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Fred Challenged on the High-Fruit Diet

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– Frederic’s Update: Raw Events This Summer!

– Feature Article: Fred Challenged on the High-Fruit Diet


I hope that you’re enjoying the spring as much as I am, even though here in Canada it feels like winter rather than summer is coming

I have three updates for you:

1)  Raw Chat Event! On Sunday, June 7th, at 9 p.m. Eastern I’ve been invited to host a 1-hour live audio/video chat for the website Raw Food Friends. Come to ask me any questions about raw foods and meet other raw food friends. All you need is join at: http://www.rawfoodfriends.com/member/join.php

2)  Raw Event This Summer! Are you looking for a great raw event to meet other like-minded people and learn a ton about this lifestyle with live lectures and demos? The event to attend this summer is the Vibrant Living Expo, on August 21-23, in Ft. Bragg, Northern California, organized by Cherie Soria and her team. I’ve attended many raw food events for the past 10 years and this one beats them all, hands down.


I will be there giving two lectures, and with a booth where you can meet me and get to chat a bit in person. Other lecturers include:

•    Dr. Doug Graham
•    Kevin Gianni
•    Howard Lyman (the Mad Cowboy)
•    Victoras Kulvinskas
•    John Robbins (author of “Diet for a New America”)
•    Matt Monarch & Angela Stokes
•    Don Weaver
•    Brian Clement
•    And many others

Get more information and sign up at www.rawfoodchef.com. Make sure you sign up early to get a discount.

3)  Low Fat Raw Vegan DVDs finally in! Last week I launched my first series of professional raw vegan DVDs, where I show you on the screen how to make simple, delicious and nutritionally sound raw recipes. This is the first DVD series that presents low-fat recipes.

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611a54a9c02300a2ffe79ffd84bebafb.jpgFrederic Challenged on the High-Fruit Diet

I was recently interviewed by the Fresh Network for a special event they are doing for their magazine, where they are interviewing different raw food expert and challenging them with important questions about the raw-food lifestyle that are often left unanswered.

I’m publishing below a part of the interview.  Each expert got a slightly different set of questions. As you’ll see, mine featured a lot of questions on the fruit-based diet and the concerns that many people have about it.

1. Fruit

•    How much fruit do you think we should consume for optimal health, and why?

For optimal health on a raw vegan diet, we should consume enough fruit to provide us with the bulk of our calories. The reason is quite simple: no other food that can be eaten raw can provide us with sufficient calories, vitamins and other nutrients while at the same time be low in fat.

Fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals, and contain enough calories to maintain our weight.

One pound of lettuce only yields 63 calories, while one pound of bananas yields 400.

To this fruit-based diet, we add 1 to 4 pounds of vegetables and non-sweet fruits per day, which will provide additional mineral density, such as sodium, which may be lacking in fruit.

•    Please comment on the following: “Although it is clear from our anatomy and physiology that we are frugivores, the fruit that is commercially available today is so different from the fruit our earliest ancestors ate that it is no longer an ideal food for us. Specifically, it is much lower in minerals and much higher in sugar. Therefore, is it not wise to consume sweet fruit in moderation and favour non-sweet fruits, and vegetables, as those foods are likely closer to the fruits on which our ancestors based their diets?”

I don’t believe there’s any evidence for the sugar content of fruits that our “earliest ancestors” ate. If so, I would be interested to see it. We’re talking millions of years, so I don’t think it’s possible to know what the sugar content was back then.

From having travelled the world, I know that the sugar content of wild fruits varies greatly. Some wild fruits are not very sweet and others are extremely sweet. I believe it would have been the same for foods grown millions of years ago.

Let’s compare two raw vegan diets of 2000 calories. Let’s say that someone follows the advice of eating fewer sweet fruits and more non-sweet fruits and vegetables. Because there are not enough calories in the diet, the person will invariably be drawn to eat more fatty foods such as avocados. The result will be an unhealthy diet containing too much fat, even more than what is traditionally recommended as the upper limit.

On the other hand, a person eating mostly fruits grown today can eat the same quantity of vegetables and non-sweet fruits as the person described above, but will avoid the problem of excess fat. So the diet will be more nutritious, contain more minerals from vegetables and less fat.

•    Do you believe it is advisable to eat seasonally and locally? And if so, aren’t those living in cold climates where no fruit grows for 6+ months of the year better off focusing on foods that do grow in their locality, and enjoying local fruits when they are in season, rather than eating imported fruit year round?

Yes, I believe it’s a good thing to eat seasonally and locally as much as possible. However, it’s not advisable to make it a religion and avoid imported fruits when local fruits are scare and not sufficient to provide enough calories in the diet. If not, you will be forced to eat other things such as cooked grains, which are not as healthy.

•    It is very difficult to get ripe fruit these days. Most commercially available fruit is picked 1-2 months before it’s ripe. What are the consequences of consuming unripe fruit?

Yes, fruits are picked unripe but they ripen after they’ve been picked and should be fairly ripe when you eat them.

There would be negative consequences to eating a truly unripe fruit, such as a green banana, which could lead to indigestion. But no one eats them that way.

What I believe people should do is seek the best quality fruit they can. It doesn’t matter that it’s been picked a few weeks earlier, as long as it has had the right conditions to continue ripening properly. Even in the tropics, bananas are picked green, otherwise they would get eaten by monkeys and other animals!

