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Boldly Going Where No Raw Vegan Has Gone Before

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–  Feature Article “Boldly Going Where no Raw Vegan Has Gone Before


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Raw Health Starter Kit


Boldly Going Where No Raw Vegan Has Gone Before

I went to see the latest Star Trek movie last weekend. My dad was a mild Star Trek fan so I was raised watching those movies and series.

As expected, the new movie was incredible with just the right combination of action, great characters and jaw-dropping futuristic settings.

I started thinking about it, because the Star Trek universe is often fancied of the ultimate dream for humanity — the future where technology has done what it’s supposed to do without destroying the world, and when humans are taking the next step exploring other planets.

The tag line is “Boldly going where no man has gone before.”

And it seems to me like the perfect metaphor for this great adventure that we’re currently on with the raw vegan diet.

A lot of people — men in particular — are fascinated by the concept of space travel and exploration.

Even though Einstein proved that it’s not possible to go faster light speed, we like to imagine what it would be like to travel even faster than this and be able to reach the farthest corners of the galaxy, where perhaps strange life forms and civilizations live.

People also like to imagine a future when all diseases have been eliminated through the wonders of science and medicine.

But is it actually what’s happening?

Even though tremendous technological progress has been made in the last 100 years, the surprising truth is that we’re getting sicker than ever.

Even life expectancy is expected to decline by about 5 years in America within the next decades, according to paper publisher by the National Institute of Health (NIH) in 2005.

Medicine is busy trying to find a “cure” for the most complex and deadly disease, when in fact they haven’t even managed to discover a cure for the most benign illness: the common cold.

By their own admission, it’s not even possible to cure the common cold. But yet, they keep promising a cure for cancer or for multiple sclerosis!

In reality, the most obvious cure for almost all health problems is in the cause, like my friend Dr. Ruza says.

Remove the cause of the illness, and you’ve already done most of what needs to be done to let the body do the rest and start healing.

I always find it funny when movies depicting a highly technologically advanced and utopian future, people still drink alcohol and eat cooked meat!

mccoy_serum.jpg.jpegThey also still get sick, but fortunately they have a Dr. McCoy with a nifty gadget that wipes out their cancer in a few seconds and in no pain.

This unfortunately is as unlikely to happen as faster-than-speed space travel!

You cannot negate the law of cause and effect.

You cannot keep on hitting your head with a hammer, take a pill to “cure” you while you still smash your head repeatedly!

Of course, it’s not as simple as I make it sound. But you get the point.

The basic problem with our current way of thinking in health is that it’s purely symptomatic.

A guy goes to see a doctor. Doctor discovers he has high blood pressure. Doctor gives pill to patient. Blood pressure goes away.

But what’s really happening behind the scenes? Is the high-blood pressure really “cured?” Or did we just artificially lower it? And what about those nasty “side-effects?” And what if by hiding the symptoms of high-blood pressure, we’re creating more problems in the future?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to discover what caused the high-blood pressure in the first place and get rid of it?

Let’s say I’m driving in my car and I hear a funny noise. Do I go to the car mechanic and ask him to put something to cover up the funny noise so that I don’t hear it anymore?

No! I actually want to know what’s happening. What caused it? Let’s get rid of it.

By the way, I’m not against modern medicine per se. I’m sure glad we have modern surgery, dentistry and antibiotics that can certainly save your life in certain situations.

What I’m pointing out is the basic flaw of not just modern medicine — but also ALL so-called “natural” healing arts — that always try to get rid of the symptoms rather than trying to understand their cause and work on eliminating that cause first.

Boldly Going Where No Raw Vegan Has Gone Before

To come back to the title of this article, I believe that going on a raw vegan diet can be one of the greatest adventures of all time.

For thousands of years, men were puzzled by disease. At first, they attributed it to demons. Then, we discovered germs and viruses and thought ALL diseases could be explained through this model.

Now, for the first time in possibly the entire history of humanity, we understand that we are the architects of our own illnesses — at least most of them.

Even traditional doctors will admit that over 75% of all diseases can be prevented thorough proper diet, exercise and abstinence from tobacco and alcohol.

But with that realization, we also have the science to help us get to the greatest state of health possible.

With advances made in the sciences of nutrition, exercise physiology, and many other fields — we can now carefully  and scientifically design a complete health program that works.

