May 11

Preview Pictures from My Upcoming Raw Vegan DVDs

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4.jpgOver the years, I’ve often asked my readers what they think is missing in the raw food movement in terms of educational material.

The number one response I got back from them has always been the same: “We want DVDs showing us how to make raw food recipes”.

After 4 years of thinking about it, I finally decided to release my first series of Raw Vegan DVDs.

I had only one goal in make: make those DVDs the very best in the world, showing people the essentials of the low-fat raw vegan cuisine.

The first thing I did was to buy every single DVD ever produced on raw vegan cuisine, in order to at least do better than they did.

And with every DVD I watched, I noticed some interesting facts:

•    Every single one of them presented a very HIGH-FAT, unhealthy raw food cuisine, with 101 variations on how to eat nuts and avocados. These DVDS should be relabeled “The Avocado and Nut Cuisine” as it seemed to me that all of their recipes contained them.
•    A lot of these DVDs contained a lot of chit-chat and “fillers”, but not enough real content and recipes
•    NO DVD showed how to make every single element of the low-fat cuisine
•    These DVDs only showed you how to make a few recipes, but did not explain in details the “science “behind raw vegan cuisine.

Last January, along with my brother, who’s in the movie production business, and a group of highly motivated friends, I shot my first series of Raw Vegan DVDs.

Here are some important highlights that make this series completely unique:

•    With over 3 hours of information, the two DVDs in the series literally show every single kind of essential raw food meal you can present
•    The first DVD in the series feature ONLY recipes where no overt fats are used. This includes: fat-free dressings, soups, salads, and more!
•    The second half includes recipes with a moderate amount of fat, such as dressings, soups, salads, and desserts
•    Throughout the DVD, charts and slides highlight the main points and give additional information.

This exciting DVD series should be released shortly! Below you will find a few image previews from the series.

In the upcoming 2 weeks, you can get the chance to win this entire set of DVDs.

I want to know what you think of this new DVD series. Are you excited? Are you eager to learn tasty low-fat raw recipes on video?

I will select randomly from all blog post comments a person to win this set of DVDs. And if you don’t win now, you will get another chance with the next blog post, but only if you post on this one!




One of the delicious low fat soups presented:


The art of low-fat salads:



Even some “gourmet”, but still highly digestible raw delights:



A surprising raw dessert:


Durian pudding!


Even some raw cake, ready in 10 minutes or less:


Some charts and slides from the DVDs:



Update: the DVDs are available here.

429 Responses to “Preview Pictures from My Upcoming Raw Vegan DVDs”

  1. Andrea says:

    These meals look delicious! You should put the information of your DVDs up on, a site for vegans and vegetarians. I think we’d all be able to enjoy it.

  2. Alex says:

    Hey Frederic,

    Looks awesome! Great idea! Do you have any sample video clips? Will you sell these wholesale as well?

  3. Frederic says:

    Hi Alex! Sample video clips are coming soon. Yes, I will wholesale, just contact me then!

  4. Alex says:

    Perfecto, Can’t wait to review them.

  5. Casandra says:

    Wow! Frederic, this dvd looks like it’s going to be a HUGE help to us raw-foodies, especially the ones just starting out (me)!! Those recipes look amazingly simple and delish! I can’t wait!! 🙂

  6. Natalia says:

    I really like those pictures above. You pass my test, and that is very strict since I am pregnant and hardly feel like eating ANY food. But, yep, I could eat your simpe and delicious food.

  7. kaylynn says:

    Ive been looking for some good information on the raw food diet. This looks like the right place.

  8. Judy says:

    I am soooooooooo excited!!!!! This is exactly what I have been looking for.
    I have been looking for several years at the DVDs that are on the market and
    there are none available like what you are about to make available to the public.
    I look forward to learning tasty low-fat raw recipes on video.

  9. Cheryl says:

    Hey Frederic,
    Can’t wait to see more on these great DVDs. Thank you also for making them healthier by cutting out alot of the fat that many other DVDs promote and pass on as being healthy. Looking forward to more beautiful phtographs & exciting info.

  10. Carol Rheaume says:

    Hello Frederic,
    My, my! Not only do these recipes look wonderful, but our host and author is also adorable! I’ve been smoothing for several weeks now and feel a big difference. We went out of state for three weeks and I actually packed up my VitaMix and brought it with us on flight. How’s that for dedication? Not too bad for a 62 year young great grandmother. Since we got back home I even got my husband to join me. Keep up the great work. I appreciate you.

  11. Daralene says:

    I am 63 and have been suffering with rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and horrible migraines 14 days out of the month, for 40 years but nobody was able to help me until now. Although I was always underweight I am now obese due to adrenal burnout. I need help. Found a doctor who is helping me with a precise mix of supplements and this has made a huge difference. Help me get my life back as I make this journey back to a life where I can do things again instead of spending too many of my days in bed. I volunteered in the NICU, Chemotherapy, and Radiation, thinking that if I gave of myself I would get stronger but I ended up coming home and going to bed for the rest of the day & night and finally had to stop. I have 3 grandchildren and also want to be able to enjoy them. If you can help me I would be so very thankful.

  12. Toni Vandyke says:

    Hi There Frederic,
    The prospect of these DVD’s is very joyous ! ! The photos you have posted are mouthwatering (yeah even the photos of you hahaha (I’m old enough to be your grandmother by the way)).
    For the longest time I have held you in high esteem. The raw path you follow is perfect for me and the DVD’s will enhance all that you’ve done. What you teach is not so almost unattainable difficult as some and way way more healthy than the majority.
    Go Frederic !!!!
    Love, Toni

  13. Bonnie Mandell-Rice says:

    Hi Frederic:

    These all look delicious. This is a wonderful idea. It’s not just the high fat in a lot of other raw food recipes, it is the time they take to prepare what with soaking and dehydrating and all. I also did understand how any of that was really “raw” (besides the enzymes surviving) or natural. My husband is not even a vegetarian, much less a raw foodie, and had been terrific about eating vegetarian with me at home. Raw food is a bit more challenging, since I feel like I “should” make him something that looks like a meal (left to my own devices, I’ll just eat fruit, salad and smoothies). This will be a great help.


  14. Monica says:

    This is a great idea! I am from Spain, and I have been into raw food for 4 months now. This kind of food is hardly known in Spain, I have been gathering information and recipes from internet and bought some books, but it looks like most of them take you to daily nuts, avocado and/or superfoods. Having your dvd would be a great opportunity to know raw food from a very practical and more healthy point of view! It all looks delicious…

  15. Carol says:

    Thank you for being smart enough to realize that most
    of the raw food recipes (and food in raw food restaurants)
    contain too much fat. Thank you for making this DVD on
    how to eat raw food healthier.

  16. Paul says:


    Great idea. Books don’t really motivate me to go out and try the recipes but seeing the finished product and seeing exactly how much of each ingredient goes into a raw food dish makes all the difference. It would be the next best thing to having someone show you how to make a great raw food dish in your home.


  17. Angelique says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing these and agree, samples of the video often help me decide to purchase whenever I’m on the fence about it. I’m hoping the charts/slides will come with it printed out, or to be able to be printed off the DVD via computer (so I can keep it pinned up in my kitchen for quick access).

  18. Michael Fischer says:

    Frederic … Looks rawsome! Any chance it will be available in other downloadable formats for iPods and PDAs?

  19. DreadlocCowgirl says:

    It’s about time! I already have a couple of your books. It’s good and extremely helpful to see a raw vegan in action. Lookin’ Good 🙂

  20. Corinne says:

    Great! Looking forward to watching the DVDs and getting more ideas from you. I’ve loved the recipes I’ve ordered so far. Appreciate your hard work!


  21. Sylvie Lambert says:

    Allo Frédéric,

    Mais quelle bonne idée et que de belles photos! Comme c’est toi qui m’a initié au “Raw food”, il y a quelques années, ce serait bien de pouvoir te regarder préparer de délicieuses recettes. I still fall off the wagon… Mais je n’aurais qu’à regarder tes dvds et là j’y trouverais mon inspiration. As-tu des projets futurs pour promouvoir l’alimentation vivante au Québec? J’ai peut-être certaines idées… Car je trouve que les québécois n’aiment pas changer leurs habitudes alimentaires… Ils ont déjà des problèmes avec le mot “végétarien”.
    Continue ton beau travail Frédéric!

  22. Frederic,
    Thank you for giving me and others a great start into the raw food way of living!
    in love and light,

  23. Amanda says:

    I am *SO* fantastically excited for these DVDs, to be perfectly honest. The photos look great – and appetizing! I am often at a loss for meal ideas, as I’ve yet to pick up your recipe ebooks (I’ll get there – been doing the business courses first!). So these DVDs will be a great way not only to get recipes, but to see how the foods themselves are put together. Can’t wait.

  24. hopi says:

    i am excited to finally see some raw ‘gourmet’ recipes that aren’t primarily based upon raw fats. it’s very hard to convince others that a raw food diet is doable if they have the perception that to be a raw vegan you must subsist on ‘rabbit food’.

    this is a very exciting development, and i will surely be pointing a lot of people toward these dvd’s as an important resource in their raw vegan arsenal.

    and that durian pudding looks amazing!

  25. Jen says:

    I can’t wait for your DVD to come out! If I can’t win it then I’m gonna save up to buy it.

    Looks delicious!

  26. Lydia says:

    Can’t wait to see the videos! Great idea! Finally we will be able to show professional videos of what a healthy life choice raw foods provide. Keep up the great work!

  27. Mindy says:

    I am once again a full time student and I hate to admit that I have fallen back into my poor eating habits farther away from raw with my crazy new schedule, and I can feel that I’m just not up to par these days with my health and my mental clarity. However these pictures are very enticing! Those pictures look delicious! I think the visual is a great motivator to jump back into the movement. Reading the articles, while fantastic, don’t give the boost that a visual can give. I think the videos will be a great push to help myself and others learn some easy techniques to be happy, healthy and raw!! Thank you for being such a great inspiration! -Mindy

  28. Kimberly says:

    Frederic – DVDs of tasty raw recipes in action that are nutritionally sound? Fantastic idea! Your DVDs will help so many – From people starting out on the raw foods who are not sure where to begin who spend hundreds on complicated books and fluffy DVDs that may hurt more than they help to experienced raw food eaters are stuck in a rut. Can’t wait to see them.

  29. Mildred Jones says:

    Hi Frederic,

    I really enjoyed the pictures and I agree that videos help you to get more personal and you get the opportunity to see how something should look eventhough we that looks can vary depending the types of fruits and veggies you use and quality is a big factor as well.

    Also people get to see that there is a real live person behind the e-mails and he lives and breathes just like us. The pictures looked so scrumptious, I wanted to reach in and have some !!!

    Thanks for taking the time to show everyone how to make delicious raw food that is not only great for your body but your mind and soul too.

    Here’s to great health,


  30. Patricia says:

    What a great idea to have a “how to” video. Who wouldn’t want to look at you for an appetizer?

  31. Nick says:

    this looks very good but will the dvd’s be available in a format we can play in the UK?

  32. Donna says:

    AWESOME!!!! What a gift! Fred, my sister and I both are soooo excited about these videos we could litterally cry. We just had our very own teleconference this morning about you and your emails and newsletters, and how they’ve provided us with a invaluable education over the years. I personally have been trying to go raw for 4 yrs now, and although we both continue to struggle with our addictions to refined sugar and grains in all forms, we have an awareness that we’ve never dreamed of, not to mention that we simply refuse to give up! And now another precious gift from you. Thank you for saving both of our lives by giving us hope as we start each day anew. Fred, we continue to turn to you for guidance on live foods and encourage you to keep up the good work, as thousands like us count on it.

    Super Green Smoothies 4 Life Baby!

  33. Jon says:

    Maybe you can tease us with posting a demo on You tube?

  34. Kimberly says:

    Magnifique! How very inspiring. Now that I am very hungry, I can’t wait for the DVDs. Without a doubt, the most tantalizing and effective way to introduce people to low-fat raw vegan cuisine. Maybe just maybe, it will turn the head of my carnivore husband. Oh, one can dream!

  35. Belinda says:

    I am so excited about the videos you are producing! It is so much easier for me (and motivating) to see someone make recipes, as opposed to following one from a book. And most of the videos I have seen are nice, but the recipes are too high in fat and/or use too many “super food” type ingredients. I want to eat simply and low-fat, and this sounds like the perfect instruction. Thank you, Frederic!!

  36. Bethany says:

    Hey Fred!

    These DVDs look great! I would LOVE to have my own copy of them soon. I can’t spend more than 30 minutes on a meal, and your meals are done in usually 10 minutes or less! I’m pumped for these DVDs to come out.
    I’ve only been raw for about 6 weeks now, so ‘m sure these videos will significantly help in my raw journey.
    Thanks for everyhitng Fred!


  37. Penny says:

    Im a great Grandmother and instead of settling down with my book and slippers and putting up with all my illnesses I discovered the raw foodies.
    I feel so much better even after a month so your DVDs will so help me to grow old disgracefully. 🙂

  38. Julianna says:

    These recipes look amazing! I absolutely need some new ideas to add to my raw menus and really look forward to preparing these for my friends. Raw food is beautiful and delicious!

    Thanks for all your dedication.


  39. Pauline says:

    Owning a DVD series would be great! I only know one other person that follows the raw food diet and she lives 40 minutes away, I am pretty much on my own. I cannot begin to tell you how your book ” raw Secrets” and all your emails have changed my life. Yor are my constant “ètoile” in this crazy world.

  40. Baran says:

    Wow, this was just what I was looking for! After having read Instant Raw Sensations, I now know how great raw recipes could be. Seeing the final product is a great addition to the recipes.

  41. Bretta says:

    My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures. What a wonderful contribution to raw food living! Looking forward to seeing more…

  42. Kali Mason says:

    When I first got your email about this I thought. Okay, just another raw DVD. When I scrolled down, I was very impressed. So many of the DVD’s out there make wonderful food, but it’s so high fat. This is what will set your’s apart from the others. Thank you so much for your insightful approach to raw eating!

  43. Cindy says:

    Yes I am interested. I do have problems finding dishes that are easy to prepare and that my husband would like at the same time. He is Vegetarian in the home for many years, never complains, but also picky when it comes to flavors. He hasn’t been real impressed so far with some of the things I have made from books I have bought. And to be honest, me either. I have been Raw since Sept 09. But I live mostly on Smoothies, salads and fruits and nuts. So I am a little leary on spending more money. Many times, I will start soaking nuts or seeds, only to throw them out because I didn’t have time to complete it. OR did follow through, and dehyrate hours, only to throw the whole thing out because it was awful. I need about 7 or so tasty dishes that will draw my husband in.

  44. Lorri says:

    Bring on those dvds! As someone new to raw foods and trying to increase the amount of raw I am eating , I get discouraged watching the other cooking dvds I have found. I do not want to eat that high a fat diet. Maybe for a once in a great while treat but not all the time. I love to prepare food and would love dvds that reflect how I want to eat. Cannot wait!

  45. adrijana says:

    You are looking good:)

  46. Bonjour Éric,

    Un petit salut du Québec! J’ai bien hate de voir ce DVD qui me semble vraiment tout plein de nouvelles informations. Je vois que tu utilises un Vitamix. Je ne pourrais plus me passer du miens!

    Merci pour ton site!


  47. Shelley says:

    Hi Frederic,

    Having DVD’s such as these available will be a absolutely wonderful!! I’ve just begun this journey about a month ago and I’m loving it! I feel great without feeling “heavy”. Although I always ate very clean, am active, joyful and happy, I was very aware that I wasn’t being the “best me” I could be if I wasn’t eating the “best foods” I could be. Thank you for feeding us such words of wisdom and knowledge. Have an indredible day!


  48. Zea says:

    Thanks for all the great work you do to spread the wise word about health, nutrition and the delights of raw-ing. The samples of the DVD look awesome!

  49. Erin says:

    Everything looks great! I’m particularly interested in the cake. It looks delicious.

    You’re totally right about other raw vegan videos… I’ve watched a lot of videos on youtube, and it seems like every recipe contains a ton of avocado. I love avocado, but not at every meal!

  50. Tracy says:

    Hello! Very exciting. I have been trying to begin a raw food diet and find that it is somewhat difficult to get enough calories because I still am not sure what foods to eat. This DVD looks like it will be very helpful to us beginners as well as give some new ideas to those that have been doing this for a long time!! I am excited. Thank you!!!

  51. Maria says:

    Nice with DVD rather than just a book! Easier to get it right when “cooking” 🙂

  52. Linda says:

    Wow…the pictures look amazing and I think it will be such a help to actually see the raw vegan dishes being made on you dvd’s. The dishes you have pictured above look like they are from a fancy restaurant so elegantly displayed and very tasty looking. A really great idea.

  53. Melissa Marshall says:

    Wow, great photo quality and the food looks so appetizing! I’m not big on salads or raw veggies generally, so raw is a real challenge, but that sure gets my interest up!

  54. Julie says:

    Now we’re talking! From participating in your fruit fast a few weeks back I experienced some awesome results — 3 lbs less and more energy than I’ve had in years! I’ve bought 2 cases of oranges and even have my husband taking them to work — no small feat! And now we have the opportunity to view these delicious recipes in the making with Frederick looking better on video than ever! What’s not to like?

  55. Monark says:

    Wow – looks amazing! Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous, too! What a beautiful place to prepare beautiful meals!! I just finished the Spring Cleanse and have been 100% raw ever since- which was my original goal when doing the cleanse – and I feel FABULOUS and the extra weight is coming off! I am definitely looking for more recipes to help me keep going – the DVD’s are a fantastic idea! Very nice job!

  56. ray says:

    Is this yet another raw food “cook’ Book??-I think NOT!
    Frederic–has open his heart and mind and allowed us to peek in and not only learn but grow into robust health with these yummy recipes.
    Way to go Frederic!