Sugar consumption is known to accelerate the aging process as it contributes to cross-linking of collagen in the skin and also the formation of Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs), both externally and internally. Given the link between sugar and aging is it not wise to consume sweet fruit in moderation or not at all and to favour low-sugar plant foods instead?

I did some research and found this (from http://longevity.about.com/od/researchandmedicine/p/crosslinking.htm)

“Researchers believe that if the concentration of sugar in the blood is high, then more cross-linking occurs. Everyone could benefit from keeping their blood sugar from spiking.”

If you read the above statement, you will understand that it’s not sugar per se that is the problem (after all, our cells need sugar), but high levels of blood sugar, which is completely different. One of the main factors resulting in high blood sugar is the overconsumption of fat (for proof, see the works of Dr. Fuhrman, Barnard, Mc. Dougall, Klaper, Graham, Ornish).

By trying to avoid sugar in fruit, a person will invariably consume more fat, which will lead to the very problem they were trying to avoid in the first place: high blood sugar. On a low fat diet, consuming large amounts of fruit only results in normal, not high blood sugar.

On a personal note, I have tested on myself and with many people using a blood sugar monitor the sugar response from eating fruit. I have found that even after eating a large quantity of bananas (as many as 15), blood sugar doesn’t spike, is extremely stable and in the healthy range, and that for hours.

The author Steve Pavlina also did similar experiments and came to the same conclusions: http://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2008/02/raw-food-diet/

•    Since it is known that sugar feeds cancer cells, and that cancer cells have more insulin receptors than normal cells and therefore will get fed first when sugar is consumed, is it wise for someone with cancer to cut down on all sugars, including those found in fruit?

Again, I believe here the key is to avoid high blood sugar, rather than sugar itself. The only way to keep your blood sugar stable and avoid the spikes and crashes is to eat a low fat diet and keep your body fat at reasonable levels. Other factors such as exercise will improve your insulin sensitivity.

It’s not possible to avoid sugar completely. If no simple sugars are consumed, complex carbs will be broken down into simple sugars. If no carbs are consumed, the body is forced to convert fat into fatty acids and ketone bodies for survival during a state referred to as “ketosis”, which is essentially what happens during fasting. The body needs a source of energy, and simple sugars are its preferred source.

The consumption of fruit in the context of a low fat diet promotes a stable sugar, which could be key in recovering from cancer.

It is good to note that the American Cancer Society recommends plenty of fresh fruits. ((REF: http://tinyurl.com/8a3e3)

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44 Responses to “Fred Challenged on the High-Fruit Diet”

  1. R Taylor says:

    you say it’s key to avoid high blood sugar, not the sugar in fruit itself. but fruit creates high blood sugar in many people.

    COMMENT FROM FREDERIC: Only if the overall diet is high in fat. On a low fat diet fruit does not create high blood sugar. Try a a low fat diet (10% or less) for just 3-4 days, and then eat a high amount of fruit. Test your blood sugar. You will be surprised to see how normal it reacts.

  2. Frank Smietana says:

    Hi Frederic,

    I enjoy your blog immensely and have learned a lot.

    I can live quite easily on your diet two-thirds of the day. Fresh fruit or smoothies for breakfast and a big salad for lunch. But around 5PM, the craving for something cooked, or perhaps fatty is overwhelming. Any suggestions?


    ANSWER: Dinner is tough. It was even for me for a long time until I learned to eat fruit for dinner as well. First, you must learn to eat enough for launch. Count the calories. Weigh the food. Find that right amount that holds you until dinner. Then for dinner, try starting with fruit. I know it doesn’t feel “natural” or even “right” at first because we raised with lots of fatty/salty food. But you will quickly get to like it. If the cravings are too strong, you haven’t eaten enough fruit. Learn day by day. Follow the fruit with a vegetable soup, salad, or both.

  3. Ana says:

    I would appreciate if you could let me know if I can have a high amount of fruit, -especifically before midday, but generally speaking also- if I have Adrenal Fatigue and possible Underworking Thyroid. Thanks in advance.
    COMMENT: Fruit is a healthy food for everybody. A lot of people I know have seen great improvement with similar situation on a low fat, high-fruit diet.

  4. Frederic,

    It is so wonderful to have someone to talk to about this issue of fruit. I have been doing an 80-10-10 diet for several months now and have overall been raw for 2.5 years, and have lost 170 lbs. The last 2 weeks, i have been doing 80-10-10 with no overt fats at all. My weight loss is good again, finally, but my hair is falling out. My hair was thinning even when i was in high school, but when i went raw, my hair grew even thinner. Since starting 80-10-10, it is thinning excessively and falling out alot when i brush my fingers through it. You can see my scalp right through in a horseshoe shape on top. As a woman, this is extremely troubling. I don’t want to be bald. Will it grow back? What can i do to stop it?


    COMMENT: I’ve seen this in some women. My guess is it’s a response to a sudden change in body fat. The women I know who went through a period like this eventually had excellent hair regrowth. I would suggest not eliminating the overt fats for now. Eat a small handful of nuts or 2 Tbs. of nut butter every other day.