For many years, raw-foodists and natural hygienists had good intentions. They discovered important concepts. They told us to eat raw fruits and vegetables. They told us to exercise. But they made many mistakes in the “how” this was going to be done.

They didn’t know care about calories, or percentages of fat, or principles of fitness training, and made a lot of mistakes along the way.

But now that we have that information and can use it to our advantage, we can truly embark on one of the most wonderful and rewarding adventures of all: the adventure of natural health.

Two Approaches in Raw Eating

Although the raw food movement seems quite confusing nowadays, with lots of different authors, each with a different take on it, and each with a conflicting philosophy, we can easily sort through this mess if we understand this.

There are basically only TWO approaches to the raw food diet.

The first one is what I call the “medical” approach to raw food — which also happens to be the “high-fat” approach.

Its proponents may appear to be different on the surface, but upon close examination they all have the same beliefs. Here are the main characteristics of this approach:

how-olive-oil-works-31222748225.jpg.jpeg•    The fear of fruit. They follow the typical medical-approach to weight loss which is the high-fat diet (disguised as the “low-carb” diet). They try to teach you that fruit is dangerous and in some cases even claim that fruit eating causes health problems.

•    The symptomatic approach. Just like a clueless doctor who only treats symptoms, these people will teach you to “cure” your lack of energy with a stimulant, like cacao; or improve your digestion with artificial supplemental enzymes; or overcome your nutritional deficiencies with a supplement, not understanding that most deficiencies are not caused by a lack of nutrition, but a problem in assimilation.

•    The “fragmented nutrition” approach. Instead of viewing nutrition as a whole, they understand it in a fragmented way. For example, they believe that if a food is a really high source of a particular nutrient, then it must be a good thing. They don’t understand that “more” is not always better, and the whole processes of nutrition must be understood before blindly recommending anything as “superior”. This fragmented view of nutrition leads these people to recommend various supplements, dried superfoods sold in a bottle and other artificial products, touted as miraculous.

•    The “Woo-Woo” Effect. Even though many of these authors appear scientific on the surface, it’s easy to recognize them because they will often mix in their philosophies with strange and “woo-woo” unscientific elements such as: UFO sightings, breatharianism, End-of-the-world prophesies and, of course, Bigfoot.

•    The Snake-Oil Effect. These people are not just happy sharing good information to the public. They always have an expensive magic pill to sell. Whether it’s a superfood, a dried enzyme powder, a little magnet you can carry around to diffuse “bad energy”, or a magic mushroom, there’s always something in the bag of tricks.

As for the other side of the raw food movement, you’ve guessed it, it’s the exact opposite.

8.jpg•    High-fruit and low-fat, with an emphasis on calibrating the diet to fit your needs. Getting enough calories is important, as is getting a good variety of fruits and greens.

•    Full lifestyle approach. In this context, achieving a proper level of fitness is an important of your nutrition, in addition to eating the right foods in the right amounts. So is getting enough sleep and sunshine.

•    Foods as Foods, not as Medicines. It’s important to understand that foods should NOT be used as medicines. If a food has strong medicinal properties (such as garlic or medicinal herbs), that’s a good reason we shouldn’t be eating it.

There’s much more to say about this, and in fact, that’s the focus of my Monthly Raw Vegan Mentor Club, where I spend a lot of time every month to write the printed newsletter that we ship to our members. (For more information, click here)

What do you think?

How do you see the future of humanity and where does the raw vegan diet fit into this?

Looking forward to your comments.


25 Responses to “Boldly Going Where No Raw Vegan Has Gone Before”

  1. John Kenneth Hautman says:

    Bonjour Frederic – Nice article. Another piece worth mentioning is the emotional. From a holistic health approach, all disease has its origin in unresolved emotional issues. The poor diet, lack of exercise etc simply exacerbate (and are sometimes caused by) an already bad emotional situation. Following your lifestyle/diet recommendations will make a tremendous positive impact on a persons life. However, they may still endure anxiety, disease and bad health if they are suppressing emotional issues mostly left over from childhood and mostly buried in the unconscious. One sees this often when an incredibly healthy person with a “healthy” lifestyle suddenly drops dead of a heart attack or develops a cancer. Bringing the unconscious negativity to consciousness and awakening a person’s spiritual nature is the way to diminish/eliminate the harmful effects of the unconscious negativity. Keep up the good work Frederic !! John

  2. Nimisha says:

    Fred, I totally agree with your approach above – sensible, straight forward, and no “woo woo” stuff. People get so enamoured with the next “magic bullet” that they leave common sense behind. Although “The China Study” doesn’t advocate raw/living foods per se, it helps us understand nutrition as a WHOLE, not fragmented pieces of this nutrient and that. Once you understand this, you can build a foundation of good health and customize it to your own needs and circumstances.

