November 21

Raw Foods in Thailand… and Do You Want to Read My Book?

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Here’s from my current travel: a great fruit market in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Update About My Book: How You Can Read a Copy Before Everybody Else

Now, let me explain why I’ve been hiding in a cave for the past two months.

The cover for my new book Raw Food Controversies is now done! The writing process has taken a toll on me, but now the book is 95% finished and should be released in early January. I know,  I know… this is later than I expected, but here’s how you can read it now:

I’m looking for a total of five people to read my book in advance and give me their comments. Why? I care about providing the best information to my readers and would want to get from feedback from my readers as to how they like the book.

How can you participate?

Just write in the comments below why you think I should select you to receive an advance copy of my book (as an eBook).

I will select five persons based on what you write!

140 Responses to “Raw Foods in Thailand… and Do You Want to Read My Book?”

  1. Glenn Thomas says:

    Hi Frederic, a great video you guys have put together here. Only thing I noticed, the jack fruit didn’t look as sweet? The darker orange coloured ones are the sweetest. But still, even the lighter yellow ones still taste great 🙂

    I haven’t been to Chiang Mai, but if you visit Bangkok, there’s a big shopping centre called MBK. They have a tiny raw food cafe somewhere in there well worth visiting. They make a raw pad thai with noodles made from young coconut. Very delicious! Their smoothies are nice too. We visited another raw restaurant in Koh Samui also.

  2. Frederic Patenaude says:

    It tasted great 🙂

  3. vadim says:

    Hello Frederic,
    For me books are feelings not words … and feelings are mind triggers, this is what i try to include every time i write an article. And this is what i look for when reading a book, breath taking feelings.
    I will definitively read your book, before and after .

    Enjoy the fruits,

  4. Hi Frederic,

    I managed to stay on a raw diet for about 5 months a couple of years ago (the link leads to my raw food blog). I’ve invested considerable resources into learning about raw foods, I know that raw foods are “right for me”, and I want to return to a low-fat, raw food diet.

    I’ve also purchased some of your products in the past and like the quality information I’ve received in them.

    I’d like a copy of your book so I can learn. There’s a good chance that there’s something in there that will help me return to a raw food diet.

    Thanks for your consideration,

  5. Tommie says:

    I feel I am uniquely equipped to ferret out what I like/dislike about the book. If you choose me, I don’t think you will be sorry. (Or maybe you will when I give you my review. 🙂 )

  6. ewa says:

    Because I am so very very curious!

    Happy day!

  7. cher says:

    hello, I have just about every other book on raw food out there and very interested in what you talk aobut. Thanks.

  8. GARY W says:

    I will actually read it and use it, how many people can truly say that?

  9. LaRue says:

    I think I should win to read your book because I have been living natural hygiene since 1980 trying to be 100% raw but of course failing many times. I haven’t given up trying. I have most all your books and love everything about you. Your writing ability, your humble personality and your honesty about the raw diet. You are truly interested in helping people and not just making money. I have never had to worry about being overweight. Just the opposite. My main interest is to be healthy and feel great. Really enjoy your sharing your world trip. So happy that you have found a person that shares your love and beliefs.

  10. Frederic,
    I would be interested in reviewing your book and feel that I can bring the mature perspective to my critique. In my nearly 6 decades on the planet I have accumulated a good deal of information, in the complementary/alternative health fields, either formally or informally from many mentors, teachers and physicians. I have been practicing a nearly raw lifestyle for going on 4 years.
    I find your approach to raw foods to be one which suits my constitution and I suspect that it is likely one which would be suitable to most people. The fact that you have 14 years at doing this is a good track record and I would like to be able to comment on your latest endeavor with this in mind.
    Thank you,
    Judie Maron-Friend

  11. Kristina Sjöholm says:

    Hi , I would love to read Your book and I´m starting to spread the word in Sweden .
    Love Kristina

  12. Jody says:

    Hi Frederic,
    I’m really excited about your book, and I’d be delighted to read and critique it. I am a writer myself, and I know how important it is to have feedback and *constructive* criticism of all aspects of a project. I have “ghost-written” 12 published books, and at the time I am finishing up the first book which I shall publish “in my own voice” early in 2011.
    I have been eating a raw and living foods diet for quite some time and have been paid close attention to your ideas. I may not always agree with every word you say, but you always give me food for thought, and that’s what it’s all about. Your passion is contagious, and your story is fascinating. You are a treasure in the raw food world. You have already positively impacted the health of so many, and I’m sure your new book will reach even further.

    Let me know if you’d like me to have a look at your book in advance of launch. In return I’d love to send you an advance copy of my own book – it’s not about raw food – I’ll let you know the subject by private email however.
    I wish you the best of luck with the book and all of your endeavors!

  13. Peggy Pearce says:


    I am one who studies, needs lots of answers as to why/what works, and am hoping that your book will do that and will motivate me to follow your advice.

    I do pretty well for a while, then get hungry because I am not consuming enough calories, apparently. I have a stressful job, elderly parents (one with Alzheimer’s). I am confused and frustrated about supplements. I suffer from headaches and those that are considered necessary and help other people, seem to set off a headache. Therefore, I don’t take them.

    I am down to 95 lbs. and would like to gain a little weight. I know you have advice about that, but I have had difficulty bringing all of your information together. I purchased Savory Stews, I believe thru my office address.

    I would enjoy having a copy of your book and would read it thoroughly and hopefully, get on your recommended program.

    Thank you,

    Peggy Pearce

  14. Chantale says:

    Bonjour Frédéric,

    Je suis heureuse que la publication de ton livre ne saura tarder. Je suis disponible pour lire et commenter ton livre électronique. J’ai découvert tes écrits il y a environ 6 ans, lorsque j’étais encore au Québec. Je m’y suis référée depuis, tout en étudiant les autres auteurs et experts en la matière. Ma passion pour l’alimentation a évolué ”organically” au fil des ans via ma ferme biologique (fruits, légumes et herbes cultivés et distribués selon le modèle de l’agriculture soutenue par la communauté), deux restaurants ”organic raw vegan” ainsi que plusieurs années de consultation et d’enseignement dans ce domaine. J’enseigne maintenant le français langue seconde (discours oral, écriture et lecture) et la cuisine vivante, combinée à l’histoire de ce mouvement, les aspects de cette culture et son impact sur le développement durable à l’Université de la Colombie-Britannique. Mon enthousiasme, mon ouverture d’esprit et mon sens critique peuvent vraisemblablement contribuer au peaufinage de ton ouvrage.

    Je suis motivée par la vérité, quelle qu’elle soit selon chacun, par la libre expression et par le désir profond d’éduquer l’humanité.

    Merci d’avoir si bien contribué à cette mission depuis de nombreuses années.

    Bonne route!



  15. Candace says:

    My entire family suffers from severe allergies. From chronic asthma to chronic eczema. I have a personal mission to heal my family from these terrible diseases that threaten their quality of life along with those around them. To see my three children under 5 suffer with eczema is heartbreaking. I cannot fathom chemicals and medical intervention; however I hate seeing them suffer as I experiment with every natural lotion and potion or diet restriction I come across. I would love to get to the root of the problem. I have spent thousands of dollars, countless hours of research trying to find something that would work and I have one discouraged husband who refused to let me keep spending money and experimenting. I would be so grateful to receive a book at no charge. I cannot keep on risking our finances, health and sanity.


  16. prasad says:

    I have been vegan for more than two years, and raw for most of that period. I have been through a few ups and downs in the journey, and am learning as I go along. I am also trying to reconcile the social aspects of being mostly raw, especially because I want my diet and way of living to as inclusive as possible, while providing reasonably optimal health. I don’t actively promote the vegan diet (though I promote other animal-compassion avenues), because while I am in it mainly for the ethics, I need to be convinced it won’t jeopardize anyone’s health, with regards to vitamin d, omega-3 acids, zinc, b12 or other unknown factors. I feel more strongly about being vegan than about being raw. I have found immense benefits from being mostly raw, but I realize that it is very difficult to be totally raw AND ensure complete nutrition AND make it inclusive. I have benefited immensely from reading about other raw-foodists and raw-leaders, but I realize that my personal experience is closer home and more authentic to me than their intermittent blogs/articles/tirades, and that I will never gain access to their day-to-day thoughts and challenges. My insane reading of nutritional research and traditional health wisdom, combined with my day-to-day experiences have given me a partial picture of the vegan, mostly raw life. I would like to contribute to and gain from the insights presented in your new book.

  17. Theresa says:

    Very interesting video on Thailand. Amazing to see so many varieties of fruit and veg in one place. Living in Ireland, we don’t have such a selection. I’ve been vegetarian for over 30 years, but am a bit overweight despite low calorie diets, weight training, cardio and eating organic homegrown foods. There has to be something I’m doing wrong. Although I eat a lot of raw foods, ie smoothies and salads, I have been looking lately at a completely raw food diet but I’m unsure of how to go totally raw, so I’m reading anything I can find on the subject. I would be very interested in reviewing your book.

  18. Jean Lefort says:

    You should pick me up for one of the five lucky readers… because I could comment it in details… and maybe save you some “errors” or misunderstantings before going in large paper print. PDF file will do just fine for me.

  19. Erika says:

    Hi Frederic- I would love to be one of the 5 to read your new book. I’ve been one of those individuals confused and discouraged about the right way to do the raw vegan diet. I’ve read so many books and have been on and off this way of eating for years, finally coming to the conclusion that a low fat raw vegan diet is the way to go. But there are other aspects of this lifestyle that (it sounds like) you will address. issues regarding teeth, superfoods, myths exposed etc.

    I’m really wanting to read about your journey, mistakes made, solutions found and I promise to give you feedback asap!! 🙂



  20. A picture of Maria and me is on the front page of our website. I am a distant cousin of yours. I have been following you and Roger for about six months now. We are on the green smoothies every morning. I need to convince Maria before we can go 100% raw. Maybe your book will do it!


  21. Nancy says:

    I think I would be a good choice for reading your book. One reason is because I am great at proof-reading and editing. I do that for my husband’s business letters and for my daughters novels. I see mistakes easily.

    Also I would be good because I am well read in the area of raw food and have a great deal of knowledge about the different types of raw food diets. And I eat a high raw diet.

    Thanks for considering me.

  22. Michael Kay says:

    Hi Frederic- Thailand looks amazing! I am very new to the concept of eating “raw”. I purchased a Vitamix blender and began searching for recipes and videos online. I came across your site and have been blown away by some of the information you share. I also receive your newsletter which is quite informative.

