March 12

Easy 1-Day Detox

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Frederic's Update


Welcome to another information-packed issue of Outrageous Health & Success.

I’m here in Costa Rica, enjoying my last month or so before spending the spring and summer in Canada — and still loving it.

Did you know that March and April happen to be the warmest months in Costa Rica? That’s because the dry season is about to end, and temperatures rise slightly. Then as temperatures rise, it triggers the start of the rainy season in late April or early May, and then the rain makes everything green and the weather a bit cooler.

But for those of you who are afraid to visit this country during the rainy season: you’re missing out! It might be the most beautiful time of the year. Everything is green, and mornings are usually gloriously sunny. But most afternoons, it will rain.

1 Month ago I released “How to Move to a Tropical Paradise”, and the program is going super-great so far! We’re going to hold a first “Day Tour of Costa Rica” with yours truly in December of this year.

But for those of you who would like to make Paradise wherever you are right now… stay tuned for a brand new recipe book I’m releasing next week.

I’ve been working on it on and off over the last 2 years… and it’s finally ready!

HINT: If there are still many exotic fruits you don’t know what to do with, and are BORED with your current raw food diet, then this will be for you!

Look for it sometime early next week.

Yours for health and success,


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Feature Article

Easy 1-Day Detox

Like I said many times, everybody needs a cleanse, once in a while. Unless you live in a pristine environment in the middle of the jungle with only access to organic, tree-ripened fruits, then once in a while, you need to cleanse!

But these “cleanses” or “detox” need not to be very long. Even just a one-day detox is often enough to get you back on track with the raw food diet and help you purge some accumulated toxin.

Here’s an easy, one-day detox anyone can safely follow, once a week or so:


Either skip breakfast, or make a light smoothie consisting of some fruit and greens.

For example:

  • 3-4 bananas
  • 1-2 cups of sweet fruit (mango, papaya, pear, apple, etc.)
  • 2 cups of baby spinach
  • water

Blend together


Same as breakfast, or have a fruit meal of one or two types of fruit. (Eaten whole or as a smoothie.) For example: papaya and banana, blended together or eaten together.


Make another green smoothie. Here’s one of my favorites:

  • 3-4 bananas
  • 1 ½ cups of frozen blueberries
  • 2 cups of spinach or romaine lettuce or other greens (non-bitter)

Blend with water!


If you’re really hungry, start dinner with some fruit, or a fruit smoothie or soup.
Then follow with a simple vegetable soup.

Here’s one that I really like:

  • 2 medium tomatoes
  • 2 small cucumbers, peeled
  • 1 mango or 1 cup of another fruit
  • fresh basil, or dill
  • 2-3 green onions, fresh

The idea here with this soup is to blend it at the lowest speed in your vita-mix or blender. It should still be chunky. Dice the tomatoes and cucumbers. Blend together and add the other ingredients. Blend slowly!

If you’re still hungry after this soup, you could make a non-fat salad, or eat more fruit. As long as you avoid oils, nuts and other fatty foods, as well as salt, you’ll still be following the guidelines for the cleanse!

Try this one-day detox, and you’ll see how great you feel. Now imagine what 7 days could do for you…

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Feature Article
“What Body Fat is Too Low”?

Hi Frederic! I watched your interview on the “Rawkaton” and it was very impressive! Your diet recommendations have helped me so much (in a fairly short time) compared to all the other raw food diets. I completed the ten day cleanse program and feel much better.

Before the cleanse, I weighed 159 pounds with 9.8 percent body fat on a 5′ 10″ frame. Now I weigh 153 pounds with 6.7 percent body fat and a body mass index of 22.1 Do you think 6.7 percent body fat is too low (especially in the winter)?

Also, if I stay on the cleanse diet long term with 2 ounces of nuts per day, will I gain the 6 pounds back that I lost? Maybe I should just accept the fact that I am slim since I feel good and healthy at this weight.

I used to eat too many fatty foods to gain weight, but then felt more tired. I think I looked better when I weighed more but I feel much better now. I have additional questions below. Do fruits and vegetables lose much vitamin or mineral content when they are frozen? Why do you eat so many bananas per day? What is their benefit? How long do I wait to eat nuts or fat foods after eating fruit? Also, if you know of any raw food festivals or conferences in Atlanta, GA anytime soon, please let me know.

