November 2

Exciting News and Raw Vegan DVD Preview

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UPDATE: The DVD set is now available for preorders! Go to: 

Here’s a first preview video from our upcoming Savory Raw Dinner Recipes DVD Set. If you find it easy to eat raw for breakfast and lunch, but want something savory and tasty for dinner, this new program is going to be the answer!

All of the recipes in Savory Raw Dinner Recipes are lower in fat than typical raw food recipes.

You will find some strict simple fat-free recipes, and some with moderate use of nuts, seeds and avocado.

These recipes are COMPLETELY different from my previous Low Fat Raw Vegan Cuisine DVDs which contained almost no seasonings of any kind.

These new recipes have been designed to be as tasty AND as healthy as possible to appeal to your taste buds! They’re the perfect compromise between ultra-low fat and simple recipes that can be repetitive over time, and ultra-gourmet recipes that are too complicated and high in fat.

UPDATE: The DVD set is now available for preorders! Go to: 

152 Responses to “Exciting News and Raw Vegan DVD Preview”

  1. Kyle Plattner says:

    Because I am the first comment!

  2. Chana Brooks says:

    I’m new to the Vegan world and would love to have more amazing receipes.

  3. Linda says:

    OK Im in!!!! This is what I need. I always feel bettter on low fat meals, but they seem hard find as I can get desrtacted by all the other goodies. I eat ALOT and Im 92lbs and cant gain weight.

  4. Adrian says:

    I’m new to raw, can’t wait to see other dvd’s in the collection


  5. Krystall says:

    These look great! I’ve been getting a lot of resistance to going raw in the household, but I think I could get my family on board with these dishes! Looking forward to when the DVDs are released 🙂

  6. lisa says:

    I have been vegan for not very long (less than 2 months) and have been having such a hard time and, really, on the verge of giving up, because i have felt like there is so little variety and the recipies i have found have been too complicated. what i am seeing on the dvd you have made really is exciting! they look fantastic and easy and definitely not boring! i might even be able to get my family on board with recepies like that!! thanks for making these, i look forward to them!

  7. Marisa says:

    This is exactly what the raw food movement needs! Dinners are the hardest time for me and I know a lot of other people too because if you want to eat raw it was always no fat or high fat. There are only so many salads I can eat with fruit dressings, and I don’t feel good with too many high fat raw dishes. It is really hard to find recipes that are in between. You are really filling in a void with this DVD!

  8. Thanks for the opportunity to try for the second time to win the full set of DVD’s I’ve been reading your books and got your prior DVD with cooking demonstration and want to learn more! Thanks

    Janabeth Taylor (Jody and Kevin’s friend)

  9. Annie says:

    From previous poster Tina:

    “Eating raw for breakfast and lunch isn’t too difficult for me. My husband is at work and the kids are at school. But come dinner time it becomes a fight. Any additional ideas that would bring our family together for dinner would be so appreciated. ”

    I can just about quote this EXACTLY!

  10. Tyra says:

    Just viewed the video and I am so excited. Thank you for making this video available to all of us. I love love to cook, but have been so lost lately trying to do the raw. I don’t like making the fatty gourmet dishes. You just don’t feel good after. I can’t wait to try your recipes. They look amazing. This is just what my family needs. You’ve got me inspired that’s for sure. Good luck to everyone out there hoping to win!!!

  11. Karen says:

    Your recipes look yummy and very creative!! I like that you emphasize less fat!! Thank you for your contribution to the Raw Vegan world! Karen

  12. Dianne says:

    Dinners are definitely the hardest meal to come up with unique ideas. I don’t have the creative mind to come up with different ways of presenting food. I’m glad that there are people like yourselves who can create these meals. Thanks!

  13. Lulu baker says:

    My raw food journey at 39 has brought me more mood stability and the best health I’ve had in years. I appreciate so much the loving and kind support websites like this have provided. When I need the courage to be creative, you are there to help.
    Thank you so much..

  14. Jennifer says:

    Wow! These recipes look great! My family has just recently gone vegan but I really want to move toward a raw diet. These recipes look outstanding and I know will help me move toward a raw diet for myself and my family. Thanks so much for all you do!

  15. cindy says:

    My husband has cancer, and became a vegan 10 years ago. We are transitioning to raw, much credit to you both. We believe the healthful lifestyle is reversing this disease. Your savory recipes look yummy, and would give us more ideas to stay on our track, with great taste! Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. Janet says:


    I am allergic to nuts and sesame seeds. Can you say roughly what percentage of recipes in the videos have nuts/sesame in them? I am interested in buying the videos but only if I can get a fair amount (about 60%) of recipes without these things in them.

    Thank you.

  17. jerome says:

    Looks amazing!
    I feel that’s really missing for me to thrive on a raw vegan diet: knowing how to get done delicious recipes easily to not get bored eating always the same things over and over again…

  18. linda says:

    This is great!!! I know this is the best way for me, but sticking with it has sometimes been a challenge – thanks for the low-fat, great looking recipes ! I can’t wait to try them.

  19. Linda says:

    Looking to make healthy and delicous meals for my family- this looks like a great step in that direction.

