Pictures From The Raw Food Expo

I’m baaccckkkk!!! You may have noticed that I didn’t send a lot of stuff out over the summer. The reason is that I took an extended vacation, for the first time in years. During my time away, I attended the Raw Food Expo in Ft. Bragg, California. Here are some pictures from my trip.

Raw food expo in Ft. Bragg

Living Nutrition Booth

Fred and Rhio (from

Fred and Johanna Zee, author of 11 Step Program for Self-Healing Candida

Fred with Kevin Gianni ( and AnneMarie

Fred and 30-year raw foodist giant Don Weaver

Fred and John Kohler ( and Nomi Shannon (author of Raw Gourmet)

the Expo

Menu at raw food cafe

Fred with Victoria Boutenko and her sister.

Raw Food Pizza!

Doug teaching “Raw Nutritional Science”

Class at Raw Nutritional Science

Dr. Graham.

Fred and friend from Brazil.