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The Sin of Over-thinking

Are you contemplating the idea of starting your own business online?

In my last two emails, I’ve been telling you some of my secrets on how to make a living doing what you love.

I even shared how next year I’m going to be traveling around the world to remote and beautiful places such as the Greek Islands, Iceland, Malaysia, the Cook Islands, and more.

A lot of people ask me: How do you do this? How could I travel the world and earn a living at the same time?

The first thing we talked about relates to finding the right topic for your website.

I told you that the best thing to do is to go with what you already love, what you’re passionate about.

Don’t worry about the competition. In fact, too little competition is much worse than too much! Most people don’t realize how open these markets really are.

In the comments I’ve received from you since that last email, I’ve noticed that many people commit the sin of over-thinking this!

Are you over-thinking and is it leading you to avoid taking action?

A lot of people have told me:

–    What if I’m not sure what my passion is?
–    A lot of things interest me, I’m not sure which one to pick
–    I don’t really have a passion

If that’s your case, then I would like to tell you that you might be making your job harder than it should be.

The word “passion” can be interpreted differently by different people.

For some people, being “passionate” means waking up in the morning with a burning desire to change the world and chain themselves for a month to a 500-year old Sequoia tree to protest the construction of a new highway.
For others, it’s simply having an inquisitive mind leading you to read a lot and find out interesting information about a topic that matters to you.

I’m sure that you DO have some kind of interest like that in your life. If that’s the case, start with that.

If you have more than one interest, I would advise you to start with the one that has the biggest market or that you know the most about, or both.

For example, there was a time when I considered getting involved in the “Learn Foreign Languages” niche. But I quickly realized two things:

–    I knew much more and had more experience about raw foods than I did for foreign languages.
–    I considered the market for raw foods easier to break into than “foreign languages”, which focuses mostly on language courses I wouldn’t have been able to produce.

If you’re hesitating between several topics, I say go where the Moolah is.

Don’t make your life harder by entering a market with no possibilities.

So how do you determine if a market is large enough?

There are many ways to do that, and doing it right involves a little bit of research. In my course, “How to Make a Living in the Natural Health Movement” I show you exactly how to do this, step-by-step and easily.

Some things you could start doing right now are:

–    Go to Type in a few keywords related to that market. How many ads do you see appearing on the right-hand column? No ads mean a bad market. Lots of ads mean a very competitive market. Somewhere in between is often just right.

–    Go to Type in a few keywords related to your market. How many books are being sold on the topic? How many DVDs? What’s their sales rank? Are these products getting lots of comments or interest?

–    Run again a little search on Google. Go to different websites that come up in ads or in normal results. Do these websites sell lots of products? Do they seem to be making good business? Have they been around for a while? Are the blogs getting lots of comments and interest?

These are just some of the ways you can evaluate if a market is hot or not.

Remember not to over-think it!

Most people entering these markets are *absolute beginners*.

You probably know a lot more about your topic of interest than 99% of your eventual prospects.

So don’t underestimate your knowledge, even if you don’t have credentials, which you don’t need by the way to succeed online.

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Yours for health and success,


Frederic Patenaude
Frederic Patenaude
Frederic Patenaude has been an important influence in the raw food and natural health movement since he started writing and publishing in 1998, first by being the editor of Just Eat an Apple magazine. He is the author of over 20 books, including The Raw Secrets, the Sunfood Cuisine and Raw Food Controversies. Since 2013 he’s been the Editor-in-Chief of Renegade Health.

Frederic loves to relentlessly debunk nutritional myths. He advocates a low-fat, plant-based diet and has had over 10 years of experience with raw vegan diets. He lives in Montreal, Canada.