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What raw foods should be avoided?

What Raw Foods Should We Avoid?

I love your website and your videos. I have not seen any reference to raw eggplant: Some websites say it is edible while others say it is not.

Is Raw Cacao a Superfood or Harmful Stimulant?

Is Raw Cacao a Superfood or Harmful Stimulant By Diana Stoevelaar of

Is raw cacao a superfood or harmful stimulant?

Rethinking Food Combining Rules on the Raw Foods Diet

The other day I was eating a delicious salad made with the following ingredients:

– Crisp romaine lettuce – Sweet and ripe raw corn – Garden-ripen tomatoes – Diced mango – Small amount of avocado – Fresh herbs picked from the garden – Lemon juice

I can’t express how delicious this salad was.