February 25

Raw Foods Can Save Your Life

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I just finished a great call/interview called “Raw Foods Can Save Your Life” as part of the Self Care Mastery Event.During this call, I talk about:

– How to avoid cravings on the raw food diet

– The reason why the raw food diet WORKS!

– Benefits to expect if you do it right

– How to plan your menu

– And more!

Listen to it here:

Or click here to download to your computer

40 Responses to “Raw Foods Can Save Your Life”

  1. Erika Matt says:

    Transmission does not work. Frederic is inaudible.

  2. Paul says:

    There seems to be a technical problem with the recording. The interviewer can be heard by Frederick cannot. Perhaps your technical person could check …. Thanks.

  3. john etheredge says:

    This was great! Thank-you for making this type of information possible for the little guy… I’ve been eating 80% raw for about a year, after being a vegaterian for more than 10 years. When i fisst saw your site i signed up at once. Next month i will buy my first book from you. This interview is great! Once again THANKS!!!

  4. Govinda McGeary says:

    How can you argue that a very healthy raw or quasi raw diet cannot promote longevity…i.e. Norman Walker? Yet you think it can “save your life” in the recording here?
    Wouldnt it make sense that we all have a certain “longevity time window” that we can either improve upon or make worse?

    Also Gabriel Cousens supports eating sprouted grains…doesnt that effect your notion that his diet is basically high in fat?

    As for the recording..only parts of it played for some unknown reason. Only her voice can be heard.

  5. Michael Fischer says:

    Frederick … Your guidance has been inspirational and motivational for me. The only thing I’ve consistently done right for most of my sixty years is eat more fruit than most. I’m still in excellent health as a result and now am starting off each morning with a different fruit based green smoothie and a handful of nuts thrown in for good measure. I’m more than 50% raw and can see marked improvement in my skin, hair and eyes. Not ready to totally commit yet and I am following some of the advice of others such as: Dr Tel Oren, Donna Gates, Mike Adams, Kevin Gianni, etc. Keep the faith, with your help I’ll get there.

  6. Frederic says:

    I’m not sure about the “sound problem”. I tested it twice and in fact my voice sounds better than Adela because of the mic. Other people, did you have problems with the recording as well?

  7. Frederic says:

    To Govinda:

    I’m not sure why you say that I claim that more raw food will “not” promote longevity? I do think it will improve your health potential, yes. “Save your life” is just the title… you have to read between the lines to see what it means for you.

  8. Joanna says:

    I enjoyed the interview, and the sound was just fine! Frederic sounded a lot better than the interviewer.

    In my opinion though, universal health care is better than what we have in the US. I used to live in France, and even though the French have universal health care, they eat pretty well (of course, I think all the wonderful fruit and vegetable markets help!). In the US, you have to pay a lot for health care, but people don’t eat well at all. I think it’s all a question of education. Meat and dairy are really pushed on people here, but I didn’t really see it in other countries I’ve visited.

  9. Frederic says:

    Thanks. However, France also has a very monopolistic, unilateral health system, that punishes anyone who stays from it. It’s very difficult to be “alternative” in France because of this. Just as advanced countries have divorced religion from the state, I think we should also do the same with medicine.

    Agreed about the cost in the US. A lot of it comes from the fact that there are so many lawsuits and malpractice insurance is expensive.

    People travel to Costa Rica just to save on health care. They call it “medical tourism”. You pay 20-35% of the cost for the same service.

  10. Wig&Sword says:

    FREDERIC!! The one point on which I militantly disagree as a universal principle is: Garlic & Raw Peppers! I know first-hand of two athletic raw foodists who have used it for years, one (my friend) nearly as a meal-in-itself (just plain lettuce, half-bulb garlic, kombucha tea) and always reaps abundant energy. I myself do not feel right unless I eat garlic more days than not, also chilis AT LEAST every third day. But Fat!! I would class Suger, Salty Foods, Fats as the prime categories. Unless I eat AT LEAST half an avocado daily with a big handful of nuts such as macadamias or hazelnuts, I feel somehow deplete–but that’s me. So your program will suit many indeed but not many others!! Thank You! I love this interview! πŸ˜‰ PS: It is possible the low-spice, low-fat program is better for Europeans (white folk), my two friends are african-american, I am half asian and David Wolfe himself has some Persian blood doesn’t he????????