    I’d love to read your book and give you my feedback as a “newbie”. I’ve got plenty of time to devote to the task and would give you a lay person’s perspective. That might be handy if you are looking to expand your reach into the non-raw market.

    Right now, I am eating/drinking a banana, strawberry (or other berries) smoothie everyday for breakfast and usually for lunch as well. I’ve tried throwing in some “greens” but, so far, that hasn’t been much of a success for me. So, I’m sticking with the smoothies– fruit & water (no dairy). I’ve been blown away at how tasty they are. I also took one of your tips– freezing the bananas to change up the texture. GREAT tip!

    Let me know if you’d like me to read your e-book for you. I’d be happy to do it and give you my honest feedback.


  23. Lorrie & Tom says:

    We are a couple who have been following you for many years, have tried other approaches, and always came back to you for common sense and the science behind your advice. We’re eager to compare your experiences with ours, although your advice has prevented us from making some mistakes you did. And you can get the seniors perspective from us.

  24. Joy says:

    Hi Frederic,

    Cool video, thanks! I have been wanting to go to Thailand…will put it back on the top of the list!

    I would love to read your new book and give you feedback – it is my specialty. 🙂 You see, I have read pretty much every book out there on health/diet/healing – I also watch tons of videos to perfect my beliefs. I always seem to go back to that lovely Fit for Life book I read when I was 18…of course, that one contains some controversy in the Natural Hygiene world!

    Personally, I have spent a lot of time going down the wrong path and then picking myself up, dusting myself off and getting the right information to make necessary adjustments. So, I am really curious as to your book…

    Despite my experience, I am able to give unbiased feedback…and creative feedback – meaning, I like to have fun reading and have read a lot of good information that is presented in a more challenging way making it hard for most people to absorb the great information (ie, Herbert Shelton and the like!)

    And finally, I have watched you (and many of the other leading educators in the raw food movement) grow over the years and would love to watch the great growth continue!


  25. Marie says:

    Hi Fred,

    Here are a few reasons why I should be chosen to read your ebook:

    1. Je viens de Montréal comme toi !
    2. You are the one who introduced me to raw foods…
    3. I was in Val Santé last week (it was my 2nd time there…and yes, found out about you through their website) and met a girl with whom we chatted a lot about raw foods, diffrerent controversies, watched your videos and talked about your new (to come) book. I would be honored to have the opportunity to continue my learning & discussions….
    4. Can’t you tell i’m interested into raw foods: I’m the second one to publish a comment on your blog!
    5. I always have tonnes of questions so if I see there is a subject you haven’t covered i’ll tell you!
    6. I have time to read it. I love reading about rawfoods and health matters and WILL read it (keeping in mind that the purpose is to give you our comments).
    7. Do I need to add more reasons to convince you that I will do an excellent job at giving you constructive comments! ? !

    8. Please…!!!!!

    Thanks a lot & santé!!!
    MH de Québec

  26. adina protani says:

    I would like to read your book as one of the first few. I have been privledged to be the first to read another book and encouraged many others to purchase from my friend.
    I have appreciated your blog and Raw secrets book for a couple of years and have used information to help others achieve healthier lifestyles too. Many have subscribed to your blog and cleanses as well.
    I would be blessed to read and comment on this new book to be a small part of helping some one to a better life.
    Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity.

  27. Rachelle says:

    Thank you Frederic, for sharing this information with all of us. While I am only on day 3 of 100% raw, I can tell you that I have never felt more clear and ready for this lifestyle. I am eager to learn what I can in regards to what I am putting in my body, and therefor would greatly appreciate more information about the facts and myths of raw food. It is my intent to learn what I can, and share this healthy knowledge with my friends and family.
    I would be thrilled to read the ebook in advance and to share what I can with you.

    Thank you,

  28. Howard Veit says:

    I would love to read and comment on an advance copy of your book. I have followed your website and your emails for some time, and am making the transition to a raw foods diet. I have been doing a vegan whole foods plant based eating style for 4 years and have gradually gravitated to 70% raw. I was a 25 year vegetarian before that. I have been a student of various styles of eating since the mid-60s, when my father died of a heart attack at aged 53. If I am one of the lucky ones, I commit to reading your work carefully, analytically and providing you with a thoughtful critique.

    I am 68, a retired health care consultant with plenty of experience both doing my own writing, and analyzing the work of others. Hope you choose me.


  29. MLOVE says:

    your book seems to be a no bs read. as a seeker of truth,this book will help me greatly in my path to eat raw. thank you

  30. Mohammad says:

    Dear sir,
    I’m REALLY interested in reading your new book “Raw Food Controversies” (and I hope to have the chance to), why is so ?

    Simply, because in the past I had a health challenge (acne condition), so I began my journey to find answers and solutions for it. Later I found that what I eat play a big role in my health, so I began to eat a healthy food (or what I thought was) and tried many “so called” (healthy diet, and you know there are a lot of misinformation on the internet) and none of them worked for me. I really wanted to improve my health but I didn’t know HOW, I felt hopeless and I was desperately looking for answers, until one day and (by chance) I found your website.

    I read the free materials like (Raw Diet Lessons, The Power of Greens, The 10 Deadliest Mistakes Made By Raw Foodists, Fruit Report and the free articles). And I learnt so many basic principles about health, I realized that I had a fanatical approach and focused on eating healthy food only (I found this in “The 10 Deadliest Mistakes Made By Raw Foodists”). Anyway, I
    applied what I learnt and put them in actions, and guess what ?

    It worked !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I saw amazing results not only in my skin but also in my whole body (hair, eyes, skin, mental focus, energy level …).
    It seems that I’m on the right track so I adopt it. And I STOPPED searching here and there because I found what I was looking for.

    After all, If you select me, I’ll consider it another opportunity to deep my knowledge. And if not, I’ll wait for another one.
    In both cases, I thank you for what I have learnt from you.

    At the end allow me to finish my comment with this inspiring one.

    Yours for health and success,


  31. laurie says:

    Hi, Frederick. Guess I’ll play the sympathy card and tell you that I have been suffering greatly with shingles for the past month and think your book would cheer me up and also help me get my health back on track. I’m just now getting to the place where I think I might live! 🙂

  32. Paul says:

    Hi Frederic,

    I would LOVE to receive an advance copy of your book for two reasons: One, I am excited about eating a raw diet. Raw foods have changed my life for the better and opened my eyes to the hazards of a SAD diet. Two, my friends and co-workers look up to me for nutrition advice because they see that I’ve lost weight, seem a bit younger and have more energy.

    I am a very active person and I want to remain that way for many years to come. I can see now that a raw diet plays a vital role in maintaining a thriving, healthy, happy lifestyle.

    Currently I am treating arthritis in my hip through a raw diet (including juicing), massage therapy and fitness training. I’m excited about my journey and would welcome the opportunity to read about yours.

    Thank you,
    Paul Klein

  33. Elouise Mack says:


    I am a cancer survivor and have embarked on a venture to change my eating habit so that I can enjoy and live a long, healthy and prosperous life. There are a lot of material on the internet and in bookstores; however, none of them explains the Raw Food Diet like you do or give readers excellent choices and recipes to use in their quest to live healthier lives. I believe that your information is geniuine and I would welcome being selected to preview your ebook before the public.

  34. Alex says:

    Hi Fred,
    I can read your book and give you feedback to edit it further.
    I have a PhD in Computer Science and specifically in Human-Computer Interaction, which deals with how to design software so that it optimizes human-interaction. That is, the software becomes easy to use, understand the information presented and pathways are intuitive and effective, as well as useful.

    My experience/skills is transferable such that my feedback can relate to how to organize information for easy consumption, to easily find it, and what issues you need to address in terms of content. To be able to review it in such a way, I don’t need to know much about the content. I will read it as someone who doesn’t know much about the subject and give you the feedback accordingly.

  35. Phil Bolsta says:

    Frederic, I would love to review your book. I am a professional writer. My book “Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything,” a collection of 45 uplifting stories from prominent people I interviewed, was published by Simon & Schuster:

    Here’s a post I wrote on why so many books go unpublished. Renowned book publicist Arielle Ford featured it in her monthly publishing e-mail to hundreds of thousands of readers. In it, I talk about the importance of the review process.

    My post on juice feasting has been viewed by 10,000 people:

    I have been a raw foodist for very long stretches and am always seeking new information about raw food. I’ve corresponded with you before and have followed you for years.

    I’m an excellent writer, I’m very knowledgeable about raw food, and it would be a privilege to offer you feedback on your new book.

    In gratitude,

    Phil Bolsta
    (763) 219-1493

  36. diane says:

    I think you should pick me because ,Ive been around along time and think Ive read just about everything and applied it, from macrobiotics to vegan to fruit til noon fit for life, to high raw to lowfat raw, to 80/10/10 lfrv to including overts to excluding overts to adding streamed veggies to excluding steamed veggies, I tried it all and did it all , have gotten good results, I always keep an open mind, and try to look at everyones pespective while keeping in my heart what works for me in the present moment, so I think I will tell you like it is good,bad, or indifferent, I thankyou for taking the time to help all of us and for really caring for us, not just as money opportunitys. thanks again Diane

  37. Claire says:

    Hi Frederic! I’m a French Canadian from Laval Québec. I have bought a lot of great stuff from you. I will have a report to publish in a few weeks on vegetarism. I’m following a course with Sylvie and Michel Fortin: business Internet. Many subjects were available among which I had to choose. So I have chosen: vegetarism. I want to talk about Vitamin B12. I have read what you say about it in Raw Secrets and there is not much. In a previous email you said that you would be talking about Vitamin B12; so I’m curious to see what you have to say. There is a controversy about it. I have read what Dr. Mercola had to say about it. He is certain that we need dairy product in order for us not to suffer of a lack of vitamin B12. I would be very pleased to read your book right now for me to be able to talk about your book and also about your recipes etc. I know you have an affiliate program…I will talk to you soon about it. I want to insert some links. Thank you! Have a great day!

  38. Jack says:

    Hey Frederic, hope I’m not too late. For a while you were looking for an alternate title. I once got an e-mail from Roger Haeske about pretty much this topic entitled “The Raw Wars.” You might want to ask him if it’s ok to use that, but I just thought that would be the perfect title for your book, plus it’s catchy because of the alliteration. Personally, “Raw Food Controversies” just sounds a tad too bland to me. Love the avocado in the banana, by the way. Really cute.