  57. Michael Goehner says:

    Hello Eric,
    this is a very useful help for all on the raw way. I know many of us have difficulites to get variety in our memues and to find new kinds of preparation for all the delicious gifts of nature. Maybe you also show some handy devices for “working” in the kitchen. Your photos whet my appetite for trying your recipies!
    May you do well with your new creation!

  58. sapphire says:

    sounds great
    also i am a binge eater how to manage this?

  59. Jeremiah says:

    Fred, it’s great to see you take things to the next level like this. It’s sometimes amused me that the only real, comprehensive recipe book out there by you is very outdated (you know the one) and doesn’t represent or reflect the evolution in thought and practice that you’ve had over the years.

    I’m really pleased to see the way these look and how you describe them. I’ve never purchased any food prep dvds before but that will most likely change based on what I’ve seen here.


  60. Barbara Gabriel says:

    Hi Frederic,
    Thank you… I really look forward to your presentations. I have really enjoyed and learned so much from your research and experience. I am so grateful for your sound, grounded information. Your books have been motivational and extremely clarifying.
    I so appreciate that about you…
    With gratitude,

  61. Leticia Rodriguez says:

    Wow- I can’t wait for these DVDs!! The recipes look delicious.

  62. Harvey says:


    How about a meal for 6 guests, all omnivores, ( 8 people altogether) with enough variety to get them interested in making the transition. Something that doesn’t take two days to prepare. The social aspects of 80-10-10 seem challenging. How do you do a two hour leisurely eaten meal for a Saturday afternoon? Enough variety and taste, in a tapas style! As we make the transition to lower fat meals, we still want to build interest with our friends.

    Thank you for your energy and persistence.

  63. Noelle Michaels says:

    I am very good at many different things, but food preparation isn’t one of them. While most people ask, “Does it taste good?,” as someone samples what they’ve prepared, I am inclined to ask, “Does it taste like food?” I am tired of throwing food that I’ve prepared away. Thanks so much for showing me EXACTLY how it’s done!


  64. Gretta says:

    Great idea Frederic! Now my husband will have no excuse to fix me something to eat. All he has to do is pop in a DVD and learn something. Lucky me.

  65. Marsha says:

    I can’t wait until your DVDs are out. I’m still fairly new to all of this and keep going off and then back on….but feel the best when I’m all raw. I’m 61 and have had to go off my blood pressure medicine..! It’s a thrill to get healthy at ANY AGE…! THANKS for all your guidance.

  66. Jay Dee says:

    This is perfect! The DVDs are a great way to help us learn and build confidence in going raw!

  67. JEWLYA says:

    I need this set of CDs more than you could know.
    My son died last year and I gained FORTY pounds.
    I am struggling to come to grips with the death and, of course, the weight.
    I think these CDs could make a big difference in my challenge.
    Thank you for creating them.

  68. Lisa says:

    I am interested in DVD’s because quite frankly I’m just not a book person. I’ve been dealing with many health problems that shouldn’t be at my age. It has kept from working and I was on my way to taking 10 med’s a day. My neurologist says my only choice is to either take my med’s or suffer, but the side effects are not good. I finally got off of them and have been working on trying to feed myself nutrionally to help with my health problems. I’ve mostly done salads and smoothie’s and although I am doing better, I need more insight and better guidance on what I should be eating and how to prepare these foods to get the most out of them and less fat. The sooner I get my health back the sooner I can get back to school or work or both and take better care of my kids.

  69. shani fletcher says:

    looks great! i’d like to see video clips too. congrats on your first dvd set, and i look forward to seeing them someday – whether or not i win!

  70. Jude says:

    I. Think the idea of a DVD is great. As a visual learner, I need t to see the end oroduct. Also, sometimes the wriiten directions are not clear. The visual will help reduce confusion and the numerous e-mails you will get for clarity good Luck

  71. Fran Poland says:

    This is so exciting!!! I am very new to raw food and have been doing a lot of research about it. It all seemed so complicated until I started reading your information. These dvd’s look like they are going to be a great help. As for the other dvd’s you’ve mentioned…that’s exactly right, there was a lot of chit chat and A LOT of high fat recipes. I tried some of the recipes and they were terrible. My family thought I was nuts. I am not only looking to improve my health and life style, but I am also trying to lose weight. I am looking forward to these dvd’s. I am a little hesitate about spending any more money. I’ve spent a lot so far without a whole lot of satisfaction. THANK YOU :0) Fran

  72. Denia says:

    Hi Frederic,
    At last something really inspiring, very educational and gorgeous food!!!
    It will be of great help for us all and specially for someone new to raw food, as it can be really daunting all that extensive preparations. The time you spend at the beginning when first time raw, can be really a negative thing for beginners, but with these DVDs life will be much easier and full of joy!
    Gorgeous food inspired by a gorgeous person!
    To your health!!!

  73. Mattie says:

    What an awesome idea, I think this is what has been missing. There are not too many DVD’s on making raw food. I am a type of person that needs to visually see to understand sometimes. I have many recipe books but sometimes it is hard to understand how it is supposed to be made, and it would be so nice to see what the finished product should look like (sometimes I wonder if what I made is supposed to look like how it came out) I am very excited about the videos. Also would be interested in whoesaling since I want to try and start up some raw food butrition classes in my area, these would be great to sell along with the class. Thanks for finally coming out with these!!!

  74. Dana says:

    These pictures are amazing, I am inspired by the colors and textures.
    It is awesome to see the “low fat” apsect look so very appealing.

    Pick me!! Pick me!!!!

    All love.

  75. Madeléne Edberg says:

    This DVD, I believe, will be very educating, motivating, inspiring and very useful. To actually see how to do it instead of guessing. I live in Sweden and it is sometimes difficult to understand all of the recipe in English. Good idea to stress the low-fat eating. As a raw food eater since september 2008 I have also been in the nuts-and avocado ditch.

    Good luck, Frederic!

  76. Morgan says:

    Thanks so much for doing this. And for your email list, from which I’ve gotten great information. I would definitely be interested in the DVDs. I dog sat a few months ago where they had a dehydrator and would love to see the best ways to use one. I was totally raw for 10 months and then after Thanksgiving and some deviation, have slowly gotten back to vegan cooked and some no no kinds of foods. I know how I feel best and what to do….and I can’t seem to get back to where I was. With more instruction on raw food prep, I’m sure I’ll have a better handle on things.

    Love and Light,


  77. Amanda says:

    I want to eat that entire raw cake! My mouth watered just loking at all the photos!

  78. Lisa Duffy says:

    I love the idea of doing DVD’s. I think it is good because many of us have spent years learning how to “cook” food and it takes time to get proficient at it. It is the same with raw food. We are essentially re-learning how to prepare food in a completely different way. Sure putting a salad together is no big skill. But preparing some of the more exciting recipes we find, especially in the beginning months are difficult and there is definitely a learning curve there. Maybe this learning curve is responsible for more of our furry friends becoming raw vegan than we think? *wink*

  79. Rose Vasile says:

    Great ideas! I’m looking forward to seeing the DVDs.

    Next month I will be teaching a raw chef program here on Vancouver Island. As I developed the program, I kept in mind your comments that most raw food restaurants had too much fat and salt. You said they are just trying to reproduce the meals from the Standard American Diet using raw ingredients (or not so raw ingredients). Thanks for your insight. Warmly, RawRose

  80. Angela says:

    I really need this kind of information!! I’ve been struggling to follow a raw food diet for a while now, with no totally success, and this kind of material is what I’ve missed most.

  81. Lissa says:

    Hi Fred, your meals look great and so yummy! Looking forward to seeing the DVDs.

  82. Michelle says:

    Wow, those pictures look great! So excited for the DVDs, would especially love to know how to make some gourmet dishes that aren’t loaded with nuts and fats! Thank you for providing us with this great resource (it’s one thing to read a recipe but it’s so much more helpful to see it in action)…All of the dishes look really beautiful, fingers crossed that I win!! : )

    Much love!

  83. Sharyl Terhaar says:

    Wow, some of the food looks so wonderful and so beautifully colorful. My raw foods does not entice me like yours.

  84. Florence says:

    Because a recipe is more something that you watch, prepare, taste… than read about in a book and be collected, I am enthusiastic and grateful you put yours “alive” on a dvd format!

  85. reina says:

    Bon Jour,
    I have been a vegetarian then a vegan my entire life or from a very young age. After commencing a Master Cleanse last summer, I stumbled upon the raw vegan diet as taught by a wonderful gentleman named Kevin Shuker. Then I started my research, mainly online and found that the foods ALL INCLUDED NUTS in some shape form or fashion. Now I am a Latina so avocados are second nature but I have never eaten them every single day. Needless to say I was trying my best to follow the raw diet and do as I was told and kept wondering what was wrong with this way of eating.
    Alas, I started removing avocados and nuts and found myself lighter body wise and mentally.
    I think a grave disservice is done when a Raw Food vegan diet is sold as a bill of nuts and oils and avocados.
    It was robbing me of energy, joy, life and my waist line.
    Now I have to retrace my steps to regain my marathon running weight, my clean digestive tract and a way to lighten up, literally.
    So thank you so very much for your exceptional work, your tireless efforts and your scholarship.
    Much appreciated and I cannot wait to have your DVDs.
    Merci beaucoup,

  86. JaimeP says:

    Frederic ~*~*~*
    Thank you for your dedication to publishing the rational side of raw food. After much much research, I find your teachings to be the most scientifically accurate, objective, and untainted by spiritual musings. I admire your focus. With that said, I can’t wait to view your DVDS!

  87. DEE says:


    You have done a wonderful job. It is so true that most DVDs have a high fat focus.
    Yor DVDs are just what is needed to show there is so much more to raw food.
    Than you so much for your hard work.


  88. Gila Hammock says:

    It’s about time. I need all the help I can get transitioning into the raw food lifestyle. Even though I LOVE fruit and vegetables, this has been a tough journey for me. Watching DVD’s will be great, and the colors look wonderful. Thank you so much for this whole experience interaction, blogging, books….it has been my life saving motivation.


  89. As an overweight, raw food nutritionist, it’s very hard to convince my clients to eat raw when they look at me. I eat too much fat and do not exercise enough. I also have female issues. It’s interesting that so many raw gurus tell you that just by eating raw, all your troubles will be gone, including being overweight. I’m living proof that it’s not true. To be able to really help my clients, I need to be a picture of health myself. I have struggled with low fat raw for awhile now. These DVD’s will help me (and my clients) tremendously. The pictures look incredible. Thank you for doing this.

  90. Carrie says:

    Wow, that looks so yummie. I think those DVDs are a great idea. There aren’t much recipes for low fat raw food so I’m looking forward to it 🙂

  91. BRADY says:

    YEA!!! I am so excited about RAW FOOD and your new DVD’s. I can’t wait until you announce me as the winner. I am loving the raw lifestyle and you are one of the folks that I get motivation from! Thanks!!!

  92. Marsha says:

    I am excited about your DVD’s, for sure. My gallbladder hasn’t been happy lately and I struggle in planning ahead to dehydrate, soak, etc. I appreciate all of your fine efforts to make these DVDs available.

  93. Cherie Dawkins says:

    I began the raw vegan diet only about 6 weeks ago, and my first purchase was a book and DVD set that has a lot of the high fat recipes. Also the DVD contains way too much chitchat, and not enough demonstration of how to make the recipes. I was disappointed. I am interested in seeing your DVDs and the recipes sound much healthier. Your emails have already been VERY helpful. Thanks for sharing. Cherie

  94. Ana says:

    Wow! those recipes all look delicious.
    There’s a saying which states, “an image is worth more than 1000 words”.
    I think this DVD is going to be the perfect addition to your collection. I am quite a “visual” person, and sometimes find it difficult to fit in a busy life, reading lots of books.
    This should make it easier for all the busy people out there. Congratulations Fréderic! : )

  95. diane West says:

    Thank God for YOU!!!! is all I have to say. I started out on my raw journey back five years ago ,reading Natural hygeine books and then came across your raw sensations uncookbook, My friends and family all commented on how grate I looked and felt, ans the years went on I drifted to the high fat raw with David Jubb,did countless 14 day fasts to clean my liver, then started to have problems two years into it with candita,,teeth problems,vetigo, etc. so I tried to remember back to when I felt good. and came up with YOU,and Dr. Doug Graham, I am back on track,and feelin better than ever, I have my energy, and my looks back, I soooooo cant wait for your DVD, that I couldnt unstand that noone in the natural hygeine way of thought had one, I eat simple, and The eyes always eat first, you look extremely healthy, and that is one of the reasons I chose your way of eating along time ago, I figure If someone lives what they preach,and looks good doing it, It must be a good thing, God Bless you and keep up the work. Inspired on long Island Diane.

  96. Lisa Kilinc says:

    Everything looks so yummy. When can I come over for dinner? I am excided about this DVD series because I would have to agree with you, I find it hard to find good low-fat raw recipes. When I started going raw my purpose was to loose weight and I found I spent way more time trying to tweek the fat out of the recipes so that they would be more low-fat,that I ended up spending more time preparing the food. These DVD’s seem likethey would help me get on track faster and help me stay true to becoming 100% raw.

  97. Sydney Horner says:

    Your raw food recipe DVD’s look awesome. I need something like to this to give me some raw food meal ideas. That seems to be a big problem – making things that are different instead of fixing the same old things all of the time.

  98. Heather N. says:

    Oh my god! Those foods look so good, with stuff like that to eat, going raw will be easy! 😉

  99. Terry says:

    These recipes look great and will be very helpful. It is alway nice to see recipes ahead of time to know if they are appealing.

  100. Jodi says:

    These dvd’s may be just the thing I need so I won’t be so intimidated by trying to go raw. I hope the food tastes as good as it looks!

  101. Chris says:

    Fabulous! I am becoming tired of the same old recipes and this will be a great way to learn about some new ones. Keep up the great work!

  102. Sarah says:

    I’m very curious about raw cuisine, and have enjoyed your newsletters immensely. I tried out several of your green smo othierecipes you gave out, and really enjoyed the taste of them. I live in the North in Alaska, and have contemplated getting your information about eating in the northern climates.

    Thanks so much!

  103. Gin says:

    I love the idea of DVD’s!!! I am such a visual learner, and, I can even put them on while I’m getting ready in the morning and get ideas for supper or other meals during the week. I am eager to learn more easy recipes, as I am already raw breakfast and lunch! Whoo hoo! Gin

  104. Leva says:

    That’s absolutely perfect! I’ve been wanting some low fat instruction. This will help people to be raw who have been avoiding it or limiting it because of the high fat or complicated recipes (myself included). Can’t wait to see!

  105. Sue Sorenson says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait to host a ‘raw party’ and show these DVD’s!!!

  106. rawliciousliving says:

    I am currently teaching about 50 people how to stay raw. I do weekly classes with low fat low calorie raw foods. I hope to put a dent in the health care industry. I quote you and love so many of your ideas. Please send me a DVD so I can continue to spread the raw secrets.

  107. Richard Smith says:

    Hello Frederic,

    I am in full support of your effort to produce a low-fat raw vegan DVD. Since stumbling upon your website and purchasing and reading your books, The Raw Secrets and Instant Raw Sensations, I’ve developed a renewed faith in the raw vegan food movement. Thanks for taking your dietary knowledge and expertise to another level of education.

  108. Nancy says:

    WOW..what a great idea..Like works of art!!! You were my 1st introduction to raw foods 2 years ago. Read the books and started on my journey. RAW-K ON!

  109. Denise says:

    I’m so excited you’ve chosen to make DVD’s. I’ve only been eating raw for a few months and I need some variety. It will be great to see delicious low fat food being made, rather than reading through lots of recipes and wondering if they actually taste good. I’d also like to entice my SAD eating family to join me. My stomach is growling!

  110. Julien says:

    Bonjour Frédéric,

    The DVDs’ pictures look awesome. I will buy them even If I don’t win.
    I’ve been following the raw low-fat path for more than 3 months now and I really feel amazing. I think I’ve never felt so good in my life and I know that it will even get better!

    Thanks for all you do!


  111. Jacob says:

    Hey Frederic,

    So you should have warned us in your email how delicious these dishes look. Because now my keyboard is drenched in drool. I’m always looking for new ways to prepare raw foods yet still maintain a low fat approach. I have a couple recipes up my sleeve but I would love to add some more variety. Visually seeing how things are done, is my favorite way to learn. I look forward to the release of your DVDs.

    Eat some fruit,

  112. Tina says:

    Woah! Awesome, raw food dvd’s! I would totally love to have those. Not knowing what to make and how to make it is the major problem in my attempt of raw foodism.

    I’ve really enjoyed your emails though, they helped a lot!

    So thanks, Frederic!

  113. Rebecca Perrault says:

    Afternoon! There are some great posts here..I don’t envy you having to select only one to win! This is my first post online..ever. Hope I do this right:) I also would like to see some samples of these DVD’s. My husband is so visual and I know he would have an easier time catching this vision if he can see the process and end product. I thought we came to raw food late in the game but I see by some of these posts that we are right in there age wise!Yea!! Please answer a few many disc in the series? The cost? And when will they be out for sale? Thank you in advance. Blessings, Rebecca

  114. Nimisha says:

    WOW – these pictures are amazing. I’ve fallen off the raw wagon, but this could be the inspiration I’m looking for to get back on track.

  115. Cam says:

    It’s about time somebody did this. This is a product that undoubtedly will sell. I wish I had thought of it. Good job Fred. I look forward to when it comes out.

  116. Linda says:

    Hi Frederic,
    I love instructional videos! Thanks for making these. Maybe they will give me (and others!) the courage to go more “raw.”

  117. Judy says:

    The clarity and color of the pictures are outstanting. Would love to see a sampling of the video to give you an educated opinions. 🙂 Keep up the good work and continue to be good to yourself.

