme test !
    Thank You for sharing your story and experience as it has brought great much light!

  111. DAWN says:

    Having read the comments of others, it will be pretty hard to choose which one to pick as each are trying hard in their own way to apply what they are learning. So it would be nice if the people who each receive a free copy, not only does it help them but it also helps you. Perhaps one way of doing that is to distribute the book as far and wide as possible and pick someone who lives outside the USA? I am glad you have met your goal and I am sure Raw Freedom will do well and be very much appreciated. Take care.

  112. Sherry says:

    I teach changing ones life style health classes and like to keep up to date on material so I can recommend the ones that I feel are the most helpful. My budget is very tight since I do these classes on a volunteer basis and am not even paid for my cost. So a free copy would sure help.

  113. Ruth says:

    Hi Frederick,
    I’d love to win a free copy of your new book, “Raw Freedom.” I desire to be completely freed from the SAD diet and to be able to eat the raw diet, live up to the truth I know and to be a leader like you are! I appreciate you because you really tell the truth about the raw food diet You’re willing to say what needs to be said whether it’s popular or not, that is QUITE ADMIRABLE and a rare quality! I thank you also for practicing what you preach. Thanks for including me on your E-mails list. We need more people like you who will say it like it is and will stand up and be counted on an issue of this magnitude, God bless you!!!

  114. Piotr says:

    I’m just… curious about your book 😉
    I’ve been some-percent-raw for a while, maybe half a year, and I have regularly adding something more familiar to my diet.
    Now there are just few of simple dishes from cooked food that I use, and… I am really waiting to your choices, and up-to-date diet.
    Apart from that, did you compare high-carbo diet with atkins menu-plan? 😉

    And, I think the main reason, why I love to read You, and follow raw programs, is that… I’m from the middle of europe -.-‘ ? And I love to check out fresh informations straight from source – one of the best known raw foodist. Maybe not here specifically, but all over the world 😉

  115. Kathleen says:

    I hope to learn much from your new book. Recipes are very helpful in planning great meals for my family. Thank you for the information and guidance.

  116. I’d love to win a copy. I had some problems going all raw but seem to do great with a mix of raw and cooked. Thanks for the chance to win!

  117. Darlene says:

    Hi Frederick,
    Thank you for the opportunity to win a free book. I have purchased all of your material, and have enjoyed all of them. My favorite was Raw Food Controversies. What was funny about that book was I could not put it down!!! It was the first and only book on raw food that had me wanting to read more. Like a novel. I would sure love to win a copy of your new book. I eat some cooked food and feel your will book describe how I want to eat. I appreciate all your research and speaking your mind on this topic.

  118. Ray says:

    Hi Fred,
    I must win your new book. I have just started a Raw vegan diet/lifestyle 90 days ago. I have never felt healthier in my life, however, I would love to be able to eat healthy cooked food also. Because to be honest a all raw diet is starting to get boring and unexciting and like the cover of your book shows; the shackles of a strict raw diet can be broken!! . I would love to learn what you suggest in your new book “RAW FREEDOM” so that I can eat the ultimate diet. By the way the title of your book and the cover are AWESOME!!!

    To Your Continued Success

  119. Joe says:

    Have been waiting for a book like this. There must be something for someone who is either transitioning to raw food or just don’t have the option or chance to buy or eat raw food all the time. I cannot wait to read this book.

  120. Megan says:

    I would love a copy of your new book – I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your other books, and when I’m done reading and re-reading them I donate them to our local library so that they can reach a wider audience. Looking forward to reading and sharing this one!

  121. Cassie says:

    Really excited to hear that you have a new book coming out! I’ve yet to see any major improvements in my health since starting to change my diet about two years ago and need a good resource for kicking it up a notch!!! I’m ready to thrive each day, not dread getting out of bed and worrying that every meal I’m eating isn’t good enough. I’m hoping this book can help me really step-up the amount of raw food in my diet and identify the balance of cooked foods to include.

  122. Lorae Davis says:

    And the journey continues. I cannot wait to read this. You have inspired and uplifted me and shown me the path to good health and led me away from the fast track to doom. Raw, health filled nutritious glorious natural foods served as they were created. Yum.

  123. Garth says:

    Hi Fred. I have been following you since your Eat an Apple magazine days! Been raw on and off since then. Would love the book to ramp up my motivation to get back on to a predominately raw lifestyle, with an element of cooked, and would love to know the best way of achieving this. All the best!

  124. HC says:

    I enjoyed your Raw Secrets book and would love to win your next new book! You opened my eyes on a lot of things on eating raw. I also learned a lot on what not to do!

  125. Nick says:

    yes I’ve been following you for a long time and learned a lot from you. Just like you I was raw for a long time and felt like something was missing. And it was a struggle to stay 100 % raw all the time.

    So the book Raw freedom sounds like the perfect book for me right now in my situation. It was incredible when I found out you were writing this book. I was thinking and doing some of the same things you were talking about.

    Your information is always really good and useful , so I now this book will have some great info and I will learn a lot from it. I will be able to transition better into the new diet I’m following which is mostly raw with some cooked foods added.

    Thanks a lot for everything !

    Nick D.

  126. Cindy says:

    I’m finding the switch to a better diet very hard, my sugar craving is the worst. I’m trying to switch not only myself but my son and husband who are very attached to meat and potatoes. I’ve liked your emails and it makes sense to me. Maybe the book will give me the little extra help I’m looking for.
    Thanks for making it possible.

  127. christian says:

    I have 4 to 5 people around me who will be interested in semi raw food and I expect to read the reasons why we should go to this life style!

  128. Since 2001 I’ve been going through phases of eating 100% to where I’d include some simple alkaline cooked foods in my diet (which is what I still do now). I can really resonate with your book title, ‘Raw Freedom’, as being more fluid and not so dogmatic has been such a relief and feels so much more natural. I’m really looking forward to reading about your own observations on the topic of a balanced diet consisting of both raw and cooked foods.

  129. Jerome says:

    Hi Fred!
    I have been looking for you book to come out ever since you announced it and probably way before that actually!
    I have been trying to make the 100% raw lifestyle to work for me but so far did not succeed and this has led me to go nuts and has had pretty bad consequences for my own health so ever since I’ve really been looking for a healthy alternative so that I can finally put my mind to rest and take my health where it should be!
    Without any doubt your book promised to be the savior of my diet and my health and will allow me to enjoy life and especially social aspects of it like I deserve.
    Winning your book would be totally awesome but I would get it either way!

    Thanks and congrats for what you’re doing!

  130. Charito Kaay says:

    Hi Fred, so great to have you locally in Vancouver, BC. I look forward to hearing all your tips with what is available to eat here and how to do it budget conscious. I have been transitioning to raw vegan for the past two years and just recently realized that the more fruit in my diet the better. Makes sense for my heritage since Filipinos love their fruit and don’t really eat a lot of nuts. Just had my first Durian a month ago and am soooo hooked…yummy!! Filipinos love their mangos, papayas and coconuts!! Since discovering it is okay for my body to eat fruits in high quanitities in the past 2 months I am devouring as much information about the low fat raw vegan diet…and came across you on the internet. Looking forward to meeting you in person someday. Thank you for your dedication to educating.

  131. Jim Banks says:

    I have felt for a long time that a combination of whole plant based cooked and raw food would be a superior diet for health and at the same time would be more attractive to a wider audience.

    I am excited that you will be presenting your ideas on this combo (RAW AND COOKED) whole foods plant based diet. No doubt, I and others will benefit from your experience which has led you to this point. I am sure this will be beneficial and palatable to a much bigger audience – the healthier we all are, the better the world!

  132. Jurgita says:

    I’m really looking forward to read this book! I’m already on the path of combining both raw and cooked! So it’s good to get some advice from someone who knows more than I do:)

  133. Eve says:

    YAY Another Frederic Patenaude book is coming out! I am very interested in learning more about the raw food lifestyle with cooked options.