  11. Rick says:

    The recording worked for me… little tough at times but I did get it all.

    Great site and wish more people would put out the good word about the raw food eating option. It’s changed my life. Great job!


  12. Thanks Fred for getting the word out! 80/10/10 is amazing!



  13. Richard says:

    Thank you Frederic! You are the best! You are very clear and focused and open hearted,

  14. Susan says:

    Great interview! So much of what you say makes good sense.

    I’ve been giving raw another go, at least for breakfast and lunch each day, sometimes dinner, and must say that green smoothies are a real powerhouse breakfast. I load them up with kale or spinach and love love love them. For a person not usually drawn to sweet foods, including fruits, these smoothies really do the trick for me. I find that I’m craving them now when I get hungry in the morning, instead of something more savory which has been my way for so many years prior. I’m energized and definitely feeling naturally “happy” as you describe in the interview.

    A question – Some people claim that a person eating only fruits & veggies with minimal nuts & seeds would develop Kwashiorkor, do you have a good rebuttal for this claim? Not that I would be particularly concerned about it, but to help quell the fears of others who may try to talk me out of it πŸ™‚

    Many thanks Frederic!

  15. Frederic says:

    About “Kwashiorkor” (protein deficiency): No, this is not possible, unless you ate a very small amount. In any case, never in 12 years have I heard of anything like that happening!

  16. Paul says:

    Is there an alternative link to the interview please ? I can still only hear the interviewer and not Frederick. It seems that some people can hear the interview so I have tested this on three different computers, but sadly with the same result – hence the request for an alternative link. Many thanks. Paul.

  17. Frederic says:

    Yes there is an alternative link. It’s posted right below the player. You can download as a MP3 file and it should work.

  18. Jeanne says:

    Frederick, thank you. At 73 years, I agree with all you said.

  19. Mario says:

    I don’t agree about universal health care promoting irresponsibility. The absence of universal health care victimises the poor and the ignorant. What I would rather see is universal health promotion and unbiased research into nutrition and diet. Just as anti-smoking campaigns have helped reduce smoking pro health campaigns could promote health. Once the culture shifts to a more educated and better habituated form universal health care would become almost a non-issue and could be reevaluated. While governments promote material that is counter health or don’t take more effective steps to pro-health I think universal health care is simply taking up some of the responsibility for generating the problem.

    I was disappointed you didn’t address candida as it is one of the issues that is often cited against a fruitbased diet (e.g. by Kevin Gianni).

  20. Dave Meeks says:


    the interview sounds great. am impressed not just with the words but the tone, vocal quality, the resonance in your voice. another thing that improves with adherence to raw food diet, in my experience.

    thanks for your giving attitude. I know its not easy to be giving and make a decent living at the same time, and you manage to do it well.


  21. Frederic says:

    Mario: Thanks for your comments on health care. I guess it would be easier if “health care” wasn’t called by the euphemism that is currently used, but rather what it actually is, which is “free drugs for all” or “disease care”. True “health care” means something entirely different, and certainly, I hope that is promoted.

    But when I read the US president saying the other day that one of his missions is to “find a cure for cancer”, he’s just repeating the empty promise other politicians have made in the past. Like my friend Dr. Ruza says “The cure is in the cause”…

    About candida: I couldn’t answer this in a short interview. I do have a free special report on the subject at:

    Thank you guys for all of the other great comments.

  22. Mary says:

    Unfortunately I couldn’t hear the audio either!?!
    I tried both links, but neither worked. I could hear the lady, but not Frederic!