  20. Mark says:

    I gotta admit it – I’ve always been a cheeseburger and onion rings kind of guy.

    I want to eat right, and I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on books, cookbooks and equipment to do it but it’s just been almost impossible to get excited about.

    Savory Raw Food recipes sound like just the ticket for me! My mouth is watering just thinking about your upcoming cookbook!

    Thanks for filling an empty niche on the cookbook shelf, Frederic! Good luck with your endeavours!

  21. Lauren Johnston says:

    I should win these dvd’s because my hubby is going raw and doing great but as the cook of this family I need more ideas. Also we have 6 kids who will eat well when it tastes and looks good but alot of the time I have no idea what to make them. We are huge cheese eaters so I would love to create meals for my kids that are so good they don’t miss the cheese!

  22. Natasha says:

    Wow.. you just have to pick me! I am just starting going raw, and the big hurdle to take is dinnertime, and I especially love things with sauces and dressings.
    The other reason you have to pick me, is to reimburse me for my laptop. It just broke because of me drooling all over it just by watching the video…. 😉

  23. Bob Vance says:

    WOW!!! This video was inspiring. You’ve really got some great looking pictures showing your finished food. I’m also glad you have added some seasoning. Much success with this new DVD set.

  24. Linda Miller says:

    Your food looks absolutely scrumptious. The dishes look delicious and so nicly displayed. Making the food looks so nice is definately an area I am weak in.

  25. Ken says:

    These receipes shown on the short video looked wonderful.

    I was a vegetarian for 25 years and after several years of being on your mailing list and reading your books I made the leap and became a high raw Vegan in March of this year. It was one of the most significent decisions I have made in my 58 years, and my heath has improved measurably.

    Thank you for your positive influence on my life, and the lives of so may others.

    God bless you both.

  26. Ken says:

    Oops, the link in my name in the above post is faulty. I corrected it in this one.

  27. Annie says:

    Ooh, pick me! Pick me! No, really, I think you should pick Cindy above. How can you say no to someone with cancer in the family? The recipes look fantastic, and wishing the best to Cindy and family.

  28. Virginia says:

    Frederic, thank you so much for this knowledge that is finally helping me improve my health. I blog about being able to laugh at this whole over-weight issue – but I look forward to this particular topic being a distant memory! More importantly though, is the miraculous improvement in my energy level and how I feel. I can’t wait to share this with others as I reach my goals. Thanks again for being a huge part of this exciting journey!

  29. Barry Honeycombe says:

    Looks great. I have been progressively getting into raw foods and i love your attitude to raw, in that its not about being 100% raw. I travel a huge amount and ideas for healthy snaks or things to bake and take would be helpful. Keep up the good work from one of your fans in the UK.

  30. Cynthia Fuhrer says:

    Hi! I am a BUSY BUSY mom, trying to add raw vegan meals for my vegetarian family in hopes of slowing transitioning to a raw lifestyle…but, I NEED HELP!! Would LOVE to have your DVD’s which would help me make raw for my whole family! I don’t have time to try recipes here and there, some working, some not. Your DVD’s would be a perfect solution for me!!! Much thanks for your consideration!!

  31. Robin says:

    our integrative medical/ health clinic in california is encouraging the patients to be on a raw food diet, they very much could use this information..some are very ill with cancer, heart disease, etc.sometimes this is their last option ….as for the DVD’s .I think it’s fantastic , looks engaging and informative..thanks ! …. hope you choose us !

  32. Mariano says:

    Everything looks delicious!! I want to win!!! I want to eat this today!! I’ve read “The Raw Secrets”, and it’s the best book on diet that I’ve read. But now I really want to eat DELICIOUS!!! Junk food in the office still calls me!!! I need theese recipes!!! I want to win!!! 🙂 By the way, I live in Argentina and all my family is a low fat, high carb, raw vegan diet believer, and we’ve healed ALL our health problems, including artrosis, sinusitis, etcetera, with this diet. Thank you very much Frederic for your work!!!

  33. Victoria Lewis says:

    I am currently doing a high raw diet in order to lose over 100 lbs. I enjoy raw food, but this diet requires my sodium and fat levels to be low, and I’m running out of ideas! I have a collection of all the latest and greatest raw food authors, but, frankly, many are just not realistic for everyday use. Too many ingredients/steps, and shockingly high use of oil, nuts and seeds. I don’t mind a little my diet, but the amounts I’ve seen (and made myself before this diet) are waaaay too much. I hunger for something more substantial than my Green Smoothies and fruit salads which I eat all day. Help me meet my goal of losing 100 lbs! Thanks, and love your site, btw.

  34. Cynthia says:

    wow, Fred and Victoria, these recipes look mouth-wateringly good. I’m digging out all my less complicated raw recipes these days because I find that, ultimately, they tend to satisfy my palate AND I feel better after consuming them.

  35. Nohemi says:

    Would love to have this!!! Im lacking variety and creativity when it comes to preparing meals for myself and family

  36. Willy says:

    I should win these dvd’s because I am not a very good cook and I need to see the preparations. The pictures look wonderful and the food looks delicious. I also like the idea that they are simple and low fat. Please pick me!

