April 16

Do You Have to be All Raw?

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–  Feature Article “Do You Have to be All Raw?”


Today I will give you my all-time, best strategy for eating more raw and experience thriving health and energy with a high-fruit diet, one bite at a time.

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Do You Have to Be All-Raw?

Wall of Bananas.jpg
Meet “The Banana Wall”

I just came back from a weekend with a couple of new “raw” friends I just met.

As always, I’m always blown away by how GREAT people look in the low-fat, high-fruit raw vegan crowd. They are slim, but fit and muscular. Their eyes are glowing. They have energy and vitality, and clarity.

I honestly couldn’t say the same of the low-fruit, wheatgrass juice/sprouting crowd, who as a whole, look like they could use a little “forbidden fruit”.

But going back to my story, often when you meet new raw people the topic turns to “are you 100% raw”?

Some people claim to eat 100% raw, and have done it for a certain number of years.

Upon further inquiry, many of those people admit that a few times during that time, they did cheat on some cooked food.

Others are 100% raw, all-the-time, count-on-it.

And the vast majority are 100% raw, most of the time, with “cheats” a few times a month. Because it’s the OVERALL lifestyle that is important, they still get great benefits.

For everybody, it’s a process of evolution. You learn as you go along, and you improve along the way.

At some point comes the realization that diet alone is not everything, so you start paying attention to building a strong fitness program, getting sunshine regularly, getting enough sleep, finding your purpose in life, and paying attention to the other requirements of a healthy life.

So do you NEED to eat 100% raw?

Rather than answer than question directly, I will instead answer the more important question: How can you eat more raw?

The biggest issue everyone who is getting started on the raw food diet is facing is that of TRANSITION.

How do you go from where you are now to a completely raw food diet (with or without cheats), while enjoying the process?

I’ve always said that everyone should learn to make 7 to 10 raw food recipes they TRULY enjoy.

Even on a standard cooked diet, most people eat the same kinds of foods every day.

We are creatures of routine. Once we find something we like, it’s easy to stick with the program.

When I was in high school, I learned one day how to make tuna sandwiches. I liked them so much that I ate them almost every day for lunch for a long time.

When I first started the raw food diet, I had no idea what foods I could make. Every recipe I tried was just “so-so” and nothing could sustain me for very long.

Since then, I have learned some simple recipes and patterns of eating that satisfy me day after day.

Every successful person I know follows some kind of PATTERN. They vary their diet throughout the year, but often they’ll eat the same delicious foods every day, while changing the recipe regularly depending on ingredients that are available.

So here’s my super-simple, transition strategy to eat MORE RAW:

Step #1 — Eat a raw breakfast

The first step is the easiest. Eat a 100% raw breakfast. Discover a few recipes that you like.

For me, breakfast is pretty open. Sometimes I’ll have a green smoothie, sometimes just some fruit, sometimes just a fruit smoothie.

Try out many different fruit recipes that are easy to make, until you find the one you really like for breakfast. Or eat your favorite fruit!

Step #2 — Eat a raw lunch

The raw lunch takes a bit more commitment, but it’s also very easy.

You just have to accept the fact that it’s perfectly okay to eat a lunch of just fruit.

Because lunch should be the largest meal of the day, it’s often easier to have a smoothie that can pack in the calories.

The quantities will depend on your needs, and whether or not you’re trying to lose weight.

All of my lunches usually center around bananas. Why? Because they are always around, they are non-acidic, high in calories, and very nutritious and versatile in the kitchen.

One great smoothie I love is:

Bananas + papaya flesh, blended together, with some water and if desired a bit of ice

Or bananas blended with water and some berries of your choice.

Again, you have to try out many different ideas until you find the one you like.

You may also want to accompany your meal with some celery or lettuce, or have a green smoothie for lunch.

The ideal lunch should leave you satisfied for at least 3 hours. If it doesn’t, then you simply didn’t eat enough.

Step #3 — Start dinner with fruit

If you’re trying to lose weight, you will want to skip this step. But if you’re at your ideal weight and active, then you’ll want to start your dinner with some fruit. Juicy and acidic fruits are great: fresh pineapple, oranges, peaches, mangoes, etc.

This usually is the part that most people resist. After having fruit for breakfast AND lunch… they feel like it’s “too much sugar” to have fruit for dinner as well.

But the truth is… if they are active enough and eat a dinner without fruit, invariably at the end of the meal they will crave something sweet, and end up binging on dates and nuts.

I understand it doesn’t FEEL natural to eat fruit for dinner. But it’s only because you are not USED to it. After a while it will feel as natural as anything.

Step #4 — Follow your fruit with a vegetable soup

In these progressive steps, you are free to eat whatever you like after eating the required foods for the steps. But once you take on another step, then obviously there’s little space available for the rest.

After you get used to eating fruit before your dinner, then follow that fruit with a delicious, fat-free vegetable soup.

I’ve been making this soup almost EVERY DAY for at least a year, and I never get tired of it because it’s so good.

I’ve made this soup for many raw-foodists who had never tasted it, and they all swore it was one of the most delicious things they had ever tried.

In my upcoming DVD series, I explain in detail how to make a low-fat vegetable soup.