  118. rayna says:

    it is so wonderful that you’ve done this! low-fat raw is definitely the “little guy” in a high-fat raw world, and i think this DVD set will help the low-fat movement grow. thank you so much for doing this!!


  119. Frederick, this information on your new DVD’s sounds fantastic. I recently participated in your Spring Cleanse week and for the first time in my life ate a 100% raw diet. I wasn’t able to go the entire 7 days because of traveling but still did well for the first 4 days. My energy levels were really high. I didn’t have indigestion once in those 4 days which I do often have indigestion with my partly raw diet. I look forward to seeing your DVD’s when they come out.

  120. Rosanne D says:

    WOW, this made my day. i can’t wait until it is release !!!

  121. Shelah says:

    Hi Frederic!

    This is a great idea and the photos look very high quality! I hope that there will be a focus on recipes that do not contain any condiments, herbs (or minimal and mild only), spices, oils nor salt. This is where there is a real void in the raw recipes available in books and DVD’s. I am especially interested in putting together awesome menus with few ingredients, no condiments and gorgeous presentation to wow guests! Will your DVD’s deliver??

    All blessings to you,

  122. Rosanne D says:

    WOW, this made my day. i can’t wait until it is release !!! Thanks for all your support and information.

  123. satatma says:

    what a great idea!

  124. taral says:

    WOW!!! I think this is a great idea. I have not bought any DVDs but have the same problem with a lot of the raw “un” cook books. They all have recipies that are very high in fat or so many items that require dehydrating. For those of us who work full time this process can take too long. Your recipies tend to be very easy, but not always things I would think of myself. I am very excited about the DVDs and think it will really help people make lasting life style changes. The pictures you show already have me interested. Thanks, Tara

  125. Lourdes says:

    Hello Fred, you certainly identified a gaping hole in the market. I have seen many raw recipe books where almost nine out of ten ingredients are condiments, salt, oils, and other borderline stuff, and only 1-2 are vegetables or fruit. It’s like, hold on, that’s not the idea. I have several of your recipe books and look forward to these too.


  126. Mary says:

    After going raw 9 months ago, I have reversed my diabetes, lowered my high blood pressure and cholesterol, and no longer have chronic fatigue syndrome. I am off all medications. I will be raw for the rest of my life – at age 66 who knows how long that will be! (LOL! It will be a lot longer than if I had not gone raw.) I have your recipe book Instant Raw Sensations and I love it! I have not made one recipe from it that was less than outstanding! Everything is delicious. I have purchased several raw food DVD’s and share your concerns. Most of them are just “thrown together” and give little to no direction about eating raw. I am looking forward to your DVD’s. Of course I would love to win them – who wouldn’t? Thanks, Fred.


  127. Chris says:

    So true! I like avocado and nuts as much as the next person, but 10lbs. later and I need some low-fat ideas fast! This idea is awesome and definitely much needed in the raw food community. Thanks!

  128. jeni says:

    I LOVE this idea! I would so do more raw foods if i had something like this to inspire me; I have 4 kids, all under 7 and a meat and potatos husband. (he did try a raw chocolate cheesecake and said it was okay but cant comprehend why I would try to make something that is suposed to be an indulgence, good for you. I say why not?) Anyway, all that to say, my brain space is limited these days with what is on my plate already and I am not the most creative person. I have to see things; I wont buy a cookbook if it doesnt have pictures because I wont make it. I loved watching cooking shows for inspiration but where we live right now, I dont even get network t.v! So this is a brilliant idea! I’m so excited(:

  129. Tess says:

    The pics look amazing! I need to try some of these recipes to add variety to my diet and excitement. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Sincerely, Tess

  130. Jacalyn says:

    I have been teaching health and nutrition for many years and at the age of 59, 2 years ago I was shockingly diagnosed with cancer. I really hit the ‘walk your talk’ lifestyle change, but the hardest part was finding recipes that tasted good that were not too long to prepare. With my business, I had no time to prepare. This really looks good and if there’s not a lot of time to prepare these, I would love to see these and try them. At this point they can’t find any cells, but it’s a work in progress. Stress is my biggest hurdle to overcome. I’m feeling great, but could feel better. Thank you so much for your teaching and ‘walking your talk’!

  131. Sophie says:

    Yummy! dvds on raw food prep how graet is that!
    I would like to see sugerless desserts.
    What to pack for work sometimes I run out of ideas.
    The list can go on and on,Im sure you know whats best.
    Keep up the good work Fred.

  132. marjah99 says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for. I needed something easy, altogether healthy but palatable, and appealing to my four children. Thanks.

  133. Marcella says:

    uau! That´s just what I need!
    I have such a hard time “cooking” my meals… At the end of the day I feel like I eat the same thing over and over again.
    Looking at thoses amazing pictures I´m sure you don´t get this feeling! And that I don´t have to ether!
    That´s an amazing project!

  134. Linda says:

    Excellent! Can’t wait to see this.

  135. Sparrow Jones says:

    I am thrilled to see what you are coming out with! It gets so frustrating trying to weed through other people’s books and DVDs to find the three or four low-fat recipes hidden in the sea of super-high calorie, super-high fat foods.

    When I first went raw, I GAINED weight (and I was already obese!) and that was because of all the recipes that called for a cup of olive oil or five avocados. It is only when I stick to low-fat raw eating that my weight gets lower. God willing, I will get down to a healthy weight thanks to the information and support that low-fat raw teachers like yourself put out.

    I can’t wait for your DVD to come out!

  136. Andrew says:

    Sup Fred, Looking good. Send those free DVD’s my way. You will do well this product, need more “how to” info that is easy to follow in the rawfood movement.

  137. Karen says:

    Excellent! Raw and low-fat recipes are just what is needed! I especially like that you are also going to explain the science behind raw eating – that’s the “icing on the cake”!!

  138. Josh says:

    Yes….I am absolutely excited about your dvd’s…….I am also happy that summer is coming so i can try some of these awesome recipes with fresh fruits and veggies, that salad picture looks AMAZING…..****STAY GREEN****** Thanks!!!!

  139. Hella says:

    Mmm…mouthwatering…the recipes look oh so delicious.

  140. Leland says:

    Hey Frederic,

    Love the screen captures from this new DVD your releasing!!!
    I was waiting for you to make one of these, excellent!


  141. margery says:

    I am tired of eating raw fruits and juicing veggies!! I love to chew crunchy things, so I hope your video will have plenty!!

  142. Francesca Mccaffery says:

    Wow! I am freshly RAW, (2 months!) and these recipes look DIVINE! I could sure use those DVDs! Pick ME, Frederic!!! Thanks! ;))))

  143. Julia says:

    Looking forward to the DVD’s. I am a visual learning person so this is great. I love the pictures, so fresh and colorful.

  144. Lois Anderson says:

    Yes I would deffinately be interested in these videos. As a Health teacher it would make a great teaching tool. Lois

  145. Emanuela Froment says:

    I saw the pictures about the recipes that you are going to put on DVD. I love durian and I was thinking when the water fast is over, to make a custard. Also, I am going to make greens with fruits.I am looking forward to receive your DVD. Thank you for your work.



  146. Tina Marie says:


    Thank you for all you do. I appreciate how you have clarified so much for me as I transition to a raw, low-fat, vegan diet. I look forward to watching the DVDs and learning even more. I also value your other products.

    Joy and blessings,

    Tina Marie

  147. Nancy Reed says:

    Fred, these dvds look like what I need. I still eat too much fat, but I have a hard time with dinners. I need them fast, filling and lo-fat. I am excited to see these dvds.


  148. Luke Mckeown says:

    Frederic theses DVD’s look awesommee. I have followed doug grahams program for about a year and love it. But have never been a chef.. i dont mind at all having just fruit for breakfast and lunch. But i usually just have a really large green smoothie for dinner.I think this will really help me create a dinner i can look forward to! Please pick me! lol much love to u x x

  149. Anita Strelau says:

    Thank you for your raw food insights and suggestions. DVDs are an excellent tool in learning more about raw food. Looking forward to hearing your tips and learning some new recipes.

  150. Dino Paris says:

    Delicious and healthy looking food. It would be great if I win the DVD set.



  151. Debbie says:

    I have been receiving your recipes for some time and I have tried alot of them. I think the DVD set is going to be great. They will help people to get a visual how to make recipes. I will be ordering as soon as they come out. I know you will sell alot of these.

  152. Lynley says:

    Woah Frederic, All these ‘fantastic comments’ about YOU !!! You best make it clear you don’t come with the DVD’s. lol

    I am more than looking forward to you DVD’s. Like a lot of things, seeing it done is so much easier to follow than going back and forward to a card or book. More than a top idea and they will sell like ‘hot cakes’.
    ~ 11/10 Frederic ~
    Cheers, Lynley from ‘ The Land Down Under ‘

  153. nancy says:

    I would love to have a copy of your raw food demonstrations. I am just starting out and could use all the help I can find. these food items look delicious and the fact that they are not all full of fat is even better.

  154. Josette says:

    YES ! at last some recipes for us raw vegans not wanting to eat the run of the mill high fat raw diet. I am partial to the occasional avocado but would not include them in my everyday diet. Same for the nuts used in raw recipes + high fat dressings.
    My favorite (and well used book) is your “Instant Raw Sensations” particularly the Smoothies Section and the Raw Vegetable Soups.
    I am looking forward to these DVD’s. The recipes shown look delicious.
    Merci Frederic for always being at the forefront of the healthy raw food movement.
    Best wishes, Josette Excuse mon Anglais!

  155. Nick says:


    The recipes on these DVD’s look great! As a massage therapist, I rely alot on raw foods to keep me going througout the day. Massage is physically demanding and with raw foods, I have all the energy I need. There seems to be alot of choices on the DVD menu, and I really like how you have everything catagorized. This is a great idea and thanks for contriburing your knowledge to the raw vegan community!

  156. Michel says:


    Merci pour ta contribution a un momde meilleur.

    Continue a repandre le regime cru sans complications.

    Sois fidele a ton mentor originel Albert Mosseri, et a l’Hygienisme!

  157. Miryam says:

    Hello Frederic,

    These DVDs will be of great help in the how-to department. I have been looking through the internet for those specifically and when I found some I could not bring myself to make the purchase. As we are a family transitioning to raw, your DVDs will speed that process as I will know exactly how to prep food that will appeal visually, be properly combined and taste delicious to my husband and myself but especially to my children.

    Thank you!

  158. DeAnn says:

    Looks great! I’ve never purchased a raw prep DVD before, but this one looks like it would actually be something I would learn from! With most raw recipes, you have to plan so far ahead to sprout and dehydrate stuff. Ugh. Who has time for that?

    I look forward to seeing them!

  159. Carolyn says:

    The pictures of you and the food are absolutely fabulous. Would love to be able to eat raw properly having meals that look and taste good. it would be incredible for me to be able to win your DVDs to be able to implement the raw program. It means even more because I am presently diabetic trying to get that under control and experiencing some body swelling. My only hope is to win the DVDs as with my present situation I am working feverishly trying to hold on to my house. My thoughts of greatness and excellence are with you as this is much needed information for many of us suffering today!!!!!

    BEST TO YOU AND YOURS!!!!!!!!!!

  160. Greg says:

    Really appreciate you taking raw food cuisine teaching way up to a whole new level by investing your time and energy in first purchasing everything that is already on the market as part of your research in bringing out the highest quality dvds both in production value and most importantly content showing the yummiest low fat raw vegan culinary delights and how easy they are to make. A truly first class product that will definitely be the best thing out there, bar none. Go Fred… Go.

  161. Jim Fay says:

    Fredrick – These pictures look great, I can hardly wait to see the DVD. I am relatively new to raw, about a year and still experimenting. It will be great to see some live pictures to assist in the process. Thanks, Jim

  162. Jo Anne says:


    I am excited to see that you are making food prep DVDs. I am still a work in progress when it comes to being 100% or even 80% for that matter. Last year it all seemed so very confusing. I checked out every raw food book at the library and book store in my area and spend endless hours on the internet.
    My downfall has been not being prepared. I will have fruit for breakfast and a smoothie for lunch or maybe fresh juice but “What’s for Dinner” ? I forgot to soak the nuts and the food prep will take too long and I am hungry! I want to keep it simple and I am always looking for ideas.

    Thanks Jo Anne

  163. Tommie says:

    Frederic, you are genius at filling niches that are needed by raw vegans! Brilliant!!

  164. Amanda says:

    This looks great! I’ve never been good at fixing savory raw meals or making salads taste any good and those salads look amazing so this would be an awesome video to own.

  165. diana says:

    Amid the plethora of sometimes contradictory information
    out there on the healthiest raw food diet, I’ve come to trust
    your guidance. Best of luck with your latest offering.

  166. Therese says:

    Looks great! Glad you have taken an effort to demonstrate low fat raw veganism.

  167. rawkin says:

    Not only delicious looking dishes but also the photography is awesome as well !! Great job Frederic
    thanks rawkin

  168. Luise says:

    Hi Frederic,
    I am trying to make the transition to Raw for me & my family. The DVD’s are a wonderful idea as they are so much more inspirational & memorable than a book. I look after my elderly father (86 yrs old) who had a stroke a few months ago (not walking – YET!) & has dementia, so time is precious & I find at the end of the day I just prepare what I know to make it faster. This is where the DVD’s would be so valuable; to show mw what to make, how to do it, & to give variety to our meals! I also have health issues, therefore it is important that I look after myself so that I can continue to look after him. I was told to put my father into a nursing home, that he would never be able to do anything for himself. We brought him home with us as I will not accept that he can’t be helped, & in these 2 months at home the improvements have been dramatic (the medico’s have been amazed)! My dream is to teach other carers that nutrition is what it is all about, that they CAN help their loved ones to get better, that they should not accept that there is no hope, & that as much Raw as possible is the Key – your DVD’s would help me do that! I also want to show my family what a difference Raw is making in my health so they too will try it (& embrace it!)so they raise my grandchildren on Raw. At the moment I am not the good advertisement that I am aspiring to – I do need help!
    With love & Light,

  169. Patrick says:

    Frederic, I think you’ve excelled with this idea!!! As you say, all the raw vegan chefs go for nuts, nama shoyu etc and this is almost as bad as staying on a cooked vegan diet as far as I’m concerned. The dishes look delicious.

    I can’t wait to see the shot of you chopping into the coconut, I never hold it when I strike with the cleaver, too worried about losing another finger 🙂

  170. Lisa says:

    I am so intrigued by a raw food diet, but I’m very tentative to begin. I’ve been looking at various raw food “cook”books, but the recipes look complicated and contain some very strange (i.e., hard to get) ingredients. One of the things I like most about your DVD set is that you show how to make your recipes. I also like the fact that you’ve done your homework — it’s very important to not produce a product that’s like all others on the market. I am glad that you’re giving people sound information instead of the “filler” info that usually comes with most videos. As I’m a “newbie” and am very intimidated by the whole raw food concept, I think this DVD set would be a great help to get me started. I have found your newsletter to be very informative, and can only imagine the information you’ll present in your DVD.

    I think this sneak peak is awesome! Thank you,
    Lisa 🙂

  171. Guylaine says:

    Hi Frederic,
    Wow! You always surprised me by your creativity and the multitude of products you offer continuously to enhance our lifestyle. Those pictures are awesome. I see fresh, healthy and delicious foods which I can relish with no guilt knowing that my body and my senses will love it.
    Beautifully done,

  172. Anita says:

    Hope you have something with the texture of cheese (cheddar, feta) that is easy to prepare … BECAUSE… whenever I am really hungry and want to grab a quick, easy bite, I often reach for cheese. (My family has not yet joined me in 100% raw foods eating, which is why I still have this VERY HIGH IN FAT food in the fridge.) If there is something quick and easy to prepare, LOW IN FAT, as a satisfying substitute for this ghastly ‘food’, I hope it’s on one of your video recipes! As for the photos, you look very healthy and the recipes have eye appeal.

  173. Helen says:


    This is a wonderful idea! It’s the next best thing to someone preparing the food for me. Thank you !

  174. Mariel says:

    “At laaaaaaaaaaast” . . . . ala Etta James!

  175. Phyllis says:

    The pictures are great! It lkooks like your DVD will be a big hit. I can’t wait to try your recipes.

    Wishing you oodles of success.


  176. Mary T. says:

    This would be very helpful for those of us who are visual. It helps me to be able to see how food is prepared. The pictures make the recipes appealing, so that we would want to try them.

  177. Eva B. says:

    Hello Frederic,
    I always enjoy reading your newsletters,websites and your honesty and pleasant,friendly personality shines through them.I really would love to win your DVDs because your approach to the raw food lifestyle makes the most sense and I would like to make all the recipes you present on them.Just today my carnivore brother announced that he is not going to eat meat anymore which surprised the heck out of me but I am ecstatic for him.For the last few months he’s been watching me drink green juices and smoothies and make lots of raw goodies,sometimes enjoying them himself,especially the raw desserts.I’ve cured my type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure and lost lots of weight without any “dieting”.I know that if I show him your DVDs and he sees a man who is a healthy,good looking raw food chef,he would be more willing to eat the way we are supposed to.

  178. graham says:

    This looks delicious ….. all of it !!

  179. Connie says:

    I think this will be a great resource. It is one thing to read about it but it is another thing to see the concepts in action, as this type of food preparation isn’t something I grew up watching. It will be nice to have a real person demonstrate the touted simplicity of this raw lifestyle.

  180. Lori says:

    Finally somebody put some thought and ingenuity into making some professional raw food DVD’s. Keep up the great information you provide. Thanks.

  181. Wendy says:

    Hello Frederic!

    WOW….FINALLY someone is going to help people make HEALTHY raw food dishes instead of the nut based dishes that many raw chefs create. I am SO looking forward to seeing what you have created on these DVD’s. Great job!

  182. Gail says:

    Food Network here he comes…..!!! This is really great.