  5. sandy says:

    I am new to the raw food diet. So far I’ve noticed you are the only raw foodist who emphasizes low-fat while many others share recipes with nuts and avocados. I seem to understand what you are saying and am learning from your newsletters.
    However, I have been taught that avocados are considered a good fat that your body needs as fat plays an important role in normal bodily functions. So first, is that incorrect information? Second, should I stay completely away form avocados. Third, if not, how many avocados would be a good amount in say a given day? For example, I have at least 1-2 avocados a day in a green smoothie and a salad. Is that too much? What do you recommend? Thanks for answering my questions and helping me on my raw journey! Your experience and knowledge are valued and appreciated!

    COMMENT: Have you read my books? If you’re serious about the raw food diet, I would highly recommend that you at least get a good foundation in the nutritional basis of the raw diet. The Raw Health Starter Kit is the best way to get started. All of your questions and more will be answered. But in the brief space I have here: 2 avocados per day is too much. The amount of fat depends on the person. A training male athlete could eat 1 avocado per day, while less active people will have to limit to 1/3 per day, max. It’s not that you should stay away from avocados or other fats, but simply limit their consumption to healthful levels.

  6. Bernard says:


    I’ve been fairly well sticking to the 80-10-10 raw vegan diet with the exception of occasional small quantities of fish, brown rice, and nuts. A candida problem, judging from my tongue and most other symptoms, appears to have almost completely cleared up. However, my prostatitis has not gone away. I also find (or so it seems) that consuming large quantities of sweet fruit causes frequent urination, which is also one of the worst symptoms of prostatitis. In the past, doctors could never find anything wrong with me (they didn’t even diagnosis my candida) but, nonetheless, wanted me to take toxic pharmaceuticals. Do you have any suggestions?


  7. Thank you for sharing your interview, I agree with a lot of what you said.

    I just have to add something to the woman losing her hair. Please feel free to delete this if you do not agree, I will not get offended. Hair loss can be caused by deficiencies as well. She says she has been on a raw diet, and switched to 811 recently, but she did not say what she eats on a daily basis. In my opinion, people should not lose so much hair, especially on a healthy diet. She might want to make sure she is getting enough nutrients (especially greens). My hair is full and luxurious, and I’m pretty skinny.


  8. No mind says:

    Whatever you believe is what you shall receive. Watch your belief systems closely and then drop them like a hot rock. Learn to spend time in the infinite space where all these things are absolutely ridiculous. What you are is eternal and cannot ever get sick. It can also digest and thrive on 20 avocados a day if it so chooses. You are only subject to what you hold in mind. Be Peace! 😉

  9. Question

    For about 12 years now I have had some minor problems with colitis, stress can bring on passing of mucous and/or bad food choices. However, lately I have decided to deal with my problem head on; I have started a fruit diet for breakfast & noon meal. The breakfast includes, papaya, apple and two bananas. Before my noon meal of 2 blended mangoes and banana again I drink a grape & celery home made. For my evening meal I have steamed potatoes, squash, & carrots; later, about 3 weeks later, I became very weak one morning, that evening I included fish,avocado & other evenings I have possibly a porched egg. Before my evening meal I have a home made juice of celery, cucumber, carrots, Lettuce, and red pepper. I also drink atotal of 64 oz of water daily; I weigh 120lb now. I have lost 9 pounds since this diet; there is no mucous or blood, but I have light headed episodes, plus general weakest. How can I improve this diet keeping with the healing and avoiding the negative effects


  10. Chris says:

    Excellent info by Frederic as usual. I understand the fear and confusion that most people have, but if you look closely at most people’s so-called nutritional “research”, including the advice of many nutritionists and health professionals, you will discover that they simply study and read about health but rarely experience it or experiment with it (deeply) as well for themselves. Once a person breaks away from the “temple of knowledge” (more like the dark cave of institutionalization is more like it), and tries a raw vegan diet, proper rest and exercise for themselves, it is just a matter of time (and trial and error) that we all come to the same conclusions! It is your body after all!

  11. Jerilyn says:

    Thank you Frederique for sharing this article. Your response to all the questions/comments registered with such clarity. And it is always helpful to see answers to these questions that friends and family will challenge with when they question this way of eating. I intuit very well that it is the right way for me but often cannot expound upon the mechanics behind why high fruit diet does my body good. I will definitely save this article for future reference.

  12. Alouette says:

    Frederic, I just saw the trailer for your new lowfat raw vegan dvds….you look so vibrant and rested and healthy! You exemplify the benefits of your life. Love it, Alouette

  13. Julie says:

    With regard to hair loss. About 2 years ago I went on a high protein diet, I lost weight but started to have my hair thin to a great degree.

    Since going on the raw food plan this has stopped, but I am convinced that this is because I add in green foods (spinach, kale, rocket etc), and green juices daily, my nails are also strong. I have also dropped the fear of fruit and have that daily and they form most of my meals now. I think the key is the combination but the minerals in the diet is what gives us stronger hair etc.

    Also maybe to much fat on the diet can hinder the uptake of minerals etc, but a little each day is good also , like a few nuts or half avo maybe.

  14. Hi Frederic!

    Too much fat isn’t the only way you can get high blood sugar.
    Eating refined foods like fruit juice will also result in blood sugar spikes as the soluble fibres like guar and pectin aren’t there to slow the release of sugars into the bloodstream.

