May 21

Anne Osborne, Fruitarian for 17 Years

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I just finished an exciting interview with Anne Osborne, an English woman who’s been living a complete fruitarian diet (not nuts or greens) for the past 17 years.

She thrives on the diet, and also has raised two healthy fruitarian children.

If you’re not a Raw Vegan Mentor Club member, you still have a chance to listen to this interview for the next 24

In it you will discover:

– The story of how she’s been living on fruit for the past 17 years
– Her point of view on greens in the diet
– How she raised two healthy children on a fruitarian diet
– And more !

It’s a very inspiring interview. Check it out here for the next 24 hours:

Tell others, because it won’t be around for long!

Yours for health and success,


PS: This interview is also available for download in higher quality, iPod-ready format in the member’s area of the Raw Vegan Mentor  Club, along with the complete written transcript for easy browsing. 

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One Response to “Anne Osborne, Fruitarian for 17 Years”

  1. Maria Schöning says:

    Its great to see, read and listen to what you do. I have been 6 months raw and it has been great, the last 6 weeks have been difficult but when I come back and read it becomes again easy to follow it. Thanks a lot for your book and for what you are doing.

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