For now, here are two variations of the recipe:

Variation #1

1 large tomato
1 large mango, only the flesh
1 handful basil


Variation #2

1 large tomato
1 mango, only the flesh
1 cucumber, peeled and diced
Fresh dill
A couple of green onions, or celery

Blend slowly (not completely)

When I’m in Costa Rica, I always add tamarillos (tree tomato), which looks like a cross between a tomato and a kiwi, and has a wonderful flavor.

The idea with these soups is to mix vegetable fruits, sweet fruit and fresh herbs. No fat is used or needed.

In my upcoming Raw Vegan DVD Series, I explain in details how to make these soups.

Step #5: Follow the fruit and soup with some kind of salad or blended salad.

Here you create a salad of your choice with a dressing of your choice, with or without fat.

Here you really need to find recipes you love, and would almost never get tired of eating.

If you like simple stuff, you can munch on plain lettuce or spinach, with optional avocado.

At this point, most people are pretty full and won’t need anything more. But if you are still hungry, have some steamed vegetables, or anything else you desire.

Step #6 — Go all raw!

The last step in the series is to eliminate the last bits of cooked foods that you’re regularly eating. Pretty simple?

This transition plan works great because you replace cooked calories with raw calories, without relying on excessive quantities of fat to do it.

Please share your favorite recipes in the comments (try to only include low-fat, hygienic recipes)!

65 Responses to “Do You Have to be All Raw?”

  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks for this, Fred!!!!
    I’m not 100% raw. (I’m not even vegan, which may have a little something to do with my carnivorous hubby, wink wink!) I do, however, always strive to add more raw into my diet. (And my families diet!) Thanks for these great ideas!!!!

  2. Gila Hammock says:

    This information was informative. I’m trying to lose weight, eating lots of raw fruit and vegetables, however it concerned me when this article said” skip the fruit before dinner if trying to lose weight”. If I’m trying to lose weight, maybe I should eat fruit all day, or should I?

  3. Frederic says:

    In general, most people who start eating raw DONT eat enough, so you probably don’t have to consciously restrict your caloric intake.

    But if you eat sufficient quantities, and you eat less than 10% fat and only fruits and vegetables with no salt, and you still need to lose a few pounds, then you can cut some of the fruit to achieve that results.

    Vegetables have almost no calories.

    But like I just said, most people are not able to eat enough at first so they will automatically lose weight.

  4. elisabeth says:

    thank you, just the encouragement i needed. i always feel great at 90 percent raw, but peer pressure, shopping washing salad etc. is time consuming, so i fall off the wagon. my health is so much better when i’m raw, my M.D. said my blood work was amazing (he did not ask me why!), so thank you for motivating me again. elisabeth.

  5. Gila Hammock says:

    Thank you, I need to lose a lot of weight, and it sure has been a struggle. I really appreciate your programs, and updates, it really motivates me to stay on track. Eating raw foods has really improved my overall health, and I’m sure it will only get better with time.


  6. Tommie says:

    I was one of the ones who ate/eat huge quantities of fruit and greens and STILL lost weight. If a person needs to lose, I don’t see how he/she will keep from it on raw foods, eaten correctly.

    And you, Fred, were one of my lifesavers!

  7. Dr Linda Douglas says:

    Thank-you, this has been wonderful guidance for all of us in the “Raw Food Process! Dr. Linda.

  8. eric says:

    Hi Fred,

    I have been a 70-100% raw vegan for the last 8 years. I follow your high fruit/ greens example.

    My problem is my B12 is alarmingly low. What do you recommend? I feel good but my dr is concerned. He had me taking shots, which makes me uncomfortable.

    I love being raw, but it is odd that this diet does not provide everything necessary for complete health.

    I would appreciate your insight.

    Thanks, eric.

  9. Nancy says:

    Thank you Fred!! This is a great article and one that will help me get back on track after falling way off!! You put it all in a very simple, easy to follow format. Great for someone who needs to pick herself back up and transition again to raw food.

    I love particularly the idea of arming oneself with 7-10 recipes that you love.

    Thanks again,

  10. Karen says:

    Great advice! I look forward to information from you because it is always very informative and practical. When are your DVD’s going to be available? By the way, are you 100% raw (sorry, had to ask!). Hope that your talk in Quebec goes well for you.

  11. Natalie says:

    Just wondered if you have any thoughts on raw children. do you think 80/10/10 work for them too? i have a nearly three year old. we eat mostly high raw, but he loves his carbs – generally that other ppl have in their lunches. he still gets the original living food – breastmilk so should be getting some of his fat needs met – but i dont know if he needs more on top of that. any ideas? how can i replace his carb cravings?

  12. Alex says:

    Great advice Frederic. Another thing to help being more raw is support. Search for like minded people in your area and eat raw together at rawfoodfriends.com


  13. diane West says:

    Ive been eating like you for about three months now with steamed veggies every now and then,mostly on the occastional weekend when the family goes out to eat, Ill order a plain salad,no dressing and steamed veggies,so not to make everyone feel bad that im not eating, as long as I keep my 80 10 10 ratio, Im all good. thanks for all your suggestions and input,It has helped me tremedously.Diane

  14. Martha says:

    My problem with the all raw diet is I don’t like fruit – I struggle to eat any amount of fruit. I love vegetables and can and will eat them anytime. Most fruit is tart to me and I don’t like anything tart. My daughter will taste some fruit and say it’s so sweet, I taste it and its is too tart for me.