    Hope you’re fitness training is going well, so you can keep up with Kevin, Annmarie and I this summer at the Vibrant Living Expo in Fort Bragg! 🙂

  15. Angel says:

    Hi, last summer i was eating very much fruits and fruit smoothies while exersicing heavily. After a while i started having problems from my chest. After researching for the past year i am pretty confident that it is epstein-barr virus that is sitting on my heart. I get symptoms when i eat nuts or other things rich in arginine or when i eat sugar at the same time as fats. I’ve also gotten symptoms the last months when i have my period. I get herpes blisters at the same time as the heart problem starts so i am pretty sure that the two herpes viruses awake at the same time, causing problems. So now to my question:
    I know that i might be able to live on fruit if i make sure the blood sugar does not spike, but what do i eat instead of nuts and other things rich in arginine? I really love nuts and nut milks but they make me so sick.

  16. Sensible Oxide says:

    I reject the notion that all fats, good and bad, are responsible for insulin resistance, which in turn can lead to all sorts of other problems – including candida. Obviously saturated fats should be severely limited or indeed eliminated completely, but the good fats, in particular the essential fats (omegas), have been shown to INCREASE insulin sensitivity. One can live a perfectly healthy life on a diet consisting of between 15%-50% fats, combined with high consumption of green vegetables and moderate intake of fruit and carbs.

    For those who require evidence for this, go to Udo Eramus’ website: http://udoerasmus.com/firstscreen.htm

    Dr Udo Erasmus is an international authority on fats, oils, cholesterol and human health.

    I feel that the raw food movement, although correct in a lot of what it says, is fundamentally failing to give objective views and opinions – to the detriment of peoples’ health.

    COMMENT: I respect everyone’s opinions and this is why this is an open discussion. But I do not see Udo’s website as huge evidence that the low fat diet concept is incorrect. After all, he makes his money selling oil.

  17. Bill Norwood says:

    Hi all,

    Sometime in the late 80’s-early 90’s I tried a vegan diet for a couple of years, but blood pressure dropped dangerously low and holistic doctor “put me back on” fish and eggs. I think that the problem was that I simply did not know what I was doing in managing the diet in conjunction with a daily heavy physical energy output workload. I have especially strived for a healthful diet since 1990 when I accidentally discovered that a 30-year headache, and a “necessity” for regular asthma allergy shots, had been caused primarily by refined sugar, Changing my diet so that the only sweeteners would be fruit resulted in 17 health improvements within 2-3 years. Then I tended to shift toward foods which were higher in MSG, then read a couple of books on MSG (Blaylock, Schwartz) which led to my mostly clearing my diet of MSG, which is in virtually all prepared foods. Then in Aug 2009 I commenced a diet at about 80% raw, but continued having non-recommended foods for the remaining 20%. Then at the beginning of April I commenced a 95% raw 99% vegan diet. Then about 3 weeks ago when I started reading Dr. Douglas Graham’s book I commenced the 80/10/10 diet. I had already gone considerable distance, and have found that still quite a transition remains. FINALLY, HERE IS MY QUESTION: For the past couple of months I have notice about a 50% reduction in lymphedema swelling in the lower legs and feet. Has anyone else had similar experience? Also, there was a lady in France who wrote a book about lymphedema and diet, and the book has been impossible to find.
    To see my 1000-word reviews of books about lymphedema just google up:
    Many thanks for any info.

    Best Wishes in Best Health,

    Bill Norwood, Greenbelt Maryland,

    Many thansk, Bill Norwood

    COMMENT: As for the “holistic” doctor who put you back on meat and fish because your blood pressure dropped “dangerously low”, I would like to point out that a healthy blood pressure is probably much lower than what is considered normal. Top athletes often have extremely “low” blood pressure and heart rate. I know a woman who won the Boston Marathon who often scared doctors with her low heart rate. Could it be that they’ve never really seen a truly healthy person before?

  18. Irena Vormittag says:

    It is soooo confusing with all these different suggestions from people who actually have seen a lot of sick people and done research…Brian clement, says if sick, eat no fruit, if healthy l0%….David Wolfe…not sure, but I think he is bigger of fruits…WHO do you believe in the end????

    Surely our bodies are not all made the same….and we cant all do the very same thing????

    COMMENT: Don’t let the diverging opinions confuse you. In the end, some theories are right and some are wrong. But every expert has something to bring. They all get results because most diets exclude the same disease-producing foods. But if you’re looking for optimal health, do your own research and decide for yourself which version of the raw diet makes more sense to you. Our bodies are pretty much the same in spite of slight individual differences that we must respect.

  19. Chris says:

    Frederic did not say not to eat any fats. He said not to abuse them.

    Some think that there is a controversy about fats or sugars. Some are pointing out the “different opinions in the raw movement”. YOUR own body has no opinion just your pre-conditioned mind. There is no controversy in the truth, and that is what you will become aware of if you adopt a total life style of food, execise and rest and turn off the TV AND THE INTERNET to an extent- and just do it! You will see what works soon enough! Of course you need to, as Fred says, just fill up your stomach (within reason) with the raw plant baed whole foods- mostly fruits, then greens and veggies with a little nuts and seeds and that’s it/ It is not complicated.

  20. Chris says:

    After being began for 30 years and raw for ten, doctors have a field day when they see my blood tests!!! First, my cholesterol is only about 100, and my HDLs are ” too low” even though I am an athlete. To make a long story short, they never see truly in shape healhty people so they base all their opinions on the mass public, who has abnormal, yet average numbers. Join the club! I have at least two dozen stsories about different mistakes the doctors have made- and then we educate them- hey- it is the least we can do. They mean well after all. They just have no idea…

  21. Chris says:

    When sick… eat nothing.

