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Sweet Fruit Leads to Diabetes Claims Dr. Mercola

Dr. Mercola is starting to annoy me. His website is supposed to be the most popular alternative health website on the Internet, yet the amount of misinformation coming from it is just astounding.

I never unsubscribed to Mercola’s newsletter because he occasionally has some good articles, but I disagree with 80% of what he says most of the time.

In a recent article, he’s now claiming that “75 percent of the population needs to restrict fruit intake, and this is directly related to its fructose content.”

Why the number? It is never explained anywhere.

His reasoning is that the rise of fructose intake since the early 1900’s has caused a rise in chronic illness. He then points to animal studies showing the influence of fructose to a wide range of diseases.

Of course, fructose is not only found in fruit, but in all kinds of sweeteners such as corn syrup, which is widely used in sodas.

Mercola incorrectly claims that:

– Fruit sugar is “metabolized” as fat in your liver
– Fruit intake leads to insulin resistance and glucose intolerance, and even high blood pressure.

He then goes with his typical babble about how “protein” type people need to avoid fruit and eat fat and meat instead, and that the “best” fruits are the low-sugar fruits such as berries.

This last attack on reason and common sense by Mercola did not go unnoticed by a hoard of smarter readers who could see through his non-sense.

Here are some of the comments posted on his website from various readers who correct some of the false assumption made by Mercola.


“Besides containing fructose, fruit also contains fiber. The fiber slows down the release of fructose. This is very different than consuming high fructose corn syrup dissolved in liquids.”

“Eating a WHOLE fruit is different from drinking fruit juice. There is a lot of fiber that slows down the absorption.”


“It’s obvious that the obesity epidemic comes from high-fructose syrups being added in all processed foods.”

The Truth About Fruit

“Fruit consumption provides us with complex carbohydrates too, all the vitamins and cofactors making the digestion of fructose more energy consuming than other simple sugars, which does not happens when high-fructose syrup is consumed, as it lacks those cofactors, so fructose enters massively in the system, and promptly is converted into fat…”

The Difference Between Fructose and Corn Syrup

“High fructose corn syrup is not the same thing as fructose.…/High_fructose_corn_syrup
To equate the two, I think is erroneous. Most high fructose corn syrup used in food contains less than half fructose. Health effects of HFCS are almost universally bad, while studies on fructose alone tend to show the benefit of low glycemic response when compared to both HCFS and table sugar (glucose).”
-Dr. Jake


“I think this article went overboard. Fruits are one of nature’s truly great foods to eat. If you ate only fruits, vegetables and lean protein you would have nothing to worry about. I eat this way, am lean, and fit and no of no one else who eats this way that has any health concerns. It’s when you begin eating processed foods to your diet that you end up in trouble. Maybe the author assumed that we all eat processed foods, I don’t know.

We are designed to eat fruit as a large part of our diet, hence the fact our digestive systems most closely resemble that of the frugivore. Fruit is the most spiritualizing and purifying of all foods. Eating fresh organic fruit is the last thing to be concerned with! If everyone ate more fresh organic fruit the world would be a much happier, healthier, and friendlier place. As with all things balance is required and ones constitution should be taken into account. Your body will tell you how much to eat, if you will listen. Obviously, and as always, humans are the problem. Adding chemicals, highly refining, corrupting nature, etc, etc, dreaming $$$. Wholesome fruit from Mother Nature is good.”
– Aum Peace.


“I have never heard of someone who ate a large quantity of fresh, organic, ripe fruits as having inflammation problems. Indeed, raw foods clinics frequently cure people of inflammation based diseases–cancer, MS, etc.–by toploading the patient’s diet with raw fruits and veg in specific combinations.”


“How silly this information is. Why not say that eating fruit is dangerous for chimpanzees? Sure corn syrup isn’t any good for you. But fruits in general, they are not a problem.
Fruit is our natural food. Been eating a ton of it for over 12 years. Been on a 100% Raw Food Diet for over 7 years now. The thinnest group of people I’ve seen are raw foodists. I’m 41 years old and yet have the body of a 20 year old. The healthiest and most fit group of raw foodists I’ve met are definitely the ones who eat a ton of fruit and lots of veggies while keeping the fat content low.

I’ve seen so many health problems in the people I coach when they eat too much fat in their raw diets. Excess fat causes blood sugar problems eating fruit does not.
You’d think that eating primarily fruit would have made me look older and not younger according to the misleading info in this article. Our natural food is fruit and we are after all primates. Closest digestive system to humans is that of the bonobo’s and then the chimpanzees. They eat a ton of fruit, lots of vegetables and their overall fat consumption is under 10% of total calories.

This fear of eating fruit is something I’ve never agreed with Dr. Mercola on.”

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Frederic Patenaude
Frederic Patenaude
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