February 12

Why I’m MAD at the Raw Food Movement

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– Word from the Editor

– Why I’m So Mad at the Raw Food Movement Today

– The State of the Raw Food Movement Today

I’ll be pretty brief with this section, because I know you want to jump right into the main article to know why I’m mad at the raw food movement today.

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Why I’m So Mad at the Raw Food Movement Today

Last week I met someone whose story really moved me in a deep way.

About two weeks ago, I was visiting Dr. Graham at his fasting retreat in Costa Rica, along with my girlfriend and my friend Roger Haeske.

Dr. Graham had generously invited us for dinner and also to spend the day visiting his retreat near the Chirripo Mountain in Costa Rica.

The place is absolutely gorgeous! It’s about 4000 feet in elevation, so the air is a little cool at night and in the evening, but it’s was superbly sunny during the day.It’s right next to the Chirripo River, with amazingly beautiful water and big rocks, with a ton of little pools to jump into.

In fact, I couldn’t help myself but jumping in — and found the water to be surprisingly “refreshing”.

Let’s say that it got the blood flowing, like the cold water I’m used to in Canadian rivers and lakes.

Fortunately, there’s a pool with warmer water as well.But let’s get back to my story.

For lunch, we had a delicious smoothie made with bananas and papaya. It was of a beautiful bright orange color. We ate it with a variety of greens such as lettuce and celery.

I got to meet some of the people who fasted there, which reminded me of my own fast in 2005.

At this point, they had started eating for about a week.

For dinner, we were served one of the most beautiful, tasty and yet simple raw food meal I remember EVER eating in my life.

The entrée was a delicious smoothie made with orange juice and mangoes. It was just “wow”.

Then we had a bright red tomato-mango soup, flavored with a few fresh herbs. The tomatoes had been slightly dehydrated in the sun for a day, which gave them a chunkier consistency and more intense flavor.

Then the main salad came. It was just beautiful. It was “rice” made with a tropical squash called “chayote” that they had processed to make a base for the salad. On top of it was a delicious mixture of tomatoes, cilantro, mangoes and a few other ingredients I can’t remember.

But the most amazing thing about this meal is that it did not contain any fat — no avocados, nuts or seeds, or oils — and did not contain any salt.

These two ingredients are SO common in raw food cuisine that it’s rare not to have them featured in every single dinner recipe.Yet, it was absolutely delicious and satisfying.

It’s not that they never served any fat, but they just didn’t that day. And nobody was missing it, I can tell you.

A Meeting That Moved Me

At the table, I was sitting beside a wonderful woman who had just completed her fast at the retreat. We chatted both in English and in Spanish, because she had moved from South America to the USA when she was younger.

At some point I asked her about her fast.She told me something shocking.For over three years, she could not walk. And since the fast, she was walking again.

I could see the tears filling up her eyes as she was telling me her story.

What happened I asked?

It was arthritis. In fact, it got so bad that she could not hold any utensils. Now she was doing it, and walking again!

But here’s where the real shocker came:She told me that for 4 years she had been following a raw food diet!

That’s right! She had started the raw food diet 4 years ago, and her symptoms had gotten worse, to the point where she could not walk anymore.

But what kind of raw food diet?

“Frederic, she told me, I was eating raw foods for 4 years. I was following what they were saying, all of the gurus, like Robert Young and others.”

Turns out she had done some live blood cell analysis. At this point, I knew where the discussion was headed. I wished she had met me at that time, and I would definitely have advised her against it.

But she did it, and the expected thing happened: all of the gurus told her she had some “fungus” in her blood and she needed to avoid all sugar, including fruits.

So she followed the raw food program as it’s recommended now by most raw food diet books you’ll get everywhere: a diet where you actually eat very little fruit and not that much more vegetables, and where you get most of your calories from fat and oils.

And from that point, things got worse and worse with her health.You could tell that this woman was dedicated to improving her health. But she also got very confused along the way.

As she was telling me her story, I could see how she was actually MAD at the people who led her astray.

Those so-called “gurus” who had no idea what they were talking about, and left her in a worse situation with their advice.

She had found out about the low-fat raw vegan diet and fasting through a friend of hers, who had in turn found out about it through my website.

It really was an amazing moment when these two persons came to me and told me eye-to-eye: “Frederic, I want to thank you. Without you, we would never be here.”

Other Examples of Confusion

I would like to say that the raw food movement is “one big happy family”, but that’s not the case.

There’s a WORLD of difference between the diet that I recommend, and the diet that you’ll see promoted in most other raw food books and websites.

The differences between the low-fat raw diet and let’s say, the Sunfood Diet (by David Wolfe), or the Hippocrates Diet, or Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine (by Gabriel Cousens) are as great or GREATER nutritionally than the differences between the vegetarian diet and the meat-based diet.

I’m not saying that because I want to draw a line in the sand.Any nutritionist looking at a detailed nutritional analysis of these two kinds of diets will have to agree: these are completely different diets!

So it’s very misleading to mix everything together and call that “the raw food diet.”

When someone tells you they “failed” on the raw food diet, you have to ask “what kind of raw food diet?”

For example: I know a guy in Hawaii who was eating a 100% raw food diet for over 5 years. He even wrote a couple of books on the subject, and sold them through his website. Then a couple of years ago, he got really sick.

He stopped eating raw, and then revised his books to say that raw food was not the answer.

But he didn’t get sick because he started to eat cooked food.

He got sick ON the raw food diet program he was following.

And what kind of raw food diet was it? The high-fat raw diet – the same diet that’s recommended everywhere in the raw food movement (even though they will never give it that name).

Another example: ME!

I started on the raw food diet in 1997. That’s starting to be a little while ago.When I first started, there was not as much information available as there is today. The Internet was just getting going. In fact, my website was one of the first websites on the topic.

When I started the raw food diet, I was doing pretty well. I was following the European model for raw food, which was pretty much the low-fat raw diet, after having studied with my first mentor, Albert Mosseri from France.

Then I moved to California and I became very influenced by the main leaders of the raw food movement. You probably heard about them. They’re the biggest names people associate with “raw food diets” today.

The advice was pretty simple: eat as much raw food as you’d like! As long as it’s raw, it’s okay. You can eat as many avocados as you’d like. Raw is law. Cooked food is poison.

After less than a year on the program, I got seriously ill.

For an entire month I had no energy at all. Just walking for 2 minutes made me dizzy.

I was even afraid to tell people that I was sick, because raw-foodists were not supposed to get sick.

So I stayed in bed for an entire month, and ate only apples and a few other fruits.

After a month, I was feeling much better, and started working again.

Still to this day, I don’t know what happened to me. I did not consult any doctor (because doctors are cooked, I thought at the time), and I told very few people about what happened.

It was a sudden illness, but with plenty of warning signs.And I was young! I was in my early twenties, supposedly on the best diet in the world.

The rest of the story has been told in my book “The Raw Secrets”:

I discovered the mistake I was making, and then changed course to eat a lower-fat, high-fruit raw food diet, and now all of these years of struggle and low-energy just seem like a distant, unpleasant memory.

Some Good Examples

I told you earlier that my friend Roger Haeske came to visit me for a couple of weeks in Costa Rica.

I knew Roger because we had worked together on some projects, and through his own website and blog. But we had only met briefly in person while I was waiting for a flight in New York back in 2007.

He had never left North America in his life, and he was eager to come and check out Costa Rica. So I invited him to check it out, and got to show him around the Pacific Coast to some of my favorite, most beautiful spots I know in the world.

Roger has been eating a 100% raw food diet for 6 or 7 years I think. He had a similar history: he had started eating the high-fat diet everybody recommended, did not do well, and then switched to a low-fat raw diet and has been thriving ever since.

Let’s put it this way: Roger looks SHOCKINGLY young for his age.He’s almost 42.

When he was taking his shirt off and playing soccer with the Costa Rican kids on the beach, people were mistaking him for a “muchacho” in his twenties.

To be quite honest, I’ve never met a man in his early forties who looks as young as Roger does. He even looks better in person than he does in his pictures.

His open secret?

  • The low fat raw diet
  • Vigorous Exercise (Roger practices a series of high-intensity exercises he claims helps him stay young. I believe him. Check out his program here).
  • Blended salads! (for more information, check this out)

Another Example

Last summer, I met a 35-year old guy named Grant.

Grant is what people call “an ultra marathon runner”, and what I affectionately call, “a crazy dude!”

He’s done things such as running 100 kilometers through the mountains, where the hardest things at some point is just to fight off sleep while you’re running.

Basically, when Grant invites you to go out for a run, you better have a few hours available (if not a few days!).

Think Forrest Gump (without the chocolate part).People say all the time: those people who eat a high-fruit diet, they’re not really healthy. Eating 25 bananas a day can’t be healthy, they say.Yet, all of the healthiest people I have met have been eating this way.

In fact, whenever I’ve been to a typical raw-food potluck, I see a lot of pretty pale-looking people. Not the type you’d necessarily ask to help you move your furniture.Except if it’s a low-fat group. Then I’ll meet people who just INSPIRE me to get healthier and fitter.But back to Grant…

When I saw him again at Chirripo, he just had a glow in his face. “This is not the guy I met last summer!” I told him.

Even a camera won’t properly capture it.It’s something you’re not used to seeing. It’s a sort of radiating happiness.

Or maybe… it’s just this long-forgotten look we call “health”.

I’ve met a lot of athletes. And often I just don’t see that look in their face.

Bodybuilders tend to be the worst. Even though they have the “perfect” body, they have the look of sickness in their eyes, coming from their protein overeating.

The State of the Raw Food Movement Today

I recently read an article written by a popular raw-food author.

Maybe you’ve seen this article, or maybe not. I’d rather not reveal the identity of the author as to avoid attracting unnecessarily attention to his teachings, because honestly, I’ve rarely read something that bad.

But I think it pretty much sums up the state of the raw food movement today: that of mass confusion.

Here’s the whole point of the article:

– The raw food diet is not the answer, but avoiding overeating is.

– The basic advice he gives is to eat raw, but to avoid overeating.

– You shouldn’t be counting calories, or percentages of fat versus sugar, but just make sure you don’t overeat.

Of course, “overeating” is never clearly defined in the article, and left to the imagination of the reader.

But he gives us some clues: according to him, eating 25 bananas a day is overeating.

On the good side, he advises against eating chocolate and too many raw food recipes.But what is overeating? Isn’t it not eating more than your body needs?

If an athletes needs 3000 calories per day, and yet eats 25 bananas a day plus some greens, they should technically be “under eating”, because the bananas only provide 2500 calories at the most, and the greens almost none.


Oh, now some people will say “calories don’t matter”.

I used to believe that. Until I realized that calories are just the energy you get from food, and yes, they DO matter.

Everyone will naturally be drawn instinctively to eat the exact amount of calories they need, as long as they are provided with natural foods only and they put ridiculous theories in their minds such as “I must avoid overeating at all cost”.

Over the course of a month, a wild animal will eat the EXACT amount of calories it needs.

I once did an experiment. I wrote down everything I ate for an entire month. I didn’t count calories. I just ate enough to be satisfied.

Then after a month, I calculated the calories for every day.

I was very surprised to realize that I ate almost the EXACT same amount of calories every single day, without counting them at all.

So you do NEED a certain amount of calories to survive and thrive.

The Real Overeating

The average raw-foodist is NOT overeating on total calories. In fact, they are “under eating”.

What happens is the average beginner with the raw food diet will eat too much fat, and not enough fruits and vegetables.

Raw-Foodists are just not eating enough fruits and vegetables, period!

The advice of “avoiding overeating” is simply one of the worst I’ve heard in a long time.

Here’s what will happen: people will try to follow it, but with no real understanding of the nutritional balance that must be achieved on a raw food diet.

So they’ll keep eating too much fat, and not enough fruit. They’ll constantly be craving something, but will try to use their willpower to eat less, because they think their problem is overeating.

In fact, they’ll notice that they feel better when they eat less.

Of course! When they’re eating less, they’re eating less of the excess fat they were consuming!

But there’s still that nagging sense of constant hunger, and for that they blame themselves. “I must not overeat”.

Their body is BEGGING them to eat more carbohydrates, and they’re starting to seriously crave some sweets and some cooked foods.

But NO! I must not overeat.

Sooner or later, they’ll give in and either binge on something sweet other than fruit, or high-fat raw food recipes, or binge on chocolate and pasta.

Then they’ll feel bad, because of the “overeating”, but get enough calories to keep them going for a while.

And the cycle will go on and on, over and over again, until their health goes down the drain.

Raw Food Restaurants

Last summer, I took two weeks to drive through California on a vacation.

I flew to Los Angeles, drove to San Diego, drove all the way to San Francisco, then Fort Bragg where the Raw Food Expo was happening, and then drove all the way back to LA.

Let’s say that I did a lot of driving!

But I also got to stop at many raw-food restaurants along the way, because after all, California is the “Mecca” of raw-foods.

What I found by eating at a few different raw food restaurants is this:

– First of all, very few fruits and vegetables are served. In my opinion, you can get more fruits and vegetables if you go to an Italian restaurant, or even a Steak House, than you’ll ever get at a raw food restaurant.

For example, at Juliano’s restaurant, I was served the special of the day. It was a sort of imitation of Fettuccini Alfredo. The vegetables used were zucchini, bathing in a white sauce made with nuts and who knows what. The whole thing was very fatty, very salty, and in my opinion, not very good at all. The quantity of vegetables used was TINY compared to what I’m used to eating. And I got the same experience at every other raw food restaurant where I stopped!

– It takes much more creativity to create a gourmet meal out of fruits and vegetables, without using a lot of fat and without using salt and spices. Then you have to be a REAL chef and rely upon the natural flavors of food, the presentation, the combinations, etc.

But any fool can add a bunch of fat and salt to a dish and make it taste reasonably good. So that’s why I say I’m not impressed with raw food restaurants: I really don’t see a lot of creativity there. All they’re trying to do is reproduce the meals from the Standard American Diet using raw ingredients.


This is getting to be a pretty long article, and I feel I still have a lot more to say.So let me wrap it up with a conclusion.

I’m mad at the raw food movement because of all of the misinformation spread everywhere.

And in fact, I’m very close to saying that there is no such thing as the “Raw food movement”.

What we seem to have is a circus of self-proclaimed gurus who are promoting completely conflicting philosophies. You might as well separate them into two or three completely different diets.Yet, they all want to sing under the same banner. Well, not so fast…

As a group, the raw food movement is pretty confused; when in fact, it does not need to be so complicated. When in the world did we think that this diet was supposed to be about packaged “superfoods”, chocolate, and recipes that imitate cooked foods?

The whole thing was about eating LOTS of fruits and vegetables! An abundance of fruits and vegetables — not an abundance of fats and oils.

You can become incredibly healthy, but you have to know where you’re going.

Are you going to keep trying to mix all kinds of conflicting philosophies into a mishmash of a program that works more or less for you… or are you ready to radically transform your health using the principles of the low-fat raw food diet?

I’ve met a TON of people all around the world who are experiencing amazing success with the low-fat raw food diet.They all seem to have some things in common:

– They have given it enough time. Not just a few weeks or a month or two.

– They are paying great attention to MANY factors of their health, not just diet.

– They eat a LOT of fruits AND greens, and very little fat.

– They try to make health and fitness their priorities.

What do YOU think of all of this?

I want to hear from YOU. Do you have a story to share?

Please post your comment under this article.

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185 Responses to “Why I’m MAD at the Raw Food Movement”

  1. Laurie says:

    His is a comment on the “Why I’m Mad at the Raw Food Movement” article.

    I have been battling the bulge most of my adult life. Although tiny as a kid, I started putting on weight in my 30s and it just kept going up, up and up….I hit 183 at one point….not pretty for a female under 5’2″ with a tiny frame!
    I lost the weight on my own diet in the early 90’s….high fiber, low fat…..I was not a vegetarian. I tried other diets–even became a Weight Watchers leader for a while! But the value of low-fat, high fiber has stuck with me ever since. I discovered “low-carb” when it was all the rage. However, I couldn’t eat the high-fat dishes espoused by many of the low-carb plans (as diverse as the raw food ones, believe it or not, once you delve deeper) any more than I can on the raw food diets. Although some of the food at the Raw restaurants in the Bay Area where I live are tasty, I usually just take what I like and reinvent it at home without the fat.
    There are two foods that I still eat regularly, gleaned from my low-carb days, that are not raw. One is Xylitol (which I find far healthier for my teeth and body in general than eating raw sugar, agave, dates, honey, etc.). The other is a substance called Z-Trim which is, quite simply, corn fiber. This fiber, when whipped up with water in a blender, thickens and is a great substitute for some or all of the oil in many dishes. In raw food pates and dishes in particular, it is a great 100% substitute for oil. Most of my raw food recipes, followed using Z-Trim instead of oil, wind up at well less than 1/2 the calories of the original version. That’s easy to see….if a dish is made only of vegetables and oil, omit the oil and you have omitted the vast majority of the calories.
    In fact, I wish I could eat a lot of fat and stay skinny like many of the raw foodiests I have met. In fact, for me it is about calories, and it is very easy for me to put on weight on a raw diet if I don’t watch what I eat (especially if I don’t make it myself and know exactly what’s in it!). Another great ingredient that I used to use when making cooked foods on a low-carb diet was polydextrose, but I don’t use it any more simply because I haven’t figured out how to use it with raw foods. And finally, my last low-carb holdover is Inulin, which I still use regularly when making anything that uses cacao butter, which I use in moderation. I do love my chocolate, but have to keep it moderate. Inulin is a prebiotic, low in calories and high in fiber. It combines well with xylitol in making chocolate confections and is rather sweet on its own. It lowers the calorie content and increases the fiber content of the chocolate dishes that I make.
    I just have one other curious comment about Frederic’s article: I couldn’t tell whether he was comparing his diet to all of the others (insinuating that all of the others were high fat and his wasn’t) or just saying that they were all radically different from each other. Certainly I wouldn’t think of Gabriel Cousen’s diet as high fat. Of course he has various phases, but none of them seem to be particularly high in fat.
    As far as fruit goes, I do enjoy fruit on my diet, but find that my teeth stay far healthier if I keep to the low sugar fruits except on special occasions: mostly I stick with berries….particularly strawberries & raspberries, although I also grow and enjoy feijoa (pineapple guavas) that have strikingly similarly nutritional characteristics to the highest fiber, lowest sugar berries.
    So I guess I am on yet another type of (mostly) raw diet: low fat AND low glycemic, using a few non-raw substances that, in my opinion, work better for my teeth and weight control (while providing other healthful properties) than their raw counterparts.

  2. Frederic says:

    Thanks for leaving your comments. I’m not sure what makes you think that Gabriel Cousens’ diet is not high in fat? The last time I checked, it was 70% fat. Could you send me a sample menu and I can tell you what the exact percentage is. I’m sure you will be QUITE surprised.

  3. Mohammed says:


    Your findings about too much FAT in raw foods is very useful.
    It saves novices (like me) from health hazards.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Lindy says:

    Simply: “Thanks a lot” for this article! Thanks for waking up and writing like crazy that morning!

  5. Joke says:

    Dear Fred,

    thank you for putting it so clearly! I just know your view of raw (together with Graham’s) is THE RIGHT WAY, THE ONLY WAY to be 100% in line with nature. I trust you two and know you two have only our best interest at heart. Kind greetings from Belgium!!

  6. Darla Fielder says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel as though a weight has been removed
    from me. I have tried, and failed, and tried, and failed at following a raw
    foods diet because of not really understanding what to do. I agree that fruits
    and vegetables are the best foods to eat, and it comes from Gen. 2:16 in the
    Bible…. “of these you may freely eat.” I appreciate you, and what you are
    doing to shed some light on the raw food diet. Sincerely, Darla Fielder

  7. Marcy says:

    Thank you for putting this out there. I am still “new” to raw with alot of weight to lose and somedays I just shake me head because it doesnt make sense..everyone’s cookbooks have these high-fat raw recipes and it didnt feel right to make them or to eat them..until I read Doug Graham’s 80-10-10 and everything clicked for me.
    Now the scale is going down and my energy and moods are up!
    Thanks again..Im so glad I found both you and Doug!

  8. Carla Golden says:

    Thank you, Frederic. I also am a relative newbie and not 100% raw, but getting there so your information is very helpful. I’m curious to know your brief opinion on The University of Natural Health’s degree programs in natural hygiene http://www.unh-edu.org. Thank you, Carla aka OneHealthyGirl.com

  9. Burnie Meyers says:

    Thank you for all your inspirational writings. Everytime I’m about to give up educating my people here in Miami about raw food and the dangers of cooked foods,and prescribed medications, you send something my way to inspire me to continue.



  10. Lauren says:

    Was just speculating upon this the other day. The abundance of conflicting information and “who to believe???” Ultimately one must experiment for oneself and trust their own experience. It didn’t take me long on cashew-cacao-agave shakes to clue in that fat can make you feel just as lethargic as cooked foods. Hopefully all of those who are following a high-fat raw diet with detriment to their health will awaken to the responses of their bodies and continue to search for an even more enlightened path of eating raw. Thanks for all your hard work!