  134. David says:

    I am just now finding out about raw foods heard it can reverse Diabetes would love a copy of your book to help me with coaching my mom in healthy eating to help her reverse the effects of her stroke and diabetes.

  135. Leslie says:

    Hello Frederic,
    I am thinking of looking to the raw food diet again after trying a few times the last few years. I failed to stay on the diet before as I found it increasingly difficult to stick with it. I dont know why I find it so difficult to get going again. One of the issues I think was I just wasnt getting enough calories. For example I couldnt eat too many bananas as I seemed to be getting alergic to them. I also got dental problems which only worsened on the diet. Another thing was that I found it difficult to sleep consistently, my mind was in awake mode too often. There are other issues too but onless I can clearly address at least these issues I wont be inclined to start the diet again. I do read some emails, I admit I read occasionaly, to maybe hope to get some inspiration to start again but I cant find sufficient. Can you persuade me?

  136. Buffy says:

    I am so excited to get my email, I no longer take high blood pressure pills or cholesthol you have been a blessing in our lives’ , I have so much good energy,what I do is put it in my V blender kale eggplant lime pears apple banana cinimmin yummmmm that’s my breakfast truly very good in taste my grocery bill is gone way done and I am never hungry i juice all day oh i also forgot I put a hand full of raw rolled oats in my blender. Sorry for my typos on the next day i eat the raw foods To me it isn’t a diet it is a way of life’ I have no problem with my weight and seems like I eat more than ever ,Thanks for the raw food diet that you send us Sincerely;Buffy n Florida

  137. I am a fellow Canadian, currently in nutrition school, and am obsessed with raw food diets but a bit confused about the best raw food diet plan. Would love to read about your perspective, seems like a well balanced viewpoint. Thanks!

  138. Fabienne says:

    Hello Fred,
    I come from France, and some years ago, I started to learn to cook raw food in Brasil and even if I found it fantastic, I let because eating raw food during winter was freezing me. Now I would like really to change it and I discovered so many american raw food websites, that I want to learn better and have a good guide to show me how to cook better raw food whatever circonstances and weather.
    Thanks a lot and good success

  139. I am an experienced naturopathic doctor with many years of experience and find that Fred’s books contain a wealth of information regarding how to succeed on a raw food diet. He has done the work for me so that I can guide my patients from a nutritional standpoint to a higher level of understanding. I have always been an advocate of an alkalizing diet, food combining, and plenty of water to hydrate and alkalize. There are some inherent deficiencies you can run into with a vegan raw food diet which Fred’s books address to ensure success and optimal health while pursuing a raw food diet. He addresses the common pitfalls in order to optimize success with this type of diet. Thank you, Fred, for helping me to reach new levels of understanding regarding a vegan raw food diet.

  140. Natasa says:

    Your website is guilty that I am now 100% LFRV. Thank you!!!
    I would like to get more understanding how to successfully combine raw and cooked, so I could attract my family to eat more raw.

  141. Eileen says:

    Hi Frederic,

    I would love to add your new book Raw Freedom to my collection and keep learning about raw food so I can make a greater shift for both myself and my kids. I love your work and you are certainly one of the few people that I would listen to when it comes to raw food. Namaste!

  142. Aussie Jim says:

    Hi! I’m Aussie Jim. I suffered a bash on my head a few years ago and it has caused a heap of problems. I am fighting my way back to good health, passed seizures, headaches, memory loss and frustrating slowness of brain function. I have been looking to a combination of raw and cooked vegan food to help me along the way. I have been enjoying lots of Frederic’s suggestions and I am hoping to get a better picture through his new book. I guess winning it would really be a big help for me.

  143. Linda Reash says:

    I eat 70% raw and am looking for healthy cooked food recipes and ideas for the reminding 30% of my day. I travel for work and quick and easy “to go” food ideas are needed. Want to keep improving my health!

  144. Jocelyn says:

    Fred, I’m so excited that you’ve written another book! I’ve been a huge fan of yours since I subscribed to your magazine “Just Eat an Apple”, and I’ve read everything you’ve written! I must say, your writing just gets better all the time! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win your book!

  145. denene says:

    How much does the book cost. Can I buy hard copy? regards, denene

  146. Sandy says:

    I bought quite a few of your downloads and have learned so much from you — I am actually a Registered Dietitian (happy Nutrition Month!) and try to teach my patients the benefits of adding raw foods to their diet — along with recipes and easy ways to begin. I have shared your links with many of them as a valuable resource — we can spread the word with the great work you are doing! Good luck with your new book — of course I would love to add it to my collection. 🙂

  147. Maylan says:

    The reason I would love your book is the following. Since I started going mainly raw a few years ago, after about 40 years on a vegetarian/vegan diet, I noticed an amazing improvement in all sorts of aches and pains. I have to stick to the kind of diet that you talk about. Other more fatty options make me feel worse again. So I love what you have to say and would love to hear and see more.
    I applaud your good work in ‘spreading the word’.

    Thanks again.

  148. Giuseppe says:

    Congratulations Frederic.

    I´m ready to have another helpful of yours. Thank you so much for all your good encourage and inspirative information. I would love to have a copy of this new book to improve my HCRV lifestyle. I am HCRV for one year and I want to learn more for share with the people the most as I can of this lifestyle. I want to encourage other people to start their transition. I want to be as you.

    Keep helping the people.


  149. Hi Frederic, I am interested in reading a copy of your new book as I understand it may provide a less ‘radical’ perspective on the raw food lifestyle. I have an organic store and spend a lot of time educating and encouraging people to make lifestyle changes. Unfortunately many people are too challenged by the idea of never eating anything cooked again, so it would be great to perhaps steer them towards your book as what they may perceive to be a more achievable perspective on lifestyle change. Thank you! Sharyn xx

  150. Mattie says:

    I love the idea of raw and have recently been trying to find a way to incorporate healthy cooked foods with raw foods to make it all work. Your book comes at the right time for me to learn how to combine the two to have a well balanced and attainable eating lifestyle. Can’t wait to read it!

  151. Crystal W says:

    Congrats on the new book!
    I would dearly love to win a copy because right now we’re heading into winter in Australia. This time of year has been my biggest hurdle to staying raw for the last few years, so a book that covers how to incorporate cooked foods would be IMMENSELY helpful. Somehow getting up at 4 to travel to work for 2 hours through darkness, just seems to do some critical damage to my raw mojo. Then getting home after dark as well I tend to crack. Help?

  152. C says:

    A big awesome rawsome congrats to you!

  153. elayne says:

    Hey, Fred, :o))
    Since Leslie Kenton’s publications in the 80’s, I haven’t come across a book that addresses combining mixed Raw AND Cooked for health, from the raw point of view…. thus its so refreshing to see this publication of yours coming up. I personally find it challenging to really get a balance between the 2, both for social and health reasons, and I would LOVE LOVE to win a copy of your new book. I have been following you quite a while, and I really respect your way of following a path that is aligned to promoting raw health that encourages health within a really do-able framework! :o))

  154. Chit says:

    I have been following your works for over 7 years. I have tried to eat raw food only for 2 weeks and I found out that it is just not very social friendly in the city I live. I do not want to disconnect with my family and friends. That’s why I decided to go for high raw low fat vegetarian diet. My aim is to eat food as organic and fresh as possible and to eat around 80% raw.

    Your information helped me a lot in choosing what to eat and clear up most of my confusion. I think your book can help me eat more healthy and plan my meal and diets.

  155. Larry says:

    Hi Fred,

    Good luck with your new book. You seem to be well read and thoroughly research what you write about and are not afraid to rock the boat. I hope you write about the so-called “live enzyme hypothesis” put forward by Howell and have investigated whether some lightly steamed foods have more enzymes and nutrients than their raw counterparts. Perhaps you may even cover longevity. It seems that there are not that many raw foodists who live to a ripe old age and I’d like to know why. I should get a free book for my honesty and suggestions when filling out your questionnaires. 🙂 In any case, it should be interesting reading.

