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Alcohol on the Raw Vegan Diet

People ask me if they can enjoy alcohol on a raw vegan diet. Why would I be the one to decide it for them?

The truth is: wine is basically raw and it’s definitely vegan, so why would it matter?

The problem, unfortunately, is not the grape juice used to make wine. It’s the alcohol that results from the process. Alcohol is an intoxicant and in spite of the slight health benefits derived from moderate, daily consumption, the harms outweigh the small benefits by a large margin.

That being said, to drink alcohol occasionally on a raw vegan diet or to become completely sober is an individual choice.

Personally, I avoid all alcohol.

But there’s no doubt that the healthiest choice between drinking a little alcohol on a raw vegan diet (or any diet) and not drinking at all is the latter.

Frederic Patenaude
Frederic Patenaude
Frederic Patenaude has been an important influence in the raw food and natural health movement since he started writing and publishing in 1998, first by being the editor of Just Eat an Apple magazine. He is the author of over 20 books, including The Raw Secrets, the Sunfood Cuisine and Raw Food Controversies. Since 2013 he’s been the Editor-in-Chief of Renegade Health.

Frederic loves to relentlessly debunk nutritional myths. He advocates a low-fat, plant-based diet and has had over 10 years of experience with raw vegan diets. He lives in Montreal, Canada.