  11. Bill Seaberry says:

    I have been on some form of raw food off and on since 2002 when I started I was 250 lbs at six feet tall. I have been a cook for 30 years and although a vegetarian for 20 have struggled with dairy and my entire cooking scheme for myself was recreating old dishes first vegan then not and in 2002 finally raw. I made nut loaf’s, burgers, pate’s wraps, sushi etc. And honestly taste wise was better than most of the so called raw chefs out their with their certifications, Well overall I did lose weight, I got down to 183 lbs and did feel pretty good at 42 years old. But I always “cheated” once and awhile, mexican food, pizza now and then. My appetite was always large. Since 2002 I have regained and re-lost the weight 3 times and at this time am 282 lbs at 48 years old and in the worst health of my life. I too feel that just eating raw is rawng. I am not sure if I have the energy to do this again but I bought 80/10/10 and have read Raw Secrets and feel that if I can stand the pressure and tremendous hours running a high volume restaurant that I may try again. WISH ME LUCK, ILL NEED IT!

    Peace and thatnks for the harsh truth, Bill

  12. Rebecca says:

    Thanks you so much for all your wonderful information and you research into the raw food diet. It all makes perfect sense, however I am having the most difficult time with this diet. I’m an athlete, small slender and somewhat muscular (leg strength mostly because I’m a skater) and the one problem for me is that I get so hungry/weak during the day that I just break down and eat cooked stuff at night.
    For one thing I can’t just eat all that fod at one sitting like most people, I only eat a little bit and of course I’m hungry again in an hour, but there’s no time to eat.
    Then there’s the issue of poor quality fruits and veggies here in the Northeast, oh they are just disgusting in the winter especially! And expensive!
    I have one major problem, I have only half my small intestine due to surgery for a strangulated hernia. I have malabsorbtion and diarrhea, but I take tincture of opium to help a bit with that. I am determined to be as healthy as possible and I want to eat the best diet of raw foods, but it’s just not happening right now. I’m trying eating some chia seeds to slow things down and absorb excess water, it helps a little. I think I need more fat and protein (blood tests are always low in protein) than most people because of the malabsorption, but I really don’t understand how to do this with my digestive problems.
    If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I’d appreciate it VERY much.

  13. Patrick says:


    I have to say, this is one of the best ‘raw’ articles/blogs I have ever read. Immensely readable and so, so true.

    The funny thing is, as I read it, I thought of the people I really trust in the ‘raw food movement’ – you, Roger and Graham (I’m not saying there aren’t others) – and and then came the picture of the three of you! Wish I’d been there 🙂

    I also get Mad at the Raw Food Movement bandwagon. Many (sometimes well-intentioned) people end up promoting those in the Raw arena such as Wolfe, as being worthy of attention, rather than explaining why the diets they promote should be questioned. But, there is money to be made in mixing with the big names in raw and getting interviews, affiliate link payments etc. So, far easier to overlook real health and just throw everything into the pot and leave it up to the reader to discover the reality … potluck, hmmm …

  14. Sarah says:

    This is a really great article. I’ve been following the low-fat, high-fruit and greens, raw diet for over a year now and feel absolutely amazing. I’m also angry with the misinformation being spread around the raw community. I feel like it makes the community as a whole come off in a negative light. It also leads many people down a path that they can’t maintain, so they go back to their SAD diets. We just have to keep spreading the truth in a loving way. Thank you!

  15. reina says:

    Thank you so very much for this insightful article.
    I just started raw in july 08 after years of vegetarian and vegan.
    I followed Arnold Ehret’s advice for years.
    You are 110% correct.
    I have been pretty slim and when I started with the avocados, nuts and seeds I found my mid section and bottom increasing abnormally. I also felt that my digestive tract in its entirety was full of oils.
    I am a long distance runner so that has never been a problem.
    I cut out the above and now within one week and feeling that my body is recalibrating to its correct weight, I do not feel sluggish and I am running better.
    I have read everything I can get my hands on with regards to raw foods. I even visited some raw restaurants. I am not impressed AT ALL. You do not need to make all of those fancy dishes and desserts based on nuts and seeds to live a raw diet. I do not even think you need those dehydrators.I need fruits, vegetables, coconut and olive oil and the like. The simpler the better.
    I will be signing up with you as soon as possible.
    Like I said I have read voraciously since July 08 and you make the soundest sense to me. Merci, Gracias, Grazie, Aregato, for your newsletter, your recipes, your advice and for your hard work.
    Much obliged.

  16. Jeff Ferguson says:

    Thanks for the excellent article. I enjoy making my own almond milk from raw soaked almonds. I strain out the pulp and use the milk in my smoothies. Am I correct in assuming that this almond milk would be high in fat and should not be consumed in excess?


  17. Gentry Smith says:

    Frederic & Roger… You guys are awesome!
    I’ve been following both of you for a couple of years now. Thanks so much for your passion towards helping people become truly healthy.

    I was introduced to the raw foods world through Arnold Ehret’s writing back in the early 1970’s (I’m 49 now)… Though I don’t currently have the muscle tone that Roger has, people still can’t believe my age. Anyway, when I first read Ehret’s books, I quit my “American diet” cold turkey and went out and made myself a huge salad, determined to go raw for the rest of my life. Well, I immediately took ill with a cold which was the worse I ever had in my life. I was bedridden for three weeks. But, after that I can honestly say I was so refreshed, it was like a “Perpetual Springtime’ — I had never felt better. Its okay to use that phrase in your ads… I coined it about 20 years ago 🙂

    People would say I was glowing (like Grant in your article). They weren’t used to being around someone truly healthy. Needless to say, I quickly became alienated from my family as an elitist because I wouldn’t eat “soul food” anymore.

    Anyway, my hippie friends at the time tried to sell me on their “Macrobiotic” diet versions, but I couldn’t help noticing they all had severe tooth problems. I’d annoy them with questions like, “If your diet is so great, why are your teeth falling out?” So I stuck with my Ehret diet and exercise program and periodic fasting throughout my high school years. I got a tremendous amount of exercise and sunlight too. I was in super shape and had a very bright attitude.

    Long story short, “life happened” and I fell off that wagon. But thanks to your work and Roger Haeske’s work, I’m saving my a** and getting truly healthy once again. For the longest time, I was saying, “I swear this is my last bag of chips… as soon as I finish it, I’m going raw once again.” Well, after a few Big Chill moments with friends having several unnecessary, diet-related health problems, I’ve finally made the conversion. Like the friend you mentioned in the article, they were led astray by mis-informed gurus.

    So, not to sound campy, but sincere thanks to you, Frederic for being a “Beacon of Hope”


  18. Grace says:

    Thanks for a great article! It was pretty clear after surfing the net and reading many books on raw food that people will experience ‘raw’ on different levels. First off, if you’re coming off the standard american diet, and then start eating raw gourmet food, it will help lessen the cravings for standard american flare because in essence, these foods ‘look’ and taste like their ‘old’ foods. The key is transition and it will not be the same for everyone. I know for myself that when I started to eat more raw, the raw gourmet stuff just never appealed to me because I had far surpassed any cravings for burger/fries, lasagna, fettucine alfredo, mashed potatoes, packaged foods, etc. Intuitively, their raw counterparts looked and felt heavy. I had been mostly vegan for five years until I became interested in the idea of living on raw food. So for me, it wasn’t difficult eating just fruits and vegetables. Fruits are the biggest cleansers on the planet and my experience tells me that if someone doesn’t consider ‘transition’, he may not be ready for what gets stirred up as he embarks on this journey. And yeah, I’m so tired of the endless ‘superfood’ list from which to choose from to better my health. I feel you’re the real thing. Eating raw is about eating predominantly fruits and vegetables and like many other people, I refer to your site often because of your integrity and level of understanding. For a long time I had been confused too with all of the conflicting information in the raw food movement. But it’s clear to me, the ‘simpler’ the lifestyle, the more ‘true’ it becomes.

  19. ron says:


    I’m a chiropractic physician which means I see the entire gambit of people wanting to change how they feel and mostly wanting me to make it happen for them. I do not speak to anyone about nutrition unless they beg me because the desire to make real changes has to come from inside. Terrific information is not enough. Can’t tell you how many times I have heard; “Please, take my wife but leave me my coffee.” Then they deny addiction.

    To start with a person who is cooked, tired, sick and ailing, I simply say; if it’s white it’s not right. First cut out everything white. We will talk about how to proceed from there. Then I make a joke about the exception of cauliflower. Milk, mayo, rice, sugar and salt are all so common, having staked a claim on the territory of most tables, to question them is considered heresy.

    Thousands of ‘vegetarians’ are self righteous about having left meat behind while they use a salad as a mayonnaise delivery device, filled with croûtons, cheese and salt. Then they ask why they feel so tired. See, you’re not the only one who can rant!

    When I was in chiro school I read a very well done, controlled and documented study. Wish I could find it again. A large group of pre-school children were offered anything they wanted to eat for a full month. They were presented a low table full of all kinds of food. It was available 24/7. The first couple of days were reactionary, they ate all the things their parents had tried to limit; cakes, cookies, sugar bombs. After this exercise in newly found freedom, they settled down to listen to their own bodies. In summary, they ate mono meals, all one thing at a time, often all one thing all day, mostly fruit and almost all raw.

    A meal does not have to be balanced. A month will balance itself if we forget what we think we know and listen to the most amazing, miraculous and wise body. It’s simple.

    The internet is full of self appointed experts who happily extrapolate a few months of raw life into an empire. It’s no more than gossip packaged for those who own credit cards. How can anything but greed motivate shipping a substance (usually a stimulant) thousands of miles, processing it and wrapping it in plastic to be shipped again? And then they have the gall to tell me it’s ‘superfood’ and build an MLM scheme around it. I would be better served to eat the grass in my garden, it’s fresh, raw, ripe and organic, with no polyvinyl chloride.

    Nice ranting with you Frederick!

  20. Johanna says:

    Thanks for the article. When I first started experimenting with the raw diet 8 years ago, I followed the high fat version and made very little progress in improving my health. I was experiencing a varity of digestive problems, from leaky gut, colitis, candida to other problems such as chronic infections, arthritis, and skins ailments. Without much healing, I would give up and revert to cooked foods. Finally, I read Doug Graham’s book “The 80-10-10 Diet” and a light went on. I’ve been following it 100% since January 1 and have seen significant improvements in just that short amount of time. I know it may take awhile for me to completely heal and I’m just taking it day by day now, but I know in my heart that this is the right diet for me and for all humans. Thanks for all you and Doug Graham and others have done to promote the truth about diet and healing.

  21. Kimberly Walker says:

    Very well written. I agree completly. I’ve been on raw for about a month. I’ve seen how everyone tries to immitate cooked foods and I’m thinking why? I looked at a raw food cook book that had the calorie and fat count and it was as high as the original cooked food, if not higher. I don’t eat hardly any nuts. I was eating alot of avocado’s and some olive oil. I’ve cut down my avocado and oil use for about a week and I feel I have more energy. I kept wondering where is the raw high I’m supposed to get. Now I feel a little better. I also notice how some of the raw food guru’s look kind of gray and unhealthy. Some are even getting sick alot. I was wondering if this was right for me. I’ve done alot of reading and relize that keeping it low fat and simple is the best way to go. I’m not looking for a replica of my old way of eating I’m looking for a plain, simple and healthy way of eating. Thank you for this article.

  22. Hi Fred,

    I love your rant and your passion! I hate that fruits have become “vilified” and that all sugar is being seen as equal. I think that is a ridiculous notion. Fruit is the perfect food for humans and we need only look at our digestive tracts for the evidence. The only caveat is that I do believe we need some supplementation and super foods because of the poor quality of fruits and vegetables we are eating. But nonetheless, fruits and vegetables and small amounts of fat is where the core of the diet should be and I believe fruit has corrective power over health problems even if it is diabetes.

    Keep up the great work!

  23. Teri says:

    As I went along I noticed that I naturally wanted to eat more juicy fruits and vegies. I used to add oils to my soups etc. But now it seems so unnecessary and I feel great!!!

  24. Christine says:

    Hi Frederic,

    As I was reading your article I couldn’t help but notice that you can say the same thing about the “new age” movement. There’s so much misinformation out there and so many people who are self-proclaimed gurus making the whole topic very confusing. And people are paying lots of money for the benefit of getting confused.

    Forget the “Master’s Gathering” and all that other stuff–the true master is within. You only need to learn how to connect within and *trust* the master within–your higher self. This takes a process, but the process makes complete sense.

    Thanks for this article.
    Christine Hoeflich
    author, “What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition and Awakening”

  25. Rick Welland says:

    Good one!! Lets all get mad! And learn to listen to our bodies – and sort out those that are in this for the money- and those that are truly interested in helping people. There is so much hype out there- so many know it all ‘guru’s’ that its rapidly approaching meltdown. But then again the whole ‘system of things’ is close to the edge (if not over it ) so confusion reigns
    supreme eh? Dr Doug & his 80/10/10 rang bells for me right from the start- and the sooner the whole raw movement gets into it the better.. We gotta get the ‘vision’ right! And its eventually gotta be the mass of humanity ‘getting it right’..Tis hard to understand why humanity just doesn’t seem to realize the damage they are doing to themselves and the planet. Jim Sloman in A Global Vision says it right..The Vision is what we gotta get right…Keep up the good works…

  26. Marie says:

    How does a type11 diabetic not on drugs or insulin react with the high intake of fruits. Or do the greens counteract this. NO one seems to be able to answer this question. Is there anyone out there who can help?? Thank you.

  27. Kelly says:

    Great article!

    I got lost at the beginning of my raw journey also. I read quite a bit and thought raw was definitely the way to go when it came to health. However, when I first tried it I felt like something was missing and I also didn’t like all the complicated recipes. I figured it MUST be simpler than this…

    I then was lucky enough to discover Doug Graham’s book and everything is falling into place.

    Just like you say though – diet isn’t the only thing…but it has definitely helped me deal with other aspects of health much more easily.

    Thanks for sharing.

  28. Simone Peer says:

    My first introduction to raw scared me because of the complicated super-food/super-prep protocols. When I did actually step over the raw line, I did a fantastic raw detox and then did several days of intenstive associate raw chef certification classes. We were sold on the power of the greens, which already lived within me to some degree (my mom made us eat a salad every day. I thought I would grow up hating them, and instead grew up loving them- thanks, mom!). However, most everything else, although delicious at the time, required lots of nuts or seeds, or nama shoyu and miso. I suppose they made it safe and easy to make the shift.

    Winters were hard (I live in Chicago), and I don’t know if it was psychological, or if the balance of nutrition was not satisfying my bodies needs, so I went back to cooked food for balance. It didn’t seem to work, my energy dropped and I got sick a few times, even though I had not been sick in years, I think it’s because my body’s wisdom was surfacing in ways that my mind did not understand, and with the confusing nutritional information coupled with an eating addiction that tends toward overeating and overweight, it was easier to revert back to the standard protocols of healthy eating, then to carry on with something that made me crazy.

    Victoria Boutenko has played a fantastic role in my story in that she has inspired me to consume at least a quart of green smoothie (mostly fruit-based) nearly every day. Then getting acquainted with you, I took advantage of many of your free programs, recipes, and fruit cleanses. I read your newsletters, and ordered The Raw Health Starter Kit because I think you’ve GOT IT!!!

    Your commitment to educating the public about low-fat raw eating is admirable. Your consistency of message is powerful, and your constant sharing of information, research, and testimonials is the support and evidence the general public needs to make sense out of so much nonsense.

    Since finding you, I went from eating lots of nuts & or avocado every day to eating just enough on a daily to weekly basis. With the general increase in fruits, greens, and vegetables, I have eliminated the “sugar” cravings for desserts. With regard to overeating, I have established some anti-addiction behaviors that have me prepare meals and an eating plan that create a “no-matter what” philosophy to eating outside of what serves me best, and this has also eliminated the addiction chemistry that supports my eating well, which takes good care of me emotionally, mentally, nutritionally, and spiritually.

    Another point I’d like to address is your consistent message about getting nutrients from FOOD, not superfoods. I appreciate this because it speaks to my soul! I have always had an inner conflict with taking vitamins, supplements, and superfoods. Although, I’ve done it, I know it is because I did not eat food in the right amount, right combination, or right state that would provide me with everything I need. I think it is abysmal for the raw-food movement to promote these things as ways of living when they are simply overpriced packaged foods used to balance out the imbalance of the diet at hand.

    Lastly, I have shared you and your work with everyone I’ve ever spoken with about raw, and oft times have encountered someone who is a “raw-foodist” that shirks back at your name because they associate you with being a radical fruititarian, but in my opinion, they have not really heard what you have to say.

    I don’t think there is anyone else that I’ve encountered that provides as much logic, facts, and reason into the presentation of the way they eat and recommend to others, as you. I also find that you include lots of vegetables, and that although you say yes to lots of fruit to get the calorie count up, you also, more importantly, say reduce the fat intake. So, in my opinion, you are not only the low-fat, raw food genius, you’re someone who cares enough to promote and share the very best!

    Thanks for doing what you’re doing and for making it possible for others to do it, with ease, too!


  29. Dave says:

    Frederic, you are well accquainted with the past of traditional Natural Hygiene which was a High Fruit low Fat diet. And i know for a fact that many NHers ran into alot of problems on this diet, especially rotting decayed teeth. TC FRY especially, who was the biggest and most popular proponent of this diet actually lost ALL his teeth to decay .

    Another popular ex NHist Dr. Jameth Sheridan, also claims to have encountered terrible dental troubles on the High Fruit diet. He claims it was ONLY after drastically reducing the Fruit, and increasing the Greens that he was able to heal his teeth.

    Actually Victoria BOUTENKO states the same example happened with her family, High fruit = Massive dental decay.

    what is your response ?

  30. Frederic says:

    I do not see these problems today in people who got the right information from the start. TC Fry ate a LOT of dried fruit. Plus, he started with bad teeth in the first place.

    The Boutenkos were also eating many dried items, before they made the switch to more green smoothies.

    I did the same mistake, and got the same problem, which I talked about in The Raw Secrets.

    I do not know about Dr. Sheridan’s story.

    Have you read my special reports on dental health? I’ve written extensively on the subject. http://www.fredericpatenaude.com/toothsoap.html (it’s offered as a bonus now)

    It’s also a misconception to say that the low-fat raw diet is ALL about fruit. My friend Roger Haeske eats more greens than anyone I know. Large blended salads are a staple for him.

    From what I can tell people now who start with the right information, eat lots of FRESH fruit, lots of greens and avoid dried foods do not get these dental problems everybody is fearing.

  31. Peaches says:

    Great article!
    So, what do you think of the CHI diet?

  32. Julie Suiter says:

    Hi, Frederic!

    I am your cabina-mate and friend from Costa Rica. It is wonderful to see that you look better than ever! And your writing is the best out there.

    I love hearing about your meal with Doug and the gang. It brings back memories of mealtime in Uvita.

    Thank you for being a light to the world. Your work is so important! And you are right on about the confusion. Yeah, fruit and low-fat is the way to go, for sure.

    I intend to be back in Costa Rica soon. . .

    : )


  33. meeks, david says:


    when I cut out all fat, avos, oil, nuts, I feel great for awhile. then I get super thin, and just seem to plod through life, without any “zest.” then I get to the point where I say, ” I keep getting skinnier, looking like a concentration camp refugee, and I’m not feeling that great, so what’s the point?” Is this just temporary and will pass, or is my body telling me I need something else? I’m male,
    6’0, 145 lbs. And I hear you say eat 15-20 bananas, well what if the bod just doesn’t want that many? or after one they just don’t taste that good?



  34. Susan says:

    Thank you, Frederic, and everyone who has responded. Right on…but I’m not mad. I understand everyone has different opinions and experiences. But I used to be terribly confused.

    I began my journey into raw foods a little nervous. I was dangerously hypoglycemic and headed toward diabetes, and went from straight vegetarian to SAD in order to reduce symptoms. After eating NO fruit for almost 9 years (and MISSING IT very, very much), I was anxious about introducing fruits into my diet. But I was sick and tired and hated eating, my bowels were bound up, I couldn’t lose ONE pound, all I wanted to do was sleep and I never felt rested. My blood felt stagnant and I watched myself age in the mirror every day…it was as if I could see the aging taking place. So I stumbled onto the first guru’s website on raw foods. I spent an entire day reading to gather information for my new journey. Interestingly, he will NOT eat a banana or juice, especially carrots. So, being hypoglycemic, I took that advice.

    My first raw book recommended 80% raw and 20% cooked, with fats and all the trimmings. That is how I ate. I studied under a raw chef so I could make “transition” foods, but then learned about and Green Smoothies — they were the first step to successful raw eating for me. They helped me to get into 100% raw and eat as many fruits as I wanted. I went to see Victoria Boutenko at a local restaurant and read all of her books. Fantastic information and useful.

    My goal, then, was to get off the “transition” foods, dehydrated foods, and fats, as I was losing more weight than desired and everyone was “worried” about me. (How many of us have loved ones that are exceedingly happy when they see us eat a huge plate of cooked food?) So, I found another guru’s book in a used bookstore and read it. Got me into more mono foods, but some of the information was contradictory from the other books.

    Then I read Frederic’s book, “Raw Secrets” and was happy to learn I could eat more fruit, especially bananas, which I love. I started eating more like Frederic.

