August 28

Interview with Albert Mosséri on Natural Hygiene, Hygienisme Part 1

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I first discovered Natural Hygiene and the raw food diet in 1996, when I came across the writings of Albert Mosséri, an Egyptian-born, French hygienist who has written more than 25 books and supervised over 4000 fasts in his career.

I just got a chance to finally meet him in person in France. Mosséri is now 85, but still took some time to meet me and answer my questions in this interview. The second part will be coming soon.

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  1. Gerald Daly says:

    Frederic, It must have been a very special experience for you to finally meet and talk with Mosseri. He describes Natural Hygiene as a “mode of life.” I would guess that means an overall way of life. He certainly speaks with authority. One does not have to guess his opinion on issues 🙂 I wonder what his views are on fitness. He does not look fit at this time. Of course I understand he is in his 80’s. Thank you for sharing your interview. I look forward to part 2.

  2. Josette says:

    Excellent interview Frederic. I am so looking forward to the 2nd part. You must feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to interview such a father figure in the field of Natural Hygiene. Best Wishes

  3. Sylvie Lambert says:

    Bonjour Frédéric,

    Je m’attendais à trouver une personne qui a l’air plus jeune que son âge et plus en forme que ça! Je te dirais que j’ai vu mieux, comme cette dame de 91 ans, Denise Chartré, qui elle a l’air de 70 ans! Tu dois en avoir entendu parlé, au Québec, elle a écrit un livre “La méthode Denise Chartré”. Elle aussi je crois qu’elle a une alimentation proche de l’alimentation vivante, mais en plus, elle fait beaucoup d’exercices et elle fait de la méditation et fait circuler son énergie (chakras). Peut-être que ce n’est pas tout l’alimentation mais aussi notre énergie intérieur…

  4. Frederic Patenaude says:

    Who knows how each and everyone of us will look at 85, if we DO reach that age. For someone who’s been shot at gunpoint once, and ended up in jail twice, faced political turmoil, lives with few material possessions, was very sick at the age of 18, I would say you should give him some credit. Not everybody is perfect, but it doesn’t change the value of their ideas.

  5. Gerald Daly says:

    I’m sorry my comment came across as criticism. I didn’t word it well. I guess I set myself up for the blast! My main question was to simply ask about his approach to fitness as part of his natural hygiene.

  6. Gerald Daly says:

    By the way, I thought so much of the interview, I posted it on my Facebook page bragging about both of you.

  7. Chris says:

    Fredirc, what a great “meet” it must have been with your mentor Albert Mosseri! He speaks clearly and humbly point out the major separation of Natural hygiene (proper natural source lifestyle) from Naturopathy (treatment of symptoms). I have had many clients who ventured into natural doctor’s grasps and after some spending upwards or ten thousand dollars, were told at the end as a last resort to “go raw”. I have noticed many natural docs in my own neighborhood as well as the internet who simply try to “jump on the raw or hygienist bandwagon” solely to gain new patients, when these so-called doctors have no experience themselves with raw, natural hygiene, let alone low fat raw or even the fundamentals of nutrition and calorie vs. nutrient importance. It is almost as if they mirror the allopathic doctors that they are supposedly replacing.

  8. agnes says:

    Suite à la lecture de ton histoire personnelle j’ai cherché des livres de Mosseri à Montréal et j’en ai trouvé un très vieux intitulé : La science de la santé
    Il date de 1936!

    J’ai beaucoup apprécié ce livre mis à part un tout petit côté moraliste côté sexe mais on est tout de même en 1936!

    C’est un homme formidable.

  9. MHP says:

    Merci Sylvie Lambert pour l’info pour Denise Chartré…je ne l’a connais pas encore mais je vais faire une recheche google à l’instant!

  10. Jackie(New Zealand) says:

    I am very happy to say how GREAT Albert looks and is keeping at the age of 85 years. He has beautiful skin and a very much alive attitude to life. Here is a man, who at 85 years of age is not ‘waiting for God’ ! So Gerald..I think you are being very patronising and do him a grave injustice when you comment..of course he is 85 years old..implying ‘what do you expect…patronising in the extreme I think. Just wait day .just maybe.. you yourself might (just ‘might be’) find yourself to be 85 years …is that what you want someone to say about you? Respect, respect, respect. I see a man in Albert Mosseri who has endured much, looked after himself and who looks very well and at peace with himself. Me? I have been on this earth for 71 years and am bouncing around ,( a fruitarian ) full of health and very very fit.

  11. Ricky OmLight says:

    Well said Fred. Many have a tendency to judge appearances. I’ll add that personal integrity and quality of life are far more important than appearances.
    The idea of “looking good” has more to do with media induced hypnosis than reality. Feeling good is a better standard that is not so readily determined by a brief glimpse.

  12. rei says:

    I was actually feeling your excitement in being able to sit with a Master.
    Those are the magical synchronicities of being raw.
    I am truly grateful to be on your mailing list.
    Great job….