  23. Kathleen Keene says:

    When I tried to listen with headphones, I got no sound, but when I tried my computer speakers, it was excellent sound. Hope this helps people! πŸ™‚

  24. angel says:

    Thanks for this interview. I eat mostly fruits throughout the day and that is what makes me feel best. I always start my day with a green smoothie and tend to snack on fruits like apples till dinner. I found the raw food diet 4 years ago and have slowly transitioned. I completely stopped eating meat over a year ago and the back pain I had for 10 years disappeared within a week. I’m amazed at how much better I feel now at 35, compared to when I was in my 20’s. All from raw foods. : )

  25. Geejay says:

    I love bean sprouts, what is your take on them. Thanks

  26. Zachary says:

    Fred, I like your accent :). Really though, your site, blog, all your material is good. Fantastic even :D. I’m a believer. The stuff you say makes sense and is presented in a no nonsense and convincing way. You really are good at expression. And you’ve got your head well on your shoulders. I’m not just going to blindly take what you say, I’m continually testing and challenging all the information I read. That’s how I fight the confusion and controversy :D. Testing! I’m currently on my way to becoming a raw foodist. (Wow I never thought I’d be doing this!) Wish me luck.
    Anyway, like you always hear, you’re an inspiration, you’re great, blah, blah, blah. πŸ™‚ Keep on doing what you’re doing.

  27. Paul says:

    I am very sorry to keep going on about this. I will not write again. The short point is that there is a defect on the recording that appears to affect some, but apparently not all, listeners. What can be heard is the interviewer, but not Frederick. The same problem persists on the downloadable version. I am fortified in this view by the fact that some other posters on here have had the same problem: and yes, it is correct that others have not. I tried to listen via Self Care Mastery Revolution but that business is currently only offering an upsell to their entire series of teleseminars. If there is an alternative way of listening specifically to Raw Foods Can Save Your Life recording other than the two links at the top of the page (or if those links can be made to work for everybody) any information on this would be very greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

  28. Susan says:

    I was fascinated by your comment that cows have many different blood types! And of course, they all instinctively eat the same thing. Are humans really so much more complicated (as blood type/metabolic type theories suggest)?

    Can you point me in the direction of more information on the cows, or other animal/blood type info?

    Thanks, as always…

  29. Frederic says:

    PAUL: I do not know why this has happened. I posted my OWN recording. I’ll try to get the recording from Adela and see what happens.

  30. Frederic says:

    SUSAN: Just search on Google “cows blood types”. Apparently they have over 800 different blood types.

  31. Fred, I listened to this on the original site and have got to say this is your best interview ever. You’ve really come a long way and I like how you’re so much more reasonable than many of the other rigid teachers on the subject. I don’t know whether or not I’ll ever go 100% raw but of course the more raw, the better I feel. For myself it would be difficult to get all the calories in that are needed.

    Your joke about Costa Rica is not joke! For us Canadians it’s hard to even like the food up here. After living in Europe for ten years and eating tastier, fresher foods, this really sucks! A lot of stuff, especially fruit, tastes like cardboard. I hope to be down south next winter too. I’ll never understand why people decided to settle in Canada. Vancouver Island is tolerable but Montreal and Ottawa are brutal in winter.

    Just got my Vitamix so I can start having some real smoothies instead of those chunky ones. Thanks again. Fabulous interview. Very inspiring. I do disagree about garlic though. I’ve left it out of my dressings a few times and they just don’t taste as good. Anything that can kill a yeast infection overnight has to be good! Homemade garlic oil kills thrush and candida in hours. Of course until the terrain is changed it’s not a cure but getting rid of it is definitely better than having it or using medications to kill it off.

  32. Frederic says:

    To SHARON:

    Thanks! About Canada, you’re right about the winter, however I cannot agree in terms of food quality, at least not in major cities like Montreal & Toronto.

    We really now get an awesome variety of fruits in Montreal. For example, we get at least 6 different kinds of mangoes, and some are really good and even better than the ones I can buy in Costa Rica. We now get cherimoyas at reasonable prices, which was not possible even just 5 years ago.

    But in the heart of the winter, you’re right that food quality is less than excellent, and the winter makes it difficult.

    About GARLIC:

    I’m not militant against it. But I’ve found with time it doesn’t sit well with me. I still continue to think if people want to take it as a “drug”, you should be careful about it.