  183. Sheila says:

    I am so glad you are doing this. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, reading about how to make a low fat raw food meal and actualy seeing how to make one(from a real professional like yourself) is something I have wanted to see since I’ve been raw (a little over 2 years now). This will certainly help me alot.
    Thanks for your insight into the low fat raw food way of eating.


  184. Annie Kelley says:

    I’m brand new to your website and newsletter and raw foods. So far, so good, though to start, we are just replacing one meal with raw food and juicing too. I’m looking forward to a healthy new me and even though we have always been pretty health conscious about our food choices, this is a vast improvement.
    I look forward to traveling this road with your help…thanks for all you do.

  185. Jessica says:

    Fred – these DVD’s look to be an awesome supplement to the already great and only CORRECT raw food lifestyle out there! I so look forward to their release! Good luck on your new project!

  186. Jolene says:

    Hey Frederic,

    I can’t believe you’re actually coming up with these recipes! It’s amazing coz so far, I’ve sustained myself on the raw food diet with loads of fats and it makes me go ugh and I just go back to cooked food. Can’t wait to try some of these awesome recipes:) Thanks so much!

  187. jay says:


    I am looking forward to some healthy help with a raw food regime that is nutritious. What is out there now only contributes to the obesity rate in America. I want healthy low fat raw meals. I am waiting anxiously for your DVD series. Thank you for raw consciousness!


  188. Armando says:

    The dishes look great, some preparation will go a long way to get more of my family members to become raw!

  189. Margaret says:

    Looks wonderful! I have never figured out how to open a green coconut, or several of the new (to me) fruits in the grocery. Having a DVD on how to chop, poke or peal would really help.
    Can I feed myself and my son for $10/day raw?
    We are on food stamps while I am getting my degree (for the next 3 years), my son is 16 and eating like a teenage boy! We live in a small apartment, but there is a kudzu patch in the park near by. (can we eat that?)
    I do have a small chest freezer. (is frozen too non-raw?) We have a regular walmart blender too. I made some green smoothies in it.But 5 oz. spinach is about it’s limit…
    We do raw as much as I know how. I just need to solve some things I haven’t seen others deal with before.
    Thank you for your help. Your insight is amazing! The information I have learned over the last year or so has improved our nutrition. I haven’t been sick this year!. My friends say I am looking much better. (they seem a little shocked at how good), I’ll be 54 soon and have to keep up with the same academic/work schedule as the college kids and come home and care for my special needs son…
    What you are doing is important. Keep it up!

  190. Alicia says:

    Wow Frederic! This is what I have been praying for. . .a mentor that I can watch prepare meals! I read all the other comments and I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who really needs to watch, rather than just follow recipes. I have six children who LOVE having green shakes every morning now, (THANK YOU!!!) and we have really benefitted. We also have one really big salad per day, but when it comes to dinner we have always gone back to stir-fry/brown rice or rice/bean type meals with fresh raw salsa. I have felt really limited for some time and I know my husband rebels every day at work when he goes to lunch, but your DVDs would really help add variety and health to our family. We home school our children and it is quite mentally and otherwise demanding. I just know eating more raw will help my energy level so I won’t start to nod off when I’m reading to the youngest three (ages 2,4,5) :-). Allowing my children to also see the DVDs will help them realize that I am not the only person in the world that doesn’t feed her children processed foods. We have been able to grow many of our own greens (mostly arugula) but it will be nice to see more variety in the ways you can eat them.
    We will love to see one of your savory soups being made, and then try it out ourselves. This will really help my 8 year old son, too who wants to become “an EMT, a pilot, and a CHEF! Of course we are also looking forward to a new alternative to our typical cakes for birthdays. I never knew what to do for birthdays. We actually had a blessing in disguise last week when my oven caught fire and is now nonfunctional. I realized this is the perfect opportunity to really focus more on eating RAW!!! Thank you so much for the information you have provided on your site about nutritional content of fruits and vegetables. I have been looking for so long to be reinforced in my belief that centering our diets on these foods provides all the nutrition we need. I was always afraid that I would somehow be neglecting some important nutrient in my children’s diets. I really began searching in earnest when my 8 year old son was born with esophageal atresia (stomach not connected to esophagus) and even after surgery the road was difficult to find things for him to eat that didn’t cause him great digestive distress. What a blessing to find your site. I have recommended you to friends. I have wondered if you would ever consider doing youtube or other 2 minute clips with just health information. . .the benefits of the raw lifestyle. I keep wanting to make a weekly video and email it out to my family and friends (who eat much processed food and suffer much), but so far little time and my own lack of confidence in my ability to explain the things I know have prevented me from producing such videos as yet. Once again, Thank You So MUCH for all you have already done. It has been such a great blessing to our family.

  191. petrea hansen-adamidis says:

    Fred, I have to say I have seen a lot of different raw food prep demos and they all seem to be very complicated (to follow and to digest) recipes, lots of nuts or dehydration etc. Yours sounds like it will be in a healthier direction- looking forward to hearing/seeing more!

  192. Claude Breault says:

    the picture are so beautiful like yours eyes ,they are so clear ! you look very healthy like yours meals .

  193. Ali says:

    I can’t wait until this DVD is available. It looks like a winner to me! Thanks for all you do.

  194. Kate Quinn says:

    You’re such a cutie Fred! 🙂 *blush*

    The DVD looks fantastic and I’d love to see a video preview 🙂 I’m really looking forward to seeing this, as instruction videos are so great and I believe more valuable than just another book.

    I would love to review the DVD in my print magazine,, the first magazine for raw foodists in Australia.


  195. Stacey says:

    I’ve been hoping for a “Raw Foods for Dummies” type of video to come out. This looks like it’s what I’ve been waiting for.

  196. Debbie says:

    Yes! What a great idea! The ore recipes, the more likely I’ll stay raw!

  197. Mark J. Miller says:

    Hey Frederic, this is a great way of enabling more people to eat raw fresh living foods. May this be a good success for you and some new healthy raw food enthusiasts. In health, Mark

  198. Kenwyn says:

    your food looks very good I just need some simple easy recipes I don’t have a vitamix blender or A food prosser or A dehyedreater I do have A cheap blener and A salad shooter that choppes up my veggies and fruit.I do have A DVD player thats good .I really need to get this down pat… you see I’m grossly way over my weight and I belive that I’ve read every thing that you have written I’m 60 years old I was A smoker I am so glad that was the worst except for the oral fixation to put food in my mouth I need to quit that but your DVD’s will be killer

  199. Regina says:

    Wow Fred! Great ideal and very timely! You look just as good as those dishes you prepared. I guess its that raw food beauty. Can’t wait for the DVD. This is soooo exciting. I’m happy for you. Thankyou.And good luck.
    Blessings, Regina

  200. Rayvin Nyte says:

    Wow these recipes look delirious. I’m super excited about my raw journey. I love your newsletter Fredric with all the useful information. Thanks for the tips.

    Brightest Blesssings
    Rayvin Nyte

  201. Richard Fortin says:

    I will be the winner for shure, Just because I need it and I like Frederic’s work. Also I am from Quebec, Canada so Frederic will save on shipping!

  202. Carolyn says:

    Hi Fred, it’s a great idea to put some of your knowledge into a movie. I have found other authors to be overcomplicated so I’m hoping you continue down your path of delicious easy to prepare food.

    I have a couple of little people I’m trying to get interested in raw food. They do really well with salads in the evening and fruit smoothies as part of their breakfast but to take them further would great for all of us. I hope some of these are good recipes are for the winter, as being down here in the Southern hemisphere (New Zealand) winter is starting to take hold.

    Keep up the great work, I like your honesty, attitude and vision.


  203. Richard says:

    very healthy! you look healthy too!

  204. Shanelle says:

    This looks AWESOME!!! The food shown in the preview slides looks delicious and I love the fact that you have slides with more raw food education! I did not realize just how variety of raw food meals available, and the categories they breakdown into! I’m looking forward to it!

  205. Charmaine says:

    Wow, these recipes look so yummy, and to think that they’re all either low fat or fat-free! This is definitely a first in the entire raw food movement. Why hasn’t anyone thought of compiling such recipes before? It’s been long overdue, so it’s such a wonderful thing that a DVD such as yours is finally coming out. I know it’ll be a success, coz you’ve already got a lot of people excited with these preview photos. Thanks for coming up with this, Fred. You’ve done a whole world of good to raw foodies once more.

  206. Debbie says:

    I,like many others, was unsuccessful at sustaining a raw foods lifestyle and couldn’t figure out why until you spelled it out so clearly – too much fat. I was so excited to hear that you’re offering a dvd series on how to do it right the low-fat way!!!!

  207. Helen says:

    Hi Frederic,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to make the DVDs. The food looks beautiful,appetizing & nutritious. That is so inspiring. I envision turning on my portable DVD player on my kitchen counter top and there you are teaching. Before I know it my 13 year old son, my 25 year old son and my husband are watching too saying,”that looks delicious let’s make it! Your DVDs will help us get the much needed inspiration to be creative. It will also help us in our journey to better health by eating more raw foods prepared in different ways, Again, a million thanks! Have a blessed Day.

  208. PEGGY says:

    These DVD’s appear to be a fantastic thing for “newbies” and experienced people. I am constantly looking for ways to get raw and stay raw. These low fat recipes are what I need as I have gained too much weight in the last few years while I stumble through diet choices. Can’t wait.

  209. Maria says:

    Dear Frederic,

    I’ve been subscribed to your newsletters for some time now and I just wanted to say that I admire your passion, enthusiasm, dedication and deep commitment to spreading the word about the healthiest, most natural and most compassionate food and lifestyle on earth! Thank you so much for continuing to inspire us to be and do the best we can, your energy is simply contagious! Your emails are a lifeline for someone who, like me, lives on the other side of the planet (Indonesia) where so little is known about raw and living vegan foods.

    Thank you again for your generosity, for giving and sharing so much of yourself and your wealth of knowledge in such a pleasant and honest way, for your hard work, for your time, for the hope you spread, for being there for everyone!

    A heartfelt congratulations on your upcoming DVDs which look amazing, needless to say that like everybody else I can hardly wait to watch them!

    Blessings, joy and all things beautiful,

    Maria 🙂

  210. Don Eitner says:

    Hi Fred,

    Pretty cool idea. Great to see you making these as there does seem to be a lack of this sort of material out there.


  211. joyce says:

    i’m so very grateful that you are doing these dvd’s. the quality of the pics look amazing and the content looks wonderful too. i never understood why someone from the 811RV camp never did any dvd’s. the high fat group sure seems to have capitalized on making them. this is gonna be an awesome resource for newbies and oldbies alike. 🙂 even tho i’ve been in pursuit of the 100% RV lifestyle for 4 years, i could’ve been spared alot of pain and discomfort having this resource when i first started. unfortunately the first dvd’s i got were from the high fat camp and being a newbie at that time, i unknowingly took my poor health and made it worse. i stopped eating all fats and found that the more fruit and veggies i ate the better i felt. it was at that time i found your “raw secrets” book which provided me great insights into what i’d been experiencing and direction for change.

    one of the things i enjoy most about you fred, is that you’re an innovator. i always love the simplicity, organization and quality of the products and information you provide. i had the opportunity of getting to know you enough in costa rica to realize the absolute sincerity and integrity with which you create your products and run your business.

    i’m excited about the videos for many reasons. one of the most exciting to me actually has nothing to do with the content. it is simply that i find that since i have no one in my area who subscribes to the raw vegan lifestyle, i crave being able to physically see what the lifestyle does for those who live it. i find it inspirational and motivational. i expect that these dvd’s will fill that need for many as well.

    i believe these dvd’s will be transformational for the RV movement. so thanks fred, again, for seeing a need a providing a great product!

    with appreciation,

  212. Eric Meunier says:

    On a déjà ton livre cuisine soleil!
    Vas-tu avoir une version en français de ton DVD?


  213. Juan Puentes says:

    Excelent, I’m looking for learning new low-fat raw recipes from your DVD. Thank you

  214. Stella says:

    Wow!! The pictures are unbelievable and mouthwatering! I am only 3 weeks raw and the difference is amazing so far. I am Kenyan and it seem like I am the only live foodist around coz everyone I tell I am on raw foods only goes, huh! Anyway, being so new to this lifestyle and having no one to share ideas with, I would really love to have your DVD and know how to prepare all those rawsome recipes! Kudos to you and I wish you every success!

  215. Hani says:

    I usually prefer monomeals, but these recipes look very intriguing, I wish I win

  216. Eve says:

    This is the way to teach and learn. I’m very visual so this is the best way for me to absorb and use your valuable learning tips and techniques. Thanks.

  217. Oksana says:

    Wooow, Frederic, I admire your determination and focus on what you do. I’m discovering more and more about health – it is my passion – and just 1 month ago I decided to make a research about the raw foodism and try it for a month to see the results but it turned out to be my life style because I found so many benefits for health and life full of energy. I’ve been living in Northern Cyprus for 4 years and everyone is so sceptical about this way of living (except my boyfriend and best friend). It’s difficult but I did impress my friends with raw vegan cake for a birthday party. I can’t wait to see your DVD to ease my life and enjoy low-fat mirocles. That’s what I need!!!

  218. mattie says:

    I want these dvds, i could make raw meals for myself and my family when they come visit me at my new place.
    Perhaps if they try well prepared raw meals it could change thier opinion of the raw food lifestyle.
    They think i am nuts, i reply “i beg your pardon mum i think you mean raw nuts – she hates it ha

  219. Faye says:

    I like your approach of low fat ~ not heavy on the nuts, avocado, oils that so much of the other raw recipes have. Yes, after reading other comments, I agree simplicity is the answer! Greens, greens, and more greens. Some recipes are very complicating ~ ok for special occasions ~ Beautiful & simple ** demo’s are inspiring
    Looking forward to seeing the dvd

  220. sue says:

    we in australia need all the help we can get.. the raw food revolution is slow to take off and i have a lot of trouble tempting people to make something. this dvd set would help them see how good it all looks and how easy it is to put into practice. looking foward to getting hold of a set or two.. to help us aussies get on board.

  221. Perry says:

    Yes, always look forward to easy to follow and delicious raw food recipes, and being able to watch them while preparing them would be an even better way of doing it. Looking forward to seeing the DVD’s.

  222. Marko says:

    Hello, Frederic!

    This is the complete and systematic presentation of very high quality raw food for everyone who wants to live long, healthy life and also enjoy in what they eat.
    Just amazing. Congratulation!

  223. Rashnu says:

    I am really curious to see you at work. Besides, I never saw any recipe book presented in a video format, which seems to be a good idea in these times where digital screens are popping up everywhere in our house. Please make sure you include
    some compressed format that we can play this stuff on our mobile phone or I-pod or the like. I cannot take my DVD player + large television to my kitchen, but I can easily put up my cell phone on the counter.

  224. Patti says:

    Hi Fred. Can’t wait for these DVDs! My husband and I have been vegans for many years and are currently in the transition phase to a raw vegan diet. There is so much misleading information out there about the raw food diet and we count ourselves lucky to have found your website during our research before we embarked on the unhealthy (high-fat, high-sugar) raw food path. Our son, who turns one today, is still exclusively breastfed (lucky little guy) but will definitely be a raw food baby once he shows readiness for introduction of solid foods. He already knows our high-speed blender so well and “boogies” to the sound when dad is making green smoothies. :o) We know we couldn’t choose a better lifestyle for ourselves or for him than the raw vegan lifestyle. Our repertoire of successful raw recipes is very small at the moment, but we know we are on a journey of discovery when it comes to raw foods… finding out what works and what doesn’t. So many of the recipes that can be found online don’t come close to living up to expectations, but we know your DVDs will be different. I think what you advocate can really be considered the only AUTHENTIC raw food lifestyle. It’s the only one that makes sense to us, so we can’t wait to see you in action on the DVDs creating awesome raw food meals. You’re always coming up in conversation in our house… Fred said this… Fred said that… like you’re a good friend and it has made us feel less alone on this raw food journey. So thanks for the constant guidance and support!

  225. Emily O'Dea says:

    Hi-the pictures are mouth- watering and I am relieved to see that many of the ingredients are ones which can be grown in the uk. I am new to the idea of raw food, although have been vegetarian for many years and involved in a permaculture project. Many of the raw recipes I have seen use mostly ingredients not growable in the uk leading me to concerns regarding the environmental impact of air- miles and also the freshness of the food. I will be very grateful for great recipes which utilize freshly picked produce.Thank you!

  226. Julie says:

    The photos look great. It’s pretty funny that for a raw food DVD you are standing in front of an oven.

  227. Catherine says:

    Fred, you and your products have been more help to me than any other raw food resources I’ve used. I enjoy my best health on the low-fat diet you advocate. I believe these DVDs would be very helpful. I look forward to their release.

  228. Denia says:

    Just curiosity, where are you from?

  229. Denia says:

    The reply above was for Armando, I thought it would be linked to his comment.

  230. Helen says:

    Hi Frederic
    Just love the recipes and am looking forward to the DVDs. I have been wanting to find more recipes without nuts and excess fat so these recipes will be great.

  231. SuzieQ says:

    Moving pictures is how I learn to cook these days; (u-tube etc.). There are a load of cooking clips on-line; viewing these is how I incorporate new meals into my diet. I can learn Italian meals from genuine Italian lads and lasses, for example. If you want me (and perhaps others) to take on how to make these meals with some measure of confidence (and with as little confusion as possible), as we leap into uncharted food preparation waters, (and lets face it; most of these recipes are not conventional to our culinary upbringing; aka programming), showing us how makes the most sense; assimulable.

    Then the ‘proof is in the pudding’ my mother would say, and we can assess if raw makes sense on a practical and experiential levels, as it seems to on much talked about theoretical nutritional levels.

    Thank you for your time and effort in producing these DVDs; about time.