  15. Luis Medrano says:

    Great information Fred…simple is always the best and in this case also delicious! One recipe that I enjoy is 4 manila mangoes blended with 1 cup of blueberries…yum! I have a question for you. What is your favorite type of lettuce for smoothies or salads?

    By the way, you have been one of the people that I have been following since the Rawkathon and I just want to say thanks for what you have shared with myself and others through e-mails, ezines, etc. Since that event I have been inspired to create my own website and am happy to report that it is now up! Thanks and keep spreading those positive vibes. Peace

  16. Frederic says:

    The topic of my next Raw Vegan Newsletter will be deficiencies. As I will explain, a “low” level is only low by what is considered a “normal” standard, which is the average of the unhealthy population. So your levels might actually be healthy. Just not “average”.

    Plus, the main problem in deficiencies is not lack of nutrients but lack of absorption. You have to improve your overall health, improve intestinal flora health to improve absorption. No supplement or drug is going to give you that.

    @Karen: DVDs will be out soon, within 1-2 months. I am not 100% raw, but pretty close.

    @Natalie: I know lots of people who have raised their kids raw. However I don’t have personal experience with it. Up to a certain age they need more fat in their diet. Human milk is about 55% fat by calories. But only 6% protein. However composition changes overtime. So bottom line, let them eat what they want in all of the fruits, vegetables, nuts. After 6-7 years of age they can eat less fat. I know a family who was very successful raising raw children, on a mostly low fat 100% raw diet, but also included some raw dairy into the diet, and breast milk up to age 3 or so.
    Carb cravings = need to eat more fruit.

  17. r holsem says:

    the reminder of adequate nutrition from fruit for energy to avoid eating too much fat and concentrated sugar – valuable reminder.

  18. flora says:

    i am largely raw for a few years but have major teeth issues. i feel when i eat sugar in fruit that right away my teeth are not good. and…i also feel tired after fruit, like a sugar high and then a low. i am not saying i don’t eat fruit, but if i go all fruit for a meal, say a smoothie, it does not do me right.
    i want to follow your tooth protocol and have the books, althgough i had to fight with my printer over them and not sure if its all in there. and…the books were overwhelming to me. so much info, not easy for my 24/7 mothering small child mind to take in. how i wish you had a teleseminar or two to sit back and absorb info about tooth care.
    also, i have not felt safe pushing my child into all raw, even though i cringe when she eats cooked. she is a bit little for her age. i have been afraid to take that leap, thinking of growth and…her interpersonal relations.
    warmly, flora
    ps. so refreshing to find your sight!

  19. Gavin says:

    Dear Fred,

    Thanks for posting. I’ve been raw for 3 years now and it has done wonders for me. In fact I have inspired friends to switch as well. My only gripe is that the soups are low in Calories. I try to consume more calories in order to maintain an ideal body weight. Thanks again.

  20. Mizpah says:

    Hey there Frederic,

    Great information.

    Your soup recipes look delicious but do you have an alternative we can use when mangoes are not in season?

  21. Chantal says:

    Hi Fred!
    Thanks for the good advice. I’ve been on an 8 year journey with the raw diet. Spent 5 years a strict 100% raw(last 2.5 years on 811), and then purposefully added back in cooked foods because i was getting religious about it and was no longer enjoying my meals. About the same time I got injured and had to stop running and other exercise, and have since gained back much of the weight I initially lost going raw. I’m still eating a vegan diet about 90% raw, but seem to be having allergic reactions to so many foods-both raw and cooked. Do you have any ideas or input for me?

  22. For about 16 years, I have been mostly raw, with most of it being greens and fruits. I do love Kombucha and have a bottle a day. Now and then I have some good steamed veggies and for a couple months, I even decided I’d try some salmon once or twice a week. It was good, but did not entice me to change back to more cooked foods. I feel too good when I eat all raw.

    Thanks, Fred, for your encouragement and for your ‘raw’ wisdom! You make me want to get even better in all health areas. By the way, I’m a state legislator and am a 71 year young lady.
    raw & happy

  23. Oana (pronounced Wana) says:

    Hi Frederic.

    It’s my first time leaving a comment, but I read everything you write with great gusto. My family is mostly vegan, and trying to eat more and more raw. My main question is also about children. I have an 8-month-old baby who is quite constipated since I’ve introduced solid foods. I still breast feed him and give him mostly pureed fruits and vegetable (raw or steamed) and some green smoothies in addition. Sometimes I give him some baby cereal. I realize you don’t have any experience with children but I’ll ask anyways. From your experience, which fruits are easiest to digest? Do you know how the babies of our closest primate relatives would start eating solid foods? Do you know how mothers in other cultures (who live more naturally) introduce solid food to their babies? I’m aware that chidren’s digestive systems take a few years to matures, so I guess that what applies for adults may not apply for children. In my mind, if he was eating what he should be eating and at the time he should be eating it, my son should not have any difficulty digesting it. So I’m just trying to figure out if there’s something I’m not doing right and what I should be doing. If you’re not sure about my questions, do you know any reliable sources where I could check?