    Then I read another book, and that one said “less fruit, more greens, add nuts and seeds and fats”. Then another book, reduced calories, fasting, but don’t drink water. Then another book, drink more water! The Dr. Walker’s book, juice, juice, juice. Then another website, don’t juice — blend! All the contradictions…who am I supposed to believe?

    The answer: Myself. At this point, I was about 8 months into eating raw and decided to pick and choose and see what my body said. I had read enough to have a good base of information to decide what worked best for ME. I have been raw 16 months now, and I find that I am eating fruit in the morning, accompanied by a Green Smoothie. For lunch, I eat a very large but finely chopped salad with lots of ingredients for taste. I have cut back my olive oil and apple cider vinegar from about 1/4-1/2 cup on my salads, lots of salt and pepper (grew up in a Sicilian family), to one tablespoon of olive oil and the juice of 1/2 lemon, nothing else, and am working my way down to adding nothing. I do eat 1/2 an avocado every other day, I just love them. Occasionally, I eat raw pumpkin seeds on my salad, and grind up flax or chia seed and add it to a smoothie (my husband likes it that way).

    If I feel like a snack, I eat fruit or a cucumber or celery. I drink water when I feel I need it, which is not often, and I drink coconut water often. I rarely make some “transition” food, and don’t dehydrate except for some outstanding sprouted grain crackers that I make and eat occasionally. I made the mistake in the beginning of eating lots of fat to try to regain weight. I found that by limiting or even eliminating them, I am able to maintain a healthy weight (for me… my husband thinks I’m too skinny, but this weight is where I was most of my life, so it seems natural for me). I think the average person on the SAD diet will think we raw fooders are too skinny. I told my husband that I’m not too skinny, everyone else is just overweight and doesn’t recognize what a healthy body is supposed to look like.

    I started looking at people when they would recommend a certain diet, raw or not. If they don’t look healthy, why would I follow that? If they do, then I pay closer attention.

    In closing, I MOST CHERISH each bite of fruit, since I could not eat fruit for 9 years. I stopped having hypoglycemic symptoms after 2 months of raw eating and consider myself cured. I LOVE FRUIT and can’t get enough, so I’m really glad to learn that IT IS HEALTHY!! I feel great and want to thank Frederick and every raw food person out there for sharing information.

  35. Susan P says:

    I am surprised the high fat diet is recommended as long term eating model. However, short term, it does have it’s place whether raw, cooked, or a mix.

    For people who have developed insulin resistance or are already diabetic, a high fat, no sugar diet is used short term to reset Leptin hormone signal recognition in cells, and get your body burning fat, not incoming sugar. Also, you MUST take a variety of supplements to help your body deal with the toxic overload produced and the hormonal reprogramming like Chromium Picolinate, Vanadyl Sulfate, Gymnema, Lipoic Acid, and many, many others. There is also a specific panel of bloodwork you must do before, during, and after this controlled diet.

    This diet is followed for ONLY 90 DAYS. Then, depending of both bloodwork and what you are physically feeling, you both taper off some of the blood sugar regulators like the Gymnema, and slowly increase fruit intake. After another 90 days, you can up fruit intake more because your body should be back to normal for insulin sensitivity.

    I was told I was a hypocondriac until I was 45. Then an osteopathic dr. here figured out I was a Celiac. At this time I was also on thyroid pills. Once placed in them, I went from 127 lbs to over 200 in four months, with no change in diet what so ever. I was told nothing could be done. Even naturopathic dr. had no solution. It took a lot of intuitive listening and some research to figure out what was happening to me.

    Once I figured out I had no thyroid problem at all and quit the pills, my bloodwork went normal, but the weight stayed even though I live on mostly raw smoothies and fruit and veggies. I then developed insulin resistance. After finding and reading the information about what is going wrong with my body and applying this diet, I am shrinking back to original size and my insulin resistance is gone. And when I started feeling tired on this program, I knew before any bloodwork that it was time to slowly reintroduce fruits, and wean off the specifically choosen fats, supplements etc. After many years I feel like myself again. But as far as eating like this long term, without certain supplements, I can see why people get sick.

    I find I need more protein and fat than most. But then, the measurable amount is smaller than most would think. I also find that I prepare fewer, and fewer dishes and like the children, just eat what I want, usually one thing at a time, quite often a fruit.

  36. Ben says:


    Because you live in the Northeast and the fruit quality is low, another diet you may want to look into is “Eat to Live” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Next to the lowfat raw, Fuhrman’s diet is the healthiest, in my opinion. It is much better than the highfat raw diets. I think Frederic would probably agree with that as well. Easier to follow for people who live in colder climates and do not have easy access to tropical fruit.

  37. Roland says:

    Dear Fred!

    Thanks so much for reminding me what a truly healthy raw food diet is. I had gotten so swept up by the tidal wave of marketing from the raw gurus in southern Calfornia where I lived for 5 years and attended the many raw food dinners and programs and restaurants. So I know exactly what you mean when you say that the supposed healthy raw foods served at the raw food restaurants and special events left me feeling worse than when I ate simple cooked foods!!! This feeling and other reasons (mostly feeling socially outcast) lead me away from raw food and I returned to my geographical and dietary roots on the east coast of a vegan raw and cooked diet, which leaves me feeling okay but not much energy.

    After reading your Mad as Hell article 🙂 I am inspired to get back to a simpler diet of mainly raw fruits and vegetables and less fats and processed foods. There are mainly three major obstacles standing in my way of a simple, healthy lifestyle: the long, cold winters, the stress of being an entrepreneur in several fields, and my wife who likes her traditional Japanese diet of white cooked rice, seaweed, tofu, salty marinated plums, cooked warm foods, salt, green tea, and she loves chocolate!! These three factors, among others, cause me to currently eat more fats, proteins, processed, cooked foods than I really want to.

    Do you have any suggestions to help me achieve health, or do I have to give up my businesses, move to Costa Rica, and dump my wife??? I don’t even like to write this. I sound so negative…

    Anyways, thanks for being a leader to a truer consciousness for us all! You are a shining light for the universe!!! And someday I will meet you since I want to meet you. I think we share many similar ideas.

    To your health!!!

  38. Patricia says:


    Liked the article. I’ve been doing too much fat as well – that would explain the lack in energy – too much avocados and nuts.

    We’re trying to eat 2 raw meals a day and one cooked to start off. Found out last week that I cannot eat bananas! They trigger headaches. (and heartburn).

    I’m a bit confused over something though – I’ve been told that I’m ‘two steps’ away from being diabetic and that I should NOT eat fruit w/o a protein (nuts) with it to slow down the sugar absorption. But …if I’m not supposed to eat so much fat??? And isn’t it better food combining to eat fruits separately from nuts?


  39. Rebecca G says:

    Thanks for the info. It seems that I have read every book out there about becoming a raw vegan. I agree that it is riduculous to want to eat raw ‘burgers’, raw ‘pasta’, etc. I thought the whole point of a raw vegan diet was to get away from the American norm, to break away from processed foods. I use green smoothies as a huge staple as they provide so many veggies and fruits all in one delicious glass/serving. (they also travel well) I love avocados so I will have about one a week and also about 4 TBL of almond butter a week that I make myself. I do try and stay away from excess fats, but up my veggie intake and that seems to help with cravings, etc. What about raw, sprouted quinoa? So good and full of nutrition and energy giving proteins.

  40. Rebecca G says:

    I need to add that I am in Alaska and the fruit availability is poor.

  41. Lori says:

    Frederic, thank you for your article. I’ve struggled with the raw food movement for years and pretty much scoffed at Doug Graham’s 80/10/10 diet. However, I am starting to re-think my attitude. With years of attempting raw, going back to some cooked, finding myself taking supplements again, getting fat back into my diet, with the challenges of celiac disease, candida and gallbladder attacks (with my latest gallbladder attack being just several days ago) giving me a serious wake-up call (plus rapidly gaining weight since I went into menopause), I realize I needed to start getting serious about my health again. I am making the green smoothies although I do supplement with a “super-greens” drink that I mix with water that I eat with low glycemic fruit on the days I work 12 hours with no lunch breaks (in this present economy, I am grateful for those days). I know super green powder supplements is something you do not recommend, but it helps me with my rather crazy work schedule as a massage therapist because sometimes I only have 5 minutes and I need the greens. Since going back on a low fat regime, my weight has dropped of dramatically as it has risen and I am almost back at my optimal weight. Interestingly, it was eating cashews that threw me into my gallbladder attack. It really got me thinking. But anyway, thanks for your article. I am presently leery of putting too much fat in my diet right now because of my recent experience.

    I forgot to mention that my ring finger on my right hand is getting arthritic and since I need my hands to make a living, I’ll see how a low fat raw diet works for me. I would love to address that in a very serious way.

    I hope your amazing time in Costa Rica continues.

    Thank you for your e-zine.


  42. Aric says:

    Great article Frederic. Mussi Cho! It is funny, looking in the cupboards of the low-sugar raw foodist, I have always found agave nectar, which is not raw, and is devoid to vitamins and minerals. Complicated, dehydrated recipes have no place in my life. If I make anything that borders on “gourmet” it contains a massive amount of fruits and vegetables, and at the most a tablespoon of nuts or seeds per person.

    Since going low fat raw, I’ve maintained steady safe weight loss. Even if I accidentally go without food for too long, when I throw some fruit in the belly, within minutes my muscles feel full and strong. My flexibility has increased. My skin glows. And I feel sharper mentally. I actually don’t bash superfoods too much because they can help remineralize someone who is really sick and retune their choices to raw fruits and vegetables, as does fasting. But on high fat raw I ate superfoods and they did nothing. On low fat raw if I eat superfoods I can actually feel a mental-physiological change.

  43. Frederic says:

    To the question about weight: it shouldn’t be an issue if you eat enough. And you most probably are not. You don’t have to eat 20 bananas, but the calories have to come from somewhere. It’s also a learning process at first to learn to eat enough fruits and vegetables to meet your needs. Did you read the Raw Secrets? (http://www.fredericpatenaude.com/starterkit.html)

  44. Chilepalm says:

    Spot On, Fred! “I feel I still have a lot more to say”…Ha! Vintage Patenaude– that, and your passion, have become your signature in the rawfood “movement”.
    I discovered your site early in my transition to raw, and I cannot tell you how immensely it has helped me! I am going to share this post with my rawfood Sparkteam, and provide them a link back to your website. I wish all people just embarking upon their raw journey would stop off at Fred’s Place FIRST.

  45. Brigitte says:

    I’m writing from Canada. I have been struggling to maintain a raw food diet for a few years.I find your information helpful but I still have a few question. Is it possible to maintain a fruit diet in this cold climate? It is also much more expensive to buy fruit here than in a warmer climate. My other question is how does a beginner know who to believe? I have found that health is a lot like religion. There are so many different factions how can one sort through them all?

  46. Amanda says:

    It’s funny because you’ll hear the exact opposite from these other ‘gurus’, claiming they see so many come from the high-fruit diet with problems that are corrected on their higher-fat diets. It can be so confusing to the novice in raw foods.

    I have gathered from my own experience and research that higher fat diets are very draining. I am aware of many cooked food diets that claim to remedy all sorts of health issues – McDougall, Pritikin, Ornish – and all of these, to my knowledge, are low fat. As well, Dr Lorraine Day, David Klein, and Max Gerson seem to have had great successes personally and/or with helping others overcome many illnesses through diets based on fruits and vegetables alone – sometimes completely excluding nuts and seeds!

    My own experience with high fat consumption left me feeling fatigued, with slow digestion, breakouts, liver issues, etc. I feel more energy when I consume higher amounts of carbohydrates, also feel lighter, can think better, etc.

    So, I have to say I agree with Frederic’s post. Always great content on this blog!

  47. Frederic says:


    I ate a fruit-based diet in a cold climate for many years. Even this year I only left for Costa Rica in mid-January.
    Yes, it’s more expensive. But, is your health worth it? You’ll save money elsewhere, and have more energy to become more productive.
    And Canada can be a great place to buy fruit (at least in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal).

    Who to believe? How about evaluating the options and let your rational mind decide?

    You don’t have to sort through EVERY single option.

    Someone asked me about the CHI diet. First time I hear about it.

    A new diet comes on the market every day… will you have to review it every single time?

    Follow time-less principles that work. Study the history of Natural Hygiene. Read Shelton, Mosseri, and others. You’ll find that all this confusion eventually becomes really easy to sort out.

  48. Joanna Steven says:

    Dear Fred,

    I do agree that high fat diets can be detrimental, but not necessarily because of the high amount of fat itself. I believe that the reason why some people on high fat raw diets become sick is simply because they become severely malnourished. It’s the same reason why some people also get sick on low fat raw diets and decide it’s just not for them. Both groups probably followed diets deficient in certain vitamin and minerals — which of course should be obtained through whole foods, not synthetic vitamins.

    It might be easier for some to fail on a higher than 10% fat diet, simply because one feels full faster. As a result, the body feels full, but the RDA of nutrients aren’t met.

    On a low fat diet such as 811, the high digestibility of fruits and greens causes people to eat more, and as a result they find it easier to meet all their nutrient requirements.

    However, I strongly believe it is possible to follow a diet where more than 10% fat is eaten, but fruits and greens should have a prominent place in the diet. If you get all your vitamins and minerals through whole foods, it doesn’t matter if you’ve eaten a flax cracker that day in my opinion (although I am sure there are exceptions; I am talking about regular individuals).

    It’s all about common sense. I would not order the Alfredo Zucchini dish as to me, it seems to be rather devoid of nutrients. But would I get a large salad full of veggies and a nice ripe avocado? Absolutely.


  49. Marvin says:

    Dear Fred,

    I enjoy reading your material although I do have a slight problem with what appears to be your approach. My problem is that it seems you are advocating a one size fits all diet and that of all the one size fits all diets in the raw world, yours is the correct one. While I see the validity in some of what you say, I am not sure that it is absolutely correct. Incidentally, I don’t believe Gabriel Cousens would have a singular menu because he does not appear to subscribe to a one diet for everyone. See his article regarding fat at http://treeoflife.nu/whyfat

    Your voice is important but that does not mean that you should present what you know as absolute truth.


  50. Fruitcup says:

    I must be the luckiest person alive in that I hadn’t even heard about raw foods until a chance meeting with Dr. Graham in 2002 at a vegetarian festival. I attended his week long fitness camp a couple months later, thought I would try to continue eating that way upon returning home, or at least as long as I didn’t get ‘sick’ as others forecast. My sister’s boyfriend heard about my diet and snorted “How long will that last?”. Well, it has been a glorious 6.5 years so far! It has changed my life.

  51. Ryan says:

    this is an awesome article, frederic.. i am going to post this on giveittomeraw.com, where i find that misinformation is being rampantly spread about and it is leading to MASS confusion among people about ‘the raw diet’.. it is getting to the point where more ‘positive’ information about a diet of raw meat, eggs, & dairy is being put out than that consisting of fruits & vegetables.. it is truly sad and i think today’s article touches on some fantastic points.. your best yet in my opinion.. take care

  52. Sandy says:

    What is your opinion on different body types? Do you belive the high fruit diet is the ONLY right diet for everybody?
    I don’t think I could handle it – to eat that much fruit you need to move a lot, and I am just to sedative – I would be bouncing. I, on the other hand, get cravings for sprounts. I eat a lot of greens and a lot of sprouts – and yes, I am what is defined as a protein blod type.

    Also one othet think you say I have been wondering about: You say it is eather fat or fruit. You say you can’t get your calories from karbs without stuffing yourself full of fruit, and then I wonder: What about grains and roots? They are caloric dense like fruit, but not full of quick sugar like fruits. So, what’s wrong with grains and roots, and why are they not included in your calculations?

  53. Frederic, It was our pleasure to spend the day with you, and finally meeting Roger, combined with the fresh swim in the river, hot springs, and finishing with a feast …yet another perfect day on planet paradise.

  54. Angie says:

    Thank you for your article! It is so true that following a guru doesn’t guarantee optimum health. 🙂

    As for my personal experience, I don’t know where “the high-fat raw diet” is recommended. If I HAD heard of it, maybe my transition to better health would have been easier. I’ve been eating for my health for a few years now, and I eat what’s best for me, which I quickly realized is a diet consisting primarily of raw plant foods. I don’t follow just what any one person recommends, though, no matter how pure their intentions. That’s only because I haven’t yet found any one person who recommends exactly what I need, except the ones who say “do what’s best for you”. I regularly read books and try new things if/when I feel they could improve my health, and I do what is best for me. That ends up generally being what to me seems to be extremely high fat (about 40% of my calories come from fat most days).

    As for what Gabriel Cousens recommends, I am surprised that you are criticizing his recommendations when you are clearly unfamiliar with what those recommendations are: he says that people are different & that not everyone needs the same ratios of carbohydrates, protein & fat, but the highest fat percentage he recommends for anyone (in his book “Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine”) is still only 20% fat. He recommends LOTS of greens, sprouts & veggies – very nutrient-dense foods.

  55. Nancy says:

    I have been at this raw food thing off and on for 30 years. Finally a breath of fresh air. The “raw food guru’s” you refer to would be more aptly named “raw food greedo’s”. Most are in the same realm as the AMA. Your articles are so very informative and your are so right to be MAD…someone has to stop this confusion because many very ill people are being misled. Keep up the good work.

  56. Lisa Marshall says:

    I just have to leave a comment after reading this post on a popular forum this morn. Too make my story reeeeally short, I have been a vegetarian with natural health and healing interests for 14 years almost. Over the years I have turned to vegetarianism, veganism, Ayurveda, Chinese healing,alkaline diet, blood types, wise woman ways, raw foods and much more looking for the answers. Wow, it is overwhelming all of the information that is put out. One contradicts the other and the other and so on…what do I believe at this point after getting overwhelmed. For many years I thought I had all the answers…wake up call, I did not. Then as my search for the best foods and lifestyle to improve my health expanded yet again into raw foods…now there are not just raw foods, but many different philosophies again. My head spins and I say whoa…what is the answer. I know that listening within to my body is what must be done and it just so happens that fat does not work for me;) Is that for everyone…I don’t know the answer to that, but I know after trying to eat an avocado or coconut which I LOVE….within minutes I am sick and doubled over in pain. I like to look at Nature for answers too…the natural animals seem to be pretty balanced without excess fats as well…so..hmm…I love the concept of Grahams lifestyle and it does make sense to me when looking deeper. It resonates with my body for sure. But most important I appreciate your open honesty with your articles….you are very open about some things that other raw foodists may be trying to ‘feed’ us and that is appreciated. There is a certain other female raw foodist recently that has done the same in regards to a few things…doesn’t make for the most popular in some circles…but that is their issue;) Thanks and you look great by the way!

    PS cant post my URL????

  57. Khepra says:

    Hey Fred,

    Good article with insightful information. I’ve been doing the raw food diet since 2000 and I started doing lots of fasting and fruits. Then I would crash on nuts and avocados and get constipated. After hearing a lecture by David Wolfe I made greens a major part of my diet and I was able to stay 100% raw foods. Since that time I’ve done many fasts and I’ve had the opportunity to eat lots of “tropical” fruits. I stress tropical because I really believe that is a key point of what is missing from your article. These foods, those that should be 80% of your diet, grow in an area of the world that we all should be in to thrive on that type of diet. Why? Because of the Sun. I live in Washington, DC where the Sun’s energy is seasonal. A few years back I spent a month in Brazil and I had no desire to eat nuts, olives, or avocados. In fact my daily regimen was coconut water, sugarcane juice and papaya for 3-4 consecutive days then I would do a day of greens, tomatoes, avocados, then go back to my coconut water/sugarcane regimen. So I think that would fit under the low fat high fruit diet. But the Sun was intense in tropical Bahia, Brazil. I can get away of doing similar diet in Washington, DC for the summer but the fall/winter months, forget about it. I’ve tried it and could feel my teeth get weak and I would have intense cravings for raw fats. I think it would be wiser first to not be “mad” at the raw food movement. As leaders of the movement we have all benefited because there is a growing mass health consciousness and that is all good for everyone, regardless of what their brand of raw might be. Secondly, we can all benefit and see the truth in anyone’s gospel. Again, good article, but from my experience can only truly be experienced in a tropical environment where these foods grow.

  58. Marta I G O says:

    Thank you Frederick!
    I tried the raw food diet last november but I couldn´t do more than a month, I was feeling hungry all the time, I was gaining weight, and I was tired and feeling heavy. And I didn´t know why, because I thought I was trying the best possible diet. I gave up but continued to look at internet because I felt I did something wrong, and I kept asking myself why would so many people telll wonderfull stories about how better they feel and I felt actually worst? Then I found your website and read a lot of your articles and stuff and now I am going to buy your book. I WAS EATING TOOOOOOO MUCH FAT!!!!!! Everything makes sense now, and I am planning to restart eating raw, this time lowfat raw. Thank you so much for your comentaries and articles and everything! Keep on doing what you do!

  59. Kari says:

    Great article! It settled confusion I’ve had over the raw food recipes I’ve seen. I started the raw diet 2 1/2 weeks ago, and so many of the recipes are high in fat. I’ve read about some people consuming several avocados a day, and even read one person’s blog who said raw fats don’t count. I bought a raw-food book this week, and many of the recipes were topping 30 grams of fat per serving! Some were even in their 40s! Your article confirms what I sensed: Fats need to be minimal; the focus needs to be on fruits and veggies.

