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My Dream of Moving to the Tropics

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Growing up on the East coast of Canada, I’ve always secretly hated the winter — the never ending winter!

It was a reality of life that I grudgingly accepted, and I was always disappointed at the fleetingly short summer.

However, it was not until I became a raw foodist that I started seriously thinking about moving to the tropics!

I think every raw foodist has had this daydream. They envision living in a warm country. They can almost smell the fresh breeze of fresh air coming down from the mountains. They can almost feel their toes in the warm water and sand of the ocean. But most importantly: they can almost taste the delicious tropical fruits that grow there year round!

I was not only fascinated with the tropics, but I wanted to move there!

When I lived in California, I loved it, but didn’t think it was tropical enough. I dreamed of jumping into waterfalls and enjoying truly exotic fruits that can’t be easily found elsewhere.

Almost all my favorite fruits are tropical ones.

I’m not just talking about bananas and mangoes, but exotic treats like jackfruit, durian, mangosteen, lychees, dragon fruit, custard apple, and so many others!

It seems like nature never ran out of ideas to design those amazing tropical fruits.

For example, the fruit called “rolinea” tastes like lemon meringue pie! You can find it in Hawaii, tropical parts of Australia, and some other tropical countries.

And the amazing black sapote, that tastes like chocolate pudding, but better!

What about the “mamey sapote,” which tastes like cooked pumpkin pie, with all the seasonings!

And let’s not mention the durian, which can be the most foul thing in the world, or the best thing you’ve ever tasted. You just need to get a good one! (Hint if it smells awful it’s probably overripe!)

I was sad that all the best fruits in the world are just not available in most supermarkets. If those fruits were available everywhere in their peak state of ripeness, I feel I could almost live on fruit.

Many people, like me, have dreamt about living in the tropics. For most, this will only stay in the realm of fantasy.

But I was determined to take action. I really wanted to try living in a tropical paradise!

In 2002, I visited Costa Rica for the first time, and I was blown away. I stayed there a month and visited the entire country, and the entire time I asked myself how I could move there one day.

I kept reading on the topic of moving abroad. And every time the winter dragged on, such as right now in February and March… I kept thinking about it even more.

Finally, in 2006, I had the opportunity to move to Costa Rica as part of a retreat center project. I stayed there for over six months, but unfortunately, due to some complex business and personal matters, the entire project fell apart and I was forced to return back home.

Although I realized the project I had started was not a good idea, I had not abandoned my dream of living in the tropics.

So every year, I kept going back to Costa Rica. Every winter, I stayed there a minimum of three months, sometimes up to five!

I read everything I could on the subject. I met so many experts on matters of residency, etc.

I’ll tell you the rest of the story in my next email, but now I just want to say that after all this time in Costa Rica, and all this experience, I’ve decided to release a book on the subject!

In fact, I’ve been secretly working on this, and the book will come out next week.

The book is called:

So You Want to Move to Costa Rica – My Quest for the Ultimate Tropical Paradise

It will be available next week in a print and eBook format.

I’m quite excited about it, because this is not a book like anything that has been done before. It’s a raw story, very funny at times, about my tumultuous experience of trying to move to the tropics. It covers everything you need to know about Costa Rica, but also other tropical countries I considered.

The main difference about this book, versus other books on the topic, is that it’s really about this “ideal” of wanting to move to the tropics. Through all my experience, I give you my uncensored version of what it’s really like, and in the end I give you lots of practical advice for anybody who would like to make the move, or for those who want to do what I do, which is to spend a few months a year in the tropics. It’s also for those who are just curious about it!

I’m quite excited about this new book, and to launch it I will be doing something very special, just for my subscribers.

If you are worried about the price… don’t be. This book will be priced to sell! I’m making it affordable for everybody, because I just want to get it out there.

But for my subscribers, I’ll be offering you something special.

I’ll also be giving a way two free copies of the book! Just comment below and get a chance to win! I’ll select someone from the posts below to win. Just tell me what you think of this project! 

UPDATE: We’ve picked the first winner! It’s: 

jan, from Massachusetts, who wrote: 

I would love to have the opportunity to move to Costa Rica. I think that it is fantastic that you wrote a book detailing what it is like to live in Costa Rica. I have been a fan of yours for years and look forward to reading your words of wisdom. I am unemployed currently and would not have the funds to purchase your book. I know that you are a reputable source of information unlike so many out there on the web. I would be able to put your knowledge to good use and share it with others. I would share some of the information with my book club. So my reason for winning the book is not purely self centered, I think we are all here to share love and joy with others.Having a good diet is fundementally key to being able to live ones best life. I think you are an amazing old soul Frederic!

134 Responses to “My Dream of Moving to the Tropics”

  1. Eve says:

    Hi Fred,
    We think this project is a great idea! Would love to see Costa Rica and perhaps stay for awhile.

  2. Tarmo says:

    Interesting, I really enjoyed reading Raw Food Controversies, so I’m trusting it’s more of the same kind of sensible and honest information infused in a compelling story. Looking forward!

  3. Mariano says:

    Hello Frederic!. I’m following your information here in Argentina. Sorry if my English is not perfect. I’d like to win the ebook, but if not, I will buy it, because I dream about be in Costa Rica. Is very important to know what’s the best country, that is, the best raw vegan food tropical paradise. And why. I want to know how to do it. Is also very interesting to know why Costa Rica is the best place, in relation to raw vegan food, cost of living, making a living on Internet, civil security, etcetera. I dream to be in Costa Rica. The beach, the sun, the tropical fruit, running in the beach… At least a few months a year… But I want to move there. Thank you Frederic for the book. Is, literally, “the book of my dreams”.

  4. Lorra says:

    I would love to read this! It’s actually something I am working toward – going away every winter to somewhere tropical. I love Vancouver in the summer (and the blueberries!) but winter…I know. I relate, cuz I live where you live!

    I’ve read all your books, would love to read this one, too 🙂

  5. Stefanie says:

    Oh dear Frederic, please help me! I live in Arctic Finland and between October and May I dream about moving to a warmer climate! Recently I’ve been considering moving to Australia, but why not give Costa Rica a chance instead?