    Also, what happened with your letter to Steve Jobs?

    Thank you for all the valuable information you share with the rest of us.

  24. Frederic says:

    For the soups, I also love to use peaches (white are great), fresh dates, persimmon… Sweet fruits work best.
    @Oana: tropical fruits are easier to digest. Papaya, banana, persimmon, etc. As for the rest, I will try to get to the other questions later. Read some of the Natural Hygiene literature on the subject. “Hygienic Care of Children” by Shelton remains a classic (although some notions on child educations are outdated). Shelton wrote an interesting article on why babies should never be fed starches of any kind before the age of 2-3 at least.

  25. Mizpah says:

    Thanks Fred,

    Peach, persimmon all sound great but sadly, not available here either. I guess I will just have to do some experimentation.

  26. Lee says:

    Hi Fred,

    You might pass on that Vitamin B-12 is not found in Agri-business raised vegetables, only in organic vegetables. This is because B-12 is manufactured by bacteria in the soil and absorbed by the vegetables. The presence of pesticides in agri-business farms kills the bacteria that would create B-12.

  27. lindy says:

    I have just posted about exotic fruit in the Mentor club forum, and this e – zine of yours made me do that, because it is a very helpful one, if it weren’t for the usually use of exotic fruit in the recipes you wrote as an example…by the way, mangoes are not in season any longer here, at least in organig food shops…

  28. soc says:

    i am only 5 foot 8 inches tall, eat over 3000 calories raw a day but am constantly hungry…why is this? I can never feel full on raw…what am i doing wrong?

  29. Paul says:

    Your soup recipes seem to consist mainly of fruits, so please tell me what’s the difference between smoothies and soups?

  30. Chris says:

    Frederic says: “Everyone should learn to make 7 to 10 raw recipes that they TRULY enjoy” – THAT is by far the best advice to anyone struggling to go “go raw!” I suggest that people try to find the best raw food lifestyle chefs and experts who have a track record for success in raw, fitness, and body composition and seek them out. There is no substitue for hands-on experience. I wish I knew of more such people when I decided to go 100% raw ten years ago!

  31. Clare says:

    When my kids were little they use to have the same problem, I fed them as snack papaya flesh, it does wonders, you can try it, slowly and you see the results.
    Good Luck

  32. Jason says:

    @ eric

    Sorry to hear about the B12. I want to say that Frederic is right on as far as diet leading to awesome health. But I wouldn’t brush off your B12 levels and assume nothing as wrong as long as you are following a great diet. Not sure if you have heard of the “Health Ranger” over at Natural News but, to get to the point, he hosted a fascinating interview with New Chapter founder Paul Schulick. He started his company to offer organic “whole food” vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements rather than isolated nutrients. Your body treats these as food because they are derived from fruits and vegetables. This may be helpful to get you an optimal level of B12. I disagree with Frederick that supplements (herbal and otherwise) are not necessary albeit somewhat. While you can get adequate nutrition through careful planning with proper fruits, vegetables, and greens – sometimes supplements (remember “85%” or so are worthless though) can be helpful to fill in the gaps in more simplistic diets. B12 is important but we don’t need a whole lot – and our bodies can store it for later. But I can see how over the years you have not had much of an intake. One thing is for sure – supplementing with natural B12 won’t hurt you. And it’s better to play it safe. Amazon Herb Company offers Graviola, for instance, that has very important healing properties. It is 10,000 times stronger in killing colon cancer than Adriamycin. And Waiora offers a patented form of Liquid Zeolite (formed when lava meets water) called Natural Cellular Defense and has been PROVEN to remove a substantial amount of toxins such as bisphenol-A that many of us have in our systems that have built up through our life. In modern times with all the exposure to pesticides and other toxins which our more primitive ancestors did not have to deal with I think it important that we take another look at the role of “super foods” and “super herbs” in this day and age. The harm we can potentially do to our bodies may outpace fruit and vegetable diets ability to combat these problems. And while I do think that many of us can do just fine with it – supplements may prove valuable for those who may have bigger issues that could be overcome, possibly, quicker by supplementing carefully with certain herbs and super foods. Those with cancer, terrible allergies, etc. that are not able (or willing) to go near 100% raw.

  33. Jason says:

    I wanted to also add that I have been able to fix, rather quickly, my problem of frequent panic attacks. Several of which led me to go to the emergency room only to have the doctor say “oh, nothing is wrong. It’s just a panic attack.” Well after a while it became clear that it was not “just” a panic attack and that Klonopin was all I needed. Yes, it worked to feel relief from a sudden panic attack but I needed to change. I changed my diet drastically by eating very high quantities of fruits and vegetables. I then started taking green smoothies after reading Boutenko’s book. Wow those have been awesome. But, and here I go again, what finally removed my anxiety that would come seemingly out of nowhere was right after I started taking an herb called Rhodiola Rosea. Specifically the brand Rosavin by Ameriden. I took one in the morning and another early afternoon. I have not had the slightest bit of anxiety. No panic attacks. No need to take Klonopin at all. This is the first time in my young adult life I haven’t had to. I’d have abouts of anxiousness at least a couple times a week. Since taking the Rhodiola I haven’t had anything wrong, remarkably, in the 5 months that I’ve been taking it. Now, the question remains, could diet change have gotten me to this point eventually? Maybe. But this stuff worked. It’s an herb! And I’m not sure Frederic would have recommended it to me. But boy I wish someone had recommended it years ago. I have to thank Raymond Francis who founded the company Beyond Health. I am now anxiety free and Nature allowed me to enjoy this.

