August 24

The Raw Food Controversies: I’m writing a new book

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UPDATE! Raw Food Controversies is out and now available. Get your copy here

Sometimes people tell me: “Fred, I know that you believe in the low-fat raw diet, and the natural hygiene approach. But your way doesn’t work for every one. We have to do what works for us.”

My current knowledge and ideas didn’t come to me randomly, but through witnessing for many many years how crazy and destructive some raw food, vegetarian and vegan diets can be (when done poorly) and also how powerful and healing they can be when done properly.

I’ve nearly destroyed my health by eating raw food the wrong way, and I’ve seen thousands of other people do the same.

I started on this path in 1996, which is nearly 15 years ago. And I see the same mistakes being made over and over again by the people following the approach of “just do what works for you”.

The truth is, I’ve never really told my story.

I’ve met some CRAZY raw-foodists!

I’ve seen some really DISTURBING things happen to people who follow the wrong advice in the fields of health and raw veganism.

And I have myself experience my fair share of problems until I figured out how to make this diet work in the real world.

And honestly, I’ve never really told these stories before. I’ve just told you the conclusions I came to after seeing all of these things happen.

But after all these years, I’ve been thinking that it might be time to tell my story, the whole story.

To do so, I started writing a brand new book, which is tentatively called “Raw Food Controversies Exposed“.

Could it be time to tell my story to the world of how I got into the raw food diet, what exactly happened to me that nearly destroyed my health after 3 years of strict high-fat raw-foodism, the story of the wrong advice spread in the raw-food movement, and more importantly, what I’ve learned along the way?

For a long time I’ve been thinking that there was no point in telling the whole story. “Why would anyone want to know that?” I wondered.

So I started writing the books, and now I’ve got over 150 pages written, and that’s just about half of what the book is going to be like.

I’ve been thinking to start posting unedited chapters from this new book on my blog, as I’m writing it.

But I’m not sure if you REALLY want to know my story.

I have to warn you: It’s a bit shocking and crazy! But for someone interested in raw foods and healthful living, it can also be very interesting and informative.

I know some people will NOT like what I have to say, and it will create quite a controversy.

In fact, I’m quite certain that some people would definitely prefer if I shut my mouth and never told the story of what REALLY happened to me back then.

What about you?

Would you like to hear the full story?

Let me know by leaving a comment.

236 Responses to “The Raw Food Controversies: I’m writing a new book”

  1. Sandy Farrelly says:

    I want to hear your story. I never get on the bandwagon so to speak on any new idea, vitamin, hot item or health system until some time has passed. I always let the kinks get worked till I jump in. I am some what new to raw foods but I truly believe I have found the right person to go to, to follow and to learn from. I have been reading your emails and studying your website. I believe you want all of us to be healthy and that you are not in this just for the money. I just ordered your DVD’s so am looking forward to getting on board. Please write your story! I look forward to all the details.

  2. Baran says:

    I reaaaaally want to hear your full story. I’m excited to the book!

  3. Michelle says:

    Yes, I would love to hear the whole story! I love the information you send out! Please tell us!

  4. Henrik says:

    hello frederic,

    your book sounds very interesting.

    i would definitely buy it.

    i would also probably buy several copies to give to my raw friends.

    greetings and with all the best,

    – henrik

  5. Alyne says:


    I’d like to hear your story and would read it on your blog. I wonder whether it may be more convenient for those that don’t have time to read the entire thing if you started with a paragraph and then a link to your website where the rest of the chapter could be read.

  6. Hi Frederick,

    I would appreciate if you could put at least one story up on the blog so we can see more of what your book will be about and give you some feedback. Let’s talk about this controversy a bit – see what your readers will be thinking before they read the whole thing.

    I have seen people go in the opposite direction as you say you did – and eat only no fat raw foods and mono-meals like practically fasting, and well they get faint and have no energy and get supper skinny too. So there has to be a balance, and that balance may be a bit different for everyone. Having hints fr people to understanding how to find that balance by practical methods would be a great book for everyone interested in going raw.

    I have allot of people coming to the Waterfall Villas who buy a raw food adventure package, but they are actually not raw foodists at all, and wanted just to sample the diet…I ask everyone when they arrive what do they really eat, and try to give them a balanced menu depending on where they are on their Raw Journey.

    Keep in touch – Love to you both from Fateh at the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica

  7. D Barnes says:

    Of course you must write your story! Since when should anything that might be controversial be suppressed?

  8. delaney says:

    Yes, please tell your story!!

  9. mea says:

    I so agree with you. The high fat diet would make me feel tired. Your book The Raw Secrets is a very important book and I think you should go deeper to the subject. Thank you for what you are doing Frederic!

  10. ivan says:

    of course we wanna know the story!
    you ended up in bed and couldnt come out for a few weeks cause of the fat.
    this subject is really important , so come on please share it.

  11. Tanya says:

    Of course Fred. I’ve purchased so many of your books and courses probably almost all of them. I’ve never been disappointed. I know you will share yourself truthfully and it’s going to be helpful for people to hear your story.

  12. Mrs. T says:

    Yes, your book and your story will be an invaluable addition to everything else you do!

  13. Rhianne says:

    Hi Frederic,
    I would love to hear your story. I feel that you have valuable information, and that some of the raw food “guru’s” are terribly misleading people so they can get rich and indulge their addictions. It happened to me, when I heard that raw cacoa was good for me, I just perpetuated a life long sugar and chocolate addiction with “healthy” versions of the same old thing. Anyway, go for it! You look to me like you are doing many things right in your life. I like to listen to people who are living examples of what they teach, you appear to be one.

  14. Ronee says:


    I would love to hear it in the totally raw version, even if it creates controversy! I enjoy your work.

  15. ondine says:

    of course we want to hear the whole story! every detail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Paul says:

    Absolutely want to hear the whole story.

  17. sarah says:

    Hi! Yes please tell your story, it’s people’s real life experiences and journeys that help us be inspired in our own. You shouldn’t care what people think, after all it is your experience and no one can take that away from you. They don’t have to read or listen if they don’t want to, everyone has the free will and choice to do whatever they want. I for one would love to hear your story!

  18. Wim says:

    Wow Frederic, with a post like that, you’ll have to finish your book very soon because a lot of people will be waiting to read the full story. Everyone loves a little controversy and some shocking stories, don’t they?

  19. Ananda says:

    Yes, I would like to hear your story.

  20. Chris says:

    Of course Frederic. I’m of the belief that you should have posted that long ago. I’m vegan also – – for 26 years.. and raw for 6. The only way I learned was by making MANY mistakes.. then correcting them and finding balance.

    Most raw fooders have a story and share it freely. I myself was seriously ill when I became vegan. I did it to restore my health, if possible. Now its 26 years later.. I’m trim and vibrant. . look younger than my 56 years.. but people who don’t know me think I was always this way..or that its easy for me to be this way. I wasn’t always this way. . . and its now easy because I make good food and lifestyle choices!!! I would hope to help others who have health problems avoid what I went thru though its not always possible.

  21. Chris says:

    Absolutely Frederic. I would love to see if it parallels my own experience, which is similar to yours in every respect. I, too have resolved problems through over a three decades of trial and error. People who complain that “it does not work for them” have simply not done it right, or not long enough. There is no substitute for experience. Period.

    I’ve trained people in my own brick and mortar fitness and food facility/ teaching kitchen for over 30 years now, and I have discovered one main thing: 50% of people are not willing to do 100% of what it takes to build real health, pure muscle and wholesome fitness. Those other 50% who are more than willing must be led by the hand. The details count.

  22. Juliana says:

    Very interested .

  23. phyllis says:

    Would be very interested to hear your whole story as I’m sure a lot of us could benefit from it! I have enjoyed your writings and materials for some time and tend to think along the same lines, also from personal experience and a whole lot of research. I began my transition to raw with a high-fat diet but saw the folly of that. However then I didn’t eat enough and got into trouble there! You seem to find a good balance with sound thinking and evidence to back it up, so yes, please finish the book!

  24. marilu says:

    Definitely valuable information for many who are still trying to figure it out and to prevent others from abandoning the raw possibilities because they haven’t been given all the facts … Go for it !!!

  25. judy says:

    yes, i would love the hear your story. there is so much info out there that i have trouble knowing what is credible and healthy and what is not.

  26. Kathryn says:

    Hello Frederic,
    Yes, of course, I think so many people would benefit from hearing your story as you do so well at combining honesty with clarity. There are so many ways of going about raw, its very confusing for a beginner to know what or who to trust. The information you provide is very realistic and down to earth, and I’m sure many, many others value that. Please keep at it!

  27. Abakash says:

    You should start posting unedited chapters from the new book.
    It should generate interest.

    Keep up the great work

  28. Michele says:

    Fred — Yes, please do tell. I will definitely buy your book.