  6. Annette says:

    I love how you always cut through the romanticized version of the raw food diet and other health issues, and get to the actual truth of how things really are. I am sure you do the same in this book which is why it will be an excellent reality check for anyone who has this dream (which includes my husband!). Thanks!

  7. Alison Olhava says:

    This sounds great! I definitely have this dream of moving to the tropics…I’ve had recent little bumps in road with some of my big life plans and I find myself wondering if these issues were meant to be so that I could steer my path towards ending up somewhere tropical and warm….I would love to win a copy, but I would also love to purchase this book, let us know when it will be available, hopefully soon!

  8. Belinda says:

    The book sounds really interesting – can’t wait to hear more about it.

  9. Ken says:

    It is all a matter of perspective, I have a friend who’s family is from Costa Rica. She says that she would never go back to live. But, then again, she isn’t Raw!

    I’ve notice that more and more people are talking about leaving the U.S. as the government interferes more and more with health care choices and infringes on basic liberties.

  10. Tine says:

    Now there’s a coincidence…been talking about the miserable weather here in the UK during the winter – wet and cold. I would love to win something once in my life. Isn’t life about dreams…?

  11. George says:

    Hi – I am a Canadian living in the middle of Canada (Ontario) and I personally love the varied seasons. I love the winter (cosy inside, skiing, etc. I love the Spring, Autumn and the Summers. I did spend a week in Costa Rica last month (San Antonio) last month and it was pretty ideal. I would be interested in your perspective as I found the area I was in quite expensive, especially food. I would go back there again except there are so many places to explore in the world.

  12. Gary says:

    This sounds exactly like the sort of information I need. Thank you, Frederic.

    I fully intend to relocate permanently to the tropics from this prison country of England. I also wish to escape the monetary system, so would only work towards worthy ends in pursuit of improving the state of things in this world and not endlessly manipulating others in order to make profit.

    Hopefully your book will aid me in this goal. Governments are not so keen to allow people into ‘their’ countries that will not be contributing to their ridiculous monetary-based false economies – people intending to live free in wild land on the fruits of the earth instead of the trappings of commercial enterprises. Hopefully this will soon change.

  13. Kevin says:

    Looking forward to your book!

  14. Dawn says:

    Hi Frederic, that sounds like a great read. My mouth was watering as i read your post. I feel like you already and ive only been raw for 7 weeks!

    Good luck in your venture

    Blessings Dawn

  15. Hi Frederic,

    I also grew up on the east coast… a little further east Nov Scotia. I also dreamed of living in a tropical climate and did visit Costa Rica. And Like you, I love it there! Being somewhat older, the mild climate is most inviting, especially after the harshness of Canadian winters.

    A few months a year in such a lush environment would be perfect… a chance to let the sun and the food rejuvenate the body. And an opportunity to give the spirit a bath in another culture… that’s often the best part.

  16. Eric says:

    Sounds like a great book. It’s quite different than moving to the tropics but I hope to move someday to Europe.

  17. Marie says:

    Wow! This I want to know more about too! I live with my family in Sweden and wintertime can really be tough at times… Too little sun and not enough fresh ripe fruits to buy in the stores. We have been thinking to go away few months during the winter, actually to costa rica, but so far haven’t had the guts to do so,, Im sure all we need is a small kick (book) in the right direction 🙂
    Thanks for all the nice stuff you are sending ! //Marie

  18. Frederic, I will look forward with great anticipation to reading your book when you’ve completed it. I have a very dear friend, a retired Washington Metropolitan Opera singer, who moved permanently to Costa Rica about 5 years ago. He has been living in the hills overlooking the ocean and writes me often about his experiences there. He is now teaching voice to a group of young eager students and has established an opera society for putting on performances with his students. He has become more active in retirement than he was before! The thought of moving there is very enticing.
    I lived on Guam, in the Mariana Islands in the South Pacific, for four months temporary duty when I was in the military back in the 1950s. I did a lot of perspiring due to the high humidity and warm climate there. I would have to experience the ocean breezes for relief from the hot, humid days and nights there. I assume Costa Rica is much the same. I get a little claustrophobic wehn the air is so heavy with humidity. I feel that I cannot breathe. I think I prefer the mild weather here in Washington, DC.

  19. Christine says:

    I hate cold more than anything else in the world I think. Spending extended time in tropical climats is a dream of mine too -I love the beach and the sea.
    I look forward to this new book.

  20. Sandy says:

    Hi Frederic, my first time ever adding a ‘blog’!!! Would be exciting to ‘win’ your book and read about your journey and experinces to reach your ‘dream goal’!!! Your title ‘My Dream Of Moving To The Tropics’ sooo resonates with me…for as long as I remember I have struggled to cope with the cold!!! Always awaiting for the ‘Summer’ season which never seemed to arrive 🙁 I lived in Christchurch, New Zealand for all of my 47 years, married and raised five beautiful children and three nephews. My hubby and I now have a wonderful daughter’n’law, son’n’law, two precious grandaughters and a grandchild on the way 🙂 In September 2010 our world and the lives of the residence of Christchurch have been ‘turned upside down’ due to the many ongoing earthquakes that have caused much damage and destruction, claiming the lives of many people 🙁 In October of 2011 hubby was offered a job in Nelson, about 400km North of Christchurch, which we gratefully accepted. We are now living away from our much loved and missed family members but also away from the dispair and destruction of our broken city 🙁 Is Nelson warmer??? Yes…but still no Summer!!! My ‘dream’ would to live in ‘Summer’ forever…never experiencing another Winter for as long as I remain here on this earth!!! And with my family together forever 🙂

  21. jan says:

    I would love to have the opportunity to move to Costa Rica. I think that it is fantastic that you wrote a book detailing what it is like to live in Costa Rica. I have been a fan of yours for years and look forward to reading your words of wisdom. I am unemployed currently and would not have the funds to purchase your book. I know that you are a reputable source of information unlike so many out there on the web. I would be able to put your knowledge to good use and share it with others. I would share some of the information with my book club. So my reason for winning the book is not purely self centered, I think we are all here to share love and joy with others.Having a good diet is fundementally key to being able to live ones best life. I think you are an amazing old soul Frederic!