  34. Frederic says:

    3000 calories… of what? I have no idea with those details.
    The soup consists of fruits AND vegetables. Tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers… are VEGETABLES. Botanically they are fruit, but due to their composition they are used as vegetables. Celery, parsley are vegetables.
    We also make vegetable-only soups.
    About the B12, at this point my position is to take the supplement, as mentioned in my book The Raw Secret.

  35. isabelle says:

    hi Eric,
    I went 100% raw from the time I found out about it, well actually except for 6 squares of 70%cocoa dark chocolate a day at lunch (had to keep that daily treat, had it for the past 6 months). Had no problem going raw, although keeping calories up was a bit of a challenge without going for fat. The problem I encountered was with sleep, my sleep was restless and very light, I could not sleep deep at all and woke up several times a night, and started showing signs of sleep deprivation during that one month full raw. SO I decided to add some cooked food in evening, (rice, veggies, a bit of this and that, one egg) my body did not like it at all and since then I have had problems with many bathroom trips lasting 10 days. It’s slowing down now since I added lots of cooked foods in evening. I sleep really well and keep breakfast and lunch raw with dinner being salad and then not raw. My libido and regular body odor also was non existant during that one month full raw and returned when I added cooked foods. Any suggestions as to why I could not sleep. I was not hungry at all, so I concluded that 100% raw does not do well with me.

  36. dushaan says:

    Hi Frederic,
    Great article! But one thing bothers me, why are you against sprouted grains? I personally belive they are great stuff. Sprouts are generally high in nutrients, energy and natural fiber. Levels of phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors are also very low compared to grains in there unactive state. And as much as I’ve seen, people have less cravings for cooked foods while introducing some sprouts in their diet (up to 200 grams a day). I occasionally take some sprouts for lunch, and I’ve never had any problems using them. I’d like to here your opinion about them.

  37. Wangamaud says:

    Hi Fred,
    You seem to have a problem with wheatgrass juice, is there something you should say about it? I was introduced by friends to a detox regimen drinking only wheatgrass and pure water for a day or two. It works wonders for me and is the only fast I have practiced for years. Do you know of any contra-indication? Please advise. You have a very unique blend of wisdom and I learn a lot from you everytime. Thanks.

  38. isabelle says:

    Oooops my comment should have been adressed to Frederic and not Eric, Sorry about that.

  39. Natalija says:

    Hi, Fred,
    Strange to read your opinion about how people look. High fruit and low-fruit eaters.. I know many all-eaters who look perfect, 20 years younger then they are. It is not just about food. It is happiness and exercises.

    I have nothing to eat, really. I look at them fruits and vegetables and can’t stop thinking: are they real, what was the soil, what type of rain was raining on them and so on. Paranoia.. Tomatoes in the middle of the winter. They were not grown up in the real soil at all. Do they really have more vitamins and minerals then grains? I really doubt it. What about the adaptation of our bodies through the ages of eating local foods? So many thoughts.. Local or tropical? Greens when there is a snow outside? Are they really healthy? There is loads of perfect food at summer time, but I am not sure that it is good to eat all them fruits and veggies from supermarket during the winter.
    Quality of soil-another question, which worries me. Can we be sure that we get full complex of vitamins, minerals and other elements while eating raw?

  40. soc says:

    i am only 5 foot 8 inches tall, eat over 3000 calories raw a day. Usually in 4 – 5 meals. these meals are made up of mailny mono-meals eg 10 oranges, or 2 gala melons, or half a large water maelon, or 2 kg grapes or 8 banana and lettuce smoothies. but am constantly hungry…why is this? I can never feel full on raw…what am i doing wrong?

  41. Natalija says:

    And sorry- do not want to sound sceptic. I truly believe that humans must eat all raw. But for me it is very hard path. Can not eat bananas, have allergy for many citrus fruits and can’t find the way to fill myself up and get enough calories. Mango and papaya are 3 euro each here, so try to survive on apples, grapes and plums. Can’t wait for summer. And how you, people, can drink those green smoothies, can’t stand the smell and not able to swallow at all !!! :)) So, the result is skinny-mini. I do not like this.

  42. Julie says:

    Hi Fred,
    Very informative!! However, I have food sensitivity to a lot of foods including some fruits. I also have rheumatiod arthritis. Do you think a long water fast will resolve the issue with the food sensitivity?

    Do you know of any one who have gotten over food sensitivity with water fast?

    I really need help. Thanks for you response.