  29. Katie says:


  30. Jenn says:

    Hi Fred,

    Please let us know your story. Although it may be shocking and controversal, it is part of the raw food experience that should be told. I’m looking forward to grabbing a copy of your book when it’s available.

    Best wishes,

  31. Chris says:

    Frederic: Let me just add that you, my “kindred soul” (if I may be so bold) who I never met, are without a doubt the only “raw food guru” who is 1) honest 2) sincere with the proper instruction on how to obtain genuine health and wellness. It just so happens, ( and I address those reading this blog ), that it must focus on a low fat raw vegan diet. Anything else is just… well… “raw mumbo jumbo”.

  32. Courtney says:

    Count me in! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear your story! I especially would love it if you exposed a lot of the cover-ups and deceptions you’ve been referring to. Your perspective has helped me a lot over the years 🙂

  33. Leila says:

    Hi Frederick, it would be great to hear the whole story.

  34. Petra says:

    Hi Frederic
    I absolutely would like the whole truth nothing but the Truth.
    What happened to you could save someone’s life. We have choices but if we don’t know the different choices we are at a loss. And besides The Truth will set you Free!
    Lots of love

  35. Annie says:

    I don’t always agree with all your advice and opinions, but I do read most of what you post, so I’m very interested in your story. My approach is to listen to my inner guide and body for truth as it applies to me personally, no matter what any so called expert has to say, even you. Even so, I study, research, and read a LOT! I am on a committed path to build excellent health and vitality in myself, at age 53. This is why I have bought some of your products, so when this book is written, I will be interested in reading it as well.

  36. -Kenneth says:

    Yes go for it Frederic.
    I am looking forward to read it asap.

  37. verkisto says:

    Yes, please, tell your stories. After several years of reading and some time experimenting, I do believe that the style of raw foodism you advocate is the best beginning point from both a health perspective and ease of implementation. And there is already way too much non-specific material available on the Internet and in print.

    I was fortunate enough to discover your site, Frederic, early on in my searches and then was able to compare other things I found to what you advocate so luckily I think I avoided a lot of the pitfalls that your book will most likely cover. I hope that your book will provide the same service for others.

    The only thing that doesn’t work for me is the title of your book. It’s too intentionally “sensational”. I would go for something that will attract and draw people in, both those who follow a different practice and may become upset to discover that they’ve been following harmful advice (however well-intentioned) and those who are new to these ideas and looking for a good raw food practice. Nothing springs to mind at the moment as a suggestion, but if I think of something, I’ll let you know. 😉

  38. Bridget says:


  39. Jeani says:

    Please give us your story as your write it via your blog. I am very interested in hearing how you came to your viewpoint.

  40. Quinny says:

    I’d be interested to read your unedited story on the blog. I have to be honest here, I may not buy the book though. I’ve tried the high fat raw vegan diet and some super foods before I went low fat, the result is amazing. I wouldn’t do otherwise!

  41. Jan says:

    Hi! Fred,

    Please write the book. I need to hear a voice of reason about the raw food diet. I’m 73 and can’t afford to mess around with my health any longer. I’ve been 100% high fat raw (which is also very often high sugar) but am back on the SAD diet. I want to do raw but in a sensible, well-thought, healthy way.


  42. K says:

    I think that sharing your experiences and story would only help raw foodists everywhere. No matter what the upset is I think it would valuable and informative. I look forward to the first installment.

  43. Lauren says:

    Fred, I’d LOVE to hear your story because I know it would be real and down to earth!

  44. Charles says:

    Simply put, ‘Yes please’.

  45. Elle Mitchell says:

    You’ve revealed bits and pieces of your experience over the several years I’ve been following your writings and through some of your ebooks. It’s been possible to put 2 and 2 together just through some of your opinions and staements. However, it would be evn more valuable for you to relate your story in detail and in order. You’re used to controversy, if some readers can’t handle what you have to say (YOUR truth) that’s THEIR problem.

  46. Shelah says:

    Yes, do tell! We all love to tell our stories and to hear others’, don’t we?

  47. Kade R says:

    I would luv to here ur story. I’m always interested in the journey!

  48. Kimberly says:

    Hi Frederic,

    I want to hear your story for two simple reasons. First, in my experience, you have always told the truth regardless of consequence. Second, I know that you do your research (also, your research borne from experience is worthy of my attention.)

  49. Lucas says:

    Great idea Fred, I think the more people that know of the dangers of eating a high fat diet whether it be raw or cooked should be told. Typical high-fat raw diets give LFRV diets a bad rap.

  50. Ranga says:

    Yes, I would like to hear the full story. If it would help others avoid the same pitfalls then it ought to be shared with others.


  51. MLOVE says:

    it would be interesting to read your story as long as it is the truth & whether I want to invest money into purchasing this book

  52. Laurie says:

    Dear Fred:

    I’ve think you’ve told bits and pieces of your story in your writings, but it’s very interesting and I would absolutely love to read anything you’d like to share.

    Being a low income person, I probably won’t be able to afford your book (I got your others from the library, thank God for libraries!) but anything you can share for free, I’m so there!

  53. Alex says:

    Would we like to hear it? This is exactly the type of information that is necessary in the raw food movement – an honest account by a reliable historian (you) who has tried different approaches to raw foods! It sounds like the “behind the scenes” version of Raw Secrets.

  54. Ellen says:

    Hi Patrick,
    When I worked in financial services at a large Wall Street firm, I attended workshops that were designed to help women succeed in the industry. We had it drilled into our heads that women in particular, much prefer to hear the “story” about a company than to memorize PE ratios and stats that men often do in selling. My first book comes out in January, and even though I know that I have what is called in the news business, “a compelling story…” ie. mom, aunt & both sisters have/had breast cancer and everyone else my age or older has/had major heart disease and/or diabetes, along with my journey that almost caused death…what I keep hearing is that no one cares. The book will be pretty devoid of my personal story. On the other hand, when I tell the story, everyone says they want to hear more and that’s what I should be writing about. Maybe the next book. So you keep telling your story, and if it is compelling, your readers, and maybe even the media will pick up on it. Just don’t take no for an answer. 🙂 Good luck. I enjoy your info and videos.

  55. doug neagles says:

    yes,would like to hear your story.


    It is lifetime stories such as your that we learn from. Do not be afraid to write about your pilgrimage and subsequent findings. They are important. There will always be “nay sayers” and critics. Afterall they must sell their product to make money. It is up the the reader to determine what is false and what is right. Knowing your story will have more weight in that battle if people know the whole story – not just your conclusions.

  57. Linda says:

    I would absolutely love to hear what you have to say on this Frederic. There is so much untruth out there on this subject, it would be nice to hear someone’s truth for a change.

  58. Jeff Ferguson says:

    I would love to read your story. Who cares if some people won’t like what you have to say. The truth hurts those who prefer to bury their heads in the sand.

  59. Ryan Betker says:

    I’d love to hear the story =D
    Currently on 811 and it works well if you follow all lifestyle aspects pretty close, so I don’t need convincing, but it would be a good story to share to high-fat followers.

  60. Marianne Luch says:

    Of course Fred – everyone would want to hear it.

  61. Cali says:

    Absolutely! Keep writing your story, Frederic!

    You are a treasure!

  62. kathy says:

    Even though my vegan eating habits focus more on being a “nutrivore” than on eating raw (striving to eat ALL RAW isn’t one of my goals) I always like to read what you have to say. I’m interested in practicing good nutrition and adding to my knowledge about what the human body is designed to eat (as a species, not as this or that quirky individual) and I believe what you say about eating a whole-foods plant diet of fruits and vegetables that’s relatively low in fat and protein is spot on, raw or otherwise. I see value in both scientific research and informed experience gathered over time. Bottom line is, if this non-raw foodie (me) is interested in what you have to say, other non-raw foodies will be, too. So write on! I’ll look forward to reading it.

  63. Sharon says:

    I am very interested in hearing your story. I have seen so much on this subject and not all are in agreement.

    thank you for caring enough to share what you have learned.

  64. Lori says:

    I would like to read your unedited chapters now. I am in my second year of eating raw and am struggling. Please don’t make us wait for the book to be published. I’m sure that even though we read the chapters now it is a book we will all want to add to our libraries.


  65. Richard S. says:

    Fred, I don’t know if this is your way drumming up support for this new book of yours, i.e. selling your audience on the idea, but either way, just continue writing your story brother. As far as I’m concerned, everyone has a story that’s worth writing about, so stop quibbling about it and push on.

  66. La says:

    Yes it is important to share experiences so that people will also learn to listen to Their own bodies, to look at and feel their own experiences and not just take someone else’s word or what they read in a book. There is certainly a range of what works and there are more elements to health along with what food we put into our bodies. Before I ran into Frederic’s work I had already determined that a low fat, high green diet with some fruit works best for my body, so I enjoy reading what other people doing this diet might suggest that I don’t already know or do. Thanks Frederic !!!