Thanks. Dale

Response From Frederic: Right now you are at a very enviable spot at 5’10’, 153 pounds and 6.7% body fat. I know a lot of guys (including me) who would love to be at that level! So I would not change anything there. Remember that you’re still at a very healthy level for a man.

Between 3 and 9% body fat is considered very healthy for athletic men.

But women need a higher body fat of at least 11% to maintain proper hormonal function. Between 11 and 20% is the ideal range for an athletic woman.

Your body fat and weight ratio indicates that you must be very muscular. You should not have any problems in the winter at all. Just keep up your fitness program.

I have no idea why you would want to gain weight at this point, except to gain even more muscle through your exercise program. Many actors actually train to be exactly where you want so they can look at their best in a movie!

To answer your other questions: Some vitamins are lost when you freeze foods but not a great amount. Minerals stay intact. I’m not against frozen foods as long as they are not eaten super cold. What I’ll generally do during the winter is add a handful of frozen berries to every smoothie. Since the rest of the smoothie is warm or room temperature, it doesn’t really taste “cold”. You don’t want to put very cold foods in your system because:

Firstly, they will make you feel very cold, which is probably not what you want during the winter!

Secondly, too much cold foods can affect your intestinal flora and impair your ability to produce and absorb vitamin B12.

As for the banana thing, I don’t think I eat “so many bananas”. I eat the right amount based on what I need. There are also many days when I don’t eat any bananas at all. But bananas are easy to eat, non-acidic, rich in calories and fairly inexpensive so they are the perfect staple on the raw food diet.

Blood Types and the Raw Food Diet

Please comment if there are some blood types that can´t go with living foods. What is your blood type?

Response From Frederic: I have answered this question before, in fact I have answered it extensively quite a few times. So here’s the short answer:

There is absolutely no reason to believe that any restrictions must be placed on the foods you eat based on your blood type. This entire theory is wrong.

Many animal species have different blood types yet eat essentially the same foods.

The “blood type” diet is often a good excuse for people to explain their failures on the raw food diet, when it is easily explainable for other reasons.

Knowing my blood type won’t add any weight to this discussion. I know successful raw-foodists of all blood types: A, B, AB and even the meat-eating “O”.

If you want more information on the topic, I included an in-depth article on the Blood Type Diet and Raw Foods in my “Raw Health Starter Kit” available at

Eating Fruit Peels or Not?

Hi! Although our family has been Vita-Mixing for a number of years, we have NOT been doing the ‘green’ thing although sprouting has been a minor addition to our food intake and because of your mega efforts on the Raw food movement, we have been enjoying greens more and cooking less!! Yeah! And I am a mega self-taught gourmet cook!

A question became apparent recently as to why you suggest eliminating the skins from cucumbers? “Store bought, maybe?” It is my understanding that the majority of vitamins and minerals are just under the skin and since I grow my own in an organic style garden, what is your perspective regarding the skins? Are they toxic?

Response From Frederic: A lot of people will tell you that you need to consume all skins of all fruits because that’s where the “nutrients” are.

Those people have not understood the basics of nutrition and the fact that deficiencies are not caused by a “lack” but more often by an “excess” of something.

I’ve heard people say that the skins of apples are more nutritious than the apple itself. Of course, they were selling a specific supplement made from apple skins.

If the solution were to eat the most nutritious foods to be healthy, then why not eat banana peels? They contain plenty of nutrients.

Fruit peels are not “toxic” but are generally not digested. Even tomato and grape skins just pass through the stools undigested.

So, my point is that there’s no reason that should stop you from peeling certain vegetables or fruits. I personally peel cucumbers with thick skins, but I eat the skins from very soft cucumbers.

I eat some fruits with peels, but not for the nutrients. I eat them because it’s more convenient or tasty to do so.

If I blend something I will generally add the whole fruit if the peel is edible, but I generally avoid very tough skins like most cucumber skins.

I also peel apples when the skin is too tough. Even though that skin is rich in nutrients, those nutrients are generally not accessible.

Primates in the wild will peel skins of all fruits, and only consume the fruit flesh, unless they are very hungry and therefore non-discriminating.

Bottom line: don’t try to seek the most concentrated source of nutrients, instead, seek the most absorbable source of nutrients, in a food that’s easy to digest.

Kombuncha Tee

Could you please address the use of Kombucha Tea while on the raw foods diet. Good or bad!

Response From Frederic: I’m really surprised that so many people make the mistake of eating a particular food or taking a particular product because of the alleged health benefits. Why not pursue a healthy lifestyle as a whole?

