March 18

Raw Freedom Winners

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I’m now ready to announce the three winners of my book “Raw Freedom”… you will all get a free copy as soon as the book is ready!

The three winners are:

  1. Melinda says:

    March 12, 2013 at 11:55 am
    My reason is simple. The struggle. When I first found the raw foods lifestyle, I lost weight easily, didn’t crave bad food, and did great. I ate too much fat to begin with, but still lost weight easily. Juice fasted for a month and never had more energy in my life! Since then it’s been a seesaw back and forth between cooked and raw never finding the balance I need. The weight came back, unless I’m 100% raw my body does not want to release the weight. I also feel unwell when I eat any cooked food and am interested to see how you solved that issue for yourself. I’d love to have a chance to see how your book balances the two and would be honoured and grateful to receive it.

melissa says:

March 12, 2013 at 11:58 am

Hi!! Congratulations on the new book! I have been vegan for over a year and veg most of my life. I was super strict and thought I must adhere to all these “rules” in order to call myself a true vegan. I have recently discovered this is a journey and I will discover what works for me! There are no rules or regulations; I just have to listen to my body. I do cheat sometimes when it comes to sweets and am learning to forgive myself and move on– tomorrow is a new day. What I like about your info is that there is a combo of raw, cooked and lots of different suggestions for whichever way you choose to eat!
Keep up the good work and keep the blogs coming!!

  1. Scott says:

    March 12, 2013 at 12:13 pm
    I’m a big fan Frederic! Glad to see you are still pumping out great material and that you are consistently open to sharing the facts, even if it makes waves in the raw community.
    I have been striving for balance within my diet for years. I would love to check out your new book to see if it provides the answers I have been looking for.

The Book is Now Available:






March 12

How to Win a Copy of “Raw Freedom”

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Now, let me explain why I’ve been hiding in a cave for the past two months.

The cover for my new book Raw Freedom is now done! The writing process has taken a toll on me, but now the book is 98% finished and should be released later this month. And guess what? You can win a copy!

I will give away THREE copies of the books to my reader, to thank you for being part of this online community.

How can you participate?

Just write in the comments below why you think I should select you to receive a free copy my book, and what you’re hoping to get out of this book. Three lucky people will win a copy! (shipped to your free anywhere in the world of course!). You’ll also get the book before everyone else, should you be lucky enough to win…

Winners will be announced in a few days. Post soon!

February 20

How My Battle With Cooked Foods Ended

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So there you go, I finally have settled on a name for my next book. It will be called

Raw Freedom: Combining Raw Foods With the Healthiest Cooked Foods to Create the Ultimate Diet

Still working on the sub-title though…

As for the other names I had come up with before (Such as “Raw Fusion Diet”) they were protected by trademarks. Raw Freedom is the name that after numerous tests I found to be the best. My readers have spoken!

Bottom line is: the new book is coming out next month!

Here’s a quick article that’s not really a chapter in the book, but should give you an idea what this book is about…

How My Battle With Cooked Food Ended

For many years, I lived in an inner state of struggle surrounding my diet. On some level, I accepted the raw food diet as the ideal diet. I followed a 100% raw diet for about 3 years, when I was younger, and since then, I had many periods of going back on 100% raw for some periods of time. But every time, I fell off the wagon, and went back to eating some cooked foods.

Sometimes, I beat myself up for it. Sometimes I didn’t. But the truth is that a part of me still believed that I could be doing better by getting closer to 100% raw. And whenever I met people that had been eating 100% raw for many years, I always envied them and thought they were more disciplined than me.

But the truth is, I’m not a sloppy person. In some areas of my life, discipline is my second name. I learned discipline when I was in music school and had to practice 4 hours of guitar a day, 1 hour of piano, plus 4-5 hours of other classes, and some studying on top of it. So I know about 12-15 hour days.

I learned languages. I studied enough Spanish to speak it well in only a few months, and I also learned German, Portuguese, and a few others.

In terms of work, I’ve been known to go through phases of extreme productivity. I also know how to be lazy, and sometimes I crash and can’t do anything. But still, I don’t think that a “lack of discipline” was my problem when it came to not eating 100% raw.