  22. Hi Fred, do you need some one to carry your suitcases when you move?:-)

  23. Lisa says:

    Dear Frederic —
    My 57th birthday is on the 11th — I just started the journey with your start-up package which was ordered by my loving husband — and would love to continue the journey in Costa Rica!!! I live in snowy New England and LOVE winter for its purity and all the things one can do, but it is true that fruits and veggies are not that available here during the months of November through May…..oooh, that’s more than half the year! Costa Rica or bust!

  24. Lisa says:

    I’m interested to read about this as my own curiosity about the tropics has piqued after beginning to explore various areas in the past few years. As well, I’m slowly working on my raw food knowledge and incorporating more and more into my diet. I’m intrigued by your new book!

  25. findabair says:

    Sometimes the reality doesn’t always live up to the dream. Would be interested to hear of more of your experiences, in Costa Rica. Life isn’t just about food. Look forward to reading your book. 🙂

  26. Lisa says:

    I have reynaud’s disease and my fingers turn white so easily when they are even slightly cold. I would LOVE to live somewhere like Costa Rica!!!!

  27. Leo says:

    I’m an airline pilot. A several years ago when I was flying the Boeing 767 I had an over night stay in Managa. That trip made me courious about Central American Coastal living. I am looking forward to reading your new book as I have enjoyed all of your other books.

  28. Amanda says:

    Hi Fred!
    My boyfriend and I have been together for nine years and have still not been on a vacation together. We have both been drawn to Costa Rica for a few years and would love to visit, with the intentions of relocating there even if only for a few months of the year. We have been going through some hard times financially…but keep pushing forward. We really want to achieve our goals!
    Thanks for being such a positive being.

  29. Jana says:

    I am also seriously considering to move to Costa Rica. From all my travelling experience Costa Rica seems to be one of the best choices between South and Central America. Looking sooo much forward to read your e-book.

  30. Jana says:

    Stefanie, I am living in Australia and believe me, even though it is beautiful and safe country, it is now extremely expensive. Plus too many venemous animals like snakes and spiders, one cannot enjoy the Nature as much as it deserves…I have been living in Australia for 16 years (on and off between frequent travelling to Japan, Europe and Mexico) but now I feel like it is time to move to another country. Australia is not progressing, great for old folks but not for progressive ambitious minds.

  31. Lee says:


    Hi Frederick,
    I think it’s about time for someone to come out with a book of this type. You are so knowledgable on this subject that I am certain it will make a great difference in making this decision to relocate.

    Thanks for writing this very important book.

  32. Catherine Forest says:

    We are spending the winter in Costa Rica right now after having purchased your Tropical paradise e-course. After 3 months here, as beautiful as Costa Rica is, I can say with assurance that I do not want to move here! The rainy season is not for me and the Ticos, well, they are Ticos and sometimes I have a really hard time with the Pura Vida! I am really looking forward to your book! Would love to win a copy!

  33. diana says:

    I would like to read your book. I spent 2 and a half weeks in CR on the central Pacific coast last September. Spending time in the warm tropics during our winter sounds inviting. I wonder what I would miss being away from home for a few months or longer. Interesting to contemplate…

  34. Marie morin says:

    Hi Fredederic ! Even though I do not intend to move down south , I would like to win your e-book . I appreciate the way you write and learn not only to feed me correctly but to speak a better english.

  35. Alexandre says:

    It’s fun, but I spoke with my wife about Costa Rica and she would be happy to spend some month of the year there. I think that you,Frederic, will give excellent guideline to accomplish it. See you in San Jose’s raw food restaurant.

  36. Valerie says:

    Hey Frederic!
    This book sounds amazing. I would love to get copy. I just ordered your cd-rom on how to write an ebook and I’m very excited to get that as well.

  37. Keith says:

    It seems that a lot of the best things in life are grown in the tropics: macadamia nuts, kava kava, raw cacao, coffee, etc. Interested in hearing Frederic Patenaude’s viewpoint.

  38. Donovan says:


    Sounds like the book I need…I used to go to Costa Rica in the early 90’s but the price of back and forth was just too much. So, I’ve been going to Mexico instead. Now I want to move my family there and your description (switching CR for MEX) is pretty much where I am at! Even though I’m on Vancouver Island, I still loathe the Canadian winters as much as I did when I lived in Edmonton!

  39. Pascal says:

    Hey Fred,
    just read “The raw secrets” and like it a lot. I’m subscribing to more and more of your newsletter. 😉
    I would like to read the book about Costa Rica too. 🙂

  40. melissa says:

    I’d love to visit Costa Rica! I’ve been Mexico before is it anything like that? Also how are the freedoms there? Anyway it sounds like fun:-)

  41. Karen says:

    I have only been raw for 9 weeks, live in Australia & could probably get all the lovely fruits you speak of if I tried. But I have injured my back recently and it has put a spanner in the works. I am feeling depressed as I can’t go out to buy my raw essentials & have no one to do it for me. So I have been eating cooked again! I feel awful. Need some motivation to get back to raw. Maybe your book will be the answer. I will buy it anyway. Thank you for your great messages. Karen.

  42. Sherina says:

    Hi Fred,

    I can’t wait to hear about your adventures in Costa Rica. I’ve been there three times, but the last time I worried about security. As soon as my house sells, I’ll be moving somewhere warm – just not sure where right now. Seems like you think Hawaii is better than Costa Rica?!?

  43. Sandy says:

    Your email was so timely! I have just returned from Puerto Rico yesterday and could not wait to get into my kitchen to re-create one of the vegetable slaws with a mango cilantro dressing. Even though the mango wasn’t just picked from the tree, we are fortunate enough to have some of the tropics brought to us during these chilly winter months. I had to pick up a papaya this morning and am looking forward to it ripening………..missing Puerto Rico already!

  44. Joanne says:

    Would love to read your thoughts on Costa Rica. Wondering about it as a retirement location.