Kombucha Tea does contain some caffeine, although certainly not as much as regular tea or coffee, depending on what kind of leaves it’s made from. But it is a good enough reason to avoid it.

This tea is also fermented, and will generally contain a certain percentage of ethyl alcohol, formed through the fermentation process. That also is another reason to avoid it.

There are also possible adverse reactions when a culture can become contaminated through the fermentation process.

On the other hand, I don’t really see any serious health benefits from drinking Kombucha tea, as most claims made about it’s health benefits are either dubious or simply not proven.

So I really see no reason to drink it.

The “Pounch”

Dear Frederic,
Is the pouch in a woman’s stomach caused by gas, bloating and blockages in the small intestine and colon or can it also be caused by fat and cellulite?

Response From Frederic: Every person is different. Generally, the “pouch” you refer to would be a combination of all the things you mentioned.

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32 Responses to “Easy 1-Day Detox”

  1. Sandy says:

    About bloodtypes:
    There are many ways to eat rawfood, too. Sprounts and greens would be more protein for the 0-type, to suit the 0-type. I don’t think a 0-type would thrive on fruit.

  2. Frederic says:

    There are many ways to eat raw, and some work really well while others are completely un-scientific and don’t work. As explained many times, the blood type diet theory is completely wrong. There is no reason why you should base your diet on your blood type.

    We know plenty of types o who thrive on fruit.

    By the way, I never said to eat just fruit. Vegetables are also an important part.

  3. wendy green says:

    is that the san isidro market?

  4. “I don’t think a 0-type would thrive on fruit.”

    Type O and thriving!

  5. Marjeta says:

    Hi there!

    Thanks for the info on body fat percentage, I was wondering about that! I have to get my bf% checked… is there any way I can do it myself, at home or do I have to go to the doctor to have it measured…?

    I also found your info on peels helpful and quite enlightening, actually! Just because we worry too much sometimes… (where do I get everything I need and how to do things perfectly, ouff)

    Take care!


    ps: Dale, I’m sure you’ll get comfortable in your skin just the way you are right now… it’s not all about keeping up appearances… 😉 have fun!

  6. Frederic says:

    For body fat percentage, the best place to go is a GYM. They will be able to test it for you.

  7. Erin says:

    Hi Frederic,

    I live in NYC where all of the raw foodists seem to also believe in gravitational colonics. What are your thoughts about colonics? Are they natural? Harmful? If not, how often does one perform such a ritual?

    Hope you are well.


  8. Frederic says:

    The answer about colonics: NO!!!
    Do not ever do them. Same about herbal cleanses, “liver flushes”, etc.
    They are not natural, and are all very harmful and completely useless.
    I’ve written more about this in other books, course, etc.
    By the way, I was part of the NYC raw scene back in 1999. A lot of the “gurus” there had no idea what they were talking about, and it seems it hasn’t changed.
    The Liver Flush was very popular, and the gurus were claiming you would get rid of liver “stones”.
    And the followers would indeed see in disbelief these large stones coming out of their bodies.
    Of course, the “stones” were nothing more than the saponified oil from the cup of olive oil they drank the night before. You could keep these stones at room temperature and they would melt, revealing the scam. That’s why the gurus insisted you keep them in the freezer.
    When challenged, the gurus would verbally attack you and then change the subject.
    Needless to say, the consequences of drinking a cup of oil with lemon can be nothing but negative.
    With colonics, you’re subjecting your body to extreme stress and at the same time risk serious complications in your digestive function. All of that to “clean” only a small part of the digestive track. I’ve known people who cannot have a normal bowel movement anymore as a result of colonics.
    As for herbal cleanses, I won’t even go there…

  9. Erin says:

    Good to know. Thanks. I’ve always been a bit skeptical as it seems like an unnatural process. I’m just surprised that a few raw food or “Life Force Energy” authors that I respect recommend colonics. It’s even part of the Gerson Therapy. Ugh, all of this is so confusing.

  10. anna spicer says:

    I do love your website. I felt I needed to hear your opinion about
    peels and skins, which in reality can be tough. I also felt they
    had to be eaten due to nutrients, but in realty some are really
    too hard. Your idea was a more relaxed approach which was good.