    To be honest, I’m looking forward to seeing if you look as healthy as you ‘should'(?) be, being mainly raw. Also, if you’re a big enough man in knowledge, expertise etc. for other men to pick up on raw-ways in the kitchen. Hoping you can be a clear role model and/or mentor; ‘big guy’; leader, other men need to give enough ‘oomph’ for them to leave their traditional ‘manly’ eating habits, so us women do not have to fight such an uphill battle for our beloved men’s health. Hopefully, this DVD series is all that, so I it can be played to the loved ones in our lives; and we are supported to keep up our enthusiasm in the light of quizzical to suspicious to rude comments about an uncooked meal.

    All the best of health and success to you too, Frederic Patenaude.

  232. mary says:

    Well Frederic,I agree with all that has been said. I have lost 76 pounds in the last two years going more raw as time went on. Joined in both spring cleanses and feel better from them. Still not got rid of allergy problems, but reaction not as severe as it was before going raw. I’m 64 years of age and do weight training regularly too. Can’t persuade my husband to give up meat, but he does eat much more raw then he ever has, so I’m still hoping. Perhaps seeing recipes being made will encourage him to start, and me to keep on raw more fully. I’m so glad I found your site. I’m not good with recipe books so I tend to make my own mixes and would welcome some new ideas. Thanks for all your help, Mary.

  233. Iulian says:

    Dear Frederic,

    This will be brief and to the point.

    I want to simply say that everyone of us has the ability, capacity and the power within itself to become all we were meant to become.

    Nowadays, our modern world is sticking it’s fingers in our faces and tells us that we’re no good, weak and sick. That’s because we do indeed live in a hard world that beats us into the ground every time we LET it.

    We just have to take the hits and keep moving FORWARD!

    That being said, I want to thank you for helping people everywhere around the world in their journey of changing their lives.

    The low fat vegan raw food diet is the diet we were meant to eat. I’m very excited about the DVDs since I’m only 19 years old and I only eat fruit and green smoothies.
    So, you can figure it out that’s a little bit boring…

    With the DVDs my Mom will be able to understand the importance of raw food, she’ll be able to see how much a variety of food there really is and most important she’ll know how to prepare low fat vegan raw food for the entire family!

    I hope that the DVDs also have a “Tools You Need For A Raw Food Kitchen” chapter. This will make things easier.

    I can’t wait for the release because this will change my Mom’s life and my whole family’s life.

    All the best forever,

    Dobre Florin Iulian

  234. Donna Yee says:

    Hi Frederic!

    The food in these pictures look so tempting! I can’t wait to try some of the recipes. Thanks for creating this DVD. I’m looking forward to eating, sharing, and commenting on what I think about them. 🙂

  235. Tracy says:

    Wow! These sound fabulous judging from the photos 🙂 — can’t wait until they’re available

  236. Eric says:

    No words can express what I feel for all your info. Now with DVDs, WOW!!! Wishing you great health in life to continually show us the way.

  237. Lois says:

    The pictures are very clear and it looks like the instructions would be very clear also.

  238. Natasa says:

    Though I prefer to eat very simple meals: simple fruits and greens, where I do not need much of recipes, I think that I still could benefit of a DVD with a recipes of a simple low-fat raw vegan meals. For me one of the important point in deciding to try a recipe is the time necessary to make it. And I see that your recipes fit into my criteria. So, I would like to have your DVDs!



  239. lindy says:

    I am not good in understanding spoken English, anyway i think I would understand them enough, and that they may be ispiring for me

  240. Susan says:

    I am so excited about your DVD’s. The food looks scrumptious.

  241. Geraldine says:

    Hi, all the way from Ireland. Looking forward to the DVDs as am sure they will be inspirational. Raw eating a bit difficult in our climate.

  242. Ella T. B. says:

    This is so cool! Just last night i was scrambling trying to gather some raw recipes for my sister who is a culinary arts major in college and had the idea of creating a raw food meal for her final in one of her classes. wish i’d had this! cause i’m not much for recipes. i often have great ideas but never write them down…. which makes me think, i bet a lot of the people on here have discovered great ideas and recipes on their own. you should create a page or a book with recipes from your customers, i think you’d discover a great treasure 🙂
    Great work! i wish i had the funds to purchase more of the resources you have available on this site!

  243. Ella T. B. says:

    Mr. Dobre, nu cumva esti roman?

  244. Fiona says:

    Hi Fredric
    I think the DVD’s are a wonderful idea. I a

  245. Michelle says:


    I am very excited that you made these DVDs! I know ALL the DVDs I have invested my money have been ALL high in fat that I have NEVER used! I appreciate the fact that you took the time to produce them!



  246. Fiona says:

    HI Frederic

    The DVD’s are a great idea. I am a newbie to the raw lifestyle. I am not yet 100% raw, but I am working towards it. These recipes looks sooo good and if they are really simple to make then that is a big bonus. I can hardly wait to try them. Variety is the spice of life!!!

  247. Annette says:

    Looks fabulous so far. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

  248. Debby says:

    Looking forward to when these become available. Living in Australia and then in a very small country town makes it difficult to meet up with people with the same interests. I have many many books but no DVD’s which actually SHOW the preparation. Some of the books I own have recipes in them that are impossible – too many ingredients and too difficult to purchase these sometimes unusual ingredients. Although I’m still at the ‘trying to eat more raw’ rather than eating raw stage, I believe that eating mostly raw is a much healthier diet.

  249. HippyChick says:

    I have been a fan of yours for some time, if you check back your records I was a subscriber for your Just an Apple magazine, however never really truly embraced the lifestyle until about six moths ago.
    Since then I have released 72 lbs, I ahve another 50 -60 lbs to go, however just recently I have been feeling less than brilliant and sparky, loosing focus; what you share is just what I need to hear right now.
    I live in the Caribbean were you would think raw food eating would be popular, even the vegans are mostly cooking so there is absolutely no support here that I know about.
    People see my weight loss and comment, however I see their eyes glaze over when I start to tell them about the food plan.
    Maybe a set of you DVD’s would enable me to start a pot luck/ support group and we could view your work, enabling a raw foods group to start here.
    Globally economics is challenging, I have not been working since September and have ben looking to diversify my portfolio, natural health I have always been interested in, now with some small success I looking to puruse this with vigour.
    I wish you the best for the future., which is bright!

  250. jacques lalanne says:

    Vegan food needs to be displayed. It’s an art to be seen.
    Vegan food needs to be explaines. It’s a science to be understood.

  251. Nancy says:

    A brilliant idea! My family wont read a book about better eating but if the video was on, they would be drawn in! Well donw!

  252. Einar says:

    This is a breakthrough Frederic! You have really hit spot on this time. For me these DVDs represents the missing link whwn it comes to the implementation of the raw prisciples in daily life, and judged from the response on your blog, I am not alone. Good luck with this one!
    Dr Einar Eskeland

  253. Jeannw says:

    Am 74, been about 80% raw for 3 years. Got off 8 meds. Just can’t kick all of the allergies. Would love more variation in my diet. People hate me for being so healthy. Bring on those DVDs.

  254. Amy E. P. says:

    I’m very excited about your new videos! I would like to try going raw for a few weeks to see how I feel and have been doing a lot of research! I purchased your raw stater kit and read through the material and feel it is some of the most sound information that I’ve read regarding the raw food diet.
    The idea of having some videos demonstrating food preparation techniques specific to raw food is exciting as I know it would help in taking away some of anxiety about trying this different way of eating.

    Keep up the great work!

    Amy E. P. Ontario, Canada

  255. Terri Pecora says:

    Seeing these pictures, makes me realize that I haven’t even touched the surface of this raw food lifestyle. I have your raw food cookbook, and have used some of the recipes, but mostly eat just the fruit by itself, but this DVD series is so much more. Glad you put this together!

  256. Shanaz Kerber says:

    I think it’s a great idea to produce a DVD explaining how to make all the exciting raw recipes, it will definitely make things a lot easier for people like me who are just starting out and finding it quite difficult to come up with new and inventive ideas.

    The pictures of the food look fantastic and very appetising, I’m quite curious to see how each recipe is made and to actually try the different varieties, especially the desserts.

  257. Barbara says:

    I would love DVDs that have low fat raw vegan recipes. I really like your recipes already -delicious and simple and lowfat. I have two brothers that would like to better their health, but they are confused like most people today. But eating more fresh fruits and veggies is non-debatable as health-promoting. They are clueless about food preparation but love watching DVDs and are willing to learn. So DVDs would be a great tool to help them understand more about real food and get them into hands on food prep. We all (2 sisters and 2 brothers) have health issues due to stress from taking care of our mother at home for 4 1/2 years while she was on life support. Our diet pretty much went to hell during that time but now we are coming out of the exhaustion fog and getting our act together. Dealing with the medical system just made me more determined to be healthy and avoid the system at all costs Your emails and info kept me from going totally off the deep end and even if I didn’t follow it very much at times, some of it was integrated in my life and I knew it was what I wanted to do. The ease, simplicity and taste of the recipes really helps me and is a plus when I show them to my siblings, but it is really nice to SEE the process of preparation and what it should look like; it really helps when you are new to a recipe and unsure what raw foods are about. (Or if you are a visual learner!) So I would love these DVDs not just for myself, but because they would be so helpful for the rest of my family. Thank you SOOO much for your work and helping to clear up what raw foods really are about and realistic ways to implement it as a lifestyle. Bulk buying here we come! And you know that ad slogan? – it should be changed to: FRUIT – IT’S THE REAL FOOD

  258. Lola says:

    MMMM, can we taste the pictures! Visuals are always helpful, thanks!

  259. Gloria-South Florida says:

    Hi Frederic:

    I’ve been 100% raw since October last year.
    Your recipies are awesome! Easy to make and yummy.
    Congratulations and lots of luck with your DVDs.
    We are so lucky to have people like you.



  260. Lionl says:

    Great Pix. Food looks tasty. Think it would be helpful to watch the videos and see if it’s simple and easy to prepare healthy low fat raw dishes. I have taken raw food prep classes, however when I look at the prep time and the recipees it is disheartening for I have forgotten what it looks like or which one was really good.

  261. Tony Ooi says:

    hi Fred

    Great idea! Some prefer to watch the video and picture. It seems to make the recipe more palatable. Also, I tried eating 10 red skin banana today but have stomach clamp when I stretch. Is it due to the high potassium or lack of sodium?

    In addition, understand our body and blood need high potassium:sodium ratio to maintain alkaline or cancer free. (Quote from Dr chiu-nan Lai, PhD & ex-MIT cancer researcher)

    Also, I love mangoes & durian. Most oriental people said they are heaty and cause constipation. For me, I don’t worry much as the other fruits and veggie are cooling and so the yin and yang are in balance. Another type of balance is the 5 element which is also documented in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Do you agree with this principle of balance.


  262. Grace Smith says:

    Frederic, if there’s one important thing I’ve learned from you is the issue of FAT and SUGAR and how they affect each other and ultimately, our bodies. You’ve shed so much light for me when I was struggling with whether to have more fruit or not. Can you believe it? Fruit is colourful, bright, and beautiful making an art picture where ever they are set, whether on a shelf in a supermarket or on a plate on my kitchen table. Moving from a macrobiotic lifestyle to a predominantly raw food lifestyle, hasn’t been easy, at least mentally. But when I started to feel lighter and more focussed, I knew I was on the right path. I want simplicity and you provide that artfully, creatively, and gracefully. I was always overwhelmed with complicated recipes that involved dehydrators and nuts and more nuts. Thanks for keeping it light and abundant. Your recipes look fantastic and I can see they’re prepared with passion and love. My eyes tell my body, this food is fuel for the gods. . .

  263. Earth says:

    Great photos! The food looks so nice!!! The DVD will be fabulous!! The cake photo makes my mouth water…..

  264. Ruxandra says:

    the pictureslook great!thank you to your brother. seeing is different than reading and for lots of people visual learning is a main part of their learnign style. hopefuly one can take their laptop in the kitchen and just do it whilw watching your dvd.I don;t have a laptop yet but if I did I would do that. so when the release of them?
    PS.Your kitchen is really neat!

  265. sans says:

    I was thinking the very same idea…too many raw videos with nut/fat recipes, making it challenging for people to make the transition to raw. I do hope you have considered captioning, there is a huge population that you won’t serve without the captioning. Give your viewers a deeper understanding of your video by adding captions and subtitles to make the videos more accessible to people who can’t follow along with audio—either because they speak a different language, or because they are deaf or hard of hearing.
    Keep the great work flowing!

  266. Mary Jo Jaeger says:

    Frederic, this looks absolutely wonderful. I can tell you that I know for a fact what you are talking about with other DVDs of this nature and, yes, they are loaded with high fat receipes including nuts and sprouts. One of the nice things that will be something to really look forward to with you DVD series is to be able to help eliminate the confusion about this diet and give you solid information and help with structuring this diet with the “proper food combinations.” It is really confusing what it out there and until you find you and Dr. Graham you have wasted your money, not experienced any results, feel worse than you did before and just go back to your poor diet.

  267. Christa says:

    Wow, this looked like really great food!! I have been looking for some more ideas on how to make healthy vegan meals. Sometimes it gets so boring eating the same kind of plain salads over and over again. I need some more excitment in my food, more variation. And I need these ideas without heavy amounts of fats or sugars. The meals that you presented in the pictures looked delicious and unique. I am excited to order these DVD’s, this is just what I need. I trust that your food is not laden with too much junk because just because it’s raw doesn’t make it healthy, and I respect how you have been very vocal in pointing out that fact. The other day someone posted a raw smores recipe with unbelievable amounts of sugars and fats.(6 cups of maple syrup, 1/4 cup of agave syrup, 2 cups of coconut oil, 7 cups of cashew butter and 2 cups of cashews-etc.) As supportive of the raw movement, we need to start questioning foods and combinations in recipes, I mean, is 6 cups of maple syrup even remotely healthy or cost effective? I think not, so thank you Fredric for all that you do and the healthy versions of raw foods that you encourage and present in these exciting new DVDs!

  268. Douglas Raiche says:

    Frederic, You are a wonderful teacher and I appreciate the extra effort you go to to help people become as healthy as possible- Thank you for taking the time and energy to find delicious recipes without all of the nuts and farts oops I mean fats in them. I do believe our bodies need fresh alive foods and we over tax them with difficult foods to digest hence the farts. I look forward to your refreshing new videos. Blessings!

  269. Berit says:

    Finally, a raw food DVD that seems worth watching. I purchased a few others, that do not keep what they promise. from everything I read here it seems really worthwhile, entertaining, informational and oh my goodness….finally I can pop a DVD in and watch a “cooking show” that ends up with something I am really going to enjoy. Not only for the taste of it, nor for the look of it, but most of all for the health and life of it – and in it. I am so so very much looking forward to this. Thanx Frederic

  270. Steve says:

    The world of raw clearly needs this, man. So lets get on with it –

  271. Ecocentric says:

    Hi Frederic,

    I am so glad you’re releasing these DVDs. It’s nice to see the raw vegan lifestyle getting so much attention these days but, like you, I don’t believe a high-fat diet (raw or otherwise) filled with expensive supplements is the key to health. You’re providing a valuable service to 80/10/10 followers and other health seekers. Can’t wait to see these!

  272. Ulises says:

    Hi frederic!
    Great idea!I´ve waiting for it.Video recipe are too much easy to do.And there is my weakness i now tha low fat raw food is the best and i can explain it but i dont know too much recipies to show people how amazing and easy is.Well thank you very much.

  273. BarbaraB says:

    These look great! Finally – some recipes without overt fats!!! It’s only a couple times a month that I normally even eat overt fats. I normally don’t even think of looking/buying raw recipe books and related info since I’d be lucky if I could find ONE or TWO simple recipes in it. I also love that you don’t seem to combine too many things in one dish. My mono meals are great – I enjoy them tremendously, but would some times like to make somthing with a bit more variety, yet I seem to get mentally “overwhelmed” when dishes include five, six and more ingredients.

    My mouth is watering looking at these beautiful pictures of awesome foods.

    I’ve never acquired a tast for Durian, though.

  274. Just_Jay says:

    Raw food has opened my senses to an entirely new world, turning on its head everything I knew about what tastes good and with what. I am so excited about this DVD series because I’m sure (being a fan of Frederic’s work to date) it will enlighten me to hundreds of new excited flavour combinations. Also judging from the photographs of these delectable looking dishes, it looks like a fountain of presentation ideas are coming my way too, in order to entice and hook friends and family onto the same path! I’m most anticipating the soups and blended salads as I have no idea how to do these well. Now I would write more, however these truly mouth-watering pictures have stirred me to make my favourite lettuce-banana wraps – simple but gorgeous, as all our food should be. I hope these DVDs will add diversity and delight to my raw cuisine. Thank you Fred!

  275. Hi Frederic – I am loving the photos you posted of the raw food recipes that will be in your DVD series.
    I think it’s going to be very educational and tasty and nutritious. The presentation looks gourmet yet I know they will be healthy and easy to make dishes. Keep up the great work. And please use chia seeds for Omega 3’s. I use them all the time in place of flax for raw crackers and to put in smoothies. Have even written a book about chia seeds with raw recipes. Looking forward to your release date on the DVD’s. Lani Rossetta

  276. Jocelyn Phillips says:

    Hey, Frederic,
    I have been a total fan of yours for a few years now. I subscribed to your magazine, and then bought a copy of every book you’ve written. Your raw food recipes are my favorite of all the ones out there (and there are a lot). Like you mentioned, the others are very high in fat, and my body doesn’t digest that type of diet very well. Also, your recipes are very simple and easy to prepare with a minimum of ingredients and equipment needed. That’s key for busy people since quick and easy is what we’re looking for a lot of the time. Not everyone wants to start the day before preparing a gourmet meal every day or even every week.
    I am so looking forward to watching you prepare your wonderful dishes that you’ve been writing about for so long! I hope that this first series is a huge success and we’ll see more soon!
    Thanks again,

  277. Charles says:

    I think it will prove critical to the raw movement and here’s why, recently I bought a second-hand Vitamix 5200 and I felt sad for the lady who parted with it citing ‘irreconcilable differences’ between her personal health and the lifestyle.
    I believe all she really needed was some encouragement and guidance, perhaps this material may help others avert that turn of events.
    Great job doing what you do best Fred -empowering those hungry for practical knowledge and a healthier alternative lifestyle.