  45. Mel says:


    I’m looking forward to your book. New York winters are the worst (although preferable to Irish weather which is where I grew up)! Although I wonder if there is somewhere in the world with warm weather (or at at least not brutally cold and filled with snow in winter), no weather turmoils (hurricanes, tornados etc.), the conveniences and economic backdrop of a big city….yet the fresh air and peace of somewhere smaller and the friendship, community and culture of a city like New York? (Guess I’m asking too much…)


  46. Marie says:

    In late 2002, I visited Costa Rica and loved it! Several years later, your “How to move to a tropical paradise” course strongly encouraged my desire to live in a warmer climate, away from Pacific Northwest’s interminable cold, wet, dark winters.
    Now, your book on the same topic beckons, and I’m ready and able to relocate soon.
    Winning your new book would be a real juicy treat to read while dreaming of all those luscious tropical fruits!!!

  47. Em says:

    Hey, Frederic

    The topic of your new book sounds like it would make for a fascinating and informative read! Really looking forward to it – all your other books have been soo great!! Thanks for sharing them with us 🙂

    All the tropical fruits are my favourites too (am still yet to try the magical black sapote) – except for golden kiwis – man are they good!! They’re not tropical but whenever I start to feel glum about the decline in summer fruits, I just always remind myself that the golden kiwis are not far off now – winter’s not so bad after all (especially here in Sydney)… 🙂

    Am crossing my fingers your book will be available in hard copy (not just e-book format).

  48. Val says:

    I would love learning more about how to move to a warmer place or how to be able to spend a few months a year in the sun… Yeah, it’s another wet and rainy day in Vancouver… I’m enjoying the information you share and would love to win your book… 🙂

  49. tania says:

    Looking forward to this book! It will definitely be as fabulous and interesting as all other books you have published!
    Tania 🙂

  50. Rachel says:

    Hi Frederique,
    I’m dreaming of my island in the sun, but i’m not sure which one. Perhaps your book can help me find out.

  51. Julie says:

    Raw and organic in the tropics, how perfect, and if we can’t all move let’s grow our own organic fruits and vegetables here!

  52. Rebecca Zundel says:

    It sounds like a very valuable and fun resource! I can’t wait to read it!

  53. Bob Avery says:

    Have you considered Ecuador?

  54. Claire says:

    Dear Fred,

    As having taken the course you gave I think about 2 years ago about going to Costa Rica, I know that there is much to tell about this beautiful and contrasting place. The high and low of the weather, the people who adapts to visitors, their own view of life and engagement to have a good life. I know that Costa Rica is near Nicaragua – which you will probably have also to cover globally as to Panama. I also know that a book on Costa Rica will be welcomed by people who are attracted to nature, wildlife, sports and adventure. I figure that the heart of your book will still be the raw fruit eating possibilities that is possible when you live in a warm climate. So I wish your book be a great adventure too.

  55. Verve says:


    I am looking forward to your new book. I believe one of the things for me to do in order to move to a tropical place, is get my husband to agree!! Lol. Seriously though, I would love to know the details of your journey moving away from Canada (we live north if Ottawa). I have only been a raw foodist for two years and see tremendous advantages to moving to the tropics. Thanks for writing the book – Verve.

  56. Fred, I’ve read/bought almost every book/CD you’ve published and love them. Have been to Costa Rico 3 times, the last time my husband and I spent a whole month, visiting many areas of the beautiful country. We almost bought a place we loved in the Central Valley and I still dream of it. We are still interested, but know there are pitfalls (as in the mention of the rainy season and the sometimes awful roads), but the beauty and the friendly people make up for that. And the fruits! Wonderful! Hope to get a copy of your book. Can’t wait!
    Thanks for all you do to help us stay raw1

  57. Ted says:

    The great thing about being born & raised in the tropics (FNQ Australia) is not having this dilemma plus having easy access to the wonderful fruits you mention.

  58. Michelle says:

    I would like to win your book because I am curious about e-books. I would like to write someday soon. You say this is a good way to get a book published, so I figured reading yours would prove that.
    Sincerely yours!

  59. Lyzz says:

    Oh my gosh… My husband and I have been talking about making a move somewhere out of here, and really getting into self-reliance and sustainability. I’ve always been intrigued by Costa Rica, and I’m so excited to read this book. I can’t wait!

  60. Victoria Le says:

    I would love to hear about your story. Sometimes, we can create an illusion of what living in paradise is like. But we forgot the other inconvenient aspects of being in a remote area or closed community. It boils down to is finding our own paradise within. Having too much some thing all the time will make you not appreciate it as much. So balance and keep the variety is the key.

  61. Steve says:

    I have long shared this dream. Your book may help save me a lot of time and money, and assist in my decision-making process. Thank you for your insights.

  62. Maureen says:

    Never been to a tropical climate, …EVER… BUT…..have dreamed about it.

  63. Peter says:

    My neighbor is Costa Rican and she always talks about how beautiful her country is and how dearly she misses it. Her family is still there but it’s been many years since she’s been able to visit and mainly stays in touch with them by phone. Moving to an exotic place sounds amazing to me and I’m sure your book will be interesting to her as well.

  64. sara says:

    Hi Frederic! I’m a long-time raw vegan (12 years), and I’ve been enjoying your writing for years now, ever since the days of Just Eat an Apple. I even remember your first foray into Costa Rican living 6 or 7 years ago (and some of the “personal matters” that you shared in your newsletter when you first moved there) and I recall feeling quite jealous about the prospect of living in an organic tropical paradise / retreat center!

    I am in gloomy Seattle, and have traveled to Costa Rica once, and absolutely loved it. Learned a bit about permaculture, ate amazing fruits, and determined to figure out a way to live there. Your email couldn’t have arrived at a better time — nothing greyer and wetter and chillier than a Seattle springtime. I cannot wait to read your book, because I am finally ready to make the transition to Costa Rican living!

