May 24

Actual Excerpts from Low Fat Raw Vegan Cuisine DVDs

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UPDATE! The DVDs Have Been Released:

Here’s everything that’s covered in the DVD series:

• How to make a salt-free vegetable seasoning

• The art of raw smoothies (several ideas and recipes)

• Green smoothie (including my favorite green smoothie recipe — ever!)

• Fruit soups — one of the best fruit meals you can make (two recipes)

• Fat-free vegetable soups. These soups are so delicious that I have one every night. Learn how to make these amazing soups without even needing to add extra fat in them. (two recipes)

• Fat-free dressings (three recipes)

• Fat free salads (including great recipes)

• Vegetable juicing

• How to use nifty kitchen tools that you may not be aware of

• Creamy vegetable soups (two recipes)

• Creamy blended salads

• Low fat dressings (three different kinds)

• Low fat salads

• Nut pate + How to make a Nori Roll and more!

• Avocado dips

• Fat-free raw spaghetti

• How to open a coconut!

• Dessert recipes: coconut cream, durian pudding, and more!

• Much more!

IMPORTANT NOTE: To view in better higher resolution, click the “HQ” button, after the video has started.

90 Responses to “Actual Excerpts from Low Fat Raw Vegan Cuisine DVDs”

  1. Kristine Mestaz says:

    YUMMY! I feel as though my life and my career depends on eating this way. I have suffered from female issues for the past 20 years. The ONLY time I feel normal is when I eat low fat raw. Nuts and seeds don’t work with me. This is the only way of eating that resonates with me. It’s time to start living again! Thank you!

  2. Barbara Cohen says:

    This is awesome…. so motivating Frederick!!
    Thank you for your dedication and can’t wait to start getting inventive!!
    Your simple recipes are wonderful!!
    Thanks again!!


  3. Judy says:

    Awesome!!! Vibrant healthy recipes for a vibrant healthy life. Thanks for the wonderful videos. Take care and be good to yourself.

  4. P Bassel says:

    I have been drinking green smoothies for a while now and thinking about going raw. I am also working on simplifing my life generally. You make it look so easy, which is exactly what I need. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Laura G says:

    I got into high raw eating for more simplified eating and better health of course. Spending less time in the kitchen preparing and cleaning up after each meal was important. Don’t get me wrong, I love to create and make some gourmet foods once in a while. But not every meal and not every day.

    Your recipes keep it simple with no fat or low fat. I had been thinking about how to cut the oils some months back when I came across your information. I am beginning to cut back little by little and feeling better and better.

    It was great to see how simple the spaghetti sauce is in the video you posted. Thanks for that. Most raw recipes I see for pasta sauce are pretty ingredient rich and detailed. So this was a pleasant surprise and I’m looking forward to trying it. It looked so good!

    Teaching low fat raw food recipe classes is something I’d love to do once I get more experience behind me and a Vitamix;)

    Thanks for the video posts. They were so helpful and inspiring.

  6. Rayna says:

    You are such an inspiration, and these DVDs are just what I need to keep at this low fat raw vegan lifestyle. You are truly a pioneer! Thank you so much for your contributions.


  7. Angelique says:

    I like the professionalism of the videos. They seem easy to follow and understand, and make the recipes seem do-able for anyone. I also like the double-camera (both from the front as well as from above) as seen in the spaghetti clip. I’m looking forward to trying out these DVD’s!

  8. Baran says:

    I’m getting impatient for the DVDs. Raw spaghetti looks great! Seeing the final product makes me really want to try the recipes.

  9. chai says:

    These DVDs are wonderful and practical. I am so excited to be able to turn someone on to the raw diet through these DVDs. They will be great for those people who feel completely overwhelmed by changing their lifestyle. Thank you Fred for making this lifestyle available to everyone and for remaining true to your vision. You are such an inspiration!

  10. DreadlocCowgirl says:

    What kind of blender is that…a Vitamix?

  11. Marissa Martinez says:

    I just switched to raw vegan.. I can wait to try these amazing recipes… thanks!