What I honestly thought is that there was a part of me that didn’t want to eat that way. Some raw foodists would even say that I had some “issues that I still needed to deal with around food.” Some would even add, “emotional issues.”

So I was torn. I accepted the raw food diet as an ideal diet on some level, but on other levels I saw all of these people failing on the diet. There were success stories, but horrible failure stories too. And personally, although I felt eating a raw food diet gave me great results and made me feel great in some ways, I always felt significantly dissatisfied with this diet in other ways.

Social issues are an example. In my days of 100% raw, I got around the problem by surrounding my existence with everything raw food related. All of my friends were raw foodists. My entire life was a bout the raw food diet. So of course, in this case, eating a raw food diet didn’t create many social conflicts. But also, I was in my early 20s when I did it. My life, since then, has changed significantly. Now, if I ate 100% raw again, I know it would seriously hinder my social life.

Still, raw food experts kept claiming that all of these problems could be dealt with. “Whenever you go to a restaurant, eat something before then, so you’re not hungry.” Or “just tell people you’ve just had dinner, so you’ll just order something small to eat.”

These tricks can work. But they didn’t make me happy. And the diet, although in some ways worked, didn’t make me happy either.

For one, I was bored with it. Eventually, the thought of drinking yet another giant banana smoothie for lunch was almost nauseating. I craved change. I craved other foods, if at all just mentally.

There were a few problems that for sure, were related to the raw food diet as far as I was concerned. Issues with dental decay, but more importantly tooth sensitivity have only bothered me when I got closer to 100% raw. And the reason is pretty simple: I had no choice but to consume larger quantities of fruit, many of them containing acids, to get the calories I needed. And acid can wear out the enamel. It’s a reality, proven by the fact that so many raw foodists suffer from similar issues.

Sure, an impeccable dental hygiene program can make a difference. But on the whole, the 100% raw food diet (or close to it) had significant disadvantages when it came to my dental health.

So I kept being torn. On the one hand, this diet is great for health. Blood pressure is lower. Risks of heart disease and cancer are almost obliterated. Resting heart rate is great. Body fat is low. The body is working optimally in many areas.

But in other ways, I didn’t want to follow it. I missed cooked foods. I didn’t like eating many raw food meals. I got bored with them. I felt cold on the diet. It impaired my social life. And I had doubts about how it was affecting certain aspects of my health, notably my dental health.

But more importantly: I wasn’t happy with it.

So for years, I tried and tried. It was a battle. I tried different approaches.

But the main kicker was that whenever I went back to cooked foods, after a period of eating 100% raw, I felt ill. (This by the way, is one of the most important issues that I will discuss in my new book Raw Freedom, to solve it once and for all).

So I felt trapped. I felt like I wanted the best of both worlds, but I didn’t feel it was possible.

How My Battle With Cooked Food Ended

So how did my battle with cooked foods end? Pretty simply. When I stopped trying to be a raw foodist. When I literally abandoned the raw food “ideal.”

I ate cooked foods. I eat cooked foods now. No shame about it.

I eat raw foods too. But I also eat cooked foods. I’m not trying to be a raw foodist anymore. I’m not trying to “get back into raw foods” or always go on some new form of raw food cleanse. I’m not trying to slowly increase the percentage of raw food in my diet.

What I do, now, and the reason why I feel better in every way, is to follow a consistent program. Instead of yo-yoing back and forth between raw and cooked, I keep my routine pretty stable.

I eat a certain percentage of raw foods, and I eat a certain percentage of cooked foods. I try to do more or less the same thing every day. I’m not trying to be a raw foodist anymore. I don’t think of myself as a raw foodist. But I’m someone who knows all about the power of raw foods and I make sure to “power up” my diet with a lot of raw foods.

This is, in essence, my Raw Freedom program. It’s about finding a balance, and stop the struggle.

The book goes into the details of the method. Each person is different, so if you ask me what percentage of raw foods I eat, it won’t really help you find the right balance for yourself. In general, people needing to lose weight need more raw foods, and people needing a lot of calories or working on muscle gain, should eat less raw food.

There’s a specific formula to follow. But there’s also common sense. There are traps along the way, particularly the problem of “feeling like crap” when you eat cooked foods on a mainly raw diet. This is a problem that can be easily solved once you understand what creates it. This is in fact, the biggest and most important chapter in my new book.