  65. colette says:

    Hey, i have had dreams of moving to the tropics myself. I am an outdoor girl and love being outside. Living off tropical fruits in the tropics sure is a dream 🙂 perhaps I’ll live out my dreams thru your book 🙂

  66. Emma says:

    Hey Frederic,

    I want to read your book to see if the info is correct. I have been living here in Costa Rica for the past year with my family living “The Dream”. And i can honestly say I miss a figs, mullberry, blue berries(expensively import) cherries, and I haven’t seen durian yet. They have loads of coconuts, gubana, about five varieties of different banana and amazing papaya, citrus fruits some sweet, sour , bitter. Nuts are very expensive and I can only find sunflower seed, pumpkin seed are small but I tried preparing them for eating. Most tico’s just live on plantain, rice and beans and processed unhealthy food so yes, they live here in abundance but they are still not using it all to the potential, like a lot of the world.
    Be careful what you wish for we may get it one day:) All he best with you dreams!

  67. Frederic Patenaude says:

    @Bob. I’ve considered Ecuador. It’s a cheaper option than Costa Rica. But in my opinion, too corrupt and unstable compared to CR.

  68. Frederic Patenaude says:

    @Em. The book will be available in hard copy, as well as eBook. There’s a good chance Amazon will discount it heavily as well!

  69. Frederic Patenaude says:

    @Mel. You’ll get my full answer in my book. There’s no place like New York City. Perhaps the best option would be to break the winter with some kind of tropical escape.

  70. Frederic Patenaude says:

    @Sherina. I cover Hawaii vs. Costa Rica in the book. The main drawback is the cost of living. I also cover crime in the book.

  71. Hi Frederic!!!
    I’m from Brazil and I’m living in montreal until September.
    Brazil has a lot of diversity. I’m from Minas Gerais. There are a lot of waterfalls, montains and forest, but we don’t have beachs and seas, but we have a lot of rivers! If you go to the North of Brazil and Rio de Janeiro, you will get a bunch of beaches, seas and sands. The quantity of fruits, legumes and vegetables are huge!!
    Unfortunatly, nothing is perfect, because brazilians don’t take care of these amazing nature. Walking in downtown is sad. There are garbage everywhere. People are not so polite like here.
    I like Canada and canadians, but this weather is too much cold for me. I hope this cold ends soon.
    Sorry if I wrote wrong.

  72. Frederic Patenaude says:

    @Rob T. I hate you! Just kidding…

  73. Laurel says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of comments I just scrolled through! A book about running away to the tropics is just too tempting for a Canadian at the beginning of March even if the winter weather has been unusually mild this year. It is still grey and dull and windy and depressing. So, yeah, throw my name in the hat please! Your description of all those exotic fruits I have never tried was very intriguing and makes me want to visit Costa Rica as soon as possible.

  74. Toni Reeves says:

    Wow sounds like a good book, I would love to win it. I really enjoyed Raw Food Controversies.

  75. Jamie Brook says:

    Love the idea of living in Costa Rica.
    Looking forward to your book.

  76. JJ says:

    I think this is a great idea! Why? Because I am exactly in the position right now that you found yourself in a few years ago. I have visited Costa Rica for the second time at the beginning of the year, and though the first time was good, the second time struck me on a much deeper level. This time, I did not want to return home again and since then I have been nearly constantly thinking about possibilities to move there. So your book is definitely coming at the right time 🙂

  77. Teri L says:

    I’m really excited about your book, Fred! Loved your last one, and you picked an AMAZING topic for this one 🙂 I need it!!! <3

  78. Tara says:

    Hi Frederic,
    I too am from Eastern Canada and now find myself living in beautiful Southern California, not missing those long winters at all 🙂
    I’ve always wanted to visit Costa Rica, look forward to reading your book 🙂
    Thanks for sharing

  79. Armaiti May says:

    I would love to visit Costa Rica someday! Looking forward to your book!

  80. Dede says:

    Love Costa Rica. Spent my honeymoon there back in 2000. Wanted to move there back then,but we were clueless and were told you need to be costa rican to buy property. I look forward to your book. Thanks!

  81. Brenda says:

    Hi Fresderic,
    I think your project writing a book about Costa Rica living would be great.
    Last year we had a short day excursion there from a cruise and loved it and would like to go back, so your info would be helpful.

  82. Suzanne says:

    Hi, Frederic,

    I had hoped you would stay in Costa Rica so we could continue to hear about it–the beauty, the people, the wonderful fruits, etc., and was disappointed to hear of your retreat being sold. I don’t even have the means to travel outside of the state, much less travel to a tropical paradise, but I enjoy looking at pictures and hearing about other countries and the people within them. Costa Rica always looks gorgeous! Have you entirely given up your dream of living there? Now that you have someone wonderful to share your life, will the two of you end up there? Maybe a nice place to raise a family in the future. 🙂

  83. Margus says:

    Hi Frederic,

    Here in Estonia its hard to be a frutarian, I managed it for five months eating season fruit but now I eat fruits in morning and lunch and cooked food in the evening. I would love to live in tropics and eat FRESH fruit all day. Now in the beginning of spring (its still -5 to +2 Celsius in here) its sometines even hard to find good bananas….

    Kind regards

  84. Anzhela says:

    Oh Wow!
    Just today I was checking out in Costa Rica and thinking about moving there. I was thinking about moving to the tropics since I went raw in 2010. I looked up different place like Costa Rica, Hawaii, Belize, Bali, Thailand… I want to move there and establish raw intentional community someday and I’m sure I’ll do that. I’m from Russia and have some visa issues to be considered but I believe if I put my mind to it I’ll be able to move anywhere I want.
    It would be awesome to read about your experience! It’s exactly what I need.
    Thank you very much for this book Frederic!

  85. Aaron says:

    Love this idea! The thought of all that fruit is beyond comprehension! I like that you are writing about how to in the tropics part-time as well. Thanks!

  86. Danny says:

    Living in the Mediterranean climate in Israel we have quite a variety – right now my green smoothie in the mornings has only leaves from wildflowers that I forage for, but I still dream about a tropical paradise.
    Like most dreams – it probably has it’s good and bad points – would love to hear about both

  87. Lindsay says:

    I hope it will be available in Kindle edition?