  12. Grace Peel says:

    I have been eating RAW since October 2008. I’m not 100 % yet but I’d say at least 80%. I’ve lost 45 lbs. But now I’m slowing down. Maybe I’m eating too much. I eat Bok Choy 2 or 3 stoks, 3 leaves of Romaine Lettuce, 2 stalks of celery and a sprig of parsley & Celantro. I use to eat this all as it comes but now I put it in the Food Processer and sdd and apple and lemon juice and Ground walnuts. I enjoy this very much.
    For My other meal for the day is: Fruit. 2 slices of pineapple, a banana, and apple. Sometimes I process this all together.
    In the evening I usually got out with friend and have Carrot strips, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes and dip. Sometimes Brownies or cookies.
    Very seldom I eat at restaurants where I get Salads Baked Potato or Sweet Potato and Frozen Yogurt.
    Do you have any suggestions.
    I’m sold on eating mostly Raw from now on. I’m 76 and want to live to 130.

  13. laara says:

    Frederic—I have been following along with your newsletters for 3 years now and could not believe that people would actually give up muffins and burgers and such for completely RAW.My body kept telling me that more raw is good for me. So finally, through your gentle coaching and how you back up your beliefs with science and intuition I have been trying much more raw. I am up to about 70% raw now and your videos are spectacularly encouraging to keep going—it all looks so tempting!!
    Thank you for showing us that even you can progress!

  14. Aranka Shkolnikova says:


    This DVD looks very promising. Thank you for letting us have a peek at it before purchase.

    I never thought about spiralizing carrots with the zucchini to make it sweeter, great idea.
    Thank you.

  15. Tommie says:

    Everything looks delicious–even the nori rolls. I’m not a great fan of nori so I would probably use romaine as a alternate wrap. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the DVD!

  16. Tina says:

    I have never been raw, I have a friend that keeps telling me the benefits of going raw as I have hypothyroidism and depression. 50-60 pound overweight, as I have tried to do raw a few times it just doesn’t seem to be easy, switching from meat to raw, not that I eat much meat but when I stopped all together for about 3 weeks and then went back I noticed a real difference. I could really use the DVD’s if they make this an easier adjustment, whether I win them or eventually have to buy, thank you for your posts, I really want to do the cleanse and get to raw eventually, sooner than later, Blessings

  17. Natasa says:

    Great DVDs. Congratulations!
    I’ll try those raw spaghetti for my child.

  18. Cin says:

    Good Stuff…Right now I am drinking a Purple Haze Green Smoothie from your recipes. I’m glad I found your website. I actually didn’t like alot of other books recipes with a lot of nuts and fats but thought I had to eat some. It is so refreshing to learn that I really can eat mostly fruits. Your recipes I’ve tried so far have all been EASY and flavorful. I label them as “Do agains”. I finally believe I can stick to a raw food lifestyle!!!! So Sweet!!! Thanks!!!

  19. marjah99 says:

    Okay. It’s obvious I need this for my family . . . Let’s have it already!!! 🙂

  20. Christine Fink says:

    It looks delicious and easy! Hope this way of eating helps my health problems.

  21. radha klemes says:


  22. ßéth says:

    Oh my goodness i’m definitely going to have to head out and pick me up a durian today!! That durian ice kream looks amazing!! Still haven’t figured out a great way to transport durian a la bicycle, however…

  23. Juan Puentes says:

    I like the simplicity of your recipes besides that they look so yummy and have almost no fat. Thank you!

  24. Ray Grant says:

    After several attempts to go raw I finally started again except this time, I feel
    committed. I have done this through sheer determination to attain better health and eradicate my diabetes. After only 8 days I feel totally different than I ever have before. My blood sugar has dropped to normal without any medication.

    The real driving force now is Inspiration. That Inspiration only continues to grow as I am experiencing body function improvements. 4 months ago I was Informed that I had a touch of cataracts. After a follow up examination today I have no signs of cataracts whatsoever. My eyes are actually better.I am sure It Is directly related to Raw Food Diet.

    Also I am losing the desire for alternate foods which In the past was so difficult on an on again off again diet. Everyday Is exciting as I continue to have more and more energy. I have totally lost the contant always hungry feeling when I was consuming dead foods.
    I find you don’t need an avalanche of food to feel satisfied, and most importantly an over powering feeling of well being.