  67. Vera says:

    I would purchase the book. I was vegetarian for years and never felt well. I thought I was lacking meat and it was only in my 40’s that I figured out that I have gluten allergy. Go figure.

  68. Roberta says:

    Frederic, yes I would love to hear your story. It could help me. I’ve been on living foods for over 4 years. Had to stop eating nuts after the first year, so ate lots of avocados. (Also can’t tolerate cruciferous vegetables.) That worked for some years, but still have gut issues, extreme bloating, gas, constipation, and very loose stools. About 3 weeks ago, stopped eating all oil, including avocados. Always thought too much fruit was not OK. Now on the 80-10-10, with the addition of green juices, that is seeming to work much better. I was grain free for more that 7 years before going raw, and dairy free for over 30 years, so I’ve been working on this for a long time. I believe your story could help me. Not always easy to find the way on my own, I mean so much opposing information even the raw food world. Thanks so much for listening.

  69. Yes of course tell your whole story, it’s important!

  70. Hello Frederic! I’m from Brazil and I read “The Raw Secrets” two weeks ago. That book is very enlightening and I think your story will illustrate the valuable information you provide. Go ahead with your new book!

    Thank you,

  71. Gabriella says:

    Yes, I absolutely want to hear the whole story! Especially if you name names and tell the whole truth about what you know. I have personally witnessed a number of people over the years who have seriously damaged their health by following some “guru” who proclaimed faulty information as gospel truth. And even worse, they paid high bucks for these programs, lining the pockets of these charlatans, some of whom are still highly regarded in the raw food community.

    This absolutely NEEDS TO BE EXPOSED. And without tip-toe-ing around it for fear of damaging someone’s “celebrity status.” I believe the health of thousands of people is much more important. The ego’s in question are extremely powerful, and you will be attacked. Do you have the courage?

    I have spent many years wavering in and out of raw, because I saw the dangers, but was never quite sure what was good. And now, it is virtually impossible to keep my friends on the right track, because as soon as they commit to raw, even with plenty of warnings, they get out there and start reading and researching. And of course these “celebrities” are so well-respected that they must be right!

    The final clincher for me was when I personally saw one of them outright lie, when what was actually taking place regarding diet and health in this person’s personal life was completely the opposite of what was being claimed.

    Thank you for you willingness to share your story, and best wishes.

  72. Hilda Cobb says:

    Yes, I would like to hear your story!

  73. Luc Chene says:

    Yes, it would be very interesting indeed!
    Écrire son histoire c’est parfait, car on peut y dĂ©celer l’expĂ©rience. L’expĂ©rience et le vĂ©cu sont les aspects les plus importants quand il sont imprĂ©gnĂ©s d’une franche Ă©valuation des cas rencontrĂ©s.

  74. Melissa says:

    Yes, I most DEFINATELY want to hear your story. Please tell us!!!

  75. Jason says:

    Absolutely…let’s hear it!

  76. Kim says:

    I would love to know your story.

  77. LaRue says:

    I want to read it very much. I have been trying to eat raw since 1980.

  78. Wallace Gordon Dickson says:

    Yes, Frederick. We’d like to hear your story. I have told many of my friends about the raw food diet that I am following (about 80% raw) and what that regimen has meant to the quality of my health at age 79. I would like to understand more of the details about your trials with getting started on a raw food regimen. I follow your recommendations with great interest all the time, and as far as I’m concerned, the more information you are willing to share, the better for all of us who try to follow your advice. My greatest problem with following the raw diet (there are really two great problems) is the expense of the whole regimen: (a) organic, fresh produce, (b) cost of kitchen equipment like blender and dehydrator (I have a juicer), (c) reading materials I should have on the shelf. I haven’t been able to afford a consistent diet because I have very limited income. But the information you share is always very useful and important.

  79. Pam says:

    Do share your story! I first learned of “raw food” as a cuisine (rather than simply uncooked food) while working in Stockholm in the 1980’s.
    As a Californian, I’d grown up eating plentiful fresh fruit & vegetables, along with some “SAD” elements… 🙁 That was not the norm in Sweden then, pre-EU membership. As an outsider, I assumed that the widely different climates between Stockholm’s latitude and that of Los Angeles made “raw food” too costly. The heavy raw food there was tasty, but seemed to simply be uncooked versions of traditional, fatty Swedish cuisine, subbing nuts, root veg. & sprouted beans for meat or poultry,& kelp for seafood.. Cultured vegetables (saurkraut, brine-pickled carrots, etc.) were one fat-free (but high-sodium) element. Here in L.A., today, fatty raw foods are very common.

  80. Marisa says:

    Yes, I would love to hear your full story Frederic! You always have wonderful information to share and I’m sure it would help people not to make the same mistakes.

  81. Regina says:

    Yes, Fred, I would love to hear the whole story. Your information is always informative and interesting. Thankyou.

  82. Wes McHan says:

    Most definitely want to hear your story. It would help those of us walking the path.

  83. Catherine says:

    Oui j’aimerais bien lire le livre, un genre de drama story !
    Souvent la vĂ©ritĂ© fait mal a entendre mais on n’en na vue d’autre ! Je suis prĂȘte ! ;o)

  84. Simple'City says:

    Of course we want to hear about your trials, errors, research, experiences from your journey. I feel stories are the most holistic approach to expressing your opinion about these theories and trends in the Raw Food movement.
    I’m looking forward to it!

  85. Karen says:

    I think at the beginning most people start like you did and progress to a healthier low fat raw diet.

    So would love to read your story but do not think this would be BIG news.

    I myself was about 50-60 percent raw for a decade.. When I found these raw desserts on the web a few months ago I thought what raw desserts?

    Of course I had to try my hand at them.. but I did not think most of them were healthy.. So had fun playing with them but certainly not something I was going to indulge in on a daily basis.

    But am always interested in a good story and have a feeling yours is far more exciting then mine was..


  86. Velda says:

    Yes, I would love to hear your story. I’ve been eating a raw food diet for a year and always wonder if I am doing it right. Sometimes health problems show up down the road and I want to avoid that. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Please tell your story. Thanks.

  87. Sean says:

    Would loveto hear your story. I can’t believe half the crazy raw stories and ideas that are out there and would like to see a fresh perspective that is not just based on Raw Euphoria.

  88. zainab says:

    I would love to hear your story.

  89. Angelica says:

    Yes, I would like to hear your story. It is always interesting to hear peoples stories.

  90. Naheed says:

    Hey Fred! would like to read it definitely.

  91. Josette says:

    YES Please! I think anyone serious about their diet is going to want to know as much as possible about it, be it good or bad ! thanks for writing this and allowing us to share.
    Best wishes Merci beaucoup

  92. Sparrow says:

    I definitely want to hear as much of your story as you’re comfortable sharing! I learn so much from others’ mistakes and it can save me from making the same mistake or help me understand what’s going wrong when I have already made that mistake. You have had so much more time to sort through the information, to live through the trial-and-error, and to discover what makes a body flourish on raw food. I am eager to learn lessons from your life experiences!

    p.s. I ordered your DVDs and am expecting them any day. I have a small raw and vegan cooking DVD collection but NOTHING in it is like yours! Raw and low fat! I am so excited and can’t wait until my DVDs get here. I get raw food and health information from a lot of different people but you have been the number one most helpful to me on my raw path from the very beginning and continue to be my best source of information and inspiration. Keep up the great work, Frederic! Thank you!

  93. Rebecca says:

    I agree that you should tell your story, and that it would be helpful not just for the information, but in getting to know you better. If someone doesn’t like it, oh well…
    But, please keep in mind that not everybody is the same, and what works for you may not work for everybody, for example: I have only half of my small intestine. Food passes through quickly! I don’t seem to absorb much and am always protein deficient and usually iron deficient. I do raw low fat as much as I can, but I get so weak and hungry and craving protein that I usually end up eating some animal protein (from grass-fed humanely-raised animals) by afternoon. Then I feel much better and have some energy. I just don’t see how I could follow the total raw diet, I can’t be home to make smoothies and prepare food constantly. Also I can only eat small amounts at a time, which means eating every hour or so, which is not feasible. So I agree with the raw food diet,but just can’t seem to do it.

  94. Claudia says:

    Yes – please- DO TELL! I believe knowing the negatives of an issue can also teach us so much, and as far as a raw food diet is concerened, I am sure there are some serious mistakes one can make if they are not properly informed. I’m all ears.

  95. To address FATEH’s comment about “getting too skinny and weak” on a low fat raw vegan diet, I must remind her and anyone else that Frederic has taught you the correct diet for sure. (Get his DVDs if you need practical recipes ideas). You HAVE to lose weight as your body detoxes. Even thin people are carrying around too much bloat based on what is the standard western diet and resulting “body armor”. Just as you must do demolition before renovation for a house that needs re-modeling, so it is with your body. Those people who like to go on raw getaways based on their curiosity is a good thing, but they have a ways to go before they actually get well. Same with raw restaurants. Many go there just for the novelty of it, like they do here on Long Island in Hamptons. Most people how are “health conscious” are far from actually healthy. They mean well, however.