    My partner and I are currently traveling, in part hoping to find our own tropical paradise where we can afford a square of land and get to growing our own food and making children. We visited Costa Rica in the fall, but didn’t get so see much of the country as we were working at a retreat center. We loved it, and felt comfortable there as I speak spanish, but were deterred by the cost of land and living expenses. I am very curious to see your thoughts on other countries, such as Ecuador, and see how you compare!

  88. Barbs says:

    I’m interested. Let’s see what happens 🙂

  89. Christie says:

    Hi Frederic,

    ive been subscribed to your newsletters for just a short while now and have learned some unique things, that have given me some fresh new perspectives on the raw diet.. thank you 🙂

    about costa rica and wanting to live in a tropical paradise– IM SO THERE IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY!!! It’s great that you put something like this together; i think its an appreciated resource right now! As for my take on this topic, life is *supposed* to be a dream. i can only see myself as truly in my personal element, if i were living somewhere tropical, natural, and beautiful. Where the warm breeze is constantly kissing me. It’s my desire to be outside practically 24/7 and even sleep in my backyard with my cats every night, surrounded by tropical flora… yes!

    a few years ago, a friend of my brother’s said something like this to me, “why have this concept of vacation as something you do once a year… we should all be LIVING a vacation all the time…” It really stuck with me and kept expanding within my awareness… like why live in these concrete boxes and aisles (aka roads) and then hope for a mere morsel of paradise after working ridiculously hard??? I, for one, truly desire to be free of these chaotic vibes inherent in city-living (non-conscious living, really)… and live amongst nature so that i can FEEL the spirit of the Earth and of nature-life; instead of being clouded by what does not soothe or feel loving to me.. ya know?!?!

    i think as we keep journeying to reacquaint ourselves with our inherent freedom, embracing our nature as both spiritual and physical, we are naturally yearning to live in places that nurture/ enrich both. i am someone who has been on a “spiritual path” for 10 years (if i can even call it that anymore lol)… my main focus or “specialty” is integrating, meshing, the body and spirit; and what specific vibrations (or, experiences), facilitate or encourage this relationship. A few conclusions i have come to is that the body-spirit relationship MUST be nurtured by beauty, beauty and more beauty– bc our surroundings, our settings, *become* us, as we naturally always absorb so much of what is around us. It also needs nature, very much so (this goes with beauty). It also definitely needs physical pleasures and comforts on a constant basis.

    I really feel that these are the things that invite *our soul’s presence* INTO our physical experience. So now you can see why im so into this idea of living in a tropical paradise…

    encouragement to all, on their heart’s yearnings 🙂 thanks for inspiring Fred, ill be looking forward to more…


  90. Tito Alvarez says:

    Costa Rica, presidents are very instrumental in promoting Peace, in fact, education is valued very highly. I don’t know if the Earth Charter Initiative has its roots there but I do believe their main contacts are based from Costa Rica. See: (not interested at all in winning book, please don’t add, just making a comment)

  91. Attach says:

    Hmmmm we have been looking into living there too and we live in FL. Moved here to get away from cold MI. Just getting into raw vegan and only eat organic. Have to travel 80 miles every week to get groceries. Yeah,we picked the wrong part of FL to live in. CR has looked interesting to us.

  92. Mutsumi says:

    sawadee ka!
    I am a Japanese but live in Thailand with my French husband.
    I received your email in daily bases and I am fascinated by raw food, I have seen you on you tube while you were traveling in Bangkok. I wish you will come to promote raw food, open a restaurant or a Retreat with work shop in this beautiful tropical country. We are planing to start an organic farm here near the sea side resort place. I hope you can support us and give us advice.
    I wish your next fascinating place will be here and you will consider to extend your connection in Asia use Thailand as base, and finally your dream of having a retreat with raw food diet will become true! And you will issue another book about your quest for Amazing Thailand.

  93. PHIL says:

    Can’t wait to see your book!

  94. amy says:

    Wow! Can’t wait to read more about your adventures!! I live in Michigan this sounds like a far away dream to me! Thanks for sharing your story.

  95. Deborah says:

    Always love the straightforward information you have to offer. Love Costa Rica and it is wise to put info out there for the realities of living in a third world country. It is so dreamy to visit and can be awesome to live, but some have no idea of the differences between living in a tropical location versus a city/suburban lifestyle and the conveniences. Good luck with your latest project.

  96. Robert says:

    Hi Fredreric…look forewards to getting YOUR NEW Tropical MOVE TO ..BOOK …being thinking about it myself…i am sure it will be a treat to read!!! IN JOY the ride..AND rise!!!

  97. Diana says:

    Hi Frederik

    Your book sounds so lovely – I never get a chance to go on holiday, so just reading this would be just like going to Costa Rica! Thanks for your interesting website.

  98. Alicia says:

    The book sounds fantastic I love how you continue to forge the way for others to hopefully follow in your footsteps! You are an awesome leader and great example to others. I can’t wait to read your newest book and would love to win a free one! We just got back from Jamaica and you are absolutely right on the fruit is amazing I loved stopping at the roadside stands trying new fruts that are just not available living in Ontario Canada. You never know the great things that the world has to offer until you get out of your comfort zone. Keep up the great work!!!!!

  99. Starr Spencer says:

    I’m a temperate-climate lover myself, although not I’m not a fan of snow. I’m from Chicago originally, but for the last 20 years have lived in Sun Belt areas. Problems with southern climates are that the cockroaches are bigger, some parts of the tropics are hurricane- or earthquake-prone, and crime is rampant in a lot of these cities. Also, while it’s fun to participate in another culture for awhile, you REALLY start missing your home country and The Familiar after awhile. Things just don’t work in the Third World as well as they do at home, and often the crowding, pollution, lack of efficiency and the corruption to get small things done can be overwhelming to someone who didn’t grow up in those circumstances. Not to mention that political instability may affect the economies, affecting your purchasing power. I lived in Mexico for nearly four years and at the end of that time felt I was going crazy. So sure, by all means, enjoy the tropics, but know that you will have a lot of adjusting to do, and that you need to make some hard decisions on whether you can actually make those shifts. It sounds romantic, and it can be — but there are always trade-offs.