  278. Jessb says:

    Dear Frederic,

    How are you doing?

    Nice to see you making videos now! Your stuff is great! Your: The Raw Secrets book and Perfect Health Program are some of my many favorites of yours!
    I highly recommend them and often recommend them to my clients and friends too.

    Looking forward to seeing more from you!

    I have been eating a 100% raw vegan food diet for over 9 years now and I am thriving and just so happy most of the time and all my health problems are all gone too!

    Keep up the good work. Would be great to catch up with you been a long time.

    Be happy & well,


  279. Yinka says:


    The pictures look great and made my mouth water just looking at them, if these DVD teachings are anything to go by like your “Instant Raw Sensation” book, which have quick, easy tasteful receipes to enjoy,then am sold and you are on to a win. this will make my attempt at teaching people the art of raw gourmet easier!! Keep up the winning work ! Am wrting this in the mist of two attention seeking children before their bedtime, so please excuse and typo error.

  280. Charlene says:

    Yes, I am very excited about these DVDs and eager to learn from them. I am not confident in the kitchen whether the food is cooked or raw. I’m also like many other people who learn better by example. I’m sure your DVDs will be a tremendous benefit to everyone. Thanks for doing this : ).

  281. Carrissa Brown says:

    I am so excited for the new DVDs! Your books and articles have been so informational and encouraging. Good luck with all you do.

  282. Margaret says:

    These photos are extremely clear and sharp ..they whet my appetite already just by looking at them! Cabbage powder??? you’ve got me puzzled – Looks like your DVDs will reveal all! Keep up the good work; it’s a fantastic service you’re providing to the raw food community! Thanks!!

  283. Pat says:

    The DVD’s look great. Will there actually be a written recipe with the DVD’s?
    Amen to a lot of the raw preperations including so many nuts, seeds and etc.
    I think if you ate like this a lot, you might die. Also, I think every detail is important. If nuts or seeds are used, were they soaked, dried and etc. I hope that you give amounts to prepare and also how many servings that the preperation will be.

  284. Steve says:

    As a newby to raw, this is just what I need to stay committed and expand my diet. Great idea!

  285. Marilyn J. says:

    Oh wow. Thanks for working so hard to fill a much-needed gap in the world of raw food DVD demonstration! Everything looks super delicious. And your straightforward style is terrifically appreciated. I’m certainly looking forward to the official release.

    To (y)our health!

  286. Carmen Respondek says:

    Hi Fred. I have followed your advice for a little over 4 years now and benefitted greatly transitioning from vegan to raw vegan. Your DVD is exactly what I’ve been looking for to learn how to prepare your wonderful, delicious recipes. I am especially glad that they are mostly non-fatty. Great work Fred.

  287. Donna Catron says:

    FANTASTIC! This looks really great. I would love to watch a DVD about raw food. I have lots of recipe books but it is always great to watch, for those of us that are more a visual kind of person. I am always looking for new ideas, I tend to get stuck in a rut, especially for lunch.

  288. Gaile says:

    When I first entered the world of raw foods way back when, there were very few recipe books or helps. The recipes were mainly just a list of ingredients with little imagination. So even though I really wanted to be raw, it was really hard to find things to eat. Your DVD would have been a TREMENDOUS help then. Having access to information was the key to my changing from the standard old unhealthy eating patterns to healthy ones. That’s just one reason your DVD’s will make a great impact on so many newbies and us oldies as well. I will eagerly await their release.

  289. Linda Boughner says:

    I am very excited about your new DVD’s, the dishes look absolutely delicious! I shouldn’t have looked at them today, though, as this is my weekly fasting day and now my mouth is watering.
    I have recently returned to the raw food lifestyle over the past two weeks, and plan on this now being permanent. In two weeks I have lost 10 pounds, and at that rate I only have 18 more weeks to go : ).
    I am very motivated, starting to feel really great and find DVD’s on the subject to be especially inspiring. Am very much looking forward to your offerings as I truly appreciate your objective perspective on the lifestyle.

  290. Nancy says:


  291. Jeff D says:

    Very nice, I saw you on the Rawkathon! love your take on raw food. Can’t wait to get the DVDs happening! We are excited to be a part of this movement! Raw food is truth, revolutionary! Many blessings to your cause friend.

  292. Emily says:

    You’re the greatest, Fred! The DVD’s sound great. As usual, you are providing smart information about health. I will continue to spread the word about your work in my circles. Thank you.

  293. Frecia says:

    Sounds really great but I’m a picky judge….I’d love to see what you’ve done to create fantastic rawfood recipes that are truly beneficial for our health.

    The only way I will find out is if you send me the winning proze DVD’s:)


    I look forward to receiving my prize, hee,hee!

    Much Love & Blessings!!

  294. Marta I G O says:

    Great idea! This will help a lot to recognize some ingredients that I don´t know, or others that I don´t know how to use, and to learn to make beautifull presentations. It´s nice that you put some gourmet healthy easy recipes, they look delicious! And if I don´t win the set, I hope you will make some special offer I can afford. Congratulations! Marta

  295. Nisha Sehgal says:

    Hi Fred,

    Thank you so much for sharing all of these creative and inspirational recipes with us all. This will help us so much through our raw food journey. I can’t wait to try some of these at home in my own kitchen. The best part is it looks so simple, which is something I can stick to over the long haul.



  296. Jennet says:

    Can’t wait! Keep the new ideas coming. Hope you can offer some new information for those of us who are struggling to stay RAW. I already use meny of the recipes from your Recipes of the week series.

  297. Anne seng says:

    I am trying my luck to win your DVD. I have been on fruit diet every day for breakfast and lunch. My skin has a tint of ‘yellow’. I have been eating lots of mangoes, so is that the reason?

  298. Balazs says:

    Hi Fred!

    Its really good to hear that someone has made a low-fat raw-vegan recipe dvd finally. I mean, its much easier to see how to make something than just reading about it. Another thing that i like in your recipes is that they are simple and easy to make. The problem is that most of your product is not avilable worldwide, i mean it is, but the shipping is usually expensive, etc… 🙂

    i guess you will need a day to read all this comments, well good luck! 🙂

  299. AJ says:

    Sounds brilliant!!! Just what we need for the raw world.. some REAL healthy recipes… not just a bunch of oils, avos and nut combos!! Thank you SO much!!!!

  300. sara says:

    I was not excited about the idea of DVDs showing recipes, but now that I looked at the photos I have to say that I changed my mind! Your information about the raw food diet is the best I found so far, thank you Frederic.

  301. Eric says:

    Your kitchen’s great! you should see mine;-( but I manage to get my raw foods ready in secs. thanks to your easy recipes. Am 100% & love it everyday. Maybe you should think about giving us what standard 100%raw food kitchen should be equipped with & all the utensils & stuff. I could leave a comment each day! the energy involved is great, u can give it to more people.

  302. aida t vera says:

    querido frederick:
    felicitaciones por tu dvd me imagino bien organizado como el diario de cada mes que disfruto po ahora. estoy ansiosa de ser tu cliente y obtener tu dvd especialmente porque soy una crudivida por 25 meses soy miembro de tu clud desde hace 6 meses y siempre maravillada con tus ideas y tus recetas.tengo 5 nietos y de corazon quisiera que todos fueran crudividas como yo pero solo mi nieta de 7 anos quisiera seguir mi camino; con solo 7 anos ya tiene dolores de estomago po tanta comida chatarra que comen los por nosotros los viejos como yo y porla juventud del futuro que necesitamos personas como tu para seguir adelante y ensenar al mundo que no estamos equivocados, sino concientes que solo la naturaleza y la humanidad algun dia podran ser una veradera comunion.te admiro y te quiero mucho. a vera.

  303. Polina says:

    Frederic, thank you so very much for all your ideas!
    I love the recipes from your “Instant Raw Sensations”, and I can’t wait for your Dvd’s set. It was really great idea to make them. First, it will help us to learn the recipes and also learn to present the food nicely.
    Second, it’ll give us opportunity to know you better. And that is also very important. First time I saw you on Rawkaton, I immediately understood, that I can trust you. It will be nice to have you visiting at my kitchen 🙂
    Thanks again!

  304. Lynnette Ramsey says:

    As I began looking at the pictures of the food you had prepared my mouth began to water…it all looks so delicious! I have been trying to go raw for about a year now but get thrown off track by having to prepare meals for my husband who is still eating cooked. I feel so much better since starting to eat raw and if I could offer a few different dishes that look as appetizing as yours I’m sure he would be more interested. I myself could almost live on smoothies but he thinks he’s missing out. I have never been a fan of raw fish and could not talk myself into eating sushi but when I saw the picture of the sushi rolls you made with raw vegetables I wanted to have the videos right now so I could start preparing them. I used to love watching the food channel but never do anymore because it is all cooked foods. It would be great if you or someone like you would do a raw food show on the food channel…..I think it is time and would expand the raw food movement in a huge way. I know your videos will be a success…..people are ready for change. Good luck and Good health!

  305. Kaitlyn says:

    These look awesome! As a visual person, I think these would be very beneficial in helping me follow the Raw Vegan program! Thanks for all your hard work!

  306. avery says:

    Wow!!!!! These look simply DIVINE!!! Just the pictures are making me inspired!!

  307. Brigid says:

    I really like your approach. It seems so reasonable and sensible. Natural Hygiene (which has some local proponents in my town) is boring and other Raw Foodists are too complicated or high fat. I’ve been looking at this way of life for 6 months or so, and I’m just not doing it right, it seems. I lost a little weight and then plateaued. Now I’m hoping to get some more fuel to fire me up and your pictures and recipes always make my mouth water! My allopathic doctor discovered elevated liver enzymes and I’m desperate to find a way to avoid whatever he thinks I should do (liver biopsy, abdominal ultrasound) which sound expensive and/or painful and invasive!! I need help staying healthy. Thanks for what you’ve done to make that happen.

  308. lola says:

    I have countless raw vegan books & you are still my favorite. Your books had the most impact on me, contained the most useful information & always rang true. It would be amazing to finally see a real life raw cooking show! I have been waiting for the food channel to do this kind of thing forever! This is so awesome, thank you for doing this!

  309. Chantal says:

    Hi Fred,
    Interessant ce DVD, pour les personnes ”visuels” comme moi, il sera plus facile de voir la simplicité des recettes et de les intégrer une à une dans mon alimentation quotidienne pour amélioré ma santé.
    J’ai déjà acheté un livre de recette en alimentation vivante que je n’ai pas encore mis en pratique, il me semble que suivre un cours en direct est plus approprié pour moi, donc, regarder le DVD qui j’espère montre l’action du comment procéder c’est comme participer à un cours, sauf qu’on le recoit directement à la maison.
    MERCI !!

  310. Tandi says:

    The food looks absolutely DIVINE!! Thanks for all you do to promote a healthy raw vegan lifestyle.

  311. Nothing inspires me more to cook than watching other people enjoying cooking or “cooking” in this case! Looking forward to it!

  312. Dusan says:

    Hi Frederic!
    This is wonderful chance to actually see how those raw recipies really look like. I’m getting hungry in just watching those pictures. I can’t wait to watch the proccess of preparing the most nutritios food.

  313. Oh, I am really looking forward to the DVD’s. Since, doing the “Spring Cleanse” and reading more of what you have to say I am starting to really understand the “Importance” of a “Low-fat Raw-vegan Diet”. I like the way you communicate. I am able to understand and comprehend the information with your style of communication. I am so excited. I am getting better and applying Low fat but, still need alot of help. I am working out letting go of old ideals in regards to food and what I’ve considered treats that are not treats at all. I so enjoy fresh fruit more and more. I learn better “hands on” so, the DVD’s will be the next best thing for that. 🙂

    Thank you so Much Frederic for all your Knowledge and Help!

    With Appreciation,

  314. Emilio Montemayor says:

    Wow Fred! Just what was missing more in the way to teach healthful living. More ideas for recipes, variety and a simple way to teach people the way of how to actually do it. Thanks for sharing and hope I can be able to learn from you once again and share if with others so that the health message reaches everywhere.
    Greetings from Mexico!

  315. denise says:

    Yay Fred,
    This is great!
    I have lots of recipe books, but little motivation…
    I’m feeling alone in the kitchen
    and could use a buddy to inspire me
    to create low-fat, satisfying yummies!
    Just like my exercise videos,
    your DVD’s should help me strengthen my food-prep muscles!

  316. L says:

    Two of my very best friends have bought into a diet program where they pay for two protein shakes per day and so they are allowed to eat only one meal a day of real food. These kinds of diets are prevalent — my concern is that another friend (who inspired them) has been on this diet for two years now. Two years of buying into a manufactured lifestyle. Two years of food out of a packet and one at the table. The reason my friends are such a “mirror” and a “lesson” for me is that I have done every kind of diet on earth — anti-candida, fat flush, I even tried eating raw foods but I didn’t have the support I needed so it didn’t last. I finally got your started kit and can’t wait to begin this journey because I am a lesson and a mirror for my friends as well. I have gained so much weight (clinically obese) in the past few years, despite all the yo-yo dieting, that I know they see in me the kind of body image they want to escape from. After some time on your program, I hope to reflect back to them a healthier lifestyle and way of being, one not so dependent on quick fixes. Thanks for all the work you do. L

  317. JaimeP says:

    Hey Frederic!

    Me want Raw DVDs just like the Cookie Monster wants cookies!!!

    Can’t wait to sample!


  318. Hello Frederic,

    Nice stove in those pictures! 🙂

    Seriously, I was led to your site by Roger Haeske and I’m looking forward to seeing the DVDs. I was raw for a few months last year (and loved what it did for me, but did a few things wrong that I’m correcting) and just this past week returned to an all raw diet (and joined your monthly mentoring club). I’m hoping that these recipe DVDs will help me learn to prepare a wider variety of raw foods, which in turn will help me achieve even greater success.

    Best regards,

  319. Christa says:

    Fredrick, I was reading today that all cruciferous vegtables should be cooked because in their raw state they are considered “cooling” and suppressing to your thyroid. Also, raw vegtables contain cellulose, and humans cannot digest cellulose. I guess that this would make eating raw may not be ideal or entirely natural if we need ouside sources such as taking digestive enzymes to even be able digest certain foods. What do you think about this? By the way, the food in these pictures looks amazing!!

  320. Susan from Canada says:

    Hello Frederic:
    Well, I must say – I am intriqued. You know, ever since I remember we ate more raw vegetables and fruits then cooked at home. But they were always the basic – carrots, celery, tomato etc. – you get the picture.Over time -it seems to get a little momotone, but we stuck with it…From just some of the lovely looking examples – there is sooo much more one can explore and incorporate more raw foods into our diet. But where do you start properly? Some people referr to ‘making mistakes’ – boy, that worries me – as I would like to feel great not worse. I would be delighted to be the lucky winner so I can spread the good word about raw food diet while learning from the best…Thank you for doing what you doing!
    Warm regards,

  321. Ella T. B. says:

    Congrats Diane! looks like you’ve been on quite a journey!
    Can’t wait for those dvds to come out 🙂

  322. Victoria says:

    Will the DVDs include lessons on food combining? That would be very helpful.

  323. Amanda MacLeod says:

    Hey Frederic! I’m a long time follower of your work (since I was about 15). You were actually my first introduction to the raw foods movement, and I’ve been striving will both success and failure towards becoming a true raw-foodist. I have many of your books already, and absolutely love all of them! But these new DVDs look especially intriguing. Last year I was diagnosed with candida imbalance and arthritis in my back, which is so not supposed to happen to a 19-year-old. But since then, and after many allergy tests, I have discovered that I am allergic to (not surprisingly): gluten, eggs, dairy…and sadly, garlic. This just strengthens the argument that raw foods would be a good match for me. I have also had bad experience trying to survive on a high-fat raw diet, so I’m very excited about this new resource!

    Your the best!

  324. Malu says:

    Hi Frederic!
    First of all, I´m so greatfull for your tips, recipes and everything you have been doing for US!!! I read ” The 80/10/10 Diet”, but YOU always help me with your emails. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And in portuguese – just a little bit 🙂 … É verdade Frederic, só tenho a te agradecer pela ajuda, pela iniciativa, pelos seus projetos. Inclusive pelo DVD com as receitas mais deliciosas e IDEAIS que podem existir. Realmente eu quero muito aprendê-las para eu poder compartilhar estas maravilhosas receitas com todos que puder! 🙂 Por isso te peço, escolha-me!
    Um grande beijo!

  325. JeanM says:

    I love DVD’s I am a visual learner and find them the best way to learn how to do anything. I would love to win the DVD’s but if not I guess I will have to try on the next post.

  326. BEth says:

    Awesome!! How exciting~ i love preparing yummy raw foods for friends and loved ones… but don’t always end up feeling fabulous afterwards!! My husband in particular has minimal fat digestion at the moment and loves my foods too but sometimes feels better eating cooked than the high-fat raw foods! Can’t wait to check out the videos!

