Don’t Skip a Day of Exercise

My Tip for Today is:

“Don’t Skip a Day of Exercise”

According to an article published in one Health & Fitness section of the Site, skipping exercise for two days in a row has bad effects on health. (To read the article, go to

It makes sense, because we’re meant to live an active life. Being sedentary was not the norm for human beings, even in the Western world, until just a few decades ago.

My commitment now is to exercise everyday.

I never had a session of exercise, either biking, a long walk, hiking, yoga, weight lifting, or running — that I regretted.

Even though I might not have felt like doing it when I started, I never thought to myself, “I shouldn’t have gone for that bike ride” or “That was such a bad idea to take that yoga class!”

On the contrary, I felt much better afterwards.

It is a basic human need to exercise everyday.

When you do this, you’ll be more hungry for natural foods. So earn your meals!

Is it any wonder that hunger is widely recognized as a sign of health? Lack of appetite is widely recognized as a sign of ill health. And the best way to cultivate true hunger is to engage in vigorous exercise.

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