    Thank you so much for getting mad! 🙂 It helped a lot of us newbies out.

  60. Mark says:

    Dead on accurate with this one.

  61. Tom says:

    Hola Fred:
    Thank you for your passionate consciousness about speaking your truth. Your work has always inspiried me to keep pushing through the fog of confusion and conflicting marketing to feed myself for physical excellence. It is also about taking the time to quiet the mind & emotions to really feel the body responding to food. I think it must be the rare person who is taught to treat their body with loving care, respect for this amazing organic being and to be strong in the face of what can degrade our living experience.
    Thanks Fred, Love your work, love you.

  62. Peaches says:

    It’s the wigmore diet or the hippocrates diet.

  63. Rebecca,

    I just wanted to comment on your statement about fruit being poor in the Northeast. I’ve been living in New Jersey and doing 100% raw during the Winter and all seasons.

    I don’t have any problem staying raw in the Winter. I find the fruit to be just fine. Not the same varieties as in the summer but there’s still plenty. I just came back from Costa Rica and I like the food I’m eating here in NJ just as much as there. Though what I eat here is a bit different than what I ate down there. I didn’t have my Vitamix with me in Costa Rica.

    Learning a few recipes and making smoothies and blended salads really helps. I share a lot of this in terms of a low fat raw diet for members at HowToGoRaw.com.

    What you may not realize is most people initially have a hard time eating so much volume on the Raw Diet. It’s not just you but virtually everyone trying to go 100% raw.

    It simply takes some training or practice. One trick is to eat foods that are higher in calorie per weight or volume like bananas and dates. Also most people can learn how to get down more food in one sitting by making smoothies.

    It just takes a little practice. The stomach was designed to stretch at least 10 times its size but people are so used to eating concentrated and dehydrated cooked foods that they don’t yet know how to eat fruit in sufficient quantities to stay satisfied for at 4 hours or more.

    And worst comes to worst, you just eat small meals throughout the day. Fruits are fast food anyway and they’re easy to digest. So it’s not really a problem in my opinion.

    Tough thing about your intestine. I’d suggest learning to eat low fat raw and not be overly concerned about protein levels unless you have actual symptoms of protein deficiency. You’ll likely be getting more usable protein or rather amino acids by eating raw than a high protein cooked diet. At least your proteins are not being denatured by heat.

    We just don’t need that much in the way of protein anyway. If a growing baby that virtually doubles in size in one year is only getting 6% of calories from protein in mother’s milk then why should we need more than that?

    Best of luck to you,

    Roger Haeske
    The 41-Year-Old Teenager

  64. Kathy Cromartie says:


    This is the most inspiring article I’ve read on why I should be eating a lot of fruit, as Roger Haske as told me over and over again on his forum.

    Roger just looks wonderful. And Doug looks wonderful. Doug came to Atlanta to Gideon and Jackie’s home on the lake a couple of years ago. I felt so wonderful being in his presence and knowing that he ate fruit and exercised and was so healthy. I’m 65 pounds overweight and tired a lot. There is something so spiritual and exciting about being raw the way he, Roger and you are. I want to be healthy like this as well. When I joined AA 16 years ago, I took TM because I felt I needed something to get “high” on since I wouldn’t be drinking alcohol anymore (it’s been 16 years sober now). Raw food (fruit and vegetables) is very important for me because I have always sought that “high” and the only way to achieve it is through drugs, exercise, meditation and raw food. I am choosing the latter three. I’ve been trying and failing for over 8 years to be raw. Everytime I have been raw, I’m happy for no reason. I’ll be driving to work and be just overcome with happiness. When I’m away from raw, I forget how great I felt physically and mentally.

    After reading your article, I’m ready to start eating much more fruit than I thought I should. I’m going to go back on Roger’s forum and start following his advice.

  65. Marie,

    I’ve covered the topic of going raw and being Type 2 or Adult Onset diabetic on my blog. It’s no problem at all really. Dr. Douglas Graham has been getting diabetics off of insulin on a high fruit and low fat diet for over 20 years.

    I’ve seen a couple of local raw foodists who were diabetics do fine on eating a diet filled with fruit. In fact, that is what allowed them to actually get off of insulin.

    Fruit is not the cause of diabetes. Check this post out for more details:


    Roger Haeske
    The 41-Year-Old Teenager

  66. Hi Frederic


    I am following the 80-10-10 program and it is the absolute best
    I agree with you about the state of restaurants that serve raw food. There was one in San Diego
    called Blissfull Cafe (which is now closed due to finances) and the chef was making me meals that I created without fats, oils, spices, salt and vinegars. I am a chef and teach classes and do not use any excitotoxic ingredients and very low fat. Keep up the great work you are doing and I love Roger Haeske’s website and info, as well. Hope to meet both of you some day

  67. Huraw.com says:


    Nice to see a fellow Canadian speak some Truth.

    You guys look great.

    Fred Remember me Big G? Long time no type.

    I was away for a bit running a meat packing company just kidding 🙂

    Thanks for doing the right thing and saving people a ton of grief and money.

    The more we expose these health criminals the better it will be for everyone.

    Keep up the great work enjoy the weather down their it’s still pretty cool up here in Canada.

    For those that say they can’t be Raw and Healthy in the COLD BS.

    Take Care,

    Big G.

  68. Angie,

    Regarding Dr. Gabriel Cousens recommendations in his book “Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine.” What you don’t realize is it appears Dr. Cousens isn’t even aware of the high fat levels in the meals he presents. I just don’t think he’s calculated the numbers in terms of macro nutrient breakdown of calories. Unless you go by measuring by weight instead of per calorie. The accepted standard by nutritionists is to measure by calorie and not by weight because by weight can be extremely deceiving.

    If you actually break down the fat levels in most of the recipes in his book and what he serves at his place in Arizona you’ll discover that the fat levels go way beyond 20% of total calories from fat.

    They pretty much have to since he includes little fruit.


    Roger Haeske
    The 41-Year-Old Teenager

  69. Laura says:

    Hi Frederic-
    Great article. I am wondering though, do women need more fat than men?
    This is not to diminish the fact that more fruits and veggies are necessary. I notice lots of energy on greens and when I eat fruit to satisfy a sweet tooth it works. So I am just wondering.

  70. Patrina says:

    “Marie @ 11:08 am

    How does a type11 diabetic not on drugs or insulin react with the high intake of fruits. Or do the greens counteract this. NO one seems to be able to answer this question. Is there anyone out there who can help?? Thank you.”

    Yes, the leafy greens help a lot! The increased fibre they provide slows down the absorption of fruit sugars.

    You might be interested to watch the documentary about reversing diabetes in 30 days. http://www.rawfor30days.com/

  71. Sparrow Jones says:

    Thank you, Frederic, for all you do! When I first went raw (in November) I ate all kinds of stuff but lots of fat. I had been eating low-fat cooked whole vegan up to that point and probably went a little crazy with the fat because after a year of keeping my fat to 10% or less, I thought going raw gave me “permission” to eat all the fat I wanted, so long as it was raw.

    Although my “numbers” improved (my A1c dropped to a non-diabetic level for the first time, my cholesterol dropped) I started gaining weight. This was a nightmare for me because I had lost about 100 pounds over the last few years and still have another 50 to lose to get to a healthy weight for my height and frame. I felt panic every day as the scale went up but I was brave enough to keep trying raw. I looked at how much fat I was getting and was shocked so I switched back to low-fat but kept things raw.

    This month I’m losing weight again at the rate of about a pound a week. I eat until I’m satisfied. I don’t have to go hungry or starve myself. I find I’m naturally eating less and less food. It’s wonderful to see the weight dropping off automatically again and I feel confident that I can both lose the rest of the unwanted fat *and* keep my “health numbers” good so long as I stay with raw, whole, low-fat living and good exercise. Thanks to raw, I’m no longer a type two diabetic. Soon I anticipate being able to say that thanks to raw I never have to fear being overweight or morbidly obese again.

    And thanks to Frederic Patenaude, I get frequent inspiration and education. Thank you, Frederic!

  72. diane West says:

    Thanks soooo much for all your hard work and sincerity. When I first started on this journey I intuitivly started with simple raw fruits and veggies sometime mono an sometimes not ,but got great results that everyone wanted to know what I was doing cause I looked liked my sons sister instead of his mother at 50 years old people would take me for half my age, then I started reading into the raw food movement and got into goument foods and liver cleanses and enemas, I felt good most of the time but as time went on about four years later I started to have issues, like gaining weight, feelin very lethargic, candida, skin rashes, acid ph, and heartburn, even vertigo,which was really scary, a light bulb went of in my head and decided to go back to my old ways and simplify, I found my old raw secrets book and started to aply the priciples and then found Dr. doug on you tube listen to his seminar and averything clicked. long story short Im almost 55 and have never felt better, all of the above issues went away within two weeks of changeing my lifestyle . I am sooooo grateful to Fre, robert and Dr. doug. for your selfless, true , and genuine concern for all people, and not your pocketbooks, Im a true believer in what goes around comes around , and god will bless you all for your kindness, much love Diane

  73. Maria says:

    OK, I totally agree with you on this one… low fat is the best way to go, definitely…

    But I have to say something in defense of raw gourmet foods: I think you can have really good tasting food and still be low fat. I have nuts and seeds all the time, but I always measure them so that I never eat more than 1/4 to 1/3 of a cup a day, and then I don’t have any other type for fat for that day.

    For instance, today I had raw lasagna, a recipe I got for free right off the internet, and it’s turned out to be the best ever! It calls for one cup of nuts for four servings, so each serving is 1/4 cup of nuts. And it’s delicious!! And I DO have zucchini alfredo, and I love it, but again, same principle, never more than the equivalent of a handful of nut or seeds per day. And if I eat avocado (1/4 to 1/2 a day depending on size…) I don’t have nuts for that day. Of course, I eat tons of fruit, so they are my main source of calories…

    Thank you, Fred, for the article… very informative and educational, and confirming of what some of us already do..

  74. heidi says:


    In regards to comment u made, then how do u account for Dr. Gabriel Cousens’s Superb Physical, Mental, & Spritual Health?

  75. Stop eating!!! says:

    Cells function according to unconscious belief systems. So whatever you program your mind with you better follow that. The atoms that are the building blocks of cells are formed by waves or particles. These waves or particles are present then in the cells. Your mind sends signals to these atoms through the nervous system via these energy waves. And so what you believe creates a trigger mechanism in the receptor and effector sites in the cell wall. It is not the objective effect of food that needs to be considered here. Food has no intrinsic power. What you believe about food has all the power in the universe. Love what you eat and follow your belief programming to the best of your ability. There is so much we do not know. Keep your heart and your mind open. Live on awareness. Your conscious mind cannot be trusted. Be unconscious. 🙂

  76. juan del rio says:

    I totally agree with your views regarding raw food movement…too many high fat cloggy over prepared foods..Plus the”raw food gurus” you mentioned are involved in profiting from selling numerous miracle food stuffs and exotic supplements.It all comes down to what Arnold Ehret wrote the twenties,,V=P-O..vitality equals power minus obstruction.Thanks for your refreshing outlook,,peace Juan

  77. Bill Seaberry says:

    I just thought that I would say what a great bunch of pure health seekers we are. Although many of us have tried, failed and tried again we seem to never stop looking for the ultimate truth which is optimal health.

    so in thinking about all I have read here today I came home after my 13 hour day at a SAD restaurant that I manage and decided to be creative and came up with this

    quick soup: through my juicer
    5 carrots
    1/4 beet
    2 stalks of celery
    1 small apple

    all juiced

    then sprinkle fresh cilantro and put in about 2 tbsp of fresh diced pineapple.

    it was so delicious, no salt, no fat, no cooking.

    just a knife and my juicer.

    please try and enjoy!!!!

  78. raw hope says:

    I think it’s understandable to feel mad when you see an opportunity to
    help people live a more radiant existence, only to witness greedy
    opportunists exploiting that path for their own selfish goals. It’s
    easy to feed off of others’ confusion and ignorance, when there is so
    much contradiction, misinformation, competition and disparity.

    Fred has never come off in my opinion as somebody who is trying to
    start a ‘food religion’, but he has demonstrated that after years of
    researching and personal experience, he has found the most successful
    path to health for himself and many of his acquaintances. He
    generously shares this information with those who are interested in
    learning it, and he doesn’t shy away from criticizing popular gurus out
    of a fear of backlash from defensive ‘followers’. His information is
    based on sound concepts and logical conclusions, and is backed up by
    his results. He invites everyone to try this path and decide for
    themselves if it is the right lifestyle to follow. Everyone is free to
    accept or reject his advice based upon their own personal experience.

    After all, we should never follow anyone blindly without examining all
    of the evidence ourselves, no matter who the guru is.

    I, for one am grateful that Fred shares his experiences so freely, and
    does so in a manner that cuts through a lot of the nonsense.

    Thanks for caring and sharing,

  79. Emanuela says:

    I am glad that you are mad at the confusion of the uncooked food information.I sent you a couple of times comments last year.They never appeared on your website.I started eating uncooked food about 8 years ago. The first book I bought was from Rhio. I experimented with the recipes. At that time, I was making salad dressings with apple cider vinegar, organic olive oil and herbs. I was also making my own rejuvelac, sauerkraut and fermented food. Five years later, I got very seek unable to stand up, very tired and coughing a lot. I asked friends who are also a lot of uncooked food to help me since having no relatives here. The couple brought me to their house and took care of me for about 2 weeks. Unfortunately, they were leaving the country for a while and brought me to the hospital. Somebody else signed the consent form allowing the medical staff to do procedures on me. I was unconscient at that time. It jus ruined my health. Four years later, I am still unable to jump and to run. Through Kevin Gianni, I got the exercise program from “The fitness Gentleman” plus other exercises to rebuild the muscle tone that the steroid destroyed. I gave up making the food I use to prepare. I eat fruits in the afternoon and greens with sunflower seeds at night. To keep my teeth healthy, I floss and brush them after eating. My husband and I don’t eat at raw food restaurants. They don’t have enough greens and like to add oil, vinegar, garlic, onions parsley and salt. These ingredients are toxic and act as stimulant. I am aware it is a long reply. I will be 47 years old at the middle of the year. Getting older gives us a perspective on our mistakes so that’s why I would like you to inform people about why these foods are toxic. The “Hunza diet” book brush a little bit about fermented food and how it damage badly the body. By the way, my sickness was a bad case of pneumonia four years ago. Thanks Frederic and look at all this information while you are young to write the truth.

  80. Sivia Tabak says:

    Hi Fred,

    I’m a real fan of yours and have been eating raw fruits and vegetables for the past two years. I started out weighing 195 lbs and now down to 155. I am 69 years old and actually strong and healthy and active and vibrant. However all along I suffered from the same chronic constipation that I had on the SAD diet. Finally I went to a kneisiologist who swung the pendelum and told me I must eat chicken, fish, and cooked beets, and cooked pumpkin, 18 soaked prunes a day, 12 half glasses of tap water a day, lettuce, tomatoes, red peppers, techina, 1 tablespoon of sesame oil(uch!). I couldn’t believe my ears but still being so painfully constipated I decided to try it for a short while. Today marks
    two weeks on this crazy new diet and I actually lost 3 more lbs but found no relief at all from the constipation.
    Fred, Dear Fred, What do YOU say? Can you suggest something to alleviate my problem? I have your books Raw Secrets and Salad Dressings, I also read cover to cover Grahams book.
    Am desperate S O S ! Please help me!
    Thank you for your great website and all the fabulous info. Wishing you and yours all the very best and continued success.
    Sivia Tabak

  81. Reinhold Goji Bubi Rath says:

    Nice Work! and its Time for me to say something as well, i am on the RAWFOOD diet since 2004 i made a Cycling Tour thru Europe Starting in Berlin all of Germany all of France than crossing to the North Coast of Spain following the Picos de Europa passing the Porto de la´s Glories 1650m and riding the Routa de la Plata to Tarifa 4152 km in 5 Weeks
    and all on Fruits i pict a long the way. Last weekend i have gave my first RAWFOOD Workshop and it has bean a FRUTI based on.
    I belief that Simple thinks are truly the Greatest and that eating food must be Simple and the simple way is to just Pic it ! stay Fruiti stay Raw
    Greatings from Berlin and welcome to everyone at RAW KI CHI Berlin

  82. Andrew says:

    I absolutely agree. I wrote an article about what raw diets should be low fat here: http://www.raw-food-health.net/LowFatDiet.html

  83. Paul Palmer says:

    Hi Frederic

    I absolutely agree. You said something that really needed to be said. The mistakes I have made with the raw diet were eating too much fat and not enough greens. I am not yet ready to give up dulse or barley/wheatgrass, B12, and vitamin D (I live in northern Ontario), but this is the major point that I agree with you and Dr. Doug.

    Best Wishes,

  84. CHRISTINE says:


  85. Jennifer says:

    Excellent article Fred! I found raw foods through one of the high-fat “gurus” and it nearly destroyed my health. Eventually I found you, and through you Dr. Graham (The Perfect Health CDs), which got me started down the right path. Once 80-10-10 came out, I felt like I had all the answers I had been searching for. The science is there to support Dr G.’s “discovery” of our species-specific diet, and he, his family, his staff, and his GROWING group of adherents are all living proof of it’s efficacy. And he does it all with integrity, grace, and humor, without belittling the ideas of those “gurus” with different, and usually uneducated, opinions. He is the only raw food leader who isn’t selling products that you “need” in order to make his eating plan work (supplements, enzymes, superfoods…), and he has been generously helping people for years via his space on the Vegsource board. I am tired of reading about self-proclaimed raw food “leaders” who feel the need to bash 80-10-10 while freely admitting that they haven’t read the book or tried the program, who advise people against eating this way BECAUSE RECRUITING PEOPLE TO THEIR PLAN WILL MAKE THEM MONEY IN PRODUCT SALES. Dr. Graham makes his living via health education — he sells you the information he has gleaned over 35 years of formal study and life experience, via books, CDs, DVDs, seminars, fasts, and retreats, and you have everything you need for the rest of your life. You, Roger Haeske, Dr. Graham, and Harley, are all spreading the truth that raw, fresh, ripe, organic fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds (in moderation), are the way to go. Thanks for reminding me to be glad that I am not stuck in the morass of misinformation any longer!

  86. Jerome says:

    Bravo et Merci beaucoup for your great letter, Frederic. I read the 80-10-10 book from Dr. D Graham couple months ago and change my diet since January 1st. I feel great and gain muscles with this diet in response to my indoor weight training and heavy mileage training on the weekend (I finally gain 8 pounds !). Next Sunday would be the first test with the first bike race for 2009. Unfortunately I have weak times where I eat too much nuts or vegan cooked food, but it brings my raw vegan diet to 98% almost. Yesterday I had since 2 months cooked potatoes: it didn’t taste good to me, but my farmer send me each week organic potatoes… I can not eat them raw. I try to exchange them again green leaves or banana, but none cares.
    It is a challenge to buy so much fruits, specially banana in winter in NW, when you need 2500-3000 cal per day. I appreciate all your informations and want to gain a high efficient body to reduce my calories consomption… maybe in one year.
    Jerome, Portland OR

  87. Rikku says:

    Too much of anything is poison. Even too much water can kill you.

    It’s understandable where you’re coming from, but there’s no single answer that can benefit everybody. Something that cures person A can kill person B. So it’s really hard to say “this is THE way to live”. Vegetables are definitely great, but I’ve seen many 100% raw fruits & veggie people who look sick & weak, more so than those who are doing SAD. Where as some of those raw foodies appear healthy. Everybody has to find what’s right for them, depending on their environment, climate, blood, and etc. You wouldn’t tell an Eskimo to eat fruits and veggies all day… Would you? Or what about someone who lives around desert? Tropic diet doesn’t work in Siberia, and vice versa. But it seems people in between are confused beyond measures… Especially in this spoiled & disconnected society with no common sense. The fascinating thing about humans is that we’re the only species in this world that can eat anything (nature produced) and live in any climate and survive. It’s obvious that we still can’t comprehend our own nature so it is only foolish to limit to one option.

  88. Marcus says:


    Hi, I’m not sure where in Canada you’re writing from, but I’m in Montreal and it’s February right now. While I enjoy the abundance of atoulfo mangos, watermelons and other such fruits in the summer, I find there is still an abundance of other fruits available during the winters.

    Bananas are only 79 cents a pound, available year-round. The best oranges come out in December through March, not to mention the abundance of grapefruit and early appearance of pummelos. Grapes are starting to come out now, and persimmons/Sharon fruit just ended around late January. I’m not too fond of apples, though they’re everywhere if you want to indulge. For a brief time I see no reason not to indulge in raisins as well, if you’re just trying to fill out your diet til Spring. Look for specials, as usually one type or another of each fruit is frequently on special at one time or another. I often find oranges at 99 cents a pound and huge pummelos for only 1.99 each. Heads of lettuce also range from around 1.69 to 2.69.