  25. Sheri says:

    I felt so good after doing the Spring Cleanse that I want to continue eating the low fat raw vegan way and would like to teach my children how to eat healthier. Watching you prepare these delicious looking recipes is so helpful and inspirational. How wonderful and fun to have a healthy alternative to cooking shows! Thank you for making these high quality DVDs!

  26. vickie says:

    All these recipes look like the healthiest food in the world – it’s all there for you to just go for it! Healthy cuisine – what more could you ask for??

  27. Annette says:

    These recipies look great. I love the concept of the video series. For those that have trouble holding the nori roll together the sushi rollers(bamboo) are inexpensive and make the rolling even easier.
    Thank you for all you do to help us get past our struggles and fully embrace the raw lifestyle.
    My biggest challange is going raw while still feeding my 5 children who are not ready to go raw so fast. Several still cringe over the green smoothies while a couple are begging to share. I look forward to trying a couple of these recipies on them.
    Thank you so much.

  28. Mary says:

    Thank you for showing more clips of your videos. I knew from the start that I would need to get these. I have made a re-commitment to going 100 percent raw due to a recent health scare. These videos are fun and inspiring and show how rich a healthy lifestyle truly is. My children will love these recipes and they are also good for entertaining. Thank you Fred!

  29. Shelah says:

    Everything looks delicious, Frederic — Bravo!!

    All blessings to you,

  30. Hi Frederic,

    I love those recipes. I’ve never made nori rolls or raw spaghetti. Yum! 🙂 I’m so excited. I have a friend that is actually going to do a mini-spring cleanse of yours after watching me do yours and seeing how much better I feel and look. I’m doing it with her this week. I feel like you’ve helped me and now I get to help others.

    Thank you so much for you knowledg and wisdom.


  31. Nancy Reed says:

    Fred, you are killing me here – I’m glad the wait is almost over. I am getting so excited.

  32. Insconpo says:

    Frederic, it looks very good. I really like to learn a few good recipes and prepare them for when I have guests coming over. It is different and healthy. I think people will appreciate it. When I am alone, I might not make the fancy recipes but when I have company I would definitely like to impress them!;) Thanks for providing these DVDs. Wishing you all the Best!

  33. Denise says:

    I’ve got to go on a durian hunt! That pudding (or ice cream) looks so good! Also, it’s something new and different for me and also a dessert I could serve my non-raw friends that they’re sure to enjoy. Thank you!

  34. Ella T. B. says:

    man, that all looks so good… reminds me of my restaurant days, it used to be so easy back then being raw because i worked in a raw vegan restaurant, but it was harder when i left because i didn’t have all the fancy equipment i had at my disposal there. now its good to see that so many things are possible with simpler methods 🙂 lookin forward to being able to get that dvd

  35. Julie says:

    Hello Frederic,

    I went from 2% raw to 60% raw overnight by making a green smoothie everyday which easily replaced breakfast and lunch. I did that everyday for a year before I realized I was actually living somewhat of a raw food lifestyle. In the summer of ’08 my first internet research on green smoothies brought me directly to you and your Green For Life program with Victoria Boutenko. Awesome! I have enjoyed your programs immensely, especially Perfect Health with Dr Doug Graham. I can’t thank you enough for making this vital information available to me/us. The next six months of activly feeding my mind, was the key for my body to shift to 95% raw by January 1st ’09! Wow…What a journey! Now its been 5 months and I seem to be entering a challenging time to keep the momentum going. I know I’m ready to go 100% and your DVDs will be the icing on the “cake”!

    Yours for Perfect Health,

  36. Laura says:

    I think I need to buy a spiralizer, for sure. I love those carrot spaghetti.
    I bet that recipe taste scrumptious.
    Another thing… I have never tried durian. I better try that one too.
    Yay! I (as in my tongue & my body) love raw food!!!

  37. Polina says:

    Hi Frederic,
    Love your recipes! You make it seems so easy to prepare and it looks fantastic!
    Thank you.

  38. flora says:

    hi. i am a natural mama trying to turn my family raw with me. i believe that all these tries to go raw we have made, with all those nuts and even when we switched to lots of seeds and only almonds sometimes, have not worked for us. so glad you are here to help.
    down here in new orleans, going raw is very forward. if only we could be successful, we could stand tall in this place and be well.

  39. Porphyry says:

    I’m thrilled how simple these recipes are to make! These are just what a culinarily impaired person such as myself needs. I’m so hungry now, I can’t wait to get a copy of this DVD set!