  37. W. Rowe Chmura says:

    I am an inexperienced (about 3 months) vegan with a background in classic French cooking. My introduction into raw foods has been a bumpy, and not always successful journey. I love eating salads, but because because of my food education, my friends and family expect more from me when I prepare raw food than a slightly enhanced dinner salad. Often, I come up short or Im forced to use processed/cooked foods to make my meals palatable.

    I have been following Mr. Patenaudes blog and emails with increased excitement, and I was very happy with his most recent work. The food does look amazing, and varied enough to find something for everyone.

    I love this site.

  38. Bonnie says:

    Since finding your comments on a local raw community website, eating raw is now the easest it’s ever been for me–who knew. I along with countless others say thanks for showing us the way ( an easier way). I can’t wait for this latest DVD to enhance my health and journey. Kudos to you both!!

  39. Marie M says:

    Wow, the video makes it look it easy. I am just starting to eat raw foods to help my health and am learning how to fix meals all over again. Thank you for putting these up on tube to help people like me who are just starting out on this journey!

  40. Michele says:

    When I went to a low fat raw diet 4 years ago, I got rid of almost all my collection of raw cookbooks. The “healthier” raw recipes often get old, and then I find myself eating stuff that doesn’t make me feel my best in order to get something a little more interesting. I can’t wait to try these. The first Raw DVD series was very well done, so I know this one will be a hit!

  41. Jennifer says:

    This is so amazing! Every meal I ate before going raw was savory and I truly miss it! Made my first raw pizza yesterday and loved every bite. I’ve been afraid to make too many gourmet meals because of the fat content. This is an answer to my prayers!

    Go RAW!


  42. Tami says:

    I would greatly appreciate winning your DVD set. I am the mother of 3 homeschooled children, 11, 8 & 6yr. My oldest has sever fibromyalgia. We live in Texas but travel to California to see a specialist that helps with juvenile fibromyalgia. I would love to get her off medication but the diet changes I have made so far have not helped. I wonder if a raw diet would help her body heal itself. We have added more raw (green smoothies & salads) but I struggle with dinners. Any help is appreciated.
    Thanks, Tami

  43. andrea says:

    Ok, you have me salivating. I would LOVE recipes that aren’t comprised of nuts, nuts and more nuts. I want something that has a lot of fruits and veggies. This looks like it. I would love to win this DVD as I am a single mom doing my best in life. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge with us, Frederic. Merci. Salut!

  44. Marsha* says:

    Frederic, I do so appreciate all that you’ve shared in Raw Food Controversies. It all makes such sense, in identifying the high-fat pitfalls that compromise our health. I am not a ‘cook’ so the green smoothies have been a great way for me to get more into my system. Otherwise, I have been at a loss for knowing what to eat when I’m continuously modifying my vegan diet (my eating has been catch-as-catch-can)…I need help! I welcome more input from your research and look forward to this new dvd series. Thanks.

  45. Thomas S says:

    Looks amazing you guys! My mouth is practically watering looking at the raw “lasagne” recipe. Can’t wait for the finished product!!

    – Thomas

  46. Catherine says:

    The preview shows some delicious dishes!
    I am fairly new to Raw Foods and know when I have eaten a raw meal I feel great. As a type 1 diabetic I understand it can make a big difference in my health. Thanks for sharing recipies and encouragement!

  47. Sandra says:

    Wow ! You two look radiant !!!! I will order a copy if priced reasonably, no need to send me a free one.

  48. Wenda says:

    You make it look to delicious,easy and simple. I need to get back into the routine. I appreciate the encouragement.

  49. Fred, as if the pictures from the last post weren’t drool-worthy enough…this video knocked it out of the park!

    I can’t wait to see what’s in the recipes when the DVDs are released!

    Oh and by the way, you can come over to my house and make dinner for me ANYTIME. 😀

    Chris Randall

  50. Charmaine says:

    This is low-fat raw fabulosity! I hope this low-fat gourmet trend spreads like a prairie fire in the raw vegan community! Everything looks so yummy…I wish I was the one tasting everything, not Fred 🙂 Cheers for a job well done!

  51. Erin says:

    I need this! So does the rest of the raw movement. Most of the recipes out there are high fat! I’m looking for good low fat recipes just as you describe.

  52. François-Xavier says:

    c’est magnifique !
    BRAVO !
    Et merci pour toutes ces bonnes idées.

  53. Darlene says:

    Truthfully I’d like to get in on the recipes as soon as possible rather than when I can afford it, as usual. Your recipes look so much spicier & yummier than your other low fat recipes. So it just might be my one favorite run to source. I just set up my kitchen for better convenience & have a laptop just waiting for your DVD 😀 Thanks for the recipes even if I don’t win it & am forced to patiently wait. Its because of your publications that I turned to raw, so thanks for that.

    I love that you have many tips for Canadians for which I’m grateful as well. You look so happy, healthy & easy to look at. Ooops slap my hand, I’m a gramma. It shows you enjoy your work & helping many people yet care about them an individual basis as well. Keep up the great work !!