  96. Roger Haeske says:


    Are you kidding me? Of course, I’d like to hear more.

    I think you’ve got yourself a best seller with this idea.

    Looking forward to learning more,

    Roger Haeske
    The 43-Year Old Teenager

  97. Elizabeth says:

    Absolutely, would love to hear it! Just starting out on raw veganism and would love to learn all I can.

  98. sapphre says:

    yes please
    and costa rica casacada verde exc
    all the details to ensure othrs dnt go off track

  99. Linda says:

    Hi Frederick…it would be great to hear your whole story.

  100. CB says:

    Please tell us your story. We can learn from your experiences, or take what we like and leave the rest.

  101. Lena says:

    Yes, I also would love to hear your full story. It is always helpful to hear what others have experienced to make more informative decisions with such an important issue as health and well-being

  102. rawbiker says:

    I think you should tell all. You’ve told some of these stories before, haven’t you? Like what happened with your teeth, right? That was a revelation to me. Personally, I’m having trouble staying raw (I did lose 30 pounds the first year, gained back about 10 pounds of it), my stomach often bloats on fruite before I can eat enough to feel full, and have trouble feeling full for any length of time on just fruit. I hope someone some day will do some work on raw eating for menopausal women with thyroid problems! I’ve been diagnosed hypothyroid, and after years of refusing the medication, finally broke down and took it for 4-5 months, only to see the tsh creep up again, and the dr. wanting to increase the dosage! I took myself off the medication, am hoping to get the labs checked again to see what happens. Having to bring lunch to work every day, often with little to no kitchen/counter space available, is difficult. But most days, I’m able to eat lots of fruit, smoothies, and salads. That leaves me hungry for my favorite comfort foods, rice or wheat noodles with cooked vegs.
    I don’t often have time to post, so I’m filling you in on what’s been happening with me. I also am someone who doesn’t agree with all of what you say, but for the most part, I like getting your email updates and I take the time to read most of them. All said (forgive the length, I very rarely post), I will be looking to read anything you want to post/publish, and couldn’t agree more with most of what everyone else here says!

  103. Gail says:

    Yes Fred, please tell us your story. 😎

  104. nahid says:

    Yes please tell your story. I am very interested to hear that.

  105. Linda Meziere says:

    Yes, I would like to hear your story of how you arrived at this place.

  106. Kathleen Hershner says:

    I like! May I offer a different working title? My Raw Food Quest, A Work in Progress, Blemishes and All.

  107. Keith Iding says:

    The reason I stay tuned to your emails and follow your advice is because you have established your credibility by being so straightforward and open with sharing your actual experiences. You have offered numerous glimpses into that evolving experience that have made the point well to proceed with significant dietary changes carefully, and to not just follow the fads but to be well informed. I am definitely interested in getting the whole Frederic Patenaude life story raw food enchilada. Those stories could benefit and entertain everyone who reads them.

  108. Judy says:

    Would love to read your story. Please publish it. Thanks

  109. Beryl says:

    yes, tell the whole story but a few articles in your blog would give us a taste of more detail. I am one of those people who tried to loose weight on numerous diet and always ended up loosing a lb one week and gaining it back the next. even going to nutritionist didn’t solve my prob. i got into a situation where i was suffering numerous allergies and increasing weight and mostly fat % without a reason. now with your articles and books my weight and fat% is getting down slowly although i wish it was faster. your book will help to highlighten any mistakes i might be making in the progress.

  110. Judi says:

    Go and tell all!!! Amen to that… I’d love to hear your story and forget the controversy it might create 🙂

  111. Niall Wildwoode says:

    Telling from experience what NOT to do, is every bit as valuable as telling the world how best to eat, also from experience.
    No-one’s going anywhere fast by constantly re-inventing the wheel, so get that info out there.

  112. Starr Pelc says:

    Hurry up already….I CAN’T WAIT….!!!!!!!! 🙂

  113. Yashua says:

    Yes, please share your story. It will help all of us!

  114. Mia says:

    Yes, I would love to hear your whole story – it would be very valuable information. I think it is very important to share your journey since so many of us are still on that journey trying to figure out how to do this and make it work. Learning about your ups and downs through this process and your ultimate success in finding the right path will help many others get there as well. I look forward to reading your posts and the book when it is finished.

  115. Tonya says:

    Hello, as a dabbling raw foodist I am in the same situation…not sure what is best…tell us your path ….let us recognize ourselves in your past mistakes and perhaps save ourselves from unneccesary hardship…yet crossing over to Raw is very challenging…the warm ,heavy, food addiction is tough…steamy quinoa on a cold night??!!
    Dabble Dabble Dabble!!!!!
    Thanks for inspiring me to at least try over and over…hopefully its like riding a bike…it will all just click!!!!

  116. Patti says:

    Please tell us your story, Fred. So many people embark on the raw vegan lifestyle the wrong way. I know, as my husband and I did. We ate high-fat raw vegan, lost too much weight, did not have any energy, so of course we went back to our cooked vegan diet. And this after we had sold our stove and cleared our kitchen of any and all cooking-related utensils and stuff. That’s how inspired we were!

    Our research later let us to your site and also to Doug Graham, so we know now where we went wrong. Now we just have to get back into that inspired space to follow the raw path again. I think reading a detailed personal account of someone who has ‘been there and done that’ with high-fat raw vegan diet, telling people why it doesn’t work, would have made all the difference for us and we would have started out on the right path when we were so fired up about it. Thanks for all the honest and accuate info you put out there!

  117. Christiane says:

    of course, we want your story, everyone will benefit

  118. Sandy says:

    Hi,Surprised about this email -never thought you have worried about being controversial before! I have been following your advice for a long time because all you had to say in Raw Secrets and your regular emails- especially about the high fat days has always ‘felt right’ for me. So please don’t hold back now. All best wishes from the UK.

  119. Megan says:

    Are you asking this question for real? Or is it just a teaser. Of course we want to hear your story.

  120. Jessica Mendez says:

    Please do!!!

  121. Kelli says:

    I would love to hear all about it, I am just in the research stages of finding out what works for me, but would love to hear the Do not do portion of how this came to be. Please share!

  122. Val from U.K. says:

    Hi, Fred
    Yes, please, I’d really like to know your story. I keep trying to go raw but never succeed. There is just so much conflicting advice out there that I don’t know what to believe. Knowing how you came through would really help me.

  123. Karen :) says:

    Frederic you are a tease! Of coarse we want the whole story, warts and all!

  124. Connie says:

    Yes, by all means!

  125. Catherine says:

    Yes, Fred, I do want to read your story.

  126. Frances says:

    Yes, please, Frederic!

    BTW, I’m looking forward to receiving your DVDs!

  127. Blairtje13 says:

    Yes, I too would be interested.

  128. Dorothy says:

    Yes, I would like to hear your story.

  129. Linda Prettyman says:

    Absolutely! You cannot dare to hold out on us! I would say the time is right for you now to do that. 5 years ago would likely have been too early.
    I would snap the book up in a moment, if I hadn’t been unemployed this last nearly 3 years. The gory details will sell faster than hot cakes, and convince many who otherwise might think you a mere erudite. Empirical knowledge is to many, and to me, of great value, and demands at least an honest ear. It will bring to light many apparent inconsistencies, and will explain many things heretofore baffling, both to others and to yourself.

  130. Mark says:

    Great! Frederic, Were all on a journey of sorts and yours has my full attention. I am doing the best I can to go it mostly raw here in the Pacific Northwest. Big garden and a small orchard is the source of most of our food. Still steam some vegetables and few spuds to get through the winter, but increasing the fruit consumption all the while and feeling good. I personally like the way you have dispelled some myths that are toted by even the big names in the healthy raw food circle. Keep it up and do tell all
 in that style of yours we have all come to enjoy. Peace, Mark

  131. Ellen says:

    Would love to read your story, but please don’t charge so much for your book. So many of us have lost our jobs and simply cannot afford much these days. 🙁

  132. Rae says:

    Of course I want to hear your story. You are a truth seeker and have exposed the high-fat lies of the raw food movement, so please disclose everything you have learned through your own experience. Unlike whistleblowers in such fields as ufology, I don’t think you have to worry about any life-threatening retaliation, so go for it, Fred!

  133. Nimisha says:

    Seems unanimous – tell your story! 🙂

  134. Jera says:

    Let it all out Fred . . . I’ve been listening since the Sunfood days!