    I also thought winter would be hard, but it’s just a small change and minor inconvenience if you prefer the summer fruits – yet very doable. Maybe we’re just a bit more lucky in Montreal as I’m not sure what kind of fruits you get where you are, but look around and maybe your imagination will help find things you weren’t aware of before. You may even want to look around in some asian markets 😉

    Good luck.

  89. Kat D says:

    I do the frustration with all the misinformation that is out there. Although I have been similarly frustrated by all the opposing opinions and recommendations, I also appreciate it. As the raw food “movement” begins to have more and more opinions and schools of thought, the variety seems to be a byproduct of the growth, success and popularity of more diverse people choosing new ways of life. I would compare it to the art movement. A lot of people can be called artists although the methods, mediums, styles and tastes can be completely different (and not respected by other artists).

    I have been in California most of the past 12 months and have enjoyed trying all the raw food products and restaurants that are readily available (even in some traditional grocery stores). I do agree with you that the majority of the restaurants do carry entrees heavy in nuts and oils. But these restaurants serve many purposes: 1, the raw imitations of favorite cooked entrees entice cooked food eaters to be exposed to some thing new (would a bowl of bananas excite a “normal” eater into increasing their raw food intake to a high percentage, I think not) and 2, these restaurants allow people who prefer to eat raw foods to have options for special occasions, cravings, etc and 3, a person who prefers to not eat a bunch of fat laden raw entrees can ask for whatever fresh veggies/fruits they want whether they are on the menu or not (but these restaurants do have them available and do not look at you strange when you make such requests). Basically, these restaurants seem to serve the same purpose as any restaurant–a place to get some thing for a special occasion, a place to eat what you are accustomed to eating when you don’t have your own food available, a place to be social or to enjoy the culinary creations and vision of a specific chef or owner. Most of the time, people really serious about their diets and their wallets do not depend on restaurants to be their food and nutrition conscience so I don’t put that responsibility on raw restaurants just like I don’t put it on ones that feature the standard American diet. Unless we are going to close down every restaurant and store that doesn’t fit our specific ideal, last time I checked, people have choices and resources to make their own decisions as to what is best for them. Perhaps, if there is a specific way that Patenaude believes is healthier for most individuals, his program can be labeled some thing else exclusive of the raw food title. He can describe it as some type of healthy living “recommended” plan that happens to promote a simpler, raw diet. Why should he have exclusive rights to using the raw food title when any thing raw can be labeled as such? Yeah, it might not seem right but for him to say that his way is better than the other ways is no different than a grafitti or contemporary artist trying to discredit all photographic or abstract artists. They all have the right to be in the same category whether others like it or not.

    Although I do think is good that people get new information to compare with their old information to make their own decisions about what is best for them, I also don’t want to start to separate as an “elitist us versus them” thing. I can not say that every one else is wrong and that I am right. All I can do is be an example of what I think works and make suggestions to others. They have to decide what is right for them–we could all end up being wrong in the future, who knows.

  90. Mickey says:

    Wow, I have been trying to go raw but have become so overwhelmed with everything that is out there. I was almost ready to give it up but I just read you “Mad at the Raw Food Movement” and it just all makes sense. I have been putting off ordering your Raw Food Starter Kit but I have no doubt that this is I want to go. Thanks Frederic for coming to the rescue.


  91. sara says:

    Hi Frederic,
    I read your newsletter regularly and have found that of all the raw food “gurus” your advice makes the most sense. I started the raw food diet to change the course of lupus. I began in October and although my illness has not subsided, I am continuing with the diet because I feel that the results will not be instantaneous. I think that in our day and age, we are used to popping a magic pill and seeing the effects right away. We get bored. We get impatient.
    The commitment I have made to myself is to continue to eat raw because it feels right. The results are in the increased amount of energy that I have and I am confident that they will start showing up in my lab tests before long.
    Thank you for inspiring me.

  92. susirella says:

    There is way to much confusion in all the raw food diets.
    If a person came to me with health questions or a serious health problems, The only person I could recommend is Dr Joel Fuhrman. That’s it, nobody else.
    Trying to eat 27 bananas a day and being deathly afraid of a avocado or a hand full of nuts is totally ridiculous.

  93. ashley says:

    OMG! 0.o thank you so much for this information! I’m a vegan, and I try really hard to only eat raw fruits and leafy baby greens. I constantly battle with myself between eating nuts or not (I hate them, I only like coconuts, but I get scared for my health, i.e. protein/fat “needs”). I’ve never tried the high fat raw diet for many reasons (own no dehydrator, no vaitamix, hate nuts, oils, and salt makes me feel tired) but the biggest one is becuase I just love fruit to much to give it up (so what if I’m “addicted to sugar”? ^^)… but… I just found out that I’m pregnant, and everyone around me (omnivors and vegetarians alike) say I need to eat more protein and fat or I will have a miscarriage or malnurished child. I’m ready to up my nut/seed/carb/fat/protein intake to have a healthy baby, but is it really true? my body is telling me to eat my favorite smoothies (3 bananas, 3 handfuls of baby leafy greens, and some frozen berries or cherries), but I’m scared of losing my baby from not eating what a pregnant people should. help me someone… 0.0

  94. Marie says:

    Would the 80-10-10 diet be appropiate for young children (say a 4 years old)and athlete-children (say an 8 years old)?
    Wouln’t they need more fat because thay are still growing? And if so, how much more?

  95. Fergus says:

    To Bill Seaberry

    Thanks for your post. Though my challenges are very different to yours I am deeply inspired by your determination to ‘start again’. I know how tough it can be and having the will to just keep going until you get the result you want is a powerful and magnificent attitude.
    with warmest wishes

    Also…thank you Frederic for doing such wonderful work, it is much appreciated.

  96. Lydia says:

    I’m shocked and amazed. I knew there was a lot to going raw. But I had no idea that some raw foodists promote a high-fat raw food vegan diet. I just didn’t even think it mattered. I would like to go raw but honestly I don’t feel I have the money for it nor do I have the time. AFter all I have only one juicer. I work 7 1/2 hrs. a day and get home usually feeling exhausted. I just don’t see how I could fit in the time or have the energy to juice everyday as well as learn to make raw food recipes. At some point I’m going to try it though. I wish I just had all the information I needed to do it right in the beginning. Thank you so much for explaining the difference between high-fat and low-fat raw food vegan. By the way I’ve been watching Dr. Jim Carey’s show Grassy Roots and reading his raw e-mail articles.

  97. Rinne says:

    I have been raw for a year and definitely felt better after implementing low-fat and green smoothies. However, I wish I could manage to stick to 3 or even 4 meals. Instead I find i only go 2-3 hours without eating something. I wish I could feel really satisfied – or get used to not feeling satisfied for hours on end. I wonder for example how you can eat a smoothie (in Costa Rica as you mentioned) and that was all you ate until the next one 5 hours later…

  98. Lydia says:

    This article clears up a lot of confusion for me. I was raw (80%-100%)through 98-02. I’ve strayed away from raw foods, but, having seen this, I think I’m going to dip my toe in the water again. Thanks for the inspiration. What you’ve written makes a lot of sense to me.

  99. Bianca from Australia says:

    What a fabulous article! Thank you!

    I work as a health advisor in a health food store in Australia. My boss who is very switched onto alkalinity and a raw fruit diet has taught me so much.

    In the last year or so we have given so many people “life changing” philosophies in regard acidity/alkalinity. People are taking it on board. They realise that the western diet is predominantly acid and therefore a lead into disease.

    I have had amazing results with clients who have driven for miles to see us, clients who have cleared arthritis by changing to GREENS and mainly fruits. Crippled and swollen hands have turned into normal healthy flexible appendages which can play golf again. I can only smile and feel that I am spreading the word and doing my job! I am passionate about this philosophy!

    I feel the secret is NOT only fruit but GREENS – raw greens! A separate entity altogether! Add greens to your every day diet, we do it mainly in the form of “green smoothies” – here is a sample recipe!

    In a blender combine
    Some organic juice and purified water
    Jam in until half full some raw greens and change these every few days to avoid toxicity. Spinach, silver beet, kale, carrot tops, ANY green edible leaf. The darker the green the better!
    Add one ripe banana, slice of pineapple and chunks of either payaya or mango

    Blend and drink!!
    You can change the fruit to suit and according to the season!

    This is a great way of ingesting a large amount of fruits and greens without chewing for hours! 🙂

    Feel the change and see your skin glow! Go for fruit and greens and LIVE again!!
    Best wishes

  100. Pam Hatfield says:

    the article is great – and I still have reservations about lots of fruit – don’t have an issue with green smoothies – love them. I know I need more minerals in me and am afraid that too much sugar might work against – I’ve been in the “raw” movement for about 15 years and it definitly has changed my life – and saved it – I’ve surprised former doctors by still being on this earth! There really is too much conflicting infor out there. Thank you for all you do – and when I get some time rtomorrow I’ll try to at least skim some of the other replies. Pam

  101. NayNay says:

    I’ve never felt better than when I ate only organic veges and fruits. That’s the truth.

  102. chai says:

    Thank you and God bless you for all of your untiring work on behalf of the low-fat raw movement!
    I have read your book, and have been reading your e-mails for years, and I can not tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you are willing to speak your truth repeatedly until we *finally* get the message. I know it must be difficult to speak the truth when there is so much raw food NOISE out there, so many, many who are trying exploit the raw movement for their own financial gain.
    I am so grateful that you are here for us and I thank you for all of your hard work.

  103. Andrea says:

    Interesting post, Fred. I’m not even close to going fully raw, but have read a lot of the books and tried some of the recipes. The more I read, though, the more I realized that most of the recipes were trying way too hard. It’s like when Boca burgers came out – people who expected them to taste like Quarter Pounders said they sucked, and based on that comparison, they did. You had to like them for what they were, not try to make them taste like beef.

    That’s probably a bad example on this particular list, but I think you know what I mean. I tried to make a few of the nut cheeses or sauces and – blech. Basically, the only recipe I still use is one with raw almond butter and cocoa and honey and raisins and I’m sure you probably wouldn’t approve, but I tell you what – my toddler LOVES his “cookies,” and I’m happy to give them to him. But on a better note, he’ll also practically tackle you if he sees you with a glass of green juice (thank you Victoria) and that makes Mommy happy.

    Anyway, although I love avocados, I can’t imagine eating several of the a day. I can’t stand olive oil so many of the “gourmet” recipes made me want to vomit just reading them. And the amount of prep time to sprout nuts … pain in the rear. It’s so much easier just to eat fruit and veggies straight or in smoothies – and nice to feel confident that they’re the best way to go in the first place.

    I must tell you though, that when I started drinking more smoothie salads, I gained weight. I had a feeling I knew why and went to a new agey allergist friend and without telling her what I’d been eating, she asked if I was eating a lot more spinach than usual. Busted. We’re clearing out those issues to get me back into balance because I don’t want to give up my green drinks!

  104. Hani says:

    That is exactly how I feel about the high fat diet. Here is a discussion that I started about this issue on giveittomeraw : http://www.giveittomeraw.com/group/801010/forum/topics/why-are-they-attacking-sugars

  105. Gerald says:

    This is a response to “Stop Eating” How much does the mind and belief play in all of this? This is the central point on which I have the most confusion. Would I be better off controlling my mind than my food? Would the mind then take care of it for me? etc.

  106. Janet Kurz says:

    I especially like your honesty about your path to find a raw diet that works. I have so many raw cookbooks that I have never used. The recipes are complicated and usually full of fat. Animals in nature wouldn’t need to be bothered with all of that work, so why should I. I love your cookbooks, because they are easy to use. I have always loved fruit, so much more than vegetables. It is wonderful to be able to give myself permission to eat it. I am working hard to give up coffee at this point. I so much appreciate your advice. It would be wonderful for some fruit and vegetable companies pay for some research to show the value of what you teach.

  107. To Silvia says:

    Hi Silvia,

    Why don’t you try the recipes in Fred and Graham’s books instead of the crazy diet you’re on now? There’s a difference between doing what Fred and Graham’s books say, and having the books in your possession.

    Good luck.

  108. Wig&Sword says:

    A LOT MORE PEOPLE NEED TO REPLACE THE FATS, SALTS & NUTS WITH FRUITS OF ALL VARIETIES, MANY SALADS COULD ALSO BE REPLACED BY VEGETABLE JUICES. That said, what works for some will not work for others and a high-fat, high-salt diet may be the solution for many people, likewise what you propose may be the solution for many others. While some may avoid the superfoods or stimulants like Maca & Cacao others may THRIVE while using them. This is all a matter of DIFFERENT BODIES DIFFERENT NEEDS, something few will want to accept. And Raw Meat & Fish, even Raw Red Wine also hold a place. And YES, these all deserve the classification ‘RAW FOOD DIET’ because they are in fact RAW FOOD DIETS, or is baked potato a fresh papaya? Am I wrong? Is a baked potato a fresh papaya?? Goodness me!!! The FDA is the real enemy not raw food resteraunts!!!

  109. Helen says:

    Hi Frederic, I too have been struggling for a long time with the abundance of information, I now know I am on the right path thanks to you and all the information you have made available
    I have been vegetarian most of my life, but like too many people out there I have also had a high fat content in my diet
    Since cutting the fat down and increasing the amount of food I eat I can feel health problems I have had just disappearing
    I feel as though I am getting younger every day … not older
    It’s not always easy … but nothing worthwhile ever is
    I live in a cold climate but I will not let that deter me as I think if you come up with excuses as to why you cannot do this then you are a quiter not a winner and there is only one person that suffers .. YOURSELF
    I look forward to a long association with you and a healthy lifestyle

  110. Suzanne says:

    Don’t give up! You’ll be successful==just be patient and keep trying.

  111. Lina says:

    I’m sorry but I’m not convinced. I’ve been on the raw foor diet (low fat) since june last year and I feel like crap. I have awful acne, I think I might have candida and I look so worn out even though I sleep so much. I never had this bad acne before and I never felt like this before. I am just not seeing any benefits so far staying on this diet. I have basically been following the sample menus from Dr. Grahams book 80/10/10 so I know its not that I’m doing anything wrong there. I also get fresh air and sunshine every day, I also exercise every day, sleep well, and practise meditaion and yoga. So what is going on here, I should be in great shape and not look like a teenage pizza face and feel depressed and tired! I’m really sick of this and am considering going back to a cooked vegan diet. I’m not saying this to stop everyone else from continuing i’m just speaking my mind and whats happpened to me.

  112. Frederic:

    Spot on. Experience is the best teacher. Being aware of your own body is the key. Eating more than about 5-10% nuts and seeds (probably less) makes me feel weak. It’s as simple as that. I am not talking about any healing crisis fatigue- I have been 100% raw since 2001 and 90% since 1999 (100% vegan since 1985)- I am referring to the overall feeling as well as my quantification based on my regular intense exercise program, which is brief but more intense than what the marines do in their fitness regimes. (I know I trained marines and marine corporals). Your comments about raw restaurants and raw gurus as well as raw newbies are right on the money as well. They focus on chocolate, cashew butter, rich deserts and entrees and say that fruit will rot your teeth- as well as cause candidiasis. I have heard it all and I expect that there is more for me to hear! I do know that most people need rich raw food to “get them interested”. I always give first timers (SAD people) a taste of some rich desert, and a burrito with brazil nut cream, for example, just to prove to their taste buds that raw food can certainly “tickle their taste buds” beyond recognition- this is the only way to get people to “go raw” in my humble experience. I have gotten countless pizza-eartingm beer guzzling, burger-inhaling Standard American Diet eaters to convert happily or at least eat 90% raw for long enough to get the remarkable health benefits that going raw provides. Lowering cholesterol 100 pts, losing fifty pounds, getting rid of acne fatigue, arthritis– the list goes on and on- I do not have to tell you!- that is the goal of all this. But people have to be coached along the way and given foods that are mostly greens and fruits so that the proportion of fat gets lower and lower from when they first start going raw. The problem is that the toughest thing to do in this movement- actual side by side coaching- and even providing the food for the first two to six months– few people have the time or desire to put forth this effort. Writing a book is relatively easy (well– maybe not THAT easy– you have to unplug the TV for three months or longer!!!!)- but my point is that there is a lot of “ez-info out there but few are DOING anything about it. Like enzymes– they actually DO something! Eating well is about radical habit change at the start- and then becoming AWARE of your body and how it reacts -REALLY reacts (not just a temporary healing crisis that may be mistaken for the wrong way to proceed). I love your articles and teachings. Keeping it real without trying to ride on the “wave of raw fame” or simply ride the gravy train is, in my opinion, gallant. By the way, I have found that people who “go raw” and really get into it with vigor and commitment may not have much knowledge about nutrition 101. I began to get mad, myself when a prominent natural doctor here in Glen Cove, NY “diagnosed” my girlfriend with candidiasis. She was not to have any fruit. Since I had been living a super fitness lifestyle for twenty years already at that time I was livid. How can anyone- raw or cooked survive without the most important food on the planet- other than green leaves? I could not believe it. I had found that one needs fruit to perform work. I could not understand how a person could function healthfully except for a short time without this important nutrition component. Then I discovered that this natural doctor (also an MD) was diagnosing EVERYONE with candida. “Tests” were done to confirm it. Who was I, with my nutrition and ultra-fitness background to argue? I was not a doctor. In any case, this person and all the rest got sicker and sicker as I tried to convince them to be more AWARE of their own bodies (within the guidelines of true awareness of genuine nutrition and healing). In short, I just want to applaud you, Frederic and Roger, for continuing to educate not just ride the wave when it comes to the most important thing on this planet: to end human suffering. I hope someday to meet you both. I have a lot to learn myself, and I want especially to live a lifestyle of truth in an environment that supports the same.

  113. Mary Helen Richards "MH Fitness" says:

    Eat clean, train hard, stay strong:) As a personal fitness trainer, former marathon runner and competitive bodybuilder, I am excited to read your enlightening words that align with my intuition(body wisdom) and beliefs. I know that a living raw food diet is the Best and True way to eat clean as it feeds the mind and nourishes the body enhancing endurance and evolving consciousness. I agree with your “Simple” approach and admire your courage for “putting it out there” 🙂 Yoga has replaced my running and weight training routine as it integrates the body, mind, and spirit unlike any form of exercise or practice I’ve known. Yoga also led me back to the raw food lifestyle. I tried it before and learned alot about eating too many nuts and compicated combinations with too much salt and “added” sugars – “natural” of course:) As I practice, learn, and teach Yoga, I am excited by the guidance I receive from my body to eat more fruit that cleanses and vegetables that heal:) Yoga and Raw Food strengthen from the inside out, reducing any excess weight, lengthen, improve breathing, agility, digestion, circulation, and elimination. My legs are stronger and leaner than when I was running marathons and my muscles are healthier and cleaner than when I over ate protein during my bodybuilding days as my eyes reveal restored vital energy:) “Asana is perfect firmness of body, steadiness of mind, and benevolence of spirit.”… “I am not hard like iron, but hard like a diamond. The firmness of a diamond has purpose, but its true value is in the light that shines through”… B.K.S. Iyengar
    Namaste Frederic;) and
    Shanti(Peace), Mary Helen

  114. Chris says:

    My main point it this: If a person wants to experience genuine “abundant” health- which is not really abundant at all- it is just the way nature intended it to be in the first place- then one must get in tune with themselves…not just want to be a “raw fooder.” They have to read and listen to others of course to get started if needed, but the most important person to follow is- your SELF. Your own body will not be deceived. You must learn to trust IT and not everyone else. Your body will tell you exactly what it needs. Of course, this is where we can go astray. We have to have the right template to “follow” – rest, exercise, food- proper thoughts and energies that surround you—you have to live right— like anything else, if you do it long enough and with enough AWARENESS then you can’t help but succeed. Think with your gut and your heart and not your brain (the brain that we all think we have is really just a compilation of thoughts put there by others) and, remarkably- you will get back on the correct ancient track of true survival and enjoyment of life.

  115. Dr. Elle says:

    Hello Frederick and everyone…I am a Naturopathic Doctor, Holistic Nutritionist and a PhD in Natural Health candidate. My daughter is a Raw Food Chef at a local restaurant. I hope you find my comments of value.

    First of all, the most important thing to keep in mind is that “one size does not fit all”. There is no one diet, be it raw food or otherwise, that will do all things for all people. We are like snowflakes; even though there are billions of us, we are all different.

    Second, there is important nutritional value in fat…GOOD fat…not Twinkies and French fries…but fat such as EPO, avocados, nuts, seeds…but, the key here is in MODERATION/BALANCE. Fruits are high in sugar, which is not always good for all people. There is an exponential increase in diabetes as people juice more. Problem is, fruit without it’s fiber to balance the sugar content is not good every day. (I recommend juicing mainly veggies but include an apple or berries.) People drinking orange juice every morning or high-sugar fruit juice may find they are not feeling well…fiber is the key component. Nothing in nature is an “isolate”. There is a reason why fruit is loaded with fiber; there is a reason why there’s fat in avocadoes; there is a reason why the “Vitamin E d-alpha tocopherol” isolate sold to consumers as “Vitamin E” is causing heart attacks…because there is no such thing as an isolate and you can’t fool Mother Nature. Vitamin E has many tocopherols and tocotrienols…not just one. So if you take one isolate, you cause an imbalance in your system.