  11. diane West says:

    Thanks soooo much for the info on bf% , I have a bmi scale at home is is bmi the same as bf% cause it says im about 9% bmi to 90 lbs weight . Im 54 year old female and 5feet 2.5inches tall. What do ya think? Also I did those liver flushes for two years under the instruction Od Dr. David jubb. I thought I was doing well all that time . but now that I didcovered Dr. Doug and you and the 41 year old teenager. The last 2 months, I got rid of my candida, skin rashes and am much more regular than all the time I did those cleanses. I havent done one since ,and no more enemas (thank God) But do you think I did damage from doing the flushes for sooooo Long???? Much appreciate an answer… Thanks so much, and Peace be with you.

  12. Charles Long says:

    I read a book on Kombucha once. According to it, there was plenty of evidence and proof that it does work.

  13. Mary Kay says:

    Thanks so much for all your wisdom you bestow upon us.

    Now RE: liver/gall bladder cleanses: I have read of many people who tested the stones and they were composed of bile salts etc…..were in fact, stones.

    I did two days worth of cleanses in a row, because no stones came out the first day. Waited a couple weeks and did one again —my poop was dark green and stinky, but no stones. Unlike most people, I actually enjoyed the grapefruit juice/olive oil mixture….Hmmmmm….and no stones….

    Any comments?

    Thanks again,

    Mary Kay

  14. john etheredge says:

    I have a question about salt. Most primates don’t need added salt becase it’s in the fruits and greens they eat. But do the gather at salt licks like most other aminals?

  15. Rashnu says:

    What is your opinion about about Kambo?
    It is said to cleanse deeply and give a powerful boost to your immune system, but to me it seems a very rude approach to poison your body so heavily to force this strong reaction.

  16. charlie says:

    hi, am confused with the issue over high fruit content of diet and mineral leaching esp of calcium. I have osteoporosis and wonder if this is wise for me, despite my cravings for fruit and the energy it gives (feeling depressive if stick to just veggie juices and a small amount fruit), am juicing lots of greens and eating at least one green leafie salad a day but also loads of fruits, particularly oranges and melons, papaya and figs. Minimal fat, what is your opinion on higher fat to assist transportation of calcium in cells? Am open to any advice to dietary raw changes for this condition. Am 37, female and otherwise fit, no fractures but with so-called hollow bones.

  17. charlie says:

    hi, am confused with the issue over high fruit content of diet and mineral leaching esp of calcium. I have osteoporosis and wonder if this is wise for me, despite my cravings for fruit and the energy it gives (feeling depressive if stick to just veggie juices and a small amount fruit), am juicing lots of greens and eating at least one green leafie salad a day but also loads of fruits, particularly oranges and melons, papaya and figs. Minimal fat, what is your opinion on higher fat to assist transportation of calcium in cells? Am open to any advice to dietary raw changes for this condition. Am 37, female and otherwise fit, no fractures but with so-called hollow bones.

  18. Melanie says:

    I learned that the body will maintain it’s slightly alkaline pH via two routes… bicarbonate (no, you don’t have to eat it… the body makes its own) and via the bones. If your interstitial fluids are too acidic, bone resorption is going to take place.

    This way of life seems to me to be homeostasis promoting. I would think eating plenty of vegetables AND fruits (not all acidic foods are acid forming in the body, like tomatoes), along with weight bearing exercise (not overdoing it) would promote bone health.

  19. trinity says:

    the body fat question from Dale at the top, you totally avoided all the questions regarding nuts which I was interested in. ugh.

  20. Cindy says:

    I am an O type. Because of kidney problems, I became vegetarian years ago. Infact, when I was having Chemically Induced Renal Failure, I was on 20 grams of protein a day for more than 6 months and stayed off dialysis, that was when I started drinking smoothies for breakfast (a good thing coming from bad). I was hypothyroid and meds for this only made it worse. It wasn’t until I went RAW on Sept 1,2008 that I first started feeling good. Test show my thyroid is now normal and my kidneys are doing well. I no longer take naps in the afternoon. So do I need lots of protein to function? From my experience I would say no.

  21. Carmen Respondek says:

    I am a 62-year ‘young’ womand and have been on the raw food diet for about 4 years now and am almost 100% now. Though my health, and my looks, has greatly improved, I suffer from a lot of pain in my neck and upper back. This is not constant, but recurring. I do see a chiropractor once a month but the pain keeps coming back. I did suffer from much worse pain before this diet change, especially my lower back, but I wonder why I still continue to get these pains?