  54. Darlene says:

    Me again …did I mention that I can hardly wait for your new recipes? I need them yesterday 😀

  55. Jody says:

    Everything looks wonderful and sooo exciting! I know there is a great need for more variety and flavor that is still easy to prepare for busy families! Can’t wait to get my copies!

  56. Myriam Boyer says:

    I can’t wait to try these new recipes. I have been a raw vegan (on and off) for the last 4 years. I live in France and it is becoming quite popular here, I was so enthusiastic at first and started doing raw food workshops. However, last winter I started feeling all the symptoms of eating a high-fat diet which you described in your book “Raw food controversies”, lethargy, depression and binging. I thought it was all my lack of willpower and felt even more depressed. Then I got to read your book and Dr Graham Douglas 80/10/10 and it was a revelation, I have been doing the low-fat, high fruit diets for the last month or so and now am regaining my health and energy. The only thing that has been missing is some good tasty recipes ( I am French after all!) and here you are, with a fantastic dvd and recipe book, this is inspiring me to do some new workshops and spread the word about low fat raw foods. Thank you to both of you, the food looks amazing too.

  57. Tamee says:

    Ok I really really want these dvds. But! I don’t want to have to pay $69 for them. That is about 3 hours work minus taxes for me. That is to much for DVD’s. You could help more people if you charged less. DVD”S do not cost that much. The set up does but how many times do we have to pay for your set up before you have earned enough. Just sayin. Not trying to be mean.

  58. Beverley says:

    Wow!!! You two are REALLY covering the entire aspect of RAW & LIVE FOODS!!! My goodness it all looks so …. SAVOURY!!!


  59. Isabelle says:

    Hi lovely,

    On my raw vegan “Quest” I went from hi fat gourmet to fruitarian, and I’m now trying to find a balance…I feel that’s what I would find on your DVDs set…

    In the past, I already suscribed to your membership… But at that time, with all my respect, I found it was pretty “extreme”… I lost a LOT of weight and even my periods… That’s why a quit your membership at that time, trying to find my really own way…

    But in the last few months, I’ve been happily surprised but the Wisdom you shared, Frederick…. Seems you found the “Middle Road”… “Proud” would not be the word, as I haven’t found myself already, but my soul was touched, happy…

    I am really excited to see what’s comin’ with these DVDs, but can’t afford such price ( It isn’t that high, but I just finished a 3 years program in Graphic Design… and now, my heart and soul feels that my Mission is maybe in Food, Nutrition, Education… Have to keep my budget as low as possible as these studies are really exensive…)

    Blessing to both of you!

  60. Isabelle says:

    Oh and… Thank you so much! 🙂

  61. Barb Healy says:

    Frederic, I think this is a very good idea; BUT, you need to post a few recipes so that we can see what types of ingredients you use.

    The pictures in the teaser are very pretty but what’s in them is more important than how they look. And, how long they take to prepare.

    I’m not willing to buy something like this without concrete feedback; either sample recipes or reviews from people who have tried them. Thanks.

  62. Fi says:

    It’s thrilling! It is so difficult to find any sort of savory vegan raw meal and snack ideas on the internet or anywhere else for that matter! What you’re offering here is a real blessing for those of us who are just starting out on this journey of saving our own lives through changing the health of our bodies. You are a hero to so many and you’re leaving a healthy, beautiful mark on this world and its people. Thank you! =)

    I can’t wait to see more from your savory recipes! They all look so amazing, tasty, healthy and beautiful! It makes the food life so much easier to know that there are great (and tasty) ways to keep the body healthy and alive without having to sacrifice the taste of good food!

  63. Holly says:

    Mmmmm looks mouthwatering! This looks so exciting and I want to know how to make them! Like what’s in the strawberry pudding thingy?! I am cooked low fat vegan atm and the raw food world looks a bit daunting to be honest- I’m the only person I know so far who’s even heard of it lol- it seems so far out and I would love the dvds to help me dip my toes in and “normalise” it- and I reckon it would help me show it to my friends and family too- so instead of being known as freaky about food it’s more like known for yummy food yay! Thank you 🙂

  64. Mirva says:

    This one is a musthave.

  65. Roseann says:

    I just want to say thank you for coming into my life. When you are ready the teacher will come. Your products and e-zine are helping me to clarify all aspects of my life. Your recipes and your latest book “Raw Controversies” are amazing. Thank you.

  66. giselle cioraru says:

    I never win anything, so if I do it will be a miracle.
    I would love to have these dvd’s. I need to get some new ideas. eating mono meals smoothies, is getting boring already.

  67. Ruth Moseley says:

    Very catchy tune and beautiful presentation of the dishes you’ve made. After 7 years of eating raw, I sometimes hit a wall in creativity with my foods. I find myself getting into a rut and eating the same foods. That’s why I think I could benefit from the DVD’s. My husband has CLL (Leukemia) and I want very much for him to eat healthy with me. Maybe with the knowlege and different approach to presentation, I can encourage him to join me in a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for all your hardwork in putting this project together.

  68. Ronn says:

    I would love to win this great set of DVDs!