    Thank you for bringing a balanced approach to this lifestyle. And keep doing what you’re doing. 🙂


  3. Hey Frederic,

    This is the first time I checked out your blog. I love it. Well done. I am new to the lowfat raw vegan lifestyle. I started in March and I love it. I actually gained weight on raw gourmet and high fat raw foods, not to mention I slept more and noticed digestive upset. Mono foods and simple eating is bring me back into balance. Gotta loe it. Thanks for sharing your world with everyone. I will be posting a link to your site on my blog 🙂 Thanks again!

  4. Karen Brewster says:

    So…I have been trying the “Raw” diet or life style for 8 years now and still waver. I do well for a while and then struggle for a while. I do feel lots better now, I am 75% raw and have been for the most part of the last 8 years. I ride my bicycle 3 or 4 days a week to work – that’s 14 miles a day (7.2 miles each way)

    I appreciate your business style because it gives us the opportunity to see your sincerity and encourages us in the right direction. I look for your emails everyday and read them carefully. I do believe in your research results and want to say keep it up because you are helping lots of people!

    I am 51 years old and often find myself amazed when I compare myself with others my age. I am not there yet but have seen enough to see amazing results. I started this new way of eating after the doctors told me I had Lupus. They wanted to fill me with Steroids and other “Medicines” and after researching the drugs they were offering me I had to think of a better way. I could not bring myself to take the drugs they said would make me better.

    I found a book on raw food for curing disease and for the next three months I ate only raw food. I went back to the doctor for a follow up and he told me that I no longer have Lupus and asked me for a list of the things I did over the last three months. It was amazing. That was 12 years ago and I have never experienced those symptoms again.

  5. Lauren M says:

    Frederic, you look fantastic! You are honestly starting to look even younger! What a great testimony to the effectiveness of healthy raw eating! Thank you so much for all the information and inspiration you bring to your readers. We bought your salad dressing recipes e-book not long ago and are delighted with the variety and the ease to prepare these. They really add zip to our evening meals and the recipes are exceptional. My family and I appreciate you so very much. You’re the bestest!

  6. Jocelyn Phillips says:

    I just loved your article! You are such a gifted writer that you are able to get your point across so well with just a few words as well as that wonderful humor of yours! I especially loved the part where you described the “woo-woo” effect! I laughed until I cried!
    I was a Trekkie like your dad (I suspect we’re about the same age), but I think I’m too old to appreciate the new movie with all the “action” and sex. I was never a fan of Captain Kirk’s romances, and he never did anything but kiss and flirt! Captain Picard and Data have always been my favorites.
    Anyway, your article was right on target as always. I’m always looking forward to your next installment!

  7. Katie Roberts says:


    I enjoyed this article, I’ve also over the years been struck by the inherent contradictions in the technically-advanced Star Trek-type movies!

    I’m glad you mentioned the “woo-woo” factor, for me this is one thing that I think really hampers acceptance of the raw/natural hygiene way of life. To often, an otherwise undebatably sensible and scientific approach is polluted by talk of chakras, kirlian photography, psychic ability, touchy-feely plant/earth spiritual “connections” and the like. All it does is ALIENATE the people who would otherwise see the raw truth.

    Perhaps more on this topic at some point? Cut through some more of the BS in the movement?



  8. Even though I think people can thrive on diets containing more than 10% fat, I agree with your “snake oil effect” statement, and actually mentioned it on my blog as well. Fresh produce is what makes us healthy, not weird, expensive concoctions. The promotion of such products is, in my opinion, preventing the raw diet from going mainstream by making it seem unscientific and perhaps even dangerous.

  9. Sofia Andrewski says:


    I agree with you Frederic. What drives me mad is that the high fat version of the raw diet is also the version that gets put across in the media. Thats bad because it puts off loads of people on a ‘normal’ diet who just see that a lot of them are off their nut! Case in point: I am the only raw foodist in my family and sort of recently there was a TV programme about raw foodism on Channel 4. Of course they picked the urine-drinking ‘woo woo’ type and I had people ringing me up telling me that I was completely mental.

