November 9

The Raw Food Controversies: Protein

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Last week I asked you: “What is the biggest controversy in the raw food movement you would like to see solved.” I’m answering your top questions in this new series of video. This is the first one! Don’t miss the ending where I put a trailer of my upcoming book, “Hollywood-style”… UPDATE. You can now buy my new book Raw Food Controversies here

15 Responses to “The Raw Food Controversies: Protein”

  1. LA says:

    I anticipate your new book. I have your first book, Raw Secrets and it was helpful. I’m not a fan of high fruit diet anymore. I gained weight. more than 2 bananas binded me and flatulence and i was more bloated. I was eating lots of grapes, mango berry smoothies, with hemp, rice protein and maca, stevia, juicing apples, grapes, greens. Since avoiding mangoes & bananas and high glycemic fruits, I am less bloated, have little more sustainable energy with complex carbs and loosing weight. High glycemic sugar was wreaking havoc on my blood sugar.

  2. Frederic, fantastic as usual! If people who want to go raw would eat the high fruit diet that you espouse then they would become super people. Instead of walking embarrassments to the best diet OF the planet. I support you 100% and always have. You are the best. Your Raw Food Controversies will further smash the raw food “myth movement” and will help to properly guide many more people.

  3. Frederic please let me answer LA’s complaint about bloating on a high fruit diet! Dear La: The trouble is that you 1) mixed hemp seed and rice protein with your fruit smoothie and/or 2) you may be consuming way more outside-source fat than you think and 3) You are probably not eating enough leafy greens, lettuces and celery. The only way bananas and fruit can bind or bloat you is if you are doing (or not doing) those other things. You cannot combine overt fats like seeds and rice-based foods (that is not even raw) and expect smooth digestion and assimilation.

  4. please let me know more about loosing weight ,since 1996 i have maintained to 94 kg but find it very difficult to bend and long time working i feel alot of pain on my hip born coursing aestoathritis.
    please help.

  5. Michael says:

    Hi Fred!

    First of all…pretty cool and funny trailor! 🙂
    Yes you are right with eating enough and eating enough vegetables. Where i disagree with you is the numbers (the protein content of food). Some of your numbers are very high. I have data from the DGE (deutsche gesellschaft für Ernährung) which is the oficial guide for these things in Germany. They give average nutrient content per 100gr. So for Lettuce the write 1.3 gr. of protein per 100gr of food and an average lettuce is between 200 to 300 gr. that would mean only 3.9 instead of 7 gr. of protein. Bananas have 1.1 gr, Spinach 2.5 (so for 10 gr. of protein you have to eat 400gr. of spinach; is a bunch 400 gr.?).
    So if one eats 2000 calories from Bananas the would get around 22 to 25 gr. of protein. Then eating 1 Kilo (around two pounds of spinach) would be another 25 gr. of protein and 2 ounces sunflower seeds would be 13 gr. of protein which brings one to over 60 gr.
    So one needs to eat A LOT!!
    Where did you get your numbers from?

    Have a blessed day

  6. Pam Dix says:

    Excellent Frederic! I like how you addressed the topic. Enough greens with fruit is key, I find.

  7. wayne gendel says:

    excellent work Frederic!
    > Chris, very likely LA has some candida and good point on the rice protein is not RAW food.
    > LA, i am not sure what your actual diet is without making an accurate comment, in addition to Chris’s comments, make sure the fruit is perfectly ripe. unripe fruit can be a disaster! and like Chris mentions, lower your fat intake.

  8. Rae says:

    Since this is peak apple season, what do you do if very fresh apples, especially green ones like Granny Smith, actually leave your lips sore from the excessive amounts of acids responsible for their tangy flavor? On this topic I remember reading that Edgar Cayce advised against eating raw apples, probably for this reason.

  9. Frederic Patenaude says:

    Numbers from nutrient database. Bottom line is: official numbers for protein are actually quite inflated with a “safety” margin. 60 Grs would be plenty.

  10. LA says:

    I found i was not more active/energetic with High Fruit and I also gained weight and looked less muscular. I loose weight and look muscular when I eat more low glycemic fruits,veggies with more vegetables, some quinoa, brown rice and vegetable/ fish oil because i have more stamina to exercise.

  11. LA says:

    To answer the comment to me about bloating & water retention on too much fruit (inflammation from high sugar diet): I had to mix some vegetable protein (mainly brown rice or raw Sun warrior Brown rice) to counter my hypoglycemia. It helped balance me when trying to concentrate at work. eating only fruit can cause a blood sugar cycle. I don’t have time to eat fruit & juice greens every hour. With IBS, i cannot digest Green smoothies by blending leafy greens + fruit. Brian Clement also advises against green smoothies and Mike Adams has mentioned he eats fruit + juiced greens separate but doesn’t blended the leafy greens. I tried high fruit for 3 years and even my chiropractor has seen me gain weight and loose vitality. Didn’t work for me. I do have low thyroid I’m working on which could be part of issue slowing metabolism. I also believe not everyone has the same metabolic type. Maybe some people need more fat/protein than others. I do have Frederic’s first book and it’s awesome though. I don’t mix fruit + coconut anymore. I haven’t used hemp protein for a while.

  12. Beate says:

    Gorgeous trailer, Fred!

  13. Noelle says:

    I’m a new member. I joined because my 7 year old was just diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and the hospital nutritionist and I are not on the same page. My son doesn’t eat meat. However, he used to get a lot of calories from wheat products, which I have now cut out. – Found out that ALLOXAN – a substance used to make white flour white is what they shoot into rats to give them diabetes…so disturbing. He used to eat pizza every day since he was 3. That’s a lot of white flour, besides the bread and crackers. I had always chosen the whole grain option, but many times they mix in regular flour as well.
    So now he is on more types of fruits than he used to be, and the next step is to add vegetables (probably into a smoothie) since he is resistant to new foods. Since he’s been eating healthier he has been using less and less outside insulin. His doses are very low. I have heard about other children and adults getting off insulin by changes in diet, so that is what I want to do for my son. Also, recent research shows that in the period immediately following diagnosis the pancreas proliferates new insulin producing cells, so I want to take advantage of this door of opportunity to let his body heal, with nutritional support, the best that it can. The hospital staff is concerned about protein and is encouraging me to add fats, because the outside insulin is often too strong for him…sending him into a low-blood sugar episode. That makes no sense to me…keeping the glucose from entering the cells…he needs the nutrition (he is very thin). We’ve been lowering the amount of insulin, but at 0.5 unit per 60 grams of carbs I can’t go lower because the needle doesn’t read lower than 0.5. When I add more carbs the results are mixed and sometimes he goes high. I was adding flax meal to his smoothies before, but have stopped that for now. I want him as “clean” as possible when we go to see the holistic nutritionist I finally found. I need to get as many calories in my son as possible, and that is proving to be my greatest challenge on this diet. Thank goodness he likes bananas. Any suggestions/advice?

  14. Jeremy says:

    good stuff Fred! Epic trailer 😉

  15. LA says:

    Chris/Wayne..Thank you for tips. I had candida for 10+ yrs and actually my symptoms disappeared when i replaced grains with fruit, so….I also use a lot of frozen mangoes + berries. I will try to eat fruit again w/out the protein powders and maybe eat protein powders & juicing alone in between fruit eating to help blood sugar & reduce chance of poor digestion/assimilation.

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