  13. Dawn says:

    I know, and have seen lots of 85 year olds, married, cutting grass, working lifting weights, etc. This man cannot even lift a cloth to wipe the grease off the back of his chair! He struggles to breath, and can barely talk. Look at Lena Horne, who was BEAUTIFUL at age 90! Please do not put this, whatever turmoil survivor guy in the same sentence as Jack Lalane or Mr. Bragg (Bragg company). Frederic, you are one of the few people with credibility, therefore you know better than to put this man on your site. I’d never listen to anything this man had to say…it’s nice he lived so long…good genes. Thanks, but no thanks.

  14. Frederic Patenaude says:

    I think it’s obvious he hasn’t placed enough emphasis on fitness. That’s one point I agree on. Not everybody is perfect, but you can’t really take away everything he’s done. Most raw foodists don’t even make it to 85, including the famous ones.

    Paul Bragg: Died at 81 (official cause of Bragg’s death was “Ventricular Tachycardia and Fibrillation due to Coronary Occlussion”, not a surfing accident)
    Herbert Shelton: Died at 90 and suffered from Parkinson’s disease
    T.C. Fry: Died at age 72 (I believe)
    Paavo Airola (Longevity expert and author of many books) died at 64 of a stroke
    Nathan Pritikin (famous vegan author): died at 70 by committing suicide (after fighting leukemia)

    We could go on and on.

    I’m not saying Mosseri is not without faults. He made his mistakes. I can’t deny the fact that his advice and his information is what:

    1) Got me into raw foods and natural hygiene in the first place
    2) Saved my health when I got extremely sick after a few years of high-fat raw
    3) Put me on the right track with the low-fat raw diet (and later with Graham, etc.)

  15. Teresa says:

    Hi, I thought the interview was very interesting and informative. I have come across books on fasting where the author didn’t say how many days a fast should last and some say that a fast should last no more than 7 days. It’s true what Mr. Mosséri says when it comes to books about finding the cause of a disease and then on the next page (or so) they say this or that pill or mixture will help.

    I don’t think I could become a raw foodist or raw vegan. I am a vegetarian at the moment on the verge to the next step to go vegan. I admire you and other people who can go further than veganism.

    with vegan/vegetarian love Teresa

  16. Just as it takes time to build muscle, so does it take time to lose muscle. If you haven’t worked out at ALL while you were injured, you’ll have to work hard to regain the lost muscle. But if you still used it for everyday tasks that required the injured muscle, then it’ll be easier because you won’t have lost as much muscle. 5 months is a pretty long time to stop weight training for, so you’ll probably have to spend around 2 months to 3 months in order to get back up to where you were before, unless you either have good genes or lost only a small amount of muscle.

  17. lola says:

    Thanks for posting this, I didn’t know he was still alive. I am always happy to see a vegan make it to old age because so many people I know think it’s not healthy. The fact that he is that old & is not with a horrible disease means a lot to me. I don’t mind that he is not an exercise freak, I know the older you get, the harder it is to want to exercise, being old is hard enough.

  18. Chris says:

    Wow.. . thank you for the blessing of this wonderful interview. I loved hearing this highly intelligent and soft spoken man share his knowledge.

    None of us are promised anything. . but I loved seeing this man at his age without 25 bottles of prescription meds.. and his walker, etc.. talking only about doctor visits.

    May we each be as fortunate. Many thanks. . much appreciation. I am playing this interview over and over.. and over and over..


  19. Karen says:

    Interesting since I pretty much eat the way he described except for fermenting my nuts. However I do not eat cooked veggies. Eat my vegetables during the day (juiced) and my fruit at night basically all in liquid form now (smoothie).. with a little added sprouted brown rice protein and fermented yogurt.. I do that so I can digest nuts better. What is the reason given for not fermenting..


  20. Mike says:

    He has ended up a lot healthier then Herbert Shelton did. I think you’ve done well if you’ve got all your wits with you as he obviously does, can still be productive
    and move under your own power. God bless,

  21. alain delon says:

    Merci Frederic d’avoir posté cette interview ! Mosseri est un homme qui a encaissé tellement de coups, de pressions, de prison, toujours acculé par le lobby médical zionist et qui malgré tout, continue à être actif 7 jours sur 7 .et disponible pour tous …” même le dimanche” comme il le précise
    salutations à tous , même aux quelques trous du cul qui sont intervenus et qui espéraient trouver un homme de 20 ans ..leur attente et leur peur était tellement énorme …

  22. Cynthia says:

    Thank you for this interview Frederic… I really find you to be very respectful when interviewing others and I loved listening to the very eloquent, elegant Mr. Mosseri. He certainly is not suffering from any noticeable cognitive degeneration… I appreciate a speaker who takes a couple of minutes to compose their thoughts before addressing a serious question.

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