So this was just a taste of what the new book will be about. I will post probably some excerpts soon for your enjoyment.

Let me know what you think by posting comments on this article!

January 17

The Raw Food Police

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It turns out that I’m writing a book again, and this time it’s probably the most difficult book I’ve ever tried to write.

It’s a book that I started to write in 2004, and tried to write multiple times, but the project never materialized itself until now.

The time is right.

The topic of the book is “Combining the best from raw with the healthiest cooked foods to create the ultimate diet.”

Why this book?

The raw food diet can be extremely powerful, but it’s not for everybody. Eating 100% raw or even 90% raw is just not feasible or even appropriate for most people as a long-term diet, in spite of what the gurus keep saying.

It’s about time that faces this issue head on with a book and program that shows how you can get all the benefits from a raw food diet without any of the problems.

How you can find a diet that gives you health, energy, but also freedom to enjoy your life.

Now… how will this be different from other books that already recommend diets high in raw foods, like Dr. Fuhrman’s “Eat to Live Program”?

It will be VERY different.


Because this new book is written by someone who has done both approaches — 100% raw and a high-raw diet, with everything in between.

It will also focus about specific issues that nobody really talks about, such as why people who go on raw diets eventually become so sensitive to other foods that a small little “cheat meal” makes them literally sick.

This is a common problem that I call the “Raw Curse” and this book will show you how to avoid it, and what really causes it.

I’m also going to talk about getting the benefits of raw without having to eat 100% raw, yet do it without the guilt that most people unnecessarily experience.

Many common problems will be addressed, such as social issues, living in cold weather climates, living with a husband, wife or partner who eats differently, and much more.

Of course, there will be clear menu plans and recipe ideas, as well as my unique take on many controversial issues, such as:

– How much fat to consume
– Animal foods
– What beverages to avoid, and which ones are okay

*The Title of the Book*

The title of the book will be revealed soon. The reason I haven’t yet found a title is because two of the titles I initially selected were already in use, and in fact protected by trademarks.

So I was back to square one with the title, and in fact if you’re one of my customers you may have received an email for a survey I’m running in order to find the best title for this book.

*The Raw Food Police*

So back to the title of this ezine… There are a few people that won’t like this book. I call them “The Raw Food Police.”

Luckily, this group is dwindling and there aren’t many of them left.

Let me absolutely be clear: if you eat a 100% raw food diet and are happy with it and the results you are getting, I have no problems with you and your approach.

This new book is not really meant for those people, but for everybody else who’s tired of hearing the same message: “if you’re not succeeding, it’s because you haven’t tried hard enough.”

People tend to do a lot of projection. We imagine that our experience of the world is the same as everyone else. So we project.

That’s why people who naturally need 4-5 hours of sleep a night think that everyone else who needs 8 or 9 is probably just lazy.

But yet, it’s a fact that sleep requirements vary extraordinarily between people. There is no rule that will fit everybody, and if someone can’t function unless they get 10 hours a night, it doesn’t automatically mean that there’s something otherwise wrong with them.

The same is true for diet. People who thrive on 100% raw, find it easy to follow, and are absolutely happy with their social life tend to think that everyone else who has a different experience is probably just not committed enough, or didn’t try hard enough, or is otherwise not doing it right.

Yet, again, not everybody is the same.

You’ve wanted to make 100% raw work.

But you can’t stick with it. Or you’re not getting the results.

Who’s saying that you’re a failure? Stop blaming yourself and instead focus on something positive, like following a health sustaining diet, that includes a lot of raw food yes, but that’s also easy to follow, fun, and works for you.

And who cares what the raw food police will say.

I can already hear their criticism about this book, but I don’t care. It’s time to get a positive message out! If a raw food diet means eating only raw foods, then everybody eating a lower percentage of it is doing it less than perfectly.

But what if the perfect diet for you is much less difficult to follow, and you could do it 100% and get all the results that you’re after?

Stay tuned as I’ll be posting more info on this new book as it progresses.

August 21

Pictures from the Woodstock Fruit Festival

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I’ve been involved in the raw food movement for over 15 years. Years ago, there was a thriving time of raw food events and festivals of all kinds.