  156. Armani says:

    I am so excited about Frederic’s new book. It is so wonderful — and I feel so blessed — to have had the opportunity to be able to gain access to his previous books and testimonials. Frederic has been such a blessing because I have felt so much condemnation and guilt about not being able to stay totally 100% raw all of the time. To know that he has been 100% raw at some point — and now can take such a stand as he has now (that you don’t have to be 100% raw to be healthy) means more to me than he will ever know. God bless him for his honesty, his integrity and his willingness to share his life and his food struggles and successes with us all.

  157. Lauren says:

    Awesome! I’m so excited!!!

  158. Belinda says:

    Looking forward to this book – I loved raw food contraversies 🙂

  159. Petra says:

    I have been struggling with staying on raw and would love to read your new book on how to do both and not feeling guilty for falling off the wagon so many times
    Thanks Petra

  160. Trina Southe says:

    I absolutely love the title of your new book! I so need some raw freedom!!! I am desperately trying to go raw and eat and be healthier. I am fighting diabetes, asthma and benign tumors. I know that I have got to get healthy and do it now!! I am so hoping I get your new book to get me on the right path!! Thank you so much!!! Trina

  161. Karen says:

    I love hearing about Fredricks travels. I love to travel myself. I love in Australia but am currently travelling around the US. I love the Whole Foods shops & would love more raw recipes.

  162. Andrea says:

    I’ve been following your work for about two years now, six months after I became fruitarian. As a global nomad and anthropologist, I strive to eat as non-inflammatory as possible abroad, though there are many times when my life isn’t enough in my control enough to maintain 811HCRV. So, I’ve experimented a lot myself with cooked balances, sticking to 811, and have found solid results.
    Professionally I work as a colon hydrotherapist and plant based nutrition consultant, so I get my fair chance of laboratory views – seeing through the tube what digests and what doesn’t in my clients’ diets.
    I would love to win a copy of your book to hear what you have to say and review it for possible recommendation to clients. I enjoy your compassionate approach to diet and lifestyle in the 21st century.
    May all beings be happy and free,

  163. mary love says:

    I have been a follower of your programs for a short while. I believe your new book will help me live a healthier lifestyle.I would love to own a copy of your new book Merci

  164. Kris says:

    Nice! Congratulations!

  165. jayne says:

    This book was written for me! After almost 3 years of doing the whole
    mainstream-not-so-good-for-you-raw, I found you! You saved me! I was 100% raw for a year and to my surprise, I feel better now that I’ve taken out the fat & added some cooked vegetables…I just need some more advice from you, I need your expertise in fine-tuning what I’m doing! Seriously, this book was written for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  166. mg777 says:

    I have been following your knowledge for several years not (stalking) and have been raw for over five years without any health problems maybe because I started being a vegetarian at 21 stay for over ten years, then when back to chicken, and turkey because I always stayed hungry working a man’s job driving for a living. So now that I am more settle and me and my temple(body) have a close relationship going raw was very easy for me. I will never be 100% raw because I do not desire it for blood type A+ I would miss my fish too much rather I win your book or not it would add to my knowledge and living in the NOW. Thank-you.

  167. Helga says:

    Hi Fred ♥
    I’ve been reading all of your books and watched many of your DVDs, and have been subscribed to most of your newsletters for quite a long while (so I kinda observed yur gradual growith into a new persepctive) … and I can’t wait to read about your changed and upgraded, updated point of view about Raw Foods. ♥
    With love,

  168. Cyndi says:

    I know your book will be the perfect guide to free myself from thoughts that it’s either all-raw or nothing!

  169. Kelli says:

    I’ve been trying to come up with a food plan that works within my food addiction limitations and isn’t high in fruit. I’m thinking high raw with some cooked beans or starchy vegetables, could work for me, but I want some guidance as I find tune this. I am really interested in this book. I lost 50 lbs. last year eating raw food part-time and junk food part-time, but I still have about 85 to go and need to let go of the food attachment so I can consistently eat healthy, not abusively.

  170. Raymond Deckert says:

    A lot of diets produce good results in the short run but the long term results are not good. The Atkins diet would be one of those. We like to tout the raw vegan diet as the best diet and it does have good short term results, especially that of detoxifying the body but the long term results can be negative without some adjustments. I`d like to read your book to learn about such adjustments. Thanks!

  171. trisha says:

    i am really looking forward to this book. i have certainly felt chained by trying to eat healthy, and this book sounds like just what i need to be set free from unhealthy stress over food. thank you!

  172. Om namaste dear Frederic,
    Warm gratitude and much appreciation for continuing to share your inspiring work with us. I have been raw-vegan for the past few years and it has been an amazing journey.

    My life calling has been creating Deafhood Yoga®. “Deafhood is a process to decolonize our mind, body and spirit from colonization.” (Paddy Ladd) Yoga includes the process of decolonizing our mind, body and spirit from the harmful food.

    “Raw Freedom” will be ideal in sharing more tips, recipes and advice with Deafhood Yoga® students and communities.

    Abundance of light, joy and health!
    Raja Rajeshwari

  173. Sil says:

    I have the opportunity to spread the word of the release of your upcoming book to a large number of health-minded, spirit-conscious and loving beings. It would be my honor and privilege to do so.
    Congratulations on your new release. May your work continue to push the evolution of this planet in the direction of growth, health and healing!

  174. sheri says:

    I have been very interested in your new book, but as a single mom, on a budget, can not afford to buy it. I have been eating for close to 20 years according to natural hygiene, trying to combine foods properly, etc, and add more raw also, I noticed you touch on many subjects that would be of huge interest and benefit to me, and also my 2 boys. I really appreciate that you are helping us all to have more balance in the way we eat and live, and would love to read this book and also help others with what I learn.

  175. Olivier says:

    I lost all my income (online) and i have to get a jobwithin a few weeks –
    BUT i have super low energy, bad concentration,
    and super bad digestion.
    So I NEED to go part raw asap, but i’ve failed at doing the raw thing
    because of bad info, and 100% raw isnt working for me.

    So im really hoping i win your book (im super tight on money)
    so i can start eating as best as i can part raw/part cook, a way i can keep eating – so i can quickly start feeling great again, with good digestion and energy, just in time for me to get a job and keep afloat financially, within a few weeks.

    thats why i need your book so much!


  176. Jim says:

    Frederic, If you ever need a testimony on how NOT to do the raw food diet over the long term–I’m your man! Back and forth, up and down, on and off one million 437 thousand and 27 times over the past 30 years! Seems like! I’m still caught in the conundrum where just eating gobs of fruit for calories seems to wear thin for multiple reasons, but eating cooked starches makes me all stuffed up and feeling like crap! I’m hoping against hope that this book bears a message that can parse this puzzle apart! In my opinion there are a lot of us folks in the raw food community in need of a note of practical sanity regarding the whole healthful eating question. If I, along with many others, can be shown how to practically integrate cooked with raw into a healthful “non-crap feeling” diet then I personally am going to nominate you, Frederic, for the International Peace Prize! I’d like to receive the complimentory book but even if I don’t, one way or another I will find a way to afford this book. It was written for me.

  177. Connie says:

    Looking forward to reading more about what seems a better way to be raw! What I’ve read from you makes a lot of sense, Fred. I went raw a few years ago but after a few weeks started not to feel so great and thanks to you I think I know why! I would love to win a copy of your book to finally get this thing right and start feeling better. Love!

  178. Alex says:

    Looking forward to an optimal combination of raw & healthy cooked foods.

  179. Joelle says:

    Way Cool! Can’t wait to see how you combine two of my favorite “worlds”!