  135. Linda Prettyman says:

    Me again – after I left my comment, I went back and read some of the other comments; Verkisto mentioned something that I felt as well – the title didn’t hit me well – but for some different reasons; I think your book will be much more powerful and productive if you focus your mental approach to your EXPERIENCES >> as they happened << not for the points you can make of them now – add the points after the facts. End of the chapters, or something. But the telling of the EXPERIENCES will tend to become tainted and unbalanced if you make it 'point' oriented.
    Another thing I thought from your entry is – I think it might be better if you just put excerpts of your chapters on your blog, and not the whole things. For one thing, you'll be giving your book away – not bad for us – but also, it may be too weighty for a blog post – except for those with hours a day for blog reading. Pique the interest with some real food – but not necessarily give away the whole meal.
    Hope I didn't wear you out.
    Hoping you all the best with it all. It'll be good whatever you do, as long as it's honest.

  136. lola says:

    are you seriously reaching for complements right now? Like who is going to say no? I love a good memoir, this should be really good, don’t put it on the web, send it to Oprah. I read about her trying to go raw once.

  137. debbie s says:

    so would i!

  138. rawkin says:

    Yes, i’m very interested, in all the raw food info/comtraversies that you have to say…….. keep up the good work.:D

  139. Tom says:

    I would like to read it. I agree with Gabriella and hope you name names, although it would have been nice if she named the person who lied to her. If you write “a supposed guru or expert told me…..but was lying”, or something else along those lines, it will be useless information. In that case, you may as well be the so called expert making up stuff since anyone can say they heard someone lie about something and not name him, and there’s no way the other person can defend himself since he doesn’t know you are talking about him. Your personal discoveries along the way would also be interesting.

  140. Toni says:

    Go for it!
    I have followed a raw food diet for 8 years. I too had to learn by mistakes that compromised my health. I persevered because intuitively I knew a raw lifestyle was best for me. I wish I had the type of information you will be providing when I started on my path.

  141. Ted Progler says:

    Bulas Fred! I’m writing to you from Naitauba Island, Fiji. This isalnd is the Hermitage Sanctuary of the Spiritual Master, Adi Da Samraj, who in his book called “The Green Gorilla”, recommends the raw food diet of low fat low protein. I am the nutritionist here, part of the Radiant Life Clinic, and have enjoyed your writings and useful common sense approach and style. On Naitauba, we just endured a devastating hurricane (category 4-5) and now there is limited access to fruits in variety and foods in variety as well. Because of this, we had to adapt with common sense, eating our food storage as cooked, but maintaining the low fat low protein equilibrium, and this worked fine as we transition more and more over recovery time to 100% raw foods as possible. I also support your writing the book, but offer one suggestion… keep it about mostly about the food discoveries and the phyiscal effects, and less about you and your process emotionally, tho emotions are inseparately linked. Best to you. Ted

  142. Karen says:

    Yes please, Fred. I’d love to hear your story! I’m sure it would help so many people.

  143. Moz says:

    Absolutely, we need your book- people LOVE stories and yours is obviously going to do so much good for so many people. There are always people who need to disagree with everything- but they are free to make their own choices like the rest of us- they can choose to not try it! Personal stories and experience are valuable as we can relate to similarities in someone elses journey. Everything you are doing to help other people to find their health is a giant step forward for the whole of humanity and every single healthy person has a beneficial impact on the world around them. Thankyou for sharing!

  144. skye says:

    Hi Frederic

    Yes please, I would love to hear your story, anything that clears up all the continual confusion I’m getting about the raw food movement and don’t get me started on the 1000, things (slight exaggeration) truth calkin puts in those smoothies on utube; so exhausting!

    I want the truth, warts and all, about this practice

  145. Tom Eck says:

    I would love to hear your story!!!
    I am 75 and have been working towards a raw food diet for
    the past year. Have lost weight and feel pretty fantastic.
    I love eating raw fruit and veggies, but would
    love to find ways to prepare my meals with as little effort as possible.

    You seem to be one of the best authorities in the field.
    I think it would help me and many many others to hear
    what you have to say.

    Really look forward to hearing your experiences!

  146. Tiffany says:

    Okay – I was disappointed that you did not tell us at least a couple of things that happened to you to wet our appetite. If we are starting out on raw food, or interested in your approach to begin with – why wouldn’t we want to hear your own story? Everyone else tells theirs.

  147. Alicia says:

    I think it would be great! It could really help a lot of people and I think it’s great that you are willing to be so open and share your story! Thank You for all you do!!

  148. Debbie says:


  149. Alice says:

    Yes I want to hear your story.

  150. Patty says:

    Frederic, I would love to hear your story.

  151. Julia says:

    Great Idea! Go for it!

  152. Susan says:

    Of course I’d like to read about your journey into raw.

  153. David says:

    GREAT IDEA over the years you have gained lots of knowledge- wonderful of you to share this weath of information.
    good luck with the new book!

  154. Holly says:

    Yes, please share!

  155. Carla says:

    Frederic —
    Yours is a unique and valuable voice in the raw food movement. You should absolutely let people know about your journey – the good, the bad and the ugly! Thanks for considering your audience’s opinion on this, and good luck!

  156. Ali says:

    yes. I would love to hear your story.


  157. Judith says:

    Yes, I’m also interested to hear and to read your story.

  158. Phyllis says:

    I think you should write the book. I’ve enjoyed several of your books/DVDs and I appreciate your viewpoints. My favorite is the food preparation one. You’re honest and come from the heart and I see you really like to help others. So, go for it – many would gain from your knowledge. Thanks for continuing to share and teach and for all your work and dedication. And congratulations on your marriage – I am extremely happy for you.

  159. Juan says:

    I would love to hear your story too. I have learned a lot of raw foods info from you and definitely I’d like to keep learning more

  160. Omar-DaviD says:


  161. Jean says:

    Bring it on!

  162. Martine says:

    Hi Frederic,
    I do like te read your story! What about some off the rawfood experts who are eating cooked food again lately like potatoes, millet, quinoa, meat! Yoghurt etc etc? I am not 100% raw because I find it quit difficult to maintain in my social life but I do eat a green smoothie every morning and we eat lots of vegetables en salads.

  163. Rose Vasile says:

    I’d love to hear more of your story. I’m sure it would be very interesting and enlightening.

  164. karen says:

    Hey Frederic, I would love to hear your whole story. You are my biggest inspiration.

  165. Susa says:

    I love to read your blog and am interested about your past in starting raw.
    I am not quite clear about the amount of fat in my diet. I think I eat about 80% raw but I do eat quite a bit of seeds, nuts and avocado, adding coconut oil and seed crackers too. Maybe I’m getting too much fat, I don’t know.

    My goal is to gain weight so I think I should not be on low fat but I should eat fats and protein and with some resistance training hopefully gain weight. my bmi is slightly above 16. I have not really figured out the right diet for me. Maybe I get too many calories from fat?

  166. Mariel says:

    “Spill the beans” !!!!!

  167. Toni Vandyke says:

    I would love to read your story Frederic – I’m sure it will be most informative like your other books. When will it be ready to buy ? ?
    The nearest to feeling good for me in my 15 years raw fooding is Doug Graham’s approach and yours now too. I don’t quite feel that 80/10/10 is perfect for me though. . . .

  168. k says:

    Yes defenitly interested!

    I wonder how come we (a couple and kids) have tried to be raw with low fats and felt a need for more energy. We have researched and learned that our body needs alot of raw fats to be healthy, that muscle builds up on calories (coming from raw fats or raw dried fruits for examples), that our organs brain heart etc need fats to well functiona nd build there tissues and that the nervous system needs it so much too.

    When we eat more raw fats (raw coconut oil, raw olive oil, raw seeds and nuts soaked activated and dehydrated at raw temperature and one avocado per day) and a little raw protein (raw wild rice soaked and activated, raw egg yolks some times, fresh ocean grown wheat grass juice, raw greens, raw seeds and nuts soaked activated and dehydrated at raw temperature, etc) we feel more sustained through the day, more energic and content. This is with lots of fruits and greens too. We think our day is well balanced we water fast from 7pm to 9:30am, start at breakfeast at 9:30 with fruits only, launch at 12:30 living seeds-nuts, dried fruits, coconut cream-oil or fresh, some times sprouted weath grains turned into a paté with the other things on top, sometimes egg yolks, sometimes nut milk with egg yolks in it. And we have dinner at 4:30-5:00 a dark green salad with a little cucomber-tomato-olives-and/or pepper, a little oil, avocado.

    We also take astaxanthin wich gave us tremendous results, spirulina, eat sprouts and germination ocean watered, bee polen, and other things.
    We juice fast sometimes for 1-7 days, water fast once a week and longer if something to cure or detox or clean our body. Do enemas and colonics.

    We tried to eat the way Jesus said in the essene manuscrit wich is like natural hygiene but even deeper and we really really find it to hard. Eating only at noon and around 6pm a so small meal. We were fealing like a major fast without preperation. Maybe when you continue the stomach gets smaller and you digest better assimilate better and feel better. But we were just feeling we were not capable at this moment buty we hold it in mind!