  100. Luis says:

    Hello Fred. This book sounds like it’ll be fun to read. The fruit seals the deal for me…I guess the beach and sun do too, but it all sounds pretty exciting.

    Luis “FruitnGreensguy” Medrano

  101. Pam says:

    I have in the past looked in to Costa Rica and would love to zip line through the terrain. I have a blood cancer and this year I have turned to raw foods. Hopefully in the future I can return to the hopes of living there and your book will be a great incentive…

  102. Marilyn says:

    Can’t wait! I have “How to move to a tropical paradise.” Is this different?

  103. Marcin says:

    Seems that it will be a great book. Looking forward, becouse living in Poland this time of year is really hard – harsh winters and low quality of fruits.

  104. Lindy says:

    As far as I know, you decided not to move there, and you have never dreamt of tropical paradises any more…

  105. Bibi says:


  106. Adrienne Reid says:

    I have always dreamt about moving to a tropical paradise also! Most Canadians dream such dreams as we battle the cold and snow more months of the year than most people! Anyone who can find a way to move to a tropical paradise gets the tumbs-up from me!

  107. Yosiah says:

    Hey Frederic,
    Really looking forward to this book it maybe a “day late and a dollar” short for me since i moved here to tropical Belize and opened my institute, retreat, and farm over a year ago?!?! Maybe i can still gain knowledge or at least share some of your experience? I hope it helps others get a “real” perspective on the challenges and benefits. Thanks

  108. Andres says:

    First off I’d like to say “good for you” as you are doing what all of us wish we could could (at least that goes for everyone in my close realm of friends) and its really great to see how you’ve just taken a topic that’s hard for many to comprehend and made it interesting and intriguing. As for this whole Costa Rica bit I could not feel more connected as I have lived all my life in Toronto and understand fully this desire to be somewhere tropical and ever since I was a child I have had this secret desire to move to Costa Rica and I’m not really sure why but I’m excited to read your book and find out how I could possibly make this desire a reality becuase now I’ve got my wife and daughter convinced that we should go somewhere warm…..Costa Rica perhaps????

  109. Rebecca says:

    I’m so excited to read this ebook. One day I’ll move to paradise, too 🙂

  110. jerome says:

    In Costa Rica right now and with the firm intention of buying some land and coming to live around here.
    Your book would really be helpful!!

  111. Marie-Eve says:

    As inspiring as ever Fred, thanks. I’ll be glad to read it. From Québec myself, it’s something I’m looking forward to do when my kids are a bit older. I live here by choice but won’t mind going there every winter for some months :).

  112. Helene says:

    Hi Frederic,
    Growing up in cold Denmark (Scandinavia) I felt the same way as you. Always dreading the long dark winters and feeling sad every September after the brief summer passed and always, always dreaming about palmtrees, white sand, warm turquoise water, endless sunny days spent in hammocks and all other things I would see on episodes of Flipper and Magnum P.I. ha ha. I have currently relocated to New Zealand, but it still gets cold here, and I have just embarked on reseaching how to move to an even warmer place, so I am thrilled to see that you are publishing a book on the subject!
    What a BLESSING – Om Shanti (Peace) Helene

  113. Roween says:

    Hi Fred,
    Sounds dreamy to live in a tropical country. One of these days my sweetie and I will go to Costa Rica. Would love to read about your experience.

  114. David says:

    I really enjoyed reading Raw Food Controvesies. So I’m looking forward to reading your next book.

  115. Sharon says:

    I had visited Costa Rica a few years ago and have been dreaming about going back one day. I have “How to move to a tropical paradise.” Is this different?
    I’ve been in touch with some folks who are looking at purchasing land there in hopes of building a community of like minded individuals. Not sure whether I will pursue that. Getting more info from you with winning your new book would be ideal!!!Thank-you
    ps- I too live on the west coast – on Vancouver Island…and although I love it here, it would still be soo nice to be able to spend winters in a warmer climate…

  116. Kathy says:

    OK, so you’ve succeeded with a GREAT teaser – so now I really do want to know what your experience has been – loved your raw food contraversies and expect great things when you release this. Thanks for all you do!

  117. Aleksandra says:

    I am curious about your new book. I am moving to the Talamanca region (Cahuita, Puerto Viejo) and I wonder if your book provides suggestions for me about this region. I will be greatful for any tips:) I really liked it there – it is so beautiful, green, a lot of wild animals, rain forest, Caribbean Sea, beautiful beaches and it is not so spoiled by civilisation like Pacific coast. I wonder how is the life of raw foodist out there.
    I hope we could meet one day in CR.

  118. sharon says:

    hi fred, i receive your newsletter on a regular basis and am always excited about what your topic will be. You don’t fail to make interesting and valid points. I am from the Philippines but currently working in China. You can imagine my weather-shock coming from a tropical country cuz its winter here now… I just want to say that nothing beats HOME~ Tropical Paradise? in a way it is but living in the tropics has a lot of drawbacks~ i think you might have covered that in your ebook. We always envision paradise to be “out there” but its right there with your friends and family ~that`s the real paradise.

    Sorry if I sound cliche 🙂

  119. Elena says:

    It has always been my dream to live in a warmer country (I live in the UK although I am from Spain and Spain is not good enough) but now, after becoming a raw food eater, I definitely would like to make it a reality. Costa Rica could be fantastic for me. I would love to get the book whichever way.

  120. Amy says:

    You read my mind. I have been doing some research lately on moving to Costa Rica, and would love to read about your experiences and knowledge gained. Can’t wait for the book. It will be my “tropical escape” while I await the arrival of spring!

  121. Evy says:

    Hey Frederic,
    greetings from Montreal! 😉 I understand you so well. I’ve been smart and got married with a Californian last year ahah…we are waiting for his citizenship papers…I got a daughter here, that is why we are staying here (poor guy)…in the cold (I have always hated it too!) …for now. We plan to move to California eventually. But there might be other options for later 🙂 Great idea to release a book about that subject 🙂
    Wish you the best,

  122. ananda says:

    Wow! …what a syncronicity! …to hear about your upcoming book about living in costa rica tailored to raw vegans. I’m just in the middle of research on the subject. In particular trying to see if there is a raw vegan eco village that is also into full sustainabllity (encompassing all aspects of sustainability –not just growing fruits and veggies.) I really like the idea of costa rica for it’s tropical environment and the fact that you can grow all sorts of exotic fruits. Your description of several of them perked up my interest even more.