  43. Frederic says:

    Many comments and questions… cannot answer all but will try to shed some light:

    If it were my situation, I would be certain the cacao is responsible for the insomnia. Chocolate disturbs sleep, and one is more sensitive when raw. Libido takes 4-6 weeks to adjust when changing to low-fat diet.
    Sprouted grains… are fine in very small quantity. But still too much raw starch. It’s just not part of our natural diet. But if you enjoy them, go for it. In small quantity of course.
    About Wheatgrass:
    I might post an article I’ve written about it.
    We’re not cows. We simply can’t digest it and it’s not as nutritious as touted. An ounce of spinach juice contains more nutrients than an ounce of wheatgrass.
    Don’t use foods as medicine. Foods are NOT medicine.
    Fruits and vegetables, even conventionally grown, contain MORE nutrients per calorie than any other food. This principle is called Nutrient Density. Yes, they contain more vitamins and minerals than grains. But you have to eat enough calories to compare. It’s not comparable by weight, only by calories.
    There has been no adaptation to modern diet. Adaptation and evolution takes tens of thousands of years. We’ve only eaten this way for hundreds of years, maybe thousands in some cases.
    Plus, humans live all over the world. If you move from Montreal to Miami, your body does not suddenly “adapt” to the fruits there. Our bodies are built for tropical fruits, no matter where we live in the world.
    Think about it this way: fruits and vegetables, imported, in the middle of the winter, passably fresh — will still be BETTER than any other food. Again, the principle of nutrient density, and what our bodies are designed for.
    @Soc. Not sure what you’re doing wrong. I still have no idea about your lifestyle. You might need more than 3000 calories. How are you sure you’re really eating 3000 calories? I can personally eat 3500 calories when I’m training more, and it’s what I need.
    In my opinion, you improve food sensitivity by sticking with the program and improving your overall health. It takes time, but each month it will get better. Be patient, and stick with the program. Fasting is of great help, but only when properly supervised.

  44. isabelle says:

    Thank you Frederic for your support and prompt answers. Many blessings to you for all that you give.

  45. Chris says:

    No problem “keeping calories up!” During my first few years of raw I actually was haunted by this silly fear! Coming from a hard-core bodybulding mentality (most young men have this… lol) and never wanting to lose any hard- earned weight, I was constantly haunted with the possibility of missing a meal or losing “weight”. I soon discovered, however- well maybe not so soon- it took almost ten years to get off the emotional ego trip of literally being a big stuffed body mass of garbage- that calories are NOT calories are NOT calories. Put it this way: 300 calories of oranges provides so much more physical “energy” (energy does not come from food anyway, but that is another lecture!) than 900 calories of cooked cereal, as a comparison. That is right. There is so much residue of unused and unassimilated “crap” in the oatmeal, for example, or even cooked quinea or brown rice cereal, that your cells only actually get a much smaller percentage of actual nutrition that you can use. To keep things simple, cooked food is like monopoly money with a tiny bit of real money thrown in. You need to eat about six times more to get an equal amount of nutrition- if that. So when a person complains about not getting enough calories, what they should do is consider that those EXTRA calories are simple garbage bulking up their cells as their body tried to store it (It cannot eliminate it fast enough). To make a long story short, when I finally came to terms with the silly calorie issue (and the protein myth also), I started to really become full of energy and not just “full of garbage” as I was when I was force feeding. Most people are force feeding and they do not even know it! Their body craves nutrition but they eat cooked, so the body gets almost nothing but continues to become stuffed with empty calories. When they decide to eat raw, they feel “less full” but I will bet you that they can perform better- MUCH BETTER- in any athletic event. It is that simple, folks. I wrote a blog right here on the same subject last week. PS- Just like Frederic said- use bananas! I remember actually coming to tears the first day I had a lunch of just five bananas. I was sitting in the car waiting to get to the bank drive- up window and had just gone shopping for food, so I took bananas that were ripe and started eating them. After the fifth one the food enzymes triggered my brain that I had had enough (they did not taste sweet anymore) and tears came – OF JOY! I felt so enlightened and blessed to have “stumbled across the truth” in this manner. It was so remarkably simple. Now, almost ten years later I use green smoothies (who does not like them? I have never met a single man woman or child who did not gobble them up-but then again I make a mean green smoothie!) every single day as my main “calorie” meal. Of course I do not care about calories but for those of you newbies who are afraid of losing weight- just be patient. And change your perception. You are not living in the real world. Sorry to be so harsh but it is the truth. We are all so afraid of becoming deflated when in actuality we are- for the most part- too BULKED UP ( our cells are so full unassimilated garbage) to begin with. America is the biggest country in terms of body mass. No wonder everyone is so sick and tired all the time! Do not wory. Follow Ferderic’s advice- do a little experimenting on your own- realize and embrace the healing crisis that will ensue- get on a QUANTIFIABLE fitness program – and just BE PATIENT. You will soon begin to live like a god. That is what raw vegan done right will do for you.

  46. isabel says:

    So why not answer the question directly?