    I had to explain to them that there are two ways to follow a raw diet and I was NOT doing it that way. Thats why I see what you do as so important to counter-balance this. I still have people giving me articles about unhealthy or starving vegan kids because there are parents out there giving us all a bad name.

    I guess the best thing to do is to lead by example. Hopeful humanity with look back on their current craziness with disbelieve as they toast to their health with green smoothies instead of alcohol and roast dinners!


  10. Grace Smith says:

    Thanks for yet another great article! I too find myself struggling from time to time between this product and that product and worrying whether my health is going to fail without their use. But I feel that you’re absolutely right in thinking that it’s not about a lack of nutrition but more a problem with assimilation. I’m slowly starting to realize, and you’ve been a huge help in this area, that health comes from removing obstructions and stagnation in the body. I’ve grown tired of hearing about the benefits of cacao, and other packaged powdered foods, and am really turned off by faux meats. Why do we mimic foods that are responsible for our failing health? Why can’t eating be simple? What’s wrong with fruits and vegetables? Why all the fancy raw food equipment? Why all the oils? ANd I understand the importance of transition which is why most people coming off the SAD feel satisfied with the heavy gourmet raw food concoctions. But eventually, this stuff will make you sick as well because FAT is FAT is FAT and too much of it is no good no matter raw or not. You’re better off eating a plate of steamed vegetables. . .Frederic, you are true to your word and bring valuable information to us all, helping us in our journey to great health without all the frills. My mouth waters at a piece of fruit and my eyes sing when I see the abundance of leafy greens at my local supermarket. Your experience always helps me see that this is ENOUGH for me. I lack nothing when I consume fresh fruits and vegetables. My eyes sparkle, my complexion is clearer and people tell me all the time that I’m glowing and what’s my secret. . .

  11. Amanda says:

    Another fantastic article, and I agree so much on the aspect of nutrient deficiencies being caused by assimilation issues – and not a lack of intake. You can take as much of vitamin X or supplement Y as you like, if your body is not able to assimilate/use them, you’re not solving any problems!

  12. Courtney says:

    Hi Frederic,

    Nice article! I agree exactly or at least with the intent of you say in most of this article. However, you stated:

    “understanding that most deficiencies are not caused by a lack of nutrition, but a problem in assimilation.”

    Do you have any proof or evidence of this? While many other of your nutritional statements can be supported by the scientific literature, I’ve not seen any evidence that supports such a sweeping statement. I’d love to hear why you think this. Do you have any particular sources–books, scientific articles, authorities/gurus–that you can recommend that I check out?

    Thanks so much!

  13. Frederic says:

    That’s a good question! It takes quite a bit of time to explain. I did that in my May newsletter for the mentor club (, where the topic of the issue happens to be deficiencies. Here’s a short excerpt:

    Illnesses caused by such deficiencies include:

    • Survy, a vitamin C deficiency, was common in sailors and pirates on ship voyages, who could not store fresh fruits and vegetables. This disease is not very rare in industrialized nations.

    • Pellagra, a disease caused by lack of vitamin B3 (niacin), can kill a man within 4 to 5 years. The disease is now only common in very poor countries or with homeless people who drink alcohol and refuse food.

    • Beriberi is a disease caused by a thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency. Symptoms include severe fatigue and lethargy, and breakdown of the nervous, cardiovascular, and muscular system. The disease was common in concentration camps or in periods of famine, where the only food eaten was refined rice.

    • Anemia is typically caused by an iron deficiency, but can have other causes as well, so is not strictly a deficiency disease.

    Most of the diseases mentioned are no longer experienced by prosperous, industrialized nations who have access to fruits and vegetables and unrefined, fresh foods in sufficient quantities.

    These are the TRUE deficiency diseases, and anyone living on a raw food diet does not have to fear them.


    Why Deficiencies Are Not Caused By a Lack of Nutrients

    In industrialized nations, deficiencies are generally not caused by a deficient diet.

    One simple proof of this is to look at cases of deficiencies within the same family eating the same diet.

    A family of 6 could be eating the same foods, day after day, and share the same meals together, yet only one person in the family would suffer from an iron deficiency.

    If the iron deficiency was the true cause of the disease, then why aren’t the other members of the family affected?

    We now have access to an abundance of foods coming from all corners of the world. Yet in spite of this abundance, nutritional supplements are more popular than ever.