  39. Beth Rybus says:

    Hi Frederic –

    I’m a fellow Canadian now living in Ohio. My husband and I have been doing green smoothies for about a year and a half and eating mainly raw for the past 10 months. We purchased your ‘whole enchilada’ program and are still working through some of it. You have an amazing amount of information to share (thank you) and we really like your comments and articles about the health concerns that are resulting from what a lot of other chefs, authors, raw ‘experts’ say people can eat. My husband started off eating lots of nuts, chocolate, etc and although he lost a lot of weight he did not feel so great. I’ve lost weight and feel great. Since I came across your website in the early summer we have changed our eating habits to the majority fruit and vegetables.

    I send out a small monthly newsletter and have put on a couple of informational talks – ‘introduction to raw foods” class at the local community center and I am spreading the word about how to properly go raw. I have just started working on my website ( and hope to have it perfected in January.

    I would love the opportunity to be one of the five chosen to review your new book.

    Kind regards,
    Brecksville, OH
    (440) 201-6142

  40. eve says:

    I have been in the Natural Hygiene movement since the “60’s and keep up with the information about the raw food movement i.e. Paul Nison, David Wolfe, Gianni’s and
    Matt Monarch, Victoria – Raw Food Family, Gabriel Cousins, etc…..
    I am deeply committed to this way of life and want the best information out there so that I can use it and disseminate it as much as possible to the non meat eating community.

  41. Theres says:

    Hi Frederic, I can’t wait to read your book. I read every excerpt you’ve posted so far and I’m very curious how it will continue… Thank you for your courage!

  42. Lucas Buchanan says:

    Hi Frederic,

    I would really enjoy the opportunity to review an advanced copy of your new book Raw Food Controversies. I have listened to and read everything in your Raw Health Starter kit and really enjoy your simple and start forward approach to applying a LFRV diet so that it can work successfully. I have been passionate about natural hygiene and a plant based diet for years, and still come back to your audio presentations and literature for motivation.

  43. Horst Schmidt Auckland NZ

    Like to offer my expertise to pre-read your book, Frederic

    fifteen(15) years in the printing/graphic arts industry

    a five years raw food enthusiast
    99%…battling with some minor issues


  44. Brian Greco says:

    Hi Frederic!

    My name is Brian Greco, I’m 14 years old, and I’m a huge fan of your blog, videos and books.

    As someone who’s gone from one end of the spectrum to the other in my short time on this planet (from SAD, vegetarian, vegan, high-fat, low-fat — tried ’em all), I just want to say that I’ve really appreciated your experience and refreshingly sensible guidance. I want to thank you for really being a mentor and role model for me.

    I’m soo excited about this new book (been following all the updates!) and would really love to get the opportunity to read it, being able to offer feedback and a perspective from somewhat of a different demographic.

    I really love the graphic design of the cover, by the way — very appealing and eye-catching. The avocado/banana piece is a creative way to give readers a look into what the book is about.

    Thank you so much!! Hope I get picked — can’t wait!


    P.S. – I have always wanted to travel all around the world, and also work in the natural health movement — and I didn’t think it was possible. You’ve inspired me to follow this goal. I hope to attend one of your events one day!

  45. Shanasy says:

    Hi Fred,

    I would love to read your book and give you any helpful comments. I would especially love it if you would select me as one of your 5 people because I am always very interested in promoting the raw diet. I have been mostly raw (up and down) for the past year. I am now training to be a Health Coach and would love to be able to teach the principles of the raw lifestyle to others, both my clients and whoever else I run into. I would also be VERY happy to promote your book to the other 700+ students in my health coaching program. Many of them are also interested in learning and teaching others to “go raw”. I don’t have a webpage yet, but in the next month or so I should have it completed, I could also put a plug in for your book there too.

    Thanks in advance for considering me!

  46. Stacy says:

    Hi Frederic,

    I would be honored to be one of the chosen 5, to read and comment on your new and upcoming book, Raw Food Controversies!

    Health books have been my passion since the 80s, and I have been reading raw food books for 10 years because I love the amazing info available on what raw food can do for a person, if eaten correctly. In addition, I have worked professionally with book publishers as a graphic designer/book layout designer since 1985. I would be able to help you with design or grammatical questions also if necessary…my attention to detail does come in handy :).

    So glad that you are writing another book, your first was one that I could not put down! Please consider choosing me as one of your 5 advanced readers.

    Have an amazing Holiday,

  47. Sally Negus says:

    Hi Frederic,

    I’m anxious to order and read your new book. You, in my opinion are a genuine truth seeker. We both have a 23 day water fast in Costa Rica in common as well. I read your first book and it was terrific. The fact that you are willing to be so honest, go deeper with your diet and understanding (and not remain so fanatical) speaks volumnes. As a 54 year old menopausal women the water fast and refeeding on fruit was rather disasterous. I sense and suspect you are going to be sharing some radical ideas/experiences on your path and I believe from following you that your main purpose is to help people. BUT, I believe you are NOT doing this just to sell another book or make money. That is why I will purchase it and hopefully gain some better insight to help me get back on track where I’ve only been 60%-75% raw etc etc. Then I’ll share what I learned and recommend your book and website as well, having so many contacts from my years as a Massage Therapist and eight years offering Colonics as well…God bless you Fred.. Try and take some down time and I look forward to pre ordering your new book.. Happy, safe and peaceful traveling
    Sally Negus Windham NH USA

  48. Dave says:


    I have a PhD in chemistry and I am the author of several scientific articles. I review for several journals, including Environmental Science and Technology, Toxcon, and Chemical Geology. I coach chemistry students on how to make the transition to being able to write clear scientific reports, which by the way is not easy. I have provided feedback on books before.

    I have been vegan for about 5 months now, and am about 70% raw and trying to be low fat. I have read widely on diet/plant-foods/raw/vegan issues. Authors whose books I’ve read include: Wolfe, Cousens, Graham (80/10/10), Welsh (Plant-based foods and nutrition), Butenko (Updated Green for Life), Lyman (Mad Cowboy) and farther back, Moore-Lappe. This weekend I devoured a series of videos that I found in which T. Colin Campbell talked about his work in what we now call the ‘China Study’.

    Based on the above, I would be a very good person to provide you with feedback. Also, I am Canadian and I love the Quebecois(e).


  49. Brenda says:

    Yes, Frederic! I would love to be able to help you out by reading and giving feedback on your new book. I love your honesty, find it refreshing and therefore, also love your book–what I read so far. I am a big fan to the high fruit/low fat approach to raw. I too used to follow the other approach to raw food and became unhealthy as a result. Now I find it difficult to stay raw but feel your new book may give me much more insight and encouragement by your experiences. Wishing you all the best with your new book!

  50. Anna says:

    Hi Frederic,
    When I first began exploring the raw vegan lifestyle, I read your book ‘The Raw Secrets: the Raw Food Diet in the Real World’ from cover to cover. I was so excited about this new health paradigm, that I took everything to heart. It has now been 5 years and I’ve suffered some health challenges myself. I know you have been a leader in this industry for many years, so I’m excited to read about your evolution in your new book. I’m especially curious about the pitfalls you ran into and how experimenting with different foods (non-raw vegan) changed your perspective. Bring on the controversy! The more honest your personal testimony, the more we can all learn learn. I’m also looking forward to learning practical and useful advice I can start applying to my life right now. You should select me to receive an advanced copy of your book because I’ve been on this raw food journey for years, but I’m even more committed to being as healthy as possible. I am an avid researcher and always in search for the truth. I appreciate the opportunity to give you helpful and valuable feedback.

  51. Shelah says:

    Hi Frederic!

    “The Raw Secrets” was my introduction to Natural Hygiene and I feel like I owe my great success (for over 4 years now) to that wonderful work! Since then, I have read almost all there is on the subject and have even had the good fortune to be able to help others along the path.
    I know which information has been most helpful and which has been a hinderance — sometimes even harmful. I think that what you are planning to share in this new book will really help a lot of people to understand how well this lifestyle can work as well as how it can be mis-applied. I’ve certainly found that learning of others’ journeys can be very enlightening as we navigate our own.
    I would be so honored to be among the first to read your book and I would hope that my feedback to you would be of value.

    I am also loving your video travel-log — a nice bit of vicarious pleasure — thanks for all your efforts!

    With love,

  52. mindy says:

    Hi Frederic

    I am a big supporter of what you do and say and know that you are on the “RIGHT” track with the information you are sending out to the world via your emails, newsletter, books, videos, etc. I give talks and classes on the raw food lifestyle and I do mention your website and have a link for it, as well, on my blog.

    I am not trying to “Kiss Your *ss,” in order for you to give me a copy of the book, by telling you all this, but I would LOVE to receive it so that I can give you feedback and also continue to promote you to the public.

    Some people still don’t get it! I still get questions about fruit vs. fat, protein consumption, candida, etc even after I explain to them that fat has a strong affect on various health issues. I believe your book would finally clear up this issue (unless they are still strongly connected to what doctors tell them, even when they see no changes/results that better their health and have been “Listening” to them for years. By the way, today was Day 3 of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in San Diego, and I would call it “Waste of Time, Energy and Money.” People were passing through my neighborhood and I don’t know how many years this has been going on, but they still have no cure. The cure is so simple for those of us who are already in the know. In any event, the research from all the millions that are collected go to drugs and not teaching people about health and wellness. What a major scam! I know I am preaching to the choir, nevertheless we need to all continue voicing our perspective to get the public enthusiastic about eating naturally and promote prevention as the cure).

    I am very passionate and fervent about this lifestyle and promoting it to others. I do not like to “shove it” down people’s throat and would rather be an example and “walk my talk.” This is the way people will come to me and want to know what I am doing that I have so much energy, etc. That is when I start to tell them about this lifestyle. I, myself, have done it the “WRONG” way, too. I have changed and you were a big part of it for me. I have read all your other books and see that you have come a long way from the early days of your raw food lifestyles.

    Congratulations to you and all your success!
    I hope you will consider me in receiving an advance copy of your book. I will give my honest feedback (even though I am already partial to all your previous work). I can also help with proofreading of your book (I am a writer and poet, too, and have a fine-tuned eye for picking up spelling errors, grammar, etc). This could be an added bonus for you allowing me to read your book before it is ready for the public.