  40. Stacy N. says:

    Frederic Patenaude, you are amazing! 🙂 You are offering us exactly what we all need to prove to ourselves, and our family and friends, how simple eating raw foods can be PLUS we can now SEE how simple eating raw food really is! Thank you for all of the time that you have put into making these for everyone, your passion is showing 🙂

  41. Noelle says:

    Frederic, thank you so much for your emails. I’m a 26 year old mother of two who just recently (3 weeks ago), along with my husband decided our family would be RawVegan! My 23mth old daughter LOVES the food, (veggies and fruit alike), and even drinks green-smoothies. I’m breastfeeding my 4mth old and hope to continue for the first 2 years of his life. I love your recipe ideas but wonder if i need more fat in my own diet because i’m breastfeeding? Also i am wondering about combinations as i have been battling thrush the natural way and would love to see it dissapear. I am thrilled to be able to get through my day, energized and alive without relying on my coffee addiction anymore. Raw for life!

  42. Karen Gardineer says:

    Frederic, the video clips of the recipes look scrumptious! I like how we get closeups of the food. Excellent job!

  43. Steph C. says:

    Your clips are definitely sealing my decision to go raw vegan. I have been vegetarian for a while, vegan more recently, and still am feeling the pull to go 100% raw…you are such an inspiration! Thank you so much for these clips and lessons, I am so glad I found your site!

  44. Carla says:

    May 25, 2009

    Thank you soooo much for this information. I am just starting to eat raw. I suffer from IBS, chronic fatigue, fibermyalgia, depression, and anxiety disorder. I’m excited about eating raw. Maybe there’s hope afterall! I’m looking forward to REALLY living.


  45. Isabelle says:

    Every recipe is presented with clarity, simplicity and… elegance. I don’t know another word, so I am using elegance to say that the timing is short with an average of 2.5 minutes, combining the food respectfully and not the least showing those beautiful colors of this vibrant low raw food diet which tastes so good. This is a MUST-HAVE TO ANY KITCHEN EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT 100% RAW!

  46. Melany says:

    Oh I’m loving these clips and I simply can’t wait for the launch of your DVD tomorrow! I’m already making a list of people I wanna offer this product to, is there any better gift than speading health to the people we love? All I can say is THANK YOU very much for all your time and eergy spent preparing this project which I’m sure will be widely appreciated. Muchas gracias et bon appétit 🙂

  47. Alexander says:

    I enjoyed the ice cream recipe, because I went vegan last september and I’m on my journey to go 100% raw. I’ve always consumed a lot of ice creams and last week I realized that all the ice creams I used to buy and eat up to the last summer don’t fit in my choices anymore, but I still love icecreams: so thanks for the COOL recipe 😀


  48. Sophie says:

    Hi Fred,
    I can’t wait to get the dvds.
    You are great, you care to bring to us the best info on raw food.
    That makes my feel good!

  49. Stephanie Stephens says:

    I have been raw for almost a year now with only a few backslides. My son was born 9 years ago and has been a huge blessing but with his birth also came bad health. My RA returned and caused a reaction in my kidneys. I had to give up my business and was on Chemo for 5 years. I was completely miserable and taking 11 different medications. I finally said enough was enough. I started learning about health and 3 years later have learned that a raw vegan diet is what my body craves. I’m still learning and since finding Frederic’s site I’ve made some amazing advances in my health. Now I am battling my son because he still wants cooked and meat. I wish I could have known about raw when he was born. Life would be soooo much easier right now. I’m 47 and feel better than I did at 27. Praise God for leading me here. Thank you Frederic.

  50. Linda says:

    Wonderful…I’m ready to try all the different recipes offered. Your step by step explanation is great and easy to follow along. I like the way you explain the different tools used as well so I feel with your DVD I will be able to make the recipes perfectly. Thank You!!!

  51. Ken says:

    I’ve been following your work for several years now and have tried many of your recipes. Some of them didn’t turn out the way I expected, so I never made them again. Watching you make them, I realize some mistakes I’ve made and can’t wait to try them again. It’s wonderful to watch them being made, not just reading the recipe. It’s also great to see some of the tools you use in the kitchen that make the food prep so much easier. Despite having just a few ingredients, preparing specific ingredients sometimes takes much longer when you don’t have the right tools, and that can be enough to discourage me from making them again. Thanks for all the work you do and for adding the videos to your offerings!