Then over the last few years there has been a sort of “dead zone.”

Not many BIG live raw food events and festivals have taken place.

And for the few that did take place, I couldn’t really recommend them because they were all about consuming more supplements, cacao and superfoods, and not about eating REAL raw foods.

Now that’s all changed with an amazing festival that will probably be the biggest raw food event of all times, and this one is really promoting the RIGHT kind of raw food diet.

The Woodstock Fruit Festival 2012 will take place on August 20 – August 28 in beautiful upstate NY.

People from ALL over the world will be coming to this festival.

Including lots of long-timers and experts such as:

– Dr. Douglas Graham – an athlete and a raw vegan since 1978, an author
of 80/10/10 Diet book

Dr. Robert Lockhart – raw vegan for about 30 years

– Anne Osborne – fruitarian for over 20 years, who brought up 2 children
on the fruitarian diet, an author of the book Fruitarianism – The Path to

Dan McDonald – raw vegan for about 10 years, youtube channel –

Harley Johnstone aka Durianrider – low fat raw vegan, endurance

Don Bennett – low fat raw vegan for over 18 years, the director of the
Health 101 Institute

Michael Arnstein aka The Fruitarian – low fat raw vegan, competitive
ultra distance runner

Tony Wright – raw vegan and human consciousness researcher, the
co-author of Left in the Dark book presenting an outline of his theory
about human brain owing a part of its extraordinary development to the
biochemistry of a fruit diet.

Dr. Samuel Mielcarski – low fat raw vegan for over 12 years, licensed
physical therapist.

Karen Ranzi – raw vegan since 1995, author of “Creating Healthy Children”

Chris Kendall – low fat raw vegan athlete,.

Ellen Livingston – low fat raw vegan since 2002 and a yoga teacher,;

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram – low fat raw vegan for over 7 years and a
founder of non-profit food co-op called Rawfully Organic.

Mike Vlasaty – low fat raw vegan athlete and power-lifter.

I think this is something you definitely do not want to miss. The energy of a festival like the Woodstock Fruit Festival is amazing. You’ll come back home reenergized, with new insights that could change your life.

Check out these videos to get an idea:

You can find out more about the festival by going to:

I would recommend signing up early. I heard from the organizers that spots are filling up fast.

November 2

Exciting News and Raw Vegan DVD Preview

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UPDATE: The DVD set is now available for preorders! Go to: 

Here’s a first preview video from our upcoming Savory Raw Dinner Recipes DVD Set. If you find it easy to eat raw for breakfast and lunch, but want something savory and tasty for dinner, this new program is going to be the answer!

All of the recipes in Savory Raw Dinner Recipes are lower in fat than typical raw food recipes.

You will find some strict simple fat-free recipes, and some with moderate use of nuts, seeds and avocado.

These recipes are COMPLETELY different from my previous Low Fat Raw Vegan Cuisine DVDs which contained almost no seasonings of any kind.

These new recipes have been designed to be as tasty AND as healthy as possible to appeal to your taste buds! They’re the perfect compromise between ultra-low fat and simple recipes that can be repetitive over time, and ultra-gourmet recipes that are too complicated and high in fat.

UPDATE: The DVD set is now available for preorders! Go to: 

July 7

The Day My Life Turned Upside Down

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You will not find anything to buy in this article, as I have nothing to sell you. I just wanted to share something personal today.

You may have noticed an absence of articles on my website as of late.

The reason is pretty simple. About two months ago, my dad died of a heart attack, and I’ve been finding it a little difficult since to write as much as I used to.

Two months ago, I was just getting back from a trip to Quebec. I had recently relocated to Vancouver after a long trip around the world  then spent a week in my hometown to see my family and also ship a few things back to the West Coast.

My dad had also been spending his winter in the South, and he was back from his trip. Naturally, we were both eager to meet and exchange travel stories.

I saw my dad on only two occasions during my stay, but we did spend a good amount of time together.

On my way to the airport to leave, I was stuck in traffic and even gave him a call. He told me how excited he was to come visit me in Vancouver, and sounded just as happy as he ever did.

So I flew back to Vancouver, which from Montreal is about the equivalent of flying from New York to San Francisco.