  22. Kuba says:

    Dear Frederic,

    My exotic journey with raw food has begun just 3 months ago. I have based my previous knowledge on various sources considered to be “gurus” in the field of nutrition and vibrant life style i.e. Mrs Bouthenko, Dr Graham, and many others… This has given me something to start with but the most precious lesson I’ve learnt was to listen to my body’s needs. First few weeks was a period of ups
    and downs to me, and after some harsh detox my organism has stabilised.
    Your newsletter, website, and interviews available via internet have proven ESPECIALLY reasonable and useful to me and I try to stick to your methods.

    Sticking to the 80-10-10 diet has become almost a natural habit and makes me feel great but I have an enormous problem with my body mass. Having turned 25 just recently, 5 feet 8 inch tall man like me with just 144 lbs has always been dissatysfying for me. I’ve been always fit and agile, due to the sports I’ve been doing throughout my life but I could never consider myself athletic. Since I’ve swithched to raw way of life I’ve lost a few pounds (partialy due to the series of colonics) but I have considered this natural. Nevertheless, my body mass has decreased to a mere 132-134 lbs and most of the peolple I know have noticed my “problem”. I feel uneasy, especially meeting my family members who have gone through the trauma of anorexia of my sister and are extremely touchy about the subject of “diet”, “body weight”, “nutrition” and I’m even scared to admit I’ve swithched to RAW and FEEL AMAZING. They wouldn’t accept the fact I eat raw ripe
    fresh mostly organic fruit and veg ONLY!!!

    To figh the problem I have decided to increase my calories intake but raw life in Poland is a challange. You know exactly what it’s like to virtually hunt for quality products in a country with a certain moderate-cold climate. Having almost no acces to certain calorific fruit like mangos, papayas fresh coconuts not to mention durians and other. Thus I am forced to live with bananas as a fundamental product of my fruit and local fruit, such as strawberries at the moment which I consume about 3 lbs a day. The thing is, I have managed to stop the weight loss but at the expense of at least 15 – 18 bananas a day!!! Sometimes it’s difficult for me to fit them in during the day, considering the fact I don’t want to eat permanently and need a few hours for digesting fats, and making breaks for drinkables.

    The sad result is that I had to put off my jujutsu because it has become too strenous for my organism and I couldn’t accumulate enough energy for trainings. I dream of building my body mass 20 lbs at least but with my current lifestyle it seems impossible to achieve.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Raw food pioneer from Poland.

  23. Patricia says:

    Thanks Frederic for answering my question about fruits and blood sugar – I am ‘pre-diabetic’ and a naturopath once told me to always eat some protein before i eat fruit or any ‘carby’ item. I DO seem to notice that if I eat an apple with some nuts beforehand I am then not hungry for a bit…but if I just eat an apple…I’m ready to eat something again within an hour. I used to think that eating fruit tends to make me MORE hungry. Actually I’m still confused about what to do! I’d appreciate your thoughts on this?

    COMMENT: One apple = about 75 calories. One apple plus a handful of nuts = 400 calories. Therefore, it’s quite normal that you feel hungry so soon! Solution, eat at least 400-500 worth of calories at once.

  24. troyboii says:

    i have to say fred i dont think there is a certain ratio on the fats and fruit consumption u must consume to be healthy and have stable blood sugar, i say as long as your gettin a variety of fruits and greens and raw healthy fats like almonds avocados etc. and not over eatin u will do fine on a raw food diet, i have been followin the raw food diet for 10 months now about 75% raw and steamed vegtables eatin from 5-35% percent fat and im doin just fine and my health improved dramatically from my acne to my candida infection is gone completly… your diet and your mind has a big role with your health we must listen to our bodys and see and feed it what it needs and what it perfers i must say your body perfers sugar but thas y there is fats because u dont always want to eat tons of fruit all the time fats has more calories and makes u feel satisfied ideally u shouldnt over eat anything, life is balance and so should your diet and lifestyle listen to your body and feed it what it wants at the moment sometimes sugar somtimes fat, i think blood sugar doesnt have anything to do with your blood itself i think its a immune system response thing it means theres to much toxins its not the fruit sugar and the raw fats we eat that cause it its toxins in the body we must do our best to absorb the nutrients in the food we eat by exercisin sunshine fresh air positive thinkin water sleep etc. diet is only 1 part of health diet alone does not make u healthy so worryin about how much fruit fat and blood sugar doesnt solve your health challenges u must have balance… to be healthy your body just has to cleanse itself from all these toxins and parasites these are the real problem for our health if your immune system is in controll and works optimal u would have no problems eatin to much fruit or to much fat as long as its raw and healthy also u must consume plenty of greens i thrive on my diet and im at optimal health because i sleep exersice sunshine positive thinkin and have fun im only 20 years old and never felt better u guys dont explain to people how to eat u only tell dem what to eat people have certain eatin patterns and moods thas y u listen to your body u must be in contact with your body Gods holy temple unfortanatly people lost touch with there bodies, the reason y you prolli is so hungry at dinner time is cuzz your largest meal of the day should be lunch time from around 10-2:00