    What about childrens? There is no prooven information whatsoever for childrens out there. Even the essene manuscrit the words were directed to adults not childrens. Some say they should eat plenty of fruits in the day even between meals…some say lot of fat is crucial….some say they need foods that contains growth hormones like animal raw milk, raw eggs, phythoplancton, gogi berries, bee products, coconuts. The only thing we can look at is the Jingee and Storm Talifero family 100% raw vegans with 5 kids oldest 13 since many many years, they are really healthy brilliant, thin and lean but not squeletic (any way fat around the body even a little is not healthy, fat is supposed to be used by the body not stored and what we need to have around our body is muscle so then we don’t look squeletic) we can look at how they eat
    I personlay feed them the menyu stated bellow and give them our fresh ocean watered wheat grass juice, astaxanthin and things like that. We also plan to have our ocean grown agriculture in an other country and our animals ocean grass fead to take a little milk and make kefir but mainly for friendship and fun reasons. We also make fermented veggies to provide a lot of probiotics. Some say we have to let them choose what they eat, when and how much (providing raw helthy varied choices in the house).
    I personnaly saw that they can eat very much and fery often and even vomit or have to poop all the time and have belly pain….when they finfd there day more boring or lond they eat eat and eat (even when have been given the information). So for the moment I thought it would be better to control there meals 3 times a day max to be able to fully digest and assimilate between meals and give a break to there system. And providing the menu I said before to make sure they get from all. But at the meal I let them eat and feel when they are not hungry anymore, this tends to do that they are really full and I know it can be contrary of the essene hygienic way but if I control the portion and give smaller they tend to ask to eat and whine all day.

    So what about kids different fats needs?
    And what about that it always been told that kids have different nutition needs because the grow but I learned that adults constantly change there body for a new body each 7 years…pretty much like growing no? I really wonder if there is really a difference between kids growing and adults changing body each day a little to fully changed in 7 years. If its the same the nutrition needs should be the same too. ahh, many questionings.

    Tu devrais aussi le faire en français ton livre, il y a de plus en plus de crudivores au QuĂ©bec et de plus en plus de restaurants et sites cru au QuĂ©bec. Je sais que ton ancien livre n’as pas assez vendu en français mais lĂ  on est plusieurs annĂ©esplustard avec un marchĂ© plus gros.

    Je ne sais pas si tu donnes des consultations privĂ© mais j’en voudrais peut-ĂȘtre une concernant mes questionnements ci-haut. Tu peu m’Ă©crire un email Ă  ce sujet si tu offres des services.

  169. Roger Perry says:

    Well, after seeing the number of pro-book comments, I think it’s abundantly clear Fred – WE ALL WANT TO KNOW YOUR FULL STORY! Full steam ahead, dude!

  170. Pamela says:

    Hi Fred,
    I would LOVE to hear your story – starting with bits and pieces now on the net. I would also buy the when it comes out. I don’t have a lot of money, so rarely buy things off the net but this sounds too important to leave alone.
    Pamela in “cold Norway”

  171. tams says:

    Absolutely!!!!!!! pls pls pls tell us all!

  172. Shino Saito says:

    I’d like to know your full story, too.

  173. Nicolai says:

    Hi Frederic,
    I read with interest all your emails.
    Of course I am among others interested to know your story.
    I think we can and we must learn all our life. From your story I am sure I have something to learn on the raw food way.
    So, tell us your story please !
    Thanks !

  174. Linda says:

    Hi Fred, I have most of your books and would love to hear your story. I have heard some of it, at different times, but the more I learn the better!

  175. Harlow says:

    Yes! please tell us your story…I definitely want to hear about it.can’t wait for the book

  176. Hi Frederic

    I have been into raw for well on 10 years now, and been active in the raw foods movement (Europe and Australia). I’ve seen (and heard) a few interesting things too, but nothing I’d personally feel the need to write a whole book about … so would be curious to read one or two unedited chapters of yours, pre-print.

    Yes, I suppose a few people who are totally new to raw foods might try to live on lettuce leaves alone, or nothing but bananas for days on end … just because they heard some (usually self-proclaimed, totally inexperienced “raw expert” dweeb) talk about how they’re living on said silly diet. When really they were just eating mono for a few days. But come on people – use common sense!

    I have read and researched HEAVILY into raw foods. And as someone with a very strong “Vata” constitution (ie. I tick every box in Dr Gabriel Cousen’s description of a true Vata type – being thin and wiry, with a fast metabolism), I do find I thrive on raw foods diet with *a little more* raw plant fats. As a personal trainer, I also do weights to maintain muscle and bone density. And I’ve learned that little bit of extra avocado or nut milk makes a *significant* difference in helping to maintain a healthy body weight (otherwise Vatas can become way too skinny, and really suffer). Once again – emphasis is on a little extra. I don’t advocate gorging, as that is very heavy on the digestive system, and going to any extreme is totally counter-productive.

    Dr Cousens writes in his book “Conscious Eating” (2000 edition, page 103), that: “Vata people can eat a raw food diet if they eat heavier, oily foods such as avocado and soaked nuts and seeds, both of which have water to balance their dryness and oil to balance their lightness”. For some of us, this really is the case. It can make all the difference between feeling tired, weak, and becoming too thin … and maintaining a strong, robust body, with good energy and vigour.

    *** Remember that each person has a slightly different constitution. I have raw food friends with Kapha constutions (ie. really slow metabolisms with a tendency to put on too much weight!) that do just fine with *very little* oily or fatty foods. They also feel much after aerobic exercise, even low intensity, for longer periods … such as brisk long walks, because they have such sluggish metabolisms (- unlike fast Vatas that can’t stop frittering away their energy!) So an extra handful soaked nuts / avocado is the last thing Kapha types need. Pretty logical really, for anyone who is overweight.

    Frederic – you yourself may well be more towards the lucky “Pitta” type of constitution (the 3rd type), who have a naturally strong “warrior” energy and great digestive fire, who do brilliantly on bland raw food, with a low-protein and low-fat diet. These types have well-balanced, robust, athletic bodies. Pittas are also ambitious, self-driven, with natural leadership qualities. Atlhough they do have a tendency to “overheat”, and to get irritated/angered easily. (For your new book – it seems you write with *intense* emotional charge – against some other raw food approaches; strongly critical; some might say even a little arrogant … any significance here?)

    Just playing devil’s advocate – you know we love you! 🙂

    But please remember – what works for one person, DOESN’T mean it’s automatically going to work for everyone.

    The key to success is to *individualise* the diet.

    It’s important for people to educate themselves, apply common sense, and then tweak things a little, as required.

    We really do have to find what works best for US.

    Raw food ain’t rocket science. But it certainly is an adventure!

    So it would be lovely to hear more about yours.

    Go on, do it! We love your fire!!

    Kind regards

  177. Jose says:

    Yes, please. I would like to read your story. Thank you.

  178. Sharon says:

    Yes, I would love to read your full story and would definitely buy the book the day it comes out. I have ordered several of your books and DVDs and have NEVER been disappointed. I am sure this new one will not be any different. Please post one of the stories on the blog just to get us started…

  179. Debbie says:

    I really would love to hear your story!

  180. becky person says:

    Hi + thank you! The truth can help many. What if you try ‘raw’ or hear about a problem — it will make you throw out all the benefit (like the baby going out with the bath water!) Many people have not gotten the truth about health; we can’t keep important info from the newcomer. Too, the ‘raw’ folk who got unhappy over their outcome maybe never knew the real bottomline … time to tell them why they fell, they may want to know! I happily await your book!!!!

  181. Vincnet R. says:

    Hello Frederic

    Yes ! I need to hear the Truth Sometimes!


  182. Meeks David says:


    can’t be any better (or worse!) than my story. after nearly destroying my health and teeth with high-fat raw, now I’m eating high fruit/veg, brown rice, essene bread and no fat whatsoever. Do it Fred.

  183. Kevin says:

    Tell it Fred. Best regards to you.

  184. Heather M says:

    Absolutely! Bring it on!

  185. Frederic Patenaude says:

    I do not subscribe to Ayurveda and don’t think there is such thing as Pitta/Vata/Kapha constitutions, other than in a pure metaphorical sense when describing broad ranges of differences in people’s constitutions. However, following their criteria I am definitely the Vata type. I’m quiet quiet and unassuming in person, quite introverted, and my digestion has always been one of my weak points. The whole Ayurveda concept is quite overly simplistic and was designed at a time when people did not have enough science to know what was actually going on in the human body. There’s certainly room for individual differences in everything though!