    Many Blessings of Health, Happiness, Love, Peace and Laughter
    Chef Mindy aka Ageless (low-fat) Raw Vegan Beauty

  53. Robyn L. says:

    Hello Frederic!
    I love receiving updates, recipes, newsletters and tidbits from you. I find your approach to the raw food diet fresh, interesting and refreshing! It’s all about going back to the basics, and this is what we all need. I am an elementary school teacher and I teach about health and nutrition to my students. I helped to implement “Fresh Food Fridays” at my elementary school, where all students must bring a fresh fruit or vegetable as their snack and be prepared to share a fact or opinion about that food. Sometimes we do smoothies with my high-speed blender that I keep in the class. Sometimes I will bring some freshly cut up fruits or vegetables to share with the class. The whole point is to make healthy “fun!” I recently brought my excalibur dehydrator to school to show students how to make their own healthier snack foods, such as fruit leathers and dried fruit and vegetable slices. While fresh is always best, I wanted to show kids how easy it was to make their own dried snacks, and they absolutely loved the fruit leather! We made so much that we got to share it around the whole school, impressing and inspiring many other students and teachers! They still talk about how much “fun” and “delicious” it was. Many of them say I’m the “coolest” teacher ever for “spoiling” them like this. They were especially impressed with how much flavour the fruit leather was compared to the packaged ones they buy at the store, considering we didn’t need to add any sweeteners. As my approach is obviously curriculum based, we also discuss how fresh foods are also better for the planet as there is less packaging and less chemicals/unnecessary ingredients that came from afar!

    So, to get to the point about your E-Book: It is a Sunday as I read this, taking a break from report cards. I will finishing my report cards today for this term in just a few short hours, and am so happy about being able to submit them and have them DONE! It is usually a very stressful couple of days, but since I have been eating much healthier and taking care of my mind and body, I don’t feel nearly as bagged as I have in previous years. I try to put health at the forefront of what I do, and I try to share what I learn with my students. I push the boundaries about what “normal” teachers would do, but I believe it is my responsibility to teach them the truth about what “healthy” eating is. I would be absolutely honored to celebrate my report cards being done by doing something that I enjoy, and that would be to have the opportunity to read your book and provide comments to you about it.

    I hope you pick me. If you don’t, I will still be buying your book, I’m just so anxious to read and learn from you!!

    much love,
    Robyn L.

    p.s. pick me! pick me!

  54. luiz says:

    hi Frederick, i´m from brazil and actually there´s only 3 weeks that i found out all the benefits of raw food…i am completely enjoyed about this staff and already see all my being (body and mind) responding for my acts .

    well…i think i am a very good guy to read your book cause i used to be so curious and always carry with me the self-teaching spirits and i also am a really sincere person, is say, although my English is not so good and once u understand me, you will get a very good feedback.

    Yours for health and success,

  55. Juan says:

    Hi Frederic.
    I liked your video about the thanin market. I would also am interested in reviewing your new book. I am sure I can learn new and interestings things about your experiencies with raw foods. Thank you

  56. Mario says:

    Hi Frederic!
    I think you should choose me because:
    – I’m the first one to ask it
    – I have no means to buy anything on the internet
    – I once worked for a publishing house
    – raw food is unheard-of in my country, but I hope to open people’s minds to higher truths; a book which details all the mistakes that lead to something good is more convincing than a book that just presents the result
    Why you shouldn’t choose me:
    – I’ve read your previous posts, and I don’t really know what could be wrong with the rest of the book
    – I’ll probably share it to anyone who wants it, which means you might lose money… but I hope that by now, you’re life objectives are higher than that… why not take a look at this 50 min documentary?

  57. Lisa says:

    It would be a pleasure to preview your new book. I have followed you for quite a while. You have went where others have not in regards to the truth behind raw food living, etc. I appreciate your honesty and have referred others to your books etc because of that integrity.

    I have been a natural wellness coach for many years and am a prolific reader..there is always a book at my fingertips;) Would enjoy reading Raw Food Controversies and giving you my take;)

    All the best with the finishing touches…

  58. Mario says:

    Did my comment show? I said that I’m the first, but if the comments need approval, that might not be true…

  59. Emma says:

    I have been wanting to go raw for a long-time now and have been gathering some recipe books which look great, but I am concerned that I don’t have the knowledge yet on how to achieve a healthy balanced diet using raw foods. How do I get the right balance of micronutrients, protein, carbohydrate and right types of oil to achieve optimum health and avoid deficiencies or excesses? I would love to have your book to give me the confidence to go raw and move a step closer to optimum health.

  60. Carri says:

    Hey Frederic! I’d love to read through an advance copy of your book. I’m still in the early stages of my raw food journey, but have spent hours devouring all the information I can find. I consider myself lucky to have latched on to the concept of low fat raw vegan early on, but find as I learn more information, I end up with more questions! I’m sure reading through your book will give me some great new information, but as someone who is still questioning and seeking answers, I’m positive I’ll end up with even more once I’m finished. Hopefully sharing my comments can help include any additional information you may not have covered. I’ve found other products of yours to be incredibly helpful, and I’m sure this new ebook will be as well. All the best!

  61. Pat says:

    I have really been looking forward to the completion of your book and I would love to be one of the five people you choose to read it first and comment on it. I love to read and learn new things. It would be an honor if I am chosen.

  62. Hi Fred.

    I’m the ideal person to read your book. For one I’ll give you feedback. Being 53 years old and having eaten mainly raw for the last 11 years with daily research on the subject I feel I have some authority. I’m always open to constructive reflections either way. The main thing though is to get your book out a.s.a.p. regardless who can read it for free and you’re nearly there! Well done and I look forward to seeing your book available through the usual channels. Take care

  63. Liz says:

    I would love to read your book and give you my feedback! I am fascinated by your personal experiences, as i too am learning every day after listening to my body and it’s responses to foods, mostly within half an hour… i;m been vegetarian since 6 (in a Greek family, no less, not an easy feat) vegan since 18 and now high raw since 34, the first real conscious attempt since making raw the goal at 18! it[‘s honestly taken me that long, i think i forgot the original goal till last year. (35 presently)
    I dont know other people who are so attuned to their body or who try experiments ont hemselves like i do or try to be, so i am excited there are others out there willing to share their personal experiences… i have learnt so much from you and always learning!
    I am a bookworm and read everything cover to cover on top of this so please pick me, i can’t wait!!! fingers crossed….
    cheers Liz

  64. Mrs. T says:

    Hi, Frederic: I have been following you ever since January of 2009 when we were introduced to the raw food movement through the 80/10/10 book. I love the way you write, and especially that you are not afraid to talk about controversial subjects. We need more people like you, and I am hoping to be one of the lucky ones who gets to preview your book. I have been studying health and wellness for the last 30+ years, and have taken many different roads. The low fat raw food road has been the best by far, and it’s because of people like you that it can work! I look forward to previewing your book, and helping other people improve their health.

  65. Jayanth, BV says:

    ‘Rawfood Controversies’-

    Did a long fasting in January with the intention of going 100% raw but relapsed to cooked diet. Again went on a long fast last month and I am slowly slipping into the SAD once again. I pretty well know that if I make a single mistake by tasting a bit of dainty cooked dish, that triggers the process in me to fall back to mode of cooked again. Well, I am frustrated now and desparate to know how I can avoid sabotaging myself!
    So, why do I not be selected to receive the advance copy, Frederick? …Just when I need it most. I have your Raw Starters Kit. Like Dr.Norman Walker’s writing, your books are short and sweet. It’s not an exaggeration if I say that a chapter can be elaborated upon in each of your sentences!
    …Thanks for all that you are doing in the raw-food movement. ~ Jayanth, India

  66. Gwen Ritch says:

    Hi Frederic, I think you should pick me to read a copy of your new book as I’m a true beginner at the raw food plan. As a newbie, I have many thoughts, questions and ideas on raw food and would be able to determine if your book answered my questions or merit. I am a vegan, a sports nutritionist and yoga teacher. I try and promote a healthy lifestyle in any direction that presents itself. I love to read and explore all avenues of the raw food plan. I would welcome the opportunity to read your book. I wait with carrot sticks in hand for your reply.

    Namaste to great health!

  67. Bonnie says:

    Hi Frederic:

    I (no doubt along with all those who receive your emails and enjoy your books and videos) would love to be among the five who get to read an advance copy of your new book. More importantly, I could be of service to you. I am a published author. The book is called “Beyond Forgiveness: Spiritual Alchemy (Healing Your Life; Reweaving the World).” In addition, I have excellent proofreading and editing skills, having majored in English (many years ago) and having practiced law for 20 years.

    All the best to you!

  68. Donna says:

    Hi Frederic. I think you should maybe allow me to read your book. The reasons? I am totally confused as to what is the right way to be raw for me and I would love to have some clarification from someone who knows of the different approaches and understands the science behind it. I don’t want going raw to damage mine or my baby’s health. Please consider. Thanks.

  69. Michele Lapointe says:

    Hello Frederic,

    I think that your idea to write about the “controversies” concerning raw food is excellent. After too many decades, the food industry has “destroyed” most of the food nutriments by putting them in cans and trying to find a way to preserve them for a long period of time. Of course, the food industry doesn’t care about people’s health !

    I strongly believe it is everybody’s duties to do something for himself if he wants to have a good health and stay away from doctors’ cabinets and hospital, as well as all kind of medication containing different strong harmful chemical products. But he has to know what is right or wrong about the food he is eating, specially if the information is given by someone who has studied about this matter since a long time.

    Welcome to your new book ! It will be very instructive to everybody and I am eager to read it too !

  70. The food market looks great, wish we had some thing like that here in OZ.

    I have no idea of why I should be one of the 5 to read you book before any one else.? But would love to. Still stumbling around with the raw food issue. Trying, but finding so many if’s and but’s. One person tells one thing and the other tells an other, so it is hard to be sure what it right and what is wrong. But then is there a wrong and a right? I am sure it depends on the make up of each person, on how to eat right. And that makes it hard. I eat 90% organic as there is a great store here where I live, and the prices are great there.

  71. Harvey Opps says:

    I would love to read your book and offer comments. My wife and I have each been struggling with our physical condition for a while. We are about 80% raw but are not seeing the results we need to get. We are in this for long term health as the primary goal with the right weight being the result of a good programme and a lifetime regimen.

    We have read many books from authors in the Raw world in addition to medical and scientific experts. I do accept their observations, the trouble is that so much of it is contradictory. I want our weight at the right level along with all the correct blood markers. We are not athletes and don’t need 2200 calories a day or more.

    At my age I need to be concerned with blood pressure, heart issues, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, alzheimer’s etc. I am looking for some good science and common sense that will help guide me on my path for the next 50 years.


  72. Jamie Brook says:

    I’d like to read your new book because I have followed your work since the Eat An Apple days and I want to learn your latest information. At 58 years old, I have been interested in a raw diet for many years but have not been able to make the transition. I also follow Roger Haeske and Karen Knowler.
    I’d like to compare your new book to their teachings.