  52. susan says:

    Hi Frederic! That Durian Ice Cream looks amazing! I am going to try!–My husband and I have seven kids and most are making changes to a healthier way of eating, bit by bit. Four have gotten married within the past 18 months and now different spouses are trying new foods. One in the family has Chrones, another Diabetes; my parents and one of my sisters has high blood pressure.–I am enjoying “The Raw Secrets” and “Instant Raw Sensations”! Would love to show my husband and the kids, and families, healthier, simpler, yummy food preparation where it is someone in addition to me preparing raw food dishes. Thank-you for all the time and energy you have and are putting into helping others; the suggestions for getting sufficient exercise and rest have been greatly appreciated too. I am definitely benefiting! Have a great day!!! Susan

  53. Carol Moore says:

    Need to show recipes what you are making that will be helpful.

  54. Anita says:

    My son and daughter want to learn basic food preparation this summer. They have been watching me eat raw almost exclusively since Jan. of this year. I have ‘released’ 25 lbs. and more is yet to go. Your DVD’s will be an inspiration to all of us. (My husband is also interested in going 100% raw. I just need enough ideas and know how to prepare meals that are filling, nutritious and delicious. Thank-you for all the years you have spent learning about the raw food lifestyle to share with others. Your website and all the books and info you make available have been the most helpful of all. Total raw food lifestyle has been my goal for approx. 5 years. I think your recent week long cleanse has helped me get off the fence to land firmly on the raw foods side of LIVING! Looking forward to your DVD’s.

  55. Irma says:

    Finally LOW FAT raw vegan food. Such a rare find. I can’t wait to see the recipes in action and taste the results. What a wonderful thing you have done Frederic. Thank many times over.

  56. Peggy says:

    Thank you so much for such wonderful and healthy recipes. I have been raw for about two years and have truly enjoyed your recipes.Keep up the good work of educating us on how best to feed our bodies.

  57. Jo Anne says:


    Looking forward to the release of your DVD’s. I am working my way to being 100% Raw. I have been raw til dinner and then raw for 3 days and then a cooked dinner. This past week I have gone 6 days. It is getting easier as time goes by. I am having foot surgery on June 1st and will be off work for at least 6 weeks . I think this will be the perfect time to make the commitment without any distractions.

    Thanks for all your great information. You are a great mentor.

  58. eve says:

    Awesome presentations!!!

  59. Catherine says:

    All the prepared dishes look so appealing! I think these would even go over well at church potlucks, family reunions, etc. Summer is coming, and I’m feeling ready to try some new recipes.

  60. Meina says:

    Very nice the videos, it looks so easy this way! I hope friends and family could watch them and feel the wish to do more for their health, learning that low fat raw vegan recipes can be delicious and uncomplicated!

    thanks again

  61. Marta I G O says:

    i have tried being raw once and it didn´t work, and then I´ve learned that I was doing a lot wrong, like eating too much fat, etc… I haven´t had the courage again to eat 100% raw, but I am doing my best avoiding the worst foods and eating much more fruit and smoothies. I need some inspiration and delicious easy recipes to do the next steps, and I guess this DVDs could bring it! Looking forward to it!

  62. Caroline says:

    OMG!~ I hope you have enough DVDs. I think you are going to sell out in the first day! I’ve been trying to be raw for a while, started with Rob Young’s protocols which initially helped a lot, but this is so much simpler. I really feel that we don’t need all those supplements when we truly eat well! And fruit is wonderful!!! I feel so much better drinking smoothies after staying away from fruits for years. I can’t wait to see your DVD’s, they look wonderful!!!
    Thank you, thank you thank you!

  63. Karen says:

    Yep – the spiralizer is going on my wish list! Very helpful to see it in action.

    I’ve been going raw for two years and am looking for great recipes and demos to create yummy dishes for all the kids I care for in my childcare business. Also, I’m planning with my older kids to create a ‘Garden Smoothies’ booth at the local farmer’s market this summer!

    Thanks for your work!