  180. Mindy Goldis says:

    Hi Frederic

    I am very impressed with and proud that you are one of few people in the “raw food” community to say what is real and true. You don’t hide behind any fake or false notions that others are spewing and not adhering to in their own lives.

    We all go through changes and it is best not to be afraid to get personal because more likely then not, others have experienced the same or similar situations (such as being a “hardcore” raw vegan at first and then realizing that is not working for them and then incorporates some cooked food and explain to others why – like you are doing in your new book).

    I have a few of your books already and also many of your e-books and other audios, videos and pdf’s. I appreciate what you have to say and share with the public as you have experienced many years as a vegan and as a raw vegan and what has/hasn’t worked. There is so much mis-information and it is important that people not have to go through the mistakes of others and you have already been a “guinea pig” for eating as a raw vegan the wrong way. You have been very forthright to share in detail your mistakes and what you have done/do to continually improve and optimize your food plan (don’t like using the word “diet” because it has a connotation of short term program).

    I would love to receive your book, not merely for myself, but so I can also share the information with others who are confused as to what to do and maybe also feel guilty that they are eating cooked food when they ought to be 100% raw vegan (fanatic notion) or else they will not be healthy, etc.

    Regardless of whether you choose me to receive the free book, I will still promote you and the superbly honest information that you are providing to educate the public on how to live a truly healthy and happy life.

    Blessings – in Luv and Gratitude
    Chef Mindy 😉

  181. Bruce says:

    Hi Frederic

    This may sound funny but I’m a “Raw Food” virgin as of today, I’ve done a bit of reading on your free articles etc. and find them very interesting but I’m craving more knowledge on the subject, I’m hungry to learn…… help me, educate me to feed myself the raw food way.

    What I like about your articles and your website is that you say it like it is – there is no holding back and thats important to me – I want to start out with the guidelines and do it properly – not make the mistakes that you pointed out are made by many following a raw food diet currently…….want to get it right from the get go.

    Many thanks

  182. novalee truesdell says:

    hey frederic!

    great , honest and easy to follow info that can change lives as usual from you!
    come take me out for dinner sometime in between creating these masterpieces you are known for!

  183. Maxim says:

    Such book would be so necessary in our days, when there are too much uncertainties in nutrition! It is not really known, for example:
    – why some people feel well on a caloric restriction for many years, though other fail?
    – will the ideal diet for children be really different than for adults?
    – do humans achieve some evolutionary adaptation to cooked food, so some of them are never able to go without it?
    So, I think, every book on this theme may become a step in solving at least a few of these problems, and due to this may save smb’s life and health!

  184. Juanita says:

    Hi! I would love this book because I had originally wanted to eat more (even all) raw; but since I had to give up all nightshade plants last fall, that has become more difficult to think about since all peppers and tomatoes are out 🙁 –at least for the time being. I’m hoping that I will be able to eat them again someday…

  185. Ana Maria says:

    Hi! Woosh, hope your book would help me to finally “get on the track” with raw. Right now I’m having trouble going on/off too often, so my diet is only 75% raw right now. I’m convinced raw is the right thing, just need “a boost” and something, that gives me power from inside, and helpes me to keep going. would love to have a copy! Many kind regards, Ana

  186. Jane Manthorpe says:

    Hi Frederic,
    Its been a few years since I read your book Raw Secrets, and been an avid follower.

    I have been living this lifestyle for 15 years ago now and thrive on it. The reason why I went on the journey to live 100% raw vegan was because I was extremely ill with Candida and Guardia and it was taking over my entire body, it nearly killed me. Only fresh whole raw living foods saved me and I was cured by following this lifestyle and way of eating.

    Recently, in the last 2 years I have a huge urge and longing to share what I know and have experienced in my journey to health via living this wonderful raw vegan lifestyle.

    I am still learning even after 15 years, we never stop as either our body system adjusts as we get older and needs tweaking or there is always other ideas out there to help us further enhance our knowledge. We should never stop learning, experiencing and discovering new ways to be healthy and fit.

    So I would love to read your new book, as I am sure you will have new and updated information, ideas and methods to help anyone ether start a raw vegan diet successfully or improve their current raw vegan diet.

    I hope to win
    all the best

  187. John Billiard says:

    I have been changing my diet over the last two years. Moving away from junk food, all colas and sweets and replacing it with healthier choices. I am still trying to find my way for what to eat for the most nutrition and great taste. I have seen many changes so far but need more guidance on my journey. Raw food seems to be the way I am heading. My craving for more raw foods is getting stronger. My family seems less enthusiastic about my change. My wife keeps telling me I need more meat for protein. I tell her that we do not need as much protein as the Federal government seems to think we do. You new book is what I have been looking for. Thank You!

  188. Michelle Alderson says:

    Hi I can not wait for this book! I have been searching and searching for someone exactly like you to bring this information out 🙂 I have bought a lot of your online books and have never been disappointed with my money spent. being in my second trimester in my 3rd pregnancy, (first pregnancy as a vegan mostly raw vegan with some cooked foods) I am in desperate need of this book to make sure i’m combining the best of both worlds to get the right nutritional intake during this time. Unfortunately i’m not really financial at the moment and hence that’s why I had to cancel my membership to your site 🙁 so I would really really appreciate the opportunity to receive one of your give away books, either way… some how depending on how much it costs I will have to get myself a copy!! best wishes to you Fred

  189. michaela says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now and doing my own combo of raw and healthy cooked. your new book sounds like just the thing i need…

  190. Henry says:

    I need to be healthier due to my physical condition esp. this summer where I was supposed to start the raw food diet (high fruits) but I am not sure though if it’s the optimal one especially in the mental side and I want gain knowledge on how this combinations work altogether so I could be free in choosing some cooked foods and some raw without worrying a lot. This may be a life-changer for me as a student who is interested in becoming more energetic and more strong because my previous diet composition is fat load of junks and I want to change my life in a part through foods without carrying the mental load because I’m really overloaded with the raw food information and pretty much crowded with confusion..

  191. Tonya says:

    Hello Raw food Famly….I have been a supporter since 2008….bought the starter kit and have dabble in high raw…trying to go back to all raw to heal a menopausal problem and could use all the help I can get…always super healthy except for this…any suggestions out there??Tonya

  192. James says:

    I’m about 2 meals per week off being 100% 811 RAW. I’d really like to have a larger selection of food recipes to prepare. I talk to everyone about how awesome the 811 diet is and I think your new book is going to meet a huge demand for those that don’t want to be 100% and also those looking into a plant based diet. I’ll be telling everyone about it, in fact i already have ..ha!! Fantastic work on all your stuff too!! I’ll be ordering your book on dental hygiene .. looks great.

  193. Toni Vandyke says:

    Everything you have written always makes sense to me Fred and I also like how real you are. So to win one of your books would be a real thrill for me AND, I know, a big help on my on going (so far) 20 year raw journey. Thanks for all that you offer to us from your heart. All the best to you, Toni

  194. Scott says:

    We did the 100% raw route for a while but we both work and making a variety of meals took a lot of time. Now we have been eating just partially raw and it’s going OK. I am really anticipating your book because it seems like it will be a more practical approach.

  195. Lawrence says:

    Send me your book before you publish it. I have many years of success w/ failure on the live food diet. In this jungle of information and dis-information on health/well-being there are two more branches on that raw-food tree that need to be viewed/explained that are critical on this proverbial “shining path less traveled”.

  196. Susan says:

    Hi, Frederic.
    I need help with my raw food diet. I have probably done a raw food diet exclusively 4 times in the last 10 years, the longest period of time being 1 1/2 years. I keep getting on and off because something I was doing was making me feel worse instead of better. there are so many opinions about how to be raw and I have purchased so many books that sent me in different directions.

    I am willing to do part cooked vegan if that’s the way to go to be in ultimate health. That’s why I really NEED your new book. I need help from someone of your experience. I have followed you throughout the years, have purchased several of your books and ebooks. Now I would LOVE to find out the latest of what you have learned to help me sort all of this out.