    I just got an idea, so I’ll mention it here: those of you who resonate with the idea of a sustainable eco village community in the tropics, why not start a google or yahoo group on the subject –as a forum to get something going. (you can email me at ananda [at] about this.

    Looking forward to reading your book, Frederic.

  123. Stacey says:

    I really hope you randomly or intentionally pick me!! My family is in process of buying tickets to Costa Rica and I’d LOVE to get the inside scoop, as it would pertain to me directly and help me immediately! So grateful for this opportunity! xo

  124. Steve says:

    I’ve been following all your Costa Rica information for some time, this should be great!

  125. Nancy says:

    This sounds like an interesting book, as I have found your others to be and look forward to reading it. Love the idea of living where it is warm and sunny!

  126. Peter says:

    Wow my dream is to retire when i reach 55years old,so I am know preparing to have passive income who me and my future wife to be,could live on in a tropical country who I have not decide what country we will be moving too. But its need to be near the baech,near to jungle were we can pick all sorts of fruits,and also grow our own.I beleive if we can live in such a place,we can reach a high age and at the same times be very healthy,active and make many new rawfoodist friend so we can enjoy life..So that is my goal to move from Sweden who I dont think it was ment for people to live during wintermonths,to a place who is more suitable for people to live.
    Take care Frederic and hope you will enjoy Costa rica as long as you want to live there,and hope to meet you there in 5 years.

  127. Mark Gailmor says:

    Thanks for writing this book and I wish you much success. However, I have no desire to move to Costa Rica. Uruguay…yes, Costa Rica…No. Uruguay is veg friendly. Costa Rica is not. Costa Rica moves in slow motion. If you need a plumber or electrician you place a phone call and he shows up three weeks later. In Uruguay you place a phone call for a plumber, they ask you when you need someone there and they show up on the day they’re scheduled. It’s a different mindset and mentality in Uruguay vs. Costa Rica. Both are lovely places but I’d pick Uruguay over CR any day. Just my two cents.

  128. Lia says:

    Good to hear from an experienced traveler about the pros and cons of moving south. I hope it could prove that it’s possible to be a bird of passage. However, for many people it remains a challenge or they like the seasons change. They like the cold of winter, and the hot of summer!

  129. chuck warner says:

    I have personally been to Costa Rica and fell in love with the people, the weather, the countryside, the language and the Pura Vida lifestyle in general. It was a wonderful experience.

    Thanks for writing a book on this topic. What a cool concept to show people how to live in the Switzerland of Central America for around $1,000 a month!

    Count me in as one of those who can’t wait to read your book and share the info with all my friends and clients.


  130. Josh says:

    What about Jamaica? You really dont hear much about this beautiful island that can grow any tropical fruit.

  131. Ruy says:

    I just started with your “do what you love university” in Nov/2011.
    Have been pretty intense to me. My brother (Emilio) is a Big Fan of you and Doug and he borrow me your courses. I am planning to start in Holy Week Apr/2012 my own business. My wife and two beautiful kids are my greatest motivation and all i care for in this world.
    They will help me to create a veryhappyfamily site. Initially you started all this, all your speeches and recordings have done very much motivation on me. To say that I’m a fan of you it’s very little. I have a lot to be thankful on you; I have no way to repay all your teachings.

    I will have to say that I’m a little broke to buy your product right now. Hard to me to say that i have to prioritize the beginning of our proyect vs. learning more of Costa Rica. This will be on hold for the moment.
    I always love the beach, the heat, the sun, the fresh air, but more than anything the sound of water collapsing, the waves, the hissing of the sea. One can dream and sleep on this sound forever. This certaly have motivated me a lot, and the only thing that stops me, is my afraid about moving from my current work and remain a good supplier for my wife and kids.
    You on the other hand have not only give me hope and courage about this dream, but also a pathway to follow. I just started, with very little resources and a lot of troubles like my crohn’s disease that Doug and you have helped me to cure or at least, control it.
    Please never change and keep doing this. Motivation is hope, and knowledge is the pathway to freedom, you have given me both with your products, and your acute sense of discipline, work and prioritization.
    Your courses have teach me to keep my dream on vision and this have given me more than results,… hope, happiness, health, and trust that result are just unavoidable. Now I have a clear picture in my mind of what I want. And this have always be, “be like you”. Free, economically independent, and trusty on myself and my life.
    Thanks for helping me on this and for allowing me to experience you teaching with this book and all of yours materials.


    PS. By the way excuse my English, I´m from México and my site will also be on Spanish.

  132. Frederic Patenaude says:

    Hi Ruy,

    Thanks for your comments. We also had other members in Mexico who had great results building online businesses. By the way, the eBook version of the Costa Rica book is priced at $8.99.

  133. Purna says:

    That’s hilarious! I live in Montreal and like you, have always dreaded Winter, but particularly over the past few years as a raw foodist. I too, have been thinking of going to Costa Rica, and perhaps even Thailand, for a month each to see how things workout. I’ve never even eaten those exotic fruits…and I can’t tell you how excited I am to hear more in your book! 🙂

    I’m a raw vegan & wellness coach and therefore, of course, very serious about raw foods (like yourself). I’ll be moving soon enough!

  134. Mary says:

    Hi Frederic, I’m 67 yrs. old and my dream is to live in the Tropics. My husband (turning 54 tomorrow) and I were married in Kauai in 1994, and have been raw foodies since 2003. It cured Fibromyalgia which had made me very, very ill. I’d love to visit Costa Rica, and plan to at some point. Michael says he may take retirement early from his job which means we could move as early as 2014. Wow, that would be Awesome!! 4 friends recently moved to Hawaii, but that seems a bit high in the cost of living by comparison. BTW I’ve followed you since you began in Canada. Thanks for your ongoing inspiration!!! 🙂

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