    In any case, have you ever tried garlic flowers? They have a wonderful garlic taste but without the side effects.

  33. jamie says:

    According to Weston Price we need the fat soluble vitamins A, D E and K and something called Factor X which he says is present in dairy products of animals fed on young fresh grass. So, would a low fat vegan diet be lacking in these? They are said to be very important in helping the body lay down minerals and are therefore essential to dental health.People who lived on their native diets containing these vitamins and minerals had excellent dental health, teeth and gums, despite not even having much of an oral hygiene programme. What’s the explanation to this since this is my main stumbling block to adipting a raw vegan low fat diet?

  34. jamie says:

    Ooops, I mean adopting, not adipting!

  35. Perhaps I was being too harsh about our food. We do get some wonderful apples and the baby organic greens and spinach from California are always fresh. I basically only eat organic which is somewhat limiting as well and am probably the only person on earth who doesn’t like bananas (in the past with chocolate ice cream in a smoothie but doesn’t come into consideration anymore!).

    I saw some lovely looking mangoes from Australia last week at about $6 a piece but not organic. If it had been organic I probably would have bought one as treat. We normally only have one type of mango. A few times a year there’s some organic ones. There are no cherimoyas here. I had to go to Google images to see what it is! I don’t live in or near a big city so selection is poor. I’ve been to Montreal and the marketplace is an absolute dream. Toronto, my birthplace, too has amazing selection too and Ottawa has a great fruit market too. Germany was even better. I lived beside a fruit market, bought fruit by the case and one of my friends owned an Asian food store so I got really good Asian produce from her like rambutan, mangosteen, baby corn, etc.

    I bought that language course of yours a while back to help learn Spanish faster. A move is definitely in the works. Even the warmest place in Canada is not warm enough. Your reports about living in a tropical Paradise were great. I had a bunch of the International Living stuff already. Wish yours had come out sooner but it will certainly benefit many people. I’ve recommended it to a few others who are also thinking about moving.

    Thanks for replying to my post. My daughter still cracks up about one of your recording where you say, “What the hell’s a green smoothie?” I don’t think you meant it to be funny but that’s the way we both took it. Now we’re making them. That was about 3 or 4 years ago. Take care and have an awesome sunny day!

  36. Frederic says:

    To SHARON:

    Strange, it seems we had the same conversation inside of our heads all these years! At some point I was really thinking that “even the warmest place in Canada is not warm enough.”

    Plus, I wouldn’t want to move to Vancouver Island. Why in the world would I do that?

    I don’t live in Montreal but I make the 1-hour trip at least once a week to buy food. Maybe you could consider driving to a bigger city to get more variety?

    There are over 40 varieties of bananas so maybe you would like one of them…

  37. Moreen Murray says:


    I heard you loud and clear..in every sense of the words. Thanks so much for this. I enjoy the emails I have been getting from you and hope to buy your program. I am a newbie to raw foods – probably 75% and am finding it seems to work for me. I was a vegan before so not a huge adjustment other than in preparation of food – cooked food seems to take as long..:)

    I find a lot of raw food recipes I have been using really strong on garlic and salt…almost making me feel ill, I have been told that raw garlic is good for lowering blood pressure. I appreciate your comments about “strong spices/flavourings”. I also found eating broccoli raw a little hard to take as well.

    Keep up the good work!

  38. Sandy says:

    Great interview – sound perfect

  39. David Rice says:

    I love the raw food philosophy. Yesterday was another 100% no fat raw vegan day. The biggest problem is that it disrupts my sleep so much that I have to urinate about four times during the night. A friend who is much more disciplined on this path reports the same problem. Neither of us has seen or heard anyone adress this issue. Is there hope for less interrupted sleep on this path?

  40. Sharon says:

    David Rice,

    If you’d like to email me I can write you my story. I had the same issue with urination but sleep right through the night now. Too much to write and I’m busy the next few days but if you email me I’ll get back to you on Monday. detoxexpert@gmail.com.

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