  73. Agnes Prieto says:

    Hi !
    I’m a travel and lifestyle writer for major newspapers and airline magazines in the Philippines . My main focus is alternative lifeways and I have been observing the raw food revolution. I can do a review on your e-book on print or email .

    Agnes Prieto

    you may google me for references on my writing

  74. Oceaahn says:

    Hi Frederic,
    Wow! This sounds like such a great topic for a book! I am THOROUGHLY interested in reading it for you – I am both a former lawyer (who loves reading and critiquing things and loves critical thinking) and a former Marketing Director (which means I loooove thinking outside the box and seeing creative angles and lateral thinking and seeing what works and what doesn’t and proposing new solutions). And with these two backgrounds, I’ve decided to dedicate my life (the rest of my life!) to spreading the word about raw food to young kids in schools. So anything I can read that would help me on my journey and anything I can do to go through your book with a fine tooth hair comb and give you feedback, I would be stoked! I’m currently in the stage where I am madly reading as many books as I can on raw food so that I can get myself educated on raw food and how to optimise nutrition and help others (I ordered about 200 books on rawfood off amazon as that’s how much I’m into raw food) so you have an avid critical (and creative-thinker) reader in me! I’d love to read your book RAW FOOD CONTROVERSIES!
    (By the way, I’ve done this for a lot of friends who have started off their businesses and wanted me to scrutinise their ebooks and marketing materials with a fine eye, so this is up my alley).

  75. Michael Dodds says:

    The chapters I have read so far have made for very compelling reading indeed and I can’t wait to read the rest so I would love to get my hands on an advance copy of your exciting and informative new book Frederic. 🙂

  76. Mik says:

    Dear Frederic,

    2 years ago, i don’t remember what was my trigger, but i did an hybrid fast during one week…I was omnivore at this period of time, and after this fast it became logical to switch with organic product or natural and avoid meats and fish…I was as people say a vegetarian. Not really long in fact because under one week i became vegan and avoid eggs, butter, cheese and yogurt…I kept honey and it was easy to replace soy milk by hemp milk or nuts milk…

    It was a time where i was looking for good advices, tips and things to do or not…and i spent a lot of time in the national library to read some stuffs about vegan fasting, juicing, hygienist, raw food…

    Names as David Wolf, brendan brazier, cohen, gabriel cousens and many others became like the guru to follow…and at one point your first book was in my hand.

    I tried some recipes here and there, i was really interested to follow Brendan Brazier as he was an athlete, a world champion and raw vegan – my proteins myth was broke.

    I became obsess, and my focus was like find the right food, do that and that …so focus than i started to lose my social life.

    And in the same time, i was so obsess that i decided to do a fast once a week, and a mono diet of fruits as soon as i could …

    In June 2008, i went back to France ( after spent 2 years in Canada ) – it was difficult to follow this diet, between my family, friends and the fact that some products wasn’t easy to find as hemp seed.

    And i don’t know why – i guess emotions and not the right way – but i started to have some craving for the dinner – crazy craving in fact – because sometime i could drive for 40kilometers to get some dried figs, or bread, or others stuffs..
    Not really junk foods, but too much quantities like 500g of bread and 300g of peanut butter in the same meal…

    I knew it, and generally the day after i felt so heavy that i couldn’t eat before the next dinner…

    It was 2 years like that – not craving all the times – but when it was there – too much quantities – like take 4 cup of rices with vegetable for the dinner…

    After 2 years with up&down, i went back to Canada fews months ago – and after 6 months i still have craving the evenings, i still eat sometimes for 4 or 5 people in one meal and stop to eat the day after because i feel i can’t eat more…

    I feel inside that i don’t do it the right way and i’m looking for something good for me – the problem is that if you listen some of the Guru about raw foods, or food to avoid to stay healthy – they are not agree – at one point yo have the feeling that nobody share the same vision even if you find some common points.

    Maybe i destroy one part of my health at one point – i don’t hope so – but for some points things have changes…between 2008 and now…

    Then today i believe that a good balance is essential, and i want to find this good one for me – avoid all form of obsession – be healthy is not only with food – if you don’t have an healthy social life – no matter how your food is healthy – you’re not healthy …

    I’m pretty sure i will find good tips to follow in your book, as you said you made some mistakes in the past and maybe if i would get your book in 2008, i will avoid some of them –

    I meet one guy in a raw event recently – he explained to me that in 2 months with raw foods ( essentially fruits and green smoothies ) he lost his health ( hypothyroid, pancreas …) and one year after he was just at the same power of energy than before to start a raw food diet – when i was listening to him, i said to myself maybe it’s the same for me – some symptoms were similar


    MAYBE TO FIND THINGS THAT I HAVE DONE and maybe continue to do AND CAUSE ME SOME PROBLEMS – If i can have it before – it saves me one month – and in one month i could maybe find the right road and stop my craving – 😉

    thanks to read all the message

  77. marilu says:

    Looking great! Very nice video, thanks for sharing it.
    I’d love to read and give you feedback on your new book. I’ve been following and studing raw foods movement for the past 20 years and witnessed its evolution (from Kulvinskas and Ann Wigmore times). I have read all your previous publications (since the magazines) and also followed other raw blogs and newsletters.
    Looking forward to read your new book soon!

  78. Andrew says:

    Hi Frederic,

    I would love to read your new ebook and give you some feedback on it. There are so many people out there saying to follow their ‘flavor’ or the raw food life style, but there is so much misinformation out there about raw food.

    I would love to know once and for all the truth about raw food and where many people go wrong. While I think I have an ok idea about what is best for going raw (cos I follow you) having all that information packed in to one place and layed out for me would be great.

    I would love you to pick me to give you some feedback on your ebook, so I can expand my raw food knowledge more. I will give you honest feedback about I think.



  79. Claus says:

    Due to the many conflicting believes of the right raw diet, I need more convincing in order to fully engage in being a true fruterian.

  80. Joan says:

    I would love to be one of the 5 to read and comment on your book! I have studied in the main stream nutrition – have a Masters in Health Science – and the past couple years doing a lot of reading and research regarding raw foods – I am still not convinced on so much fruit in the diet but would love to read your experience and what/why it worked for you! I do agree that the raw food gurus and all their supplementation can get quite expensive and complicated and I prefer the simple approach – I want to weigh less and be healthy/happy without a complicated plan/diet/program…please choose me! Thank you.

  81. Murial Erasmus says:

    Hi Frederic,
    March this year I had a stroke and luckily someone told me about Raw food. I was on heavy medication after the stroke but healed my body with raw food. I am still on the road to recovery and wqant to have optimum health but I hear such conflicting information about raw food. So I will be very interested to read your book.

  82. chris keinath says:

    Have read most of your books, starting with Raw Secrets, and have been following you as a resource for over 10 years (have been mostly raw for all of that time).

    Would be pleased to review and comment (am an avid reader and English major)… have spent these last years reading about everything published regarding raw diet, health, and fitness).


  83. Catherine Forest says:

    Hi Frederic,

    I have been following you since a couple of years and learned so much from you! Just like you did, I went raw the wrong way (high fat for a while, then low fat, but not enough calories) and sabotaged my health. And I finally found you and Dr Graham!

    I think I would be a good person to give you some feedback on your book because I am a translator (English into French) and I have read many, many books in my life (and many raw food books too!). I have a critical mind and I am pretty good at structuring ideas. I think I could provide you with some good comments so as to make this fascinating book a bestseller!

  84. Eugene says:

    Hi Frederic — I would be happy to read your book and comment on it.
    There are a lot of books out there already, but you are one of the trustworthy gurus, and I would like the excellence of your contribution to reflect that.
    I have been on the edge of a greater commitment to raw for several years. It was your Forum that first introduced me to mangos and other goodies. So I will be very interested in your content and its clear expression.
    I read a book for another author, found a bunch of typos and grammatical errors and minor rewrites needed and a faulty reference, and my suggestions were incorporated in the published work. 99th percentile in English.
    Glad to help.

  85. Jeanine Armstrong says:

    Hi Frederic ,
    I enjoyed the visual delight of the market, the quality and quantity of fruits and vegetables. Thanks for another educational update about your tastes, adventures, and refinements in the raw food controversies.

    I have danced around the subject of natural, organic and raw for the past 3 decades. To hear/read your perspective has offered me deep hope because I have had a crazy time sorting through the well-packaged ‘good’ advice which frequently plumments my health, digestion or sense of self.

    Fortunately, eating pure, eating happy and loving eating have prevailed as I gain momentum each month from your aticles and ebooks. The best advice has been simple: 5 foods tops in each meal! Wow. Organic. Wow. My dedication deepens because I feel the difference, so I thank you profoundly. I am of a BIG fan of green smoothies. Low fat, high fruit. Wow.

    I am an English teacher (way back…can you take the country out of the kid??) , a daily reader, an observer, a 30 year yogini and 28 year yoga teacher, a mom of 5, a daughter of parents now 92 and 89 with whom I live. My life is honed by being an active, discerning foodie.

    I would be honored to read your book plus offer feedback and comments. (or whatever would serve your purpose and outcome.) Readability matters. Heart matters. I relish the thought of reading your book; your offspring is safe with me.

  86. sheryl miller says:

    Hello Frederic,

    I would like to know what the all controversy is about!

    Also why can’t people just let others be with their own journey!

    If people want information they will seek it our for themselves in their own time in their own way!

    Your book is obviously one way for people to find out information about raw food it’s benefits and it’s pitfalls!

    sheryl miller
    sunny australia

  87. Trina Southe says:

    I would love the opportunity to read your book. I have edited things for Tera Warner for Body Enlightenment before and truly love reading. I am a high school teacher by trade and am used to editing on a daily basis. Whether you choose me or not, I will be reading your book in the future. Thanks,Trina

  88. Jeremy says:

    I want to read this book more so then any of the other raw food books because from your early descriptions and the samples you sent out, this really sounds like what I need to hear. I bought the book “Raw Power” from Wolfe and co. and your exactly right, the basic mantra is eat avocados all day….real helpful. Like you, I live in frigid Canada, so when almost all the information about raw food comes from California raw food hippies, its not very practical to me. I often thought about taking that same journey you did, to go meet these people to find out the truth, so I’d love to read the first hand account of someone who had the balls to do it. I’ve been thisclose to ordering your starter kit a few times, so give me a push, make me a beliver. Thanks for all your work in the name of truth!