    The “low-fat” manipulation put out as a marketing ploy by the food industry back in the l980’s is a load of hooey. People went wild thinking it was the answer to all their weight problems. It has caused a health crisis like no other! Our bodies need fat…the right kind of fat. Not enough fat causes us to overeat, causes our joints and bones to ache, our skin to dry out and become thin, hairloss, depression, ad infinitum. Again, moderation and balance is the key.

    In conclusion, I recommend that we pay attention to your body because it speaks volumes to us every minute of every day. If you are doing something good for your individual body, then you will know it…same as if you do something not so good. I suggest if you follow a particular raw food diet, such as Cousens’s, or Wolfe’s, or Frederick’s and it doesn’t make you feel vibrant, then change. Add this, remove that, until you feel good. Same goes for vitamins. People take supplements they know nothing about because they saw an ad somewhere, or heard that they should take it, or their friend takes it, etc. When someone comes to me for a consultation, I immediately take them off of all the supplements they are taking, and usually it’s many. Within a few days, they report how much better they feel.

    Thank you for reading my comments above. I think the bottom line is that people in the United States desperately need to change 2 things: (1) the toxic, nutrient-deplete Western processed diet; and (2) sedentary lifestyles. They’ll be amazed what happens if they do. God bless, Dr. Elle

  116. Aurora says:

    Hi Burnie from Miami,

    I am moving to Miami and want to start educating people towards health. Where in Miami are you? Have you started already?

    I’m a yoga teacher, healer, philosopher and just a human being with a quest to sustainable evolution.

    Let me know if you want to gather forces and dialogue,


  117. Leo A Blair II says:

    Thank you for your wonderful article on the Raw Food Diet, etc. I have never read or met anyone that is as well versed in the Raw-Food arena as you. You are my Guru if that is OK to use.
    I also agree with the folks in your comment section above. We also live in the northeast part of the country (upstate NY) We also are inclined to follow Dr Joel Fuhrman’s “Eat to Live”. I envy you down in the tropic. It has been a bone chilling winter here in Rochester, NY and can’t wait for spring to arrive!
    More people should try to change their thought process about what they put into their bodies. I once read an article about Acrylamides (sp?) and that was a shocker. Please don’t give up the sinking health ship. We love you and all you do for humanity. Bless you.

  118. Steven says:

    I’ve followed your work for quite some time and have always been impressed.
    However, I think you may be off a little with this rant on the Raw Food industry.
    I think it’s important to realize that just because someone doesn’t do well on a particular diet, it doesn’t mean the diet is “evil”. It just means it wasn’t right for them. You seem to be basing most of your reasoning on the reports you get from individuals saying how much better they do on a low fat diet verses a higher fat diet raw diet. Even though I agree feeling good/better is an important consideration, it should not be the only criteria by which we decide on a diet. People may “feel “better on cocaine, but it doesn’t mean it the right thing to do. I guess to get to my point, I feel that to severely restrict essential fatty acids long term may have negative long tern consequences even if a person feels good short term. Thanks for listening. Keep up the good work.

  119. thierry says:

    thanks for this ecellent artcile and all the reactions that are full of very usefull informations..i wil try to put my piece to this puzzle
    first excuse my poor english but i’m not an english speaking person since i live a the feet of french pyrenees close to mediterranean sea and i’m 34 year old.
    from my 20 i eat a mainly raw food diet , vegan with vegetables , nuts , few fruits (i thought i didn’t tolerate them) but after 7 years i start loosing a lot of weight , became week ( purhaps also because of a salmonella and heavy antibiotics used) so i go further in raw , try to read to inform myself , discover the raw living food movement
    i learn everything about living foods , spend hours and hours bending , deshydrating , making receipes , but i goes worse and worse
    i met brian Clement once he came in france , listen to him , decide to stop any fruit , and just live on vegetables and oily fruits …but it goes worse…
    so i decided to go a “the temple” and pay me a three week program at the institut hippocrate (outchh!)
    here it was wonderfull , all people looking healthy , reading a lot about raw food , but it goes worse….
    six month after i was quite a zombie of 33 kg for 1M75, the doctor say that i will die

    i through all this away , all this “beautifull theory” and try to feel my body needs…i began a instinctive raw diet (100% raw) …..(with some animals food , but i will tell my position later)
    in fact the first thing that change is that i allowed me to eat so much fruits that i craved for (i live in a mediterranean place!!) and as much as my body needs
    after one year , i weight 20kg more , live car free only by bike , do my garden daylong , and smile…..
    ok , in my diet there were raw animal food , but (purhaps only at the biginning , but i’m not sure) they are not the things that do the channge
    the major thing is big amounts of fruits and fewer fats , i’m so pleased to read it so clearly now…..
    i think about our old old ancestors , in their caverns
    how did they get their olive oil ? and their almond butter??
    i don’t think that they were laking of strength…
    they were mainly eating leaves and fruits…
    one major thing is the “coefficient of accessibility”
    which is the most abundant and easy to get product in wild areas: green leaves…
    i definite differents levels of accessibility that determine the proportion of this food in my diet:
    1- green leaves , the most important for me
    2- acid and juicy fruits
    3- sweet fruits and roots that were not so easy to get….
    4- insects (ok ,ok , don’t argue about it i’m not here to shock you and it repreents in fact so few of my diet….grasshoppers are quick!)
    5-special foods like algae , nuts , avocado , dried fruits (perhaps i will put this in 4)
    6-at least animal raw food (but in fact i represent less than 1% of my diet and i’m thinking of forgetting it until my instinct tell me the contrary)

    with this plan in head , i let my instinct choose either the type of aliments and the quantity….
    for two years now people don’t recognize me and are very interested in what make me go out of the grave…
    if i have read articles as yours frederic or as Andrew perlot it may have simplify my way and prevent me fromm some years of nightmare….but it was purhaps the way to go to find my own truth (and then discover others thinks the same)
    thanks frederic to tell this loud in this monolithic raw food movement

  120. bikegata says:

    I had the good fortune of being introduced to raw foods eating by being lent a copy of Doug Graham’s Grain Damage, so from the get go I knew the big mistake most of the raw foodies were making. Here in SF Cafe Gratitude is supposed to be ‘ground zero’ for us raw foodists (as soon as someone finds out I’m raw, they want to know if I like the food at CG, which I don’t for the most part, except as a very very occasional treat). I have bags of nuts sitting in my freezer for when i get around to trying some raw confections recipe. I took some courses with Elaina Love, she’s wonderful, but of course her recipes are, yup, you guessed it, high in nuts, although she did seem to be willing to mention that one could try to tailor some of the recipes to make without nuts. My vegan (but cooked) roommate is deathly allergic to nuts, and says he needs to get his protein from tofu, and make up his calories by eating tons of bread, rice, and other grains; he does not “like” fruit, he says! I personally think his tastebuds have become distorted. In the four months we’ve been roommates, he’s been getting a string of sinus infections, body aches and colds, while I’ve had maybe one or two quick colds at most (I’m still a newbie to raw, only about two years now, but doing much better than at first). Back when I was cooked vegan, I remember loving the miso-tahini sauce I would make, adding sesame oil and roasted ground sesame seeds for flavor, and pouring it over “healthy” (or so I thought) buckwheat or spirulina noodles from the Asian market in my neighborhood. I was so regretful having to give it up because of feeling dizzy and sick each and every time I ate it. There was no way I could eat enough of it to make a meal out of it, even if I had salad or raw veggies with it (can you imagine the turmoil this puts the digestive tract through!) without getting dizzy and nauseous and having to call it a night and scrap my plans to do other things! I still am dealing with torn meniscus in my knee from taking up running too quickly (at 51 years of age), and still dealing with some debilitating hypothyroid/menopause symptoms but at least I’m not suffering from constant colds. On the days I do vigorous workouts (which is most days), and get a good night’s sleep, I feel pretty good, though stress from relationship issues, housing issues and workplace issues still sap my energy sometimes. There really is emotional work we need to do, on top of eating better and getting physically fit (those last two being crucial for having the strength to deal with the rest of it, I’m a firm believer, and I just read that somewhere either in one of your posts Frederic, or in Roger’s). It’s hard being on the fringe of a still fringe movement (ok, I’ll level with you all, I call it Cafe Attitude, they really have their noses in the air that they’re more evolved or something), but keep on with the message about this hi fat ridiculousness that has been palmed off as healthy! I just love telling people that they’d have a lower fat diet eating flesh than following what passes for the ‘acceptable’ raw foods diet (ok, a bit of a stretch, but it’s to make a very important point that people are just not willing to hear yet). I see this is longer than the other replies I see here, so feel free to edit for brevity. Thanks for writing and reading!

  121. Aileen Weaver says:

    Hello Frederick,
    Thanks for the great article! I wanted to tell you what happened when I followed your recommendations to increase fruits and limit fat, especially from nuts and seeds, to control my systemic candida. Though I don’t follow a strict raw food diet, I tend to go heavy on the vegetables and very light on everything else. I had read that you need to restrict fruit consumption because candida thrives on the sugars, so I wound up doing exactly what you said people do, which is to make up for my cravings by eating lots of nuts. And my candida did not improve at all. So I tried your recommendation to limit the nuts and eat all the fruit I wanted, and to my joy and amazement, it worked. I find that every time I get a little lax about the fat, the candida starts to reappear. There is no question that your advice is sound; thank you so much for your work!

  122. Interestingly enough, I wrote yesterday to a few raw food friends here in Brasil about my own health and about a girl – Gabriela – who teaches Raw Food here who I was terrified to see a couple of days ago for the simple fact that she is TOO SKINNY!
    I read this article today, and I am greatful to see that someone, at least, is not just signing one’s name under the Raw Food Movement just to please a few, but someone who is actually MAD with the whole picture of the Raw Food Movement – somehow just like me.

    Here is a bit of what I said on my email:

    What does happen with so much weight loss?
    What does happen with our bodies? If we feed our bodies with healthy organic foods – vegetables, fruits, seeds, almonds, nuts, all raw – or almost, so much vitality and etc, why do we, somehow, get weak, and look weak? I am generalizing, but it is to show that it does not happen only to Gabriela. When I volunteered at the Raw Spirit Festival (Sedona, AZ) in 2007, I found asking myself a lot why so many ‘gurus’ in the Raw Food Movement looked like that – too skinny, pale, somehow weak. On the other hand,the fat Victoria Bontenko, who in my perception, does not LOOK healthy at all.
    I do not think I am judging – others and myself – but I know I do OBSERVE!

    This last week I went to a Yoga Studio here in Rio de Janeiro, and in their restaurant’s menu it was written: It is said that you are what you eat. But, truly, you are a lot more: you are what you read, think, do and each decision that you make.
    Yes, this is what makes our bodies. This is all our bodies’ FOOD. Nowadays, in a way, I do not see cooked food (I am not saying JUNK FOOD – there is a big difference) as being the ‘bad boy’. I felt in my own body, even eating 95% raw in 2007 and mostly in 2008 (where I lived in California, and had the chance to go to many raw food restaurants), that I lost vitality. It is weird to say that, and almost unacceptable, but my body got weak – from 55kg (122 pounds) to 50kg (111 pounds) is a huge difference for someone that is 5,5″. If I like it?? No, I do not like it. I do not like to see my cheek bones, skinny legs, etc.
    In trying to find the ‘perfection’, I myself have become ‘imperfect’.

    Raw food only is just a piece of this huge puzzle called HUMAN BODY. Our emotional body, yes, and lack of exercise, these two play a huge role in our health.

    Health, yes, I want to be healthy! I want to look in the mirrow, and look within, and see that there resides someone in balance, even in moments of ups and downs.

    In health!



  123. Kimberly says:


    I love it! I have gotten beyond mad to sadly amused. The more health and fitness books I perused, the fatter I got and the less healthy I felt. Finally, after being confused, fat, and fed up, I thought back to the years when I was energetic, thin, and knew nothing. I remembered eating a lot of “dangerous” fruit, plenty of veggies and little of anything else. Finally, commonsense reined and I went back to what I know works for me.

    The litany of lists of what one must and must not consume for health makes me wonder how my ancestors ever survived before the existence of health gurus, supplement companies, or ready access to cacao, gogi berries, acai, etc. Adding to my wonderment is that I come from many, many generations of people who lived well into their 80s and longer. It seems, albeit initially well meaning, that commerce and capitalism tend to override the basics of wellness. Furthermore, much of this is perpetuated by the flimsiest of evidence. Just follow the footnotes, you will be in utter amazement that anyone could have possibly drawn such conclusions. I have read articles where the author built an entire case around studies conducted for brief periods of time on fewer than 12 people. Then drawn a conclusions that even the abstract does not assert and the study does not conclude. This is incredibly common in magazines. Well, they need something to sell.

    Frederic, kept up the good work, I have enjoyed reading your advice since your magazine days. Congratulations, you seem to have steered clear of the health fad du jour. Sadly, many “health gurus” have a predilection for this folly and a new product to accompany it. As far as I am concerned, the principles of a low-fat diet are sound and a close examination of human history backs it up.

  124. Barry Sandler says:

    I commented about 4 weeks ago and you never replied.

    I gave a detailed account of my deteriorating health over 18 months after heating 80% raw vegan diet for 30years and 6 months on 100% raw before getting ill. Low b12 , low phosphate levels, arrhythmias, heart palpitations, panic attacks, nausea, depression, chest pain etc. Over the past 6 months I now eat fish dairy and 60% cooked food and my health has improved immensely.

    What do you think?

    Barry Sandler

  125. Krystal says:

    Fred & Roger

    I want to thank you for you invaluable insights. Raw Fruits and Vegetables are the way to go!!

    But it’s not only just that, I wonder how many people realize and just don’t pay attention to how many other harmful chemicals and toxins they put in their bodies on a daily basis. For myself it wasn’t just going raw that was the issue, I have had to rethink everything I eat or use on my skin, hair you name it. When I stared going Raw I tried using supplements. Yeah, even though they do work to help the hunger curve. I started getting a itchy rash below my eyes that went away after I stopped using the product.

    To sum it up unless I eat 100% Raw I get undesirable reactions. I was getting too the point that I was having allergies so bad I hated spring and don’t even let me get close to an animal. Now, well I have Two cats and their fur doesn’t bother me at all. Springtime I just love, I never take allergy pills anymore lol which when I was taking them I had to find ones with ingredients I wouldn’t react to.

    Since then I go with what my body is telling me, try to listen closely if you eat something cooked that your mind says “wow thats going to taste great”. After listen to what your body tells you, if your intestines hurt or you are not feeling the greatest obviously that poison you just put in your body is not making your body happy and in the long run wouldn’t rather feel great then..just okay!

    In my searches for optimal health, I came across another person who offers a wonderful view on eating Raw because I’m the kind of person who believes nature offers us the best. We just have to educate ourselves on what she has to offer.

    This person describes on a chart ideas of things you could be eating to make you feel certain ways. Like if you eat bananas it will rise your body heat…*It does work* or celery will cool you off on a hot day* it does work* When I go hiking or just to go enjoy the sun( * no I do not use sunscreen- the chemicals in it can lead to cancer* I found a list on chemicals that are put into products and they’re undesirable effects and believe me I react to those chemicals) To get back to what I was saying, the celery cools me off and I can enjoy high heat temperatures.

    The guys name is Sapoty brook his ebook is ECO Eating and all he asks is a donation for his work. Believe me I think the donation is worth his knowledge.

    With all the research I have done the 3 people I really listen to when it comes to my Raw diet is Fred, Roger and Sapoty. They know what they are talking about. You just have to be prepared to want to make a difference in in your life for it to work!

    I am never hungry and I have energy to burn. I also no longer suffer from stomach cramps or most of the ailments they prescribe pharmaceutical drugs for..lol Not that I could take them anyways…It’s just nice know I don’t need any of that stuff.

    Good luck all!!

    LOL (girl in the bubble)

  126. Julie says:

    My experience is exactly similiar to the lady you met in Costa Rica. I also have arthritis and was place on a 100% raw diet(high fat,raw grains,no fruits for two years) at the HHI in Florida.

    The arthritis got worse and I developed a eating disorder(OCOD), because I was not getting enough calories. I’m fasting as I’m writing to you and already my improvement is very significant.

    Thanks for your great info. I have purchased two of your books.
    Keep spreading the good news and save more lives.

  127. Ali says:

    Hello Fredric,

    I’ve purchased and read your Raw Secrets book. I’m interested in going raw but I tried it when I first read your book a few months ago and found the quantity of fruits and veggies needed a bit overwhelming and ended up not eating enough, which resulted in a loss of precious muscle weight. I would like to try again though but I now have greater concerns.

    I recently had a number of tests done and my GI tract test results indicate the following:

    1. Positive for Candida +3 => 10000 pg DNA/g specimen (The highest is +4)
    2. Pancreatic elastase 1 levels below reference limits = strong correlation with pancreatic insufficiency. (Not producing enough enzymes)
    3. High Triglycerides were found in my stool, signifying maldigestion.

    I also had a Spectracell analysis done which showed a fructose sensitivity. My lymphocytes show a deficient ability to tolerate fructose. That is, a genetic, hereditary fructose intolerance.

    The recommendation is not to remove fruits and veggies containing fructose but to avoid an excess intake of them and of course to avoid all other forms of sugar, which I do anyway. Unfortunately, they don’t define what an “excess intake” is.

    Given my situation do you recommend I start raw as you describe in your book? Or do you recommend something different? I’m especially concerned about the candida and am being especially careful to not make it worse. I’m taking herbs for the to get rid of it, as prescribed by my Naturopath. In my case, do you think taking enzymes is a good idea? I know you don’t particularly favor them but in my case, they seem necessary.

    Any input you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

  128. Natalie says:

    Thanks for the article. I am just thinking – you compare us to primates, but we live in different places of our planet. People survived because they managed to eat local plants. Imagine life without supermarkets. I live in Lithuania, we have all 4 seasons there, so there are loads of fruits, vegs and greens are available during summer. And almost nothing, except apples, carrots and cabbage during winter time. Is that normal that we have to go to supermarket to buy bananas and other fruits and greens, which were grown somewhere faraway. Most of them in artificial soil in greenhouses. What is so good about them? Are not local grains, dried fruits and nuts better in this case?
    There are very healthy people in Caucasian mountains who eat local products only, including loads of fermented diary. They live much longer then average person. What would you recommend for people in Alaska? Why we should try to runaway of natural ways of living. Why should we support foreign food industry? I want to eat raw. No, I want to eat natural and real food, which is local, which I can grow myself. How to find the real nutrition way?
    Sorry for my English.
    Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

  129. rawmzmartha.. says:

    My user name seems to obsolate! LOL! I began to lQQk into raw, last summer. I’m not so far into it that I can’t make a tweak or two. I’m in raw as a lifstyle. I listen to my ‘inner voice’…I eat according to what my body needs, more vegie’s or fruits that are juicier or more solid fruit, like a banana. I keep my foods real simple..that’s how can handle it mentally, as suffer from siezures, ranging from petite/grand mall. Too things get cause too much angst and stress!
    I was getting into the oils, seeds and chocolate. This ‘light-raw’, seems to be where I can tweak things, a bit! ; )
    I’ll keep an open mind as I make this life journey!
    Be well! ; D

  130. Karen says:

    What supplements do you all take? What do you use for B6 and B12?

  131. Frederic says:

    Hi Guys — I was away for the weekend and couldn’t approve your comments. Now I should be able to get to them sooner!

  132. Frederic says:

    To Ursula Jahara

    I’ve covered the Skinny/Undermuscled issue before (http://www.fredericpatenaude.com/mentorclub.html)

    There’s a big difference between fat loss and muscle loss. Muscle loss on ANY diet is very rare. What happens is a lot of people are not very muscled to begin with. What they lose is excess fat, and even though they reach an “ideal” body fat on the raw diet, they look too skinny because they have not built enough muscle mass. The solution is to focus on muscle-building exercises and good nutrition.

    But there’s also the issue of being MALNOURISHED, which unfortunately happens to a lot of people (especially the Brazilian raw-foodists for some reason, at least from my experience there), because they do simply DO NOT EAT ENOUGH!

    They think they eat a lot, but in reality they are not consuming nearly enough calories.

    If they don’t consume enough calories from fruits and vegetables, they won’t get the nutrients they need, including: vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc.

    Yes, it’s possible to become malnourished on a raw diet if you constantly undereat.

    That is far worse than the so-called “overeating” everybody is trying to scare you from.

    Most people, even if they tried, cannot possibly “overeat” fruits and vegetables in their fresh state. I just don’t see that happen at all.

    Even myself, I can eat quite a bit. But I don’t recall EVER overeating fruit or vegetables.

    However, I cannot say the same of other more concentrated foods such as nuts, seeds, avocados, etc.

