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The Glycemic Index and the Raw Food Diet



– Frederic’s Update

–  What’s Wrong With Eggs, Glycemic Index, and more questions answered


Today I’m answering your questions on the raw food diet, and more!

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Other News and Announcements:

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papaya-clean-FD-lg.jpg.jpegPapaya Seeds

Aren’t you supposed to do things to get rid of parasites? I thought it was okay to eat things that occur in nature (such as papaya seeds) to cleanse your body of parasites, etc. So much to learn…now I’m REALLY confused….

ANSWER: The main problem and source of confusion that I see are when people are trying to use certain foods as *medicine* instead of what it should be used for: a source of nourishment.

If you make raw fruits and vegetables the main staples of your diet, you do not need to fear parasites under most circumstances. If you do this and find out you have parasites then maybe a natural or even allopathic remedy might be in order. Ask yourself though, why are you trying to medicate with food or drugs before you know there is a problem?

Would you take some aspirin every day, before you had a headache?

Would you take antibiotics every day, before you had an infection?

If not, then why do the same with foods that are clearly NOT foods but “remedies” (and often unproven ones).

Also, papaya seeds taste extremely bitter and spicy. If you enjoy eating them that way and can make an entire meal out of them, then go for it.

I know for sure that I couldn’t do that, and most other people couldn’t either.

If you want nourishment, eat the edible portion of the fruit. The rest is not meant for your consumption.

Eating 3000 Calories from Fruit

Hello. My language is not very good because I am from Poland but yes I’ll read all what did you send to me. I know that you are correct about fruits and vegetables. I was 6 years vegan now I am full raw and I see a lot positive things! I eat 2 meals per day because I know that my stomach need rest like others parts from my body. I found only one difficult thing: how to get 3000 or more calories from fruits only? I eat 7 to 10 bananas on my breakfast plus more fruits and greens then something similar 5h before I am going to sleep. I am very active I am running cycling and climbing and do a lot more exercises that why I want to know in which fruits is a lot calories!

ANSWER: To get 3000 calories a day I would personally recommend to work towards eating a 1500 calorie lunch as your main meal. Then breakfast only needs to be 500 calories and dinner could be around 1000 calories. That may seem like a lot of fruit at first, so you may want to start with 4 meals a day and then later reduce to two. The following are some high calorie fruits you could eat: mangoes, bananas, honeydew melon, figs, persimmons.

Chewing Dulse

I have some colitis and have had some bloody mucus when swallowing the juice from chewing dulse. How do I know I would be able to eat from a raw diet even if it is from juicing? Frank

ANSWER: The obvious solution is to avoid chewing dulse. Dulse contains too much salt to consume to eat as a regular food item.

Consuming Flax Seed Oil & Phyto-oestrogen

Hello I was hoping that you could forward this question to Fred. Well, I have been taking flax seed oil for some time, I am a male, and I was wondering since it is so high in phyto-estrogen, could this mess with a male’s fertility? Thanks again Best, Cedric

ANSWER: As you may know, I don’t recommend taking flax seed oil or ANY other type of oil for that matter as a supplement. Oil is a refined food, similar to white sugar or white flour. It’s also a highly concentrated fat. It is better to get your essential fatty acids from fruits and vegetables, and only eat limited quantities of overt fats like avocados. There could be other problems that could develop by consuming this oil regularly, such as the one you allude to. I do not think that it would be the only reason to avoid it, though.

Eating When Hungry?

U say to wait to eat till u feel hungry. It has been almost 24 hours since I last ate. I have not been hungry. Is this normal? Is it ok? Thx

ANSWER: In my book the Raw Secrets I described in detail the difference between true, genuine hunger and false, “appetite” or hunger. This was more to enable the reader to recognize these differences and be able to more accurately judge if the diet they are on is really working.

That being said, I don’t recommend waiting until you are absolutely, genuinely hungry every time before eating.

I recommend that you avoid all the foods and substances that trigger false hunger (such as salt, condiments, spices, sauces, etc.) and exercising daily to create a true demand for food. But once that’s done, eat at regular times, even if you are not ravenously hungry all the time. I find for myself that the most important thing to do to experience true hunger more often is to exercise regularly.

Fruit Addiction Problem?

Hi! I have been eating mostly raw for the past several months. I fell off the wagon and started eating cooked foods. I was overeating terribly to the point of extreme discomfort. I am finally back to all raw. However, I feel I have a fruit addiction problem. I get tired if I do not consume some fruit after 3 to 4 hours. I often find myself eating when I am not hungry or after 7 pm (which I never used to do). Can you make any suggestions? I know I am eating far too much fruit and subsequently too much sugar. I am angry with myself and have great trouble controlling my desires to eat more fruit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ANSWER: I find it funny that you use the term “fruit addiction”. If your body demands something does that mean you are “addicted”? Are all humans “addicted” to food because they need to eat it?