    Thanks for all of your sharing and work to help us raw foodies out!!!

  197. Maylen says:

    I guess there is a big expectation regarding your new book since until now the gurus of raw food were teaching 100 % raw is the only way and if you do not follow this you are a failure , that’s how i felt but not anymore =)
    I am vegan , I can not really say what percentage 70 ……60… ?Who cares?What’s important is that you are happy , healthy and in peace with yourself.I eat low in fat , gluten free, cooked beans is staple in my diet.I stopped eating beans for a while trying to be 100 % raw ,i was miserable,moody all the time .I can’t wait to read your new book.You have our support and for sure is a 100 % ! =D

  198. Moein says:

    that’s great! I’m a raw vegan author, blogger and social activitist. However I believe that 100% organic & pure raw veganism is the best, but it’s not always possible for all people and anyhow, we don’t live in an ideal world. there are millions of people in Africa and other countries who don’t have any food to eat or even a healthy water to drink, so we should do the best as we can and I think if anyone can not go 100% raw vegan immediately, he/she can be totally healthy yet with eating correct…

    Best Wishes,

  199. Patricia says:

    Hi Fred

    Congratulations on your new book!!!! I believe this book would brings not only me but to all people of different ages and race lots and lots of constructive and valuable info and advise on how to manage and making changes to your present eating style resulting in better health, peace and happiness.

    God Bless you
    Warmest regards

  200. Hi, I have been seeing a lot of people who are doing the raw food diet failing. A lot of people are in bad health. Am wondering if there is not a lot of guidance to be successful in this diet. Hoping your book delivers the success that people need to make the raw food choice successful life long. Thank you, Carol

  201. Susan says:

    I really liked Raw Food Controversies! In 1998 I chose Paleo and ended up with Gout and kidney problems. I am Raw now and feel better than ever! Your site is inspirational! Continued Success!

  202. Ruy says:

    I eat a lot of fruits and I have been in alot of experiences a long the way. Your materials have teache me a lot in deed, thanks for it. I try fasting for 25 days, been raw some years, now i eat a lot of fruits and dinner some vegies in dinner, and unfortunatly a little of chicken and fish once or twice a month. I really want to read your book and increase my knowledge and wisdom with your insigths.


  203. Charlene says:

    I’m looking forward to reading your opinions on different cooked foods. Unfortunately I live in Canada and have limited money so eating raw, especially in the winter, is not an option for me. I am interested in the best cooking method for preserving the most nutrients.

  204. Melody says:

    I’m eating more vegan and raw all the time, so this resource has come at the perfect time! I’m also a holistic nutritionist and always seeking the latest and best information available to help my clients achieve their goals. Looking forward to your new book!

  205. CHristopher Elliott says:

    I have read much of your work and gotten a good deal of useful info from it. I have literally come back from the brink of death through a vegan/raw foods diet and natural medicine. I was a heroin addict who had nothing. I am now a father of two, and in school to be a ND/Certified Health Specialist. The Doctors called me a Walking Miracle to be alive. I want to give myself and my patients the best vegan diet available. THis book would help myself, my family and my clients. Thank you and much love. -Christopher Elliott

  206. Julia says:

    Very excited to read this!

  207. Hernando says:

    No long stories. No background. No window dressing (no pun intended – salad). Just the truth. The reason why I think you should select ME to receive a free copy of your book is…..(drum roll): FOR THE VERY REASON/MOTIVATION/PASSION YOU WROTE THE BOOK! In other words, to inform/teach all present and future people who either are on a 100% raw diet or contemplating going on one, the life lessons you have learned being on such a diet. I’m a person chewing over (once again, no pun intended) going on a 100% raw diet. HOWEVER, that is exactly what you are addressing in your book! So, why convert the converted. Why try and convert the unconvertible (not sure there is such a word in the English language, but if so I’m not revering to an automobile). Give the gift to someone who has not started on the path so that he/she can start true from the beginning.

    What I’m hoping to get out of this book: The truth.

  208. There are so many voices on what is healthy nutrition, that it’s confusing. I realize that nutrition is an evolving thing, certainly not static. I remember when no free fat was advocated. In one year I watched my friend go from a healthy looking individual to a white-haired, skinny person. Then I saw completely raw advocates come on the scene. The meals they suggested left much to be desired both in taste and nutrition. There has to be a better way, and I’m inclined to think that Frederic might have found it.

  209. Martha Cook says:

    Frederic was the first person to really explain to me what a raw vegan was. Since then I have enjoyed watching the raw videos over and over and learn something new every time I watch. I live on a remote island in Alaska and have a hard time accessing fresh fruits and vegetables, but I do the best I can and am always on the lookout for new ideas. I would love to have the newest book because I know that it will be full of information I can use and adapt to fit my circumstances. I’m glad there is a large community of like minded people who want to eat well. Here’s to all of us! 🙂

  210. Marc says:

    I am already combining raw foods and cooked foods at the moment in my diet.
    I am trying my best to eat the best cooked foods possible, but I’m exited to read about the info present in the book.
    If I do anything wrong with my diet this book should clarify a few things.

    thank you for making this book

  211. Frances says:

    I started looking into going raw about 3 years ago. Haven’t made it past the stage of adding in green smoothies! Hubby and I are more “meat & potatoes” than “veggie” folks, and I know we need more vegetables. This book sounds like it could help me accomplish adding in veggies, as well as help me improve our cooked food choices. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  212. Stephan Baker says:

    A breakthrough for me in my path toward a raw diet was when I said to myself eating is not something that is ” a force this down ” thing . After all the times when eating has been something that is not involved with my ad lib consent or freedom have been times when I have been in an institution . In those situations what’s on your plate is all you’re going to get and it it’s not what you ordered hmmm your stuck you ” gonna ” have to eat it or go hungry For instance Shakespeare admonished us very wisely when he said that ” unquiet meals make for some ill digestions ” I think what the idea is is that the act of a meal is showing and sharing love and that is probably why typically it’s a community setting . The word ” companion ” is someone you break bread with . So to sum up yes a raw food diet is going to supply you with all the light and energy and freshness and life of a quasar at the Big Bang but whether or not you eat this or that thing in your life is not really something that needs to be a legalistic affair and eating being per se a loving and free thing is not really supposed to be all about these rules and food police keeping score on what ? you nourishing yourself ? The holy persons cannot say it better to us when they say ” love truly and do what you want ” . So this book is definitely something that I will read because I believe that in life I have very few meals left and I’m gonna do what I want with them . If I do end up getting a free copy of this book I will pay it forward there are so many loving caring people that have already posted on this site that I will pick someone to give it to but only after discussing the matter with the author.

  213. Elizabeth says:

    Congratulations on your upcoming new release!

    I have been a raw vegan for about 3 years now. I went raw to try to fix a number of health issues (my immune system is wacked!)…taking the advice of the various Raw Foodists online (Talk about confusing AND disheartening…I thought to myself….this is no different than the many different controversial SAD diets!… In which one should I believe???) I started with the Heavy duty nut-based diet…moved on to a totally veggie no fruit diet…then to the totally fruit not many greens diet…to the mixed fruit and veggie diet…then went 80/10/10. All during this time, my blood results bounced up…down…and around…showing different deficiencies at different times…iron, choline, isotol, B12 (while taking supplements no less!!) Losing weight (people got worried – anorexic like)…gaining weight…skin eruptions….Not exactly the overall health I was promised. And yet…in some of my health concerns, I did improve! So I knew IN PART, the raw food diet had to be right…..

    Then one day, low and behold…across me email came a newsletter from you…(I had been a customer of yours, having bought your DVDS- Savoury meals, and The Ultimate Diet, and numerous ebooks)!! I purchased your book on Raw Food Controversies and decided at that point that I would begin to include cooked food back into my diet! Because of my sulfite allergy..(and many others), I need to be careful about the food I prepare…but am hoping this book of yours is the key that was missing to fix my immune system.