  327. Susan says:

    Hi Frederic, The idea is one, I think, should do quite well. Showing people, visually, some of the steps through recipes, with the final product before their eyes can be motivating to give it a go. Simply reading and then doing, without a picture in my mind is much more challenging for me; employ as many of the senses as possible. There are alot of individuals that have not spent much time doing food preparation, especially from scratch; this could be a real boost to see how simple a particular dish(s) is. –Also, as with computers, people watch DVDs. Technology is here to stay. Just pop in a DVD and away we go! –Enjoying the adventure of simple ingredients, simple prep and yummy tastes! Susan

  328. Laura says:

    I have been off and on the raw food lifestyle and it is, all hands down, the best way of eating I have ever found. I feel like a completely different person when I’m eating 100%. I am happy, kind, have boundless energy, clear skin (other wise I have tons of blemishes on my face), my insides feel amazing, no indigestion, no heartburn and can think (usually I feel that I’m in a fog). No noticeable PMS, or mood swings and my depression is non-existent. There are so many benefits to eating this way, that I ask myself why don’t I stay RAW forever and why do allow myself to pollute my body when I feel so incredibly amazing eating RAW. I am so excited about the DVD and would share it with everyone. Thank you for all you do. People like you are rare and a treasure.

  329. Sandra says:

    I don’t watch TV, so I it’s a bit of a challenge to watch a DVD. But, preview looks great. And no need to accumulate more paper. So would love to get the DVD recipe info.

    I had my issues with your spring cleanse. But appreciate the info about low fat raw food plan.

  330. Natalia says:

    Hi Frederic!
    The food on the pictures looks great. It is a good idea to produce DVD .It makes it easier for anyone to understand the process of making these delicious dishes and it usually motivates people to get up and do it themselves. I can’t wait to see your DVDs.

  331. Linda says:

    Looks awsome. Would love to watch them and put them in action. Find it had to find low-fat raw recipes and I don’t have internet at home so to have everything I need on dvds would be fantastic. Yay!

  332. Alicia says:

    This is so major for me. I am very new to the raw food movement and I seem to learn best by watching. I’m very excited about the DVDs. Maybe now I can stay on the wagon.

  333. Kara Wilkens says:

    My favorite picture is the first one because you look like you’re really enjoying yourself which is great because I agree that eating a low-fat raw vegan diet can be fun too. I think too many people think of eating raw as such a hastle, when in reality, it is more convienient to just open the fridge. I think the fact that you said that you “literally show every single kind of essential raw food meal” in only 3 hours proves that this isn’t rocket science and shows people that they really can make this work. Way to go!

  334. Jen says:

    Everything looks so delicious. I’ve been struggling to go raw. I need encouragement. The DVDs might be just what I need! Looking forward to watching them.

  335. Insconpo says:

    I am very excited about your DVDs coming soon! For the first time I tried your Spring Cleanse this year. I did it for 2 reasons. Firstly out of curiosity. Secondly, because I wanted to lose weight and feel and look fit. Aside from being healthy, my wedding is approaching fast so I would like to look gorgeous in my dress. Since in everyday life I am not a raw foodist, I was having a difficult time preparing meals for myself during that week. I used your recipe book, but sometimes I wasn’t sure if the amount was quite right. I think my biggest problem was not knowing what type of mixers/blenders/tools you use. I have a small blender. I felt so miserable making those shakes/soups because I had to empty each fruit juice in one (sometimes 2 ) tall glasses. To make the story short, I would make such a mess in the kitchen with many dirty glasses. At the end I thought, maybe the way one should do this is to have 3-4 big jars of each juice ready for a week and then mix them up when needed. Anyways, I was so confused! I am also interested to see what alternatives you use + some information about each fruit/food as you cook. After having done the cleanse, I thought to myself I should go raw one week per month for the start. Thank you Frederic for all the articles, books…and the DVDs!

  336. Stacy N. says:

    A DVD set from you on “Low Fat Raw Vegan Cuisine” would be a dream come true!!!
    I have enjoyed your book thoroughly, however add to that…you on DVDs showing how to make raw foods?!?! Now THAT would be incredible!

    Live long and prosper 😉

    Stacy N.

  337. Isabel says:

    I just started on raw foods a month ago, after years of thinking that raw foodies were a bit wacko. Boy, was I wrong! I have struggled with weight and depression for over twenty years, and am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, without meds! I am thoroughly enjoying eating raw foods, but am definitely in need of some inspiration and creativity. These dvd’s look like they hit the spot. I can’t wait to see them – thank you for a much needed public service!

  338. Esperanza says:

    DVD’s of raw cooking recipies is what I need to continue on my raw food diet quest.The color on the pictures of the recipies look very appetizing.Hard to believe it is raw.The background color in the kitchen looks too dark to me maybe if you wear a shirt or jacket in alightler color. something that loks more spring like. all the best in all your efforts.

  339. Suzanne says:

    The picture of you opening a coconut is a reminder of my unfortunately incident involving a coconut and a meat cleaver–I missed, then ended up in the emergency room. One little slip, and my means of providing for myself and my kids was suddenly gone. Healthy foods can be hazardous to your health if you’re not careful! That was two months ago, and I’m still not back to work in massage therapy, and the doctor thinks surgery may be needed to repair the damage and restore full function. Maybe if more people watch your DVD they can be saved from having the same type of experience I have had.

    I have been off and on raw food diets for years, with varying degrees of success. In fact, while on a mostly raw diet in December 2006, I had a heart attack. Looking back (hindsight is 20/20), and reading both your information and everything written on Dr. Doug Graham’s website, I suspect the problem was the high fat and high salt content, along with lots of dehydrated items, in my diet at the time. The doctors were shocked–perfect blood count, not overweight, no smoking, no sedentary lifestyle (working three jobs, raising kids, exercising, and dancing at the time), perfect cholesterol (actually, better than average)–yet a heart attack. I still have heart problems and am very salt-sensitive. I intend to try the raw food diet again, but this time with low fat and no salt. I want the strength and energy to return to my two passions–therapeutic massage and swing dancing. When I am back to work enough and financially stable, I plan to buy your DVD and other products and Dr. Graham’s 80/10/10 Diet, Grain Damage, and the one on better exercise performance. I think the two of you are right on target as far as helping people identify a safer, more healthful diet.

    Thank you for your e-mails and all you do to educate people. We really need the education, and for those of us with no friends or relatives eating anything other than the S.A.D. diet, your encouragement means a lot. Keep up the good work!

    Be well.


  340. monique says:

    Hi Frederic!
    I took a look at you (our model “mentor-chef”) and your mouthwatering cuisine… It sounds that these DVDs are going to be a great joy for all of us. Being nearly raw (80 % of my meals) for 18 years, I look great (I have the same figure than in my twenties… and I am in my fiftees…)I have a very nice stkin and a sparkling look. My health is extremely good. And this is because I eat mostly exquisite raw fruits… Frederic, I would like to say that since the day I have been introduced to your website, I knew that by reading your books and your monthly newsletter that you were an expeert (you really are !)on the raw topics. I will always dedicate my free time to log on your website because I trust you and I believe in what you say. I just hope that more people will become aware that you are a treasure for all of us who are conscious about our health. I am really proud to be part of your raw-family. Mille fois merci pour tout !

  341. Alicia says:

    I can’t wait! Frederic, the photos of the dishes LOOK like a fine cuisine restaurant. When I began eating more raw I did feel like I had lost the ability to make special, gourmet meals for my family. We have always loved fruit and eat a salad a day, but we crave more variety, visually and on the tongue. Your DVDs look AMAZING!!!

    Alicia Kister

  342. Emily says:

    Yum…all of that food looks so delicious, that raw sushi is almost making me drool all over my keyboard! Thank you so much for making these DVDs; i think that this easily accessible information would make any aspiring raw vegan’s journey 100% easier!

  343. Iulian says:

    @ Ella T. B – Da, sunt roman. Chiar mandru de asta…

    Tu? Locuiesti in afara? Cum de esti pasionata de astfel de lucruri? 🙂

    Sanatate si fericire,


  344. Veronika says:

    Looking forward to seeing your videos. I work as a naturopath and recommend your books and website to all my clients. Keep up the good work!

  345. Linda Hiemstra says:

    May 15/09

    Hi Fred, I have gotten most of your magazines, books and have read your e-mails for years. Seeing a person on DVD helps to relate with that person and get a better perspective of the subject, in this case making raw food meals. I am looking forward in getting your DVD ,to see you in action.I am 60%-80% raw most days, but don,t know of anyone in my city, that is a raw foodist. I make simple meals but am looking forward to making more elaborate meals. Linda.

  346. Debbie says:

    Wow Frederic! You’ve done it again! I think the DVD idea is fantastic! You have always offered such exceptional information and products. This is just another great opportunity to helps others like myself stay raw and be educated on raw in a simple and to-the-point way. I like it! 🙂

  347. Melissa Hanson says:

    YUM!! Frederic, these photos look fantastic, and I cannot wait for your release of these DVD’s!!! This is such a great idea. I adore all of your recipe books, and the videos will be a great help in preparing meals and making them look appealing as well. 🙂 I’d love it if, in the future productions, you might include something on knife skills — how to best quickly and effectively chop/slice/dice/peel/whatever both common and unusual types of produce. (If you haven’t already, that is.) Once again, thanks so much for everything you do!
    -Melissa 🙂

  348. Gwen says:

    These photos look wonderful, and yes, I too have been dissatisfied with the recipes available to me. I have purchased a lot of books, but there is little I can actually create from them as they are full of fats and also very complicated. The recipes look great and I am ready to create some of them now.

  349. Brenda says:

    I have been practicing a raw food diet since about 2003 and continue to notice improvements and changes, however still struggle with losing the excess fat. Although considered thin by most I still have room for improvement and look forward to trying some of the fat free and/or low fat versions. Undoubtedly everyone needs to incorporate some fat into their diet…however sometimes I feel I may be incorporating too much…..SSSSOOOO I am excited to see what’s coming!

  350. John Oswald says:


    I bought the Raw Health Starter Kit right when you put it out and it is awesome. I still use it, still teach it, and I still love reading your articles. Thanks for being so transparent – you’re completely believable and devoted to teaching truth and helping people. Keep up the good work. Just tried your mom’s favorite salad recipe yesterday – awesome! My wife ate so much of my bowl I had to make some more… God bless you.

  351. Jessica says:

    Thank you! This is so exciting. I am a former raw foodist getting back into raw after many years of non-raw. I have been looking at raw recipe books lately and it’s just nuts, nuts, nuts everywhere. I was hoping it had changed since I was last raw, but alas, it hasn’t. I look forward to ordering your new DVD set (or maybe winning it ;)).

  352. Mary Caldwell says:

    Dear Frederic,

    Thanks so very much for doing this! I have been receiving your email updates for some time now. I have been off/on raw for the past few years. The first raw book I purchased stressed a lot of nuts and fats. Many recipes were so rich they made me violently sick. Some relied heavily on a dehydrator, which is just too time-consuming for me, as the parent of two young boys with autism.

    Meanwhile, I developed a mild case of Crohn’s disease and started researching how to heal my intestinal tract naturally without having to go on medication. Guess what? Dr. David Klein’s books talks about natural hygiene and how simple raw foods can heal the ulcerated areas of my intestines. I started really reading what you, Dr. Graham were saying, because eating this way really makes sense. I feel best eating light, raw foods and I know that I’m feeding my body what it needs to heal and lose weight.

    It’s also helping my youngest son, who has very severe autism. Although he can’t talk, he will request a green smoothie every day with his picture communication system. I am certain that a low-fat raw foods diet holds the answers both for me and my kids to regain our health.

    Thank you for all that you do! I appreciate a sincere common-sense voice in the raw foods community and your teaching is so important to me and others who are seeking a more balanced approach to a healthy raw foods diet! Thanks again, Frederic! 🙂

  353. lee leho says:

    Those look great really appreciate all you do!!! Have been raw for 5 years but really need new ideas since I just had my baby 5 moinths ago. I was raw through most of my pregnancy and felt great wanted to keep going this baby will probably be raw since she gets food allergy every time I ate something cook and nurse her!
    Thanks again for all the great ideas 🙂

  354. Porphyry says:

    Those dishes are bad ass. I want this DVD.

  355. Angela Farnsworth says:

    Hi Frederic
    I bought a set of dvds on raw foods from the States last year that cost a lot especially with the exchange rate between our countries, and to be honest I was a little disappointed as they were very old videos and so much background noise. The food above looks so delicious – I look forward to your dvds and preparing those meals above!
    Thanks Angela

  356. Marcia Walden says:

    I was just drooling after viewing the pictures from your DVD. This appoach is essential for many who are getting into the raw vegan world of food prep. After reading recipes a DVD is just what I have been waiting to for to help me get over the hurdle of food prep. Fabulous Being attentive to what folks are asking for is so important.

  357. richard says:

    Hi Frederic,
    Good to see live pics of you you truely look an advert for what you teach.
    Thank you for having the foresite to put time and wisdom into this project this sample is truly an amazing product which will help so many .
    Congratulations Richard

  358. celia imonti says:

    great idea! nothing like visual will help us comprehend the art of uncooking.

  359. Louise says:

    Bonjour, Frédéric,

    J’ai toujours été défavorable à la manière de s’alimenter du genre 80/10/10, ou alimentation fruits +++. Je suis diabétique et cela me semblait complètement hérétique et irrationnel. Le SUCRE OH! Seigneur! C’est trop!!!

    Mais après les courriels en français pour la cure du printemps, j’ai fait de petits tests. Je suis en fin de session d’étude alors pas question de cure pour moi maintenant. Mais je termine le 30 mai, alors j’ai l’intention de la faire à partir du 2 juin.

    J’ai fait mes tests sanguins après avoir mangé beaucoup de fruit (seulement des fruits) et 2 heures après, ma glycémie, à ma grande surprise était en deçà de la moyenne (6.2 alors qu’après 2 heures après la première bouchée d’un repas cela doit être entre 7 et 10). Ce qui veux dire que j’aurais pu en manger plus…, beaucoup plus. Quelle surprise!

    Alors, maintenant la peur me quitte peu à peu et oui, je veux gagner ces DVD et devenir + en santé.

    Merci Frédéric de faire ces DVD mais surtout de commencer l’enseignement en français.

    Merci encore,


  360. Nanette says:

    Looking forward to following you in this adventure, Frederic. Find the preview shows a clearer side of Raw Food Recipes which I would personally be glad for, especially seeing it all done first hand. This brings a personal touch, more than just reading a book or hearing your voice on audio.
    May I make a suggestion to try and brighten up the pictures – maybe more light?..somehow the pictures are a bit dark. Good to have the view of the individual dishes enlarged and close.
    I enjoy the simplicity of ‘raw-fooding’, but realize the need to add special touches when others are involved.
    Wishing you much success.

  361. Ernie Bussiere says:

    you’re right, fred. i’m new to raw fooding,and you and roger are my chief mentors.
    as of yet i haven’t been able to stay 100% raw for more then a couple of weeks.
    victoria’s green smoothies book helped me a lot because i use them as a key part of my diet. i’m trying to incorporate blended salads more. but the big failure is
    that i don’t have a few good easy to make raw food recipes to fall back on. also,
    time for food prep is limited for me. i’m in construction and often don’t follow a standard eating schedule, or even stop to eat. that’s why having a concentrated
    sandwhich or something to grab a quick few bites worked. i often find smoothies
    or just mono meals leaving me wanting when i’m working. i’m really looking forward to these videos,because for me, good food prep points and seeing various recipes taken from start to finish should help me to find some good recipes that i will be able to incorporate into my routine. so far i’ve been able to give up coffee, soda, and recently bread and popcorn (cheating). i’m also lowfat. i’m keeping my mind open to various superfoods and herbs, etc. i want to try things for myself after i’m 100% raw. thanks greatly for your various products and e-mails, etc. they are the chief references that look to first when i have any question.

    an appreciative student,

  362. Amanda says:

    Well I must say that I am very excited about your dvd’s. I’m still a baby in the raw food lifestyle and there is so much information that sometimes it seems daunting. I think having a base like the dvd’s will make it more do-able. Is there tricks for dehydrating and such. Either way I’m excited!! Thanks!

  363. Carol says:

    Wow! I cannot wait to get your DVD’s show ing the raw food recipes. You see where I live very few people understand how important raw food is to many of us that use it for bettering our health. We do not have any restuarants here in Roswell, New Mexico that serve any thing closely resembling raw food. They cook just about everything. I went raw in August of 2008 because I suffer from severe migraines with focal seizures. I have never been given anything that helped much with them, even the medicine that they gave me has not really ever worked. You see I am almost 50 years old and have had them since I was 12 years old. I went raw and have them no more that 1 or 2 every 2 to 3 months, I use to have them 5 or more times a week. Therefore, having videos that help me to prepare raw foods that look and taste good is something I always have to search for. I have your books and they have been a God send to me.
    Can’t wait to get your videos, it will be like having Christmas all over again. Thank you for all that you do for the raw foodist of the world.

    Blended salads and green smoothies are my very favorites.

    I wish you the best!!!!!!!!

  364. Marko says:

    Frederic, just ones more. This what you doing is just great.

    Have a nice day!


  365. rawkin says:

    It looks like you will be showing on your DVD how to open up a young coconut. Great !!! I finally bought one to try over the weekend & was looking for info how to open it, so thanks for thinking of that for people like me. It is alot easier & safer after you see it done than just to read the direction, that’s for sure.
    😀 rawkin

  366. Anna says:

    Your pictures are absolutely beautiful!I have been searching for quality low-fat, fruit based raw recipes. I cannot wait to see your delicious creations soon.
    Thank you, Anna M.

  367. Joyce says:

    As an adult, I have striven for health. About 11 years ago, I had pneumonia and my mostly dormant asthma took a grasp of my then good health. Though I was able to negotiate with the doctor and stay home verses enter the hospital, I agreed to take prescription medications. After six weeks and a relapse four weeks later, I had a long recovery to breath, about one year.

    Then the weight gain from the meds was more than a struggle to release and pain in muscles and bones occurred. Well, I was not going to a physician for more meds. So, began my journey to heal my body from the meds. For the most part, I have little to no pain in my body from the meds. Though the biggest struggle is weight loss.

    Really to have my body, fit, healthy, vivacious, like my personality. I am asking for support through your DVDs and possibly with others. Please consider me as a recipient of your gracious gift toward a healthy body.