    More info in: http://www.fredericpatenaude.com/starterkit.html

  133. Pauline says:

    Very interesting article. I’d like to give you a little background.
    I was diagnosed with Cutaneous Lupus in 1978with the Specialist stating that the life span for those with any form of Lupus was 5 years,
    (Very little know about this dis-ease at that time)I should stay out of the sun,take Cortizone for the rest of my life, not to worry, and sent me on my merry way. My lifestyle was not healthy, I had stopped smoking 65 cigarettes a day in 1975, drank liquer,brought up on Meat, potatoes and fry,15 cups tea with sugar and milk a day, no salads.constitpated, I had had two children who died very young, and was recently divorced, very stressed. I was extremely toxic internally,

    I did reading on the drug and decided I was not going to continue taking the drug.Then I happened to meet a massage therapist who had just moved from California, who just happened to have informaion about Lupus and shared it with me. It was the biggest AHA moment in my life. I removed all of the above from my life.
    The basic recommendatons: no red or white meat, no nuts, no yeast, no bananas( I use to eat 2-3 a day)very little to no citrus fruits,no tea, coffee, no dairy or sugar, ( I use to make sugar sandwichs, yes sugar sandwichs) no additives, etc.My life changed drastically,
    Over the years I have learned so much about nutrition and about my body and what it can tolerate and living a balanced life for me. stopped eating fish in 1990.
    my diet basically was some fruit, load of veggies and greens some grain. Felt abosutely fabulous in the 80’s and 90’s
    In 2006-7 I started to get some Lupus arthritic symptoms, I realized the natural sweetners like dates, figs, more fruit had creeped back into my world and a huge stress has been in by life since 2004 which will soon be coming to an end.
    Anytime I ate a pineapple the next day my joints in my hands were swollen and very painful. Then I got the trigger fingers. I have reversed all of them except one, it was extremely bad,I culd no longer grip because of the ring finger…I thought sking was finished.
    A year ago I spent 3 weeks at a fabulous Health institute that raised my conscousness further in all aspects of my life. I now have full capacity of all my limb and all my moving joints. I have found what works for my body and well being, we cannot all be grouped under one catagory.
    We are each bio-chemically unique, what is good for one, may be poisen for another.
    that’s why I was so surprised with your following comment and disagree with it
    “The difference between Sunfood Diet, Hippocrates Diet, Rainbow Live food are as great or greater nutritionaly than the difference between the vegetarian diet and the meat-based diet.”
    Do you have first hand experiences at David cousins and Hippocrates Institute and their philosophy?
    I can only speak about the Hippocrates program first hand since spending 3 weeks there, which entails:
    Wheatgrass juice, 2 minimum 16 oz green drinks daily, if you do not do this you are not following their programm. the drinks are made up of 50% sprouts/50% green vegetables. I use cucumber, celery and some other green, kale, romaine etc. Eat 2 large salads daily with at least half of it sprouts (sunflower, pea)I grow my own.
    lots of sea vegetables, vegetables, avocados only 2 week, nuts and seeds 2 handfuls 2-3 times a week. If one does not have a health issue, then some fruit is not a problem.
    Exercise and weights or some exercise to build/tone muscle
    skin brushing,
    plenty of rest, etc.
    I do not see this as a high fat diet.
    I am in a very good place now in my life.
    I had part of a banana recently, first time since ’78, and within 20 minutes I had a headache, the following day my thumb joints were swollen and painful….

    I have all the “Raw Food recipe books, some are great and some are loaded with all the bad food, even tho raw, I bought your books, Instant Raw sensations,the raw secrets,and I also have Sunfood Cuisine. In Raw sensations, I notice alot of your recipes contain bananas (which I do not eat)avocados and nuts, for example your dressings, 5 of the 7 contain either avocado or some form of nut or nut butter. and your dips all contain some form of nut, avocado or nut butter.
    Help me to understand, is this not considered “fats and oils”

    Keep up the tremendous work you are doing for human kind
    Nova Scotia Canada

  134. Ellyn N. Gray says:

    I have always been against any raw diet that is too restrictive. Raw is already restrictive enough. But for a few months now my body has been telling me to cleanse. I did get Gabriel Cousens book Green live food and again it appeared to restrictive. And then when I saw people that lived at his center speak in my area, they didn’t look healthy. Dark circles around the eyes and emaciated. then I saw a video of Dr. Cousen’s himself and he did not look like the picture of health. Dr. Graham always looked very healthy and fit.
    I am still unsure about the 80-10-10 diet, but i think I am finally ready to get an 80-10-10 book and learn more.
    I am going on a juice feast in 9 days for 40 days. I hope to get some clarity with it. I know that after eating raw for 14 months I am still not down to a weight i need to be at and that is I am sure from eating many fat and nut laden meals. That is a pattern I will soon be breaking. Thanks for the food for thought.


  135. Christine says:

    Hello Frederic,

    I have been mostly raw for several years now and felt very good about myself when I got to maintain a 95% raw for a couple of years. I love vegetables, eat lots of green, fruits and green smoothie -the whole thing.

    Trouble is, all this created havoc with my spleen from too much dampness, which in turn brought on heart trouble (spleen controls muscle function, of which the heart if one of them). I started experiencing dropping of blood pressure, skipping, irregular heart beat, etc. By re-introducing warm food such as home made vegetalbe soups and grains like quinoa in my diet, I was able to reverse the symptoms.
    Also, I am incredibly cold all the time (also a spleen issue). I wear 3 to 4 layers when people are running around in light sweat shirt. Warm herbal teas and soups are helping this.
    Do you have any suggestions?

  136. catherine killen says:

    Hi Frederic. Ok here I go. I have been raw for a little over two years now. for the first year I ate only fruit, however I was mixing avacodos with my fruit everyday. I was eating 8 avacodos a day. I was excersiseing alot rollarblading in the summer and walking 3-6 miles a day in winter along with yoga everyday and breathing excersises. At the begining I was feeling good but gradually I got to the point where my feet and legs started to become numb, I was loosing my balance. I had barly any energy to do my yoga or much else other than walk( thank goodness I could still do that) and I was so spaced out all of the time, dizzy and very confused. I was having trouble rembering things, I was struggling to survive and i was scared to tell anyone because I had been always teelling them that I am healthy because I eat raw!.They all thought I was crazy for eating raw and I diidnt want to belive that which they did. I am from montreal however I was living in england for the last 10 yeras and I didn’t get much sun during that time. I have not drank water for the 2 yeras being raw,(I didnt feel thirsty because I ate so much fruit)and I was told that most water wasn’t good and that I didn’t need it if I consume alot of high water content foods. at the begining I was drinking alot of fruit juice. My teeth started to loose there whiteness, my hair stopped growing and I was scared of what was happening to me because I had so!! so convnced myself that going raw would solve all my problems emotionally and physcally.When It did the opposite to what I had belived for so long to be true and my health was worst of than when I was eating cooked foods, I felt like ther was no hope so I started to search in a different area. I began to read books about the mind and i then started to think its not my diet and that its emotional that is causing these symyoms in my body. I started to work on changing my thoughts and beliefs then It really started to confuse me. I read fit for life 15 years ago and it made so much sence (at that time) so I decided to go on the vegan diet and combine my food properaly( or sO I was lead to belive)i never mixed my fruit with anything else, being told avacodos is a fruit and can be combined with other fruits, well I lived on that belief for 10 yeras.When I went to see a doctor while in england I was told that I was deficient in B12, underactive throyd and high folic acid. how ever I was not over weight. I was told that If i didnt take the injection or supplement that I would never get healthy. I refused to take pills or anything unnatural because deep down in my heart and soul I feel that I can heal myself naturally. Well I decided to come home to montreal to seek help from my family with hopes of regaining my health back. I have been home since july 08 and in the last few months my energy has improved and my balance better, less confusion, how ever my legs and feet are still numb and I still struggle when I try to run. When I first got home my brother was telling me about your book( he is not vegan or raw) however he really like waht you had to say and he was trying to explain to me about eating to much fat and eating avacodos with other fruit. At that time I couldnt belive or here waat he was saying to me because I really belived that it didnt matter what I ate on the raw diet because its all raw! It had to be healthy. well some time has passed since then and I have been reading all your emails and after I read your letter sharing your story on going raw! I was very touched and so thankfull that there is someone out there who understands. In the last 3 months I have been eating alot more vegetables and I stopped eating avacodos with my fruit( which I feel alot better, no more up set stomach) however I have been eating alot of fat. I eat fruit all day(no avacodos),then I eat dinner with lots of vege and sea vege but!! I use about a little lesst han 1/2 a cup of tahini on my nori wraps and my salad.Is that to much fat?I also eat 1/2 of an avacodo with the tahini.( is that not a good combination? it’s not sugar. If I don’t eat somthing tasty and I just eat the vege I find myself not wanting to eat the vegetables. How ever I know you mention that you have recipies in your book, and I have recived some recipies from you (Thank you!) when I can get that book I look forward to learning new ways to eat even more healthy.In the mean time I have bought lot’s of different vegetables and am going to make green smoothies(yikes!!!& yippie!!!)It will be my first one. Oh ye one more very important thing to say.I went back to the doctor, here in montreal and he took the same tests and guess what he said that my throyd was normal( just on the border)which was a hughe difference from my last tests and he said my hemogloben was very strong, and that I could not be deficent in B12. Ok well at that point I had not really changed much of my diet. Only a bit more vegetables now and then and a whole lot of nuts. the numbness was and is still there. Well today I still don’t know why I have these symtoms and it can’t be because of the B12 as the doctor told me it was. Well I will always continue to eat raw! no matter what and I will continue to eat my fruit that I so love!!! I am hopeful that my health will continue to improve and I will get to see a doctor who has time!!! for all my questions and who understands what I am saying.I want to say Thank You!!! frederic so much for sharing your knowledge and for your guidence in helping to improving my health and all those who are fortunate enough to learn from your own personal experience. Many blessings Catherine.

  137. Lea says:

    Thanks for always keeping it real! I totally agree with you.
    You’re a blessing to all of us…
    Best wishes!

  138. Emanuela says:


    Je suis nee en France et maintenant suis mariee a quelqu’un ne aux USA. Nous pensons emmenager en France dans quelques annees. Nous mangeons cru et vegan. Nous avons besoin de contact par email pour obtenir des informations concernant le cout de la vie et ainsi de suite puisque nous aurons la retraite de mon mari. Auriez vous la gentillesse de m’envoyer un email s’il vous? Merci


  139. robert says:

    you have been consistent in criticizing what many people like me have done incorrectly – eating too much fat. as i have reduced my fat intake, i have found that what you have consistently stated is true – higher functioning body.
    thank you especially for the food combination restriction of no fat/sugar together.
    that is the first aspect of your explanation that i implemented, with an immediate
    noticable improvement. afetr noticing this, i deduced that your other statements
    would also be worth implementing.

  140. Govinda McGeary says:

    Dear Fredrick,
    I would be very much interested if you would explore the various Raw food diet gurus with in depth analyses of each and every facet of each diet. Why not contact David Wolfe and Gabriel Cousens? Have a rational debate with cool brains and lay it all out on the table! Wolke has a lot of gimmicky products of the week..from Goji Berries to Raw chocolate. But Cousens really looks great!
    There something you could answer please. Gabriel Cousens doesnt encourage anyone to eat fruit. He does encourage everyone to eat sprouted live grains depending on their particular body type. How does that comport with your argument that in order to receive enough calories, you either have to eat sugar or fat? Doesnt the grains come under the umbrella of complex carbihydrates aka sugars? And wouldnt that reduce the fat in Cousens diet considerably?
    Thanking You
    (Govinda) F Gregory McGeary Mt Pleasant PA

  141. I havent’ been an Ethusiast about being a Fruigavore but, I do feel Raw Food Diet is or should be Fruits and Veggies ………… all the other stuff can be attractive and even helpful when newly Raw because, it resembles SAD but, ultimately….I feel best when eating simply of fruits and veggies.

    Pretty Simple – Right?

  142. Lala72 says:

    I was turned on to the raw food diet by Fredric’s materials exactly two years ago today! I’ve been a raw foodist ever since, and I love the feel of it all: the energy, the lightness, the constant removal of toxins and waste from the body, all of it. Yet, I know people that have fallen off the wagon because they’re following the other school–the high-fat school. The other day, I encouraged a friend that had fallen off the high-fat wagon to look into Fred’s stuff. How’d I do this? I showed him the latest photo I’d received of high-fat raw food guru himself, David Wolfe; I showed him the bags forming under David’s eyes, a guy that just happened to have written a book about eating for beauty, a guy that just happens to make a killer living from pushing fatty exotic foods onto eager raw foodists. Then, I showed him a picture of Roger, reminding him that Roger is five years older than David, and that David’s actually been a high-fat raw foodist twice as long as Roger’s been a raw foodist at all! He was so impressed that he’s now inspired to take on the low-fat raw foodist lifestyle.

    I’ve purchased seven items from Fred in the past two-plus years–a man I don’t know personally–and I’ve been raw for two years to the day. I say, Great article!

  143. thierry says:

    bonjour emmanuella , avec plaisir mais je n’ai pas ton mail….

  144. Mark Garvin says:

    Hi Frederic,

    Great article! – a low fat raw diet has definitely worked for me having had all sorts of problems staying on the typical high fat raw food diet. Your book “Raw Secrets” was the first book that pointed me in this direction and I am thankful for finding it – it also introduced me to Doug Graham whose work has also been very inspirational.

    A point I think worth mentioning is that there exists in nature many symbiotic relationships – for example fruit eating benefits both humans and the fruit tree (We get good nutrition and the fruit tree gets it’s seeds spread far and wide) Eating nuts and seeds on the other hand only benefits humans and has no payoff for the tree or plant – so the relationship is one-sided and clearly not what nature intended – perhaps another reason to steer clear of too many nuts and seeds?

    Keep up the good work



  145. Hi Frederic,
    I loved your article and your clarity. This is the biggest issue in health today in my opinion. I was trained in the “fruit is bad” philosophy, but I could never fully accept that.
    I have written to some of the leaders in the low-fruit movement, but am still awaiting a reply.
    Keep this up, because we all need more clarity on this.
    Your suggestion to log on to http://www.fitday.com is a great idea for everyone. I have logged a “typical” day of low fruit (at 3 pieces of fruit it was more than many gurus would allow. To get to 3000 calories I had to add nuts, seeds, avocados and olive oil, as would be found in raw recipes. It came to a whopping 58% of calories from fat. And I think that is common.
    I got an ezine from a famous low-fruit institute. There was a recipe for hummus. I did the analysis at fitday.com. An astounding 78% of the calories came from fat! And you know how we eat hummus. Its usually a little celery stick and a LOT of hummus!

    Keep it up Frederic. Great stuff. (I am not paid by fitday.com, but everyone should analyse your % dietary fat content on that site.)

  146. Indre says:

    Really great article! I hadn’t had the problem with that, but I think it’s a common problem for many people… Then I started a raw-food diet, I wanted all “forbbiden” food(bread, chocolate…), but fruits became the best sweets:)

  147. Alice Osborne says:

    I also had my blood looked at, and you bet–fungus/yeast was found in abundance, and the advice given was as you mentioned in your article, to cut out sugar, fruits, and processed foods. There are so many food and diet “experts” out there conflicting with each other that it’s hard to know whom or what to believe. So here’s my conclusion and the bottom line for me: I believe in God and that He created this glorious earth and all it contains. I cannot believe He didn’t know what he was doing when He created fruit. Since God felt it was worthy of His efforts and He graciously bestowed it on us, I am going to have the good sense to partake! I am thrilled to have found you and appreciate your philosophy–it fits. And I will take your advice and cut the fat, and I bet in so doing, I’ll loose the fungus/yeast! Thank you for your work, integrity, and common sense!

  148. raw hope says:

    Wow, that really made me think and look at things more clearly. Thanks for sharing that concept. 🙂

  149. raw hope says:

    My above comment was directed at Mark Garvin. Sorry for any confusion. 🙂

  150. Janie says:

    I found your article interesting. I came to raw foods – not necessarily wanting to be a raw foodist but to up my intake and improve health. What I found in the raw food movement was a bunch of different people trying to make alot of money off the people seeking help/information. There is nothing wrong with selling items and trying to make a decent living. But charging $500 a half hour consult (Dr. Cousens) or $17,000 a month to stay at a place to heal is wrong. I also found it incredibly frustrating that each “expert” raw foodist had the “truth” and would put down the other “experts”. I kept wondering “what in the world is going on and what is the truth”. But then I looked back to what I had always studied about health from John Robbins, Dr. McDougall, Caldwell Essylsten, Hans Diehl and many others – it is basically the diet outlined in Genesis that God gave people at creation. It wasn’t cacoa, super green algae, 5000 supplements (so you can’t even afford food after expended resources on them) or ridiculous contortions on how to mix and match. It is my opinion that the raw food experts are only confusing things more and making more people just go back to eating cooked (whether it be low fat vegan or the SAD). It is probably easier for someone to stay healthier eating low fat cooked vegan than trying to deal with the “raw food experts” trying to make a buck or they won’t “help”. People need honest answers and things that work for the long term. I like Dr. Graham’s book and info but again it’s just another high priced avenue if you want individual help. So people keep being left to figure it out themselves because especially in our current financial economy not many of us have hundreds and thousands of dollars to spend hoping we picked the right “expert” to ask our questions too and that they can honestly help us. So I guess like always – it’s back to the Bible and getting back to eating foods as grown and what is simple – not hard complicated high fat recipes – but simple foods like apples, dandelion greens, purslane, kale, cukes and celery etc.

  151. Deb says:

    Has anyone used the 80-10-10 type philosophy to heal Type 1 diabetes? You hear alot about Type 2. What about Type 1? what is known about this in this train of thinking? Or is this a place where “no one has gone before”? Yes I have read Gabriel Cousin’s book but found the recipes very high in fat overall and you the diet very restrictive – basically everything is bad. And it costs quite a bit a money to go to his Tree of Life place to heal. It does not make sense that God created fruits but we aren’t to eat them. But instead we are to eat alot of nuts and seeds – which are high in fat. But a high fat diet has it’s own problems regardless whether it is raw or cooked food you are eating. Would appreciate some thoughts and if there are others out there who are healing from this problem or have healed it – please share. Fred makes some good points in his article – probably points that should have been brought up a long time ago.

  152. raw hope says:

    While it’s true that we each may have different dietary needs, this is more a reflection of our varying stages of health than the notion that each member of our species has their own specific nutritional requirements. Genetic predispositions or overconsumption of certain foods may have caused allergies or intolerances to various foods, but this does not negate the fact that there are certain optimal requirements for proteins, fats and sugars for all humans.

    If we look at our closest relatives in nature, the bonobos, we can see that they don’t consume massive amounts of fat in their diet. They don’t spend their entire days cracking open nuts, when they could get energy much more quickly and easily by peeling a banana. They don’t gather and compress massive quantities of seeds so that they can consume concentrated oils. They don’t check their blood types before deciding what diet is appropriate for them. Their bodies instinctively tell them which sources of nutrition are the most efficient and give them the most ‘bang for their buck’.

    Species specific diets do exist in nature. Why should humans be any different?

    If you have thrived on the high-fat raw diet, then by all means continue to eat as you are accustomed. But, if like so many other raw foodists, including those who are ashamed to admit it, you are not feeling optimally healthy and energized with your current arrangement, where is the harm in trying what Fred suggests for a few days and letting your body give you feedback? You might be pleasantly surprised with the results. A few days of cutting down on your fat intake won’t kill you. But it just might let your body do some healing, and you might be able to conquer your chronic candida issues, not to mention your fatigue and (unwanted) weight gain.

    We’re all reading this blog because we want optimal health. If what you are currently doing is not getting you there, then it’s time to examine why that is, and to modify things until you reach your goal.

  153. Karen says:

    Thank you for simplifying my life – in a big way! What a great article! I respect you for writing it and for clearing up the confusion of the “raw food diet/movement”. I think the raw foodies pushing the high fat diet may be well-meaning; it is a new frontier. But I have always been suspicious of the elaborate and laborious “2 cups of nuts”-type recipes in my raw food cookbooks (I’m new to it). I love the idea and simplicity of eating mainly fruit (and greens) for meals. I have a piece of fruit prior to exercise because I discovered a long time ago that I have more energy and endurance if I do. But I don’t eat much fruit because I was raised with the idea of having lots of protein, fat, and complex carbs. Now I realize I could have the energy I get from fruit – all day! For me, there is the added benefit of saying “I’ll just have some fruit, please” or “I’m eating more fruits now” instead of trying to explain going raw. I’m so excited! I wish you all the best and am looking forward to reading more of your articles and books.

  154. Andy says:

    I been following 80/10/10 diet for more than a year with small accassional diversions. And what i noticed was that if i overdo on fats(nuts avocados) I feel that i have less energy. When I eat lost of fruits(mainly bananas), i never feel tired and always full of energy.
    So thanks fred, roger and dr. graham.

    Regarding blending. DOnt you think that by blending lots of different fruits and veg you confuse body. Because when you chew, body recognises the food and start making special enzymes to digest it also you mix it with saliva.Whereas when you blend , everything is mixe up and you obviously chew less.So what do you think bout blending

  155. Gretchen Goel says:

    Great article! I have been vegan for several years after reading The China Study. I follow Joel Furhman’s low fat vegan plan but it is my goal to go completely raw folowing your plan or Graham’s. I’m wondering if it is easier to go raw in the summer since I naturally want to eat more raw in the summer?