    Why should you gift me one of the copies of RAW Freedom?? Because you can…lol….and because I would appreciate it so very much!! Because I am tired of chasing elusive health…wouldn’t it be WONDERFUL if the content of your new book is the missing piece of information I need?!?! Thanks for all you do!


  214. Theresa Waldo says:

    I have been vegetarian most of my adult life (I’m now 60) but want to embrace a primarily raw diet. The most challenging part of this process is trying to figure out exactly HOW to do it. Right now I’m shooting for about 20% cooked but struggle with which foods to eat and how to cook them. Eating mostly raw foods varies for me from sticking with my favorite salads and counting my dressings as the cooked portion or falling off the wagon because the food becomes so boring.

    I just recently bought several resources you offer on your website and received the DVD tutorials yesterday so hope is on the way. I would really appreciate any other resources that are available. Your book Raw Freedom might be the answer for me!!!


  215. Dodo says:

    This book sounds great! just the thing i need, pretty sure that this would help me get 100% raw (i first need some background information about what is good to eat if i can’t handle raw at once. doing pretty hard atm =(( )

  216. Kim says:

    I need help making raw eating a lifestyle. I can stick with it for a few weeks at most, but then I feel like I need “something else”. After a few weeks, eating fruit and greens just isn’t enough somehow.

    Please help.

  217. Teddy says:

    Congratulations on completing your new book! I’ve been experimenting with food since the 70’s when I first read Arnold Ehret’s books and I’ve been following you since your involvement with David Wolfe so I have several of your writings. I continue to increase my knowledge about how food affects my health and I look forward to benefitting from your knowledge and personal experience. I believe everyone needs to find out what works in their own bodies without getting too extreme unless they want to become ‘breathetarians’.

  218. ANDREA HOUGLAND says:

    Hi! I am completely new to the whole foods and veggie diet, and I am excited about these changes! It all began with being diagnosed with hypertension. The physician recommended a beta-blocker, however I decided to try a diet & lifestyle change. We decided first to go on the “Daniel Fast” as a family, then we decided that we want to keep these changes in place. In the span of 3 weeks, my b/p has gone from 140/101 to 117/80!!!! EXACTLY 21 days later! God is good! I believe we were intended to eat the right foods period! I am looking forward to reading your newest release. Keep up the good work in healing one person at a time. God Bless!

  219. Bonnardel says:

    Good job for all your books Frederic and thx!

  220. sheryl says:

    I am a new vegetarian because of health problems. I eat raw a few times a week and would like to eat raw more often but I’m still learning recipes.

  221. Sammy says:

    Hi everyone! i’m new to the raw food world and i’m so excited i found you Frederick. you seem so down to earth about your approach to raw food and the vegan lifestyle. your new book sounds particularly interesting and i’m anxious to delve into it. there’s a real need for a resource like this in the field, one that acknowledges the desire to find a symmetry for incorporating the benefits of raw with the pleasure and realities of having cooked food as well. as we all know, there’s so much confusion about what a person’s daily eating habits should look like on raw/vegan alone, but add to that the incorporation of healthy cooked foods and more questions arise. if you’re testing out the principles of the 80 10 10 diet or have already become a devotee, adding cooked food gets to be an elusive combination. it’s almost as though i’ve forgotten how to eat at all 😉
    i’d also like to mention that i am a meat/fish eater. as i incorporate cooked foods back into my life, i will be adding some cooked animal protein although no where near the amount i was once eating (everyday, sometimes 2x per day). will you be able to offer any guidance on this aspect of diet for myself and others?

    i’m hoping your new book will help answer many of my question frederick. congratulations on your latest contribution to the raw vegan world. can’t wait to read it….hopefully i’ll be one of the lucky ones you give a copy to too 😉
    best, sammy

  222. Debbie says:

    I stumbled across your website while trying to find the right lifestyle change for me and my family. I feel I have been pretty careful to feed my family wholesome, organic meals, and tried to keep them on the healthier side of eating. But through the past 5 years, too many things have crept up in my life and robbed me in having the time, desire and/or strength to put any effort into the uphill battle of keeping my family on a steady healthy diet. They rely on me to buy and prepare the healthy choices or else they will just go off and eat junk (easier route). In the past 5 years, my mother got very ill with Shingles to the point that she is very debilitated from the post pain. She will be 90 in Sept. I take care of her 3 days a week to give my father who is 92 a break, I also take care of my two grandchildren that live with us, along with their mother (my daughter). She is a single mother that has to work a lot so we watch the children (11yrs and 7yrs) a lot more than we have the time or energy to do, and lastly, we have been involved in a major remodel on our home that has been going on for the last 15 months and living without a kitchen for that length of time and will continue not having one for the next several months!! So a lot of eating out has been going on, just because we are too tired to deal with the kitchen situation. So as you can see, my husband and I are under a lot of stress, our energy levels are low, and we can certainly use a jumpstart to regain the health and much needed energy we once had, and was hoping that your book will do just that. My husband and I did go vegan for two years eating 80% raw 20% cooked and felt wonderful. Just need that extra boost to restart our desire to regain our health back. Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your new books.

  223. Val Baxter says:

    I’m struggling in this cold weather to stick to the food that I know I should be eating. I’m sure your new book will be a great help.

  224. david farrington says:

    To think that eating cooked food will keep you from being healthy is utterly silly. People eating a paleo diet are getting well too. I look forward to a book on diet that uses a little common sense in its message. I’d really love to win a copy of your new book. I bought the raw food controversies, but i don’t think i can sustain a fruit and greens diet with a few nuts forever. thanks, dave.

  225. Carol says:

    Hi – I find it easy to eat raw healthy foods in summer. We live in the BC mountains and grow our own food. Lots of fruit available all around us. We are also close to the Okanagan for summer fruit. But in winter, it’s just the opposite. And because we’re covered in snow, growing is out of the question. We appreciate any suggestions and recipes to help us afford to eat mostly raw and FRESH in the long winter months.
    Thank you!

  226. jessica romanillo says:

    I lost a 100 lbs on raw lowfat vegan a year ago. I am currently pregnant with my third child and am maintaining high raw, but I would like to know what other foods to add to my diet? I can really identify with the articles on your website such as thinking that I should return to 100% lowfat vegan raw to get the holiday weight gain off in my first semester of pregnancy but feeling nauseous and hungry. I eat mostly lowfat raw but feel guilty when I fall off of the wagon and need to know what other foods I should incorporate into my diet. I eat mostly salads and fruit. At this time I am not vegan as I eat cottage cheese, greek yogurt, salad dressing, and tuna. I want to eat healthy and feel good about it and not feel guilty or that I should eat all raw. Thank you.

  227. Steve says:

    The title of your book says it all: “Health Freedom.” Freedom from sickness. Freedom from disease. Freedom from the stress of confusion, ignorance, commercialism, fanaticism, and costly mistakes. Freedom to enjoy life the way God intended.

  228. Marit says:


    I would like to read this book because I gave up on the raw food diet after trying it for three months (around 50-70% raw – some days 100%), I had very little improvement on this. Weirdly enough I got better when I ate rice with sunflower sprout and some other vegetables mixed in it. Some years later I told this to someone who has an education within nutrition. He said it was not strange I got better on rice with sunflower sprouts because rice cleanses while the sunflower sprouts is very nutritious. So this discouraged me from trying again mostly raw food. It was for me a struggle with very little reward. Perhaps this book has some info that would motivate to try again. Thanks.

  229. Lisa Davidsohn says:

    In the past I followed a raw food diet for eight months. I felt better than I had ever felt in my life; this comment is significant as I turn 50 at the end of the month. When winter arrived I went back to eating cooked food, albeit vegan food. I would like to feel well again but somehow I lack the motivation to return to an all-raw diet. Perhaps your book will inspire me by providing new information and easy, tasty recipes. I would love a free copy. Thank you for what you do, Frederick.