  69. Abakash says:

    Who does not like free stuff

  70. veganchris says:

    i love watching and reading what you’re doing, and it’s great you are still vegan despite the trend now of so many in the raw movement. so keep on your great work and enjoy us with your progress and developments so that we can enjoy a wonderfull and satisfied (physically and mentally) body of our own 🙂 THANK YOU! 🙂

  71. Jocelyn says:

    I love your recipes and philosophy more than any other. I have all your books and subscribed to your magazine when you had it. I don’t make “fancy” dishes because of all the time and equipment involved in other people’s recipes, but yours would be definitely on my list to try!

  72. Rose R says:

    You really are one in a million Frederic! I have loads of vegan cookbooks but I hesitate to make most of the recipes because they are loaded with cups of nuts and oils and that feels so very heavy in addition to being high in calorie. I look forward to your new cookbook with great anticipation!

  73. Jennifer says:

    Seeing this clip made me totally excited to make these recipes! YUM! I’m a newbie (or ‘greenie’ 🙂 to the raw food diet but because I was looking for optimal health for me, my husband and two children, I wanted to try and look and research out the best way to go about eating raw or a high raw diet. TALK ABOUT OVERWHELMING!!!! There is so much information out there and SOOOO many books and experts and so called experts I felt like just sitting down and crying. I would literally open my fridge and just stand there (while my kids were begging for me to make something, anything for dinner) and I would just stare at the food thinking, ” well this would be high raw but not 100 % and this would be 100 % but it’s almost all fat and this would be too high carb and not enough protein and this would be really healthy but nobody’s gonna eat it!” and on and on it would go till I would just throw up my hands and make my kids mac and cheese with peas and make myself yet another salad. These DVD’s look like the perfect solution to this daily, dinnertime dilemma! I would so love to have these as a wonderful, well thought out resource and the food looks so good! Even the fruit based desserts, yummy! 🙂 Thanks for cutting through all the hype and giving us real tools with real food to eat!!!

  74. Khaya says:

    I’ve never gone completely raw but I had planned to before my first child (but that didn’t happen). It’s been more difficult since I got married because my husband, although vegan, is not interested in going all raw yet, and I’m the one that has to cook/prepare most of our meals. I think if I have a wider range of healthy and tasty recipes then convincing him to go raw (or at least more raw) might be a bit easier. Thanks so much!!!

  75. Lillie Thomas says:

    Well first I feel horrible about my diet and need a drastict change. I’ve spent forever trying to change my diet and to find one that will work just for me. I use to be very over weight all through out my teen years and I am now 20 but feel horrible. I barely have any energy and want to take naps more often then I should. I also look tired all of the time. Sometimes I even get ask if I’m sick or coming down with something. And from the reaserch I’ve done I truely think that it is because of my diet and eating habits and if raw food does give me the benefits of having more enery and looking and feeling my best from the inside out then I am so willing to give it a try. I also want to set a good influence and make a difference for my friends and family whos diet is as bad as mind. I am african american and I am surrrounded by unhealthy food all of the time and even though the food is so good lol it always comes back to haunt me every time and I am now to the point where enough is enough. I need to make a change and I need to make it now. Now I live in D.C and there is carry out, fast food places, and corner stores on every corner and I love my home town but I am so tired of eating unhealthy and just want to make a change of what I put into my body. I just want to feel like how I was meant and suppose to feel and thats not worn out and with no energy what so ever and looking sick and tired all the time. I just want to be the one to step up and make a change. So with that being said it would be an honor for you to have me be the winner of the savory Raw Dinner Recipes. I Love your emails by the way and have learned so much from them and thank you for caring enough to wanting to help the people who really want to make a change to live a much more healthier life style. Thank you and God bless! : )

  76. alain says:

    Hi both of you. Nice you found a life side kick that get around with you. I’m rawfoodist for over 10 years (90% and up) and it is true that rawfood is loaded with fat, salt and sugar. To have a video on low fat meal will be very nice and will show that it is not the end but the beginning of a new life style.
    Raw is ‘the’ energy we need to thrive and your video, I think, will help those that are frighten to make the good move to go beyond…and enjoy a life of flavors.
    By the way your talk is direct and I like it. To much gurus outside, hoping you w’ont becoming one.

  77. lindsay says:

    I’m so hungry right now I want to eat all of it! Screw food combining!

  78. Katie says:

    I have recently acquired a new “roommate” – my 25 year-old younger sister has been sent to stay with me while she works through some anxiety/depresson issues, which includes anorexia. The hope of me, her, and our mom is that – as a 75% raw foodie, I can get her to actually EAT some healthy foods that won’t make her feel bloated and heavy or guilty. I’ve gotten a few that she accepts, but more are always helpful! I would love some simple, filling yet low-fat and healthy options to share with her!!

  79. christine says:

    I would love to get some new recipes to try that are succcessful and tasty! Hopefully they are quick to make!

