Raw Food & Health

Why I Don’t Take Cold Showers or Seek Wild Foods

If you ask me what makes my health philosophy different from other authors, I will not say that I came up with some revolutionary theories about nutrition or have designed the “best ever” program.

So Healthy, It’s Sick

A few years ago, I did an interview with Dr. Steven Bratman, M.D., who wrote the book “Health Food Junkies,” which was his personal story of how he became so fixated with healthy eating that he wound up hurting himself.

Common Vegan Problems

By reviewing the stories of ex-vegans (people who used to be vegans but have publicly admitted to now eating meat), I have identified a few common problems that are easy to fix.

The Dangers of Dogma

When I first published my book “Raw Food Controversies,” I had to remove some content from the book at the last minute because some of it was just going to be “too much.”

I had already spilled my beans in the book and told my story.

Last Year’s Top Worst Health Trends

In this day and age of “fake news,” it’s becoming even harder to see clearly in the world of health and nutrition.

Your Diet And Your Skin

Healthy looking skin is something that almost everybody desires.

Your skin, along with being the largest organ of your body, is typically the first thing people notice when they see you.

Raw Food Fanaticism

I started experimenting with my diet back in 1996, and ever since I’ve been searching for the healthiest, yet most practical way to eat and live.

Prioritizing Your Health

All around the world you’ll find people in varying degrees of health. While most health-enthusiast tend to get down specifically on the U.S.

How To Tell When Your Diet Isn’t Working

Let me start off by asking you a simple question: do you feel you’re getting the best results from your current food program?

The Truth On High Blood Pressure Explained

High blood pressure has always been something we’ve been warned against and told that if your blood pressure is too high, it invites a host of other problems like heart disease and strokes, among others.

The Raw Foodist’s Digestive Curse?

I’ve had a lot of personal experience in the raw food movement. Much of my adult life I’ve been actively seeking information and learning from others on the topic of nutrition and raw foods.

Healthy For A Century

Many people’s aim for eating a healthier diet isn’t just to feel and perform better NOW, but also with a mind towards the distant future.