Less than 24 hours after I last talked to my dad on the phone, he died of a heart attack at home.

I found out about it the next day. My brother had tried to call me, but my phone was on silent mode. I slept longer than usual, recovering from my trip. And only around 10 a.m. did I finally check my emails.

When you find an email with the subject line “A sad news” it really catches your attention, especially when it’s coming from your own brother.

When I opened the email, I read the short note that my brother had written, where he explained that our dad had died of a natural death and that he should talk to me.

Although I had always wondered “how” it would happen, I never thought it would be so soon and so unexpectedly. Because my dad did not have the healthiest lifestyle, I was expecting a sort of slow decline, but not a fatal heart attack at 63.

I immediately called my brother, and then began a whirlpool of emotions. I ended up flying back to Quebec, which felt strange because I was just there.

The following weeks were very difficult, as I was dealing with the sudden loss. Every time I would go to bed it was like an entire movie of my childhood was running before my eyes, along with a full soundtrack, and there was nothing I could do to stop it!

As time passed, we dealt with all the legalities of his death, but also gradually understood what happened to my dad on a physical and metaphysical level.

He died of a heart attack, but he had also been living a really unhealthy lifestyle, unable to quit smoking, regular drinking and never fully paying attention to his health.

It came as a shock when we discovered that he actually had called 911 that night. I even managed to obtained the recording of the conversation, and it was even more disheartening and gut wrenching to hear the last conversation my dad ever had with someone, in which he was trying to convince the 911 operator to send an ambulance right away.

Unfortunately, that conversation did not end well.

He failed to describe accurately what he was feeling, and the operator was under the wrong impression that his case was not an urgent one. She failed to pick up on the the subtleties and humanity behind the conversation, and acted very much like a computer would act if you would train it to respond to 911 calls.

It wouldn’t actually surprise me that one day they will replay these humans with machines.

“If you experience chest pain, press 1…”

Well my dad was too confused by the lack of oxygen that he made inaccurate statements to the 911 operator, complaining of “hip pain,” sweating and being uncomfortable, when in fact he just couldn’t describe what was going on in his own body.

The operator got stuck on the “hip” part and did not pay attention to the fact that he kept calling her “sir” even though she was a woman, and that he actually did know know what was happening, but knew that it was not good.

She wouldn’t send an ambulance right away, she said it would be 2-3 hours. My dad was shocked and very upset by this. So he just hung up the phone after saying by then it would be too late…

In the end he died alone, hopefully quickly.

This whole ordeal taught me a great deal, and although it’s weird to say, I feel I’ve become a better person because of it.

Maybe there’s someone in your life that you’d like to keep for as long as possible, but you don’t know how to reach them and convince them to change their ways.

I felt like that with my dad, but ultimately I could not convince him to change his habits. He never really thought what he did was too bad. He ate what he wanted and did what he pleased.

We all have men in our lives that just think they are invincible, and perhaps at some unconscious level, my dad thought he was.

Just weeks before his death, he was telling me how “he felt great” and that he “did not feel his own age.”

Unfortunately, everything catches up with us, and our bodies are so amazing at maintaining homeostasis that we often don’t realize what’s actually going on inside of us.

Here’s what I would like to say to all men:

1) Accept Your Mortality, and Its Consequences

For a man to grow up into a fully mature adult, he has to accept his own mortality. Many spiritual teachings and psychology research talk about this “growing up” process for a man when he faces his inevitable demise and has to design a life worth living.

Men of all ages have found it inspiring to die for a just cause. For example:

– To die a hero
– To die after having lived a full-life in accordance to your highest values
– To die for something you believe in

Yet throughout ages, most men don’t die in such an honorable way, but rather as the consequence of their bad habits and lifestyle.

It’s not their fault, and we don’t blame them. Yet, each man must embrace the fact that he can choose in the now how he will live his life.

Temporary pleasures are an illusion, and although they can provide some relief in the now, they don’t lead to a life of fulfillment… to a life worth living until the end.

If you’ve lived a life worth living, when you die, a lot of people are going to grieve your passing for a long time.

Accept your mortality. Accept that you can choose to die for a just cause, but also that in most cases, the greatest honor is to live a long and happy life while caring for your loved ones, as long as you can.