  89. Trina Southe says:

    Hi, I am so excited about your new book. If given the opportunity to read your book, I would do a great job! I have proof read for Tera Warner a few times for the Body Enlightenment. I am also a high school teacher by trade and proof read things on a daily basis! I thoroughly enjoy reading and appreciate the chance to do this. Either way I will read your book at some point!! Thanks,Trina

  90. Linda says:

    I would LOVE to read your book. I don’t know much about the raw food movement but I am very interested in what you have said about eating fruit. I would like to learn more about how to avoid the health problems I have run into as a vegan. I could give you a beginners perspective if you want one.

  91. Jackie says:

    Hi Fred,
    Greetings from New Zealand.

    I am a VERY well read person and would be delighted and so thankful to have the opportunity to read your new book in advance of the general release. Why….? because I have very little money for items of this illustration will confirm this.. I cannot afford broadband and only have dial up at minimum cost so do not even have access to your videos and so on. So to be able to read your latest book would be beyond my wildest dreams. I pray tha t it will happen. God Bless. Agape Jackie

  92. Annelize says:

    Hi, we’ve been reading and researching for the past 2 to 3 years regarding raw food and I must tell you it is sometimes confusing. With so many people or experts there is also so many opinions. But this is so in everything in life, like this. Buy a book on health, childcare, education, supplements etc, the more people the more opinions. Well that is why I like this new book that you want to release! We need experts that walked the walk and talked the talk and is not afraid to tell the truth at the cost of the health of other people! I really do like the fact that you will be sharing your experiences even though some may not be “in line” with the raw food movement and that really takes someone with guts, a passion and care for others to do this! Thank you for speaking up! Since we are a family of 5, soon will be 6 in January all small kids from being still inside the womb to eight years 🙂 I really struggle sometimes with the raw food and getting fresh ideas to keep the kids excited and interested- BUT I really know in my heart this is LIFE- and that is why I will definitely get a book for our family and I am so excited, Can’t wait. Keep up the good information and I must say I also enjoy you travelling the world and sharing with us your knowledge regarding this- a broader mind to broaden our minds! Many Thanks- Annelize. South Africa

  93. anne seng says:

    I am from Singapore. Most of the food and recipes mentioned in the books that I have read are from the West. How do asians in the east fare in the raw food diet?
    Although I subscribe to your website, I have not read any ebook that you have written. I have read books written by David Wolfe, Gabriel Crousens and Victoria Butenko. I would like to hear from you. Especially regarding being 100% raw, being a fruitarian, etc.



  94. Tajča says:

    I am on raw food for about 7 months. I am looking forward to read another good book about raw food diet. I bought your Low fat raw vegan cuisene DVD`s and I would be very glad to read your book soon. I am planning to give my knowledge forward to people who are willing to change their lives and I will also add a spiritual note.

    Thank you for your help with raw food diet 🙂


  95. Joelle says:

    Hi Frederick I can’t wait to read your book with or without your help, it sounds so unique my favorite books are from a personal perspective someone’s raw food journey who is now living a life of success!! So inspiring it sounds like you’ve experienced so many awesome things, people, places (I just don’t get people who don’t like to read)
    It seems like there are two huge divisions within the raw community. Matt Monarch/Daniel Vitalis etc.. write and speak about how if you’re going to over eat (or when you eat) it’s better to do good fat than sugar. In fact Matt says the only time he’ll eat allot of fruit is after he exercises as that is when our body can handle the insulin? Something like that and he’s passionate about it, he got that info from Norman Walker. So I keep hearing this info about how good fat does less damage to our body than sugar. Except from you. So I’m curious, and I’m hoping your book will clue me in on why you encourage fruit and low fat. What have you experienced. Also I have a raw food teacher who encourages celtic sea salt when combined with water, she tells me your body can’t digest the water without the salt? Thanks so much

  96. Susa Hanyi says:

    I think your style is very convincing but at the same time not demanding. for me is important to be able to live on a high raw diet while reaching higher all the time.
    Hopefully I’d get new encouraging ideas on how to put together a good diet that can also be easily adjusted for my family. I started 100% raw some time ago but was not feeling good and lost too much weight, now I want to do things more relaxed and with a smile, I think people around me will appreciate this more, too!

  97. Phoenix says:

    Soon to turn 18, my dream is to inspire people to eat fresh produce, not animals, for greater health and harmony. I expect to achieve that purpose largely through creative writing. You will benefit immensely from my feedback because I have a passionate curiosity for the subject, and a flair for writing and editing. As an androgynous person who does not identify as woman or man, I am very good at looking beyond accustomed perspectives and spotting unseen possibilities.

    Being injected into the process of creating a book that delivers an honest and persuasive health story will increase the confidence to do so myself. I am beginning my low-fat raw vegan life and will appreciate the insights you have experienced.

    Fred, I strongly encourage you to pick me, Phoenix.

  98. Jared Leach says:

    Hello Frederic,

    My name is Jared, I am a 20 year old seeking health and purpose amongst other big things in life. I am quite fond of your site and your way of supplying information as it seems to be selling truth. Many people make claims in order to sell a product but your efforts show to me one who has a love for the journey as well as the fruit from the works, not to get all metaphorical. I don’t have a particular skill or college major to offer you as a reader, but i do have passion and great curiosity. I have many questions and long for the truth. I would simply be grateful if you chose me to read your book and would not hesitate to share what this information may bring for me. I will read your book either way whenever I am able, and again I thank you for your inspiration. Please contact me with any questions if you have them, and also have the time to do so amongst all of these comments you have here to read. Good day,


  99. Khaya says:

    I would love to have a free copy of your book for a number of reasons. I’m 100% vegan though not all raw. I enjoy reading your work. I find it very informative and educational. I’m married and have a 3 month old baby boy. I’m interested in sharing the knowledge with my husband (who is also vegan but eats more grains and soy than I do).
    Both my husband and I love to read. We’re also very critical of everything we read. We look for things to be truthful and make sense. I also have done some editing in the past. So I’m very thorough when I read to look for consistency.
    My family and I live in Israel in a vegan community here. We have a world perspective that may help as well.
    I would be especially grateful and honored to be one of the first to read your book.
    Thanks for your consideration!

  100. Egle says:

    Hello Frederic,

    I am a member of your Mentor Club and really like the information that you provide. I am raw low fat vegan since 2008 and your story is not only interesting, but could help me avoid serious mistakes in my way. I am from Lithuania, the East Europa country that belongs to European Union. I am sure that my circumstances and expectations could slightly differ from other readers so it will be different approach to all these things that you are going to tell in the book.

    Anyway, I am waiting for the book,


  101. thierry"watermelon man" says:

    hi , maybe you will appreciate a french look on these controversies…… we like controveries here in France , may be something with our gallic ancestors?

    what an idea to go to thailand out of Durian period…are you a saint , or a martyr?

  102. BarbarL says:

    Hi, thanx luvlee!!! Reminds me of my Caribbean travels and also living in Hawaii. I would suggest to you that you bring your own bags instead of taking a separate bag from each vendor … we need to get away from that automaticity, and model doing so wherever we go. Love your work and your integrity in trying to sort out the Truth.

  103. Yanique says:

    Because I have gone back to cooked foods and I don’t know why i can’t get back to raw…freaking cupcakes

  104. Natasa says:

    Hi Frederic,

    I believe I am the right person to review your book. I can do it both from my left and right brain side, i.e., both emotionally and reasonably.

    I am the one that had the same mistakes with raw food as you. Now I slowly succeed to gain some weight, but it is still difficult. I am about 95% raw vegan (80/10/10) for about 2 years now. So, I can evaluate your book with respect to my own experience and my emotional state during this experience.

    I have a PhD in Computer Science, and I believe that due to my technical education I can give you good comments on the organization and if something is not clear, or too long or not simple, etc.
    I like your reasonable approach to health, and I learned from you that there was no magic cures.
    But I can not give you a feedback on English because it is not my mother tongue.

    Another thing, I would like to get in contact with Alex, another computer scientist here. I am very interested if he is a raw vegan or close to it and how he manages to eat like this on his job. This is one of my largest challenges on this diet. So, if it is not troublesome for you, please be free to give him my e-mail, so that he can contact me if he wants.

    Best regards,


  105. Roberta says:

    I would love to read and review your new book. I am a65 years old woman and have been on the living raw food lifestyle for over 4 years. It changed my life, energy level went up, and mild depression I have had my whole life dropped away. Recently, I became aware of the problem that too much fat had on my body, gut in particular. Didn’t eat any fat for a month, hadn’t realized it was a problem for me. Nuts and seeds stopped agreeing with me 3 years ago, now I see avocados are too much fat also. Thought it was the fiber in the nuts and seeds, did not understand about the fat. I’ve always had issues with fat and gall bladder. Your work had helped me understand more about the fat issues. Difficult to go against everyday health information even though I been doing just that for over 37 years. Family and friends really don’t understand. I just keep searching for whatever will improve my life. Appreciate your knowledge and support. Thank you, Roberta McMillian

  106. Tommie says:

    Why are our gravatars so squished?

  107. Roger, aka Rawful Rawger says:

    I am looking forward to reading your book especially if you are including controversies and raw food myths like:

    Stomach PH levels, PH of stomach acid changes according to what a person eats, different foods require different PH levels to be digested.

    “The citrus that you are eating has been eating the lining of your stomach and small intestine. ”
    what ? ? ? . . . still scratching my head over this . . .

    Animals in the wild never get sick because they eat a natural diet. From my experience animals in the wild do get diseases and I have seen many cases of this.

    Apes are fruitarians/vegans. Apes eat ants and other insects, they do not pick the bugs off or out of what they eat, some are cannibals.

  108. Alejandra says:

    Hi Fred,

    You´ve been travelling around the world, so maybe what you´re looking for are comments from people around the world. I´m from another country (Mexico) and I can give you comments that come from another background and that could be very rewarding for you and your book.
    Thanks in advance for giving us tools to do what we are meant to do.

  109. Oilbhe says:

    I would love to read this book, I have been waiting ages for it’s release!

  110. Nancy says:

    I have been following the raw food “movement” since1979 and have read just about every website and book published and on the subject. You are the only one who steps outside the box with honesty and truth. I admire you for not following the herd by seeking truth and boldly speaking out. Cannot wait to read the book.