  25. G. Smith says:

    Hello Frederic: Grains are just as healthy as fruit! If we’re talking about refined grains–bread, pasta, cookies, cereals, muffins, then I’m with you there. But whole grains like short grain brown rice, basmati rice, millet, etc. are extremely healthy. Just because they require cooking doesn’t make them less healthy. I’ve met way too many people whose lives have been transformed with the introduction of good quality grains and whole plant based foods (raw and cooked) and the removal of ALL refined foods. I’m one of them. My experience has been nothing short of miraculous. When people say they have problems with gluten (from Barley, whole wheat), my experience has shown it’s because their bodies are in excess of low quality, processed and refined foods that render their bodies unable to absorb nutrients,so even something good is considered the allergy promoter much in the same way that fruit is seen as the bad guy. Fruit is not the culprit as you describe but is viewed that way because of people’s limited understanding of the role of fats/protein in the body. You don’t have to be 100% raw (eating mostly fruit and greens) to experience superb health. Let’s take this to the next level and talk about the ‘energetics’ of food. A whole new world will open up to us and we can finally stay clear of dogma, which is extremely unhealthy. The beauty about life is that there aren’t any absolutes and we ought to be okay with that. WE need to study people who ARE already healthy who then later decide to adopt a raw food lifestyle and see how well they do. That’s the true test. Anyone coming off a standard american diet will do extremely well on a raw diet because all the cooling effects of the food will help break down years of excess fat and protein. But if you’re eating a plant based diet, which I was, excluding all refined foods and then adopt a raw food lifestyle, the changes aren’t going to be profound because you’ve already experienced most of these changes when you decided to eat good quality whole foods, raw and cooked. I think I’m just tired of everyone in the so called health industry telling me they’ve found THE WAY and that it would be in my best interest to FOLLOW them. It’s our job to offer information and it’s up to each of us to decide what actually speaks to us. There is no RIGHT way. But we want someone to tell us, some authority figure to tell us what to do. I know I did. (Just give me the answer and if I follow it, I will be fine, I can now start living my life. . .) THat’s how most people operate. I know one thing for sure. Sometimes we don’t know and that’s fine!! But there is definitely a WRONG way to promote health–eating processed foods devoid of life that robs us of our energy. We can all agree on that. But let’s be realistic and sensible, there is nothing wrong with steaming and sauteeing vegetables or eating whole grains. The Okinawans have been doing it for years and they are by far some of the healthiest folks on the entire planet. WE can’t just dismiss that with the argument, ‘well just because they’ve done it, doesn’t make it right.’ Yes, animals don’t cook their food, but they also don’t build elaborate homes or drive cars like we do. I tried more raw, some weeks all raw for two years–fruits, greens, and veggies religiously. Honestly, I couldn’t say I was hungry because I felt satisfied but mentally, intuitively, my body was telling me, ‘What are you trying to prove? You were on the right track to begin with. . .’ And now I feel awesome. Green smoothies, juices, a few bowls of grains a week, and some steamed greens and vegetables are my main staples. ANd I feel like I’ve come full circle. I will always choose the middle path because extremes are never good. And let’s face it, people are extreme because everyone wants to be right. And everyone wants to sell something and make a living. But I am the consumer in this sense and I will decide what’s right for me. We need to do away with ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and dualistic thinking. THank you for sharing.

  26. Christopher says:

    Yes I can testify to the blood sugar and high fat issue. I cured my years-long candida in 36 hours by going low fat.

    I could eat fruit again! See my story at http://dietforahappyplanet.com/candida/

  27. Frederic,

    Thank you for replying to my comment about thinning and losing my hair. Your suggestion to add in a small amount of nuts or nut butters every other day intrigued me, but did not really explain WHY I would be losing my hair. Is it because i’m not getting enough fat?? Or enough greens? Previously, on raw, i was eating huge amounts of fat, but was either gaining or had trouble losing weight. Now, my weight loss is good again. And frankly, the more fat i eat, the more I want. If I continue on the no overt path, will all of my hair fall out? Is this a detox syptom, something that i should rejoice happening? Or a symptom of malnutrition? Help me understand better. I have met people who eat like this, 80-10-10 with no overt fats, and i was under the impression it was ideal, as the 10% is really supposed to be a MAX. When we eat no overt fats, according to fitday.com, we still register 6, 7% fat. Is that bad or is it good? Furthermmore, when i eat even 1/4 of an avocado per day, my energy sags drastically. On no fat, i feel even all day and energetic. HELP!

  28. schattengruen says:

    after shopping today-
    I am just dealing with a very commom problem- where and how do you store?
    Considering temperature, humidity, funky little animals…?

  29. clifford says:

    HI Fred,

    my name is Clifford and I have struggled with being thin my whole life. How much weight loss can a skinny person expect when trying to do the raw food diet?

    and how long will it take to gain it back and what is the best way to gain eating raw?