  64. Carol says:

    Oh my God! I can’t believe it, Durian Ice Cream, I can taste it just watching you prepare it, just wish we could get them where I live. What a disappointment that most people don’t know what they are missing. My mouth is watering just watching you make it. :o)
    I cannot wait to get my hands on the DVD’s. I am so thankful to you because I am always looking for easy raw recipes. I teach at an alternative high school and have less that 30 minutes to eat, and raw is a blessing because it can be so easy. I really like new recipes to try, I have severe migraines and raw foods has been my life saver because it helps me to control them. I recently purchased your book and I absolutely love it. It is really the book that I use most days. Thank you so much for all that you do for the raw food world.

  65. Jacqueline Michaud says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful and instructive videos. Seeing how you make it really helps to understand the process of making raw recipes.
    And you are so nice to look at!

    Thanks again,

  66. Guylaine says:

    I’m won, I’m won! The recipes are fabulous and so inspiring. This is the best video on raw food preparation I’ve seen so far. No kidding! This is really professionalism with quality and a quiet tone with it. Frederic you have done an excellent work. It will inspire so many to get back to vibrant health. This is the missing piece in the raw food community. Thank you so much, Guylaine

  67. David says:

    Umm, I’ve got to make some of those nori rolls, they look delicious! I’m going to go to the local organic farmers market this weekend to get the ingredients!

  68. Dusan says:

    I wish I was that good in making raw meals few days ago. The DVD’s really going to change the way people are making their meals.

    It’s a pleasure to watch you preparing those delicious foods.

    I’m looking forward for more of these wonderful videos. 🙂

  69. Lori says:

    I can’t wait to receive your new DVDs ! They are going to be such a big help to me- as I love my new found low fat raw vegan lifestyle!! I am a new raw foodist now on your plan after being raw for almost 8 years and going through so many problems! These DVDs will really help all my students. I plan on buying many of them to sell to my students! Thank you again for all your hard work!

  70. holly coffman says:

    I am offically announcing that from now on, I will be happily & gratfully known as
    ‘HAPPY HOLLY’….. Why? Because for the very first time in my life I know that eatting a 100% lowfat raw food diet is going to change my life, forever! I have already seen amazing changes in my health. And,the ‘cherry’ on my ‘fruit sundae’ is that I am also going finally loose body fat in a healthy manner & create the body image I’ve ALWAYS imagined for myself. I am HAPPY HOLLY and I am LOVING RAW! THANK YOU FOR GUIDENCE ON THIS JOURNEY!!!

  71. Anna says:

    Since 2006, I have been a raw-foodist. But what does that mean, really? For me it meant lots of nut butters, oils, agave nectar and dehydrated foods. Transitioning from a SAD diet, I felt better at first, but then then felt worse. It was very disappointing. But for the first time, in a long time, I am keeping it simple and eating a lot more fresh, non-seasoned, low fat fruits and vegetables and I’m feeling better than I ever have. I am so grateful for someone like you who practices what they preach! Your DVD’s could not have come at a better time in my life. Thank you so much.
    Anna M.

  72. Dash says:

    As I and my family work hard to leave behind a past of spice-craziness, I look forward to learning how to make delicious meals that make taste deprivation a non-issue. Thanks for all your efforts in service, Frederic!

  73. Jennet says:

    Just love the simplicity of the recipes. So many other recipes use tons of ingredients (especially lots of nuts, seeds or oils which I’m trying to get away from). Do you give amounts in the recipes or is it mostly by personal taste?

  74. holly coffman says:

    Oh! I almost forgot to mention…I would really love to win the DVD’s…THANKS:)

  75. richard says:

    Hey Frederic,
    Wow youve really blown me away Im standin in the que already. Got my sleepin bag and all the things you taught me my raw smothie and nori ralls i just seen you make my low fat salad and heaps of fruit all in my chilli bag ready to sit it out all night just to get the first autographed copy and hopefully if i am first there i might win the prize for the free one Cause i just love to see you making all that real healthy stuff makes me feel so young.
    Thanks for the supreeeeme effort.

  76. Iulian says:

    I think the Raw Spaghetti recipe is a pretty
    clever thing to come up with. Hope that it
    also taste good!