  47. Candyce says:

    Fred … Don’t be dissing the wheatgrass juice/sprouting crowd ~ Read “Why Suffer” by Ann Wigmore …. and visit Hippocrates Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida. They both have a few theories of their own that should not be overlooked. To your health … Candyce

  48. Natalija says:

    Chris: there is a question of calories, anyway, because we really need them. In my case do not talk about any extra, I just have no idea how to get enough, if I can not eat bananas and oranges. And really hate green smoothies, actually all smoothies, even made from just fruit. Try to eat loads of green salads and chew as long as possible.
    Ex: today I worked 9 hours in very stresfull environment. After eating 3 apples I get hungry in an hour. Then I have 2 apples and big bowl of salad made with tomatoes, lettuce, celery. Hungry after 1 hour, but have no time to eat. After another hour feel week and almost collapsed. Was saved by sweet grapes. No balance, hope will find it.. Looks like I am waisting food, because can’t gain any kilo..

    Fred, thanks very much for the answer. Everything sounds (but not feels) right. I just feel sad, that there is only one option-to eat imported food. And can not find the answer why there are some places in the world, where people live long and stay healthy, but do not eat bananas.. May be they share some special philosophy and/or religion? Usually, they live in small communities, grow their own food.

  49. Heidi says:

    My husband and I have been eating almost all raw for about 6 weeks now. We basically switched from “cooked vegan” to raw vegan, with green smoothies helping us make the transition to eating more and more raw. For the past while, we have been having a baked potato with our supper, as the last course, and we find that that has been helping us continue our mostly raw diet. We have now discovered a way to make a delicious raw tomato soup, and we gently warm it so that it is still raw. We add a few pieces of avocado – incredibly tasty!

    Keep up the good work!
    Ottawa, Ontario
    PS…by the way, Charles (my husband) and I are both originally from the Eastern Townships in Quebec.

  50. Frederic says:

    I think you’re caught in a mixture of different philosophies here, namely ecology and health.
    In many places of the world people live a rather long and healthy life and do NOT eat a fruit-based diet. But there’s more to health and longevity than just diet. There’s genetics (a big important part), fasting, stress, etc.
    Even if YOU adopt their diet, you won’t get the same results.
    But the best results YOU can get come from eating mostly fruits and vegetables and doing the best you can to pay attention to the factors of health. So not just focusing on diet alone but on all aspects of health, including fitness and relationships.
    Of course, you don’t have to eat imported foods. You could do fine on local fruits and vegetables, but in the North your variety would be so limited that this diet would be very difficult to follow.

  51. Jennifer says:

    Hi Frederic,

    Love all the good information I’ve received from you newsletters and e-courses, etc. One thing I am wondering is for your vegetable soup recipes do you have a suggestion for a substitute for tomatoes for those of us that don’t like tomatoes and/or tomatoes don’t like us?

    Much thanks! 🙂

  52. Chris says:

    Natalija: I gather that you are very new to raw. Please do not worry- everything will change as your body gets on the right track! I, too, experienced the same pangs of hunger when I first started this wonderful journey of ancient correction to the diet! But to not like smoothies- well– you have not tasted a good one yet that’s all. In any case, I too work nine to twelve hours per day on my feet with hardly anything but water, a single fruit and of course my quart of smoothie. Three days a week I have intense appointments and lectures as well as demos that are stressful since I have to “be on” for challenging groups of people. I never get cold in the winter (n fact where WAS the last winter- I do not even remember it!), and I can work in the garden or field all day with just water digging eighty two-foot by 12 inch holes no problem. When I was 19 and in the best shape of my life (so I thought), I could not climb the bleacher steps at speed for more than four flights until I got out of breath. Now I can do almost ten times that with only a few weeks of break-in training and I actually enjoy it. I am also able to do more chin ups, pushups and heavy squats with a barbell than most 25 year old marines, and I have been 100% raw since 2001 (95% since 1999). I never suffer from headaches or stomach aches or any of the maladies that so many others are hindered by, and my close friends and clients also have similar benefits. My mom who is 72 is on zero meds and people mistake her for my sister. The only reason I am telling you this is to give you confidence that you are on the best track, and that your hunger pangs and resistance to the green smoothies (which is not ABSOLUTELY TO THE DEATH NECESSARY but a super convenient way to get calories and nutrition for ANYone not just raw enlightened people) is just natural and will pass. The real point is that you must sometimes “make’ yourself do things that you “do not like” in life in order to get further along. If everyone did what they wanted (esp when we are all so OFF course) then the result would be chaos. The main problem with is that what feels good is bad for us and what feels bad is actually good for us. At least at the start- where you are. Eventually your body mind and soul will get back on track to “Paradise Health” (an old term) and believe it or not, you will CRAVE many of the things that you may not have cared for before! Be patient and use your mentality (as the Frank Sinatra song says!) “Step up to reality” … your rewards for “putting up” with a little discomfort will pay off BIG time! Just remember to be creative with the basics, but do not avoid them!

  53. Wangamaud says:

    Thanks for the info on wheatgrass. I never thought of it that way. I had heard of the benefits of chlorophyl and it being a great source that I could start myself and enjoy cultivating the sprouts. You have given me a different way of looking at it, and I will research a little more. Looking forward to receiving the publication you promised on the matter. Thanks for your generosity of spirit. You are helping a lot of healthseekers.

  54. Natalija says:

    Thanks very much Chris and Fred for encouragement and your time! You are doing wonderful job, would like to get so much practice and confidence as you and bring this way to people in my country.