    And so, I WANT TO WIN YOUR DVDs!!!!

  368. Gila Hammock says:

    I sure would like to win the DVD’s. I’ve been struggling with health problems a long time, I’ve been practicing the raw diet for 3 years now, and have had much improvement. I have not been too successful with 100%. I’m probably around 80% now. I’m sur he DVD’s will help push me over the edge…..

  369. Yasmine says:

    I would love to win this DVD as I am striving to have a better diet. Keep up the good work 🙂

  370. Jocelyn says:

    I can hardly wait to see your DVDs! Yours are by far my favorite raw recipes out there! One thing that you didn’t mention about the other reicpes and DVDs are that not only are they very high in fat, but easily 1/3-1/2 of the ingredients are these exotic things that can only be obtained through their web site or one similar to it. I have yet to see anything in your recipes that isn’t easily obtained by anyone!

  371. Debra says:

    These look like a great idea for beginners and more experienced raw food eaters. Sometimes boredom can cause one to abandon this style of eating. Like others have said, it is commendable that you did your research of available materials first to see what is out there and the quality of the materials. I wish you much success with the new venture.

  372. Carlos Henderson says:


    It is real nice to know that someone out there is working on improving the health of others instead of wanting to promote and be a “drug pusher.” The videos you are putting together will help millions of people on a crusade of improved health, family relations, and overall improved mental clarity. I am also trying to improve my health. With the onslaught of commercials giving false realities of how the other white meat and many other meats and processed foods can improve your way of life. We have bought into that only to find out that was not the truth and we have suffered greatly behind those half truths.

    So I am excited about what you are bringing to the public which not only teaches us how to eat, but how it improves your overall health.

    Yes I would like to win the CD/DVD, but I am just grateful for what you are doing.


  373. Hey Frederic!!

    I cannot tell you how excited I am to have these DVD’s out! I have been an 80/10/10er for almost 4 years now, and no one has ever taken initiative to put these together! I wish you great success with them (and you already have it!) I want to win these DVD’s so that I can sell them on our raw food co-op website in Houston! Either way, I want to have them up there! I hope to see you at HF week or at one of Dr. D’s events soon!



  374. Frank says:

    Great I have been trying to find more recipes

  375. Lynette McMillan says:

    Thank you so much Frederic, for all your hard work.
    I am looking forward to your new DVD’s.

  376. Kyra says:

    Like a voice in the wilderness, you are consistently beating the drum to show us how to achieve long-term sustainability on the raw vegan diet. Like many, I waffle back and forth, and I am took that struggle personally instead of discovering the common sense reasons for it. Your book Raw Secrets gives such great advice, and today I am sending it to my dear friend who is understandably confused by the conflicting opinions on going raw.

    I love that you have given me “freedom” to eat fruits in the quantity I crave. Of course it makes perfect sense … and from your inspirations I see myself thriving.

    This is a journey into an abundant, juicy life, and I am grateful that you are releasing these DVDs to further help us all succeed using the simple laws of nature. Thank you, Frederic!

  377. Ian says:

    Ok, I’m sold. I want Durian pudding.

  378. Yana says:

    I love your idea and the DVD full of great recipes! It’s about time there was such a DVD created… hope I will win this… as I do intend to use it faithfully each and every day!!!!

    Will be recommending this DVD to my friends as well!!!!

  379. Ev says:

    Great preview, the DVD will be perfect to inspire my children! That is just what I need: to make raw vegan food look as cool and yummy and easy as it really is! Thanks!

  380. Jeannie Linzie says:

    With hypothyroidism, liver disease, and menopause, I have tried to lose weight/stay healthy/be happy by improving myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. My biggest challenge is eating well. One big stumbling block is making a dinner which is healthful/delicious so that my boyfriend could join in my efforts in eating mainly eat raw foods. I have a lot to learn, and your DVDs and all your material looks great!

  381. Natasha says:

    Is that raw sushi without a dehydrator ? I need that recipe. I’m also in need for a sprilizer. I’m realizing how easier it would be instead of using my folk and carrot peeler. 🙂

    Thanks for the inspiration Fredric.
    I love your work

    <3 Natasha

  382. Caroline says:

    Woo Hoo
    Well, you sure have taken us ‘visual learners” to the next level!!

    Just watching you create beatiful, eatable, art has eliminated all fear and hesitation I had about making the lifestyle change to RAW.

  383. Nan says:

    hi frederic,

    I’ve become quite interested in the raw lifestyle. If I could just stop the junk cravings! (It doesn’t help when your daughter is a baker.) I’m looking for a “mass quantity” fruit source. I am slowly working myself into raw, but you look very healthy and I LOVE fruit, so it should be fun!

  384. tanawana says:

    I believe my Father In Law could use these DVDs with his current new found illness. Pictures may help far better than words, such as a book. Will he consider a DVD?? Who knows, I can only consider the hope I guess for now.


  385. Lucrecia Luknic says:

    The food looks like I want to eat it now. Your are cute too. I want to win this dvd, and if I don’t I would like to own it.

    Thank you for your work.

    Lucrecia Luknic

  386. mick says:

    Some beautiful looking food! I am on my second attempt at 100% raw, now on day 34.
    Lost 18 lbs, I’m 6 ft., 166 lbs. 61 yr. old male who had been on high blood pressure meds for years. Kicked them after just two weeks! So easy this time since I began this raw voyage with a 3 day water fast. That seemed to clean my palate and taste buds so that now a simple piece of fruit tastes like a Thanksgiving feast! I know now that staying 100% raw will be a piece of cake! Raw cake, but still very delicious cake!

  387. ann says:

    I am excited for these dvds. I am a visual learner and can’t afford to be in a class. Ann

  388. meg lane says:

    LOVE the photographs! So often, raw food doesn’t look as good in pictures as it tastes, but yours all look amazingly colorful, fresh and almost artistic! Thanks for all you do!

  389. Christie says:

    The foods you prepare look absolutely delicious. I am really working on getting myself into the raw diet more and more. I have done it before, but got lazy and soon I was eating the SAD and gaining back the weight I lost. I have been drinking a lot of green smoothies again because I just find them easy and they also satisfy a sweet tooth for me. Keep up the good work, it is great having someone like you giving us inspiration to become healthy again.

  390. Laura says:

    Hello Frederic,
    I am excited & surprised by the food presented in the DVD clip. I eat a primarily raw vegan diet & unlike my friends still struggle with my weight. I often feel ill after eating at raw food restaurants & potlucks. I’m sure this is due to the nut heavy food served. Honestly, I have seen lots of simple low-fat recipes but couldn’t picture them in my mind. The simplicity made me think they would be boring. I now see that I have been sorely mistaken. A picture is truly worth a thousand words!
    Thank you for creating this DVD program.
    I look forward to its release.

  391. radha klemes says:

    I came to your workshops in London where I learned how to make your carrot and almond nori roll recipe, lemon and date pudding and other wonderful dishes and have had great success with them. I have been raw vegan since 1999 (though I do have some steamed vegetables lately). I very much enjoyed coming to your workshops in April and October 2000, and would be delighted to have more of the same in the form of DVDs. The pictures and video clips look amazing. Thanks for all your great information and products.

  392. Phyllis says:

    I am so looking forward to your new set of DVD’s! It looks like it will be really excellent. I have been “into” health for many years, always learning and moving towards a more complete picture. I am grateful to the information you and Dr. Doug Graham and a few others have put out there. I have participated in your cleanses and purchased many of the products you sell, and have always benefited from them. I need constant reminding and encouraging to stay focused, when most of the world goes in the other direction. Thank you for all you do! And yes, I would also really like to win your dvd’s – husband’s just lost his job so things are a little tight right now! 🙂

  393. Renee says:

    Hi Frederic:

    I am new to raw foods and this is a great idea for those of us who are learning a completely new way of cooking/eating. The video looks like it would be a great resource to help with the transition to a healthy diet. I found your website and currently receive your e-mails. Thanks for all you do for the raw food movement!!


  394. The Chocolata says:

    I Can hardly wait! I keep my “raw” pretty simple; fruit salads, salads are about the most I do in combining foods. I have a few raw cookbooks, but it takes forever to prepare anything. Having a visual aid is just what I need to liven things up a bit.

  395. jackie says:

    I’m very grateful that someone has come up with a 3 hour video that shows us lots of ways to have raw food.

    I have loved raw vegetables all of my life, they are so beautiful and alive.
    Radishes are my favorite, we have red, white, black and now watermelon. I am so grateful to god, universe for all the beautiful vegetables.

    Thank you for taking the time to produce a 3 hour video for us.

  396. Phyllis says:

    Your new DVD series looks like the answer to my prayers. I am stuggling with weight gain and food cravings! I would love how to make satisfying, low fat meals that give me the nutrients I need so I can better deal with the cravings. It looks like you use simple ingreadients that I can get anywhere and can use on a regular basis. I wish you the very best. Thanks for your efforts!

  397. Chris says:

    Looks really good! Can’t wait to see more!

  398. ray says:

    Raw is Right

  399. Tonja says:

    Great idea, sure hope the DVD’s have lots of high-vegetable recipes! I find most recipes to be either high fruit or high fat – but with not enough veges. Not saying high fruit is bad, but I find that I do need a high volume of veges.

  400. Jon says:

    I love new ideas for raw foods.
    You have some wonderful looking recipes.
    Maybe you can post some videos to tease us with in the future?


  401. Julie says:

    Hello Frederic!

    Just viewed a clip of your upcoming DVD series. Fantastic job! I’m totally impressed! Great quality and wonderful presentation. Your DVDs will take me to the next level on my raw path….I am looking forward to going from 95% raw now to 100%!

    I am grateful for the gift that you are, Frederic!

    Yours for Health,

  402. Jerilyn says:

    Thanks to the latest seven day cleanse, I was able to shake cooked food addictions in favor of my all time favorite penchant for fruit. I have been back and forth for several years transitioning from cooked with each try revealing progressively longer stints on raw. Now I am not much into raw food recipes, preferring foods I can primarily peel and eat but as I do have signifigant others watching closely I would like to help them make a similiar transition. The best way is to show as opposed to tell. Whenever I make a luscious salad from simple ingredients, I make my case without saying a word.
    I know your DVD’s will be great inspiration and assist me in being able to reach back for my loved ones.

  403. rawmzmartha says:

    I have researched nutrition, since I was in my early 20’s with 3 little ones, knee high to a grashopper! Now that I’m 49 and found that I have condition, dystonia, along with a seizure disorder…from head trauma as a baby.

    I’ve stumbled on to Raw and found this lifstyle works for me. And then I stumbled onto one of your comments about being angry at the Raw establishment because you had talked to people who were Raw, but were suffering due to their diet being high in fat content.

    I’ve been using your info and ‘tweaking’ my diet. I find that what helps me the most, is a good plan that I can follow. Due to my condition and med’s, I have learned to simplify my life, trying to make my life as easy as possible….easier said than done!

    I can only thank you for your taking a huge! step and help those of us, to help ourselves!

    rawmzmartha! 😉

  404. Christine Fink says:

    WOW! This looks like it is exactly what I need! I have been eating a raw foods diet for 3 years trying to cure the beginnings of Crohn’s disease. While I have improved dramatically, I still fight the problem. I have been noticing lately that the heavier foods seem to cause me more problems and discomfort. I believe I need a good variety of low-fat, raw recipes to further improve my health.

  405. Angela Farnsworth says:


  406. edna says:

    Hi Frederic,

    I weight 310lbs. I been doing some research on the raw diet. I really need help on knowing what to eat. I started eating fresh fruit for breakfast and lunch but when
    I get home after work I can’t finsh my day Raw! I eat meat. It’s been hard.
    I eat one kind of fruit in the morning and a different one for lunch but I don’t know any recepies. I desperately need your Dvds. I want to lose weight, I want to be healthy, I want to feel beeter about myself, I want to live!!


  407. kc says:

    Looks great. Can’t wait to try some of your recipes!

  408. Monique says:

    Hello Frederic,

    It is nice to get support and help for raw food recipes. I certainly could use some help in meal planning and making other foods instead of eating the same things most of the time…I need different ideas and I just want to thank you for sending them my way….I want to eat more raw food…but you know the tastebuds need to be pruned back…you sure make that food look scrumpdelicious!!! Thanks, Monique P

  409. Sharon says:

    The food looks scrumptious!!! The dvd must be topnotch. Good work!!!Hope I win, Yeah!!!!

  410. Melanie says:

    Quelle idée géniale! Je suis certaine que ces dvds sauront inspirer et faciliter la préparation de ces mets. Et de voir aussi les différents outils en action (saladacco, vitamix..) pourra donner une bonne idée de leur efficacité.

  411. Frederic,
    This is a great opportunity for me to thank you for all your recipes. There is a plethora of high fat recipes out there and I am not remotely interested in them. I like that I can trust that yours are following low fat vegan guidelines. I’m very happy to tell everyone and anyone about all your recipe books and the information you offer, contest or not. I will spend my last dollar on recipe books of yours for myself and for my loved ones. They are a high value. I’m very excited to see the DVD and I’m still working my way through Exotic Recipes and Salad Dressings. Thank you!

  412. Angela says:

    I definitely need to make some healthy changes to my lifestyle and would love to receive these delicious play by play recipes. They all look so tasty!

    Thank you,


  413. al baker says:

    hi terrific site. can wait to see the dvds and get into this raw food full force. its a hard transition to do.
    keep up the good work!

  414. clare says:

    The promo pictures for the DVD looks fantastic. Can`t wait to get my hands on it.
    Its good to see someone produce a raw DVD with value.
    Clare. UK England

  415. Isabelle says:

    Hi Frederic,
    Your DVD looks fantastic… like everything you do. I’d LOVE to win them for a very good reason: I’ve not been feeling well for a long time. I have unbalanced hormones that make my life a living HELL. I pray you make me a winner. It would do me a world of good I’m sure.

  416. Stacey Butler says:

    Thank you for coming out with these videos. Like most people, I learn best by seeing, especially the finished result in foods. My husband and I have been trying to eat healthier for the past couple of years, mostly raw. We’ve noticed a vast improvement mentally and physically. We’re looking forward to your videos on how to eat better on the raw and for new ideas demonstrated.

  417. Heidi Mae Lui says:

    You Rock Frederick! These recipes you created look absolutely Deliciousy!!!! : )!

  418. suze13 says:

    The food looks delicious. Also saw some interesting kitchen gadgets. Looking forward to seeing the DVDs.

  419. Ken says:

    I always question whether I’m preparing raw recipes the right way. I make something and it looks terrible, so it’s hard to make myself taste it to even see if it’s tasty. I’d love the chance to see someone with more experience prepare some of these raw recipes so I feel more comfortable that I can make them just as delicious-looking as they sound.

  420. laara says:

    Frederic—those recipes look insanely delicious–the pictures are so well done that it makes one salivate just by looking at them. The DVD’s are just what we need–thanks!

  421. Alyssa says:

    These look soo good! Can’t wait for the dvd

  422. Lori says:

    Hi, I can’t tell you how much you have been a help to me. Just about a year ago I went to the library and checked out every book I could get me hands on to improve me health and diet. After reading them all the only ones that made any sense to me were the ones that talked about raw food. However, as you know, many of them use so many nuts, seed, fats and sweetners that I didn’t know where to get started. After signing up for one of your fasts, reading your free online lessons and reading the book Green For Life I was able to truly get started on the right track early on. I’m so excited about your DVD series as my diet consists of smoothies and about 5 different salad combinations. I’m ready to learn how to prepare some new and exciting dishes. Thanks so very much, Lori

  423. mel says:

    The food looks completely ‘to die for’….thanks for the visual feast 😉

  424. Lani Ho'ala says:

    Dear Frederic,
    my husband is a Colorado cowboy and has eaten meat almost every meal since he was born. We both want to start eating raw but there is fear in knowing what to combine foods and how to make sure we are getting enough of each nutrient we need for health. Your videos look like they make the transition very simple by showing us how to make the meals that will nourish us. How to get started with the transition from cooked food to raw is a little scary for me but with your videos I know that it will be a simple process. I would enjoy a free set of your DVDs.

  425. Karen Gardineer says:

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! The preview on the You Tube video looked amazing! I really can’t wait to see videos. I’ve been trying to go 100% raw for a year now and there are times when it can be really difficult. I love your low fat approach to the diet. I know when I consume too much fat I feel very lethargic and it is hard to get out of bed the next morning. One of the first recipes I tried of yours was the banana inside the romaine lettace leaf. Scrumptious! Thanks for taking the time to make the videos. Karen

  426. eve says:

    That looks like a great winner. You cover so much and it all looks yummy. Good job!!!

  427. Sandi says:

    Frederic, as I stated I am new to raw, I purchased RAW from Juliano, and have tried one recipie. I would like to start my family on the raw diet. Recently my spouse became ill, and had to get a pacemaker at the age of 45, so I need help, but I need to be able to see the recipes that I am doing to make.I am a visual person. Good luck, and keep up the good work.– Sandi

  428. cadie st. romain says:

    I learn so much from your emails and would love to win the Dvds. Thanks for the info always and enjoy your newsletters.This contest sounds exciting and would help my raw food lifestyle. Thank you. Cadie

  429. Melissa says:

    Hello Fred,

    I am 34 years old and have been raw since 2003, but I it has been sometime that I would like to know more about raw food and expand my knowledge and skill in order to presue my dream to open up my own raw cafe.
    I have been to classes, workshops, retreats and I feel that the majority of them were a waste of money and also false advertisment. I have also purchased several books but I need more hands on.

    I am at a point that I feel that my life is on hold because I don’t want to waste anymore money or make anymore bad choices.
    I feel that you are a very honest direct person and I was hoping you were able to shed some light my way and advising/suggesting to me what you think is the best school to go to and any other advise you can share with me would greatly be appreciated ever so much.

    Thanking you in advance and thanks for everything that you do.

    Peace & Light

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