  80. Josette says:

    S’il vous plait!
    I really do need some new gourmet, low-fat, healthy, raw, quick recipes to add to my repertoire. By the way the finished products do look wonderful!
    Merci d’avance,

  81. Elisa says:

    Can’t wait to create these delightful looking meals. That is going to be my ” coup de pied à la bonne place” in order to keep up and increase my raw percentage !
    Cheers and thanks for being such an inspiration and good motivator !!!

  82. Marsha says:

    We need to win your DVD’s, Frederic. We’re retired and I’m trying to help my husband have better health through raw vegan foods. Entrees are where we need help. I made raw tacos for him yesterday and he got sick on them. I don’t think he’d get sick on your recipe. Now you see, I need to win your DVD’s!!!

  83. Helga Hefner says:

    I can’t wait to see these DVDs. They are so extremely clear, simple and very informative. They make things look easy. I’m all about the ease and simplicity in order for it to be sustainable. The other raw food books and DVDs take so much time in preparation as well as being so heavy in the fats, as you know. Thanks so much for getting this information out there that will make a huge difference in the health of many. Keep on sharing and creating such great educational programs!
    You are the best!

  84. Christy says:

    Wow, those recipes look good! Especially the cucumber wraps and the stuffed peppers! I’d definitely be interested in trying those!

  85. Trina Southe says:

    This all looks so wonderful!! I have been trying to do raw for awhile, but did itt he high fat way and had given up. Thank you for showing me a new way to do raw and opening my eyes to trying again!!!

  86. Anna says:

    Changing our diet to raw food was the best decision we ever made; my mother is now recovering from diabetes, and the whole family is in better health and has a better outlook on life. One dilemma for us was what to eat in the long term. High fat gourmet meals, although they taste good, leave us feeling awful, even worse than after a cooked meal. Very simple raw vegetable dishes are healthy but can be unappetizing and bland.

    I am so looking forward to preparing food that is both good for my family and that everyone will love. Health is number one, but taste is important too. Otherwise it can be hard to stick to a healthy diet over the long term.

  87. Sharon says:

    Wow This is a Book where I would really try the receipes. They look so yummy


  88. Marg says:

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  89. Sandra Winterdawn says:

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  90. robert says:

    Always good to have new dinner ideas – can’t eat bananas all the time!

  91. Kimberly says:

    Congratulations on your inspiring new production! Your preview for the Savory Raw Dinner Recipes DVD Set promises a perfect combination of culinary artistry, simple elegance, and great taste. I have been experimenting with high-raw vegan diets for the past few months, and although I love making smoothies for myself, no one else in my family is particularly interested in my basic salads and blended savories. The visually appealing presentation and delicious ingredients in your recipes should be a perfect combination to entice my family and friends to try some healthier options. You make meal preparation look like lots of fun!

    With appreciation,


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    The video looks exciting! I look forward to winning these videos! I need some new recipes, as much as I look forward to eating raw veggies, I also don’t look forward to not knowing what to prepare. I greatly enjoyed the book, Raw Secrets! The videos from your first set of dvd’s we great too! I need more Fred! I also read all of your emails and take to heart your advice. I greatly agree that a low fat diet is the way to go and so these new dvds will be a great addition to my knowledge base and I will make sure to share with all my friends and help spread the word.

  93. Faye says:

    The food on the DVD looks really nice and makes one hungry…but how is the taste? Quite often without the fat it can be a bit flat. I’d be willing to give it a try though! 😉

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  95. Amatista says:

    I would love the raw recipes! They look so delicious, and would like to learn how to make them. I have been really struggling with some health problems, and the doctors just know how to prescribe drugs that don’t help! I know in my heart that being natural in thought and food is the real cure. I have been hitting a sort of wall with it though, still taking medications!
    I think that learning how to be in control of body and mind and what goes in-is what I need to do!!!
    Your emails are inspirational and I would love your cookbook!! 🙂

  96. Millicent says:

    Cause I, the 3 kids & the two 80 yrs old parent, also want to enjoy delicious raw new gourmet meal, and those recipes look so easy to make. Take Care!

  97. art griffin says:

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    Thanks again

  98. Halimah says:

    I am looking forward to savory raw dinners particularly because they are low fat AND tasty. I am 100% raw, and have been following the Optimum Health Institute diet (which I plan on following until January for a health opportunity). It is very low fat and low protein, consisting almost entirely of low starch vegetables, sprouts and wheatgrass, with a handful of sprouted dehydrated seeds and seaweeds. It is fine, but I am looking forward to January when I can go to the “maintenance diet” where I can add more fat and flavor. Frederick, I am hoping your book will be just what I need. Thank you.

  99. Claire-Louise says:

    I can’t wait to try out your new ideas. We’ve been raw vegans for about 2 years and have seen a vast improvement in our health. We started your program about 2 months ago and I have noticed my hair go back to blonde (it had become a dark dull brown) and the vision in my right eye has improved dramatically. My husband who has worn glasses most of his life is finding that his vision is starting to improve also. Fantastic!!To have more ideas for meals would be wonderful and much appreciated.

    Thanks to you both.