  186. Christine A. says:

    I would love to read about your story–I’m sure it is very interesting. I have only been learning about raw foods for the past couple of months and have, so far, incorporated a raw food meal into my diet once a day. I thought it was something worth looking into since I have never felt very energetic and came to the conclusion that the way I have been eating my whole life wasn’t making me feel any better. I have noticed a difference in the way I feel (for the better) just adding the small amount of raw food that I have so far. I find your website and e-mails to be quite informative. P.S. I am a 52 year old woman who suffers from severe depression and arthritis of the knees.

  187. Roger Haeske says:


    I’m a Vata as well according to the Ayurvedic System.

    That idea that we need extra fat because of it just doesn’t fly at all. I ate a month without overt fats and had no problem.

    You don’t need to eat fat to put fat on. All you need is enough calories.

    And what’s too thin?

    Most so-called skinny raw foodists are not too thin. They’re less thin than competition body builders. And they’re at a perfectly safe body fat level in most instances.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger at his peak in his body building years was likely only 3 to 4% body fat. Yet no one would ever have called him skinny.

    In my experience I’ve found Ayurveda to be a system designed for people who eat cooked food. For raw foodists it’s simply best to ignore it as when you go raw most of the Ayurveda ideas no longer apply.

    I know from personal experience and how I answered the Ayurveda questionnaires and how dramatically my answers changed by going raw.

    Had I listed to the “Conscious Eating” Ayurvedic advice I wouldn’t have made it to 100% raw for the last 9 years. That false information was actually keeping me cooked.

    Roger Haeske
    The 43-Year Old Teenager

  188. Marshie says:

    I would like to hear your whole story.

  189. Patricia Douglas says:

    Yes, I would very much like to hear your whole story. If I have to learn from my own experience, then perhaps I too would go down the wrong roads that you took. Your experiences would be invaluable information.

  190. Em says:

    I absolutely, positively want to know ALL of your raw-food nightmare history! Hurry up with the book! 🙂

  191. Sydney Horner says:

    I would love to read your whole story. It would help others know what not to do. You have so much experience that would be very helpful to others.

  192. Dayna says:

    I am looking forward to it. I have been trying to be raw for months now and have bought many conflicting books. One of the things that has always bugged me about vegan diets and many raw diets is that they try to make meat type dishes out of non meat foods and to me..if that is what you want then eat meat for goodness sake!! unless of course your main objective is to protect animals. If it is health..then I do agree with you and Dr Graham. I am actually eating organic meat about 1 or 2 times/week but hope to eventually be raw vegan completely. My issues are high cholesterol and digestion. (btw 2 yrs ago I tried vegan for 9 mo eating mostly tofu, seitan, tempeh and grains and my cholesterol shot up 11 points..hmmm) dayna

  193. I would really like to read your story. I’m on a food/health journey myself which started 10 years ago. I’ve been vegetarian for over 30 years and am now a confirmed vegan!

    Since found your website, I have become about 70% raw. I love the fact that you don’t promote seeds and nuts which I can’t eat anyway. I had been told by a ‘professional’ raw foodist that it would be almost impossible for me to go raw without eating nuts!

    I’ve recently got your DVDs so am starting on that road – the Vitamix is FANTASTIC, thinking of investing in a dehydrator next. Although I’ve been vegan for a few years and 70% raw for a few months, I’m still over weight, but it is coming of very slowly now.

    Like Dayna says – I don’t understand those who become vegan/raw but want to imitate meat meals. We totally avoid all soy products in my household, which itself can be a challenge for a vegan particularly when eating out.

    So – yes – write the book, and as somebody else said, maybe put some previews on your website whilst you are writing it.

  194. mish says:

    i think the only folks who dont wanna hear your story would be those profit from their following of raw devotees buying all that crap raw food, who know the info about a story like yours and dont want it to screw up their income..or those newbies who are dogmatically devoted to being 100% raw. High high fruit and high fat dont work. I WISH TO KNOW YOUR STORY! I have one too. THANK YOU.
    Speak the truth.

  195. Lynn says:

    Thank you so much for offering to share your story. I cannot express how much I appreciate your honest, straight forward and helpful style has been to me. I’ve bought several of your books and each one has done more for me than promised. I eagerly await learning about your own personal journey with raw food. Thank you.

  196. Elsie says:

    Yes, please write the book about your life and raw food.

  197. Dimitrij says:

    Dear Frederick

    I’d love to hear your story. The low-fat raw vegan diet really works! Thank you and all those who promote it.
    Just continue your good work!
    Best wishes

  198. Dorte says:

    Hi Frederic. I would really like to hear your story, and I also think it`s importent. I try to eat raw – but I start up very slowly.

  199. Carol ann says:

    Yes we need to know what works and what doesn’t as I have read about food for some time now I do see where raw food diet could be deadly.
    So please tell us your story so we can avoid those mistakes too.

    Carol Ann

  200. Kira Wright says:

    Yes, I would love to read your story. I am and have struggled for 3 years on the raw food diet. Everyone makes this diet sound like it is easy. There are so many controversies regarding this lifestyle. I think your story would be awesome. You consumed too much fat and got sick, well i consumed too much fruit and fruit juice and have gotten very sick. These things need exposed to help others on their journey.

  201. agnes falquet says:

    Bonjour Frédéric

    J’ai assistĂ© Ă  ta confĂ©rence Ă  MontrĂ©al le 15 juillet dernier.
    Je lisais déjà depuis quelques mois tes infos sur internet.
    Je suis tout Ă  fait d’accord avec ton approche parce que je sens tout de suite les effets nĂ©gatifs de manger trop gras (cru ou pas) et l’importance de savoir que l’on se nourrit suffisamment en quantitĂ© et qualitĂ© nutritive.
    La mĂ©thode 80-10-10 m’interpelle beaucoup mĂȘme si j’ai du mal Ă  la mettre en pratique.

    Le fait d’avoir des personnes proches atteintes de cancer autour de moi depuis quelques annĂ©es m’a motivĂ© Ă  faire des recherches en alimentation et m’a amenĂ© Ă  commencer Ă  manger cru. (tu es une de mes influences)

    Je veux aussi amĂ©liorer ma santĂ©: fatigue, maux de tĂȘte et mal de dos.
    Par contre je suis consciente que ces maux sont sûrement liés au fait que je ne suis pas satisfaite de ma vie depuis bien des années.

    Je veux donc faire d’une pierre deux coups et apprendre Ă  bien manger et m’entraĂźner en plus de me crĂ©er une occupation connexe qui me passionne. (ça fait clichĂ© mais c’est vrai quand mĂȘme…)

    Je suis loin d’ĂȘtre capable de manger cru. Je mange beaucoup de fruits le matin et le midi et mange un souper “traditionnel” le soir genre poisson salade lĂ©gume ou petite quantitĂ© de viande et salade.

    J’ai du mal Ă  m’organiser et j’ai besoin de faire une immersion totale pour intĂ©grer cette nouvelle façon de manger.

    Je compte aller suivre le Health educator program Ă  l’Institut Hyppocrate pour atteindre ce but et aussi dĂ©velopper une carriĂšre en nutrition. Je verrai au bout des 9 semaines ce que je me sens capable de faire et ce qui m’intĂ©resse.
    ( Je sais qu’ils ne prĂŽnent pas le rĂ©gime 80-10-10 mais qu’ils ne sont pas contre.)

    Je suis donc trĂšs intĂ©ressĂ©e par ton expĂ©rience, ces infos sont importantes pour moi personnellement et d’autant plus si je deviens une aide pour d’autres.
    Il est important pour moi d’ĂȘtre capable de faire la part des choses et je vois que c’est justement ce que tu apportes.

    Je serais trĂšs intĂ©ressĂ©e Ă  avoir ton avis sur l’Institut Hyppocrate (et autres).

    AgnĂšs Falquet
    Montréal, Qc.

  202. Uti says:

    Yes, I want to know your story !

  203. Yes, Frederic Patenaude, I’d like to know your story. What were the ill effects of the “wrong” eating? How do you now avoid the causes of those ill effects? Is too much fat the main trouble? How do you avoid too much fat? For me it was a revelation to learn to look at foods that I’d earlier considered sources of “protein” as sources of fat instead, to be measured out in the week with care.

  204. Suzanne says:

    Yes, please tell us your story. We can learn from your experiences and be motivated to do our best. You are more encouraging and inspirational to us than you may realise. Please keep up the good work. We appreciate it.
    Good health and much happiness to you!

  205. Nancy says:

    I’d love to hear you story.

  206. Paul Palmer says:

    Hi Frederic

    I definitely want to hear more. I appreciated your honesty in Raw Secrets. This is necessary as too many people have suffered and raw vegan diet has been given a bad reputation because of deception and rigid dogmatism. Witness the angry ex-vegans on the internet who have experienced adverse effects and become Paleos with emphasis on meat. I have also been influenced by Dr. Douglas Graham, Roger Haeske, Victoria Boutenko, and Tonya Zavasta. Not raw vegan (or even vegan) yet as I find old entrenched habits formidable and numb my feelings with heavy foods because of unresolved PTSD. I would order the book and hope you will in the meantime reveal some excerpts from it.