  30. […] See the original post:  Fred Challenged on the High-Fruit Diet […]

  31. Chris says:

    Clifford: Do you have any health problems due to being thin? If not then that is your genetics and you must learn to live with it. An elephant can never be a rabbit and a race horse can never be an ape. Of course you can become stronger and more muscular if you desire- with very hard work on a small handful of weight training exercises done properly and progressively, together with enough food. But forces feeding will only “bulk” up your cells and force-exercising has its limits- and why wear yourself out but if you want to do it there are natural ways that require no drugs, supplements or animal foods (Many use lots of dairy since the hormones actually promote muscle gain, but then again animal products are the main cause of ill health together with refined foods in many countries including the USA- which is very unhealthy no matter how much money they spend. But every man wants to be bigger and stronger than dad, so if you want to have at it, good luck. Lots of rest too- do not expect to build muscle eating like a bird and getting only five hours sleep. If you have the desire to transform your body then you can go a long way with persistence and hard work. Brief workouts but progressive on the breathing squat, pull-up and dip- that should form the basis of your program. I wish I had more time but I am off and running out now – google the breathing squat– and get Stuart McRobet’s books Brawn and The Insiders Guide…

  32. MOHAMMED says:

    The fruit bats are the first to get (during the night)to the fruits if we allow bananas to ripen on the plant, then other birds during the day time and monkeys
    if there are contiguous forests. Fruit bats find their way even into the house
    if you have drying bananas shifted in to the house for the night. This happens to me almost every other day. I am a farmer.

  33. Ada Van Der Munnik says:

    My thoughts on the intake of sweet foods is that especially our brains need some sweet foods, but overdoing the intake of any foods is always wrong. In addition, every living being is unique and has therefore individual needs, so it is good to know your own physical make-up and act accordingly. Also, people suffering from some physical problem should fine tune their knowledge on what is good for their particular situation. But I think that sugars taken in the form of raw fruits is the best sweetness one can choose. People who live exclusively on fruits – fruiterians – do exist because for them such a diet works, but it is not for everyone, and even in such extreme cases moderation is the word.

  34. Sensible Oxide says:

    Hi Frederic,

    OK, so you may not see Udo Eramus’ website as huge evidence that the low fat diet concept is incorrect. Does this mean, therefore, that you are totally disregarding his research and studies on fats and oils over a period excessing 25 years?

    I am not one for academic snobbery, but I’d say he is a pretty clever man with an open and objective mind. His book (Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill) is a comprehensive view of fats, going beyond anything I have ever read in the raw food movement with regards to fats.

    In summary, I agree with a lot of what is said in the raw food movement – but the notion that one must eat only raw foods to achieve optimum health is ABSURD. Essential fatty acids are an essential requirement – and that means consuming good fats.

    I challenge you, Frederic, to look at the following web page and genuinely tell me that what is being said is wrong: http://www.udoerasmus.com/FAQ/FAQ_index_en.htm

    COMMENT: I do not disagree with most of what Dr. Erasmus says. He’s just pointing out the benefits of essential fatty acids and possible deficiency symptoms. But you’re forgetting that in the diet that I recommend you can get all of the essential fatty acids that you need in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc. Even Dr. Erasmus is recommending 10-15% fat only. He says somewhere however that you can go as high as 50% and still get benefits. From my experience good levels of health and athletic fitness are not possible at that level for the reasons I’ve mentioned elsewhere.

  35. Chris says:

    I wish more people would experiment on their own instead of just reading other people’s websites. Then there would be zero controversy and no arguments.

    Much confusion and misunderstanding surrounds nutrition, health and what is meant by “natural” because of a simple lack of awareness of the incredible potential of raw plant food to heal better, safer, and more completely than any other method known to science. Doubtless some people simply aren’t interested. But the health crisis is widespread due to a lack of information. Even nutritionists and natural doctors (let alone “real” doctors) are totally unacquainted with the overwhelming evidence for food’s obvious superiority over drugs, supplements or so-called natural remedies, including refined oils. Your efa’s should BE the whole sources such as nuts and seeds or avodado, olives, etc in the 10-15% range- more if absolutely necessary for extreme energy needs but that is rare and never carried out for long periods.

    I used to think that Udos oils and flax oil were God’s gift- and it WAS to me AT THE TIME- compared to the refined diet I was used to eating 30 years ago. But just like any other small step- it DOES make a difference but then your body awareness goes to the next level. Refined oils that are “good” must give way eventually to the whole fat source. Just use common sense. There are no “refined” oils existing in nature, so what did people do way back when?

  36. Laura says:

    It seems to me eating large quantities of fruits, sweet or not, will cause more frequent urination, because most fruits have a high H20 content.

  37. Laura says:

    Frank, I recommend you increase your consumption of dark leafy greens, such as in the form of green smoothies. Kale and dandelion greens seem to be very energizing to me, but also include spinach and other iron rich greens. Tomatoes, apricots, dulse, mangoes, spinach, plums, etc are also rich in iron. I recommend you vary your diet even more, to include more greens and a greater variety of fruits (oranges, kiwi, watermelon, cantaloupe, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, pineapple, pears, peaches, apricots, honeydew, grapefruit, dandelion greens, kale, spinach, chard, arugula, parsley, watercress, etc. Take a B12 vitamin to supplement.

    My favorite instant energy green smoothie: (Blend well)
    6 lves organic red or green kale, deveined
    2 large handfuls fresh raspberries
    4 bosc or ripe bartlett pears

    Drink more water. At least 3 (32 oz) glasses each day.