  22. Dale says:

    Hi Frederic! Great website! How long should I wait to eat nuts or fat foods after eating fruit? Similarly, how long should I wait to eat fruit after eating nuts or fat foods? Thanks for all your support.

  23. Frederic says:

    To Carmen: there can be many reasons, most of which are not diet-related. The chiropractor may help but it may be worth it to investigate other therapies, such as seeing a postural specialist.

  24. Frederic says:

    To Dale: If you eat an acid fruit like oranges, you don’t have to wait at all. Personally I don’t think it’s necessary to worry about this. If you eat fats in small quantities you can eat it immediately after the fruit. You can even mix it with the fruit. For example: oranges and avocado.

  25. Peter says:

    Thanks Frederic for the comments about the fruit skins and the comment about prob’s coming more from overeating something vs. undereating the “good stuff”. V Boutenko commented on the nutritional content of skins of cukes. If you’re consuming “large” quantities of dark greens anyway, who cares if you skip the dark green part of the cuke?! I calculated the vitamins and minerals I was consuming from my large quantities of greens and fruit. Wow, I’m loading up on these goodies!

    I’ve stopped obsessing what I have to get in my body – as long as I rotate foods a decent amount. I focus rather on just following the basic raw food principles – a good quantity of great tasting raw food in the right combo automatically diminishes the quantity of the “bad” stuff.

  26. Christa says:

    Back to the colonics, many different health gurus have recommended colonics, such as Mike Adams, Matt Monarch, David Wolfe, Kevin Gianni-not intentionally trying to name names, but why do these people for example believe so strongly in this method of detoxification. Apparently, people who have colon hydrotherepy performed, immediately notice their skin clear and glowing. Others even notice weight lost and a surge of energy. Why do you think that this is? Is it possible that it could be helpful at detoxification, or do think that it’s mainly smoke and mirrors and perhaps the colonics temperarly has minipulated their bodies reaction due to maybe shock or something? I don’t know. Also, what is your take on zeolites, do you think that this is helpful for detoxing? And finally, I have seen a couple of colon cleansers that use only oxygen in the supplement to clean the colon. What are your thoughts on this? I am so confused about all of this cleansing stuff. Some holistic doctor’s and nutrtionists have spent years researching and studying cleansing and the most effective ways to do so, yet there is still no conclusive, difinitive answer on the best most gentle way to do so. Please let me know some of your further opinions. I want to try and understand this as best as possible.

  27. […] Today I came across a very easy  raw 1-day detox program. […]

  28. Frederic says:

    @Peter: You’re doing the right thing!
    @Christa: People notice a lot of superficial “benefits” from doing a lot of really harmful things, including taking drugs (legal and illegal). For example, have you ever noticed the surge of energy you get after drinking coffee.
    YES, it is all smoke and mirrors. In fact, my friend Loren Lockman has written a complete article debunking tho Colon Hydrotherapy myths, and why people seem to feel “better” when they do it. It’s part of my Raw Health Starter Kit (, but hopefully I’ll reprint a part on the blog for everybody.

    People: YOU are the ones making it confusing. It’s very simple: don’t do anything that can harm your body! Let your body heal itself naturally.

  29. Dale says:

    Frederic, although you state above that we can mix acid fruits with nuts and fat foods (e.g., avocados and oranges), this example appears to be the exception since the main food combining rule in “Raw Secrets” states that we cannot combine fat foods (e.g., nuts and oils) with fruit or sugar. This is the main combination/abomination. So I still think it is best to avoid furit and nut/oil combinations.

  30. Sarah Anhang says:

    I follow a very low fat, mostly raw, hiegenically-combined diet and my goal is to stay all-raw. I’m finding dates and bananas very hard to digest but need to replace them with a dense, filling fruit. Been experimenting with breadfruit, which I’ve had trouble getting to ripen properly. Any suggestions?

  31. Frederic says:


    There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy bananas. Maybe you’re not ripening them properly?
    Breadfruit is too starchy to make an important part of the raw diet. that’s why most of the time it’s cooked.

  32. Rae Foreman says:

    Frederic, I read that you advise against the Master Cleanse and say it’s better just to fast on water for about four days and stay in bed. Isn’t the point of the Master Cleanse that you can still be active and energetic rather than just feeling hungry and miserable during a detox? Also, I take it you think the “salt water bath’ is useless, but is there any scientific basis to the contention that it helps to flush out old hardened feces?

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