  100. Pamela says:

    Like many of us, finding simple recipes to stay “raw” or green rather than long drawn out high fat recipes which are typically available on the market, is a great resource whether I win it or not. Eating-wise, I live in between worlds and feel like a traitor to myself because I have not been able to fully commit to the eating style I would like. Like many others with husbands/wives, children and family that gather for meals who do not eat raw, it looks like your recipes may be simple and yummy enough for all to enjoy no matter the eating style. Anyway, thanks for your efforts to help all us out here is raw cyber space who would really like to live on your planet and be raw all the time. Thank you both for all your help.

  101. MaryRobin Gibson says:

    You are my raw mentor. I feel in love with your energy and honesty and have used your ideas to eat since march. I watch your videos regularly. I mourned your Father’s passing, read your friends websites, enjoyed your trip to exotic locations and I can not wait to buy your recipe book. Until then I could really use your DVD. I am raw till dinner, but after a salad am still craving something and often turn to tortilla chips with salsa. Please teach me how to take the next step. Oh, and my children love your green smoothies. They daily eat with me, going more and more raw. My husband just loves your juice ideas.

  102. Donna Rush says:

    with those gorgeous smiles.. what more inspiration do I need!? 🙂
    here on the beautiful Island of Bali- Indonesia… the raw food movement is growing fast…
    and these recipes will help me convert even more of my friends… one stunning meal at a time…

  103. Stacy says:

    I would flip to have a free copy of your dvd set because it would encourage my entire family to come together and become healthy again! Facing many health issues the past 2 years, we’re in dire need of something uplifting and simplified, low on fat, and simple…did I already say simple? 😉 That is the ticket, we’re short on time, running low on fuel, and need a quick boost of nutrition and your dvd set is the ticket! Thank you so much! 🙂

  104. Ana says:

    Can you believe this is all raw? Amazing and it looks great!

  105. Virginia says:

    I have been following your website, blogs, etc. for some time now. I was diagnosed with leaky gut and candida about 2 years ago and have finally realized that a raw diet is the safest for me. It has been difficult to get support and suggestions for how and what to eat, so my diet has consisted of one or two salads and smoothies for all meals. Breakfast is the toughest as I do not have time to make and sit down to eat in the mornings. I am at a bit of a loss and would truly appreciate the guidance and insight from your DVD set. I look forward to demystifying the raw food world through your program. Thank you for the opportunity!

  106. Harold says:

    Great looking video you two. Feel free to come to BC and create some of these amazing food works for me personally!

  107. Morgan says:

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  108. Linda says:

    It is about time that raw food is prepared with flavour. Your presentation is beautiful.

  109. Jeanine says:

    Thanks for another great edition of the evolution of raw and how you personally are finding Truth, Beauty and Health with food and relationship eating.

    I would love a set of the videos as I live with aging parents (90 + 93 = compromised digestions) and visiting with my grandkids right now who are vegetarian ( 12 + 8=active, eager, capable and HUNGRY).

    I experience these multiple generations’ ongoing confusion with eating healthy yet calorie rich meals, enough to sustain themselves yet thrive optimally. And enjoy meals to boot!

    All our generations are open to learn more. While we each have have our agendas, picture the room filled with 4 generations of dedicated-to-wellness-eaters! WE would cherish the videos for education as well as sacred family time! Truly, you would touch many in one set of grace filled recipes.

  110. Greg Wright says:

    Hi Frederic,

    As a newby to Raw, I am looking for ideas that build a bridge between my previous life of cooked food and the now 50%+ raw. How can I introduce my family to these ideas if I can’t find asimilar texture/taste that helps people to feel great after they eat.

    Some of the smoothies are great but I need great nore often to lead them into this lifestyle.

    Please help,

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    This would be the perfect Christmas present! I’d love to learn these and make them for others. The video looks delightful!

  112. I hope these recipes are delicious as well as nutritious. It’s hard to get the family to eat it unless it tastes good. They are so used to the comfort foods. Who got the first set of free DVDs? Was the pick based on their comment? It would be nice to see the comment.

  113. Helene says:

    WOW! What beautiful food!! I went raw for about a year and never felt better. The doctors could not believe how I had cured a “chronic” condition I had been diagnosed with 12 years ago. How ever I fell back into the cooked food trap because I was missing savoury dishes, and don’t feel to great for it. But now I see this beautiful food – I have regained hope that I can get back on raw and stay raw – Thank you for sharing your creativity!

  114. JUDY ROSBURY says:

    We just celebrated one year being vegan and since April we have been adding more raw. I would say we are pretty much 98% raw now and trying to be 100%. Excited to get as much help as possible. We are ready to take it to the next level.

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    That would be a wonderful treat to win:)

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    Thanks for all you do!


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  123. Marina says:

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    I am new to raw/vegan and could really use some new recipes. I’m in a rut. Thanks!

  126. Yvonne says:

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    I live in Germany and hope to find the ingredients I´ll need for your recipes – which can be difficult at times.
    Looking forward to the DVD

  127. Sheryl says:

    When I tried being a raw foodist when I was 16, fun dishes kept me interested and tasted great, but the high fat did me no good.