  111. James says:

    Hi Frederic,

    I’d like to volunteer to read your book in advance. What do I have to offer ?
    Well, I’m just a very critical reader, and maybe that’s exactly what you are looking for…

    I’ve seen quite some articles and books about nutrition, but with a lot of them you can feel quick enough that the author didn’t do his homework on the subject… Although I haven’t read a book of you yet ( it’s not since long that I discovered your website ), I’ve read quite a few of your articles and I never have that feeling with your writings…
    In fact, for the moment, I put you on the same footing with Dr. Doug Graham, the only 2 writers that pass the test for me, for a big part because of a very “down to earth”-style and a sincere scientific effort in trying to search for the truth on a very difficult subject…

    Thanks a lot for a great website with lots of interesting video’s and easily readable and educating articles…,

    Kind Regards,


  112. Hailee says:

    I would love to read the new book!! 🙂

  113. Yvonne says:

    I found your website in Jan. of this year. I was looking for a diet that would not have any of the foods that I was intolerant to in it. In April of this year I found Roger Haeska’s websit. Both of what you and Roger say about how one should go about eating a raw diet made me realize that was just about the way I felt about the SAD way of eating. Then I saw that you both promoted each others products on your own websits and that made me feel that I was on the right track as what advice to follow. As I have also looked at some of the other Guru’s ideas that seemed very far from what sounded like something that I would want to follow.
    Thank you for your wanting to tell the truth about what happens when the wrong advice is followed.

    Yvonne Noble
    So Cal. USA

  114. Marilyn says:

    Hi Frederic,

    I just happened across your website the other day, and ordered one of your products. I was very interested in the raw food diet, and want to do some research into that way of eating, as it does sound very healthy. I am into eating healthy, so this may be just the diet for me! I really liked the recipe that was sent to me.

    I have some allergies and asthma, as well as some digestive quirks, so am thinking that a raw food diet may help to build a stronger immune system and get my digestion back to normal, so I won’t have to deal with them any longer. I am very healthy otherwise.

    It appears to me that you have done a lot of work in this area, and are very willing to share what you have learned with others, hence your website and book writing!

    Thank you for the opportunity to view the book prior to its release! I look forward to being chosen!


  115. Maroa says:

    I would loooove to support you with your book. I am a raw foodie since 25 years – since I am 12 years old 😉 and am curious on the controversies you expose. Maybe I can find some more and add even more value to your book.
    Looking forward hearing from you
    much Joy and Laughter from Spain!

  116. Lisa says:

    A few years ago I stumbled upon “Raw Secrets” in a used book store. I was very interested in raw veganism but knew it would be impossible since having 96 jars of randomly sprouting food strung thoughout the house would simply never happen. Your book “Raw Secrets” changed my entire mindset and forced me to think logically about how God designed my body to function.

    My life wasn’t magically transformed, not in the least. You see, my situation is a tad unique. If nothing changes by February of 2011, the thirteenth anniversary of my bulimia will be “celebrated.” Obviously food is always on my mind, and after so many years of such a destructive disorder I’m very fortunate to still have my life. Nearly all my money goes to food for binges, and in recent years it has driven me into debt, lots of debt.

    Many people familiar with the disease would suggest I get to counseling quickly. But that’s never worked for me. I am terribly, deceptively stubborn, and that mixed with my vast knowledge of psychology makes counseling ineffective.

    That’s where your books have fit in. A frugivorous diet is what will save me; of that I have no doubt. And finding your book “Raw Secrets” was no mere coincidence. The only food I am able to keep in my system and not pervert into a binge is the type of food a frugivore would eat. Green smoothies and fruit smoothies are my favorites – they digest so easily and never leave me feeling bloated, which as you can imagine equals a binge. Some of the recipes you’ve shared have been amazing as well, though often a bit more difficult to eat as the bulimia has completely ruined my teeth to the point where they are beyond repair.

    But all of that said, I truely believe that a higher power led me to that used book store and led me to “Raw Secrets,” which led me to the website and other books as well. The more blended fruits and vegetables I eat the less I binge/purge. With the help of a frugivorous diet, I binge/purge only once a day most of the time! That’s still horrible, I know, but compared to the average of 6 binge/purges a day before reading “Raw Secrets” it’s a huge improvement. There have even been a few days, though not many, when I didn’t binge/purge at all! That in itself is more than I ever thought possible, and the emotions such a day evokes are indescribable. Utter elation, fierce pride, treachery against the demon inside of me…the list goes on.

    I don’t deserve anything. But if “Raw Food Controversies” is given to me as a gift I promise to use it to its fullest. You books have literally helped save my life, and once my illness/addiction/disease is cured completely, you’ll be the first to get a huge “infinite thanks to you!” letter.

    Thank you so much for all the information you’ve shared with me!
    Indianapolis, IN

  117. Hi, Frederic,

    I am an author myself (of 5 mathematics textbooks/notes for university students. I’d like to think that, as an academic, I can give you a particularly lucid, comprehensive and thorough analysis. I do book reviews for many different publisher’s for textbooks that are under review for publication.

    I am also a fan of yours, but, sadly, not a very successful raw foodist – though I do prefer it to most things. I am really into vegetarianism of the middle eastern food variety and other ethnic foods.

    Anyway, my professional work in the publishing field (my own books and my review work for Thomson Higher Education, and other academic publishing houses) sets me apart from many in terms of expertise at book reviews.

    Timothy McKenna
    Department of Mathematics and Statistics
    The University of Michigan-Dearborn

  118. Alex says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I believe a complete resolution of your bulimia is possible.
    I attended a very convincing presentation by Dr. Malcolm Smith about how homeopathic solutions can resolve such problems completely. In fact, one example case was a person having bulimia. In case you want to try, feel free to explore

    I don’t work for him or anything. But I thought you could be a match for those solutions.

  119. Pamela says:

    Hi Frederic,
    I’m a US citizen living in Norway. I started going raw about a year and a half ago. I lost 23 kilo in 6 months and feel at least 10 years younger! I made the change when I was facing my 50th birthday. I felt old, stiff and horrible, but now I feel like a teenager – no aging symptoms at all. I know this is due to my diet. I’ve had a couple of rounds of eating “normal” like everyone else I know and it always starts to bring back the old “problems”. I have a husband and children who are NOT raw (but do eat a lot more raw friut and veg then they used to), and I live in a society that is not oriented to raw food.
    I’m interestend in your book because I recognise the on-and-off problems people have when trying to eat raw and because I also see that the budding raw movement in this country is over-focused on high-fat raw and on instant powders and gimmicks that are supposed to be raw and therefore “good”.
    I’m looking to promote the point of view that you have been talking about and to give people (not least of all myself) good and balanced information to combat the hype I see dominating the marketing of raw foods here. I’ve also worked as a writer/translator for a number of years and would be interested in translating your book into Norwegian. I would love to hear from you if it’s possible for me to review your book
    Pamela Fornell Haugeland

  120. Moira says:

    Having struggled with my health and given up on the medical system at least 10 years ago, I fumbled for several years through various vegetarian, then vegan, then raw food lifestyles. I even went on a 90 day juice feast. I tried $100’s of dollars worth of supplements, went to a naturopath, had colonics and did just about everything I could find recommended to alleviate my intestinal issues (gas, bloating, pain, IBS) and constant migraines.

    Stumbling upon Dr. Graham’s name, I wanted to purchase his “Perfect Health Program”, which I discovered was co-authored by you and offered with a discount by you from Canada. What a life-saver that program was! I began collecting all of your products and am delighted with everything I’ve purchased. Your “Better Than Mom’s Spaghetti Sauce” recipe truly is! (And I’d always LOVED my mom’s spaghetti sauce!) My extended family still thinks I’m a little crazy for going totally raw, but I’ve taken salads and dishes to family events and now they call me ‘The Salad Goddess’ because of the yummy stuff I bring from your various cookbooks. I love the Raw Food DVD series, continue to listen and re-listen to the “Perfect Health Program” CD’s and always compare everything else I read to the standards you have set in your materials because it just makes so much sense!

    I’m extremely curious to see whether your new book will actually contain any information that I haven’t already read in your other books, various articles and information you’ve given to your followers over the years. I have enjoyed the excerpts you’ve given so far because they show that you’ve struggled through the misconceptions and controversies and taken the long way around to discover the right way to go raw and can show your followers the pitfalls of the path.

    I’ll buy the book anyway because I’d love to read your whole story, but I am curious about whether I’ll learn anything new that you haven’t taught me already.

    You ROCK, Frederic!

  121. Debra says:

    I have been on a forty year journey, searching for health, via the “food highway.”
    On my own I became a vegetarian at the age of seventeen, then many years later progressed to veganism, then to high raw veganism seven years ago. Now I struggle to stay 100% low fat raw, even though I feel better, I find it hard, as we at present, live out on the Canadian Prairie, two hours from Calgary. My organic choices are very limited to non-existent!

    Searching the internet for raw vegan information, can make your head spin, as everyone has “THE WHOLE FOOD TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH!”
    I tend to bring everything back to the K.I.S.S. method, keep it simple silly, though my mouth may love the taste of the raw gourmet recipes, as soon as it leaves my taste buds, my stomach usually says….OH NO….what have you given me to deal with? So as I progress on my journey, I will continue to search and research!

    I have found Frederic very refreshing, very real, and very simplistic in his approach to a raw vegan diet and I am looking forward to reading his new book! Plus he is a fellow Canadian, so it is a win win situation, it will be good!

  122. Luis says:


    Here are five reasons why I make the BEST CANDIDATE to read and EDIT your book:
    1-I have a B.A from Seattle University in English Literature
    2-I am a ferocious reader: I average 4-5 books in a month!
    3-I have been on the raw food diet for 4 months now (that means I have a fresh perspective).
    4-At one time I put on 15lbs of muscle as a body builder in one month! I know nutrition, have studied it inside out!
    5-I am a participant in a raw food program, thus making me someone who is connected to beginning raw foodists (some of the best advertising is word of mouth, and there’s no customers like those who are new and very interested).

    Along with those reasons, I might also add I am bilingual, an entrepenuer, bilingual, and enthusiastic about becoming a 90-100% raw fooder. The difficulties I am having could be helped by reading your book, conversing with you about your book (which is your book hopefully speaks to those of us who are committed but are having difficulties). Being a raw foodists is not easy, we need good books that support us, create a conversation for us, and inspire us to continue trying.

    I look forward to reading your book!

    Best of luck too!

  123. Mariel says:

    I have no idea how you are going to pick just 5 from all of these interested posters, but here’s my “2~bits” . . . I have journyed with you on the raw-food path for the past several years. Though I’ve read other’s philosophies and tried other methods, I always return to your simple common sense raw-food-isms. I am excited to know your latest revelations. Am prepared to critique, question, & praise . . . congratulations on your effort!

  124. Tiffany says:


    The reasons I would be one of 5 good choices to receive an advanced copy of your are few, very basic, but enough, I think, to be considered.

    I am so new to the raw diet – I believe what you have in this book can resonate well with me. I see it as a “I can relate with you – just hang in there” kind of text for those in my situation and a “how not to fail before you get started” novel for complete newcomers. I see this as a piece I wish was available 5 months ago.