  230. Gita says:

    I would love to read these new book and learn more about raw food diet.

  231. Lois White says:

    I have had a lot of issues and have started to read up on raw food diets, so winning this new book you have would be wonderful so I have good information to follow. I have recently retired so financially unable to order at this time. Keeping my fingers crossed I win! In the meantime good luck with your new book and educating to the masses.

  232. Tara says:

    I was a vegetarian for 18 years and went back to a SAD over the last 10 years. I have been 90% raw for the last 3 months and I have noticed increased energy. I had an ugly acne-like condition around my mouth called Perioral Dermatitis for over a year. My dermatologist wanted me to take antibiotics for 3 months which would cause more problems. I tried many natural topical remedies and supplements to get rid of it. I searched for an answer, found your site, changed my eating habits and now my face looks great! I am looking forward to your book and hoping for encouragement to stay on track and learn more food options. I would love your book to be an eye opener and inspiration for my husband who is 50 pounds overweight and has some health issues. We both need it!

  233. Chiffon says:

    Fred – it’s your writing that I love. You are very down to earth and explain your topics in very clear and practical ways which make them easy to put into use. Your recipes are a sweet addition to the knowledge learned from your writing. Thank you for what you do and the information you put out. Looking forward to reading your new book.

  234. Suzy says:

    Hi. I would love to win your book. I’ve been vegan for 13 years & have just started to add more raw meals to my diet.

  235. Mark spencer says:

    I have been raw for 13 years. I have made many adjustments over the years eventually finding optimum vitality on LFRV. The learning process I went through was part intuition and part research, but it took me quite awhile to figure it all out properly. I love to share information with others and find myself quite often referring reading material and giving mini seminars of my own. Your book would be a powerful tool I can use to help inform people how to take those steps properly and to avoid the many mistakes that I made along the way. Thanks for all of your hard work Frederic. Salut!

  236. eve nyman says:

    hello, it’s good to read non fixated information, thanks for sharing your journey and the relaxing of your original rigidity around 100% raw. The mind feeds on % and the body goes along for the ride!

  237. Marcin says:

    I would love to read your upcoming book!

  238. Christie says:

    Congrats on the new book! Would love to hear your insights on being raw for so long- what I like about you is that you aren’t as dogmatic as some people out there, and try to use real science not just mystical mumbo jumbo to back up health claims.

  239. Kamalla says:

    I would really appreciate being picked to receive a free copy of your new book Raw Freedom. I want to raise my son & baby on the way the best I can. I’ve been finding it increasingly difficult to maintain raw due to prices & need to know the healthiest way I can feed my family. I’m ready to learn now & put it into practice. Please consider my entry & good luck.

  240. Looking forward to read another great book of yours, regardless winning or not we will of course spread it in Sweden among several of your other books. Finally about to launch our online lifestyle club. All the best Fred =) / Petter

  241. Linda says:

    I have been following your teachings and recipes for several years. I am open to learning new things and I know that you are always helpful and inspiring in my quest to live a healthy and vital life. Thank you for your unending effort to assist others in making healthier choices regarding raw food living. I wish you continued success.

  242. Ailsa says:

    Frederic. I am new to the Raw lifestyle. I love all the other books I have that you have authored. I would like these recipes to add to my collection to try and it will add new dimension to what I am doing already. I have been noticing the difference in my health and well being. I look forward to ready this new book. If I dont win it as I know I should, I will be buying it anyways. 🙂

  243. Rukmini Bonthala says:

    Hey Frederic, Congratulation on the new book. I’m relatively new to the Raw food world but love al the books i have received so far from u. I look forward to reading this new book as well

  244. Pauline L. says:

    Merci Frédéric, de nous partager toutes vos expériences personnelles ainsi que vos recettes si délicieuses; J’ ai toujours hâte de vous lire d’essayer vos nouvelles recettes crues que je me fais un grand plaisir de partager avec mes proches ainsi qu’avec un groupe d’amies d’une association internationale, dont je suis membre. Tout mon entourage fréquente votre intéressant site. De mon coté je suis à me guérir grâce à vos succulentes recettes; qui me permettre de nettoyer et de purifier tout mon système. Que le ciel vous rendre au centuple tout! Au plaisir de vous retrouver avec ce nouveau livre cru. Merci encore! Pauline L.

  245. Willy says:

    Would love to win a copy of this book. Been trying to stick to a raw food diet but finding it difficult. Maybe suggestions in this book will help.

  246. TJ says:

    Congratulations on your new book Frederic! I met you in Calgary at Tanya and Cody’s health food store when you did a talk there. I’d love to win a copy of your book. I have health problems, which I’m trying to overcome by going more raw (from a vegetarian diet). I have green smoothies for breakfast most days but other than that and salads… I am also self-employed and income is low right, so it would be great to win your book.
    Have a super day,

  247. Jeri says:

    No longer feel that “raw” is the be all and end all. I enjoy eating ALL kinds of foods. Try not to conjure up thoughts that some foods are good or bad for me. Happy to experience one of the joys of being in a human body; having the ability to taste! Grateful for the variety and “spice of life” that all different kinds of foods exemplify.
    On that note, I am very interested in reading about your experience with “raw” and “cooked” as I trust it is will satisfy on many levels.

  248. Carol says:

    Congratulations on your new book. I’m just trying to heal my body from life long challanges and you are one of the many folks I’ve run across and respect.

  249. Jan Jenson says:

    I’ve been kinda sorta mostly raw since 2002 and always looking for GREAT new information. You have some of THE BEST and easiest to follow with YUMMY RECIPES! I greatly applaud your mission and your passion and dedication!

  250. Diana Morris says:

    Raw Food Controversies was the best raw food book I’ve read and I’ve read quite a few.
    If Raw Freedom is anywhere near as good it will be a must read!
    Your honesty in Raw Food Controversies impressed me a lot and I’m looking forward to you sticking your head out among the raw food people and tell us the truth even if it’s not what they want to hear.
    I am aware that a few others have already started but they are not nearly as detailed as I have come to expect you to be.
    I have this feeling that if I am going to hear/read the truth it will be from you and time is running out for me. I can’t wait much longer with this “going raw” decision or it will be too late…

  251. Stacey Hatch says:

    I have been trying to eat more raw food. There are also a lot of people I know trying to eate healthier. I cook for a mission group and events every year and would love to find a good cookbook to help me provide healthier cooking for my self and those I cook for on these trips and share with others to increase their interest in healthier eating when they taste healhy food that satisfies.

  252. Marisa says:

    So happy that you write this book!!! I tried the all raw food thing and it really did a number on my body and mind. Mostly my mind. I isolated myself from almost everyone and everything except from raw foods and didn’t even realize it. Now I’m starting to feel more balanced and I would love to read your book to learn more about your experiences and how I could improve my lifestyle even more.

  253. alexandra says:

    ~ Hi Frederic, I am already motivated to change my diet and lifestyle (I am 26), and I’ve been researching raw food diets on the internet for some time now. However, the plethora of information and conflicting opinions confuse me.
    Thus, I appreciated your levelheadedness when I browsed your site and received your reports.
    I’d love to read about your insights and learn about your recommendations.
    I am sure your book can help me to gain a clear understanding of how to get started and of how food and a healthy diet affects our bodies and life. -a

  254. Suzanne Davis says:

    I would love to have your new book, but I am out of work and have no income right now because of a serious medical issue requiring surgery. Our family of three is trying to survive on my daughter’s part-time, low wage job, so trying to eat healthfully is difficult. We must eat more cooked foods, because raw produce is so expensive, and we can’t drive to a farmer’s market. Right now we have very little money for food and are shopping at the only places close enough–a Walmart and a dollar store–hardly the organic raw foods I would prefer. I wish you success with your new book–keep writing more!