I seriously doubt that you are eating too much fruit. In fact, all of those symptoms are actually most likely caused by not eating ENOUGH fruit.

Essentially, I recommend eating enough fruit at one meal so you are satisfied for several hours afterwards. Since I do not know the details of your diet it would be hard for me to make any other suggestions.


People Advocating No Fruit & The Glycemic Index

I think you need to address the low-glycemic movement in the raw food world. Hippocrates and Tree of Life advocate little to no fruit to improve health. Why go with more fruits when these reputable health centers say no?

ANSWER: I do not find the glycemic index to be a very useful chart overall. Essentially, to create this index they measured the “average” blood sugar response in “average” people, after eating different types of food.

The key word is “average”.

The average person does not exercise, is overweight and eats a high fat diet. So the results of the glycemic index tables will only reflect how the average person reacts to food, not necessarily how a healthy person reacts.

That being said, it’s clear that some foods produce a higher glycemic response than others. This is where the glycemic index can be useful. For example, watermelon raises blood sugar much faster than apples. So it could be your food of choice when you are exercising, or after coming back from the gym, when you need to raise your blood sugar, after depleting it through exercise.

As for the centers you mention, I could go on and on about this and explain to you in detail why. Start by reading my “Shocking Report on the Fruit Controversy” at

I believe that the concept of eating little to no fruit to improve your health is an aberration. Literally every single truly reputable health professional on the planet recommends fruits and vegetables for health.

The following doctors and researchers also recommend a high-carbohydrate, low fat diet, based upon thousands and thousands of scientific studies:

•    Dr. T. Colin Campbell (China Study)
•    Dr. Douglas Graham (80-10-10 Diet)
•    Dr. Joel Fuhrman (Eat To Live, also a high-fruit diet)
•    Dr. John McDougall (McDougall Program, only 7% fat)
•    Dr. Dean Ornish (Ornish Program for heart disease)
•    Dr. Neal Barnard (From Physician Committee of Responsible Medicine)
•    Dr. Alan Goldhamer (The Pleasure Trap)
•    And many others

I do not doubt that people who visit the “low-fruit” centers you recommend experience health benefits. However, it is not necessarily because they are avoiding fruit. It is because of the other healthy changes they make from their previous lifestyle.

As I have demonstrated elsewhere, a low-fruit, 100% raw diet is a very HIGH fat diet. There is no credible evidence or research that encourages such a high fat diet.

It is also not possible to design a no-fruit, low fat 100% raw food diet.

What’s Wrong With Eggs

Dear Fred. Many times I asked the same question namely about eggs consuming. This is why I still reluctant to order your books. I am looking for natural human diet. Let’s ignore the controversial meat issue. But what wrong with eggs? Humans and apes always consume eggs. I am going 100% raw from the mid-August (my birthday). I desperately looking for answer. Yours faithfully. Tauy

ANSWER: It depends if you’re looking at it from an anthropological perspective or a health perspective. Some people try to guess what the ideal diet is simply by looking at what humans have eaten in the past, or what other apes eat. To me, that only tells part of the story.

The real question is:

–    Are eggs truly healthy?
–    Is there something in eggs you cannot get from fruits and vegetables?
–    Are there any concerns with eating eggs?

I can see a few things wrong with eggs. First of all, they are very high in protein, and a high-protein diet wears down the kidneys and contributes to cancer. High protein diets also are a major contributing factor in osteoporosis.

Eggs are also very rich in methionine, a sulphur-containing amino acid. That means they are very acidifying, because methionine is broken down into sulphuric acid by the body. That sulphuric acid delivers a big acid load to the body that must be neutralized by leaching precious calcium from your bones.

According the Relative Acid Load chart (also called Potential Renal Acid Load), eggs are some of the most acidifying food there is. Egg yolk is even more acidifying to the body than beef or salami. That goes for your raw eggs too.

There is also the potential of bacterial contamination with eggs. Many people have been seriously harmed by eating contaminated eggs, especially raw eggs.

Egg eaters live shorter lives. A recent study showed that men who eat more eggs live shorter lives:

Since you can get all the nutrients you need from fruits and vegetables (except for the vitamin B12 that is made in your guts. If you’re concerned, take a supplement), I see absolutely no reason to eat eggs, and many more reasons NOT to eat them.

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Frederic Patenaude
Frederic Patenaude
Frederic Patenaude has been an important influence in the raw food and natural health movement since he started writing and publishing in 1998, first by being the editor of Just Eat an Apple magazine. He is the author of over 20 books, including The Raw Secrets, the Sunfood Cuisine and Raw Food Controversies. Since 2013 he’s been the Editor-in-Chief of Renegade Health.

Frederic loves to relentlessly debunk nutritional myths. He advocates a low-fat, plant-based diet and has had over 10 years of experience with raw vegan diets. He lives in Montreal, Canada.