November 22

Going on a Smoothie Detox: an Easy Way to Lose Weight

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If you’d like to reach your optimal weight but don’t know where to start, consider going for 3 to 7 days on a smoothie detox diet.

The process is very simple. For a determined number of days, the only thing you will consume are fresh smoothies made with fruits (and possibly greens).

An unlimited quantity of smoothie is allowed, but it is recommended to have 3 to 5 meals of raw smoothie per day during this cleanse, instead of consuming smoothies all day long.

After just a few days, you will notice an increase in energy and a drop in weight (as your body is releasing extra water it was holding on to).

There are no dangers to this diet as long as it’s followed only for a limited number of days and that you have consulted with your certified health professional or doctor and that they have agreed that you could try this.

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