2) Don’t Think Your Invincible

Most men, in some way or another, think they are somewhat invincible. They might have heard some stats, such as the leading cause of death being heart disease.

Most men in fact know many other men, perhaps their parents, who died of heart disease, cancer, or some kind of preventable disease.

Yet the same men don’t think that it’s going to happen to them anytime soon, so that they don’t have to worry about it in the present.

Did you know that one of the first symptoms of heart disease is death? Usually people find out that they have serious heart disease by dying!

That’s what happened to my dad. Although, all the signs were there, for example:

– He smoked, and had never been able to quit

– He had high blood pressure, but believed he was somewhat immune to other problems

– He drank wine regularly

– His diet was relatively poor and he ate what he wanted

My dad certainly believed that he would one day die of something. But I’m certain that he wasn’t planning to go at the age of 63 of a heart attack.

Yet many men, walking today, walk around, abusing their bodies every day, thinking they are invisible and that “judgement day,” when they’ll get to face the consequences of their unhealthy lifestyle, will only affect them in some distant future.

3) Accept That You’re Not As Healthy as You Think

You probably have heard that 90% of people think they are “above average” drivers. This statistic is kind of shocking, considering that in the law of average, most people are average, some people are below average and some people are above average. Yet when it comes to driving, everybody thinks they’re “above average” drivers!

Obviously, the vast majority of people are grossly overestimating their driving skills.

In health, the vast majority of people think they have a “pretty good diet.”

“I eat pretty healthy” they say. Yet everybody has a different definition of healthy!

Most people think if they don’t eat all deep fried food and eat a few vegetables, that it’s a pretty healthy diet.

Research has shown that people underestimate the number of calories they eat in a day. Brian Wansink, who’s a professor at Cornell University, wrote a book called “Mindless Eating.”

In his book, he describes how people always underestimate calories, and are especially wrong when they’re eating something that they think is healthy.

People may think a chicken caesar salad is healthy, when it has more fat than a burger. Or that a meal at Subway is healthy, estimating it has around 300 calories, when it fact it has close to 1300 with all the meat, cheese and mayo.

On average, Wansink found that people eat about twice as much as they think they’re eating, calorie-wise.

Instead of trying to find excuses for your diet and lifestyle habits, and try to only see the positive, start by accepting that you’re probably not as healthy as you could be.

For example:

– If your weight is significantly different than your weight on your last day of college, then you’re probably not as healthy and fit as you think.

– If your blood pressure is significantly different than when you were in your early 20s, then you’re not as healthy as you think

Accepting that you’re not as healthy as you think is a first step towards improving your health. If your health declines and you’re gaining weight over the years, you are NOT living a healthy lifestyle at all.

4) Be Aware of the Consequences

Many men eat burgers and fries when they go out, yet the same men think their diet is “pretty healthy” and that things like heart disease are more caused by genetics than anything else.

Face the facts!

Heart disease is mainly caused by diet and lifestyle. A meal rich in animal products and saturated fats clogs up your arteries and over time, this leads to serious heart problems. That cannot be avoided by hoping for good genetics.

5) Get Healthy Now

Every day you build your future. Your “present” is only the culmination of the actions you took, every day, for the past five or ten years.

Where do you want to be in 10 years?

If you want your “present” in 10 years to be without nasty surprises, get started today.

You may think that there’s something more important to do than taking care of yourself, but no. It’s now or never.

Imagine if five years ago, you had done something every day, like:

– Working out your muscles

– Practiced a new skill

– Eliminated some bad habit

– Invested some savings

– Read a book for half an hour a day

Where would you be today? You’d be much better off than you are now!

So where do you want to be five or ten years from now? It all starts with the actions you take today.

Start simple. What is the highest leverage lifestyle change that would make the most difference in your life? Maybe it’s to drop some pounds, or go raw, or exercise, or quit a bad habit. Start there!

There’s even a cool little iPhone app called “Streaks” where you keep track of how many days in a row you manage to keep a positive habit. Keep that streak going! Reward yourself after you’ve done it for 30 days in a row.

Another cool app like this is “Way of Life.”

You’re a man. You’re not a boy.

A boy wants instant gratification, all the time. A man thinks about the future, and works everyday to build it.