  38. Bill Norwood says:

    Chris @ 11:26 am: When sick… eat nothing.
    Reply by Bill Norwood, 6/22/09: Yes, this what Tonya Zavasta recommends in the chapter on Dry Fasting in her raw diet book, Quantum Eating. That is, one also takes in no water. Such a procedure brings much faster detox, but can be dangerous. But she points out that most of us do a dry detox every night anyway, say, for about 12 hours. She does them for 24-36 hours. But she strongly cautions against this if one is not in good health and also has not done water fasting. Also there is a list of specific health conditions which are contraindicative.

  39. Bill Norwood says:

    Re: June 10, 2009, Laura @ 1:54 pm
    It seems to me eating large quantities of fruits, sweet or not, will cause more frequent urination, because most fruits have a high H20 content.
    June 22, 2009, Bill Norwood’s Reply:
    Yes, that’s my experience also, and I find it becomes necessary to sort out the larger liquid intake volume and the larger sugar volume. If pancreas is weak, then the increased urination will at least be in part caused by the body’s dumping sugar into the urine and taking water out of the bloodstream. Such a product as Diastix or Clinistix will tell you whether there is any sugar in the urine – there shouldn’t be any. But I find the problem to be worse with my vegetable smoothies to which I must add a lot of water to get them to blend. I find that I cannot yet go full speed ahead with a lot of fruits and fruit smoothies, apparently because pancreas cannot at this point handle it. My fervent hope is that as I continue on this diet, and as the sins of the past fade more into the past, my pancreas will become stronger and I will become more able to do a diet more akin to that which Dr. Graham recommends.

  40. Sharon says:

    Very interesting. My blood pressure has always been extremely low. I remember a nurse joking about how I might need help up the stairs after she tested me. I used to have black out episodes if I stood up too fast. That no longer happens now that I’m quite detoxified and these days I eat about 90-95% raw vegan. My TCM doc even in the days when I was sick always said I had a very strong constitution. Traditionally people with low blood pressure live longer. I’m happy to be able to exercise normally without the blackouts though.

  41. Sharon says:

    Reading further prompted me to write one more thing. Whether it’s fats, oils or cooked grains, testing will show if you need it or not. My friend has a SCIO energy testing device. She says almost everyone (on SAD diet) is very deficient of essential fatty acids. Perhaps Udo is addressing this crowd, not the raw vegans. I quite like hemp oil and hemp hearts and do quite well with them. I’m 44 and have never been healthier. I have lots of energy and don’t get sick. I’m not fanatical in anyway. On rare occasions my body may tell me to eat a piece of flesh and I do. It doesn’t disturb me. When we’re detoxified and eat a lot of raw we should just relax and listen to our bodies. Toxins block certain nutrients and really mess up our hunger signals and our brains. Brain health is of utmost importance!

  42. Chris says:

    Frederic gives the absolute best advice that I have ever seen or heard in the raw community. It is interesting how a decade of raw has made me realize how simple this really is. It was so complex and daunting to me at first. Now, myself and many of my friends who are raw are astonished at how well their bodies function. It is as if we are alla being “reborn”. Talk about amazing! Nothing can compare to this diet. It is almost too iuncredible for most people to comprehend. They must go raw for at least a week or month to get a taste of what is genuuine health, which compared to what they had before- truly amazing!! I love the substantial fruits such as mango, peach and durian- they are certainly the “missing link” in the raw diet! And everything Frederic says is spot on. I love how he answers the questions that many people have about “what doctors say”- as usual- the information is taken way out of context. I remember someone I knew who would not eat fruit because the “doctor said it was bad for her diabetes”. Guess what? I looked at the little “lifesavers” candies that the doctor reccomended for her to “snack on” in case of an “attack”. And the first ingredredient was refined sugar. They called it sorbitol. It was sugar. I have witnessed diabetics eat fruit and they were fine- even much improved- as long- as Frederic said- they curb their fats. Or limit them significantly until that time when their bodies have re- born, so to speak. Then moderate fat from whole plant sources. Right now the only fat in my diet is avocado and some nuts and seeds. The bulk is fruits and greens. It works. I am considered extremely athletic with much more than average muscle mass. My endurance is through the roof and my strength at age 50 rivals 25 year old marines, whom I have trained.

  43. Pat says:

    If you are a healthy person eating a lot of fruit, your blood sugar should not elevate. It is the job of insulin to keep the blood sugar level. What needs to be measured is the insulin level and the triglyceride level. It is unhealthy to have either of these spike in response to too much sugar in the diet. Both insulin and triglycerides elevate following consumption of simple sugars. I have been researching to find if the body has a similar physical response following a high fruit meal. I know the fiber in fruit would reduce this elevation, but does it occur on a smaller scale? I found breast cancer studies where fruits were increased to 9 a day with no effect on triglycerides but I assume these were spaced throughout the day on an otherwise SAD diet. Are there any studies that measure the actual effect of a high fruit meal (in a low fat diet) on insulin levels and triglycerides?

  44. Ada Van Der Munnik says:

    A mono-fruit diet and a high fruit diet differ from each other and a vegan or avegetarian diet would probaby include more fruits than an all-inclusive nutritious ‘regular diet’, in which fruits play only one part. Who is to say that one diet is better than another for all and everyone? The question whether an all-fruit or mainly fruit diet is okay applies only to Frederic’s vegan diet. The same reasoning could sort of be applied to a mono-vegetable or high-vegetable diet. It depends on your background and history and genes. It seems that it may take a few generations to judge if a mono-fruit or high-fruit diet is beneficial.


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