    I am really new, jumping on and off about a year, but have wonderful results already – I do not need hysterectomy anymore. After saying no for operation went for all raw for several months and got all clear. Miracle.. Was thinking about smoothies and blended food. Fast speed breaks up cells very bad and mixing food, then blending it does not seem right at all. Speed can change chemical harmony as well, not juts heat. ( I am biochemist) What do you think? The far the more I notice that best thing is eating fruits and veggies as they are and not mix them up at all. I can eat all “head” of cauliflower and have no problems with my stomach at all. And feel perfect after 500g of grapes. But if I mix grapes or cauliflower with other food – result is not nice.. What gorillas do in nature? Do they mix food?

  55. teddy says:

    Chris could you plz provide a link to this. Thank you Frederic. “I wrote a blog right here on the same subject last week.” thanks

  56. Daniel says:

    Hi Frederic,
    As usual your writing is laced not only with facts but with applied commonsense! I started eating almost raw in 1991 when I read Dr Norman Walker’s book,”Fruit and Vegetables Juices, What is missing in your Body?” Back in those days it was only always a viriety of salads in addition to the fruit and vegetable juices. On many occasions, I reverted backed to the cooked food regime. But with the addition of ample FRUITS and GREEN SMOOTHIES, staying raw is made easy. What I will suggest is that each individual should listen to what their bodies are telling them and adjust their raw eating accordingly! I for one do not count calories so far as eating more bananas and other fruits in addition to the regular salads and or pureed vegs/fruits give me the needed energy and endurance. Among all the raw food exponents, I rate Fred highly and the “Raw Family” as well. As somone said, one should be patient and have a positive mindset when making the transition. Do not others ridicule and or discourage you. If you really want super health then the raw food is the best option! Thanks you, Fred.

  57. Kathy says:

    Can’t put on/keep on weight? Have you tried eating dates or figs. Yum! How about this smoothie: 2 cups water, 3 frozen or raw bananas, and 18 dates. Enjoy!

  58. Anne seng says:


    I have got osteoarthritis and cervival spondylosis. will going raw(mainly fruit diet) help me?

  59. freda says:


    I ate 100% raw for 5 months last year and it had a great impact on my mood and energy levels. I was eating alot fruit ( some of which was tropical but mostely apples, pears…things that are native here) and I lost a lot of weight which was great but I abandoned the diet because of the affect it was having on my skin. Loosing that weight made my face look lined and haggerd and I looked just a little deprived and prematurely aged! Ive read about how raw food can make you look younger with bright clear and relatively line-free skin, but that wasnt my experience and Im wondering what I did wrong. Looking back I probably ate too many nuts and seeds but I thought oils and fats were good for your skin. Any ideas or direction?? thanks

  60. LovesRaw says:

    I have to agree with Frederic on the wheatgrass thing. I have tried at various times, and my body does not do well with it.

    I understand what Natalija is saying. I do not believe one should separate ecology from health. Eating raw makes perfect absolute sense when one is living in a warm climate or during the warm season, because nature’s bountiful fruits and vegetables are all around us and easily accessible, it’s the most natural thing to do. But I am not sold on the ultimate health benefits of eating imported tropical fruits and leaves in the dead of winter in a cold snowy climate. That would not have been possible for our ancestors, thus ultimately, imo, it is unnatural for us to do. Here, I am using the term unnatural to mean not in harmony with one’s ecology and environment.

    I think we need to explore how humans who migrated to cold climates or who found themselves stuck in cold climates due to earth glaciation survived and thrived and if they did so on raw foods, or if they had to conquer fire and warm their food to survive and thrive. If anyone has this kind of information or can refer me to appropriate research, it will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you Frederic for allowing me to put my controversial opinion on your site. I feel that raw food is the ultimate diet, but some important questions must be ironed out because as you have said repeatdly, our goal is health.

  61. Natalija says:

    LovesRaw, nice to find someone who thinks similar. Thanks for Fred for this space 🙂
    I still think on this question, because ecology is not separate from health in my head. All should be in harmony. For now I just decided to stay 100% raw in summer season, which is easy and not to go too far from this path during winter. There are some vegs available after season and I can grow some sprouts as well. I hope, there is a decision to solve this problem.

  62. Chris says:

    Of course you must strive to be all raw just as we all must strive to be all “good’ and nice, and fair and understanding! Raw is not an alternative – it is the best way to eat. Start out like Frederic says- little by little and you will get there. Remember that you are blessed to have these beneficial goals and a better life to look forward while most people are just plodding along wishing to make things happen. YOU ARE MAKING IT HAPPEN.

  63. Holly says:

    Hi isabelle,

    It’s the chocolate! There’s chemicals in chocolate that act like caffeine, in addition to caffeine. Chocolate also contributes to mood swings and hormone imbalance. Believe me, I went through it. Cut out the chocolate – it will be hard at first but you won’t miss it after a week or two. Your sleep will improve.

  64. isabelle says:

    Hi Holly,
    Thanks for your answer and for caring. I did stop the chocolate and as you say, have slept through the night with no problem at all. Occasionally I will have one square of chocolate, but as you say, I am not really missing it and actually do not find the taste that good anymore.

  65. Julie says:

    When is the best time to exercise, before or after meals?

    COMMENT: Definitely, BEFORE meals 🙂

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