  207. Susan Farrar says:

    Frederic- All people love stories, we are hardwired for them! Yes! Publish it! I think anything sold in a story format will sell like crazy!

  208. Pat says:

    Would love to hear your story!! We all need to know these things so we can make informed decisions.

  209. Tina says:

    If we do not walk in someone else shoes for a moment we can not understand or learn from others and are doomed to repeat same mistakes. I have a story also, and so has my daughter. There was a time when she was so sick the doctors offered to save her by removing her colon and I then went back to a vegetarian diet and more raw and she is healthier and as we search for a better health and even search religions and other ways by experience I have found it enriches us, i have learned we are better with high fruit and high greens and less fat, and even sometimes those old folk tales are actual truths and we can learn from them. So with all the information that is out there today we still need to learn from each other. If you have a story that can help or get someone else to relate to you then please share, but if you are not ready it is ok. when you are ready I would like to hear your story, perhaps we have walked the same path and I may be able to learn from you or know someone who can be helped that is in the same situation.

  210. Wilhelm says:

    Please share your raw-experiences and history.

  211. Suzaan Lane says:

    Yes, please Frederick. Write it exactly as it is, you are a true inspiration!

  212. SuryaSmiles says:

    Yes please! I can’t afford the DVDs or a dehydrator…but might be able to the book.

    I live in Alaska, and at -20 to -60 in the winter I eat more cooked vegan diet. I’ve been vegetarian 25 years, vegan 1.5. I’ve eaten macrobiotic, Ayurvedic mostly for years. I too am Vata, and disagree with you on the science if Ayurveda which has been around since the Veda’s. So when I need warmth that exercise and avocado, nuts and seeds don’t provide in our harsh winter environment, I eat warm cooked soups, legumes.

    I love a raw duet but was struggling with the bloating, gas, constipation until I recently had a blood allergy test ( and found I had a serious systemic Candida albicans issue. After two months of homeopathic and dark field testing treatment, I’ve lost 10 lbs I couldn’t shake even after cutting out all agave, cacao, (only stevia fresh now). Anyone with these issues, over-the-counter probiotics just didn’t cut it. It is a serious issue. Please check it out. I will always advocate a vegan diet, and as raw as possible, ESP sweet-free. I look forward to your story! Blessings, Alaska here…

  213. Christophero says:

    Yes we need to know this stuff

  214. Franco says:

    Salut Frédéric,

    Je crois que cet essentiel que la vĂ©ritĂ© soit connue! Je m’intĂ©resse au mouvement CRU mais il y a trop d’informations qui se contredisent. Je suis sur le bord de faire le saut! Pas trop de pression, mais je crois c’est toi qui influencera ma dĂ©cision!

    Merci et continu le beau travail!


    L’Orignal ,Ontario, Canada

  215. judy says:

    Yes, I would like to hear your story.

  216. John says:

    Having been 100% raw for four years and 13 days and a keen student of healthy living I am really interested in reading your whole story.

  217. Jenny Stacey says:

    You need to tell your story. The world is sick of being sick. There are more and more people researching this topic than ever before. You would not be where you are today if this was not your passion. Letting us hear your story is just a small step. Hopfully you will dedicate yourself to this for years and years. You will be the one interviewed at 85 as well! Please please please let us know your story.

  218. Lee says:

    Yes, I think it would be helpful to hear your story. I too feel that there is misleading information regarding health in the raw food movement – agave being one example – and that it would be good to share your knowledge. You can trust that your readers are independent thinkers who can decide for themselves what part of your story is useful for them. It is your story, and only you can tell it. Go for it, and if it causes controversy, so be it. It is perhaps even more important to put forth experiences that are difficult, to help those who may be experiencing something similar, with nowhere to turn. thanks so much for the opportunity to support you!

  219. Sylvie says:

    Yes, I would like to read all of your story. I just start to eat rawfood and it’s not always easy. I’m sure it will help me to learn from your experience.
    I’m thanksfull for all your support you give to people.

  220. Carrol Neville says:

    WOW, what an idea your Autobiographical food diary would be amazing story! I am struggling with raw food vs cooked vegan and currently am fighting second time around breast cancer that is in stage 4 has metastasized into my bones. I am very interested in wholistic and feel that raw food diet will build my immune system and ultimately help me to beat this cancer for good. Will look forward to your story.

  221. Egle says:

    I absolutely want to know your story. Thanks for sharing!

  222. Gwen says:

    Yes, I absolutely want to know your story.

  223. Jocelyne says:

    I certainly do want to know your story before I make a drastic move. Thank you so much for telling it like it is.

  224. barbara says:

    I hope you are able to sort thru all the incredible contradictions in the raw world and expose some of the pitfalls of believing in people who are expert marketeers. I am stuck with a defective juicer because of hype you tube claims, and no customer service to help (Hurom) which drips out the bottom and does a poor job on greens, for which it was advertised and for which I purchased it. There is a lot of this sort of unscrupulous stuff and sometimes I think you and one other mentor are the only decent ones out there. I know this is not true but the marketing is louder than the teaching and customer service. Thanks for your integrity in presenting what you know to help us sort out the useful from the chaff,

  225. Sparrow says:


    Have you made sure that the rubber plug is inserted in the bottom of the juicer attachments? I bought an Omega Vert (the same juicer from the same company with a different name) and it works great on greens and only drips if I forget to put the plug in properly.

  226. Brent says:

    Hi Fred, I would really love to hear your story I have been yo-yoing on this raw diet myself and have run into obsticles over the few years ive been on it (especially with vegan raw), I have also witnessed what it has done to others in damaging their health/teeth over time being raw vegan, the most important questions I have is are we meant to be vegan and is it for everybody? thanks.

  227. Len says:

    Would love to hear your full story Fred! Bring it on

  228. Coralyn says:

    I would love to hear your whole story! I would definitely buy that book.

  229. Pat says:

    I would love to read your new book! I’ve been trying unsuccessfully since 1980 to be on a raw diet! It’s so frustrating to hear others praise this way of eating, and then when I try it, I get sick, and weak, and can’t function. It’s more than “eat your fruits and veg uncooked”. There’s got to be guidelines that can apply to everyone, so everyone can succeed.

    Even in the recipes there’s so much conflicting data: raw cacao is the perfect food vs. it’s a poison; raw garlic and hot peppers purify the body vs. they create toxic effects; eat lots of sprouts vs sprouts are useless; use soy sauce and Braggs and nutritional yeast to add flavor vs. they all contain MSG because of the fermentation process; cashews and raw cacao aren’t really raw; dehydrated foods dry you out; low fat, no fat, don’t care about fat; agave is worse than corn syrup; now salt is attracting controversy: what type or not at all. How can such a simple way of eating be so confusing and have such a high rate of failure? It should be so easy, there’s certainly enough recipe books out there! We all know this is a healthier way of eating, and we all want it to work. So why doesn’t it? What are we doing wrong? What don’t we know? Come on, Frederic, I’m counting on you to come up with the answers for us!

  230. Frederic Patenaude says:

    Pat: it’s confusing only because people make it confusing. In my opinion there’s not as much conflicting “data” as people think. People pushing endless supplements and superfoods don’t have much to back up their claims.

  231. Randy says:

    Tell for all to hear and learn and decide for themselves. I struggle with my health as am mostly raw and have been for 14 years but something I did in the beginning was not right. Maybe too many nuts, too much pineapple or the 5 kilos of bananas I ate each week. It seems that instead of liminating all the waste they build up and legs become more numb, tingling in arms, pains in stomach and chest and recently pressure in head. I have stopped eating nuts and most other fats so will see what happens. But am very, very frustrated because I know raw food can work as can fasting, but you have to get rid of the cause of the illness which can ake a lot of time.

  232. Karin says:

    Sure, Fred. Go for it. It could be interesting and helpful!

  233. LA says:

    I want to hear your story, I enjoyed your book Raw Secrets. I feel tired, sluggish eating too many nuts and other fats including coconut meat. I love coconut juice, but when i make raw coconut “pudding” it feels like I”m just eating a bowl of fat. But i can’t mix w/ fruit due to food combining.

  234. Matty says:

    I am so looking forward to read your new book. Switching to raw foods saved my life literally, but there is so much fuss and fight in the movement and this and that its hard to know. SO I just follow how my body feels and my intuition. I take in all the knowledge and digest it:) Then experiment and see what works for me. The high fat way did not feel good for me rather instantly. The simpler the better and I thank you for your great work and sharing:)

  235. Theda says:

    Yes, tell the full story. I really enjoyed your interview with Albert Mosseri. Thank you so much. Look forward to you translating and publishing his works in English, too. Thanks for your good work.

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