    Oh, well… there’s only one way to find
    out! 😀

  77. Aimee Blanchard says:

    Wow! I started salavating while I was watching the food being prepared, and I wasn’t even hungry! I guess it’s true fruit is to humans what prey is to preditorial animals. That’s incredible!

  78. Fiona says:

    Those recipes look amazing!! I can’t wait for the DVD’s. I never knew eating raw could be so good. I have been sticking mostly to green smoothies & fruit smoothies, but these recipes make me want to branch out and try new things. Frederic you are amazing!! Thank you so much for all your ideas, recipes & encouragement for all of us who are just starting out on this wonderful new way of eating. I hope you have enough DVD’s!!

  79. Amanda says:

    In the states, I had some frozen durian and it was nice, a bit of an acquired taste, but OK, and then we moved to Malaysia and discovered fresh delicious durian of many different types and now I LOVE it and can’t wait and live for each durian season! And so many types of fresh bananas here too! It will be fun to try your durian ice cream. And, I do hope you put the almond pate recipe in the DVD for your sushi. Looks yummy.

    I’ve tried extended fresh juice fasts and felt absolutely terrific, ‘on the juice’, but once I added raw foods back to my diet I just didn’t feel so nice and I’m hoping the difference in your raw approach compared to what I tried in the past is it is lower in fat. It seems so obvious suddenly, back in the 80’s I was following Dr. John McDougall’s plan and actually felt better on it, a very low fat, low sodium vegan diet than I did on the raw vegan diet with a heavier hand of avocados, olive oil, nuts and salt. Yes, I believe the way you promote raw will make all the difference for me. Thank you for getting this info out there!

  80. Melissa Hanson says:

    Loving every second of it, cant wait for more!!! I ordered right away, but if I win a set I promise to give them to someone who will benefit from them. 🙂 Thank you so much, Frederic, for all that you do!

  81. Monique says:

    I have always believed that our bodies run like cars. You can’t feed a car water and expect it to run right and we can’t expect our bodies to run right either if we keep feeding it malnourished food! We need more people out there like you to teach people how to eat right so they feel better not only physically but mentally as well. Thanks for everything.

  82. Julien says:

    I’m really impressed! It’s an amazing job that you have done on these DVDs.
    Thanks for all you do, your books have already changed my health and my way of life for the better.

  83. Rita says:

    Wow! I am impressed, the food looks great. I have been trying to get my family to go raw for a while now, thanks for some new ideas. I wish we could buy your CDs, but we have been without a job for several months now.
    You have helped me very much, thanks for that,

  84. aidatvera says:

    dear frederick
    last week i send an e-mail as you said in the language that you mention it was in spanish. i just want to congratulate you and give you an applause. i like to get those dvd an enjoy your presence and your livingfoods teachings. i presentbe delighted whith you monthy club and advices on diferent an interesting things
    gracias por todo y hasta siempre.

  85. Carol M says:

    I have been on raw on and off for more than 10 years. Now I am about 95 to 100% raw. Its hard to stay 100%.
    How to stay 100% when I am out to restaurant with friends? I wish your DVD would show with closed captioned
    so Deafies can learn something what you said. I rather watch DVD than read books. I bought books and ebooks
    from you but have not read them much lately.

  86. Carol M says:

    Are you selling this DVD now before the price go up? Don’t see how to buy them.

    COMMENT: The DVDS have been released!

  87. Ruth says:

    O.K. so here’s another rawfood dvd. ok let’s see what causes this one to stand
    out from all the others? Well let me see if I can determine the difference. BINGO!
    these excerpts made me want to go into the kitchen and start preparing everyone of the recipies because they are so kitchen friendly. I have all the ingredients and don’t have to go out and pruchase a lot of expensive items to prepare one meal. Even in your books the recipies are interchangeable. Please RELEASE the DVD’s I must have them!

    COMMENT: The DVDS have been released!

  88. Brenda says:

    Loved the tip on where to get durian. I have tasted fresh durian once while in California. I live in Illinois. I will be sure to check out the local Asian stores! THANKS!

  89. Laura G says:

    Are the sundried tomatoes soaked?

  90. Lala72 says:

    Just fixed the spaghetti. It was delicious. I went a little heavier on the sun-dried tomatoes, then added about a third-cup of water. I also used three dates to sweeten it. I top it off with fresh cut chives from the garden. Yummmm.

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