Interview With John Fielder, Natural Hygienist and Raw Foodist for over 50 Years

I have an incredible interview to share with you today with John Fielder. John is 80 years old, and has been a raw-foodist for over 50 years. He’s an expert in fasting and natural healing. In this first video, John talks about the ideal diet and what’s the best way to stay healthy. Stay tuned for the other videos.

Also some breaking news… I will be on Kevin Gianni’s GREAT HEALTH DEBATE against Mark Sisson, the Primal Diet. I will be promoting vegetarianism and a fruit-based diet and promise to demolish my opponents! The Great Health Debate is THE raw food event of the year. And best of all, it’s free.

In case you don’t know, Kevin Gianni, the guy who put together the Rawkathon a few years ago, is back in action with a new giant online live event. It’s called “The Great Health Debate!” He’s invited some of the biggest health experts to “battle” against each other to present different points of view, either pro-vegetarian or pro-animal products.Other controversies will be addressed as well.

The experts include: T. Colin Cambell (China Study) David Wolfe, Dr Fuhrman (Eat to Live),  Dr. Robert Young, Daniel Vitalis (raw meat guy), Dr. Alan Goldhammer, and many others. A lot of people initially complained that Kevin didn’t have anybody to represent the “high-fruit” raw diet.After much thought and consideration, Kevin decided to choose yours truly to go up against Mark Sisson, author of the Primal Blueprint.

I will be presenting my side of the story essentially promoting a vegetarian diet with lots of fruit, while Mark promotes a low-carb diet with lots of animal foods and few fruits. This will be a very interesting event… and best of all Kevin is doing it for free. If you’re not signed up already, make sure you do so by clicking here.