  156. Neo says:

    To Deb:
    There is not just one Juvenile Diabetes. There are stages of it and even if somebody would claim healing from type 1, you cannot immediately generalize, because the healing will depend on more factors, overall state of health, adrenal exhaustion, beta cells capability of producing insulin etc. Better chance for healing have the newly diagnosed diabetics, but it should never be totally unworthy to do something right. Even if your body is not able to reverse back to normal state, if the ireparrable destruction has found the place and the functioning cells have been replaced by the fibrous tissue, you can still get many health improvements by doing the right things.
    The diet is important, but not the most important part for diabetics, the same what is true about a state of health- It is as strong as its weakest part.
    Of course, low fat is the way to go, but exercise has a profound effect on blood sugar regulation. If you exercise, cells of the skeletal muscles don’t need as much insulin, because exercise stimulates the cell to translocate GLUT4 receptors to the surface. The way to go for insulin depended diabetics is a whole body all day exercises combined with a low fat diet. Doesn’t need to be some kind of sport, it is perfect with gardening, hiking or other physical activities.
    Believe and do the right things, nature works slowly, but safely. Patience and Perseverance. Love and Wisdom.

  157. Courtney says:

    So how much greens do you now eat, Frederic, then to balance out all the fruit? 1/2 lb? 1 lb? 2 lbs?

    Thanks so much!

  158. Reality Check says:

    Amazing no complaints to Fred’s article. Are they being moderated?

    Well here’s one. This is just another guy’s personal experience much like the guru’s he’s speaking against.

    In the end this is really a personal journey. The human body is a complex creation. No one size diet fits all.

  159. Gwen says:


    I was very excited about your article. I have often found myself mad at the raw foods movement as well, and I agree with a lot that you have to say. In fact frequently lately, I have been very angry at the raw foods movement. I have especially been angry at the high levels of fat and sugar in gourmet recipes. I have all of these books with recipes that I am not much interested in cooking let alone eating, all full of agave, dates, and nuts. I believe one of the beautiful things about being raw is the simplicity of just eating food as it comes to you! So, I was very pleased to see your article in which you expressed the same thing.

    However, I can include you with those I am mad at. I have been doing raw foods for many years, and I have tried every variety of raw foods diet. I have failed to get well with any of it, and I have been especially angry with those who tell me I can eat fruit and get well. Fruit has kept me sick with Candida even with no fat in my diet, so it makes me angry to be told it is okay. I went for years with no fruit in my diet, and then I tried a completely raw diet with fruit. I have been unable to stop eating fruit ever since, but the Candida won’t go away. Nonetheless, from my experiences, I believe almost everything you say, and am dedicated to raw foods. Saying the other Guru’s are as different from what you have to say as the SAD diet contributes to the confusion that has been a huge problem for someone like me trying to get well on raw foods. This sort of remark makes me and others figure, why bother eating raw, and then we never get there. I don’t think you are so different, and in spite of contradictions and slightly different angles, you are all a great help to people going raw. We all just need to find the common denominators and find what is best for us.

  160. Christina says:

    Thank you very much for making this clarification because I have been introduced to many other theories about the proper raw food diet and it had all become confusing to me; so thanks a lot.

  161. Andy says:

    Dr. Clemente says that he could test any raw fooder(frutarian) at his hypocrates institute provided he agrees to annouce results public. He said he could prove that such person will be defficent in many nutrients and vitamins. Could Fred, Roger, or anyone else volunteer to him to be check by his blood test and prove that 80/10/10 is not making ppl deficent in minerals.

  162. Courtney says:

    Ooh…I agree with Andy. It would be great if Fred, Roger, or Doug could get tested, ALONG WITH Dr. Clement, to prove that 80-10-10 is nutritionally sound.


  163. nelda says:

    If it were not for Emirle Lagasse or Food Network many would not know what fennel or purslane are. If Anne Wigmore had never graced us we would have never known the importance of a green drink and if sprouts had appeared in our super markets before Viktoras Kulvinskas made us aware of them mainstream would have never bought them. So let’s not burn our bridges or cast anything irregular out there in the direction of our pioneers meaning Clements, Cousens, Wolfe or Airola et al. – because without them our knowledge of raw would not be what it is today – to give us the oportunity to create our own path.

    In allowing our desire for knowledge to come to us – we not only gain the satisfaction of having received it — we gain a whole new perspective from which to desire more. Reach for the feeling of Well-being first, and everything else will fll into place.

  164. nelda says:

    Amen — it does confuse people when they hear the pitch “mine is better than their’s” if you are a good teacher you will help people find their individual way.
    The common denominator here is raw.

  165. kveta says:

    dear julie, nice to see you!

    you said:

    “And you are right on about the confusion. Yeah, fruit and low-fat is the way to go, for sure.”

    i think you overseen that the diet frederic advise is including vegetables and nuts, and that is diferent than low fat fruit diet.

    so, you are the one who is spot on!

    much love,
    fruity friend,

  166. Jane says:

    I have eaten high raw (more than 75%) since about 2002 and started to eat 100% (appr., I am not too fussed about a little tamari or tahini that might not be quite raw, also use celtic sea salt) in 2006. I have severe rheumatism/arthritis, anemia and kidney issues followed suit, and was on pretty “nasty” drugs that still didn’t make me feel that great by 2002. The reason I stayed high-raw for four years was the fact that I always felt hungry when trying 100% (low-fat) raw for upto monthly periods. So, in 2006 I went on a higher-fat raw diet (not 70% though!). This really helped me feeling satisfied after meals. Interestingly enough, while initially I loved raw gourmet food with heaps of nuts/nut creams etc., some of the almost “nut-only” meals I used to eat back then make me feel quite nauseaus now. I have significantly increased my greens intake, but I still make cakes with coconut, cashews, coconut oil etc. I have noticed however that I tend to fill up the bulk with ripe fruit such as bananas nowadays; the nut-veggie burgers have become veggie-nut burgers with no added oil. I have also noticed that I tend to use far less oil in my salads, I just don’t like a heavy oily base anymore. And some days, I don’t seem to eat any added fats (there are some fats in fruit anyway, aren’t they?) at all! I personally don’t believe in doctrines, so I don’t care if it’s low fat or high fat, low carb or high carb, I think the body will work it out for itself if given the opportunity. I agree however that the “high-fat message” can sometimes be confusing. Initially when I had a “no-fat” day, I would actually start panicking (especially because I was worried about my breast milk not being “balanced” enough) in the evening and stuff myself with some nuts, which was silly because I wouldn’t actually crave them! I think, it’s important that people realise that they need to include heaps of greens and of course delicious fruit in their diet, and that they won’t “drop dead” if they don’t have tons of fat. But if they feel they want a fatty meal, I personally just go for it, but have noticed that my idea of a fatty meal has changed considerably! I am a little worried however that some people might take the “low-fat message” too far, trying to cut out every bit of fat and that surely can’t be good for them either! Some fats we do need!

  167. Andy says:

    here is the link to the scientific study that showed that high fat diet increases metastasis, though it is just ordinary high fat diet

  168. Andy says:

    I think Kevin Giani metntioned that according to Dr,Biscie bdoy can adapt to wither high fruit or high fat diet but not both, But im not sure if it is 100% true.

  169. Mish says:

    Wow, am I comment # 1 million? Do I get a prize?
    This was so well stated, one of the clearest posts I’ve read on this overly debated subject, which I truly was getting sick to death of until I read yours here. Peace and keep on keepin on.
    A new fan,

  170. Andrée says:

    Hi Joke,

    I’m happy to read a commend from someone living in Belgium. I live nearby Mechelen. Love to get to know people sharing the same food/health interest.

    kind regards, Andrée (Belgium)

  171. Trent Smith says:

    How do I join the monthly rawfood mentor club?

  172. Frederic says:

    Link for the Raw Vegan Mentor Club is: http://www.fredericpatenaude.com/mentorclub.html

  173. Christine says:

    Hi Frederick.Thanks for sharing about the overconsumption of fats in a raw food diet.I have noticed many of your readers cite cutting back on their fruit intake because of tooth decay problems.I don’t have this problem,possibly because of using a special dental cleaner which Victoria Boutenka mentioned in her book Greens For Life.I ordered 2 (one each for my son and myself),which cost $90, but worth the price of healthy gums/teeth is worth it!I recommend giving it a try!

  174. Jenny says:

    I have just started researching about the low fat raw food diet. I’m glad I came across the 80-10-10 by Dr. Graham instead of these gurus. I would be on another failed path. I think this is going to be the best lifestyle change I have ever made or at least equal to quitting drinking.

  175. LovesRaw says:

    I agree with many things you said. I’ve had many arguments with other raw foodists who insist you can eat all the nuts you want as long as it’s raw. 99% of the times, those arguing with me are on the chunky side and always trying to lose weight. You would think they would see the connection between their heavy consumption of raw fat and their heavier bodies, but they don’t.

  176. Kelsey Taylor says:


    i began eating a low fat raw diet but was told my candida issue would never go away until i eat more fat and protein with green and NO fruit. but i also have severe lymphatic congestion and would retain 30-50 lbs of fluid throughout my body even through raw foods. It wasent until I read this that I now trust my natural instincts. I was right all along to eat raw fruits and vegetables. Even though I will probably incorporate low fat cooked foods in the winter (i live in Canada and our fruits are terrible in winter). but id too rather eat a low fat cooked diet than a high fat raw one. fats made my blood sugar go crazy, i too felt dizzy all the time, and i would have violent moods all the time! i osolated myself from all my friends and im just starting to get my health back. im spreading the word and telling all raw foodists who eat high-fat to consider low fat raw foods. if they shove all their fat-nonsense down our throats then we will hit them with the truth. Fred, look at all these posts of people whose lives were ruined through high fat- and now on low fat raw they feel like themselves again! thank you thank you thank you sooo much. o and i thank the universe for pointing me to this page. hehe. love to all here- good luck!

  177. Nicole says:

    Thank you so much for having the courage to speak out against all the hype and gurus and fads, etc. I am a “Certified Health Educator” from the Hippocrates Health Institute (which I completed in my second trimest of pregnancy!) and while I was there i kept asking “shouldn’t a pregnant woman be eating more fruit?” After leaving there I was unable to stay on the “diet” because of the high fat and lack of fruit. Now, as a nursing mama, I am trying again to find the balance and being tireda all the time with a baby or toddler is even more difficult. Thank you for speaking out! I have just finished your book, “Raw Secrets” and am delighted to say that my confusion is getting cleared out. I have known in my heart and instinctually that “raw” is right but the recipes and menu suggestions in the popular books and at the Institues are so unnatural, really…so complicated and processes…too high in fat and not enough simple carbs!

    I am curious about a couple of points and clarification of those will help me to be finally confident in what I am doing…

    1. Doesn’t blending food at high speeds cause rapid oxidation?…and isn’t blending itself unnatural…we wouldn’t do that in nature.

    2. What about DHA…I didn’t notice it mentioned in the book and I am particularly concerned about it as a nursing mother and for my child’s diet after nursing? I don’t really see Blue-Green Algae as a supplement, but a food in it’s own right. What are your thoughts on E3 Live as a source of DHA? Some say raw goat’s milk is another good source. Here is an article about the causes of death and disease of some Natural Hygenists that makes me particularly nervous:

    Leaders of the Vegan Movement Develop Parkinson’s: Case Studies
    Herbert Shelton (1895 – 1985) a naturopath and chiropractor and the influential founder of the American Natural Hygiene Society and Nature Cure movement in America and prolific health writer advocated a natural food vegetarian diet of mostly raw fruits, vegetables and nuts. I read all of his highly motivating books, newsletters and writings in my teens. He lived in Texas, was physically fit, grew lots of his own food and ate carefully and fasted periodically. Of course he did not get cancer, he did not get heart disease, but he died of Parkinson’s disease and was so severely affected by the age of 78 that even walking was difficult. In 1973 when I met him he was already severely hunched over and had a difficult time walking and caring for himself. Though he lived many years with this significant disability, the quality of his later years was extremely poor.

    Prominent Vegetarian and Health Advocate – this leader in the natural health movement and a personal friend to me also suffered from and eventually died from a fall related to his Parkinson’s disease. During his young adult life he embarked on the path of healthy living and vegetarianism. A follower of Shelton’s works, he operated a large health food store, one of the first to sell organic fruits and vegetables in America; he became a leader in the health food industry. Of course he was not at risk of cancer or heart disease with his excellent diet, but he developed Parkinson’s which limited the quality of his later years.

    When he was developing his Parkinsonian tremors, I ordered blood tests and was shocked to see his blood results showing almost a zero DHA level on his fatty acid test, in spite of adequate ALA consumption from nuts and seeds eaten daily. I had never seen a DHA level that low before. Since that time I have drawn DHA blood levels on other patients with Parkinson’s and also found very low DHA levels.

    Was it a coincidence, that these leaders in the natural food, vegetarian movement, who ate a very healthy vegan diet and no junk food would both develop Parkinson’s? I thought to myself–could it be that deficiencies in DHA predispose one to Parkinson’s? Do men have worse ability to convert short chain omega-3 into long chain DHA? Is that why Parkinson’s affects more men than women? Is there evidence to suggest that DHA deficiencies lead to later life neurologic problems? Are there primate studies to show DHA deficiencies in monkeys leads to Parkinson’s? The answer to all of these questions is a resounding, yes.

    More than 1 million Americans suffer from Parkinson’s Disease (PD), a neurodegenerative disease that is clinically characterized by resting tremor, muscular rigidity, gait problems and impaired ability to initiate movements. Recent scientific findings show diets rich in omega-3 fatty acids, in particular DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), have a protective effect on this type of neurodegenerative disease. Studies in animals clearly show that supplementation of DHA can alter brain DHA concentrations and thereby modify brain functions leading to reduced risk of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.1

    A recent study examined mice which were exposed to two diets; one group was fed a diet with DHA and other omega-3 fatty acids; while the other group was given ordinary food, lacking DHA. After a period of time they were given a dose of a chemical that causes the same damage to the brain as Parkinson’s disease. The mice on the DHA diet seemed to be immune to the effects of the chemical, whereas the mice that ate ordinary food developed symptoms of the disease.

    According to the researchers, among the mice that had been given omega-3 supplementation – in particular DHA – omega-3 fatty acids replaced the omega-6 fatty acids in their brains. Due to the fact that concentrations of other omega-3s (LNA and EPA) had maintained levels in both groups of mice, the researchers suggested that the protective effect against Parkinson’s indeed came from DHA.2
    Another conclusion drawn from this finding is that a brain containing a lot of omega-6 fatty acids may create a fertile ground for developing Parkinson’s disease. These fatty acids, are abundant in foods rich in either vegetable oil or animal fat, which we already know contribute negatively to our health.

    Another study observed the effect of DHA on monkeys treated with MPTP, a drug that induces Parkinson’s like symptoms, and the results suggested that DHA can reduce the severity of, or delay the development of these drug-induced symptoms and therefore can offer therapeutic benefits in the treatment of Parkinson’s. 3

    Overall, this research provides evidence that DHA deficiencies can leave us vulnerable to developing diseases like Parkinson’s and Alheizmer’s. If you are a nutritarian, flexitarain, vegan, or vegetarian and you are not taking DHA or confirming your levels are adequate with blood work you are being negligent, and potentially increasing your risk of such a disease in later life. All the good efforts on proper nutrition can be undone with one deficiency such as Vitamin D, B12, or DHA. I see this every week in my practice.

    History Repeats Itself

    Some authors, doctors and leaders of the vegan movement today are heavily biased towards the idea of not needing these supplements. They simply give inadequate nutritional advice and in spite of all the science they still pooh-pooh taking long-chain omega-3 DHA. They are risking the quality of their own lives and that of their followers.

    Likewise, I have seen so many vegan-promoting doctors and authors negate the need for taking B12, as well as dismiss the need to take vitamin D, stating minimal sunshine is enough. They also deny the need for omega-3 supplementation. There is so much scientific literature available today pointing to the contrary, however, this irresponsible information keeps radiating from the podium of lecture halls.

    It reminds me of all the statements in the past, that the need for B12 was exaggerated and that the small amount of bacteria on organic produce or in seaweed was sufficient.

    TC Fry (1926 – 1996)- another long-term Natural Hygienist, raw foodest, vegetarian-fruitari an, advocated you did not need supplements as food contained all that we need. He died of an atherosclerotic- related embolism at the age of 70. I saw his hospital record at his death and reviewed his blood work drawn immediately prior to his death. It was quite revealing. He had severe B12, deficiency, so long-standing that his B12 levels were almost undetectable and the lowest I have ever seen. It is kind of interesting reading internet interpretations of why he died, such as “did not practice what he preached,” “cheated on his diet,” “too much sex,” “ozone treatments for his vascular disease”. He died prematurely simply because long-standing B12 deficiency leads to extremely high homocysteine levels, which can cause intra-vascular inflammation and cardiovascular disease.

    I have seen this over and over again in vegans not supplementing with B12. I even had a patient with extremely severe hyper-homocysteinem ia and vascular disease who flew in to see me from Scandinavia. When I diagnosed the problem and discussed how to solve it, she still refused to take the B12 supplements, stating that Dr. Shelton and Dr. Vetrano said that nature provided us with all that we need in natural plant foods. She flew home angry that I disagreed. She died soon after.

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that by merely eating right you are doing all you can do to protect your health. People must be made aware that by neglecting to take the supplements that are essential to assuring nutritional excellence, they are putting themselves in harm’s way. Specifically, not taking DHA, B12 and vitamin D can be potentially dangerous and even life threatening.

  178. Cherie says:

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s possible to thrive on a raw-food diet, but it’s hard to have energy and glow when you’re weighed down by fat and/or use powders as a meal. I felt great on about a 20-30% calories from fat raw-vegan high-fruit, high-green diet, but I feel even better and have better skin now that I’m about 5-10% calories from fat (on average weekly).

  179. Rebecca says:

    I was eating around 80% raw for 10 years and people think I am in my thirties when I am in my fifties. However, I got away from it when we moved back near our family. I am beginning to get my old health problems back and want to go back to raw food and hopefully total raw. My problem is that I get severe diarhea and my stomache aches so bad that I give up and eat something cooked or packaged just to alleviate the pain. Help!

  180. Care says:

    There was a comment posted earlier a about transition. For some a high fat diet may be just the perfect transition faze. I agree that there is a lot of contradictory information out there and it is somewhat healthy to get angry, “rant”, to fight for what is just and right….However, I also believe that it is more productive to just speak what works for you and not to cast stones. The problem with our society and most societies is that we are always creating conflict and saying our way is better than yours. As soon as we step outside of this dualistic left brain trap, we can see that we are all doing our best and that there are very few people out there in the raw food movement whose main motivation is to harm another person. We shouldn’t be making villains out of people whose philosophies are different from ours. By doing this we create more sickness in the world and fuel war inducing self-righteousness.

  181. Julie says:

    What a great article. When reading everything I could about a raw diet and finding that nuts and oils sometime consisted of 70-80% of the total calories I just couldn’t fathom how this could be a healthy way to eat. Once I found 80/10/10 it all clicked. I am an 100 mile ultramarathoner, typically running 80-105 miles a week and 4-5 100 mile races each year. I went from a bodybuilders type diet to vegan, transitioning to 80/10/10. I can’t tell you how wonderful I feel. The preparation is MINIMAL. It just feels right. Juice, blended salads, banana/spinach smooties, fruit, fruit, fruit. It keeps me at a high level of energy all day long, I am more spiritual and ‘clear’ than ever. I just can’t get over it. Thank you for the great article and information that I am finding at your site.

  182. Brandon says:

    Great artcle

    I just listened to who I believe you commented on about overeating. He seems to be really confused. I look forward to reading raw secrets. Your book sunfood cuisine turned me on to raw food. I feel the best when i eat fruit and green smoothies. When you coming to NC?

  183. Brooke says:

    Frederick.. thank you for your honest opinion and feelings towards the Raw movement. I find myself quiet fed up and mad… frustrated at the whole movement as well. I have been doing my research and feel like throwing my arms up in the air out of frustration. Who do I trust? All this misinformation “information” flying by makes me question. I would love to try your starter kit and see what you have to say and be wiling to do what your instuction guide to do. But I am college student, strapped on a budget who really wants her health back! I am sick and tired of being “sick”.. low energy, fatigued missing class because of the days spent in bed. I do want to thank you though for your honesty and being so candid with those who follow you and subscribe to you email(s). of all the researching so far… and cookbooks I have bought… your information and education seems to make the most sense. So thank you for sharing. Good to know, Glad to see, I am not the only one MAD over the whole “raw food movement.” Im not looking for some new fad diet, like most people I seem to see treat the raw food movement, but looking for a lifestyle ( change?) that I can feel alive with again.

  184. Nancy says:

    I was on raw food for 4 years 20 years ago. Life interrupted and I am now getting back in gear. This time around my body has reacted completely different I cannot tolerate the oils nor carrot juice. Weaker pancreas and possibly liver. I totally agree about the nuts and oils. I was so taken back by all the “raw” recipies with salt and nuts that were not part of the regimen 20 years ago. Also find very little mention about sprouts that were and are a living, high energy, nutritious food. Let’s be real. Vegetables picked a week to 10 days ago do not have much energy left in them. Raw saurkraut with NO salt is the best probiotic!

  185. Heather pitts says:

    I was told if you mix veg and fruit..it ferments..that you need to eat them a half hour apart..is this true?

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