    Also, I just want the book because I want to read your experience. Period. That is why I have been working hard to meet the entry requirements of the RVMC site.

    Lastly, I want to see how it is done. I too would like to someday soon write a book about my raw journey (You have seen my posts). It is awesome that you are doing this in an area where there are far too many “guru” but “wrong” or confusing books on the subject. But, really not an honest depiction of one’s (a successful person’s) experiences from where they started to where they are today.

  125. Louise says:

    Bonjour Frédéric,
    J’ai assisté à ta conférence à Montréal, l’été dernier en compagnie de ta mère et ta conjointe. Ta mère avait beaucoup d’éloges pour l’enseignement de cette façon de s’alimenter.
    Depuis, je lis avec grand intérêt tes articles sur le Tour du Monde que vous effectuez présentement.
    Magnifique plan de vie ! Que de belles expériences.
    J’essaie de suivre l’alimentation vivante telle que tu nous la présentes. Et, c’est pourquoi je devrais recevoir ce nouveau livre gratuitement car je comprendrais davantage les rudiments de cette alimentation.
    Ce serait également merveilleux que tes livres soient vendus via MontréalCru.

    Je vous souhaite un bel fin de voyage pour 2010 et au plaisir de vous revoir à Montréal.


  126. Sally says:

    I would like to assist you from the reader’s point of view to ensure that your book gets across the information and energy you intend in a way that is easily understandable and absorbed on all levels.

    As someone who writes as well, I greatly appreciate the feedback from others who can objectively and creatively read my work and give specific comments and examples. I work from the same intention when evaluating others’ work. Like most writers, I am not looking for a complete tear down of the work, re-casting it to suit that particular reader nor am I looking for the elevation of the work through blanketing praise, neither really serves the writer’s need at this stage of the process.

    I tend to do a general overview read at first to see how the information flows in general and to determine what the author is trying to convey and the cohesiveness of the material. Then I do a more specific read to see how the individual chapters support this flow, and finally a grammatical pass for spelling, punctuation, etc.

    I was excited to hear you were writing this much need book in the raw food field, since like you, I have experienced many pitfalls and setbacks upon this path. What an idea to have them addressed in one place! This is why I was drawn to offer my assistance because I feel it will be invaluable information to myself and others.

    Regardless of whether I am chosen to assist in the birthing, I would like to thank you for writing this book and look forward to reading it and recommending it to others.


  127. Shaun Turpin says:

    Great to see your in Chiang Mai, if you still in the neighbourhood please try and make a visit to Pai a charming village about 130 kms north of Chiang Mai. I’m opening up a Raw Food Restaurant here very soon and it will be open in the next month or so. I would be delighted if you had time to share your amazing wisdom and knowledge with my staff and myself . My local number is 0858548370 and once again it would be fantastic to see you here.



  128. Frederic Patenaude says:

    Hi Shaun

    We’ve left Thailand already, we’re in Singapore. We may come back to Chiang Mai next year. We checked out the raw restaurants in Bangkok, it was good to see it there. Thanks for letting us know, and if you’re open next year we may come by.

  129. Kay Cruse says:

    Hi Fred, long time no communicate x Its Michael Mc’ Carthy’s aqaintance in U.K (incidently are you still in touch.?)
    I am constantly reminded of your help aquiring a previous job in the U.S, by advertising my services in JEAA – You remember?!

    I still closely follow friends: Dave Klein & Co’ .. Though desperately caught up with mental/emotional disorder here in the U.K. Quite curious, given my knowledge in Natural Hygiene and previous training with Living Foods -For me to solve the puzzle and overcome..

    I would like to review your book because I feel desperately insecure, lacking virtue, confidence & wellbeing; quite honestly close to suicide many days.
    I don’t usually write in, or hint at my predicament but on this one I feel intuitively guided.

    In many ways, given my broad “experience” and totally F*ups along the way! 🙁 I would probably make a good candidate for a review..

    Anyways.. May the chosen participant and yourself feel truly blessed by the accomplishment and may all beings benefit on their quest for truth x Namaste 🙂

  130. Renata says:

    Thanks for writing another book. I’m pretty excited to see what else you have to say considering I’ve already learned an amazing amount from you. I’ll be 62 next month (Dec) so I appreciate being healthier now than ever before (even in childhood.) Family & friends are amazed at my transformation since practising things in your previous books. I love that you share from your mistakes so the rest of us don’t have to suffer needlessly. All the best in your book sales.

  131. Diana Krajewski says:

    Hola Federico. I will be extremly glad to read your book. You are very interesante and you tell it like it is. I am one of the people who was wounded by all the info that is spreading out there in ciberspace. Because of what happen to me “becoming a Diabetic” I was afraid to eat fruits and about a year ago you sent me info that revealed Rawfood dark secrets and encourage me. I am now healing. I have brought many of your books and I am ready to read the new one. So lets go already! Te espero con mucho paciencia.

  132. Yvonne says:

    When the book is finished I would like to be one of the first to purchase it. I have been so glad that you are willing to put your personal life of how you proceeded through your Raw Journey, so we who have followed you will not have to make the same mistakes you made. I would love to be one of the five that you choose to read your book. I love to read books and when a book holds information that will help and incourage me in my Raw Food lifestyle I have a hard time putting the book down to do the other things that have to be done.

    Thank you again for all the time you are spending in helping all of us to live a better life.


  133. […] Raw foodie Frederic Patenaude has been spending time in Chiang Mai, Thailand and has learned how to navigate the local market. He showcases the raw and vegan offerings in this video. […]

  134. Jan says:

    I am new to raw foods and have been searching the internet for the best possible advise. So far you are the only website that is starting to make sense. Up till now I have been doing it wrong with mostly the fats and dried fruit, because I thought it was healthy, thanks to all the other sites. I have listened to a couple of your videos and thats how I got here. I want to learn the correct way so I get the most benefits, but it is very confusing and it looks like your book will take the confusion out of it. I would enjoy reading your book and because of your journey and mistakes you’ve made I hope to avoid making the same ones!
    I hope it gives information on samples of daily menus that helps me allot!
    Thanks and good luck with your book!

  135. Millicent says:

    When I think I finely got IT, Raw Living, Boom! There come’s another raw expert with an opinion, Yes! too much controversy, I thought living a raw life was an organic , 3 R (rebuild-regain-restore) healthy way of living & I had read, listen & watch as much as possible about Raw Living. Hey! I should call myself an expert too, but with all this controversies, where do I start!. Now! “Raw Food Controversies” wait! Excited about another raw book, Yea! If it clear some of the confused information about what really is RAW LIVING and Open a clear path to Raw Lifestyle again.
    Send me the ebook, I would give you my most honest opinion & comment below. Yes, I have some of your DVD’s & Books use for refer & return to your site for more informaton.

    Famous Quotation: The unknowable creates the greatest controversies.”

    P.S. After watching the “Raw Foods in Thailand” video, I thought, Hum! my picky family (The Heart/Diabetes/Asthmatic Mom * Prostate Cancer Dad * 3 Sickly Sibling) & I (The Caretaken for all) Would benefit & enjoy these kind of meals it look’s delicious & seem to taste good too. So Frederic, If you plan to write another recipe book title it “Raw Foods in Thailand” then add all those Thailand meal, Yum, Yum!.

  136. aidatvera says:

    querido frederick
    te sludo muy cordialmente a ti y a tu bella esposa. tengomas de 10 razones
    para leer tu nuevo libro;eres muy formal. estas preparado. eres integro. escribes muy elegante. me encanta tus recetas. nos regalas tus conocimientos. disfruto de tus paseos en vivo y con la gente dialogas en un a forma cordial y natural.quiero aprender mas sobre esta comida viva. estoy esperando tu libro desde el primer dia que nos avisaste de tu nueva idea.tus recetas son sencillas y deliciosas. afectuosamente me despdido hasta ver tu nuevo libro.
    aida t vera

  137. Lisa says:

    Ok Fred…..i would like to read your new book because….i have been raw 100% to 50% for the past (8) years. I live in Chicago. I started my raw journey on all fruit. Trying to find healing in food, my candidia and other issues went thru the roof. I then went all green and ate nothing sweet for 2 years. I was still out of balance. Worked with Karyn Calabrese …i am actually traine by Karyn who is strictly (ann wigmore trained). Over the years i have balanced my health and my diet…it has been a journey.

    I enjoyed your perspective in the Raw Secrets text…and look foward to your new insights

  138. Marie Romano Carrara says:

    Hi Fred & Victoria

    Congratulations! on your Marriage. I’d love to read and comment on your new book.

    I’ve followed you since 2005, enjoying great health, after joining and reading and viewing everything you offered, Raw Secrets & Raw Health Compilations (wish RHC had an index). Sadly, I did not take your dental article seriously (brush / mouthwash religiously after fruit meals).

    Then in 2008 I moved into a senior complex that was my downfall: An Episcopal community offering several SAD meals a month was too tempting. I am now very sick (?Parkinson?, decayed teeth) and will desperately try to back to 100% raw with the new year.

    I need to find a real or internet raw support group. Also I had much technical trouble using your peer support on your website several times. Here in Santa Rosa, we used to have raw potlucks a few years ago, but leaders moved south. Congratulations on new Book.

    Marie, 75 years

  139. Patricia Anne Bray says:

    Just got my daughter married off and survived Christmas dinner with four different households we are now in-lawed to. Whew! So I’m a little late reading your blog from the Phillipines. Thought I’d never want to visit there; you’ve changed my mind.

    Two comments: 1) Yes, please send yr book and tell me the level of detail you want in my comment. I can give you grammatical & literary suggestions as a professional editor, or comparative Raw Foodist reviews, or quotes from my students who watched your videos in my DIYraw classes over the last several years, or 3rd party interview with some of the raw food gurus who are pushing the other side of the controversial stands you write about.
    I know from experiece that yours will be a great book. Can’t wait to assist in any way that would serve you.

    2) Beyond raw foods, (far, far beyond) there something else that will make a huge contribution to achieving abundant health and stamina. The people in the tropical countries you’ve been visiting do it much better than Americans and Canadians. Yes, I mean connecting to the earth with their bare feet, especially on wet (dew?) grass and salt-water beaches. For those of us who are landlocked and/or housebound, there are wired connections available at The Earthing Institute and

  140. Frederic Patenaude says:

    The contest has closed. I announced the winners on my blog on Nov 26, 2010 following this post. My book is in the final process of being edited and formatted and will be available some time this month hopefully.

    Thank you everyone for your support and comments.

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