    Maybe it’s because of an ingrained fear of famine that even in periods of abundance, the average person still is concerned about not getting enough nutrients.

    (…) Then I include a lot more information including factors that limit absorption, what happens during fasting, and more. To read the rest:

    –> By the way, to understand more how this works I can also refer you to the works of Dr. Herbert Shelton.

  14. LovesRaw says:

    I loved what you said Frederic, always telling it like it is. lol. In defense of some people who are making the faux meat type of raw diet, perhaps they have families (spouses and children) who are not interested in eating raw foods, and making faux meat is a way of easing them into raw foods. It gets tiring having to make 2 different types of meals when preparing foods for your family.

  15. […] an interesting perspective on health in general and raw food specifically.  His latest “blog entry” tackles the issue of the western attitude in regards to disease.  And he offers his famous […]

  16. j lootsma says:

    eat raw and prosper !!!!

  17. Simon says:

    Fred, you look great.
    You seem to have grown even younger in the last years.
    Really motivating and good testimony for the low-fat raw food lifestyle.

  18. JeanM says:

    True we expect more from our mechanic then our doctors. WHat a sad state we live in.

  19. arnie says:

    Glad to hear that you are well. It would be very helpful if you could reveal the title of the book.
    Thank you.

  20. t-bird says:

    Just wanted to say to you totally NOT star trek fans that the original series was ALL veggie!

    There was one episode where kirk went to the food machine and ordered something like fried chicken and mashed potatoes, something totally SAD.

    Spock raised his quizzical eyebrown and asked “Why do you insist on calling it that when you know it is all made out of <<something like reformatted vegetable substances”

    And kirk just give us that “Oh spock, just when I though you were showing some humanness you totally lose it” look.

  21. jo3hn says:

    Question1: Is it OK to eat the original* instead of juices/smoothy.
    example1: juice1 is made of fruit1 and fruit2 and vegetable1.
    original1 == fruit1 and fruit2 and vegetabl1.
    example2: smoothy3 is made of fruit3 and fruit4
    original3 == fruit3 and fruit4

    Yes, juice and smoothy is delicious
    but original* simplifies life.

  22. Christine says:

    Great article, Frédérique, thanks!

    I like how you break down the different approaches to raw, and your sense of humor about it.
    I started with a very clearn diet and then off course, as a lot of people, got swayed into the multiple recipes and nut rich foods. A lot of them do indeed taste wonderful, but I soon found that they left me feeling “off.” As for raw cacao, it always gave me such an uncomfortable rush that I stayed away from it.
    I am now back to much slimpler way of eating, about 75% raw with added steamed veggies, yams, and quinoa for the most part, along with home made veggie soup in winter for warmth.

    Oh, and by the way, Vulcans are vegetarians.

    I’m a hard core Trekkie. Eat raw and prosper indeed (thx for that Lootsma)

  23. Rashnu says:

    I think raw vegan food will be mainstream in about 20 years, but there will always be a market for animal food and cooked, processed food as well. But it will only be a small portion of the standard diet, for special occasions or so. As the percentage of raw vegan healthy people will grow steadily, and more and more people will testify how they were cured from a variety of diseases, in a few years the benefits will be so obvious that no one will be able to ignore it anymore.
    Another reason for this is that human consciousness is evolving, and people start to feel both connected and responsible for the well being of each other and our planet. Social pressure will make that nobody will claim too great a part of our scarce resources for his own. By eating mainly vegan organic food there will be plenty of food for everyone.

  24. Rae says:

    Today I attended a lecture/demo about fermented foods. First of all, the presenter was rather overweight even though he’d been eating a lot of fermented foods for decades. He favored the approach of adding a lot of salt to acccelerate the fermentaton process. Now I understand where the health benefts of fermented foods come in: they are a digestive aid for people who are eating mostly cooked food that is devoid of beneficial bacteria in the first place. In other words, they are medicinal foods that healthy low fat raw vegans don’t need.

  25. Robin says:

    A future that has “a highly technologically advanced and utopian future, people still drink alcohol and eat cooked meat” ? No, no , no – you don’t understand the Star Trek Universe at all!

    It only LOOKS like alcohol and meat. It’s REALLY fruit! Fruit (and some greens) that have been re-shaped and re-textured in their food synthesizer! Didn’t you know?

    ;-D I love you! Keep up the good work! (And could you please beam over to the East Coast when you get a chance? Thanks!)

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