Start today.


My dad was not a hero. But he was the greatest dad I thought, as I often told him. He truly was instrumental in helping me become who I am, and I am forever grateful to him for that.

The best I can do in return is to take everything I’ve learned from him, and do something with it. But also take the things that are unique to me, that perhaps he didn’t manage to develop, and make them world-class skills.

Any man can take the best he has and do something with it.

Of course, that applies to women too, but I wanted to say something for those men we all have in our lives.

They impress us. They disappoint us sometimes, they surprise us a lot. But we love them.

Yours for health and success,

Frederic Patenaude

PS: I said I wasn’t going to sell something, and that’s true. However I would like to remind you that I’m holding a webinar next week with Dr. X. You don’t want to miss it. It’s free to join:

January 21

UPDATE! Raw Food Controversies is now available! Get your copy here

As my book Raw Food Controversies is about to be launched, you may be wondering exactly what will be in this new book. I must say that a lot of it will be a big surprise. But today, I will share with you some exclusive content.

By the way, the book will officially be available for pre-orders next week and will probably ship the following week. To make sure you’re on the pre-launch list and to receive exclusive exclusive content from the book, go to:

The book covers a lot of ground. Here’s a quick preview of some of what is covered:

  • My shocking story finally told! Exactly what happened that made me almost destroy my health on the raw food diet, from vegetarian, to vegan, to natural hygiene, to raw and back all over again, trying every diet under the sun. Learn from my mistakes to avoid them!
  • Food combining exposed: The truth behind food combining, is it necessary or is it a useless set of rules?
  • Natural Hygiene: Discover the deadliest mistake. Why most natural hygiene diets don’t work, and what to do about it.
  • How to deal with winter on the raw food diet. If you live in a cold country, you will want to read this!
  • Surprising facts about sleep: how to have more energy, sleep less and feel better waking up every day.
  • The true story of the incredible dental problems I had on my first years on the raw food diet (almost 40 cavities) and how I managed to stay decay-free ever since.
  • Why did certain raw food advocates such as TC. Fry die so young? Surprising facts are finally revealed.
  • The truth about detox: Why most of the time it’s not detox, how to tell if it is.
  • The truth about raw food recipes: an insider story’s inside of California’s number one raw food restaurant and my shocking revelations on the unhealthy lifestyle led by its raw food advocates.
  • What are the top three foods you should NEVER eat raw (and why).
  • My mysterious raw sickness: how I got incredibly sick and almost died from eating the raw food diet the wrong way. Exactly what happened to me and how to make sure the same doesn’t happen to you.
  • The truth about cravings: why most raw-foodists have cravings and what to do to be free from junk food addiction.
  • The death of raw-foodists: the fatal mistakes that people made that led to the unfortunate death of some dear raw-foodist friends, and how to avoid them.
  • The truth about the liver flush: Scientific proof of what actually happens when you do a liver or “gallbladder” flush.
  • The raw curse: how the body becomes extremely sensitive to drugs and cooked foods on the raw food diet, and the one thing you must tell your doctor if you’re going to undergo any operation or hospitalization!
  • How to fast and not to fast: The never-told-before story of my 23-fast in Costa Rica. Exactly what happened and how you can use fasting to your advantage, if done properly.
  • Is low-fat cooked better than high-fat raw? Find out the pros and cons of eating 100% raw versus a mostly raw diet.
  • What I eat now: what I eat on a typical day, and the best tips I have found to increase my energy and long-term success on the raw-food diet.
  • My thoughts on feeding children on the raw food diet, and why they can’t thrive on low-fat raw vegan diet.
  • The SIX supplements you should NEVER take, no matter what.
  • What you should know about B12, and how to avoid this dangerous deficiency.
  • Superfoods exposed! What you need to know raw cacao, honey, green juice, green powder, coconut oil, agave nectar, acai, spirulina, maca, goji berres, seaweed, and more!
  • What raw-foodists should know about DHA and other essential fatty acids: can you get them on a raw vegan diet?
  • Important facts you should know about vitamin D, especially if you live in a Northern climate.

Raw Food Controversies will be about 430 pages long. It covers a lot ground and unlike most raw food books, is backed by over 130 scientific references.

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