    Now, discovering the low-fat way of being a raw vegan has been proven to be amazing and sustainable! Although, it has been difficult at time to find foods that satisfy when I start to crave salty foods. I’m 22 years old and there aren’t many my age who are willing to take care of their health. I want to help empower others by showing them how easy, fun, creative, and tasty eating raw should be! I also want to overcome my salty food cravings! This product looks like a great addition to my recipe stash!

  128. Kuba Kisurp says:


    I hope so, I didn’t to a big skills in the kitchen, because this meals looks like for contest 😉 I miss this recipe, because I would like to convince people in my city, country. They think, the raw food diet is only grass, but they wrong. This is marvelous, fantastic, nutritious, simply and healthy food !!

    best wishes from poland,
    Kuba Kisurp

  129. Karen says:

    I was sick 6 years ago and my family agreed to eat a raw food diet with me so that it would be easier for me. They stuck to their word and we are all still low fat raw vegan and thriving. I am no longer ill and we are all active, healthy and so happy. Thanks for your help along the way Frederic – I couldn’t have done it without you,

    This will be THE BEST Christmas present for my children and ME!!!!!

  130. Jean says:

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  133. Terry Pettie says:

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  134. Gloria says:

    Hi guys! I became araw vegan in 2008, for the first 2 years I was strict on my diet and I loved it, I was living by myself then. My son came to live with me after he lost his job. He started eating vegetarian and raw for a while. Then after the holidays of 2010, we fell of the wagon and started eating cooked foods. I can’t seem to be able to go back to eating raw all the time. Your recipes look very apetizing, simple and what I like the most, not too many nuts (that is one of the reasons why I stopped eating a 100% raw, too many nuts).
    Thanks for all the hard work the two of you go through for the benefit of all of us.

  135. Catharine says:

    This dvd set would be so helpful to me if I won it. I’m disabled so I live on a seriously limited income and I can’t afford most raw food books and dvds because they’re kind of pricey.

  136. antonella says:

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  137. Annie says:

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  138. Nancy says:

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  140. wendolyn says:

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  141. BARBARAW COHEN says:

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    It seems like it was more than a decade ago… when you did those classes in Costa Mesa. Was it 14 years…? I still have those recipes (typed sheets by you) + Sunfood Cuisine.. the book. Are these recipes different than before?
    Well I would love to see the details when they are available.
    Take care and keep on chopping!!

    Barbara, Orange County, CA

  142. Diane says:

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  143. Kai says:

    Hi, I would love these DVD’s as I’ve been struggling with raw food for over a year now and it’s exactly these recipes that I’m missing. But, sadly, I will never have the means to buy the DVD’s at the price of 70$… I have been following your work for a while now and, although I was a bit sceptic at first, I think now that you are one of the very few voices of reason in the raw food movement. Also, I am trying to get my 7 year old (meat eating) granddaughter to cook raw food with me (we’ve made a few tarts, chocolate creams and smoothies so far and she loves it!) and these lovely recipes would help me make it fun and most of all, delicious for her. Thank you in advance!!

  144. Joan says:

    You have so many comments already, but all I can say is WOW!!! The food looks really yummy and colorful! We need some interesting stuff for our menu planning – thanks for your consideration!

  145. Joanne says:

    I lost weight when I first went raw but now I am gaining. No doubt, it’s all the nuts, seeds and avocado’s calling my name. I definitely need some low fat savory ideas.

  146. IBFree says:

    They look really scrumptious. i would love to have some great looking/tasting recipes to share with friends/family to turn them on to what I eat and these recipes look like they would appeal to anyone. I would love to win the DVD set!

  147. Jessie says:

    I love raw food and now am making sure my 12 year old grandaughter is eating more raw. Wow what a change in her behavior. Look forward to sharing the yummy and healthy things I learn with her. Thankyou

  148. Kali says:

    I’ve always been a fan of Frederic. Your words of wisdom ring true. I’ve listened to other raw gurus, but I just don’t agree with their philosophy. You, Swayze, and Victoria, in my opinion, are the true forerunners in the raw food world. I couldn’t agree more about keeping the excess fat out of your diet. It’s hard to believe that these amazing looking dishes are low fat. WOW! I can’t wait to try them. Frederic, please keep inspiring us with your fantastic videos and book. Another thank you, thanks for putting your books in hard copy and not just ebook format.

  149. Emmanuel says:

    I eat raw since 6 weeks, I lost weight and it changes a lot the way I’m looking everything. I already have some of your ebooks, and this dvd shows great recipes I’m excited to eat ! Can’t wait to see the full video.
    Thank you for knowledge about raw food 🙂

  150. Michael says:

    The more that I think of this, the more this is a great idea for a DVD set!

  151. I would love to have this DVD set as a resource for when I give food demonstrations to my diabetic clients that are working with me to restore their health and be rid of Type 2 Diabetes. This would make a tremendous resource for me to recommend to my clients as the recipes look delicious and truly healthy without all the nuts and seeds found in many raw food books. Help me help my community to eliminate Type 2 Diabetes! And thanks again for all the research you do for us in the raw food community! Elizabeth Jones

  152. Frederic Patenaude says:

    UPDATE: The DVD set is now available for preorders! Go to:

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