  255. I first started on the path of raw foods in 2002, and have been following you for several years. I really appreciate your regular advice, as well as the audiobooks and other materials I’ve purchased from you. Congrats on your new book, hope to read it soon!

  256. Crystal says:

    I own a lot of your books already and really like how honest you are about everything. I find it refreshing, particularly in this raw food world!

  257. Suzy says:

    I bought your DVD. I love your recipes and would love to win the book

  258. Eve says:

    Thanks for putting all your informative knowledge out there. Looking forward to your newest book.

  259. maree says:

    Hi Frederic, I am so confused by all the conflicting opinions from raw food coaches that it’s really stressing me out.
    I just want to know if the inclusion of even the healthiest cooked foods, such as sweet potatoes and squashes, will lead to the deterioration of our bodies sooner than a fully raw 811 diet.
    It’s sounds like you’ve put in a lot of research to answer this question the most accurately it can be done at this time, so I would love to see what you’ve discovered.
    I so need to stop worrying about what to eat. All this confusion sometimes leads me to throw my hands in the air and go back to eating comfort foods to suppress the stressful feelings, which of course makes my health issues worse!
    I am also living on disability benefits so I’d be especially grateful to be one of the lucky recipients. Thank-you for considering me among the many.

  260. Maria says:

    Hi Frederic,
    Congratulations on your new upcoming publication. I enjoy and learn a lot from your newsletters and find them insightful when it comes to keeping up to date with current discussions on healthy eating, raw and cooked. I find your approach to be well-rounded and balanced, and I’m grateful for that. I teach and demo how to prepare healthy meals. Having access to your latest book would be of great support to the work I do guiding and inspiring those around me who are seeking a healthier and more natural lifestyle through the consumption of whole foods. I believe in the power of teaching as an effective way of having an impact and benefiting entire families and communities. Thank you for your generosity sharing your knowledge and your passion for encouraging a stimulating, positive and educational discussion on these vital subjects. It is a pleasure for me to participate in your new book give away.
    Kind regards and best wishes for your wonderful work,

  261. Seema says:

    I have learnt a lot from you. Would love to read your new book!

  262. Wendy says:

    I want to learn more about raw food.

  263. Harvey Opps says:

    Hello Fred,

    This is the book I have been waiting for. I am looking for the fine balance in a diet that will lead to excellent health. I’ve read many books, looked at the “contradictory data” and it really looks confusing. I read the scientific evidence and know that there can be much more nutrient value in cooked tomatoes then raw, so why not admit that some foods could be eaten cooked to our benefit, as you have stated.

    MY amateur sense tells me that wet foods are better eaten raw, since they already have moisture in them, like most fruit, zucchini, summer squash, leafy greens etc. Some dry foods are better cooked, e.g.sweet potatoes, winter squash. You’ve already said similar things. It will be great to have all of these guidelines in one place. Thanks for your efforts and its great to see the growth you have made in being able to alter your position on the RVLF diet as you have acquired more knowledge.

    Thanks again,

  264. Roy says:

    Your no nonsense (realistic) approach to RAW has been very helpful.
    I have read most RAW promoters and find them somewhat unrealistic in there approach. Mostly regurgitating someone else’s fanatical ideas.
    Every healthy and working diet I have seen has some elements of RAW.
    Glad to have found a site that realizes the people using the diet are real people with real budgets and needs.

  265. I N RAO says:

    Hello Fred, I have a burning desire to go raw, to keep myself healthy and to keep people around me healthy,to see a healthy,wealthy and wise society.I want your book from you as a gift to me because you are dedicated to the raw food world,you are a researcher and hence an authority on the subject.
    With deep regards and thanks.
    I N RAO

  266. Frank J says:

    This will be a little different… I am a Mon-Fri vegetarian who cheats with grass-fed beef and organic free-range chickens on weekends. I have also known to be lazy now and then, including last week. Needless to say I ended up with a nasty case of food poisoning that almost assuredly was a result of trying a couple of empanandas from a new shop near by. Two sleepless nights and 6 lbs. later, a wake-up call and harsh reminder of what direction I need to go.

  267. Malin I says:

    Hi! I haven’t experienced true health for as long as I can remember. I got eczema since I was about 1 years old and since then also allergies, asthma, burnout/fatigue, autoimmune hypothyroid, sensitivity to chemicals and smells. I really need to find a perfect diet for me, to be able to heal. I have tried a lot of things and the past year I have been vegan. I have incorporated a lot of fruit as well , but I find it hard to find a balance, where I feel good. I think your book would help me a lot! It seems interesting and good!
    Thanks, Malin

  268. Eric says:

    Hi Fred! I appreciate you doing your part in veg. I’d love to win a copy of your book!

  269. Eric says:

    I’d like to win a copy for a few reasons.
    I’ve eaten raw, cooked, veg, etc. all veg. For 7 yrs now. I travel, and help others, your book could be a good resource. Also saving up / paying bills and debt. Thanks! Keep showing healthful living is good for us, animals, and the planet!

  270. Jessica says:

    Hello Fred,
    I am working on my graduate project, which is on interventions for obese children. Obesity (and health problems related to it) is the number one health problem in America today. I’d love to include your book as a reference for my project. Kids today need more guidelines on healthy nutritional and exercise habits to fight obesity.
    I have tried several different diets: macrobiotic, raw, vegetarian, and vegan. Lately, as a grad student with little time and money, I have been eating a lot of smoothies and inexpensive cooked foods like pasta (ones that are easy to make). Your ebooks on how to eat inexpensively have been very helpful!

  271. Judy Roz Rosbury says:

    Hey Hey….really need to have someone tell me, show me, and give me permission to have cooked meals to go with our raw lifestyle.

  272. Sharon says:

    I’d like to win your new book because I’m just about finished reading raw food controversies and am ready for some more learning. I’d like to gain more knowledge on raw and healthy cooked food. All raw makes sense and would be very healthy but didn’t work for me, but the idea of high raw and healthy cooked food sounds like the answer. It’s more doable…There are still a few areas I find confusing because of mixed messages in the health and raw community that I’m hoping you will touch on in the new book. One of which is the essential fats and just how much we need…Looking forward to this new book!!

  273. Matt Menzies says:

    Let someone else win – there are others who probably need and deserve more than I do.
    Keep up the good work Fred.

  274. Marcos Santos says:

    I love this new path you are taking. Balancing the best of raw and cooked foods. I have been following you for over two years and I am very happy for your new book. You will help a lot of people! It is a win-win lifestyle “diet”! Aloha!!!!

  275. Marg says:

    Hey Fred
    Looking forward to another interesting and informative read (really enjoyed
    Raw Food Controversies, as well as all previous books).
    Hoping to get some of my raw/cooked food questions answered.
    Thanks for your dedication and sharing of your experiences.

  276. Hakima says:

    Hi, I read your first book and I am looking forward to reading your second book. You are very knowledgeable to the raw food lifestyle because you speak form experience. I am still transitioning and educating myself about the raw lifestyle and will continue to read about others that have lived this lifestyle.

  277. Linda says:

    I have just turned 65 so it’s very important to eat healthy and keep diseases at bay!! Actually, I have recently been with my husband to visit our son and grandson in Bangkok. My son has been trying over the past year to get us on a Raw Food Diet which we found very hard to do, but under his guidance whilst being with him for over 2 months, we found it a lot easier. We are absolutely amazed at the amount of fat around our waist has been lost. We are back in the UK and have actually bought a slow juicing machine which hardly kills any enzymes and we love it. We are now eating a lot more raw food but cheating a lot on weekends but strangely enough, my weight drops again after eating raw! There are so many things I need to learn about making raw food recipes and your book will be the answer to a new healthy body.

  278. mike says:

    Im not sure I will ever go completely raw but im very interested in balancing my meals with raw foods and cooked foods to find that balance my body needs to function efficiently.

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